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Concern over levels of drinking during pregnancy raised by studies一项调查研究引起了人们对于妇饮酒的担忧More than 17,000 women in the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand were questioned, with confusion over guidelines blamed for the figures在英国,爱尔兰,澳大利亚和新西兰,超过17000名妇女参与了调查,由这一数字引起的看法也受到了质疑Alcohol use during pregnancy is #39;prevalent and socially pervasive#39; in the UK and Ireland, health experts have warned, after carrying out a large-scale study.在开展了大规模的调查之后,健康专家提醒指出,在英国和爱尔兰,怀期间饮酒是;流行的,普遍的;。Drinking in pregnancy is common, according to a study which labels it a ;significant public health concern; even though most women appear to give up once they know they are pregnant.一项研究表明,怀期间饮酒很常见。并将之归为“公共健康的重要问题”,即使大多数女人知道自己怀了,可能会放弃饮酒。The authors of the study, in the journal BMJ Open, say the guidelines on safe drinking are confusing, pointing out that Ireland, New Zealand and Australia recommend no alcohol for the entire pregnancy, while the UK says one to two units once or twice a week will do no harm after the first three months.该研究的作者,在BMJopen杂志中说,安全饮酒的准则是比较令人困惑的。他指出,在爱尔兰,新西兰和澳大利亚,都提倡整个期不要饮酒,而在英国,怀三个月之后的妇女,每周一到两次,少量的饮酒是没有坏处的。Substantial numbers of women appear to be taking no heed of guidelines when they become pregnant, according to the findings. The research pulled together results from several studies carried out in different ways in the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. They found that as much as 80% of more than 17,000 women may have drank during the first trimester of pregnancy.研究表明,当女人怀时,她们中的大多数都不会对所谓的准则加以理睬。这一研究是将各项研究融合到一起,这些研究曾经在英国,爱尔兰,澳大利亚和新西兰以不同方式进行过。在这接受调查的17,000名妇女中,80%甚至更多,都在怀的头三个月期间喝酒了。In all countries, drinking dropped dramatically in the second trimester (between three and six months pregnant).而在所有的国家,怀第二个阶段(三到六月期间)饮酒人数就会急剧的减少。A higher level of education, having other children, and being overweight/obese were also associated with a lower risk of drinking while pregnant, but being a smoker made it more likely that a woman would drink while pregnant.更高层次的教育,有其他孩子,以及超重/肥胖这些情况也与怀时饮酒较少有关,但是如果一个人吸烟的话,她就更可能在怀时饮酒。The authors write that alcohol exposure may occur in over 75% of pregnancies in the UK and Ireland. Since women drink in the first three months, when the development of the foetus is less well understood, they say, ;the widesp consumption of even low levels of alcohol during pregnancy is a significant public health concern;.作者还写道,在英国和爱尔兰怀女性中,75%会接触酒精。他们说,怀头三个月妇会饮酒可能是因为那时胎儿发育还不健全。;在怀期间尽量少饮酒在公共健康方面是很受重视的;。审校:哎呀 校对:落花生 编辑:Freya然 /201507/385120Facebook and Twitter have become a significant threat to marriage – with social media now a factor in an increasing number of divorce cases, say lawyers.律师称,在越来越多的离婚案件中,脸书和推特等社交媒体已成为严重威胁婚姻存续的一个因素。One in seven married individuals have considered divorce because of their spouse#39;s postings of Facebook or other online sites, according to research.根据研究,七分之一的已婚人士曾因配偶发在脸书或其他网站上的帖子考虑过离婚。A similar proportion admit that they search online for evidence of their partner#39;s infidelity, while nearly one in five say they have daily rows because of the way their husband or wife uses social media.类似比例的人承认,他们曾在网上寻找伴侣不忠的据;近五分之一的人表示,夫妻二人每天都会因为彼此在社交媒体上的所作所为而吵架。The research was commissioned by law firm Slater and Gordon in response to an increase in the number of its clients who said that Facebook, Skype, Snapchat, Twitter, What#39;sApp or other social media sites had played a part in their divorce.该研究是由“斯莱特和戈登”律师事务所委托相关机构做出的。“斯莱特和戈登”发现越来越多的客户声称,他们之所以离婚,与脸书、Skype(网络电话)、Snapchat(照片分享应用)、推特和What#39;sApp(移动消息应用)等社交媒体有很大关系,于是该律所发起了这个调查。Andrew Newbury, of Slater and Gordon, said: #39;Five years ago Facebook was rarely mentioned in the context of a marriage ending, but now it has become commonplace.“斯莱特和戈登”律所的安德鲁·纽伯里说:“五年前,婚姻破裂的原因中几乎不会提到脸书,现在脸书已经变成司空见惯的理由了。”#39;Social media is the new marriage minefield. Social media, specifically pictures and posts on Facebook, are now being routinely raised in divorces.#39;“社交媒体成为新的婚姻雷区。社交媒体,尤其是脸书上的图片和帖子,现在经常在离婚案件中被提起。”The survey by Censuswide among 2,011 husbands and wives, found the most common reasons for checking their spouse#39;s social media accounts was to discover who they were talking to, who they were meeting and where they were going.Censuswide对2011位丈夫和妻子进行了该项调查,发现他们会查看配偶的社交账号,主要是想看看他/她到底常跟谁聊天、最近在见谁以及外出时都去了哪儿。A quarter of the married people said the resulting suspicions led to rows at least once a week, and 17 per cent said such rows were daily events.四分之一的已婚人士表示,这种怀疑产生的结果就是两人每周都要至少吵一次架,而17%的人每天都会因此跟配偶吵起来。Arguments were provoked by contact with former partners, by the sending of secret messages, and by the posting of #39;inappropriate#39; pictures.暗地里跟前任联系、发布“不合适的”照片等都可能引发争吵。Some 14 per cent said they looked at their spouse#39;s social media with the specific intention of detecting evidence of adultery.14%的人表示,他们抱着发现对方出轨据的目的去浏览他们的社交账户。A fifth said they felt uneasy about their relationship after discovering something on their partner#39;s Facebook account and a third said they kept social media log-in details secret from partners.五分之一的人说,当在配偶的脸书上发现了蛛丝马迹后,他们会对自己的婚姻感到不安。三分之一的人透露,自己的社交媒体登录信息对另一半保密。 /201505/374093

Fish Soup with Pebbles卵石鲜鱼汤According to legend, the famous Blang dish, Fish Soup with Pebbles, was created by some Blang fishermen in the wild. The story goes that, everyday Blang fishermen had to travel a long distance to catch fish in the river far away. After catching the fish, the fishermen, usually so hungry for food, would cook the fish beside the river with extremely limited ingredients—the fresh fish just caught and a bit of salt they carried. They dug a pit on the bank and laid several layers of Japanese banana leaves over the bottom, using it as a pot. After filling it with water, they put the fish inside and began to cook the fish soup, with the water heated not by fire, but by the hot-burnt pebbles they put one by one between the leaves. Before long the redolence mixed with the flavor of the fish soup and roasted pebbles prevailed along the river. Magically, the soup was no less palatable even cooked without using a pot or other common ingredients such as edible oil, onion, ginger or garlic, etc.布朗族名菜“卵石鲜鱼汤”,相传是渔民在野外抓到鱼后,又馋又饿,除了当场捉到的活鱼和随身携带的一点盐巴外,他们不用任何佐料。只要在沙滩上刨一个坑,在坑内铺上几层芭蕉叶代替铁锅,然后装上清水和鲜鱼,将河中卵石取来放在火塘内烧红,再将烧红的卵石一个接一个地投入装有清水和鲜鱼的芭蕉叶内,于是不用锅不用油的鲜鱼汤便这样烧成了。这种鱼汤味道鲜,而且有烧石的香味。 /201505/377236

Flowers花A new business was opening and one of the owner#39;s friends wanted to send him flowers for the occasion.有一家公司开幕,老板的其中一位朋友为了这件太事要送他花。They arrived at the new business site and the owner the card,他们到达了新的公司地点,老板读了卡片的 内容:;Rest in Place.;“安息吧”。The owner was angry and called the florist to complain.老板非常生气就打电话给花店抱怨。After he had told the florist of the obvious mitake就在他告诉花店这项明显的错误,and how angry he was ,以及他有多么生气之后,the florist replied,花庙却回答说:;Sir,I am really sorry for the mistake,“先生,我真的对于这项错误感到十分抱歉,but rather than getting angry,但是与其生气,you should imagine this :你还不如应当想象somewhere there is a funeral taking place today,以下这个情况:今天有一个地方在举行葬礼,and they have flowers with a note saying,他们收到了花,还附上一张纸条说:‘Congratulations on your new location#39; ;‘恭喜新居落成!”’ /201503/361452

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