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US Finds Serious Flaws in Burma's Draft Constitution美国国务院批评缅甸新宪法草案  The U.S. State Department said Thursday Burma's new draft constitution provides little hope for real change in the military-ruled Southeast Asian country. To be voted on in a May 10 referendum, the draft would leave major power in the hands of the military.  美国国务院星期四说,缅甸的新宪法草案为真正改变被军方控制的国家提供的希望非常渺茫。新宪法草案将在5月10号进行全民公决。这部宪法将主要的权力集中在军方手中。 The ed States was an harsh critic of the Burmese constitution-writing process because it largely excluded the political opposition.  美国严厉批评缅甸制定宪法的程序,因为这部宪法基本上把反对派政党排除在外。Now, the State Department says the draft produced by the country's long-running national convention provides scant hopes for those looking for democratic change. 现在,美国国务院说,由缅甸的国民大会召开旷日持久的会议制定的宪法没有为那些期待民主变革的人提供多少希望。Published Wednesday, the nearly-200-page constitutional draft would reserve one-quarter of the seats in both houses of parliament for military officers, and give the country's military chief the right to suspend the constitution at any time.  这份将近200多页的宪法草案在星期三公布,根据这份草案,议会上下两院的席位有四分之一预先留给军官,同时,草案给予军队最高领导人在任何时候终止宪法的权力。Another clause bars anyone who has been married to a foreign national from holding political office, a provision that appears tailor-made to exclude opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi, once married to a British national. 另外一项条款禁止同外国人结过婚的人担任政治职务,这项条款显然是要将曾经同英国人结婚的反对派领袖昂山素季排除在外。At a news briefing, State Department Spokesman Sean McCormack said U.S. officials have made only a preliminary analysis of the draft but said a first ing indicates some issues of serious concern. 在一次新闻发布会上,美国国务院发言人麦科马克说,美国官员仅仅对草案作了初步的分析,但是,麦科马克说,最初的分析就已经显示出一些令人严重担忧的问题。"It, at first glance, would appear intended only to perpetuate the rule of the existing military junta in Burma," he said. "It does not provide for the kind of open, serious and sustained dialogue with the democratic opposition forces in Burma that we as well as other members of the international community have called for, and that for example Aung San Suu Kyi has called for."  麦科马克说:“宪法草案一看就知道是只想让现在的缅甸军政权的统治永久持续下去。它并没有为缅甸的反对力量提供那种开放的、认真的和持久的对话。这样的对话是美国和国际社会的其他成员所要求的,也是昂山素季等人士所要求的。""So at first glance this draft constitution that the regime intends to put to a vote does not give much hope to those who are looking for real democratic change in Burma," he added."一看宪法草案就知道,缅甸当局想要让全民公决的这项宪法草案不要为那些希望缅甸发生真正的民主变革的人提供多少希望。”Aung San Suu Kyi's National League for Democracy party, the NLD, won national elections in 1990 but was barred from taking power. The Nobel Peace Laureate has been under detention most of the time since then. 昂山素季领导的全国民主联盟在1990年的全国选举中获得胜利,但是被禁止执掌权力。诺贝尔奖获得者昂山素季从那时开始大部分时间一直被软禁在家。In comments Wednesday, President Bush said he was disappointed with political progress made in Burma, and said the military authorities need to understand that they should not fear their own people. 布什总统星期三说,他对缅甸取得的政治进程感到失望,他说,缅甸军政权应该知道他们不应该害怕自己的人民。The NLD walked out of the 14-year-long national convention in 1995 because of restrictive rules and was later expelled altogether. It has urged Burmese to vote against the draft on May 10. 全国民主联盟1995年从有14年之久的国民大会中退出,原因是该机构的限制性规定太多,后来该联盟被国民大会除名。全国民主联盟敦促缅甸人民在5月10号对宪法草案投反对票。The military government Thursday accused the NLD of taking directives from unnamed foreign embassies which it claimed were trying to destabilize the country. 军政府星期四谴责全国民主联盟受未指名的外国大使馆的指使,军政府称这些大使馆试图破坏缅甸的国家稳定。Asked about the charge of foreign meddling, State Department Spokesman McCormack called it a "canard." 国务院发言人麦科马克在谈到有关外国干涉的指控时说,这是一个“毫无根据的指责”。He said Aung San Suu Kyi and others pushing for democratic change are Burmese patriots who had been working for a better future for the country long before the international spotlight became focused on them.  他说,昂山素季和其他推动缅甸民主变革的人是缅甸的爱国者,他们在国际社会关注他们之前就一直致力于让缅甸的未来更加美好。 200804/34268'State of the Planet' Summit Concludes Climate Change Causes Poverty气候变化对发展中国家特有风险? International concern is mounting that global warming could put millions of people at risk through drought, floods and other extreme weather. A group of economists, scientists, and international leaders met in New York recently to discuss how climate change poses a particular risk to developing countries, and what solutions can be taken by rich and poor countries alike.  国际社会越来越担心,全球气候变暖可能会引起干旱、洪水和其他极端天气,从而威胁到数以百万计的人。最近,一些经济学家、科学家和国际领导人在纽约召开会议,讨论气候变化对发展中国家造成的特有风险以及所有国家可以采取的解决办法。Rich and poor countries generally agree that climate change must be addressed, but often differ on how to go about it. Developed nations, including the ed States, Britain and Japan, have focused on curbing their own greenhouse gas emissions, caused mainly from burning fossil fuels for energy. Poor countries are calling for assistance in dealing with climate-related impacts, like food shortages and drought, while also meeting energy needs to spur economic growth. 富裕和贫穷国家一般都认为,气候变化的问题必须要加以解决,但是,他们往往在如何解决的问题上意见分歧。包括美国、英国和日本在内的发达国家关注的焦点在于如何限制他们自己的温室气体排放量。这些温室气体的排放主要是由于燃烧化石燃料来获得能源所造成的;贫穷国家则呼吁国际社会帮助它们在满足经济发展所需能源的同时也能够解决食品短缺和干旱等因气候变化所产生的影响。A summit on "the State of the Planet" hosted by Columbia University examined the link between poverty and climate change, and called for a new, global plan of action to deal with the two issues. 美国哥伦比亚大学主办的地球现状高峰会探讨了贫困与气候变化之间的联系,并且呼吁有关各方针对这两个问题采取新的全球性的行动计划。Conference participants argued that poor countries remain especially at risk to the effects of global warming. They say if left unchecked, global warming could spur conflict and puts millions of people at risk drought, mudslides, food shortages and illness. 与会人士认为,贫穷国家特别容易受到全球气候变暖后果的影响。他们表示,如果不加以控制,全球气候变暖会引发冲突,会引起干旱、泥石流、食品短缺和疾病等问题,威胁到数以百万计的人。Former ed Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan said climate change is exacerbating the problems faced by poor nations. 前联合国秘书长安南说,气候变化加剧了贫穷国家所面临的问题。"The international community must work to arrest this downward spiral," said Kofi Annan. "Developed countries carry the greatest responsibility for climate change yet the least developed suffer its impact the most. Developed countries must accept their responsibility to help poor countries deal with these changes, and must do so as a matter of urgency." 他说:“国际社会必须努力阻止这个旋涡的下滑。发达国家对气候变化负有最大的责任,而最不发达国家受到的影响最大。发达国家必须接受自己的责任,帮助贫穷国家对付这些变化,必须把履行这份责任看作是当务之急。”Economists at the conference focused on what steps could be taken to lessen the impact of climate change as the population expands and energy needs rise around the world. 与会的经济学家关注的焦点是,在目前世界各地人口持续增长、能源需求不断扩大的情况下能够采取哪些措施才能够减少气候变化所带来的影响。Topping the list of recommendations was the promotion of clean energy technology, including solar, wind and hydrogen power.  在他们提出的一系列建议中,首要的就是推广太阳能、风能和水力发电等清洁能源技术。Jill Shankleman, a consultant to the World Bank's political risk insurance arm, says global hunger for oil and gas will not decrease in the near future. She said eradicating poverty and addressing conflict in developing countries requires new energy initiatives and a new approach to managing resources. 世界政治风险保险部门的顾问尚克曼女士说,全球对石油和天然气的饥渴在近期内不会减弱。她说,消除贫困和解决发展中国家的冲突需要新的能源倡议以及新的管理资源的途径。"Although the awareness of climate change is expanding, for the next few decades we are also going to see the expansion of the oil and gas industry in many, many new places," said Jill Shankleman. "This will happen until the emerging, developing countries secure access to the oil and energy they need. So what's to be done? We need a new paradigm that explicitly links resource extraction with development." 她说:“尽管对气候变化的认知在不断扩大,但是在今后几十年的时间里,我们也会在许许多多新的地方看到石油和天然气工业不断发展。这个发展过程将一直持续到新兴的发展中国家能够确保获得他们所需要的石油和能源。应该采取那些行动呢?我们需要建立一个把资源开采和经济发展这两个方面清晰地联系起来的新模式。”Economist Jeffrey Sachs said addressing climate change requires a firm commitment by rich countries to also address extreme poverty and the growing global population. 经济学家杰弗里.萨克斯说,对付气候变化问题需要富裕国家做出坚定承诺,解决极端贫困和世界人口不断增加的问题。He said current benchmarks set by rich countries for cutting greenhouse gas emissions are insufficient. He also argues the international community is unprepared for the changes that are taking place in the world, like soaring energy and food prices.  他说,富裕国家目前为削减温室气体排放所设定的目标是不够的。他还表示,国际社会还没有做好应对正在世界各地发生的变化的准备,比如能源和食品价格的快速上涨。He says economic systems need to be revamped and more money and attention should go toward pursuing sustainable, renewable energy sources. 他说,我们需要改进现有的经济体系,应当把更多的资金和注意力放在寻找可持续的和可再生的能源资源上。"But, the science only takes us part of the way," said Jeffrey Sachs. "Linking the science to all of the rest that has to happen involves government, business, international organizations, civil society and each of us in our own communities and our own households. That's an extraordinarily complex challenge." 他说:“科学只能帮我们解决部分问题。要把科学和其它所有要发生的事情联系起来就需要政府、企业、国际组织、公民社会以及我们社区和我们家庭中的每一个人的参与。这是一个极其复杂的挑战。”On Wednesday, leaders from Japan and the European Union called for an ambitious and binding new international agreement on limiting greenhouse gas emissions. They say the pact should replace the Kyoto Protocol, which is set to expire in 2012. But, the proposal did not set specific targets for emissions reductions.  星期三,日本和欧盟领导人呼吁在限制温室气体排放上达成一个大胆且具约束力的新的国际协议。他们表示,这个协议将取代在2012年到期的京都议定书。但是,这个提议没有规定具体的减排目标。200804/36562

Wild Europe - Genesis 肇始之初- 1Europe, an ancient continent. Within its borders lies unrivalled richness of both natural and human wonders.At its northern limits, Europe reaches into the icy wastes of the high Arctic. To the south and west, its fringes have been shaped by the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. Far to the east, it is bounded by the primeval forests of Russia, rubbing shoulders with Asia. These boundaries enclose an area just half the size of North America, yet 713,000,000 people make Europe their home. It's hard to find a space unmarked by human occupation. The Europe that we see today is the product of a long and complex history. Thousands of years of settlements, invasions, revolutions and inventions have allowed us to reorder nature's ancient patterns to suit our needs. On a human time scale, the story of the changing face of Europe seems immense, but there is an even more extraordinary story to be told, one that stretches back half a billion years, and tells of the events that have really shaped the continent. 8,000 years ago, the skyscrapers of Frankfurt would have risen over endless primeval wildwood, stretching from Lisbon to Leningrad. Over the last 2 million years, Europe has seesawed between perishing cold and stifling heat. During the Ice Ages, Amsterdam and London would have been smothered by huge glaciers.words and expressionswastes:large areas of land that are not cultivated and have few living animals or plants荒地fringe:the outer or less important part of an area, group or activity边缘,四周rub shoulders with sth:和...接触also: rub shoulders with sb.rub elbows with sb.to meet and spend time with:与某人有来往eg:She claims that she rubs shoulders with royalty all the time.tell of:讲述seesaw:vi.to change repeatedly from one emotion, situation, etc. to another and then back again交替;起伏200809/47158

Humanitarian Crisis Worsening in Horn of Africa联合国称非洲之角人道危机加剧 The top U.N. humanitarian official says that conflict, drought, and the global food crisis are worsening the aly dire situation in the Horn of Africa. This has left millions of people needing emergency food assistance to combat severe food shortages. 联合国负责人道主义事务的副秘书长霍姆斯说,冲突、干旱和全球食品危机正在使非洲之角地区本来就很危急的形势恶化。那里有数以百万计的人需要紧急食品援助来对抗严峻的食品短缺问题。U.N. Humanitarian Chief John Holmes says that the long-standing crisis in the Horn of Africa has been made worse by the global food crisis. 联合国负责人道主义事务的副秘书长霍姆斯说,全球食品危机加剧了非洲之角地区长期以来的危机。"The point is that large areas of the Horn of Africa, including parts of Ethiopia, Somalia, Eritrea, Djibouti, Uganda, and Kenya, are now in or sliding towards a humanitarian emergency," said John Holmes. "And we believe there are something like 14 million people now in urgent need of food aid and other humanitarian assistance in the coming months." 他说:“现在的问题是,包括埃塞俄比亚部分地区、索马里、厄立特里亚、吉布提、乌干达和肯尼亚在内的非洲之角的大部分地区都在滑向人道主义危机的深渊。我们相信,目前有大约1千4百万人急需在几个月后得到食品援助和其它人道救援物资。”Holmes says drought and rising food and fuel prices have heightened the crisis along with on-going conflicts in many nations, particularly in Somalia. 霍姆斯说,干旱、食品涨价、高昂的燃料价格以及在许多国家,特别是索马里正在发生的冲突使危机更加严重。"There is an intense conflict going on in parts of Somalia," he said. "We calculated something like 850,000 people have been forced to leave Mogadishu over the last year because of the fighting there. So, you have a compounded problem of the ordinary population with an additional population of newly displaced people facing these severe food shortages." 他说:“在索马里的一些地方正在发生激烈的冲突。根据我们的计算,在过去一年中,已经有大约85万人由于冲突而被迫离开了加迪沙。因此,不仅是普通大众,还有这些刚刚逃离家园的人都面临严峻的食品短缺问题。”In Ethiopia, Holmes says a severe drought and diseases such as diarrhea, measles, and meningitis, have compounded the humanitarian crisis. 霍姆斯说,在埃塞俄比亚,一场严重干旱和痢疾、麻疹及髓膜炎等疾病的流行都加剧了人道危机。"In Southern Ethiopia, where there is a severe drought, a joint assessment by the government and international humanitarian partners reveals that 4.6 million people were now in need of food emergency support," said Holmes. "And as part of those 4.7 million, we believe there is something like 75,000 children severely malnourished." 他说:“在埃塞俄比亚南部发生了严重的旱情,埃塞俄比亚政府和国际人道救援组织在那里共同进行的评估发现,目前有460万人需要紧急食品援助。在这460万人中,我们相信有大约7万5千名儿童严重营养不良。”Holmes is urging the international community, as well as national governments, to ensure that the necessary resources are available to deal with this crisis and to curb the effects of malnutrition, including stunted growth and susceptibility to diseases. 霍姆斯敦促国际社会和各国政府确保必要物资到位,以应对这场危机,并减轻营养不良带来的生长萎缩及容易患上疾病等后果。200807/44084

Go on, give it a try!继续,试试吧。Right, thanks. Ill try.好的,谢谢,我试试。Erm, excuse me Tom. Sorry about earlier.打扰了汤姆,我对之前感到抱歉。I’m a little nervous about leading this strategy thing and I would be most grateful if you could give me some help… please?关于负责这项计划的事我感到有点紧张,如果你能给我一些帮助的话,我会非常感激……拜托了。Of course Anna. Why didn’t you say, I’d be delighted.当然了,安娜。为什么你之前不说呢,我会很高兴的。I’ve lost count of the number of projects I’ve lead over the years.我都记不清这几年我都负责过多少这种项目了呢。Great, thanks. So… where do you think I should begin?太棒了,谢谢你。那么……我应该从哪开始着手呢?Well, give me a few minutes and I’ll just find some of the excellent work I did last year.给我几分钟,让我给你找找去年我完成的几项出色的项目。Basically, you’ll just need to copy it. Hold on…基本上你只要拿去复印一下就好了。等一下……Ah Anna… just popping out for some biscuits… err, how’s the stock management strategy coming along?安娜……出来吃点心吧……库存管理系统的方案你做的怎么样了?Oh very good Paul… actually, please could I ask you for some advice, please?一切顺利,保罗……不过,你能给我点建议吗?Yes of course… although I don’t know if I’ll be much use!没问题,虽然我不知道我的建议到底有没有用!… now where did I save those damn documents?我到底把那些该死的文件存哪了?I’m very grateful for this opportunity but I’m a little unsure of where to start.我很感激您能给我这次机会,不过我还不是太清楚到底该从哪开始。 /201702/483866

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