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通过这个精而颇为搞怪的分析,Sebatian Wernicke把统计分析工具应用到了历来TED的讲座,提出了其余用户评分的一种创造”最优的TED讲座“的体系。你会如何给他评分呢?会觉得无比惊奇?或是缺乏说力?还是玩的就是搞笑呢?201309/254697This strange creature is a sea cucumber.这个奇特动物是海参It uses its tentacles to grab food from the sediment.它用触手 从沉积物里抓取细小食物There are hunters here too, like these nudibranchs, or sea slugs.这里也有掠食动物 例如这些海蛞蝓Their vibrant colours are a warning that theyre toxic.鲜艳体色是用来 警告众人它们有毒There are over 3,000 species, many hunt just one specific prey.海蛞蝓有三千多个品种 许多专门猎捕一种猎物Some hunt each other.有些则是猎食彼此This emperor shrimp makes the most of the poisonous nature of its host.这只帝王虾 善加利用它的宿主的有毒特性But, its a rather one-sided affair.但它的宿主并没有好处As it feeds, the shrimp gets protection and a free ride.在宿主进食时 这只虾子有人保护,还能搭便车Other shrimps have developed a more balanced relationship.其他虾子发展出较平衡的关系Some even solicit for partners.有些甚至还征求搭档These dance for their dinner.这些虾子在为晚餐起舞And these advertise to passers-by that they are open for business.这些则在向路人宣传 它们已经开张做生意They are a parasite removal team,它们是除寄生虫小组providing a service for countless fish on the reef,为珊瑚礁的大批鱼群提供务including those that could happily eat them.包括可以一口吃下它们的鱼201310/261464

AZUZ: Time for ;The Shoutout.; “大声喊出来”的时间到了!Acrophobia is the fear of what? If you think you know it, shout it out! Acrophobia是害怕什么?如福哦你认为你知道,那么大声喊出来吧!Is it ice, spiders, dancing or heights? Youve got three seconds, go!是冰、蜘蛛、跳舞还是高度?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!If you d heights, you might just be acrophobic and you wouldnt want the job were about to describe. Thats your answer and thats your shoutout.如果你对高度很害怕,那你可能是恐高的,而且你肯定不想要接下来我们将要谈论的工作。那就是你的,那就是你的”大喊“。And thats because its at the worlds tallest building. 因为那是世界最高的楼。Not near the bottom of it, not indoors. 不在它的底部,也不在室内。The Burj Khalifa stands more than half a mile high. 哈利法塔(迪拜塔)有半英里多高。Its located in Dubai, ed Arab Emirates, a place thats no stranger to sand storms. 它位于阿联酋的迪拜,一个对遭受沙尘暴并不陌生的国家。How do they keep it clean?他们如何使建筑保持干净呢? /201402/276666Asia and the Asia Pacific region badly needs better infrastructure.亚太地区要加强基础设施的建设合作。It is one of the key talking points during the APEC meetings with many economists saying strong economic growth can only be supported by infrastructure investment, especially against a backdrop of a slowing world economy.这是APEC会议期间很多经济学家们所讨论的其中一个关键点,他们称经济的强势增长只能由基础设施投资持,尤其是当前全球经济放缓的大背景下。That is exactly why China is pushing forward with a plan to establish the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, or AIIB.这就是我国正在大力推行建设AIIB,即亚洲基础设施投资的原因。Chinese President Xi Jinping met his Bangladesh counterpart Abdul Hamid in Beijing Saturday.中国国家主席习近平周六在京会见了孟加拉国总统阿卜杜勒·哈米德。He said Bangladesh is welcome to join the bank as a founding member.他表示对孟加拉国作为创始成员国加入AIIB表示欢迎。Meanwhile, Indonesia is widely expected to announce during the APEC meetings that it will join the AIIB.与此同时,印度尼西亚也被普遍期待在APEC会议期间能宣布加入AIIB。201411/341633

Ashokas political and moral philosophy-as he expressed it in his imperial inscriptions-initiated a tradition of religious tolerance, non-violent debate and a commitment to the idea of happiness which have animated Indian political philosophy ever since.阿育王镌刻在石柱上的政治与道德哲学开启了宗教自由、非暴力抗争与追寻幸福的传统,影响了此后的印度政治理念。But-and its a big but-his benevolent empire scarcely outlived him.但遗憾的是,他仁慈的帝国在他死后未能持久,And that leaves us with the uncomfortable question of whether such high ideals can survive the realities of political power.人不禁想问,崇高的政治理想是否敌不过现实政治的残酷?Nevertheless, this was a ruler who really did change the way that his subjects and their successors thought.令但他的想法确实深切地影响了他的臣民及其后代。Ghandi was an admirer, as was Nehru, and Ashoka even today finds his way on to the currency-on all the Indian banknotes we see Gandhi facing the four lions of Ashokas pillar.甘地与尼赫鲁都是他的追随者。有关他的信息甚至出现在了现代货币上。印度的每一张钞票上都绘有甘地头像,面对着阿育王石柱上的四只狮子。The architects of Indian independence had him often in their mind. Heres Amartya Sen again:这位印度独立的领导人一直敬仰着阿育王。但阿马蒂亚森指出,So thats one part-the duty of the ruler to do good to the world and to his subjects-thats the point that H. G. Wells picks up in locating Ashoka as a big figure in the history of the world.阿育王的影响力波及更远,整个印度次大陆都将他视为启蒙者与政治典范:But the one that the Indians particularly emphasised at the time of independence is his secularism and democracy in Ashokan thought.在独立运动时期,印度人特别强调阿育王的民主与政教分离观念。But he is a big figure also in China, in Japan, in Korea, in Thailand, in Sri Lanka, and so he is also in that sense a pan-Asian figure.此外,他在中国、日本、韩国、泰国和斯里兰卡都广受尊敬。他是整个亚洲的偶像。 In the next programme we are dealing with another inscription and another ruler closely linked with a religious system, but in this case the religion is now dead and the ruler is no longer of any consequence-indeed he never really was.下一节我将介绍另一种碑文,以及另一位与宗教关系密切的统治者。但那宗教现已消亡,这位统治者对后世也没有什么影响力—事实上, 他一直都只是一个无足轻重的君王。But the inscription is one of the most famous objects in the British Museum-and possibly in the world-because its written on the Rosetta Stone.但这块碑石却是整个大英物馆, 乃至整个世界上最著名的文物之一。201411/340620Africa.非洲In the four years of making this series,拍摄这个系列的四年里weve been to some astonishing places我们去过很多令人称奇的地方and seen animals behaving in ways that have never been filmed before.见过很多从未被拍摄记录过的动物行为But Africa has another story to tell.但是非洲又有新故事要讲述The wildlife of this continent非洲大陆的野生动物has seen more changes in the last 50 years在过去的50年见的变迁than it has in the last two million.要远超过去200万年Changing landscapes and changing climate.沧海桑田 气候变幻 Todays animals are facing unprecedented challenges.如今的动物们时刻得面对不可预知的挑战Whilst around them, Africas human population而动物世界之外 非洲大陆的人口is growing at nearly double the global rate.以近乎全球增长率的2倍在增加There is an increasing urgency to understand当务之急便是要理解and, crucially, to conserve the wildlife of this great continent.并去保护非洲野生动物的生存空间Today, there is a new generation of naturalists and scientists如今 有着一群年轻的自然学家和科学家who are fighting to save the wild places为了原始的自然生存环境and the animals that live in them.和生活在其中的动物们而努力201405/300677One of the smartest things you can do -- besides getting a college degree -- is to find the least expensive way to pay for it. Following these guidelines will help.除了获得大学文凭之外,你能做的最明智的事情之一就是找到付大学费用的成本最低的方法。下面这些建议可以帮助你。You Will Need你需要Internet access能够上网Information on aid关于援助的信息scholarships奖学金and loans贷款Healthy debt-management habits健康的债务管理习惯Steps步骤STEP 1 Apply for federal aid1.申请联邦救助Before you even think about student loans, find out how much free money you can get. Begin by applying for need-based federal aid with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, which uses your familys tax information to determine your Estimated Family Contribution (EFC). Based on your EFC, youll find out how much financial assistance youre entitled to. FAFSA application deadlines vary from state to state; make sure you check. Millions of dollars in student financial aid go unclaimed each year by eligible students simply because they didn’t apply for them.在申请学生贷款之前,先看看能无偿获得多少钱的资助。开始申请按需提供的联邦救助。先申请联邦学生助学金,根据家庭税收信息来决定你的家庭贡献估算。根据该评估来确定你可以得到多少资助。联邦助学金申请日期各州有所不同,一定要提前确认。每年有数百万美元联邦助学金未被有资格的学生认领,因为他们没有申请。Go to ;custudentloans.org;:http://www.custudentloans.org/ for a comprehensive list of links to federal and other financial aid websites.登录该网站了解联邦和其他财政资助网站详细列表。STEP 2 Search for scholarships2.申请奖学金Look for local and private scholarships and grants. In addition to rewards for academic and athletic achievement, plus funds set up for minorities, there are all kinds of scholarships for specific abilities and talents.申请当地和私人奖学金和资助。除了奖励学习和运动方面的成就,以及为少数民族人群设立的基金,还有针对所有特殊能力和天赋的奖学金。Ask the financial aid office at the school youll be attending if they offer any scholarships or grants.向你即将就读的学校财政资助办公室了解他们是否提供奖学金。STEP 3 Apply for a federal loan3.申请联邦贷款If you need a student loan, look into federal government loans first, which are guaranteed without a credit check or cosigner and offer fixed interest rates. Need-based loans like Perkins and Subsidized Stafford loans dont accrue interest while you’re in school, while Parent Plus and unsubsidized Stafford loans do.如果你需要学生贷款,先申请联邦政府贷款,不需信用审查或联合签署,并提供调整利率。按需提供的贷款,例如普金斯贷款和津贴斯坦福联邦贷款在你读书期间不收取利息,而联邦父母贷款和无补助的斯坦福贷款则计算利息。STEP 4 Seek private lending4.寻求私人借贷Still facing a gap to pay for school? Explore private lending options. Private loans have variable interest rates and a 15- to 20-year repayment window. Most lenders offer interest rate reductions and other benefits, such as cosigner release, for borrowers that demonstrate responsible repayment habits.要付上学费用仍差一些钱?寻求私人借贷。私人贷款利息多种多样,偿还期限介于15年至20年间。大部分贷款方乐意为表现出负责任的偿还习惯的借款人提供减息和其他优惠,比如免于连署保。Credit unions are a good alternative to banks for private loans. They often offer lower interest rates and promote financial literacy and healthy borrower habits.对于私人贷款来说,信誉联盟是除了之外的另一个选择。他们通常提供较低的利率,推广理财素养和健康的借贷习惯。STEP 5 Understand the debt youre taking on5.了解你所承担的债务Understand how much debt youre taking on, including how much youre going to owe in interest; when you have to start paying it back; and the benefits and consequences of deferring repayment. When comparing Cost of Attendance (COA) across different schools, dont forget to factor in expenses beyond tuition, like housing, meals, books, and school supplies.弄清楚你承担了多少债务,包括应付多少利息,何时应该开始偿还,延迟偿还会面临的后果。各所学校的就读成本进行对比时,不要忘记考虑除了学费之外的费用,比如住宿,餐饮,书籍和学校补给品。STEP 6 Pay it off early6.尽早偿还Consider a plan that requires you to start repaying while youre still in school; just a month can lower your interest rate, and substantially reduce your debt load down the line. Plus, borrowers who begin repayment before graduation develop better debt management habits than those who defer payment -- something that will serve you well throughout your life.考虑要求你在学校期间就开始偿还的计划:每月25美元就可以降低你的利率,并且长期来看可以大大减少你的债务负担。此外,毕业前就开始偿还的借款人比延迟偿还的人容易养成更好的债务管理习惯,这样的习惯会让你受益终生。201501/351853

People either love or hate their bosses. Learn how to be the best boss you can be.对于老板,总是有人喜欢有人恨。学习如何成为最好的老板。You Will Need你需要Leadership skills领导技能Listening skills倾听技巧Communication skills沟通能力Clear expectations明确的期望Weekly meetings每周例会Humility谦逊Management classes (optional)管理课程(可选)A party (optional)聚会(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Lead by example1.树立榜样Lead the team by example. Exhibit a positive and encouraging attitude.以身作则,树立好的榜样。向他们展现积极向上的态度。Step 2 Teach employees2.教育员工Teach employees the importance of the customer. The customer funds the paychecks, so train employees to get and keep the customer.教会员工客户的重要性。客户为你提供资金,所以训练员工如何保住客户。Step 3 Communicate3.沟通Communicate with your employees and ask for their opinions and suggestions. Give them updates about the company’s plans,purposes, and goals.与员工沟通,咨询他们的观点和建议。及时告知他们公司新的计划,目的和目标。Attend management classes.参加管理课程。Step 4 Give clear details4.给出明确的细节Give the employees your clear, detailed expectations. Let them know exactly what their job entails along with specific timelines.向员工给出明确的,具体的期望。让他们明确知道他们的工作职责和具体的时间规定。Step 5 Schedule meeting5.安排会议Regularly schedule meetings to discuss goals and ambitions. If there is a problem with an employee, handle it as soon as it happens.经常安排会议讨论公司目标和规划。如果任何一位员工出现问题,立即解决。Step 6 Encourage performance6.鼓励优秀表现Encourage performance by letting them know they are appreciated. Praise them in front of their peers.鼓励员工做出更好的表现,让他们知道自己的工作是受到赞赏的。在其他同事面前赞扬表现比较好的员工。Have a party when a big job is completed or a target has been reached.一项大的工程完成,或者比较大的目标达成的时候,举办派对来庆祝。Step 7 Admit when wrong7.承认错误Apologize and admit when you are wrong. Be fair and honest when they make a mistake.当你犯错的时候要道歉并承认错误。员工犯错的时候要公正而诚实。Do not lose your temper in front of your employees.不要在员工面前发脾气。Step 8 Interact8.互动Interact with your employees on a regular basis, give guidance and direction, and take a personal interest in every person.经常与员工互动,为他们提供指引和方向,对每一个人都感兴趣。Did you know? Workers in Northern and Western Europe say their supervisor treats them more as a partner than a boss. Eastern Europeans felt a more hegemonic relationship.你知道吗?北欧和西欧的工作人员表示,他们的主管对待他们像搭档,而不是像老板。东欧人则觉得老板比较霸权。201402/275886In small societies, there isnt really a great need for money, because you can generally trust your friends and neighbours to return any labour, food or goods in kind.小型社会并无货币需求。人们通常可以信任自己的朋友或邻居,相信他们会用劳动、食物或其他物品作为交换或回报。The need for money, as we understand it, grows when you are dealing with strangers you may never see again and cant necessarily trust-that is, when youre trading in a cosmopolitan city like Sardis.我们很容易了解,对货币的需要是在人们与不太信任、有可能不会再见面的陌生人进行交易时出现的,而在像萨迪斯这样的国际都市就常会出现这种贸易。Before the first Lydian coins, payments were made mostly in precious metal - effectively just lumps of gold and silver.在货币出现之前,吕底亚的付媒介是贵金属,主要是金块或银块。It didnt really matter what shape the metal was, just how much it weighed and how pure it was.形状并不要紧,重要的是重量和纯度。But theres a difficulty;in their natural state, gold and silver were often found mixed with each other and, indeed, mixed with other metals.但问题是,自然状态下的金矿和 银矿常混杂在一起,甚至掺杂其他价值不高的金属。Checking a metals purity was a tedious task - likely to hold up every business transaction, and even when the Lydians and their neighbours invented coinage, about a hundred years before Croesus, this problem still remained.检验金属的纯度是项无聊的工作,几乎每次都得耽误贸易的进行。在克罗伊斯王登基前一百年左右,吕底亚人已发明了货币,但纯度问题仍无法解决。They used the naturally occurring mixture of gold and silver, not the pure forms of the metals.他们使 用的是自然状态的金银混合物,而非某种纯金属。The Lydians eventually solved this problem, speeded up the market and, in the process, became hugely rich.吕底亚人最终找到了解决问题的方法,从而加速了市场交易,并在此过程中积累了巨额财富。They realised that the answer was for the state to mint coins of pure gold and pure silver, of consistent weights that would have absolutely reliable value.他们的方案是让国家来铸造固定重量、价值 绝对值得信赖的纯金与纯银货币。It was the currency that you could trust in completely and, without any checking, spend, spend, spend!如果有国家做担保,金币和银币便成为可以完全信任的货币,不再需要任何检查程序即能放心使用。How did the Lydians manage to pull this off?而他们 到底是如何做到这一点的呢?Paul Craddock, expert in historical metals, explains:古代金属专家保罗?克拉多克解释道:;The Lydians hit on the idea of the state, or the king, issuing standard weights and standard purity.吕底亚人选择让国家或国王来确定重量与纯度标准。The stamps on them are the guarantee of the weight and the purity.货币上的印记便是重量及纯度的保。And of course if youre guaranteeing the purity, then it is absolutely necessary that you have the ability not just to add elements to the gold but also to take them out.但如果要保纯度,则必须具备从金矿中加入或析出一些元素的能力。201409/325457

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