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Nick: So, I dont know much about Guam. Id barely heard of Guam until last year so please, tell me something about it. Whats life like?尼克:我不太了解关岛。我去年才知道关岛,请你给我介绍一下关岛的情况。那里的生活怎么样?Cheryl: Well, most people have never heard about Guam. Most people who do hear about it are mostly Americans and even then most of these Americans that do hear about it, they have family in the military or they know a friend in the military and thats because Guam is a big US base, a military base. Guam is a little island in the middle of the Pacific. Its actually five hours from where youre from, Nick, five hours from Australia. And its about four hours from Hong Kong and three and a half from Japan. So you can kind of gauge based on those numbers just how much in the middle of the Pacific Ocean Guam is. Its about eighteen miles wide and thirty-two miles long so its pretty, pretty small.谢丽尔:大部分人都没听说过关岛。听说过关岛的基本上都是美国人,知道关岛的大部分美国人都有家人或朋友在军队役,因为关岛是美国的军事基地。关岛是一座位于太平洋中部的小岛。尼克,关岛离你们澳大利亚有五小时的航程。从香港飞到关岛需要四个小时,日本需要三个半小时。你可以通过这些数字知道关岛的确是在太平洋的中部。关岛宽18英里,长32英里,非常非常小。Nick: So its a part of America?尼克:关岛是美国的一部分吗?Cheryl: Yeah, its a part of America. The US military base there is actually the biggest in Asia besides the one in Okinawa which is the islands south of Japan. But it is supposedly the closest US soil...not supposedly, it is the closest US soil to Asia.谢丽尔:对,是美国的一部分。那里的美国军事基地是除美军在日本南部岛屿冲绳岛的基地以外亚洲最大的军事基地。那里应该是离亚洲最近的美国领土,不是应该,就是。Nick: Oh really? And it look like a tropical paradise.尼克:哦,真的吗?看起来那里像是热带天堂。Cheryl: Yeah, it is very much like Hawaii which is an island of the coast of the mainland US. Its got lots and lots of palm trees, blue waters, and white sand. Lots and lots and lots of water sports are available...scuba diving spots, its actually a paradise, I think.谢丽尔:对,那里和夏威夷很像,夏威夷是位于美国大陆沿海的一座岛屿。关岛有很多棕榈树,还有蓝色的大海和白色的沙滩。在关岛可以进行很多水上运动,比如水肺潜水之类的,我认为那里的确是天堂。Nick: I definitely want to go.尼克:我一定要去看看。 译文属 /201606/451605。

  • 3. Questions about Parking 3.有关停车的问题A: Hello. Im new to the apartments. I have a question.A:你好。我是新搬来这个公寓的。我有一个问题。B: Hello, and welcome. What do you need to know?B:你好,欢迎。你需要知道什么?A: Is there anything about parking my car that I need to know?A:关于停车有什么我需要知道的吗?B: You have an assigned parking spot behind the building.B:你在公寓的后面有一个指定的停车位。A: Are there other parking spots available?A:还有别的停车位可用吗?B: Yes. We have several unassigned spots for visitors.B:是的。我们有几个未被指定的停车场给参观者使用。A: Where are those visitor parking spots located?A:那些参观者的停车场在哪?B: Behind the building as well.B:也在公寓后边。A: What if all parking spots are filled up?A:如果所有的停车场都满了,怎么办?B: You could park in the streets, but you might be ticketed if you fail to follow rules.B:你可以停在街上,但如果你不遵守规则,可能会被开罚单。A: Could you show me how to enter the parking area?A:你可以告诉我怎么开进停车场吗?B: Yeah, Ill show you. Follow me. B:嗯,我会指给你。跟我来。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201511/411808。
  • 16.Hot water overflowed from the bathtub.浴缸内的热水过多。Useful Expressions常用语句1.The hot water has come out of the bathtub.浴缸内的热水流出来了。2.Could you come up to my room?请你到我房间来一下好吗?3.The water is all over bathroom.整个浴室都是水。4.Im insured.我保。5.Do I have to compensate for the damage?损坏我要赔偿吗?6.Something goes wrong with the rest room.休息室内有些毛病。7.The ceiling is leaking.天花板漏水。8.I was taking a nap.我正要小睡片刻。9.Housekeeping,please.管家,请。10.It seems drainage is closed.排水管好像被阻塞了。Practical Conversation实用会话A:Hello.Hot water overflowed from the bathtub.Will you help me?喂,热水从浴缸内流出来了,请你来帮忙好吗?B:Would you turn off the tap?请你把塞子拿掉好吗?A:I did it.我拿掉了。B:Then will you put all the towels under the bathroom door?那么,请你在浴室门口位置放上毛巾好吗?A:OK.I will.好的,我会。B:Ill have our housekeeper come right away.我马上叫我们的管理人员来。A:Im sorry I was too tired to fall asleep.抱歉,我很累,想要睡觉了。B:When you woke up,the water was coming our of the tub.你醒来时水从浴缸内流出来了。A:Right.Can I compensate for the damage with the travel accident insurance?好的,我可以用旅行保险来补偿损失吗? /201502/355361。
  • 1.Reservation desk,please.请接务台。2.Ill be late checking in.我将会晚一点来登记。3.What time will you come?你什么时候来呢?4.It seems I cant go there today.我今天似乎无法到达那里。5.May I go there late?我可迟点儿到那里吗?6.I dont know when I can check in.我不知道何时能去登记。7.Please call us in case you come late.假如你来迟了请打电话给我们。8.By what time shall I check in?我何时可以登记?9.I do want to stay in this hotel.我确实要在这个旅馆停留。10.We rent it to someone if not a call from you.如果你没有电话过来我们就把它租给别人。11.Will the front be opened till late?这大门到很晚了仍开着吗?12.Therere some working staffs even at midnight.一直到半夜仍有务人员。13.Id like to cancel the hotel.我想取消旅馆的房间。14.I cant go there due to a flight schedule.由于飞机航班的原因,我无法去那里。15.I reserved a room two weeks ago.两个礼拜前我订了一间房间。16.This is Mr. Wang.这是王先生。17.Will you please tell me how to cancel?请你告诉我如何取消预订好吗?18.Is it O.K.only by fixing on the telephone?只在电话里约定就可以了吗?19.Dont I need to go there?我不需要去那里吗?20.Must I pay for my cancel?我需要为我的取消付款吗?21.I cant go today but tomorrow is O.K.今天我不能去,但是明天可以。22.Have you rented the room to anyone else?你们把房间租给别人了吗?23.Please show me another hotel?请为我介绍别家旅馆好吗?24.Id like to make reservations again.我想要再订一次。1.This room is too small.这个房间太小了。2.Is there a little larger one?有没有再大一点的房间?3.I feel the bed is small too.我觉得这个床也太小了。4.Double room,please.请给我一间双人房。5.Please change to a single room with a bath.请换一间有浴室的单人房。6.Is there a room with television?有没有装有电视的房间?7.Wont you calm down the noise of the toilet?请你把抽水马桶的声音弄小一点儿好吗?8.The noise of the next door wont make me sleep.隔壁的吵闹声使我无法入睡。9.Please change to a quiet room?请换一间安静一点的房间好吗?10.An air-conditioning is too cold.冷气太冷了。11.Please make the room warmer.请把房间弄暖一点。12.Hot water of the tub doesnt come.浴缸的热水出不来。13.Can I have another blanket?我可以再要一件毛毯吗?14.I cant sleep because neons are too bright.灯太亮了我无法睡觉。15.I asked for a room service but it hasnt come yet.我要求了一项房间务,但一直到现在还没有来。16.More than thirty minutes have passed since I gave an order.自从我提出要求后已过了三十多分钟了。17.Please bring it soon.请快一点拿来。18.A stranger hangs around the hallway.有一个陌生人在走廊徘徊。19.Please do something proper for us.请为我们做一些适宜的务。 /201503/363019。
  • unit 186 山盟海誓dialogue 英语情景对话A:Can you believe me?A:你能相信我吗?B:Sure.B:当然。A:please count on my love.A:请相信我的爱。B:I will.B:我会的。A:Ill be yours through endless time.A:我将永远属于你。B:I see. And Ill always be devoted to you.B:我明白,我将对你忠贞不渝。A:Thank you. I know Ive nothing to offer you, but Ill never give you reason to cry.A:谢谢你。我知道我不能给你什么,但我决不会让你伤心流泪。B:Ill never hurt you; Ill never lie.B:我决不会伤害你,也决不会欺骗你。A:My love will grow, like a river to flow.A:我对你的爱,像河水滔滔不息。B:It cant be dry, and cant die.B:它永远不会干涸、不会桔竭。A:I dont know whether we are in a dream.A:我不知道我们是不是在做梦。B:Aha, Aha...B:哈,哈…… /201509/397178。
  • 7. Applying to Many Universities 7.申请多所大学A: How many universities are you applying to?A:你要申请几所大学?B: Im applying to 12 universities.B:我要申请12所大学。A: Wow! Thats a lot!A:哇!真多!B: I just want a lot of options.B:我只是想多一些选择。A: But it costs a lot of money and time!A:但那需要花费很多钱和时间!B: I get fee waivers.B:我获得学费减免。A: But how about the time? I mean, applying is a lot of work.A:但是时间呢?我的意思是,申请是一项很大的工作。B: College applications ask similar questions.B:大学申请都问相似的问题。A: Good for you. Im only applying to three universities.A:为你好。我只申请了三所学校。B: Which ones are you applying to?B:你在申请哪些学校?A: CSULA, UC Irvine, and Yale.A:州大洛杉矶分校、加州大学欧文分校和耶鲁。B: I find it hard to believe that you can limit yourself to only three universities. B:我很难相信你可以把自己限制在三所大学。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201512/414988。
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