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Bernie Sanders Proposes Free Tuition, But Can It Work?义务大学教育提案会生效吗?You#39;ve probably aly heard about Sen. Bernie Sanders#39; free-college tuition bill. It sounds like a great idea, right? Every student would have access to training to land them a career they#39;d love, without the burden of crushing student loan debt. Employers would have access to a more highly skilled pool of applicants. Eventually, even the economy as a whole could improve. So why isn#39;t everyone on board?你也许听说过Bernie Sanders关于免大学学费的提案,听起来挺不错的,是吧?这将使所有学生都能有机会通过教育来选择他们喜欢的职业,免去了沉重学生贷款的负担;老板们会遇到更多高等申请人;最终,也许整个美国的经济都会因此改变。那为什么并非所有人都持这个提案呢?1. From Whence Comes Moneybags?省去的教育经费来自哪里?The simple reality is that in order to just give away a free education, there must be a renewable source of funding. Sanders proposes to build his free-education scheme by taxing Wall Street. Ultimately, it would be a shared-cost plan, with shared federal and state responsibility. 最简单的现实是,为了提供大学义务教育,必须有足够的基金来源。Sanders提议利用收华尔街的税收来持这个计划,最终,这将是一个共享计划,同时也拥有共享的联邦和州立义务。2. Reinvent the Wheel重建相关组织计划There are aly programs in place that are designed to help students attend college. With the Lottery Scholarship, put into place by the New Mexico State Legislature in 1996, more than 97,000 local students have attended public colleges and universities in New Mexico (only 38,000 graduated). So, we need to first look at what is working and find ways to replicate those programs for students across the U.S. 目前美国已经有一些帮助学生读大学的计划。比如1996年新墨西哥州立法机构颁布的票奖学金,已经使本地9万7千学生都有机会在本州公立学院和大学读书(虽然只有3万8千名学生毕业)。所以,我们需要先看看已有的相关机制,然后再考虑如何将这些福利拓展到全美的范围。3. A Question of Survival3.其他生活花费问题When you say ;free education,; we also need to consider factors beyond tuition. While housing and food allowances are often available to low-income students, some of the most basic necessities of survival are still required. 提到“义务教育”,我们还需考虑下学费之外的因素。比如穷困生的食宿补贴,许多基本生活费都要考虑在内。4. Prepare and Qualify? 4.享受福利的学生是否有足够的基础知识?It#39;s nice to say that we should just all go to college to gain the skills we need to succeed in our careers (and life). But, with the lack of very basic lack of skills in graduating high-school students, colleges are increasingly required to offer remedial skills. So, in a sense, we#39;d not really be offering ;free college,; but simply an extension of the overworked and under-resourced free public education system. 读大学对我们的职业生涯和生活的成功是有益的,但如果这些学生缺少初高中的基础知识,就更要求大学教授更多用来填补这些缺失的技能。所以,某种意义上,我们不是要提供“免费大学教育”,而只是提供了对现在过劳和资源紧张的免费公立教育一个延伸。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201508/386944。

Good Points and Bad Points优缺点;This house,; said the real-estate salesman, ;has both its good points and bad points. To show you I#39;m honest, I#39;m goint to tell you about the disadvantage - there is a chemical plant one block south and a slaughterhouse one block north.;“这幢房子,”房地产推销商说,“既有优点也有缺点。为了说明我是诚实的,我将告诉你们它的缺点:往南面一个街区是一家化工厂,往北面一个街区是一家屠宰场。”;What are the advantages?; inquired the prospective buyer.“那么它的长处呢?”预备购买房子的人问道。;The good thing about it,; said the agent, ;is that you can always tell which way the wind is blowing.;“它的好处,”代理商说道,“就是,你总能分清风是从哪边吹过来的。” /201301/221791。

Micro bloggers: have you ever compared the number of fans on your Sina Weibo or Tencent micro blog with those of your friends?微主们:你曾和好友比过各自新浪或腾讯微上的粉丝数吗?Don#39;t imagine you have more fans just because your number is bigger ; some of them might be ;zombie fans,; or fake followers.别单凭数量多这点就以为自己的粉丝多;;他们中的一些可能是;僵尸粉;,也就是虚假粉丝。According to a report by S Weekly, zombie fans on micro blogs are defined as invalid accounts signed up by network companies for the purpose of increasing the number of fans for certain users, especially celebrity ones, and getting them more attention.根据《南都周刊》的一份报告显示,微上的僵尸粉就是网络公司用来提高特定用户(尤其是名人主)粉丝数量,为其吸引更多关注而注册的无效帐号。 /201203/173175。

Busy women tend to put visits to the doctor at the end of their priorities. But when in the midst of a hectic life, making time for health check-ins is vital. Hopefully you#39;re up to date with all of your necessary vaccinations and can just focus on making sure you#39;re on track with these appointments.工作繁忙的女性总不经意地忽视健康检查,但在庸庸碌碌的一生中,这正是必不可少的。我们希望你已接种过所有需要接种的疫苗,并能确保自己走在保持定期检查身体的轨道上。Every Five Years每五年,你需要做:1. Physical exam: While certain studies are calling physical exams useless, the National Institute of Health still suggests getting two physical exams in your 20s and 30s. Every doctor is different when it comes to a physical, but chances are your provider will go over your history, vital signs, and blood work and perform a variety of medical screenings.1. 体格检查:尽管某些研究宣称体格检查无用,但美国国立卫生研究院建议20多岁和30多岁应分别做一次体格检查。每位医生做的检查项目也许略有区别,但至少你的医生会看一遍你的医疗记录、检查生命体征、血象,并做一系列摄片检查。2. Cholesterol: Once you#39;re 20 years old, checking your cholesterol every five years is essential. The process is fairly straightforward; after you fast for 12 hours, you go for a blood test that measures total cholesterol, LDL ;bad; cholesterol, HDL ;good; cholesterol, and triglycerides. Your LDL cholesterol levels should be 100 mg/dL or less, and your HDL (good) cholesterol levels should be 60 mg/dL or above.2. 胆固醇检查:当你已跨过20岁的大坎以后,每五年检查一次胆固醇成了必要。过程并不复杂:禁食12小时后,将做血液测试,以检查体内的全胆固醇、低密度脂蛋白(“坏胆固醇”)、高密度脂蛋白(“好胆固醇”)、和甘油三酯含量。低密度脂蛋白含量应低于100mg/dL,而高密度脂蛋白应高于60mg/dL才算正常范围。Every Three to Five Years每3-5年,你需要做:3. Pap smear: While yearly pap smears were the norm, according to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, most women from age 21 to 65 can wait three to five years between pap tests as long as the results are normal.3. 宫颈涂片检查:虽然常规是一年一做,不过美国妇产科学会的专家们认为,如果每次的检查结果均正常,年龄介于21-65岁的女性每3-5年做一次复查即可。Every Three Years每3年,你需要做:4. Breast exam: The breast exam performed by a physician is an important preventative measure to take to lower your breast cancer risk. According to the American Cancer Society, women in their 20s and 30s should have a clinical breast exam (CBE) every three years. While the majority of women don#39;t have to start going for annual mammograms until their 40s, the ACA also recommends early mammogram screening for women with a first-degree relative who has had breast cancer.4. 乳腺检查:医生对乳腺进行检查,可以极大程度上避免乳腺癌的发生。据美国癌症协会报道,每三年,年龄介于20多岁和30多岁的女性都应该检查一次乳腺。尽管绝大多数女性都是直到40多岁才开始每年进行乳房X光摄影检测,美国癌症协会仍然建议:那些直系亲属中有乳腺癌病史的女性应该尽早做该检查。Every Two Years每两年,你需要做:5. Eye exam: The American Optometric Association recommends a comprehensive eye exam every two years. You#39;ll take a series of vision tests to assess if you need glasses and also to check that your eyes are in good shape.5. 视力检查:美国眼科协会推荐每两年做一次全面眼科检查。你将接受一系列视力测试,以衡量是否需要佩戴眼镜,并及时发现眼睛是否状态良好。Every Year每一年,你需要做:6. Blood pressure: Having your blood pressure checked every year is a necessity. Luckily, you don#39;t have to head to the doctor every time you#39;re due. Look out for screenings in your area or use the automated machines at your local pharmacy. High blood pressure - also known as hypertension - is 140/90 or above. The normal adult blood pressure should be below 120/80.6. 血压测量:每年必须测量血压。幸运的是,你并不需要每次都去医生那儿测血压。在家附近找个血压测量点、或是在药店里买个自动测血压计都行。高血压指血压值是140/90及以上,正常成年人的血压应该在120/80以下。7. Dental exam: You may dislike heading to the dentist, but staying on top of this appointment is essential for your long-term health. Make sure you head for a thorough cleaning and dental exam every six months to a year.7. 牙齿检查:也许你讨厌去牙科诊所,但为了长远健康考虑,这个检查是很有必要的。每6个月或一年应该进行一次彻底全面的牙齿清洁及功能检查。Every Month每个月,你应该做:8. Self breast exams: While certain medical groups claim that self breast exams are no longer needed, many women have chosen to continue this practice. If you#39;re not sure how to do a breast self exam aly, learn the instructions, and be familiar with how your breasts feel and look. The test itself won#39;t lower your risk, but having this performed regularly is putting you in the best position to see issues in the earliest stages.8. 自我乳房检查:某些医疗团队宣称自我乳房检查没什么用,但仍然有很多女性坚持这么做。如果你不确定如何正确地自行检查乳房,学习一下,并记住自己乳房的触感和外观。自我检查并不会降低乳腺癌的发病率,但常规的检查能最大限度地帮助你尽早发现异常并予以治疗。9. Self skin exam: If you have a propensity for sun spots or moles, you may have to go to your dermatologist more regularly, but The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends a simple head-to-toe self skin exam every month. The instructions are simple and easy to follow, and just like a self breast exam, it helps you get familiar with your skin so you notice changes earlier.9. 自我皮肤检查:如果你钟爱太阳晒斑或痣,请经常去你的皮肤科医生那里检查。皮肤癌协会推荐每月进行一次简易全身皮肤检查,内容简单易学。就跟乳房自查一样,这个检查能让你对全身皮肤情况了如指掌,这样一旦有变化发生,你便可以立即察觉到。 /201211/209628。

ARIES白羊座The rushing Ram will want a quick and entertaining . Short stories and thrillers suit the turbo-charged Aries. Favorite books could include Edgar Allen Poe#39;s stories, and some of Stephen King#39;s shorter works.白羊座喜欢快速愉快的阅读,适合阅读短篇小说或恐怖小说,最喜欢艾伦-坡的小说和史蒂芬-金的一些篇幅短小的文章。TAURUS金牛座The patient Bull won#39;t have a problem plodding through educational books or drawn-out suspense thrillers. While some people need to the last page first, you can wait to reach the climactic end of an Agatha Christie book, and you#39;ll appreciate every moment of Russian masters like Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky.耐心的金牛座读枯燥的教育性书籍或漫长的悬念小说一点问题都没有。他们可以等待阿加莎-克里斯蒂的作品中的高潮慢慢到来,对俄罗斯文学大师托尔斯泰和陀斯妥耶夫斯基的作品也有着浓厚的兴趣。GEMINI双子座Bored easily and always y to learn, the Twins will dive into short stories, educational books, fiction or cartoons. You#39;ll anything from Shakespeare to Updike to Simon Singh and finish off the day by going through C.S. Lewis#39; complete Chronicles of Narnia.双子座随时准备学习,短篇小说、教育性书籍、小说或卡通读物无不涉猎,但也比较容易厌倦,可能一天之内就读了从莎士比亚、厄普代克到西蒙-辛格的书,而且最后还把C.S. 刘易斯的《纳尼亚传奇》浏览了一遍。CANCER巨蟹座The sensitive and caring Crab will enjoy cozying up at home with a good tear-jerking romance novel, or a bookthat evokes warm childhood memories. While sitting in front of a roaring fire with a cup of hot cocoa, you#39;ll being something by Maeve Binchy or Louisa May Alcott.敏感且极富同情心的巨蟹座喜欢舒舒地在家里读一本感人泪下的爱情小说或是一本能让他们回忆起温暖的童年时光的书。当坐在温暖的火炉前喝着热可可奶时,巨蟹座最适合捧一本梅芙-宾奇或露易莎-玫-艾尔考特的书来品读。LEO狮子座Romantics at heart with a penchant for playing the drama queen, the Lion will keep entertained with romance, fiction, drama or adventure stories. Sylvia Plath should satisfy that intensely dramatic streak, and John Grisham fulfills your need for accessible, instant excitement.内心浪漫的狮子座喜欢读浪漫故事、小说、戏剧或冒险故事。西尔维亚-普拉斯的作品能让狮子领略强烈的戏剧冲突,约翰-格里沙姆的作品则能满足狮子对简单直接的兴奋感的要求。VIRGO处女座The quick-minded and detail-intensive Virgo likes to cut straight to the point. When it comes to books, it had better be of the no-nonsense, educational, factual or instructional variety. You actually find the encyclopedia exciting and self-help and fitness books for fun.思维敏捷、分析透彻的处女座喜欢直接切入要点,适合读文字精练的、教育类的、纪实的或是指导类的书籍。处女座可能会发现百科全书、自助书籍或健身书籍很有趣。LIBRA天秤座As the Sign of Marriage and Partnership, Libra will be a big fan of the romance genre when it comes to both books and movies. Gone With Wind and Wuthering Heights rank among your favorites. In fact, searching the shelves for anything by the Bronte sisters should make your decision simple.天秤座对浪漫书籍非常感兴趣,最适合读勃郎特的作品。《飘》、《呼啸山庄》是天秤的最爱。PIO天蝎座As the Sign of Death, Scorpio can not so surprisingly handle the metaphysical and more abstract quite well. Books that fit into the categories of drama, suspense and horror will stimulate your penetrating mind. Anais Nin ranks among your top choice for intensity, and Anton Chekov#39;s plays will stimulate your curious mind.戏剧性、有悬念、恐怖类的书籍能刺激天蝎座敏锐的神经,阿奈丝-宁的的作品是满足他们强烈的刺激要求的首选,而契诃夫的作品则能刺激他们的好奇心。SITTARIUS射手座The sign of adventure, the Archer will launch their arrows into books and movies that offer adventure, travel, education, comedy, action or a foreign influence. There may be dog-eared copies of the works of James Michener lying about, and Douglas Adams, ;Hitchhiker#39;s Guide to the Galaxy; sits in your backpack.射手座喜欢冒险、旅行、教育、喜剧、动作类书籍或是关于外来影响的书籍。詹姆斯-米契纳的作品和道格拉斯-亚当斯的《系漫游指南》可能会深得射手座的喜爱。CAPRICORN羯座Serious-minded and cautious, the Goat will be a fan of fact. Books that are educational and dramatic are preferable, and if they can help you hone your career goals and skills, all the better. Dale Carnegie#39;s, ;How to Win Friends and Influence People; and Norman Vincent Peale#39;s, ;The Power of Positive Thinking; have places of honor on your shelf.教育性、戏剧性的书籍是严肃、审慎的羯座的最爱,如果这些书能对职业目标的实现和职业技能的提高有帮助就更好了。戴尔-卡内基的《人性的弱点》和诺尔曼-文森特-皮尔《积极思考的威力》会颇受他们的钟爱。AQUARIUS水瓶座Unconventional and scientific, Aquarius will enjoy books that are as out there as they are. Science fiction, fiction and adventure are moving along with you at warp speed into the new millennium and beyond. Check out the classic works of Ray Bradbury, Robert Heinlein and Aldous Huxley for your glimpse at the future.水瓶座喜欢科幻、虚构、冒险类的书籍,可选取雷-布拉德伯里、罗伯特-海因莱恩和奥尔德斯-赫胥黎的经典作品来读一读。PISCES双鱼座A hopeless romantic, the Fish will be happy to be swimming in tears brought on by a sappy romance story or a sob-inducing drama. With a penchant for escaping reality, you#39;re a book buff who wants to get really involved in a story. For this you can use Barbara Kingsolver, or dive into the realms of Arthurian legend.浪漫的双鱼座喜欢读浪漫的爱情故事和感人的戏剧,而芭芭拉-金索维尔的作品、《亚瑟王传奇》正好能满足双鱼座的这一阅读要求。 /201208/197145。