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西安肛门红肿治疗医院要多少钱莲湖区肛泰医院看排泄疾病好不好3 The Working Environment 工 作 环 境Part One: Expressions1. I’d like to make an appointment to see Mr. Smith, please.我想预约和史密斯先生见面。2. Could you tell me where his office is?你可以告诉我他的办公室在哪儿吗?3. Ted stopped by to see you.特德顺道过来拜访你。4. Can I leave this for him?我可以把这个留给他吗?5. Could you give him this message?你可以把这个口信留给他吗?6. Where is the meeting room located?会议室在哪儿?7. How do I use this copy machine?复印机怎么用?8. Just a second.稍等一下。9. I’ll have it finished by tomorrow morning.我不迟于明早会将它完成。10. Hard work pays off, you know.你知道,辛苦工作总会有回报。Part Two: Dialogues1. On the job工作中A: Is Betty Sue in her office?B: I’m sorry. She’s in a meeting right now.A: I see.B: Can I give her a message for you?A: Yes, please tell her I stopped by.B: And your name, please?A: Ted. Oh, and could you give her this document for me?B: Certainly.A: 贝蒂·苏在她办公室吗?B: 抱歉,她现在在开会。A: 是这样。B: 要我代您留个口讯给她吗?A: 好的,请告诉她我顺道过来的。B: 请问你的名字是…A: 特德。还有,你可以把这个文件给她吗?B: 当然可以。2. Working Supplies 工作设施A: Do you have a free moment?B: Sure. What do you need?A: I’m having some trouble. How do you use this printer?B: Well, first you have to turn this switch on.A: Silly me.B: Now press this button.A: Oh, and it’s out of paper. Do you have any more?B: Just a second. I’ll go get some.A: 你有空吗?B: 有空。怎么了?A: 我碰到一些麻烦。这个打印机怎么用?B: 哦,首先你把这个开关打开。A: 我真蠢。B: 然后按这个按钮。A: 哦,没纸了。你还有吗?B: 稍等一下。我去拿一些过来。3. A Successful Story 成功故事A: You look tired. *B: Yeah, I’ve been working so much overtime lately.A: Really? How come?B: My boss gave me a big project. I had to have it finished it by this morning. It was so difficult!A: You shouldn’t work so hard.B: I know. But hard work pays off, you know.A: What do you mean?B: Maybe now I’ll get that promotion I was hoping for.A: 你看上去很累。B: 是啊,我近来一直加班工作。A: 真的吗?怎么回事?B: 我的老板给了我一个大的项目,我必须在今天早上完成。真是够难的。A: 你不要拼命工作。B: 我知道,但是你知道,辛苦工作总有回报的。A: 怎么讲?B: 可能目前我快得到提升了,这是我一直期待的。Part Three: Substitution Drills1. A: Can I help you? B: Yes, is (Mr. Smith/ the director/ the manager) in his office?能为您效劳吗?哦,(史密斯先生/主管/经理)在办公室吗?2. A: Could you tell me where (his office/ the meeting room/ the copy machine) is, please? B: Sure. It’s just down the hall, on the right.你能告诉我(他的办公室/会议室/复印机)在哪里吗?当然。沿着这个厅走过去,在右边。3. A: Could you give him this (message/ report/ document), please? B: No problem.你可以把这个(口讯/报告/文件)给他吗?没问题。4. A: What’s the matter? B: How do I use this (copy machine/ fax machine/ hole-puncher)?怎么了?这个(复印机/传真机/打孔机)怎么用?5. A: I’m out of (paper/ staples/ folders). Do you have any more? B: Here you are.没(纸/订书针/文件夹)了,你还有吗?给你吧。6. A: Can you meet this deadline? B: Yes, I’ll have it finished by (tomorrow morning/ this afternoon/ Friday at 5pm).你可以在规定期限完成吗?可以,我会在(明天早上/今天下午/星期五5点)之前完成。7. A: Is Mr. Smith in his office? B: I’m sorry. He’s (in a meeting/ not at his desk right now/ out).史密斯先生在办公室吗?抱歉。他(正在开会/不在位子上/出去了)。8. A: I’m having some (trouble/ difficulties/ problems). Can you help me? B: What do you need?我遇到一些(麻烦/困难/难题)。 你可以帮我吗?要我怎么帮?9. A: You look (tired/ exhausted/ busy). B: Yeah, I’ve been working so much overtime lately.你看上去很(累/疲倦/忙碌)。是呀,我近来一直加班工作。10. A: The project was so (difficult/ time-consuming/ tedious). B: You shouldn’t work so hard.这个项目很(难/花时间/枯燥乏味)。你不要这么拼命工作。 /200703/11510西安犯痔疮治疗医院要多少钱 For years, I had resisted medication, making many, many efforts to get off.这些年来,我一直反对用药,为此会付出一切。I felt that if I could manage without medication,我感觉到我不用药物也可以保持I could prove that, after all, I wasnt really mentally ill, it was some terrible mistake.我想要明,毕竟我精神上没问题,只不过是诊断上犯得错误而已My motto was the less medicine, the less defective.我的理念是药越少,瑕疵就越少My L.A. analyst, Dr. Kaplan, was urging me just to stay on medication and get on with my life,我的分析师Kaplan士,当时劝我坚持药并且就这样生活下去but I decided I wanted to make one last college try to get off.但是我决定我想要最最后一次尝试Quoting from the text:从文中引用:;I started the reduction of my meds, and within a short time I began feeling the effects.;我开始减少我的用药量,而在短时间之内,我就感觉到了一些变化After returning from a trip to Oxford, I marched into Kaplans office,在从牛津旅行回来后,我冲进了Kaplan的办公室,headed straight for the corner, crouched down, covered my face, and began shaking.冲向角落,蹲了下来,捂住我的脸,开始颤抖All around me I sensed evil beings poised with daggers.在我周围我感觉到了拿了匕首的恶魔Theyd slice me up in thin slices or make me swallow hot coals.他们把我切成了碎片,或者让我吞下滚烫的煤球Kaplan would later describe me as writhing in agony.Kaplan后来把我当时情景描述为;在撕心裂肺的痛苦中蠕动;Even in this state, what he accurately described as acutely and forwardly psychotic,即使在这个状态下,他准确地描述为急性神经病I refused to take more medication.我拒绝用更多的药物The mission is not yet complete.因为任务还没有完成Immediately after the appointment with Kaplan,在与Kaplan的面会结束后,I went to see Dr. Marder, a schizophrenia expert who was following me for medication side effects.我去看了Marder医生,一位精神分裂症专家,他是负责观察我用药的副作用的He was under the impression that I had a mild psychotic illness.他觉得我可能有一定程度上的精神分裂Once in his office, I sat on his couch, folded over, and began muttering.一次在他的办公室,我坐在沙发上,蜷缩起来,然后开始喃喃自语Head explosions and people trying to kill.;头破血流,人们试图杀戮,Is it okay if I totally trash your office?我能不能把你的办公室彻底当垃圾处理?;You need to leave if you think youre going to do that, said Marder.;如果你那么想的话,你需要现在离开.; Marder说Okay. Small. Fire on ice. Tell them not to kill me. ;好吧.小一点.在冰上的火.告诉他们不要杀我.Tell them not to kill me. What have I done wrong?告诉他们不要杀我.我做错什么了?Hundreds of thousands with thoughts, interdiction.成百上千个想法被封锁Elyn, do you feel like youre dangerous to yourself or others?Elyn,你是不是觉得你对自己或他人很危险?I think you need to be in the hospital.我认为你应该待在医院里I could get you admitted right away, and the whole thing could be very discrete.我可以现在就让你被容纳进来,整个事情会变得十分分散.;Ha, ha, ha. Youre offering to put me in hospitals?哈哈哈,你想把我放在医院里?Hospitals are bad, theyre mad, theyre sad.医院是不好的,它们都疯了,它们都十分难过One must stay away. Im God, or I used to be.任何一个人都得远离医院.我就是上帝,或者我以前是.At that point in the text, where I said ;Im God, or I used to be,;在那个情况下,当我说;我是上帝,或者我以前是;的时候,my husband made a marginal note.我的丈夫在边上记了一笔He said, ;Did you quit or were you fired?;他问:;那你是退出了还是被开除了?;;I give life and I take it away.;我创造生命然后我拿走他们,Forgive me, for I know not what I do.原谅我吧,因为我不知道该做什么.;Eventually, I broke down in front of friends, and everybody convinced me to take more medication.最后,我在朋友面前倒塌了,然后每个人都想说我去继续用药物I could no longer deny the truth, and I could not change it.我再也不能否定事实了,而且我无法改变这样一个事实The wall that kept me, Elyn, Professor Saks,那堵隔离我,Elyn还有Saks教授的墙separate from that insane woman hospitalized years past, lay smashed and in ruins.;与那个疯女人住院的年头所隔离,在废墟中倒塌.;201603/433222陕西西安高新医院看脓肿多少钱

周至县肛肠痔疮内痔外痔混合痔治疗多少钱He grows in public stature as he sheds his loneliness and often his work deteriorates. 一个在稠人广众中成长起来的作家,虽然可以摆脱孤苦寂寥,但是他的作品却会流于平庸。For he does his work alone, and if he is a good enough writer, he must face eternity or the lack of it each day.而一个在孤寂中写作的作家,如果他又恰非等闲之辈,那他就必须面对永恒或者面对缺乏永恒的每一天。For a true writer, each book should be a new beginning where he tries again for something that is beyond attainment. 对于一个真正的作家来说,每一本书都应该成为他继续努力获得更高成就的新起点。He should always try for something that has never been done or that others have tried and failed. 他应该不断尝试去做那些从来没有人做过或者他人做过却失败了的事。Then sometimes, with good luck, he will succeed.这样他就有可能获得成功。How simple the writing of literature would be if it were only necessary to write in another way what has been well written. 若果仅仅是将已经写好的作品换另一种方法来重新诠释,那么文学创作就显得太轻而易举了。It is because we have had such great writers in the past that a writer is driven far out past where he can go, out to where no one can help him.过去曾经有过太伟大的作家以至于现在一个普通作家常常被他们逼人的光芒驱赶到远离他可能到达的境界,而陷于孤立无援的境地。I have spoken too long for a writer. A writer should write what he has to say and not speak it.作为一个作家,我已经讲得太多了。作家应该把他要说的话写下来,而不是说出来。 201608/461161西安521医院肛肠外科 电影学口语 Lesson 17:[海底总动员]You are on a diet【精片断】剪辑自《Finding Nemo》海底总动员Dory: I’m sorry, but if you could just bring it a little closer. I kind of(几分,有点) need the light. That’s great. Keep it right there.Marlin: Just it!Dory: Ok, ok! Mr. Bossy. Uh, “P.” OK. “P. Sher…Sher—P. Sher—P. Shirley? P.--” oh, the first line’s “P. Sherman.”Marlin: “P. Sherman” doesn’t make any sense!Dory: Ok. Second line. “42.”Marlin: Don’t eat me. Don’t eat me. Aah!Dory: Light, please! “Walla—walla--” The seond line’s 42 Wallaby Way.Marlin: That’s great. Speed . Take a guess. No pressure. No problem. There’s a lot of pressure. Pressure! Take a guess now with pressure!Dory: “Sydney”! It’s “Sydney”!Marlin: Duck(迅速俯身)!Dory: Aah!Marlin: I am dead, I am dead, I am dead, I am dead….(Marlin Laughs)Marlin: We did it, we did it. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. No eating here tonight, whoo! Dory.Dory: You are on a diet.Marlin: Dory! What did the mask say?Dory: P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney. I remembered what it said. I usually forget things, but I remembered it!Marlin: Whoa, whoa, wait. Where is that?Dory: I don’t know. But who cares? I remembered.【口语财富】1.I kind of need the light. 我需要一点光。2.Keep it right there. 别动!3.Mr. Bossy!“命令”先生(喜欢发号施令)!4.Duck! 马上俯身,快跑!5.No eating here tonight. 今天晚上你没晚餐!6.Speed . 快点读!7.You are on a diet. 你没饭吃了!8.It doesn’t make any sense! 没有什么作用!9.Light, please! (点灯)开灯! /200604/6493西电集团医院治疗肛窦炎价格

西安孕晚期便秘严重怎么办 The artist had very cleverly suggested people and clothes and wagons and all sorts of things,艺术家很聪明地暗示了人物和装,以及车马还有其他事物,and my brain had taken the suggestion.而我的大脑接受了这样的暗示。Youre familiar with a more recent technology, which is -- There,你们很熟悉一个更新的技术,就在--这个。you can get a better view of the blobs.你们可以更好地看到颗粒。See, when you get close theyre really just blobs of paint.看,当你移近时,他们就真的只是颜料粒。You will have seen something like this -- this is the reverse effect.你应该看过像这样的东西——相反的效果。Ill just give that to you one more time.我再来演示一次。Now, what does your brain do when it takes the suggestion?好,那么当你的大脑接受暗示时他做了什么呢?When an artful blob of paint or two, by an artist, suggests a person当艺术家的一两滴颜料粒暗示了一个人say, one of Marvin Minskys little society of mind比如,一个Marvin Minsky的小社会心态do they send little painters out to fill in all the details in your brain somewhere?难道他们把小画家送到你的脑子里来填充所有细节?I dont think so. Not a chance. But then, how on Earth is it done?我觉得不是。没有任何可能,不过那样的话,那这些又到底是怎么回事?Well, remember the philosophers explanation of the lady?还记得哲学家怎么解释那个被锯成两半的女士吗?Its the same thing.这是同一件事情。The brain just makes you think that its got the detail there.大脑只是让你确信它得到了那处细节。You think the details there, but it isnt there.你想着细节在那里,但是他不在。The brain isnt actually putting the detail in your head at all.大脑并没有把细节放入脑海中。Its just making you expect the detail.它只是让你期待细节。Lets just do this experiment very quickly.让我们快速地过下这个试验。Is the shape on the left the same as the shape on the right, rotated? Yes.左边的形状旋转后是不是与右边的完全相同?是的。How many of you did it by rotating the one on the left in your minds eye,多少人把左边的形状旋转了,在想象中,to see if it matched up with the one on the right?来看它是否与右边那个一致?How many of you rotated the one on the right? OK.有多少人旋转的是右边那个?好的。How do you know thats what you did?你怎么知道那就是你所作的?Theres in fact been a very interesting debate raging for over 20 years in cognitive science实际上这有个非常有趣的争论,在认知科学领域持续了20年various experiments started by Roger Shepherd,由Roger Shepherd开始的各种试验,who measured the angular velocity of rotation of mental images.他测量了人的意识中图像的旋转角速度。Yes, its possible to do that.是的,这是做得到的。But the details of the process are still in significant controversy.但是过程的细节还有着明显的争议。And if you that literature, one of the things that you really have to come to terms with is如果你阅读相关的文献,有件事情你一定要妥协的是even when youre the subject in the experiment, you dont know.即使你是实验对象,你也无从知道。You dont know how you do it.你不知道你是怎么做到的。You just know that you have certain beliefs.你只是知道你有特定的信念And they come in a certain order, at a certain time.他们在特定的时间以特定的顺序出现。And what explains the fact that thats what you think?那么,如何解释“那就是你所想的”这个事实呢?Well, thats where you have to go backstage and ask the magician.那,你就要到后台去问魔术师了。This is a figure that I love: Bradley, Petrie, and Dumais.这是我喜欢的图示:Bradley, Petrie,以及 Dumais。You may think that Ive cheated, that Ive put a little whiter-than-white boundary there.你可能觉得我在骗你,通过放置一些不显眼的边界。How many of you see that sort of boundary, with the Necker cube floating in front of the circles?多少人看到了那种边界,通过把内克尔方块放在圆圈的前面?Can you see it?你可以看到吗?Well, you know, in effect, the boundarys really there, in a certain sense.看起来,在特定情境下,是有边界的。Your brain is actually computing that boundary, the boundary that goes right there.你的大脑计算出了那种边界,让边界出现在那里。201607/455752阎良区治疗女性痔疮多少钱长安区治疗肛裂医院



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