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34 /200710/18673公司被人状告索赔,同事们在讨论如何应对。S: So how does this work? What will we have to do?B: A lawyer will stop by next week and take statements from each of us.S: What kind of statement are they looking for?B: It will probably be just a basic statement about what you know about our companys heat sensors. They will want to know if you had any knowledge of a cover-up of defective products.Barry说,下周律师会来提取词,看看if you had any knowledge of a cover-up of defective products,员工是否知道公司有掩盖问题产品的行为。cover-up,意思是掩盖。defective,意思是有缺陷。S: I dont know anything about sensors! Im an accountant!B: Then thats exactly what you tell them. Just stick to the truth.C: Ill start preparing our test records and compiling data about our products.S: Why do you need to do that?B: We need to prove that we are not liable. Lets give Mr. Smiths lawyers access to our internal memos and quality control data. We have nothing to hide.跟律师谈话,要据实以告, stick to the truth, 因为we have nothing to hide,我们没什么好隐瞒的。Barry还说,公司会允许原告律师查看公司内部备忘录和质检数据。To give someone access to something,意思是允许某人接触某物。S: Does this mean I will have to testify in court?B: Thats very possible. We might all be called as witnesses.S: What should I tell them?B: Just answer all the questions truthfully. We stand by our products and were proud of our company.C: They will probably question me more because Im the engineer. Im going to have to do some homework and brush up on my knowledge.Barry说,大家都有可能要出庭作。Chris是工程师,说自己要do some homework,准备一下,and brush up on my knowledge,温习一下相关的业务知识。S: But what if we lose? If we have to make such a big payout, we might go bankrupt!B: Hold your horses! First, we wont lose...but if we do, our lawyers will appeal the verdict.S: But the other side can appeal too!B: Yes, thats true. But eventually this case will come to a conclusion and no more appeals are allowed. Who knows? We might even counter-sue them for making false allegations.C: Sounds like a plan.Susan担心,如果官司打输,就要make a big payout,赔很多钱,导致公司破产。Barry劝她说:Hold your horses! 别着急! 就算输了也可以appeal the verdict,上诉。公司甚至可以counter-sue,反诉原告,罪名是making false allegations,诬告。 /201201/167763to yield to 退让英文释义 To abandon a previously held opinion or argument and adopt another例句 The skeptical board of directors argued with the company president for hours, but finally they yielded to his view and agreed with him that major new changes were required.疑虑重重的董事会与公司总裁辩论了好几个小时,但最终他们接受了他的观点,同意他有关需要重大变革的看法。 /201206/187882

愈忙愈要学社交英文随书光盘Mp3(下) 01 /200710/18727

大家好,这里是新世界商务口语每日一句节目,每天我都会为大家带来最地道的商务口语句子,而且是由英籍老师真人发音!句子稍微有点难度,但我们相信大家只要坚持,就一定可以学到最地道的英语发音和日常商务用句哦! 今天我们要学习的句子是: We have nothing to worry about because our financial records accurately reflect your business’s income and expenses. 我们没什么可担心的,我们的财务记录准确地反应了我们公司的收情况。 /11/89118

Tina:Are you willing to work abroad?Du Yu:Why not? Its the very reason why Ive applied for this job. Its really exciting for me to experience business in an international environment.Tina:How about your family?Du Yu:They dont mind.蒂娜:你愿意到国外工作吗?杜玉:当然愿意。我之所以会应聘这份工作,就是想到国外工作。如果能再国际环境中工作的话,那就真的太棒了。蒂娜:你的家人怎么认为?杜玉:他们不介意。常用锦句:1. Are you willing to make business trips abroad?你愿意去国外出差吗?2. Are you often on business trips?你能经常出差吗?3. I’d rather not travel, but if it is required, and the trips are short, Id go.我不愿意出差,如果非去不可的话,而去路途不远,我也可以。4. Could you accept that you should often make business trips?你能接受经常出差这件事吗?5. Do you mind going on business trips frequently?你介意经常出差吗? /201108/147777

emprise ------------- 1.冒险(名词);2.冒险精神(名词)英文释义 1. (noun) A bold, adventuresome enterprise.2. (noun) The quality that enables someone to accomplish something requiring courage and prowess.例句 1: Im shy, but my older brother is always undertaking some new emprise that brings him fame and wealth.我是一个胆怯的人,但是我的哥哥总会搞一些能够给他带来名利的新冒险。2: Even as a young man, the famous leader had a great sense of emprise that enabled him to become a successful military leader.这位著名的领袖在年轻时就拥有强烈的冒险精神,使他得以成为成功的军队领袖。 /201507/383999

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