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A robotic hand — which can beat any human challenger at rock, paper, scissors — has thrust Tokyo university into one of its biggest ethical dilemmas since the second world war: should Japanese academics lift a 70-year ban and exploit such technology to build weapons? 一个能在“包剪锤”游戏上横扫人类挑战者的机械手臂,令东京大学(Tokyo university)陷入二战以来最大的道德困境之一:日本学者应解除70年的禁令,利用这类技术来研发武器吗? The debate within Tokyo University is set to resonate across Japan as an increasingly vocal general public unhappy at what it sees as Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s attempts to rewrite the country’s constitution and unravel nearly 70 years of pacifism. 东京大学内部的这场辩论将引发全日本的共鸣。眼下日本民众不满的呼声渐渐高涨,他们认为首相安倍晋三(Shinzo Abe)企图改写日本宪法,破坏近70年的和平主义。 For some, the robot hand’s unerring ability to win a simple child’s game is an ingenious but harmless scientific breakthrough. Others envisage the technology being employed in anti-missile systems, armed battlefield droids and bullet-dodging drones. 在有些人看来,机械手臂能够万无一失地赢得一个简单的儿童游戏,只是一项新颖且无害的科学突破。但其他人则想到这项技术可以应用到反导系统,武装战斗机器人或避弹无人机。 Tokyo university, broadly joined by most other Japanese academic institutions, has for seven decades banned its staff from lines of research that could serve military purposes. The effect, according to Japanese defence ministry officials, has been to starve the country’s military of one of the most fertile engineering and scientific research bases in the world. 70年来,东京大学一直禁止校内科研人员从事有可能用于军事目的的研究,日本其他学术机构大都秉持这一原则。据日本防务省官员表示,结果导致日本的军事产业一直无法得益于全世界最多产的工程和科研基地之一。 The government of Mr Abe, which has aly lifted Japan’s convention against military exports and reinterpreted the pacifist constitution, is now pushing to overturn the academic taboo. 安倍政府已经解除了日本禁止军事出口的惯例,并重新解释了和平宪法,现在正推动废除这一学术禁忌。 China’s relentless efforts to bolster is military presence in the region, along with rising concerns about the future of the US defence umbrella, have allowed universities to argue that their academics could engage in military-related projects if the ultimate purpose is “security and peace”. 中国在该地区加强自己军事力量的不断努力,加上日益上升的对美国防御保护伞前景的忧虑,让日本各大学争论他们的学者可以参与军事相关项目,只要最终目的是“安全与和平”。 This has increased the pressure on Masatoshi Ishikawa, the Tokyo university professor who invented the robot hand, and other Japanese academics to change their stance. While Tokyo university has continued to waver on the issue, Prof Ishikawa’s breakthrough has refined the debate. 这加大了机械手臂的发明人、东京大学教授石川正俊(Masatoshi Ishikawa),以及其他日本学者改变立场的压力。虽然东京大学在该问题上仍犹豫不决,但石川教授的突破性研究让这场辩论变得更加清晰。 “Every time I attend an international conference, there’s a line of people representing military manufacturers or governments who want to talk about my robot hand and what it could be used for,” said Prof Ishikawa. 石川教授表示:“每次我参加国际会议时,总是不断有军工制造商或政府代表想跟我讨论我的机械手臂,以及它能做什么。” “There are certainly people within Tokyo university who would like the rules to change, but I am not one of them.” “当然,东京大学内部也不乏有人想改变原来的规则,但我不是其中之一。” In the case of the robot hand, its military potential is clear. The device is able to win every time because it cheats. It combines the world’s fastest imaging sensors with the world’s fastest mechanical movement: it can see what move its opponent has made and instruct the hand to play one that beats it long before the human eye can register. 在机械手臂的例子上,其军事潜力显而易见。这个装置之所以每次都能赢得游戏是因为它作弊了,它结合了全球最快的成像传感器和机械运动,它能看到对手做出的动作,然后在人眼来不及注意之前,指示机械手臂做出致胜动作。 The financial inducements are also obvious. State funding for Japan’s universities is falling steadily and the government, via programmes launched over the past 18 months, has produced financial incentives for scientists and engineers to engage in military-related projects. 财政诱因也很明显。日本各大学的国家拨款正逐步下降,在过去一年半时间里,日本政府通过推出多个项目,用财政激励吸引科学家和工程师参与军事有关的项目。 Last year, Japan’s defence ministry issued an open invitation to researchers to join its in-house military research projects. It has received 109 applications: 58 from universities and 22 from public research institutions that had historically sworn themselves off military research. 去年,日本防务省公开邀请研究人员加入其内部的军事研究项目,迄今已收到109份申请,其中58份来自大学,22份来自公共研究机构,这些机构以前都曾发誓远离军事研究。 One of them, the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology, was able to apply after it reinterpreted its founding policy of operating to allow it to do research “for the purpose of peace and welfare” to encompass “activities contributing to national security”. 日本海洋研究开发机构(Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology)是申请机构之一。该机构之所以能提出申请,是因为它重新解释了自己运营的创建原则,允许其从事“以和平与福利为目的”的研究,以完成“有利于国家安全的活动”。 /201603/430500Apple sent out press invites for its fall iPhone event on Thursday. The event will take place on Sept. 9, 2015 at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco。星期四,苹果向媒体发出了秋季iPhone发布会的邀请。发布会将于2015年9月9日在旧金山的比尔·格雷厄姆市政礼堂举行。At the event, Apple is expected to show off new iPhone models as well as a new Apple TV。在发布会上,苹果将要展示新的iPhone型号和Apple TV。The Bill Graham Civic Auditorium is a new venue for Apple. Historically, the company holds iPhone events at Moscone West or at its campus in Cupertino. The auditorium has a capacity of 7,000 people。比尔·格雷厄姆市政礼堂是苹果的新场地。过去苹果公司一直在莫斯考尼西中心或者库珀蒂诺总部举行iPhone发布会。这次的礼堂可以容纳7000人。Typically, the company launches its products at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco, which holds 757 attendees. The Flint Center, where Apple held its 2014 event, holds up to 2,405. Upping the capacity to 7,000 people implies Apple has something extra planned。苹果公司通常会在旧金山的芳草地艺术中心发布新产品,那里可以容纳757人。2014年的苹果发布会在弗林特中心举行,容纳人数增加到2405人。这次容纳人数增加到7000人意味着苹果有个特别的计划。The clue for the event, ;Hey Siri, give us a hint; suggests that Siri may be involved. We#39;d previously heard that HomeKit wouldn#39;t be a big part of the launch, but the location, the Siri tie-in and the capacity of this event imply there has to be something beyond updated iPhone devices, a new Apple TV and the launch of watchOS 2.0.这次发布会的标语“嘿Siri,给我们点提示吧”暗示着这个计划可能跟Siri有关。我们早前听说HomeKit不是发布会的重要内容,而这次的场地、密切相关的Siri和场地的容纳量都说明除了升级iPhone设备、新的Apple TV和Apple Watch 2.0操作系统,发布会上一定还会有什么其他东西。 /201509/396556


  Twitter is reportedly planning to abandon its famous 140-character limit and allow tweets up to 10,000 characters long.据报道,推特计划废除推文140字符的限制,允许字符数最多可达1万。The proposed 71-times increase in the limit, allowing tweets of roughly 2,000 words in length, would be the latest departure from the origins of Twitter since the social network#39;s co-founder Jack Dorsey returned as chief executive last year.扩充后的字符数是原来的71倍,这项提议如获实施,则意味着每条推文将最多可以有2000个单词。此举也将成为自联合创始人杰克·多西去年回归CEO职位以来,该社交媒体背离初创原则的最新举措。While Twitter is beloved by dedicated users in the media and public eye, it has failed to grow significantly in the last year while its major rivals Facebook and Instagram have stretched ahead.尽管有不少来自媒体和公众的死忠粉,不过推特去年的业绩并没有显著增长。而其主要竞争对手脸书和INS都领先于它。According to technology website Re/Code, Twitter plans to introduce the change towards the end of the first quarter of the year. Twitter has not confirmed this.据科技网站Re/Code报道,推特计划于今年第一季度末推出这项改革。推特尚未对该消息进行确认。The company has previously been reported to be raising the tweet limit above 140-characters, which was chosen when the service launched in 2006 to allow tweets and usernames to be received in a single text message, which had a 160-character limit.此前已有报道称推特将提升推文字符数至140字符以上。140字符的限制是该公司于2006年创立时提出的。当时之所以要这么做,是为了方便用户在短信中接收推文——每条短信有160字符数的限制。Users now experience Twitter via smartphone apps, rather than text messages, but the limit has been a defining hallmark of the service, allowing multiple tweets to be within a timeline. Extending the character limit is unlikely to mean enormous tweets appearing in feeds, however, with messages likely to be condensed to 140 characters and a ; more; option.现在用户主要通过智能手机应用收发推文,不再是以手机短信的方式。但140字符的限制已经成为推特的标志性功能,用户可以因此在同一时间线浏览多条推文内容。不过,增加字符数后,并不意味着用户看到的都将是超长推文:推文仍将被缩减至140字进行显示,用户可以通过点击“更多内容”按钮,进一步阅读详情。Still, reports of the move generated a mixed reaction to say the least.不过,用户对这项改革的看法褒贬不一,或者说,贬大于褒。If Twitter moves to 10,000 characters, email must move to 140 characters. It#39;s only fair. -- M.G. Siegler如果推特改成1万字符,那电邮就得改成140字符。这样才公平嘛。-- M·G·西格勒Even with 10,000 characters I wouldn#39;t be able to articulate all the ways Twitter has pissed off its users in the last twelve months. -- Neil S W Murray就算给我1万字符,我也罄竹难书推特过去12个月虐待它用户的各项罪行。-- 尼尔·S·W·穆雷The only time I want to use 10,000 characters on Twitter is to say no to this 5,000 times. -- Caity Kauffman我唯一能用到1万字符的地方,就是对这项改革说5000个“NO”。-- 凯迪·考夫曼 /201601/420262。


  Blue Origin, a secretive rocket company started by Jeffrey P. Bezos, the chief executive of Amazon, made a splashy public announcement on Tuesday, saying it will build rockets and send them to orbit from Florida.蓝色起源(Blue Origin)是一家行事低调的火箭公司,由亚马逊首席执行官杰弗里·P·贝佐斯(Jeffrey P. Bezos)建立。本周二,它发布了一则引人瞩目的公告,表示将建造火箭,并在佛罗里达州把它们送入轨道。Blue Origin has leased Launch Complex 36 at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, the historic starting point for 145 launchings including those of NASA’s Pioneer 10, the first spacecraft to visit Jupiter, and Surveyor 1, the first craft to land softly on the moon.蓝色起源已租用了卡纳维拉尔角空军基地的36号发射设施(Launch Complex 36)。这个具有历史意义的发射中心进行过145次发射,包括美国航空航天局(NASA)第一艘造访木星的飞船“先驱者10号”(Pioneer 10),以及第一艘在月球上软着落的飞船“测量员1号”(Surveyor 1)都是在这里发射的。But Launch Complex 36 has sat idle for a decade. “Too long,” Mr. Bezos said. “We can’t wait to fix that.”但是它已经闲置了十年之久。“太久了,”贝佐斯说。“我们迫不及待地修缮一下。”Blue Origin will also open a factory nearby. “We’re not just launching from here,” Mr. Bezos said. “We’re building here.”蓝色起源还将在附近开设一家工厂。“我们不只是在这里发射火箭,”贝佐斯说。“我们还要在这里建造火箭。”The company will invest 0 million and create 330 jobs, officials said.该公司将投资2亿美元,创造330个就业机会,官员说。It is the latest effort to revive Florida’s Space Coast, which was economically battered after NASA stopped flying the space shuttles in 2011. Space Exploration Technologies Corporation, or SpaceX, the rocket company started by Elon Musk, and the ed Launch Alliance, a joint venture between Boeing and Lockheed Martin, aly use nearby launching pads at Cape Canaveral.这是振兴佛罗里达太空海岸的最新努力,NASA在2011年停飞航天飞机,让该地经济遭受重创。埃隆·马斯克(Elon Musk)创办的火箭公司太空探索技术公司(Space Exploration Technologies Corporation,简称SpaceX),以及波音(Boeing)和洛克希德·马丁(Lockheed Martin)合资成立的联合发射联盟公司(ed Launch Alliance),已经在卡纳维拉尔角使用了附近的发射台。In the past, Blue Origin, based in Kent, Wash., south of Seattle, has sometimes waited days or months to mention successes or failures. Mr. Bezos provided brief updates on Blue Origin’s website.蓝色起源总部设在西雅图以南的华盛顿州肯特市,以前它有时会隔几天或几个月,才发布成功或失败的消息。贝佐斯会在蓝色起源的网站简要地介绍最新情况。But even now, exactly what Blue Origin plans to launch from Cape Canaveral remains somewhat mysterious.但即使到现在,蓝色起源计划从卡纳维拉尔角发射升空的火箭到底是什么样的,也依然有些神秘。The rocket, still unnamed, will be large enough to reach orbit, and it will debut later this decade, Mr. Bezos said. But he did not give specifics about which markets he is aiming for. “We’re building a vehicle for humans,” Mr. Bezos said in a telephone interview. “That’s my personal passion.”这枚火箭尚未命名,体量大到足以进入轨道,它将在2010年代的晚些时候亮相,贝佐斯说。但他没有提到它具体针对哪个市场。“我们正在为人类打造一艘运载工具,”贝佐斯在电话采访中说。“我本人对此很有热情。”But such a rocket “can clearly lift payloads of all kinds,” he said.但是,这样的火箭“显然适用于各类载荷”,他说。The first stage of the rocket is to be fully reusable — landing vertically back on Earth — unlike most rockets today, which crash back to Earth after one flight.这种火箭的第一级可以完全重复使用,它会垂直降落到地球上。如今的大多数火箭都与它不同,使用一次后就会坠毁到地球上。That approach is similar to SpaceX’s attempts to land the first stage of its Falcon 9 rocket on a floating platform, a first step to refurbishing and reflying it. Blue Origin had patented the barge landing idea, but SpaceX successfully challenged the patent, and Blue Origin has since given up on the claim.这种方式与SpaceX试图让猎鹰9号(Falcon 9)的一级火箭在浮动平台上着陆的做法类似,着陆是对火箭进行翻新、再次飞行的第一步。蓝色起源对驳船着陆的设想申请了专利,但SpaceX成功地挑战了这一专利权,随后蓝色起源放弃了专利。Blue Origin lost another skirmish with SpaceX last year in the bidding to take over one of two launch pads at the Kennedy Space Center that NASA used for the space shuttles. After that setback, Blue Origin looked at options in five states before deciding on Launch Complex 36.去年,蓝色起源与SpaceX竞标NASA在肯尼迪航天中心(Kennedy Space Center)用于发射航天飞机的两个发射台之一,蓝色起源最后落败。经历这一挫折后,蓝色起源考虑了位于五个州的发射台,最终选中了36号发射设施。In April, Blue Origin completed the first test flight of its New Shepard spacecraft, accelerating past three times the speed of sound to reach an altitude of 307,000 feet above a testing site in West Texas. The capsule, without any passengers, separated and parachuted gently to the ground. The booster, designed to land back on the ground, crashed because of a malfunction in the hydraulic system. New Shepard, which is to take tourists on suborbital jaunts, will continue to launch from Texas.今年4月,蓝色起源完成了“新谢帕德号”(New Shepard)飞行器的首次试飞,在德克萨斯州西部的一处测试场地,以超过三倍音素的速度升至30.7万英尺(约9.3万米)的高度。当时并未搭载乘客的太空舱最终分离,轻轻降落到地面。由于液压系统出现故障,原本应该返回地面的助推器坠毁。搭载游客开展亚轨道之旅的新谢帕德号将会继续从德克萨斯州发射。At the end of his remarks on Tuesday, Mr. Bezos looked to the future. “I don’t know how long this will take,” Mr. Bezos said, “but one day I look forward to having a press conference with you guys in space.”周二,贝佐斯的以对未来的展望而收尾。“我不知道需要多长时间,”贝佐斯说。“但我希望有一天能在太空与你们召开新闻发布会。” /201509/400009In February, Travis Kalanick, Uber chief executive, met Cheng Wei, chairman of the Chinese ride-hailing app Didi Dache, in Mr Cheng’s Beijing office. But that is just about the only detail of the encounter on which the two companies can agree.今年2月,优步(Uber)首席执行官特拉维斯愠灓尼克(Travis Kalanick)与中国打车应用滴滴打车董事长程维在后者位于北京的办公室见面。但这只是两家公司关于这次会面唯一说法一致的细节。Mr Cheng says Mr Kalanick and his team were dripping with condescension. “We could tell from the way they looked at us — they thought of us as just another local taxi app from Sichuan,” he told an audience at the Yabuli summit, an internet forum, held last weekend.程维称,卡兰尼克和他的团队难以掩饰轻蔑神情。“他看我们的眼神就像是我们看四川本土的一个打车软件一样,”程维在最近举行的互联网论坛“2015亚布力中国企业家论坛夏季高峰会”上告诉听众。He says Mr Kalanick ended with an ultimatum: sell us 40 per cent of your company or else face “embarrassing defeat” in a war with Uber.他说,卡兰尼克在谈话末尾下了一道最后通牒:要么把你的公司的40%卖给我,要么在与优步的战争中面临难堪的失败。“I told him, ‘In 1840 when the first western powers arrived in China, they put forth a similar proposal. Give up Taiwan, open up Guangzhou, or else we will take the war all the way to the gates of the Forbidden City!’,” says Mr Cheng.程维说:“我跟他讲,1840年开始第一股列强来到中国时也是开出了同样的条件,要不然割让台湾、开放广州,要不然就打到紫禁城。”“Foreign companies see China as a territory to be conquered,” he continued.“国外企业把中国企业当做开疆拓土的对象,”他表示。Uber says its “recollection of the conversation is very different”, adding that the meeting was “super friendly”.优步表示,其对“那次对话的记忆完全不一样”,并补充说,那次会面“非常友好”。Mr Kalanick has admitted to getting “passionate” in dealings with competitors in the past. Lyft, a US rival, has accused Uber of everything from poaching investors to clogging its system with fake orders.卡兰尼克承认,过去与竞争对手往来的时候自己会变得很“激昂”。优步在美国的竞争对手Lyft曾指控优步不择手段,从挖走投资者,到用假订单堵塞Lyft系统。“I realise that I can come off as a somewhat fierce advocate for Uber,” he said in a speech in June. “I also realise that some have used a different ‘a’ word to describe me.”“我意识到,我的言行可能会给人以优步的狂热持者(advocate)的印象,”卡兰尼克在6月的一次演讲中表示,“我还意识到,一些人曾用另一个‘a’字母开头的词来形容我。”The next few months will show whether Uber has bitten off more than it can chew in China. The country is notorious as a market that big US internet companies, from Amazon to eBay to Google, have all failed to crack, either due to being blocked outright or outmanoeuvred by a local competitor.接下来几个月将见优步在中国市场是否吃不了兜着走。中国有一个不好的名声:从亚马逊(Amazon)、eBay到谷歌(Google)等多家美国大型互联网企业都未能打开这个市场——或者是因为遭到彻底屏蔽,或者是败给本土竞争对手。Like the initial meeting between Mr Cheng and Mr Kalanick, how Uber is doing in China is a matter of perspective. The company says it has about 50 per cent market share in private taxi hailing, while Didi says it controls about 80 per cent of the market.就像程维和卡兰尼克的初次会面一样,评价优步在中国的表现是个视角问题。优步称其拥有私人打车市场50%的市场份额,而滴滴则表示其控制了约80%的市场。Both sides are also gunning for each other with massive subsidies — in June Uber said it would spend bn in China on subsidies and was logging 1m rides per day. Didi, meanwhile, raised bn in a funding round in June and has not yet said how the money will be spent.双方都依靠大规模补贴来打击对方——6月优步表示将在中国出10亿美元用于补贴,其每日打车订单达到了100万单。同时,滴滴在6月的一轮融资中募集到20亿美元,目前还未公布将如何使用这笔资金。Ding Daoshi, founder of Sootoo Research, a Beijing-based internet research group, says the phase of explosive growth for both companies may have passed. “The height of the cash-burning phase is over for both companies,” he says. “They are now focusing on their core customers — those in the cities whose demand does not disappear when it is more expensive.”北京互联网研究集团速途研究院(Sootoo Research)创始人丁道师表示,这两家公司的爆炸性增长阶段可能都已过去,“对这两家公司而言,烧钱阶段的高峰已经结束,”他表示,“它们正专注于核心客户——当务比较昂贵时需求仍不消失的城市人群,”To counter Didi’s local advantage — and raise more money to wage war — Uber has tried to go local, setting up Uber China. It is the only time the business has set up a separate company in a foreign market. It has tried to raise local finance, partly in an effort to build ties to China’s business establishment.为了对抗滴滴的本土优势——以及募集更多资金来发动战争——优步试图走本地化道路,在中国成立了Uber China。这是优步首次在海外市场单独成立一家公司。优步试图募集本土资金,在一定程度上也是为了和中国商界的体制内人士打造关系。But Didi’s own funding round makes it clear that China’s establishment is closing ranks around its local champion. Even existing investors in Uber, such as Hillhouse Capital, are backing its competitor Didi in China.但滴滴的融资行动清楚地表明,中国商界已经团结起来持本土冠军企业。即使是优步现有的投资者,比如高瓴资本(Hillhouse Capital),也持其中国竞争对手滴滴。Didi’s local advantage is also clear to drivers, who say those at Uber face police discrimination — private taxis are technically illegal in China, but enforcement is selective, according to an Uber driver named Bing Wen. “If the police pull you over, and you say you’re a Didi driver, they let you go. If you’re an Uber driver, you’re fined,” says Mr Bing.司机们也清楚地了解滴滴的本土优势,他们表示,优步司机面临警察的歧视——严格说来私人出租车在中国并不合法,但根据一位名叫邴文(音译)的优步司机的说法,执法是有选择性的。“如果警察让你把车停到路边,你说你是滴滴司机,他们会让你走。如果你是优步司机,你就会遭到罚款,”他表示。 /201509/397096

  AT dinner with friends recently the conversation turned to things that were stressing us out. Yes, it was one of those moody evenings. But it ended up being upbeat because someone asked the inevitable “I wonder if there’s an app for that” question. And it turns out there are lots of apps to help you think positively or aim at happiness, and we all had fun examining them on our phones.最近与朋友吃晚饭时,讨论的话题变成了让我们疲惫不堪的事情。是的,这又是一个那种闷闷不乐的夜晚。但我们最终变得很开心,因为有人问了一个不可避免的问题,“不知道有没有应用能让我们开心起来”。结果发现有很多应用能够帮助人们积极思考,或以幸福感为目标去努力,我们在手机上试用了这些应用,玩得不亦乐乎。Happify is perhaps the most sophisticated positive vibes app available now. The idea of this free iOS app is to train you into thinking positively and feeling happy by engaging you in various “tracks” with different goals like improving your confidence or seeing new possibilities. By playing through games and activities for a few minutes each day, the aim is to ultimately get into the habit of thinking positively.Happify或许是目前市面上最成熟的改善情绪的应用。这款免费的iOS应用的理念是,通过让你采用不同的“路线”,达到增强自信或者发现新的可能性等目的,从而训练你积极思考,感受幸福的能力。通过每天花几分钟时间玩游戏,参加活动,让你养成积极思考的习惯。Happify, which claims its technique is based on science, starts by asking you some thought-provoking questions about your life and your goals in using the app. Then it recommends some tracks for you, and within a few taps you’ve begun.Happify声称,它的技巧基于科学,它开始会问你一些发人深省的问题,涉及你的生活及使用该应用的目的。然后,它会为你推荐一些路线,轻敲几下屏幕,你就可以开始使用了。Each track contains bite-size quizzes, games and activities that guide you to seeing more positive aspects of your daily life. For example, one may ask you to list things you’re grateful for at home, another will get you to notice positive words in a game where you lose points by clicking on negative words.每一条路线都包括一些小测验、游戏和活动,引导你发现你日常生活中更多积极的方面。例如,你会被要求列出家中令你感激的东西,在游戏中找出正面词汇,如果你点击了负面词汇,就会被扣分。The app also regularly helps you assess your happiness level, that way pointing out how you can feel more positive merely by changing your habits. There’s also a community page in the app where you can see inspirational comments by other users and even upload your own — though you don’t have to use this page.该应用还会定期帮你评估自己的幸福水平,指出如何只通过改变习惯使自己变得更加乐观。你还以在该应用的社区网页上看到很多鼓舞人心的,甚至还可以自己发表,但你也可以不去管它。The app is fun and definitely draws my attention to the happier side of life. Perhaps Happify’s only drawback is that while it’s free to download and use, access to its full range of activities costs a month or a year. It’s also only for iOS devices.这款好玩的应用确实让我注意到生活中比较快乐的一面。用户可以免费下载和使用该应用,但要想参与所有活动需要每月付13美元(约合80人民币)或每年付70美元,这可能是Happify唯一的缺点。而且这款应用仅限iOS设备使用。Other apps use a different route to developing positive thinking habits: repeated affirmation. These apps simply expose you repeatedly to motivational ideas, es and suggestions.其他应用利用另外一种途径培养正面思想的习惯:正向强化。这些应用不断给你灌输激励性的想法、名言和建议。On iOS, Positive Thinking by TapCoder.com is a relatively simple attempt at this kind of app. It uses colorful imagery and very simple controls, and has a list of motivational es and suggestions — everything from “do sports” to “stop thinking ... sit there relaxed.” The app can even pop a motivational notification on your screen automatically at certain times if you choose. It’s extremely basic, and there’s not a huge amount of content but you may find it has some good ideas and it is free.在iOS软件中,Positive Thinking是TapCoder.com在该领域一次相对简单的尝试。这款应用的图像丰富多,操作简单,列出了很多激励性的名言和建议——从“做点运动”到“别想了,坐下歇会儿”。你可以通过设置,使它在特定时间自动弹出鼓励信息。功能非常基础,也没有太多内容,但你或许会发现其中有些好主意,而且它是免费的。On Android the app Positive Thinking by Juniper Islet has a very similar goal, but offers extras like being able to add your own motivational es to its archive and to push es onto an Android widget so you can them without opening the app. It’s also free.在Android系统中,Juniper Islet公司推出的Positive Thinking有着类似的目的,但它还提供其他务,比如用户自己可以在档案库中添加一些激励性名言,还可以将这些名言放在桌面工具里,这样不用打开应用就可以看到它们。这款应用也是免费的。Another approach to thinking positively is to track your moods so you can either notice what makes you feel glum or simply be more aware of when you think positively.另一种积极思考的方式就是记录你的情绪变化,如此一来,就可以发现什么让你感到忧郁,或者更多地注意到自己什么时候会积极思考。The app iMoodJournal on iOS, which costs , is sophisticated and has a great-looking, easy-to-use interface. Through a suite of s and text-entry controls you can make a diary-style note in the app of when you’re feeling positive (or not!), and also add a photo or a selfie.适用于iOS系统的iMoodJournal售价2美元,这款成熟的应用有一个非常漂亮的界面,而且操作简单。你可以通过一套菜单和文本输入控件,以日记的形式记录你什么时候觉得乐观(或者悲观),还可以添加照片或者自拍。When you’ve accumulated enough entries, the app presents some analytics in the form of graphs that show your positivity over time. This could help you plan strategies to be more positive.当你的记录达到一定量后,该应用会以图表的形式分析、展示你这段时间以来好的一面。这可以帮助你制定策略,变得更加积极。The T2 Mood Tracker app is a rough equivalent on Android, and has a few neat extras like letting you enter your own parameters to measure on a sliding scale so you could add very specific sensations or events that are meaningful to your emotional state. It’s free, and is also available for iOS devices.T2情绪跟踪器(T2 Mood Tracker)是一款适用于Android系统的类似应用。该应用有一些非常好的附加务,比如让你设置自己的参数,衡量情绪变化,你可以输入对你的情绪状态有意义的详细感受和事件。这是免费的,iOS设备也能使用。If you prefer a more meditative approach to positive thinking, check out Smiling Mind, a free iOS and Android app. You enter data on how you’re feeling, using a number of slide controls that ask if you’re feeling “stormy” or “calm,” for example. Then you listen to a meditation-like voice track that talks you through different programs.如果你更喜欢用冥想的方法来保持乐观,那就试试Smiling Mind,这款免费的应用适用于iOS和Android设备。例如,该应用会问你是否感到“暴躁”或“平静”,你可以通过滑动控制输入有关自己感觉的数据。然后就可以听一个冥想式的语音,引导你完成不同的练习。Depending on the goal of the program, like breathing control or body awareness, each track asks you to think about your habits or past in different ways. Clearly meditation is a very personal experience, and your mileage may vary, but I found the app fascinating and relaxing.每个练习项目的目的不同,比如气息控制和身体意识;提示语音也会相应引导你以不同方式回想自己的习惯或过去经历。很明显,冥想是一种非常个人化的体验,效果因人而异,但我觉得这款应用非常棒,让我很放松。Quick Call简介其他Reflect+ is a new special effects app for iOS devices that quickly and easily transforms ordinary snaps into magical images by adding a fake reflection effect. It’s as if the subject of the original photo were at the edge of a lake or ocean, or even a sheet of ice or metal. Fun, and just .Reflect+是一款适用于iOS设备的新特效应用,可以通过使用假反射效果,快速、轻松地将一张普通的照片变成神奇的图像,使原始照片中的物体看起来像是在湖边或者海边,甚至是一片冰面或者金属的旁边。这很有趣,只要2美元。 /201412/345441When the monthlong marathon of men’s fashion shows kicks off this week, so will the scrimmage to cover it: the race by newspapers, magazines, television networks, social media platforms and blogs to get a piece of the action for themselves and their viewers.本周,长达一个月的男装秀开始了,报道男装秀的混战也烽烟再起:报纸、杂志、电视台、社交媒体和客竞相为自己和读者分一杯羹。Joining the melee for the first time will be Grindr, the famous (or infamous, depending on your point of view) social-networking app primarily for gay men. On Sunday, the app will live-stream the fall 2016 men’s wear show of J. W. Anderson as it hits the runway at London Collections: Men, the city’s biannual men’s fashion week.今年第一次加入混战的是Grindr。它是主要面向男同性恋的著名(看你怎么看了,也有人觉得是臭名昭著)交友应用程序。周日(1月3日),该应用程序在线直播J. W. Anderson在两年一度的伦敦男装周(London Collections: Men)上的2016秋季男装秀。Grindr’s purview has admittedly been narrow. The app introduces users to others in the surrounding area who are looking to make a connection — as often as not, a sexual one. Its buffet of thumbnail-size photos is, by design, bare-bones (and, not infrequently, bare-chested).不可否认,Grindr的用户群很窄。这个应用程序把用户介绍给周围想要交友的人(大多是想发生性关系)。它的用户照片库只提供简单的小照片(很多照片都是赤膊)。“Grindr is a very, very visual experience,” the app’s founder and chief executive, Joel Simkhai, said in an interview in 2014.2014年,这个应用程序的创始人兼首席执行官乔尔·西姆克海(Joel Simkhai)在接受采访时说:“Grindr非常注重视觉体验。”So, of course, is fashion — even if Grindr is more traditionally thought of as being for those dispensing with clothing than acquiring it.时装当然也是如此——虽然传统观念认为,Grindr是面向那些想脱掉衣而非穿上衣的人。“I think fashion is a sexy platform as well, ultimately,” said Jonathan Anderson, 31, the British designer behind J. W. Anderson, during a break from fittings in London. “We’re all humans, so we all have to be somewhat sexually attractive to someone. That’s the name of the game, with clothing.”J. W. Anderson31岁的英国设计师乔纳森·安德森(Jonathan Anderson)在伦敦试衣的间歇表示:“我认为,说到底,时装也是一个性感平台。我们都是人,所以我们都必须具有一定的性吸引力。装就是用来达到这个目的的。”The designer, who won British Fashion Awards for both women’s and men’s wear designer of the year in 2015, called Grindr “incredibly modern as a platform,” and his decision to put his show on it “a no-brainer.”安德森获得了2015年英国时尚大奖(British Fashion Awards)的女装和男装最佳设计师奖。他认为Grindr“是一个非常现代的平台”,称把自己的时装秀放到这个平台上展示“是自然而然的”决定。Grindr will be the only place to live-stream the show. Users of the app will receive a link and a code to stream the , which will not actually play in the app itself, but in phone and tablet browsers.Grindr将是唯一一个在线直播这场时装秀的平台。这个应用程序的用户将收到一个链接和一个代码,视频不是在应用程序上播放,而是在手机或平板电脑的浏览器里播放。The show is the first time Grindr is experimenting with fashion content, and most likely not the last. According to the company, it now has one million active users on the platform worldwide every minute, and is aiming to broaden its offerings and its appeal.这场时装秀是Grindr首次试验提供时装内容,这很可能不是最后一次。该公司称,现在这个平台每分钟拥有来自世界各地的100万活跃用户,它计划扩大自己的内容和吸引力。In the fall, Grindr hired Landis Smithers, a veteran of Ogilvy amp; Mather and Old Navy, to spearhead its marketing and collaboration. It made waves in the fashion industry when it signed the powerful publicity agency PR Consulting shortly after. (Not by coincidence, PR Consulting also represents J. W. Anderson.)去年秋季,Grindr聘请Ogilvy amp; Mather和Old Navy的资深创意总监兰迪斯·史密瑟斯(Landis Smithers)开拓市场和合作。不久之后,它与著名公关公司PR Consulting签约,在时装界引起轰动(PR Consulting也代理J. W. Anderson,这不是巧合)。Fashion is “a very big topic of interest for a certain segment of our consumer,” Mr. Smithers said, adding that he did not rule out future projects involving music or night life.史密瑟斯说,时尚是“我们的部分用户很感兴趣的重要话题”。他补充说,将来有可能增加与音乐和夜生活相关的内容。He envisions a future for Grindr well beyond the scope of its grabby classifieds, and wants to shed the stigma attached in some corners to using the app.他给Grindr展望的未来远远超越贪婪的分类广告,他想消除在某些地区使用这个应用程序的羞耻感。“There’s a generation out there that doesn’t seem to care if people know that Grindr is on their phone, and there’s a generation that does,” Mr. Smithers said.史密瑟斯说:“有些年龄层的人似乎不介意别人知道自己手机上下载了Grindr,但也有些年龄层介意。”“The app is free to download,” he added. “You don’t have to use it for what its prime function is.”他补充说:“这个应用程序是免费的。你可以不用它的主要功能。” /201601/421353

  The scale of Huawei’s ambitions as a provider of global telecoms equipment was made apparent by the size of the vast building it occupied in the first hall met by visitors entering Mobile World Congress.中国华为(Huawei)在世界移动通信大会(Mobile World Congress)第一展厅占据的巨大展台,昭示了它作为一家全球电信设备提供商的抱负。Now the group wants to be at the forefront of the next generation of mobile technology — the so-called 5G networks — which is still so early in its development that even the definition of what it might be is still being debated.华为希望成为下一代移动通信技术(所谓5G网络)的领跑者。5G网络仍处于早期开发阶段,就连其定义还仍在讨论中。Ken Hu, deputy chairman of Huawei, has his own ideas about how 5G will look — connections for more than 100bn devices with speeds of up to 10Gbps — and makes it clear that the Chinese telecoms group will be in a leading position to set standards in future.华为副董事长胡厚昆(Ken Hu)对5G前景的理解是,5G技术会以每秒最高10Gb的速度将超过1000亿件设备联接在一起。他明确表示,在为5G技术标准制定上,华为将处于领先地位。This is important for Huawei as it could end up owning the essential patents that the telecoms industry needs to license in future.这一点对华为很重要,因为该公司最终可能掌握一些关键的、可向电信业发放使用许可的专利。Ownership of patents has been big business for companies such as Nokia and Ericsson, which dominated much of the intellectual property rights from previous generations of network and mobile devices. This time, Huawei is in the race to develop 5G network ideas, working both collaboratively at an industry level but also in its own labs.对于诺基亚(Nokia)和爱立信(Ericsson)等公司而言,掌握专利所有权一直是一项规模很大的业务。这两家公司控制了前几代网络和移动设备的大部分知识产权。这一次,华为加入了开发5G网络的竞赛,不仅局限于自家实验室内,还在行业层面展开协作。“Undoubtedly Huawei has become one of the leaders when it comes to 5G,” said Mr Hu. “We started six years ago and made a large number of technological breakthroughs. It can definitely help Huawei take a stronger position in terms of 5G related IPR.”“华为无疑已成为5G技术的领跑者之一,”胡厚昆说。“我们起步于6年前,已取得了大量的技术突破。这肯定能帮助华为在5G知识产权领域占据更有优势的地位。” /201503/363495

  Xin#39;anjiang Hydropower Station新安江水电站The Xin#39;anjiang Hydropower Station, the countrys first large-scale power plant designed and built by Chinese in the 1950s, is still the pride of the local people. It is on the Xin#39;an River in Jiande city of Zhejiang Province in east China. Moreover, it formed a huge reservoir ( Qiandao Lake) with l,078 islands, which is part of a golden tourist route linking Hangzhou, provincial capital of Zhejiang, and Mount Huangshan in neighboring Anhui Province.新安江水电站建于1957年4月,是我国第一座自己勘测、自己设计、自行施工和自制设备的大型水电站。水电站位于浙江省建德市境内、钱塘江流新安江上,连接浙江省会杭州和著名的安徽黄山风景区;大坝之西,就是筑坝蓄水建设新安江水电站而形成的著名的千岛湖。千岛湖集太湖之浩翰、西湖之娟秀于一身,是理想的避暑胜地。Though squeezed out of China#39;s top 50 power stations, the self-designed and self-built Xin#39;anjiang Hydropower Station was the countnlrs first large-scale power plant after independence. The Xin#39;anjiang Hydropower Plant has 9 power generating units with a total installed capacity of 845,000 kw. and annual output of l. 86 billion kwh. As the first reinforced concrete dam in China, the Xinanjiang Dam is 105 meters high, also the first dam over 100 meters in China. The Dam is 466. 5 meters long, with a total storage capacity of 22 billion rn3 and a maximum flood discharging capability of 14,000 m3/s.尽管早已不是中国最大最先进的水电站,但新安江水电站是建国后建成的第一座大型水电站。电站安装机组9台,总容量84.5万千瓦,多年平均年发电量18.6亿千瓦时。大坝坝型为国内首座混凝土宽缝重力坝,位于铜官峡谷上段两个大断层之间,岸坡陡峻,气势雄伟;最大坝高105米,是当时国内第一座百米以上高坝;水库总库容量为220亿立方米,坝顶全长466.5米,最大泄流量1.4万立方米每秒。As the first landmark in hydropower development in new China, it has played and is still playing a major role in fueling the local economy, while acting as an ex- ample for hydropower development, station management, and resettlement of people in reservoir areas.作为新中国成立后水利发展史上第一个标志性的建设,新安江水电站在繁荣当地经济方面扮演了主要角色,并将继续发挥其重要作用,同时为发展水利事业、建设水电站和帮助人民安居乐业树立了很好的榜样。 /201602/419379。

  Jingguang Rai way京广铁路Jingguang Railway is a major .artery railway in China, connecting BeijingWest Station in Beijing to Guangzhou Railway Station in Guangzhou, Guangdong.京广铁路是中国一条从北京市通往广东省广州市的铁路,是中国最重要的一条南北铁路干线。The railway is jointed by two sections. The northern section, ;Jinghan railway; , is from Beijing to Hankou, and the southern section, ;Wuguang railway; , is from Wuchang to Guangzhou. Jinghan railway was finished in 1905 and Wuguang railway was finished in 1936. Between Hankou and Wuchang, there is the Yangtze River. The two sections were finally jointed together in 1957 when the Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge was built and it was renamed as .Jingguang Railway.京广铁路原分为北南两段。北段从北京市到湖北省汉口,称为“京汉铁路”(1927年~1949年称“平汉铁路”),于1897年4月动工,1906年4月建成。南段从广东广州到湖北武昌,称为“粤汉铁路”,于1900年7月动工,1936年4月建成。在1957年武汉长江大桥通车后,两条铁路接轨,并改名为京广铁路。With a length of 2,324 kilometers, connecting the cities of Beijing and Guang- zhou through 6 provinces, namely Beijing, Hebei, Henan, Hubei, Hunan and Guangdong, as well as dozens of large and medium-sized cities, and many other railways. Jingguang Railway has played an unusual role in the national economy of China. Even after the parallel Beijing-Kowloon railway is completed, the Jingguang Railway still plays a huge role.京广铁路全长2324千米,连接了中国首都北京市和五座省会,分别是:河北、河南、湖北、湖南、广东,以及数十座大中城市保定市、邢台市、邯郸市、安阳市、鹤壁市、新乡市、许昌市、漯河市、驻马店市、信阳市、孝感市、咸宁市、岳阳市、株洲市、衡阳市、郴州市、韶关市,并与多条铁路相接,在中国的国民经济中起到了非同寻常的作用。即使在平行的京九铁路建成后,京广铁路也依然发挥着巨大的作用。The electric locomotive traction is mostly used in the whole railway passenger carriages and freight passenger carriages. Since the first railway speed lift in 1997 until the fifth in 2004, the travel time of the passenger carriage between Beijing and Guangzhou has been shortened from nearly 40 hours in the past t0 22 hours. In the coming opening of the Wuhan-Guangzhou passenger line, it is expected to divert about 70% of the Jing-Guang Railroad passenger traffic. Electrification project began in the 1990s, the Zhengzhou-Wuchang section had been completed in 1992, the Beijing-Zhengzhou section began in 1993, completed in 1998, the Wuchang-Guangzhou section began in 1998, completed in 2001.全路客运客车和货运客车大多采用电力机车牵引。自1997年第一次提速起至2004年第五次提速,北京往返广州间的客车的运行时间已由过去近40小时缩短到22小时。未来,武广客运专线启用后,预期可分流京广铁路约70%的客流。电气化工程于1990年代开始,其中郑州至武昌段先于1992年完成,北京至郑州段工程于1993年开始,1998年完成,武昌至广州段工程于1998年开始,2001年完成。 /201602/419374



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