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2018年04月23日 01:49:37 | 作者:39活动 | 来源:新华社
法国尼斯发生袭击事件,已造成至少75人死亡 -- :: 来源: 北京时间今天凌晨四点半,法国尼斯发生了卡车冲人事件,事故造成至少75人死亡,上百人受伤7月日是法国国庆日,当时人们正在进行庆祝活动 A lorry has struck a crowd after Bastille Day celebrations in the southern French city of Nice, killing at least 75 people, officials are ed as saying by local media.据当地媒体援引法国官员的消息称,在法国南部城市尼斯巴士底日庆祝活动现场,一辆大卡车撞向正在进行庆祝活动的人群,至少造成75人死亡It happened on the famous Promenade des Anglais after a firework display. The driver was "neutralised", and guns and grenades were found inside the lorry.该事件发生在著名的盎格鲁街(英国人漫步大道),当时这里刚进行了烟火表演目前卡车司机已被击毙,车内发现有和手榴弹One image on Twitter showed about a dozen people lying on the street.传到推特上的一张图片显示,街上很多人倒地不起Officials said it was "an attack", asking local residents to stay indoors.官方称这是一起袭击事件,并呼吁当地居民呆在家里,不要外出Many people were injured, some critically, in the incident on Thursday evening.在这起发生在当地时间周四晚上的袭击事件中,多人受伤,其中一些受到重伤Nice Mayor Christian Estrosi said that "a lorry driver appears to have killed dozens of people".尼斯市市长艾斯特洛西称:“事故可能已造成几十人死亡”Prosecutor Jean-Michel Pretre said the lorry drove two kilometres (1. miles) through a large crowd, the AFP news agency reports.据法新社报道,检察官Jean-Michel Pretre称卡车在人群中向前开了千米(1.英里)Interior Ministry spokesman Pierre-Henry Brandet denied earlier reports of hostage situations and said the driver of the lorry had been "neutralised".内政部发言人布兰德特否认了之前报道的存在人质劫持事件,并称卡车司机已经被击毙He added that officials were investigating whether the driver acted alone.他还称官方正在调查司机是否还有其他同伙French President Francois Hollande was returning back to Paris crisis talks in the capital, his office said. Mr Hollande was in the southern city of Avignon on a private visit.法国总统办公室称奥朗德总统将返回巴黎发表危机会谈奥朗德总统目前正在法国南部城市阿维尼翁进行一个私人访问Meanwhile, Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve was on his way to Nice.同时,内政部长卡泽纳夫正在赶往尼斯Some reports spoke of shots being exchanged between police and the occupants of the lorry but these have not been confirmed.有报道称警方与肇事车辆上的人在现场发生交火,但没有得到实Social media showed people running through the streets in panic following the incident.社交媒体上的视频画面显示,事故发生后,人们惊慌的穿过街道A journalist with the Nice Matin newspaper reported from the scene that there was "a lot of blood and without doubt many injured".据《尼斯晨报记者从现场发来的报道称,现场到处是血,毫无疑问有很多人受伤An AFP reporter said the incident took place as the firework display was ending, adding: "We saw people hit and bits of debris flying around."一位法新社记者称事故发生在烟火表演刚刚结束的时候,他补充道:“我们看见人们被撞,现场一些碎片杂物乱飞”Another image on Twitter showed a white lorry stopped in the middle of the promenade with damage to its front, and four police officers observing it while taking cover behind a palm tree.推特上的另一张图片显示,一辆头部受损的白色大卡车停在漫步大道中间,四名警察正躲在一棵棕榈树后面观察这辆卡车One eyewitness told BFM TV: "Everyone was calling run, run, run there’s an attack run, run, run. We heard some shots. We thought they were fireworks because it’s the th of July.一位目击者告诉BFM TV:“所有人都在大喊跑,跑,跑这里发生了袭击,快跑,跑,跑我们听见了几声声但我们以为是烟火,因为今天是7月日”"There was great panic. We were running too because we didn’t want to stick around and we went into a hotel to get to safety. "“现场引起了极大的恐慌我们也往别处跑去因为我们不想在这儿停留,我们跑到一家旅馆来寻求庇护”Another witness, Roy Calley told the B that there were "thousands of people on the promenade" when the incident happened.另一名目击者Roy Calley告诉B,事故发生时,漫步大道上聚集了成千上万的人欧洲杯:点球大战淘汰波兰,葡萄牙进军半决赛 -- ::8 来源: 在昨日的比赛中,葡萄牙先是和波兰打成1-1平局,后来葡萄牙在点球大战中以5-3战胜波兰,进军半决赛 Ricardo Quaresma scored the winning spot-kick after Jakub Blaszczykowski’s eft was saved by Rui Patricio.在点球大战中,波兰方面布拉什奇科夫斯基先失了一球,随后葡萄牙方面夸雷斯马打进致胜一球Robert Lewandowski had fired Poland ahead in the second minute with teenager Renato Sanches equalising via a deflected strike.在正式比赛中,波兰方面莱万多夫斯基在第二分钟率先打进一球,波兰暂时领先,后来葡萄牙队桑切斯在边翼打进一球,扳平了比分Portugal’s semi-final opponents will be either Wales or Belgium.在半决赛中,葡萄牙将对阵威尔士或者比利时Remarkably, Portugal have reached the last four without winning a game in normal time following three draws in a group in which they finished third and an extra-time win over Croatia in the last .值得注意的是,尽管葡萄牙成为了四强,但是在常规比赛时间里他们没有赢过一次!在小组赛中,他们更是取得了三场平局的成绩,最终以小组第三名的身份晋级了强而在淘汰赛中对阵克罗地亚的时候,葡萄牙队也只是在加时赛中才取得了胜利No side has ever got this far in a European Championship without winning a match inside 90 minutes.在历史上没有哪一球队像葡萄牙这样,在没有获得过常规比赛胜利的情况下进入半决赛Portugal have also only led a match minutes during the whole tournament, while Poland have not trailed a single minute.在整场比赛中,葡萄牙只主导了分钟的比赛,而波兰没有落下一分钟However, a second dour and conservative knockout game running, Fernando Santos’ side did what was required when it mattered.但是,尽管葡萄牙队的表现非常沉闷保守,但是他们总在关键时刻有所作为How the penalty shootout was won葡萄牙是如何赢得点球大战的?Neither goalkeeper came close to saving the first three penalties from either side.两球队的守门员都没能扑救到前三个点球Cristiano Ronaldo, Sanches and Joao Moutinho all scored excellent penalties Portugal, with Lewandowski, Arkadiusz Milik and Kamil Glik following suit Poland.葡萄牙方面,C罗、桑切斯和穆蒂尼奥的点球都非常出色,而波兰方面莱万多夫斯基、米利克和克利格也不遑多让However, after Nani had put Portugal -3 ahead, Patricio dived full length to his left to palm away Blaszczykowski’s eft with one hand.但是,当纳尼再进一球使得葡萄牙-3领先的时候,波兰方面布拉什奇科夫斯基的点球被葡萄牙守门员帕特里西奥完美预测到了,他倒向左边,用一只手就把飞来的皮球扑了出去Lukasz Fabianski got his fingertips to Quaresma’s decisive eft but could not prevent it finding the roof of the net.在接下来夸雷斯马的致胜点球中,尽管波兰守门员法比安斯基触碰到了皮球,但是却没能阻止皮球飞进网中Ronaldo’s redemption of sortsC罗的救赎 much of the game, the overriding image of Ronaldo was of him slapping his thigh and screaming towards the French sky in frustration.在本届比赛的大多数时间里,C罗留给人最强的印象就是他拍着自己的大腿、带着挫败向法国的天空吼叫Barring a few exceptional moments - his two goals against Hungary and assisting Quaresma’s winner to see off Croatia - this has been a disappointing tournament the finest European player of his generation.在本届欧洲杯中,C罗可圈可点的表现为数不多--对阵匈牙利时打进两球,助攻夸雷斯马送克罗地亚回家对C罗来说,本届欧洲杯也许是其职业生涯中最令人失望的比赛了He was barely recognisable from the figure who has terrorised defences across the continent more than a decade as a series of scuffed and miscued strikes took him from 31 to 36 efts the tournament without an addition to his two group-stage goals.C罗曾以其令人恐怖的防御能力称雄了欧洲大陆多年的时间,但是现在很难让人相信他就是那个曾经叱咤足坛的人了一系列的挫折和失败伴随了他31岁到36岁,在这段时间里他在欧洲杯赛事中的成绩也两次止步小组赛Worst of all was a couple of air shots - one from a low Nani cross, the other following a chipped ball over the defence and into the box by substitute Joao Moutinho.最糟糕的是C罗竟然有两次射空--其中一次是由纳尼低角度传球,而另一球是由替补穆蒂尼奥抓住机会突破防守传入禁区He should have had a first-half penalty, when he was clumsily shoved in the back in the box by Michal Pazdan, but his anguished appeals were waved away by referee Felix Brych.本来在上半场的时候C罗应该有一次点球,当时波兰球员帕兹丹在禁区内猛推了C罗的背,但是裁判Felix Brych拒绝了他的申述However, he led from the front in the shootout, firing home the first penalty with aplomb and remains in the tournament.但是在点球大战中,C罗挑起了大梁担任葡萄牙队的首发球员,沉着冷静地打进了第一球并最终带领葡萄牙队晋级四强日本男童森林走失“管教方式”引热议 -- :50:37 来源:chinadaily 近几天,日本一位7岁的男孩引发全球媒体关注搜索队员们在山区搜索走失男童5月日,他与父母和在北海道一处森林附近的公园游玩时,因向周围车辆和游人扔石子而被父母惩戒,在回家途中被强行叫下车,独自一人被留在森林里几分钟后,家人开车回来却发现这个男孩已不见踪影由日本警方、消防、政府公务员等组成的搜索队伍四处寻找,6月3日上午,终于在北海道最北部的一处军队训练营找到了他该事件在日本国内和国际媒体中广泛传播,同时也引发了人们关于父母该如何管教孩子的讨论我们先看一下有关该事件的相关报道:Yamato Tanooka was left behind on the family’s way back from a day trip to Nanae. Tanooka’s father said his son was misbehaving, throwing rocks at cars on a nearby road.田野冈大和是在一家人从七饭游玩返程的路上被丢下的他的父亲表示,儿子一直很顽皮,往旁边道路上的汽车扔石子To punish him, his parents left him in the est, driving 550 yards away, and returning minutes later. By that point, Tanooka was aly gone.为了惩罚他,他的父母将他留在森林了,开车走了550码(5米),几分钟后就开回去了到那时,田野冈大和就不见了Tanooka was left without food or water, wearing just navy shorts, a black pullover and red sneakers.田野冈大和当时身边没有水或食物,只穿了蓝色短裤,黑色套头衫和一双红色运动鞋The mountainous area is also home to wild bears. Search efts have intensified after rescuers found fresh bear droppings.他所处的山区常有野生熊出没搜索人员在附近发现新鲜的熊粪便之后加强了搜索力量The boy was found Friday morning by a soldier in a military drill area on the northernmost main island of Hokkaido.周五早晨,一名士兵在北海道最北部的一处军事训练营找到了这名男孩The boy suffered some dehydration and was getting an intravenous drop, but besides some minor scratches on his arms and feet, no serious risks to his health were found, a medical doctor who had examined him was ed as saying.男孩有点脱水,正在接受输液治疗给他做身体检查的医生表示,除了胳膊和双脚有些轻微擦伤之外,没有发现严重的健康问题男孩被找到,搜索人员开心鼓掌这件事被媒体报道之后,引发了很多人关于孩子管教方式(child discipline)的讨论虽然各个国家因为文化和传统的不同,管教孩子的风格也不尽相同但是,大体上基本都可以分为惩罚(punishment)和奖励(reward)这两种惩罚(punishment)又分为身体惩罚(physical punishment)和非身体惩罚(non-physical punishment)身体惩罚就是我们常说的“体罚”,具体方式我们就不细说了我们来说说常见的几种非身体惩罚方式:Time-outs(隔离独处):通常的做法是让小孩在墙角自己站一会儿(corner time),即“面壁”;或者把小孩独自关在自己的房间,类似我们说的“关小黑屋”Grounding(禁足):这是针对年龄稍大一点的青少年的惩罚方式,一般做法是孩子放学回家以后,限制其出门玩耍的自由,在家的时候,也会限制他们使用电脑、电视等设备Scolding(责备):对孩子的不良行为进行责备和批评另外,不少家长还会使用一些非惩罚类的管教方式(non-pive discipline),常见的方式包括:Praise and rewards(表扬与奖励):孩子表现好的时候就给予一些称赞和认可Natural consequences(顺其自然):允许孩子犯一些错误,然后自己从错误中吸取教训比如,孩子忘记带午饭去上学,中午吃饭的时候就会饿肚子,这样他以后就会记得带午饭了该事件中,男孩的父母使用的就是time-outs(隔离独处)的管教方式,但是因为男孩并没有待在原地等他们回来而导致后续的一系列事件转折,导致不少人都质疑,把孩子留在一个熊出没的地方到时算管教还是虐待(abuse)幸好,这个7岁的男孩安全被找到了(中国日报网英语点津 Helen)增长乏力 美国经济不容乐观 --30 18::3 来源: 今年第一季度,美国GDP下滑严重,第二季度,美国经济增长速度远小于预期 The world’s largest economy grew at an annual rate of 1.% in the three months to June, far below ecasts of .6%,今年第二季度,世界最大经济体美国的经济增长年均速度是1.%,远小于.6%的预期Growth the first quarter was revised down from 1.1% to 0.8%.而在今年第一季度,经济增长率从1.1%下降到了0.8%Conversely, consumer spending surged in the three months to June by an annual pace of .% - the fastest pace since the fourth quarter of .但和这一走低的形势相反,第二季度消费出飙升,年均增长率达到了.%--这是自年第四季度以来最大的增长幅度The Federal Reserve indicated on Wednesday it was still on course to raise interest rates this year after "near-term risks", such as slowing employment, diminished.本周三,美联储表示今年仍然将加息,但是要在诸如就业减少之类的“短期风险”减少之后Steven Englander, global head of eign exchange strategy at Citigroup, said: "This isn’t bad enough to signal that the US economy is falling apart, but it’s another nail in the coffin of a September Fed hike."花旗集团外汇策略全球主管斯蒂芬表示说:“这个消息还不是那么糟糕,不能显示美国经济正在崩溃,但是却是美联储九月加息计划的另一个障碍”Although consumer spending grew, business investment, which includes stock, supplies, equipment and buildings, fell by 9.7% in the second quarter. Investment in business inventories fell by .1bn between April and June, the first decline since the third quarter of .尽管消费出有所增长,但是商业投资(包括股票、储备、设备和建筑)在第二季度下降了9.7%在月到6月之间,企业存货投资减少了81亿美元,这还是自从年第三季度以来首次下降Chris Williamson, chief economist at Markit, said: "Inventories are always the unpredictable wildcard in the GDP statistics, and the second quarter weakness was in part due to inventories falling the first time since the third quarter of .Markit首席经济学家克丽丝·威廉姆森表示说:“在GDP统计中,库存总是无法预测的项目,而第二季度经济疲软的部分原因是由于自从年第三季度以来库存第一次减少”"The good news is that firms should hopefully start rebuilding stock levels in the second half of the year, boosting growth."“好消息是企业有望在下半年开始重建库存水平,从而推动经济的发展”Government figures released on Thursday had hinted at subdued business spending. The US trade deficit - the different between imports and exports - had widened to .3bn in June from .1bn the month bee.本周四政府公布的数据暗示了疲软的商业出美国的贸易赤字--进出口贸易之间的不对等--从5月份的6以美元扩大到了6月份的633亿美元The latest GDP figures are the first estimate of growth the April-to-June quarter, and a second ing based on more data will be announced on 6 August.目前最新的GDP数据是对第二季度经济增长的第一次估计,基于更多数据的第二份报表将于8月6日公布The US Fed has three meetings remaining this year, in September, November and December.美联储今年还将举行三次会议,分别在9月、月和月Mr Williamson said: "While no doubt disappointing, the GDP data are backward looking and whether or not the Fed hikes interest rates again this year depends more on the future data flow than what happened back in the second quarter.威廉姆森说道:“虽然这一数据毫无疑问地令人失望,第二季度GDP数据显示了美国经济倒退的迹象,但是美联储今年是否再一次加息更多地取决于未来的数据,而不是第二季度已经产生的情况”"However, the ongoing softness of growth in the second quarter will no doubt add to calls policymakers to err on the side of caution and as such greatly reduces the chance of any rate hike bee December."“但是,第二季度经济增长的持续疲软无疑会更加要求政策制定者小心谨慎,从而大大减少月以前加息的机会

老龄化加剧:英国平均年龄首次达到0岁 --01 3::7 来源:   The average age in Britain has hit 0 the first time as life expectancy continues tosoar, official figures revealed this morning.  今天上午,官方数据表明,由于预期寿命持续增加,英国人的平均年龄首次达到0岁  Since 197 the typical age in the UK has increased by six years, with more than . million people now aged over 65 - an increase of 300,000 in just a year.  自197年以来,英国人数最多的年龄已经增长了6岁目前,超过万人的年龄在65岁以上,这一数字一年就增长了30万  The growing numbers of elderly people is helping to fuel a population boom. According to the Office National Statistics, Britain's population has hit a new record - increasing by almost 500,000 to 6.6 million.  老年人口的增加导致了总人口数暴涨根据国家统计局的数据,英国人口增长了近50万,达到660万人的历史新高  The population increase over was fuelled by growing numbers of births over deaths, caused by people living longer, and a surge in migration.  人口增长的原因包括出生人数和死亡人数的差值不断增加,寿命延长以及移民的涌入  'Natural growth' of 6,0 ed around half the population increase - with net migration of 59,700 making up the rest.  人口增长中的约半数(60人)来自自然增长,净增的移民人数(59700人)则占据了余下的部分  Between mid- and mid-, 58,600 migrants arrived in the UK, compared with just 3,900 people leaving the country.  年中至年中期,58600名移民进入英国,与之相比,只有3900人搬离英国  An ONS spokesman said the statistics meant the UK population had grown by almost half a million since mid-, up 0.77 per cent to 6,596,800.  国家统计局的一名发言人指出,统计结果意味着自年中期以来,英国人口增加了0.77%,近50万人,总人口达6596800.  Out of the wider UK population, England ed 5.3 million, up 0.8 per cent, with the Scottish population hitting 5.3 million - up 0.37 per cent.  英国总人口中,英格兰占530万,上升0.8%,苏格兰为530万,上升0.37%  Wales's population has grown 0.31 per cent to 3.1 million, with a further 1.8 million living in Northern Ireland.  威尔士人口上升了0.31%,达3万另有180万人居住在北爱尔兰

奥巴马颁发美国年度教师奖 -- ::9 来源:   周二,奥巴马总统向几位杰出的教育工作者颁发奖项,并对美国年度教师贾哈娜;海斯予以高度赞扬Jahana Hayes, the National Teacher of the Year, got a glowing introduction from President Obama on Tuesday when he honored her and several other of the nationrsquo;s top educators.  周二,奥巴马总统向几位杰出的教育工作者颁发奖项,并对美国年度教师贾哈娜;海斯予以高度赞扬  Hayes was ecstatic about Obamarsquo;s praise, and the president noticed.  海斯对奥巴马的赞赏欣喜若狂,奥巴马总统也注意到了她的激动  ;This is what makes her a great teacher,; Obama said. ;You canrsquo;t be great if yoursquo;re not enthusiastic. Yoursquo;ve got to love what you do, and she loves what she does.;  ;这就是她为什么能够成为一位伟大的教师,;奥巴马说:;没有热情,就不可能变得伟大你必须喜欢自己所做的事情,她也深爱着教育事业;  Hayes is a history teacher at John F. Kennedy High School in Waterbury, Connecticut. She grew up in public housing ;surrounded by poverty, drugs and violence,; and became a mother at , according to a statement Hayes sent to the White House. Despite these odds, she thanked her own teachers believing in her potential.  海斯是康涅狄格州沃特伯里的约翰;肯尼迪高中的一名历史老师在给白宫的资料中,她提到自己从小在公共住房中长大,周围充斥着贫困、毒品和暴力,岁的时候就做了母亲尽管没有接受平等的教育,但她仍然向自己的老师们表示感谢,谢谢他们相信自己拥有潜力  ;They challenged me to imagine myself in a different set of circumstances, no matter how difficult,; Hayes said. ;They encouraged me to do more, be more, expect more, and become the first in my family to go to college. They inspired me to become a teacher so I could make the same kind of impact in my own studentsrsquo; lives ; a teacher whose influence extends beyond the classroom.;  ;无论有多么困难,他们总是告诉我要想象自己正处在一种完全不同的环境下他们激励我多些行动,多些期望,努力能成为家中第一个上大学的人他们鼓舞我成为一名教师,那样我就能对自己的学生产生同样的影响;;这种影响远远超乎在课堂上传授知识,;海斯说道  Hayes is spending the next year advocating educators and traveling across the country, according to the Council of Chief State School Officers, which issued the award. Shersquo;ll have a chance to meet with teachers and policymakers alike as the presidential election approaches.  负责颁发年度教师奖的美国州立学校主管理事会表示,海斯明年将会到全国各地,倡导教育工作者们共同致力于实现教育平等就像年总统大选那样,海斯将有机会有与教师和决策者见面  ;As a country, we really need to have some real talk about equity issues and making sure every student, in every state, and every commy, has high-quality education,; Hayes said. ;Itrsquo;s in the ed States of America. If a student graduates, we should be confident that theyrsquo;re y.;  ;作为一个国家,我们需要重视教育平等,保每个州、每个社区的每个学生都有平等的机会接受优质教育,;海斯说:;在年的美利坚合众国,我们要相信每一个毕业生都已经做好了准备;

委内瑞拉商铺砸抢浪潮殃及华人超市 00多人被捕 --18 :8:01 来源: 陷入经济泥淖的委内瑞拉,近期物资荒持续升级在饥饿面前,民众疯起砸抢超市商店,众多当地华人超市遭抢 At least 00 people have been arrested in Venezuela after rioting and looting over food shortages.委内瑞位物资饥荒,民众疯起砸抢超市商店,至少有00多人被捕Over 0 shops in the coastal town of Cumana were hit and at least one person died according to local media.海滨小镇库马那有0多家商店发生哄抢事件,据当地媒体报道,至少有一人死亡Venezuela has one of the world’s highest inflation rates at 180% and people can queue hours subsidised food.委内瑞拉的通货膨胀率是全球最高的,约达180%,人们得排队几小时领取补贴食品Opposition politicians blame government mismanagement the shortages.反对派们将当前的物资紧缺归因于政府管理不当But the government says the shortages are part of an economic war being waged to drive President Nicolas Maduro from office.But the government says the shortages are part of an economic war being waged to drive President Nicolas Maduro from office.What’s gone wrong in Venezuela?委内瑞拉到底发生了什么事?Most of the shops were looted food according to opposition congresswoman Milagros Paz.据反对派女议员Milagros Paz称,大部分的商店里的食物都被洗劫一空She is ed in Venezuelan newspaper El Universal as saying that the authorities "have not admitted the food distribution emergency".委内瑞拉《环球报援引她的话称,政府“没有承认食物分配紧急”But according to the socialist governor of Sucre state, Luis Acuna, it was off licenses, opticians and clothes shops that were targeted in the looting, reports El Nacional.不过,《环球报报道,据苏克雷州社会主义政党长官路易斯阿库纳称,这是未经许可的,人们对眼镜店和装店进行了有针对性的掠夺Food and medicine are in short supply and street protests have become increasingly agitated.食物和药品短缺,街道上抗议人群情绪高涨,躁动不安More than attempts of looting happen every day, according to the non-governmental organisation Venezuelan Violence Observatory.根据委内瑞拉暴力观察组织(一个非官方组织)的说法,全国范围内现在每天都有多起砸抢事件发生Diosdado Cabello, a lawmaker from Mr Maduro’s PSUV party, blamed the opposition inciting violent protest.马杜罗社会主义统一党政府的立法者卡贝略认为是反对派煽动了这场暴力抗议事件"These are fascist groups which are generating unrest," he said.他说,“这些法西斯组织造成了现在的动荡局面”"Don’t come to me with this fairy tale that these are spontaneous protests," he said on his television programme.他在电视采访中表示,“说这些人都是自发的抗议,别跟我讲童话故事了”

一周热词榜(6.-)-) -- :56: 来源:chinadaily 一周新闻热词榜,一网打尽trending newsCHINADAILY手机报新一期热词榜发榜啦!本周的新闻热词有:1.省明确'高温补贴'标准.'中国A股'闯关MSCI再失败3.我国'后高考经济'渐升温.'校园贷'乱象丛生惹人忧5.美'击事件'凶手为独狼6.'足球流氓'成欧洲杯公害1. 高温补贴high-temperature subsidies请看例句:Employees in northern regions such as Beijing and Shanxi are entitled to high-temperature subsidies from June to September while those in Hainan get the subsidy from April to October.北京、山西等北方地区的员工在6月到9月期间可获得高温补贴,而海南的员工可在月到月期间获得该补贴根据《防暑降温措施管理办法,劳动者在温度35℃以上的户外露天作业(workers exposed to outdoor temperatures above 35℃)或在温度33℃以上的室内工作场所工作(work indoors in temperatures above 33℃)时,用人单位应当向劳动者发放高温津贴(high-temperature subsidies)据报道,目前全国已有个省、区、市(provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities)明确了地方高温津贴发放标准(fix local subsidy standards)其中,山东、陕西等地都在去年上调了津贴标准去年,山东省将从事室外高温作业的人员(employees working outdoors in high temperatures)的津贴由每人每月0元涨至0元;非高温作业人员(those working in "not-so-high temperatures")的津贴由每人每月80元涨至0元这也是该省自年以来首次上调这一标准(the first increase since )陕西省的高温津贴标准由原来的每人每天元提高到5元报道称,目前,高温津贴的发放(the distribution of high-temperature subsidies)主要依靠劳动监察人员、工会和管理部门的监督(supervision of labor inspectors, trade unions and management departments)监管相对薄弱,对不遵守规定的行为也没有相应处罚条例(no provisions pive action against non-compliance),尽管中央政府已经要求各地方政府全面落实高温津贴政策(fully implement the subsidy policy),许多员工仍然没有得到这样的津贴例如,一些快递员(couriers)和环卫工人(sanitation workers)表示他们还不清楚津贴的发放标准此外,许多省份多年来都没有升级津贴标准例如,目前,河南省仍然根据年制定的标准(Henan is still following the standard decided in ),向劳动者发放每人每工作日元的高温津贴而广东目前的高温津贴标准为每人每月0元,这一标准从年起就再未调整过[相关词汇]中暑 heatstroke脱水 dehydration交通补贴 transportation allowance住房补贴 housing allowance财政补贴 fiscal subsides. 中国A股China A-shares请看例句:Global share index compiler MSCI Inc on Wednesday (Beijing time) again rejected including China A-shares from its prominent emerging markets index.北京时间日,全球股指编制公司MSCI再次拒绝将中国A股纳入其著名的新兴市场指数这是中国A股第三次闯关MSCI新兴市场指数失败(the third failed attempt to add China A-shares in the MSCI Emerging Markets Index)此前,中国监管机构加大了改革力度(step up their rem efts),比如制定了限制上市公司停复牌时间的新规定(create new rules that limit how long listed companies could suspend trading in their shares),以及允许外国资金管理基金(eign money management funds)在中国股市拥有更大的份额(take bigger stakes)但国际机构投资者(international institutional investors)明确表示,希望在中国A股被纳入新兴市场指数之前,看到中国A股市场准入情况得到更进一步的改善(see further improvements in the accessibility of the China A-shares market)MSCI表示,将保留纳入中国A股的议题(retain the China A-shares inclusion proposal)若A股市场在明年6月前取得进一步重大积极的进展(further significant positive developments),MSCI不排除在例行周期之外宣布纳入A股的可能性(MSCI does not rule out a potential off-cycle announcement)虽然MSCI延迟将A股纳入其新兴市场指数使得外资进入A股市场(eign capital enter A-shares market)的投资热情受到了部分负面影响(adverse impact),但日沪指(Shanghai Composite Index)、深成指(Shenzhen Component Index)、创业板指(Index of Growth Enterprise Market)却并未受影响,反而全面飘红前海开源基金执行总经理杨德龙表示,A股未被纳入MSCI也许并非一件坏事,这将促进中国股市进行更多的制度性改革(institutional rems),促进外汇管制逐步放开(gradually relax eign exchange regulations),更好地保护中小投资者利益(protect minority investors' rights)[相关词汇]停牌 suspend share trading上市公司 listed companies外资 eign capital救市政策 measures to shore up the markets流动性 liquidity净资产 net worth做空者 short-seller外汇管制 eign exchange regulations3. 后高考经济after-gaokao economy请看例句:As more than nine million students finish taking the national college entrance exam, or gaokao, they now become the target of businessmen and the so-called "after-gaokao economy".随着逾900万名学生参加完高考,如今他们已成为商家和"后高考经济"的目标针对考生的需求,商家纷纷出招,推出各类产品,诸如"游学(overseas study tours)体验营"、"复读培优班"、"驾考速成班"等高考后,由于高考成绩不理想(unsatisfied exam scores),已有一些考生计划复读为此,一些培训机构也早早地发布了补习班(cram school)招生信息北京某知名培训机构负责人称,他们今年将开设十几个复读班(set up more than a dozen review classes this year),并会根据学生的考试成绩,分成基础班、提高班、培优班(place students in basic, advance or key classes based on their exam scores)等不同层次的班级另外一家教育机构负责人表示,他们有近年开设复读班的经验(they have years of experience in running review classes)近年来,该机构的一本录取率(first-class universities acceptance rates)都在50%以上据此人介绍,一般学生一年的学费(tuition fee)为6万多元他们也设置了"1对1培训"课程(one-to-one class),价格最高可达30万元除了培训班,一些驾校(driving schools)也早早行动起来,紧盯准大学生这块"香馍馍"北京海淀区某驾校工作人员称,今年,他们针对高考生推出了暑期班(a summer course gaokao examinees),5名或以上学生组团报名(apply the class in a group of five or above)的话,每人只需00元的学车费用,相比平时,便宜近千元江西南昌某驾校也推出了颇具吸引力的促销手段(offer attractive promotions),诸如"高考状元免费学车"(exempt top scorers from tuition fee)、"高考生凭抵价0元"(lower the fees by RMB0 if students show the admission ticket the national college entrance exam)等高考过后进行一场"说走就走"的旅行,也正成为越来越多考生所青睐的放松方式(a favorite way to relax)中青旅遨游网首席品牌官(chief brand officer)表示,每年暑期,他们接待的出境游学生群体数量都会增长%到%左右(the number of students heading overseas travel increases around % to %)每年高考结束后,凯撒旅行社也会迎来一波考生出境旅游的高峰(see a peak in number of students traveling overseas after the gaokao every year),短线(short line tours)如日本、韩国、泰国等,长线(long line tours)如欧洲和北美都是热点[相关词汇]复读班 review class招生诈骗 enrollment scam高考作文题 gaokao essay prompts高考改革 gaokao rem学费 tuition fee[!-empirenews.page--]. 校园贷campus loan请看例句:Concerns have been raised again about campus loans after reports revealed that some Web-based loan sharks are demanding college students to provide nude photographs of themselves as collateral to borrow money.近日,在一些报道揭露了部分网络高利贷者要求大学生以自己的裸照为抵押办理贷款后,校园贷再度引发人们的担忧近年来,随着越来越多的学生开始利用网络借贷平台(online lending platm)满足日常消费需求,低门槛(low threshold)、手续少(simple procedure)、放款快等优势使校园贷(campus loan)风光无限,快速发展"无担保、无抵押,当日放款(no guarantee, no collateral, loan granted on the day of application)",在一些大学校园内、微信朋友圈、QQ群里常见此类诱人的贷款广告借贷公司声称手续简单,无需任何抵押就能放款(makegrant loans),少则几百元,多则上万元简单的贷款程序让不少大学生选择隐瞒父母、借贷消费(borrow and spend without their parents' knowledge)不过由校园贷引发的借贷隐患,甚至债务悲剧也频频引爆舆论今年3月,郑州一名陷入校园贷纠纷的大学生不堪重负跳楼自杀(jump to one's death),将校园贷推向风口浪尖(put the issue in the spotlight),并引起监管层的关注月,教育部和中国银监会(China Banking Regulatory Commission)曾联合印发《关于加强校园不良网络借贷风险防范和教育引导工作的通知,其中明确,对未经批准在校园内宣传推广信贷业务(promote loans on campus)的不良网络借贷平台和个人要依法处置然而,校园贷作为新兴业态,目前在学校运营几乎是"三无":无准入门槛(no barriers to entry)、无行业标准(no industry standards)、无机构监管(lack of supervision)最近,一种新曝光的校园贷借款模式再次刺痛了公众的神经(touch raw nerves of the public)——"裸条"借贷(loans secured against nude photosnude photos as loan guarantee)据报道,"裸条"借贷就是以裸体照片替代借条(nude photos as IOUs),当发生违约不还款(default on their loans)时,放贷人(lender)以在网上公开裸照(publish the photos online)、与借款人(borrower)父母联系等手段作为要挟的贷款方式有律师表示,"裸条"借贷年利率(annual interest rate)高达30%,明显是高利贷(usury),属违规贷款此外,裸照不是物权,不能作为抵押物(collateral)第三方平台(third-party platm)若将他人裸照进行传播,等于侵犯了当事人的隐私权(privacy),当事人可以依法提起诉讼(file a lawsuit),也可以向公安机关报案(report to police)[相关词汇]低门槛贷款 covenant-litecov-lite loan贷款额度 loan amount不良贷款 non-perming loanNPL讨债人 debt collector借据 IOUI owe you个人对个人借贷 PP (peer-to-peer) lending超前消费 excessive consumption5. 击事件shooting请看例句:A man armed with an assault rifle killed 9 people at a packed gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, on Sunday in the worst mass shooting in US history, which US President Barack Obama described as an act of terror and hate.日,一名携带突击步的男子在佛罗里达州奥兰多市一家拥挤的同性恋夜总会杀了9人该事件是美国历史上最严重的大规模击事件,美国总统奥巴马将其称为恐怖和仇恨的行为这是美国本土自"9·"事件以来遭受的最严重的恐怖袭击(the worst attack on American soil since 9)击案的犯罪嫌疑人被认定是9岁的阿富汗裔美国公民(US citizen of Afghan descent)奥马尔·马丁美国当局目前相信,奥马尔·马丁可能是一名疯狂的"独狼"手(lone wolf gunman)美国前国土安全顾问(mer homeland security adviser)的弗朗西丝·汤森表示,最难发现的(袭击)类型就是自我激进化(self-radicalized)的独狼行动发现并拦截恐怖组织直接操作控制的恐怖袭击(identify and intercept attacks where a terrorist group has direct operational control),要比拦截自我激进化的行动容易虽然美国联邦调查局(FBI)已经确认马丁在挟持人质时曾拨打9,表示了对伊斯兰国的忠诚(pledge his allegiance to the ISIS),并且伊斯兰国随后宣称对击案负责(claim credit the incident)但是,联邦调查局局长詹姆斯·科米称,迄今为止没有任何据显示马丁与激进组织(militant group)有联系马丁只是打着伊斯兰国的旗号,他并非在该组织接受过培训的人员(simply take the ISIS name as a badge rather than being a trained operative of the group)奥兰多击案符合最近美国圣战暴力活动的独特模式(a distinctive pattern of recent American jihadi violence),即一名美国公民像"独狼"一样行动(operate as a lone wolf),与恐怖组织几乎没有直接联系(have little, if any, direct connection to a terrorist organization)如果该结论得到初步调查的实,奥兰多击案将突显出美国面临的与欧洲不同的挑战(highlight the very different challenge that the US faces compared with Europe)欧洲国家正在打击(battle against)的是有组织的恐怖活动(organized terrorist activities)尽管谍报和加密技术(tradecraft and encryption)有所提高,但西方的恐怖组织内部仍需交流和合作,这样有时就会留下线索相比之下,"独狼"近乎无迹可循(move in near-total silence)他们留下的一切蛛丝马迹往往在其得手后才为人察觉(any evidence they leave tends to make sense only once their work is done)[相关词汇]汽车炸弹 car bomb自杀式袭击 suicide attack突击步 assault rifle管控 gun control激进分子 radical恐同心理 homophobia6. 足球流氓football hooligan请看例句:A French court on Thursday jailed three Russian football hooligans over fan unrest in Marseille while a far-right Russian agitator was thrown out of the country.日,法国一家法院判处3名参与马赛球迷骚乱的俄罗斯足球流氓监禁,同时有一名极右翼俄罗斯球迷领袖被法国驱逐出境"足球流氓(football hooligan)",指那些经常在足球场上寻衅滋事、扰乱球场和公共秩序、危害社会安定(social stability)的人有人称之为"闹事第一、看球第二"Hooligan本是爱尔兰家族的一个姓氏19世纪末,Patrick Hooligan(帕特里克·胡里跟)是伦敦东部远近闻名的流氓恶少,,Hooligan一词也就逐渐演变为"流氓,小阿飞"的意思"流氓团伙"和"流氓行为"可以用a hooligan gang和hooligan behavior来表示年欧洲杯(Euro )开赛以来,球迷冲突事件(fan clashes)天天抢夺媒体头条位置(grabdominate the headlines),让本来就因赛事安保工作(security work)而神经高度紧绷的法国更加"压力山大"(more stressed out)几场球迷冲突中,最严重的要数英俄球迷间的大战,造成了数十人受伤(injuring dozens)这也是1998年世界杯以来国际足球赛事中最严重的暴力事件(the worst violence at an international football tournament since the 1998 World Cup)欧足联(Union of European Football Associations, UEFA)随后对英格兰和俄罗斯发出警告称,如果两国球迷再发生暴力行为,将可能取消英格兰和俄罗斯本届欧洲杯的参赛资格(England and Russia could be disqualified from the tournament if there is further violence between supporters of the two nations)不过,"英俄大战"才过去一天,日,德国的足球流氓就在里尔市与乌克兰球迷发生冲突,酒瓶和椅子横飞(bottles and chairs being hurled),混乱中至少有两人受伤为了给欧洲杯保驾护航,法国警方邀请了英国同行(British counterparts)到骚乱"高危地"马赛协助管理英格兰球迷同时,应法国要求,英国政府还将约00名疑似足球流氓"禁足",不让他们在欧洲杯期间踏足法国(prevent them from traveling to France during the tournament)此外,法国当局还宣布球赛前后在球场周边实施"禁酒令(alcohol ban)",防止球迷酒后闹事(drunk violence),或用酒瓶施暴同样"禁酒"的还有法国的邻国比利时[相关词汇]街头斗殴 street fight暴力袭击 violent attack铁杆粉丝 hardcore fan出线球队 qualifier禁赛 match ban药检 doping test(来源:CHINADAILY手机报,编辑:Helen)

生命的奇迹!史上唯一健康成长的熊猫三胞胎 -- :59:0 来源:   When this trio of giant pandas were born, vets said the chances of them all surviving were next to nothing - but the baby girl and her two brothers have defied predictions to reach 0 days old in perfect health.  兽医曾说,这三只熊猫全部存活的概率几乎不存在但熊猫和她的个弟弟成功的挑战了这一预测,已经健康的活到了第0天  There have been four recorded instances of giant pandas giving birth to triplets in history, but in all of those cases at least one of the litter has died due to physical defects or being too small.  此前有记载的三胞胎熊猫共有次但每次都至少有1只因为生理缺陷或过于弱小而夭折  Each of this lucky bunch now weighs more than lbs, up from just three and a half ounces at birth, and have two small teeth each after beginning teething at around 80 days old.  这次,幸运三胞胎中的每一位都从出生时的3.5盎司长到超过磅重它们在约80天大的时候开始长牙,现在都有颗小牙  The cubs were born on July 9 within four hours, the female cub first and then her brothers. Physical exams show the cubs' health to be ideal, said Dong Guixin, general manager of Chimelong Safari Park in Guangzhou, capital of south China's Guangdong province.  它们的生日是7月9日,出生时花了不到个小时一只雌熊猫先出生,随后是她的兄弟们广东省广州市长隆野生动物园经理董贵信表示它们的体检结果良好  Starting Wednesday, the cubs will be displayed to visitors limited times and are taking turns living with their mother five-day cycles, and may all live with her permanently if they continue to grow up healthy.  从周三开始,三胞胎们将对游客展出,并开始和他们的母亲一起生活5天如果健康情况良好,他们就会和母亲一直生活在一起  The cubs haven't been named, but the park is seeking suggestions from the public.  这3只熊猫还没有起名,动物园将向大众征求意见

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