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Sightseeing带客参观A: Are you doing anything special tomorrow?A: 你明天有什么特殊的安排吗?B: Yes, I mean to go downtown to do some shopping. What do you have in mind?B: 是的,我想去市里买些东西。你有什么主意吗?A: I was thinking of talking you to Mr.Laoshan.A: 我想带你去崂山玩玩。B: Oh, Id love to. Im sure the trip will be very pleasant. Ive heard that Mt. Laoshan is a must.B: 哦,我很高兴去,我想这次旅行一定会很愉快。我听说崂山是个不能不去的地方。A: Yes, a visit to Mt. Laoshan would be very worthwhile. It would be the ideal place for you. It has around 200 sightseeing spots. But you are going shopping.A: 是的,去崂山游玩肯定会很值得的。对你来说应该是个理想的地方。那儿有总共约200处旅游景点。但是你还要购物呢。B: Never mind. We can put it off until some other time. Ive been looking forward to visiting Mt. Laoshan. I love beautiful scenic spots.B: 没关系,我们可以推迟到其他时间,我一直盼望着去崂山看看。我喜欢看优美的风景。A: Well, there are plenty of worthwhile places for you to see in Qingdao. For example, the beaches, the Stone Old Man National Tourism and Holiday Resort any more.A: 其实,在青岛有不少值得你去看的地方。比如海滨浴场、石老人国家旅游度假去等。B: Wow! Qingdao is really a great tourist attraction! I doubt I can see it this entire trip!B: 哇!青岛可真是个旅游胜地!我这趟旅行不知道能否游遍所有的地方! /201604/435971。

New Survey Says Hong Kong Has World's Highest Apartment Rents香港成为全球住房租金最昂贵城市  A new survey by one of the world's largest human resources firms says Hong Kong has the world's priciest apartment rents. Asia's growing economy and a demand for higher-end housing is to blame for a general price spike in housing throughout Asia.  一家国际人力资源公司的调查显示,香港是全球住宅租金最昂贵的城市。蓬勃发展的经济以及对高档住宅的需求令亚洲房价居高不下。 ECA International says renting a three-bedroom apartment in popular neighborhoods in Hong Kong averages more than ,700 a month. That is more than double Asia's average for executive-level housing, which ECA says was around ,800 a month in 2007. ECA国际是世界上最大的人力资源公司之一。这家公司的调查说,在香港繁华地段租用三房公寓单位的月平均租金高达9700多美元。这是亚洲主管级平均公寓房价的两倍多。ECA国际说,2007年主管级房价每个月大约为3800美元。Lee Quane, ECA International's general manager in Hong Kong, says Hong Kong rents increased by 15 percent in 2007. He says the rest of the region also saw a rise in rents for managers, executives and expatriate business people. ECA国际香港区总经理关礼廉说,香港房价2007年涨了15%,而且亚洲其他地区的外派商务人员的房价亦有上涨。"The cost of accommodation has increased at a faster rate than it has elsewhere in the world to the point that the average cost of expatriate accommodation in Asia is more expensive than the global average," he said. 他说:“亚洲住房费用上涨比世界其他地区快,外派人员的房租也比世界平均值要昂贵。”Quane says Asia's growing economy and increased demand for high-end housing from foreign executives in Hong Kong have driven rents up. 关礼廉说,亚洲的经济成长以及越来越多外籍主管对高级住宅需求的增加都导致了香港房价高涨。The increase is good news for landlords in Hong Kong, but for renters and real estate agents, the high costs could hurt. 这对于房东是好消息,但对于房客与房地产经理人则是伤害。Quane says that as Asia becomes more expensive some companies may find it is not cost-effective to move staff to the region. 关礼廉说,当亚洲房价越来越贵,某些公司可能会觉得将人员派驻此处并不经济实惠。However, Simon Lo, director of research for property firm Colliers International, says higher rents are not likely to hurt Hong Kong's ability to attract businesses. He says demand for higher-end apartments is good, because company officials still want the economic benefits of working near mainland China. 高力国际的研究部一位姓罗的主任表示,高房价并不一定会伤害香港吸引企业的能力。他说,对高级住宅的需求是好的,因为公司依旧想要获得与中国大陆有地利之便的经济利益。"Hong Kong is the place to be if you want to do business with China," he said. "And then the demand for these apartments or even serviced apartments is really [in] strong demand." 他说:“如果想跟中国做生意,香港是最好的地方。对高档公寓以及酒店式住宅的需求也一直十分强劲。”Other Asian cities that made ECA's top 10 global list were Mumbai, Seoul, Singapore and Ho Chi Minh City. Lee says Singapore saw Asia's biggest year-on-year rental increase of more than 30 percent last year. 其他被ECA国际列在世界高房价前10名的亚洲城市包括了孟买、首尔、新加坡与胡志明市。关礼廉说,新加坡涨幅最高,一年内涨了30%。Globally, the average rent for executives was about ,900. Moscow ranked second in cost, followed by New York, Tokyo and London. The survey said Karachi is the cheapest city in the world for expatriate executives to rent a three-bedroom apartment. 全球平均的主管级房价约为2900美元。莫斯科位居第二高,接著是纽约、东京与伦敦。研究显示,巴基斯坦卡拉奇市是外派主管租用三房公寓单位租金最低的城市。 200804/35473。

face time------ 会面时间(非正式) 英文释义(INFORMAL) Physical presence between two or more people; time spent actually being with someone, in contrast to communicating by phone, letter, or email. 例句While my boss and I get a lot of work done by sending each other email messages, we also need some face time in order to really understand each other.尽管老板和我通过发电子邮件做了很多事情,但是为了真正相互理解,我们也必须有会面的时间。 /201609/466488。

US Defense Secretary Expresses Regret for Afghan Civilian Deaths美:美军需努力防止在阿误杀平民 U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates says American forces need to do more to prevent killing civilians during military strikes in Afghanistan. While the secretary was in Kabul, U.S. military chief Admiral Mike Mullen visited Islamabad for talks with officials who have protested U.S. attacks on targets inside Pakistan. 美国国防部长盖茨说,美国军队需要做得更多,以防止在阿富汗的军事打击行动中杀害平民。就在盖茨在喀布尔时,美军将领马伦上将到访伊斯兰堡,与抗议过美国袭击巴基斯坦境内目标的官员举行会晤。Defense Secretary Robert Gates addressed the ongoing controversy in Afghanistan over civilian deaths by offering his apologies and vowing to do more to prevent them in the future. 国防部长盖茨发表讲话谈到目前在阿富汗有关平民死亡出现的争议。盖茨提出道歉,并且表示一定要做得更多以便在未来预防平民死亡。"I offer all Afghans my sincere condolences and personal regrets for the recent loss of innocent life as a result of coalition air strikes," Gates said. "While no military has ever done more to prevent civilian casualties, it is clear that we have to work even harder." 盖茨说,“我向所有阿富汗人表达我诚挚的慰问和我个人对最近联军空袭造成无辜生命被剥夺的歉意。虽然美军没有做得更多来防止平民伤亡,但是很明显我们要更努力去做的。”Top Afghan officials, including President Hamid Karzai have sharply criticized an increase in civilian deaths in recent weeks, in particular last months airstrike in Herat that Afghan and U.N. officials say killed more than 90 civilians - mostly women and children. The U.S. military says its investigation showed several civilians were among about 35 militants killed, but has promised to reopen an investigation.  包括阿富汗总统卡尔扎伊在内的阿富汗高级官员严厉批评最近几个星期平民死亡人数上升,特别是上个月在赫拉特省的空袭。阿富汗和联合国官员说,那次空袭造成90多名平民丧生,其中多数为妇女和儿童。美国军方说,军方的调查显示35名被打死的激进分子中有几名平民,但是军方说一定要重新调查。Secretary Gates blamed this year's spike in violence on Taliban fighters adopting terrorist-style attacks on soft targets and more attacks by a variety of militant and criminal gangs all working to undermine the government.  盖茨国防部长将今年暴力活动上升归咎于对非军事目标采取恐怖分子袭击方式的塔利班武装分子以及所有致力于破坏政府的各种激进分子和犯罪分子集团实施的更多袭击。He says Taliban militants have also used sanctuaries in Pakistan to launch attacks. But he said the Pakistani military has recently begun to crack down on fighters in the country's autonomous tribal agencies. 盖茨说,塔利班分子还利用在巴基斯坦的庇护点发动攻击。但是他说,巴基斯坦军方最近开始打击在巴基斯坦自治部落机构里的武装分子。"I think what we have seen and been pleased about is in recent weeks, the Pakistani army once again putting pressure in this area and it is my hope that we can work closely with the Pakistanis to prevent this from being a safe haven that threatens both Afghanistan and a democratic Pakistan," Gates. 盖茨说,“我认为,我们最近几个星期看到和感到高兴的是,巴基斯坦军队再次在这一地区施加压力,我希望我们能够与巴基斯坦人紧密合作,防止这个地区成为威胁阿富汗和民主巴基斯坦的安全庇护所。”The U.S. military chief, Admiral Mike Mullen, met with Pakistan's army chief and the prime minister in Islamabad for talks, including the security situation in the tribal areas.  美军将领马伦上将在伊斯兰堡和巴基斯坦陆军司令和巴基斯坦总理在伊斯兰堡举行会谈,会谈内容包括在部落地区的安全局势。Top military and civilian officials in Pakistan have strongly protested a U.S. ground raid last month against a suspected militant target on Pakistani territory near the Afghan border. The raid appeared to be the first of its kind, and drew rebukes from civilian and military officials vowing to defend Pakistan's sovereignty at all costs. 巴基斯坦军方和民事高级官员强烈抗议上个月美国对巴基斯坦靠近阿富汗边界领域里的一个可疑的激进分子目标发动地面突袭。这次突袭好像是类似袭击中的第一次,突袭引起民事和军事官员的强烈批评。他们发誓一定要不惜一切代价保卫巴基斯坦的主权。The U.S. embassy released a statement saying Admiral Mullen had an extremely frank, positive and constructive meeting with General Ashfaq Kayani and Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani. The statement said Mullen also vowed to respect Pakistan's sovereignty. 美国大使馆发布一份声明说,马伦上将和卡亚尼将军以及吉拉尼总理进行了一次极为坦诚、积极和建设性的会谈。声明说,穆伦还表示一定要尊重巴基斯坦的主权。200809/49069。

self-effacing ———— 谦逊的(形容词)英文释义 (adjective) Describing someone who does not want to attract the attention of other people; modest.例句 My quiet, self-effacing cousin never talks about his great skills as a doctor.我的安静、谦逊的堂兄从不谈论他的高明医术。 /201606/448953。

Did the British and American governments routinely cover up information about UFOs? The answer appears to be yes to an extent, anyway. The Ministry of Defence has said that it will start releasing thousands of secret UFO documents it's held, for in some cases, decades. It comes as the most famous UFO incident in America, the alleged crashing of an alien craft at Roswell--celebrates its 60th anniversary with a bizarre new twist. Helene Cacace reports. Roswell, New Mexico, 1947. It's a time and place that lives forever, well, on some of the wild expanses of the Internet anyway. On the morning of July the 8th, the Roswell Army Air Field issued a press release, claiming they had recovered a crushed flying disk. Later that day, the story changed, and the statement was retracted. Rather than a flying saucer, the Roswell army said they had recovered a weather balloon. A mistake or a cover-up, this week saw the sixtieth anniversary of the incidents, and a celebration showed the continued fascination amongst Ufologists, conspiracy theorists, and the plain weird. And a new dramatic twist in the tale has once again breathed life into the young. Walter Haut was an army press officer at Roswell in 1947. He was the man who told the world that it was only a weather balloon. But after his death last year, he apparently left a sworn affidavit, whose contents have just come to light, in which he says the weather balloon line was just hot air. It was approximately 12 to 15 feet in length, not quite as wide, about 6 feet high, and more of an egg shape. Lighting was poor, but its surface did appear metallic. No windows, portholes, wings, tail section or landing gear were visible. I was able to see a couple of bodies under a canvas tarpaulin. Only the heads extended beyond the covering, and I was not able to make out any features. But the heads did appear larger than normal, and the contour of canvas suggested the size of a ten-year-old child. I'm convinced that what I personally observed was some kind of craft and its crew from outer space.Roswell has always been the world's most famous UFO case, and I think whilst this affidavit won't prove that an extraterrestrial spacecraft crashed at Roswell, it will make the, the weather balloon story, perhaps far more open to question, and if Roswell happened, it makes you wonder and think, oh, how many of these other UFO cases are the real thing.But investigator Mark Pilkington is more skeptical about the discovery. This latest Walter Haut deathbed letter isn't the last word on the story, er, should and certainly shouldn't be considered the Fernando of the Roswell myth; certainly Haut had a very key role(s) of play in the original story as pretty much the person that released it to the world. However, there are a lot of questions being asked about his, this, his physical and mental state at the time of his death.With the recent release of a large mass of CIA files, known as the Crown Jewels, speculations mounted that a new US president might order the release of more UFO files. And it's not just the other side of the Atlantic in which UFO files from the 40th of president day are being disclosed. The Ministry of Defense inundated by freedom of information requests has decided to release a huge quantity of files relating to UFO reports. The MOD told More4 News that there are so many, it could take three years to make them all available. And if you thought they relate to the UFO-obsessed 40s or 50s, you'd be surprised. Some of them are likely to be from project Condign, a secret UFO investigation which was launched and then after seven years' roundup under Tony Blair's government.We are gonna find a whole mixture of things. We are going to find some reports on classic UFO cases. Also, we are gonna find some new cases that we haven't heard of before. We will find UFOs reported by pilots and police officers. We will find evidence of UFOs tracked on radar.Problem is, of course, to the true believers, no amount of dusty files will satisfy. As with Roswell in 1947, there'll always be a dissatisfied conspiracy theorist somewhere.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1.hot air:(colloq.) pretentious or unsubstantial statements or claims.2.contour: The outline of a figure, object, topographical feature, etc.3.whilst:Whilst means the same as the conjunction while. (mainly BRIT, FORMAL or LITERARY) 200805/39707。

Indonesia Cancels Plans to Reopen Stock Market Amid Global Financial Turmoil印度尼西亚连续三天关闭股市 Indonesia kept its stock market closed for a third consecutive day Friday to stem panic selling as global markets continued to fall over concerns about the U.S. financial crisis.就在美国金融危机引发全球股市下跌之际,印度尼西亚连续第三天关闭股市以防止恐慌抛售。The Jakarta Stock Exchange President Erry Firmansyah told reporters plans to reopen the market Friday were shelved to "protect investors and prevent further sharp falls."雅加达券交易所总裁艾利.佛曼斯亚告诉记者说,原定星期五开市的计划被迫推迟,主要原因是为了“保护投资者以及防止股市继续滑坡”。Indonesian authorities had planned to reopen the market after a two-day suspension, but shelved the idea after Asian stocks fell Friday morning as traders dumped stocks in favor of cash amid the global uncertainty.印尼政府原计划在闭市两天后重新开市,但是由于全球经济前景难料,交易商继续在股市抛售以取得现金,亚洲股市星期五普遍下跌,印尼政府只好推迟这个计划。Fuad Rahmani, head of Indonesia's capital market watchdog, says the market might resume trading on Monday.印尼资本市场监管机构的负责人弗阿德.拉马尼说,印尼股市可能会在星期一复市。"We hope we will be better prepared for Monday to open the market…because the market [has] become very irrational, we have to feed the right information to the market so then the market can take decision more rationally on Monday," he said.拉马尼说:“我们希望到星期一的时候我们会准备的更充分。市场现在缺乏理性,我们必须向市场发出正确的信息。这样,星期一,市场会做出更加理性的决定。”Indonesia's benchmark index dropped more than 20 percent this week, driven by the financial turmoil in the ed States, and has fallen 47 percent this year.由于受到美国金融动荡的波及,印尼基准股市指数本星期下跌了20%,今年已经下滑了47%。Late Thursday evening the government announced new measures to safeguard the economy, including easing reserve requirements for commercial banks, making it easier for listed firms to conduct share buybacks, and easing accounting rules on the fair value of assets.星期四晚间,印尼政府宣布了新的经济救助方案。其中包括放松对商业的资本储备要求,简化上市公司股权回购,以及采用更灵活的资产定价会计制度。But Helmi Arman, economist at Bank Danamon Indonesia, says the new government measures are unlikely to calm the stock market, the money market, or the banking sector.不过,印尼金融的经济师赫尔米.阿尔曼说,这些新举措很难稳定股市、货币市场、以及业。"Everybody's got their eyes on what's happening globally. This is more of a global rather than a domestic issue that's driving down the market. The measures that they've taken, for instance, relaxing of market rules and easing of reserve requirements - it's positive, it's better than nothing," he said. "But whether or not it can stop the decline in the market - I think it will do very little, honestly."阿尔曼说:“每个人都在关注全球动态。推动市场下滑的不是国内因素,而是国际因素。政府的一些措施,比如放松市场规则和降低资本储备要求,这些是积极的动作,可以说是聊胜于无。不过,老实说,这些措施能否阻止市场的继续下滑,我看作用不大。”Along with plunging Asian markets, Asian currencies were also battered Friday prompting dollar selling intervention in Indonesia, India, and South Korea.在亚洲股市下跌的同时,亚洲一些主要货币星期五也遭受重创,促使印尼、印度、以及韩国等国家采取销售美元的措施来加以干预。200810/52537。