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unit 29借钱dialogue英语情景对话A:Hello, Jenny. Whats the matter?A:你婷,詹妮。出什么事了?B:John, lm hard up at the moment. Could you lend me five hundred yuan? Ill return it to you early next month.B:约翰,我现在手头拮据。你能借我500块钱吗?下个月初我就还给你。A:No problem, Jenny. Are you sure five hundred is enough?A:没问题,詹妮。你肯定500块钱够了吗?B:Yes. Thank you so much.B:够了。非常感谢。 /201504/369590Todd: Now, Mike, you mentioned that you were blind. You couldnt see.托德:迈克,你之前说过你曾经有一段时间看不见东西。Mike: Right.迈克:对。Todd: So, explain what is like when youre blind?托德:请你说一下你看不见东西时是什么情况?Mike: Its pretty tough. Now for me, I was 90% sure that I would get my vision back because after the surgery, the doctors had eye surgery and the doctor told me that, you know, everything will be fine but now because of the post-operative bleeding in the eye, you wouldnt be able to see for a couple of months so I knew Id get my vision back but during that two months of not having vision it was pretty strange.迈克:那段时间非常艰难。我有90%的把握我能恢复视力,因为手术之后,为我进行眼部手术的医生告诉我,手术很顺利,但是因为术后眼睛充血,你会有几个月的时间看不到东西,所以我知道我会恢复视力,不过看不到东西的那两个月很难受。Todd: Did you ever have doubt, like, ;Oh, what if my eyesight doesnt come back?;托德:你有没有过怀疑,比如你有没有想过“哦,如果我的视力不能恢复怎么办?”Mike: Of course. Every day. Every day cause youd wake up, and in the morning, cause your.. when you fall asleep the blood gets mixed up in your eye. You wake up in the morning. Everything is completely cloudy and youre thinking, especially after like three or four weeks, I was thinking, ;Am I ever going to get my vision back?; like ; Whats going on? This is taking a long time. Its not getting better; and you start to worry.迈克:我当然有过怀疑。每天都在怀疑。因为每天早上起来的时候……晚上睡觉时眼睛里的充血会混在一起。第二天早上起来以后,眼前一片模糊,尤其是在这种情况持续了三四周以后,我就会想,“我的视力还能恢复吗?”或者“发生了什么事?这种情况已经持续很长时间了。情况并没有好转”然后就会开始担心。Todd: Right, right.托德:对,没错。Mike: So, typically, you do think what if Im stuck like this forever, you know, but... and I cant even play the piano like Steve Wonder, so you know.迈克:而且还会想如果我一直这样下去怎么办,我也不能像史提夫·汪达那样弹钢琴。Todd: Well, whats a daily routine like? Like is life more boring or do you have better sensations with sound and things like that? Like how is life different?托德:那时你每天做些什么事情?那时你的生活是不是很无聊,还是你的听觉或其他感官会更敏锐?生活有什么不同?Mike: I think, people say that, that you know, youre other senses build up when you are missing one of your other senses however I think it takes time to develop your... for your other senses to accommodate your sense thats lost, so in my case, I dont really think so. My hearing didnt necessarily become better or, you know, I couldnt suddenly smell something and go ;Chateau Lafite 1956.; It just didnt work out that way, so.迈克:人们都认为,如果你有一个感官有缺陷,那其他感官的能力就会加强,但是我认为需要时间来让其他感官去配合有缺陷的那个感官,我认为我的情况并不是这样。我的听力并没有变好,我也没有突然有了敏锐的嗅觉,我不能闻出那是1956年的之类的。这在我身上并不适用。Todd: You couldnt hear a dog five miles away?托德:你不能听出来五英里以外有只吗?Mike: No. No. No. Nothing like that. Nothing that good but, yeah.迈克:不,不能,并不能。这种我做不到。其他感官并没有那么强。Todd: Right.托德:好。Mike: A little tricky.迈克:有点难。Todd: You know, its funny thought that you mention that because remember when we were kids, like you always knew the sound of your car. You knew when you parents were home. Like, uh-oh, thats engine for dads car.;托德:其实听你这么说,想想有些可笑,你还记得我们小时候吗,那时你总能听见你家汽车的声音。这样你就知道你父母回来了。那时你能听出来,哦那是我爸爸的汽车引擎声。Mike: Dads home!迈克:爸爸回来了!Todd: I gotta stop screwing around.托德:我不能再胡闹了。Mike: Exactly. I gotta fix this broken vase.迈克:没错,我得把那个打破的花瓶修好。Todd: Right, so maybe thats it. Theres a fear element involved.托德:没错,可能因为那时还有恐惧因素存在。Mike: Yeah, but in general I think it was, I mean in my case, it wasnt. I didnt have any extra senses. My sixth sense didnt suddenly develop and I could see dead people. Nothing like that.迈克:对,我认为总的来说,我看不见时并没有觉得其他感官有增强。也没有激发出其他感官。我的第六感并没有什么改善,我也不能看见死人。什么都没有发生。Todd: Was the day boring? You know, were you bored?托德:那当时你的生活无聊吗?你无聊吗?Mike: Yeah, that was probably the hardest thing was just finding things to do. My mother got me an exercise bicycle so at least I could do a little bit of, you know, activities.迈克:无聊,那时最难的就是找事情做。我妈妈给我买了辆健身自行车,至少我还能做些运动。Todd: Oh, that is nice.托德:哦,那很好。Mike: Yeah, for sure. For sure. But I picked up a lot of audio books and listened to them.迈克:没错,很好。我还买了很多有声书听。Todd: Did you listen to elllo?托德:那你有听ello网站吗?Mike: Yeah, every day. Every day. My.. Cant you tell? My English has improved so much.迈克:有,每天都听,每天都有听。你没发现吗?我的英语进步了很多。Todd: Wow, it really works.托德:哇,这真的有用。Mike: Sure, I used to talk like this. (laughter) Yeah, but I did study Japanese actually so.迈克:当然了,我以前说话是这样的。(笑声)那时我也学习了日语。Todd: Oh, you did?托德:是吗?Mike: On audio tape, yeah.迈克:对,用录音带学习。Todd: Oh, cool, man, cool. Well, thanks for telling your story about being blind.托德:哦,酷,你太酷了。谢谢你和我们分享你看不见时的情况。Mike: My pleasure. I hope I never have to tell it again. I mean, I hope I never have to live through it again.迈克:不客气。我希望我再也不要讲这个经历了,我的意思是,我希望我再也不要经历这样的情况了。Todd: Definitely.托德:肯定不会了。Mike: Thanks.迈克:谢谢。 译文属 /201512/415818unit 32商务接机dialogue英语情景对话A:Excuse me, but are you Mr.Mattin from England?A:您好,请问您是英国来的马丁先生吗?B:Thats it. I am Joe Martin. You must be Zhang Yao from Beijing Tianfa Foreign Trade Co. Ltd.B:是啊,我是乔·马丁。您一定是北京天发对外贸易有限公司的张耀吧?A:Yes. Nice to meet you, Mr. Martin.A:正是,很高兴见到您,马丁先生。B:Nice to meet you too, Mr. Zhang. Now let me introduce my family. This is my wife, Mary, and this is my son, Tom.B:很高兴见到您,张先生。哦,让我来介绍一下我的家人,这是我的妻子玛丽,这是 我儿子汤姆。A:How do you do?A:你们好!C:How do you do, Mr.Zhang?C:您好!张先生。A:Let me help you with your luggage.A:我来帮您拿行李吧!B:No, thanks. I can manage it.B:不了,我能行,谢谢。A:Did you hcrve a good flight, Mr.Martin?A:旅途愉快吗,马丁先生?B:Wonderful! Nice food and good service. But how long will it take us to get to the hotel?B:很愉快,食物美味,务也不错。请问我们多久才能到达宾馆?A:About 45 minutes ride. Our car is waiting over there. Lets go.A:大约45分钟的车程。我们的车在那边等着呢,走吧! /201504/369734

1. They need to resume contract negotiations today.他们今天必须重新进行合约谈判。还能这样说:They should renew the contract talks today.They should start the negotiation afresh today.应用:void contract 无效契约2. They will begin another round of negotiations tomorrow.他们明天将开始另一轮的谈判。还能这样说:Another negotiation will start tomorrow.They will have a new round of talks tomorrow.应用:round off 除去……的角,使……变圆;使……完美;完结(文章)3. Listening is very important in international business negotiations.倾听是国际商务谈判的一项重要活动。还能这样说:Listening plays an important part in the international business negotiations.Listening takes an important event during the international business negotiations.谚语:When the weasel and the cat make a marriage, it is a very ill presage.黄鼠狼和猫结亲,不是好事情。4. Both sides refused to come to the negotiating table.双方都拒绝谈判。还能这样说:Both sides disagreed to go on the negotiations.Neither side would like to come to the negotiating table.应用:on the table 人尽皆知的,已成为公开讨论的 /201503/361719

8.The shipment Dialogue8.装运和运输 对话Steven is talking the shipment terms with the customer.史蒂文正和客户谈论运输条件。Steven: How would you like this order shipped?史蒂文:这批货您要怎么运送?Customer: Send it by the fastest way.客户:以最快的方式。Steven: Are you going to ship this by air? That might cost a little more.史蒂文:这批货你要用空运的吗? 那样恐怕要多花点钱。Customer: How much?客户:多少钱?Steven: Ill check the costs and call you back.史蒂文:我查一下费用再给您回电。Customer: OK.客户:好的。 /201512/416386

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