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  Beating Down讨价还价It is on sale this week, 50 percent off.本周特价,打5折Sorry, but we cant make any reduction.很抱歉,我们不打任何折扣We cant cut our price any more.我们的价格不能再降了Is this the sale price?这是减价以后的价格吗?The price is a bit high.这个价钱有点高Make me an offer.给我出个价吧Could I have a lower price?可以给我便宜点吗?To tell you the truth, it almost at cost price.实话和您说吧,这已经是成本价了Sorry, we have only one price.对不起,我们这里谢绝还价Is there any kind of discount if I buy three?如果买三件有任何折扣吗? 67。


  1.What are the factors that have great impact on the perspective of this corporation?什么因素对这个公司的发展前景有大的影响?.What are the internal factors that influence the company?影响公司的内在因素有哪些呢?3.I know it is one of the leading industries in the petrochemical field.我知道贵公司是石化行业的领先企业.Could you please let me know whether the company is developing rapidly?你能否告诉我这个公司发展是否迅速?5.Can I fully display my talent in this company?在这个公司我能全面施展我的才华吗?6.How many shares of market does your company have in the trust?贵公司占有信托市场的多少市场份额?7.Do you have any new training new recruitment?你们对新员工有培训吗?8.This company has had an impressive growth record in the eign trade business.这个公司在外贸行业有着令人吃惊的业绩9.We provide the employees good chance to realize their potential as soon as possible.我们为员工提供了很好的机会,以尽快实现个人的潜力.We cover as much as 30% of the whole Asian market in the trust.我们占有亚洲总市场多达30%的份额Dialogue 1对话一A: What are the factors that have great impact on the perspective of this corporation?A: 什么因素对这个公司的发展前景有大的影响?B: External factors. I think the main external factors are political, economic, social and technological factors.B: 外在因素我认为主要的外在因素是政治、经济、社会和技术的因素A: What are the internal factors that influence the company?A: 那么内在因素有哪些呢?B: The internal factors are composed of human resources, team spirit, innovation spirit and coordination between different departments, etc.B: 内在因素有人力资源、团队精神、创新精神以及各部门之间的协调等 Dialogue 对话二A: Do you know our major business?A: 你知道我们的主要业务吗?B: Yes, I know it is one of the leading industries in the petrochemical field.B: 知道,贵公司是石化行业的领先企业A: Do you have a long-term plan your career?A: 你有什么长期的职业规划吗?B: Yes, I hope 1 will be a manager in 5 years.B: 是的,我希望5年之内当上经理 3896Buy the reproductions购买复制品Can l take a picture?能照相吗?I am sorry, sir, it not allowed.抱歉,先生,不允许拍照What a pity. Do you have reproductions of this paint?太遗憾了,你们有没有复制品?Of course. You can get it at the entrance.当然有,您可以在入口处买到Thank you.谢谢 65

  85:Make every day a salad day第85单元:天天吃沙拉There no need to restrict lettuce,tomato and other salad fixings to a bowl.没有必要限制生菜、番茄或其他沙拉材料一定要拌在碗里Liberate your salad:Stuff it into your tacos,plump up your sandwich,pop it atop your pizza.自由自在地吃生菜沙拉吧:把它们塞进卷饼里,夹进三明治里或撒在比萨上面尽情享用吧 3693The Service in the Bar酒吧务Can I refill your glass?我给你再把杯子斟满好吗?Can you turn down the TV a little bit?你能把电视调小声点儿吗?You can hold the payment of the bill until you decide to leave if you like.如果您愿意您可以等到要走的时候再付账Do you have a live band?你们有现场演奏吗?I was told that they are really first rate.听说这里的乐队是真正一流的乐队When do things start to die down at the bar?酒吧生意几点后开始冷清?I have another cup with ice you.我这里已经为您准备好另一杯带冰的了Thank you coming. Please come again.感谢您的光临,请再来


  Can our order of 0 cars be shipped as soon as possible?我们订的0辆小汽车能尽快装运吗?An early reply from you will help us to speed up shipment.如果你们尽快答复,我们便可以加速装船The order No. 1 is so urgently required that we have to ask you to speed up shipment.第1号订单所订货物我们要急用,请你们加快装船速度Could you manage to hasten the delivery?你们能否加快装运?Could you possibly effect shipment more promptly?你们能不能提前一点交货呢?A timely delivery means a lot to us.及时交货对我们来说关系可大了Im sorry to say that we cant advance the time of delivery.非常抱歉我们不能把交货期提前There still another possibility to ensure a prompt delivery of the goods.还有另一种可能可以确保即期交货If shipment were effected from Hong Kong, we could receive the goods much earlier.如果在香港交货,我们可以更早些收到货物Could you do something to advance your shipment?你们能不能设法提前交货?They hold a discussion on the time of shipment fireworks.他们就礼花的装运期问题进行了谈判Since the time of shipment can not be fixed, I can not but worry about it.交货期还没定下来,我怎么会不着急呢?Im sorry to tell you that we are unable to give you a definite date of shipment the time being.很抱歉,现在我们还无法告诉您确切的装船日期Can you effect shipment of the order in March?您看这批货能在3月份装运吗?Is it possible to effect shipment during October?能不能在月份交货?I want the goods to be delivered in June.我希望你们能在6月份交货After shipment, it will be altogether four to five weeks bee the goods can reach our retailers.从交货到零售商收到货物总共需要至5个星期We can effect shipment in December or early next year at the latest.我们最晚在今年月份或明年初交货We assure you that shipment will be made no later than the first half of April.请您放心,我们交货期不会迟于月份上半月You expect us to make delivery in less than a month, right?您是希望我们在不到1个月的时间内交货吗?Im terribly worried about late shipment.我非常担心货物迟交Words and Phrases外贸口语词汇ward shipment远期装运near shipment近期装运prompt shipment即期装运shipment as soon as possible尽速装运late shipment迟交prompt delivery即期交货time of shipment装运期,装运时间time of delivery交货期load time装货时间to speed up加速to effect shipment交货,装运initial shipment第一批货shipment during October 1990 1990年月装运shipment during OctoberNovember 1990年月或月装运shipment on or bee th, November, 1990 1990年月日以前装运shipment during May with partial shipment and transshipment allowed, sellers option. 装运期由卖方选择,允许分批装运shipment on or bee the end of November 1990. 1990年底或以前装运shipment on Board the Vessel called the…… 已由某某轮船装运to exercise better care with sth 多加关心over-shipment多装short-shipment少装to be y 准备好in bulk散装preferential duty rates优惠利率facilities条件,设施 3680。

  朝鲜领导人金正日再次敦促中国重启有关核裁军的谈判,以期为贫困的朝鲜赢得援助 中国官方媒体星期五说,朝鲜领导人告诉中国国务委员戴秉国说,他愿意在没有任何先决条件的情况下接受禁止核测试和核生产的禁令 这个重启六方会谈的最新提议是金正日在访问俄罗斯后回国途中访问中国黑龙江省期间提出的 金正日星期三对俄罗斯总统梅德韦杰夫也提出了相同的提议 美国和韩国都认为这项提议并不是什么新鲜事。这两个国家以及俄罗斯、中国和日本参加了前几轮六方会谈。几个月来,华盛顿和首尔坚持认为,在进行任何谈判之前,朝鲜必须解除自己的核项目 金正日星期四乘坐自己的装甲列车,离开俄罗斯前往中国访问 如此迅速地报道金正日与中国官员的讨论是很不寻常的。中国官方媒体通常只是在金正日离开中国后才报道他对中国的访问North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il is making another push to restart nuclear disarmament talks in the hopes of getting aid for his impoverished country. China's state-run media Friday said the North Korean leader told a China's State Counselor Dai Bingguo he was willing to go ahead with a nuclear test and production ban without any preconditions. The latest offer to restart six-party talks came during a visit to China's Heilongjiang province as Mr. Kim makes his way back home after a visit to Russia. The North Korean leader's proposal echoes the offer he made Wednesday to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. The ed States and South Korea, which both participated in earlier rounds of six-party negotiations, along with Russia, China and Japan, dismissed that proposal as nothing new. Washington and Seoul have insisted for months that the North must dismantle its nuclear programs before any further talks can take place. Mr. Kim left Russia for China Thursday, travelling in his armored train. The quick reports on Mr. Kim's discussions with Chinese officials are unusual. China's state-run media normally reports on the North Korean leader's visit only after he has left the country. /201108/151486


  Golden Taxi Kabs, how may I help you?黄金出租车行,我能为你做些什么?Can you send a taxi to pick me up?你能派辆出租车来接我吗?Sure, where are you?当然,你在哪里?I’m on the corner of the Fifth and Mane.我在第五街和Mane街的路口 79

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