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大渡口怀孕前要去医院检查吗重庆第八医院人流要多少钱江北输卵管一边不通 In announcing Facebook#39;s deal to acquire the mobile-messaging app WhatsApp for billion, Mark Zuckerberg said he#39;s #39;known Jan for a long time.#39; The rest of us, particularly people in the U.S., aren#39;t as familiar.在宣布Facebook以190亿美元收购移动消息应用公司WhatsApp的交易时,扎克伯格(Mark Zuckerberg)说他很久以前就认识简#8226;库姆(Jan Koum)。但其他人,尤其是美国人,对简#8226;库姆可能不是那么熟悉。Jan Koum co-founded WhatsApp along with Brian Acton, a former colleague at Yahoo, and is the mobile-messaging company#39;s chief executive. He is taking on another big role: a Facebook board member.简#8226;库姆和他当年在雅虎(Yahoo)的同事布莱恩#8226;埃克顿(Brian Acton)共同创建了WhatsApp,并担任这家移动消息应用公司的首席执行长。库姆即将担任另一个重要职务:Facebook的董事。But on his LinkedIn page, the 37-year-old Koum flies more under-the-radar. He lists himself as a QA tester and a senior tweet manager. If you want to know much more, he suggests, go see Brian#39;s profile. During his decade at Yahoo, he worked in infrastructure and security engineering. By his own admission in listing his education -- barely graduating from MVHS in 1995 and dropping out of San Jose State University -- he had other things on his mind.但在LinkedIn的个人主页上,现年37岁的库姆有着更多不引人注目头衔和经历。资料显示他说自己是一名质量保检测员以及资深推特管理员。他建议,如果想了解他的更多情况,不妨去看看布莱恩的资料。库姆在雅虎的10年任职于基础设施和安全工程部门。他在介绍自己学历时承认,在学校就读的时候满脑子里装的都是其他事。他1995年勉强从山景城高中(MVHS)毕业,后来从圣何塞州立大学(San Jose State University)辍学。Like its founder, WhatsApp is a quiet company. Sequoia says WhatsApp didn#39;t spend a single penny on marketing and is a veritable stranger in the U.S. -- there is #39;no other home grown technology company that#39;s so widely loved overseas and so under appreciated at home,#39; the venture-capital firm said.和其创立者一样,WhatsApp也是个不事声张的公司。红杉资本(Sequoia Capital )称,WhatsApp没有在营销上花一分钱,在美国是个十足的生面孔。这家风投公司称,还没有其他一家本土科技公司在海外广受青睐却在自己的国家默默无闻。Not that WhatsApp didn#39;t toot its horn: Every two months the company announced its latest leap in monthly active users, usually to the tune of another 50 million. At last count, it had about 450 million active users.但并不是说WhatsApp自己取得的成就不显赫:每两个月该公司就会发布每月的新增活跃用户数,通常的增量为5,000万。最新数据显示,目前WhatsApp的活跃用户已经达到约4.5亿。In a December update, Koum said his company#39;s focus was on messaging and only messaging -- no games, no advertising, no gimmicks. WhatsApp wants #39;to get out of the way. We want to let people have a conversation.#39;在去年12月公布最新数据时,库姆说,他的公司关注的是消息,也只有消息,不是游戏,不是广告,不是华而不实的东西。他说,WhatsApp希望放弃不必要的东西,让人们顺利交流。In a Tumblr post on the deal Wednesday, WhatsApp investor Sequoia Capital talked about how Koum#39;s experience emigrating to the U.S. as a 16-year-old, and desire to keep in touch with family back in Russia and Ukraine, helped shape his focus on conversations.WhatsApp的投资者红杉资本周三在Tumblr上发文宣布上述交易时,提及了库姆以前的一段经历,说他16岁移民到美国时,非常渴望与远在俄罗斯和乌克兰的家人保持联络,这使他非常重视对话和交流。Last May, Koum spent 30 minutes onstage at the D: Dive Into Mobile conference in New York. He talked through why the company was averse to advertising and selling the company (he said as much again months later), and why the app means so much to different people.去年5月,库姆在纽约D: Dive Into Mobile大会上发表了30分钟的演讲。当时他讲到了为什么WhatsApp对广告和把公司出售非常反感(几个月之后他又说了这样的话),以及为什么这个应用对于各类人群都有非常重要的意义。 /201402/276704After an uncharacteristic deceleration in 2012, the world’s largest car market is again growing at a double-digit clip, writes Tom Mitchell in Beijing.在2012年增长罕见放缓之后,中国作为全球第一大汽车市场的增速再次达到了两位数的水平。LMC Automotive, a consultancy, estimates that January to September sales of passenger vehicles in China increased 15 per cent to almost 12m units. That compares with expected growth of less than 8 per cent in the US for 2013, and projected year-on-year declines in Brazil, Russia, India, Germany and Japan.市场研究咨询机构LMC Automotive估计,今年1至9月中国乘用车的销售量增长了15%,达到约1200万辆。而2013年美国市场的增幅预计不足8%,巴西、俄罗斯、印度、德国、日本市场预计将出现同比下降。China’s four richest urban centres seem to be overwhelmed with traffic congestion and related pollution issues.中国最富裕的四大城市——北京、上海、广州和深圳面对严重的交通堵塞以及相关污染问题,似乎无能为力。But Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen are just at the point where car ownership traditionally begins to take off – when per capita GDP reaches ,000. According to Synergistics, another automotive consultancy, that figure in China’s “big four” regional car markets now stands at more than ,700.但它们正处在汽车保有量通常将开始快速上升的拐点,即人均国内生产总值(GDP)达到1万美元。另一家汽车行业咨询公司Synergistics指出,中国四大地区性汽车市场的人均GDP现已超过了12700美元。Moreover, manufacturers are turning their attention to the smaller cities where more than 80 per cent of the country’s 1.3bn people live and per capita GDP is only about ,000.另外,汽车制造商们开始将注意力转向中小城市,目前中国13亿人口中超过80%的人在中小城市居住,这些地区的人均GDP仅为约4000美元。,“Congestion and pollution issues might have a negative effect [on growth in China’s largest cities], but [smaller cities] still have a lot of potential,” says Ray Bierzynski, executive vice-president of General Motor’s joint venture with SAIC Motor and Wuling Auto in Guangxi province. “Our expansion has got to be in those areas.”白雷蒙(Ray Bierzynski)是通用汽车(General Motor)与上汽集团(SAIC Motor)和五菱汽车(Wuling Auto)在广西省成立合资企业的执行副总裁。他表示:“交通拥堵和污染问题或对中国一线城市的汽车销售增长带来负面影响,但中小城市仍有很大潜力。我们必须在中小城市谋求增长。”In volume terms, GM is the second most successful multinational car company operating in China. Its various joint ventures with SAIC, First Auto Works and Wuling sold more than 1.1m passenger vehicles over the first three quarters of this year, compared with Volkswagen’s almost 1.9m.按销售量计算,通用汽车在进入中国市场的跨国汽车公司中排行第二。今年前三季度,通用汽车与上汽集团、一汽 (First Auto Works)以及五菱组建的多家合资企业的乘用车销售量超过了110万辆,同期大众汽车(Volkswagen)的销量约为190万辆。Analysts attribute GM’s and VW’s success in China to aggressive localisation of production, research and development – a tactic that automakers at the luxury end of the spectrum are also adopting.分析师将通用汽车与大众汽车在中国取得的成功,归因于积极的本地化生产和研发——这一策略也被豪华汽车生产商所采用。Daimler formally opened an engine plant in Beijing in November – its first outside Germany – that will eventually export components to Europe.今年11月,戴姆勒(Daimler)正式在北京开设了一家引擎生产厂——这是其在德国以外地区设立的首家引擎厂,并且最终将向欧洲出口零部件。Yet China has yet to emerge as a significant automotive exporter as Japan and Korea did before it, especially to the US and Europe. Over the first eight months of this year, China’s vehicle exports fell three per cent over the same period in 2012 to just 500,000 units.但中国尚未像日本和韩国那样,成为举足轻重的汽车出口国,特别是面向美国和欧洲市场的出口。今年前八个月,中国的汽车出口量相对于上年同期下降了3%,仅为50万辆。 /201312/268909重庆医科大学附属第二医院精液检查

云阳奉节巫山县看妇科哪家医院最好的重庆爱德华医院治疗前列腺炎多少钱 KEEPING drugs, and particularly vaccines, potent in tropical climes is a challenge. Heat tends to damage them. Such medicines have therefore to be moved from one refrigerator to another, along what is referred to as a cold chain, until they arrive at the clinics where they are to be administered. Fridges, however, are expensive. They also require electricity, which is not always available-or is available only unreliably-in the poorer parts of the world. As a consequence, breaks in cold chains are estimated by the World Health Organisation to destroy almost half of the vaccines produced around the world.由于高温容易导致药效降低,因此,如何在炎热的气候中保持药品(尤其是疫苗)的药效一直是一个难题。为了保药效,人们不得不沿着一条“低温链”把药品从一个冰箱转移到另一个冰箱,直至送抵相应的诊所。然而,使用冰箱一方面成本太高,另一方面,在一些贫困地区常常没有电力供应。(有些地区虽然有电,但是电力不稳定)。世界卫生组织预计,若低温链断裂,全世界近一半的疫苗都将彻底失效。Some vaccines can be freeze-dried, which helps. But even when treated in this way, their lifetime out of the fridge is limited. Ways of keeping drugs and vaccines stable at tropical temperatures would therefore be welcome. And David Kaplan of Tufts University, in Massachusetts, thinks he has found one. Put simply, he and his colleagues have worked out how to pack medicines into tiny silk pouches, in a manner that makes them almost indifferent to heat.一些疫苗能通过冷冻干燥的方式进行保存,但尽管如此,如果没有冰箱,这些疫苗的存活时间也非常有限。因而,人们一直希望能够发明出能在高温天气中保存药物和疫苗的方法。马萨诸塞州塔夫茨大学的David Kaplan认为他已经找到了一个解决办法。简单地来说,David Kaplan和他的同事研究出了一种将药物包裹在蚕丝小袋中的方法,通过这种方法,能将药物与热量几乎完全隔绝开来。Dr Kaplan and his team describe their technique in a recent issue of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. They start with silkworm cocoons-the raw material for almost all silk production. They boil the cocoons in a solution of sodium carbonate to separate a protein called fibroin, which is the one they want, from another, called sericin, which they do not. They treat the fibroin with salt, then mix it with the substance to be preserved and sp the result out as films, before freeze-drying it. The resulting films consist of a fibroin matrix filled with tiny pockets a few hundred nanometres (billionths of a metre) across. These pockets contain the medicine.Kaplan士和他的小组在最近一期美国《国家科学研究院学报》中介绍了他们的技术方法。他们使用的原料是人们制作几乎任何丝绸产品都要用到的东西——蚕茧。他们们将蚕茧放入煮沸的碳酸钠溶液中加热,从而分离出他们想要的物质——一种称作丝心蛋白的蛋白质,而剩下的丝胶则被去除。他们将丝心蛋白用盐处理后,与需要保存的药物进行混合,之后将混合物平铺成薄膜,最后将其冻干。制作完成的薄膜以丝心蛋白为基质,上面布满了直径只有几百纳米(十亿分之一米)的小袋,而药物就储存在这些小袋里。Packaging delicate medicines in this way does, indeed, help preserve them. It immobilises the molecules, preventing them from unfolding and thus losing their potency. It also minimises residual moisture even better than normal freeze-drying. Dr Kaplan and his team demonstrated the effectiveness of their new technique by trying it out on the MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine.这种新的方法确实能有效的保存那些易变质的药物——由于药物中的分子被固定,无法展开,因而药效就得以保持。同时,和普通的冷冻干燥法相比,这种方法方法也能更有效的减少药物中残存水分。Kaplan士和他的小组在MMR疫苗(麻疹、腮腺炎和风疹的联合疫苗)上实验了他们的方法,结果明,该方法十分有效。Prolonged storage at just 25°C will cause even the freeze-dried version of MMR to break down. After six months it retains only 60-75% of its potency. If kept for that length of time at 45°C (extreme, but not unknown in the tropics) it is practically worthless. When stored using Dr Kaplan’s silk sheets, however, it was still about 85% potent after six months, regardless of temperature.在25℃的环境中,当储存时间过长时,即使已使用冷冻干燥法处理过的MMR疫苗也会分解。在此环境中保存6个月后,疫苗药效降低至原来的60%到75%。将疫苗放在45℃的环境中(该温度并不常见,但在热带地区仍然存在)保存同样的时间后,疫苗已完全失效。然而使用Kaplan的方法进行保存的疫苗在六个月后依然保持了约85%药效,且丝毫不受温度的影响。When the researchers tried the same trick with tetracycline, a commonly prescribed antibiotic, they got similar results. Tetracycline stored at body temperature lost 80% of its potency after four weeks in ordinary solution, but lost none when stored in silk films. The new technique also worked with penicillin. Moreover, fibroin is harmless to people-silk is, after all, often used in sutures-so there is little risk of adverse side-effects. It probably does not matter if some silk gets into a vaccine when it is dissolved in water prior to inoculation.研究者们又在人们经常使用的四环素和盘尼西林上进行了同样的实验,结果也不出意料。将四环素保存在普通溶液中并置于体温环境,四个星期后药效已损失80%,但用蚕丝薄膜进行保存的四环素未收任何影响。不仅如此,,由于丝心蛋白对人体不会产生伤害(蚕丝常被用于伤口的缝合),因此不用担心会产生不良的副作用。在接种疫苗时,只需将蚕丝小袋放入水中溶解,即可取出疫苗,即使有少量蚕丝混入疫苗中也不必担心。That said, the vaccines and antibiotics stored in this new way have yet to be tested on people. That is the next step. But if they work, this new trick will help save lives being needlessly lost in some of the poorest parts of the world.虽然用新方法保存的疫苗和抗生素还未在人体中进行过试验(人体试验将是研究者们下一步的计划),但如果药物能够起效,这种新的储存方法将在许多极度贫困的地区发挥巨大作用,减少不必要的死亡。 /201209/198536北碚女人孕前检查

重庆专业治疗宫颈糜烂的妇科医院 For some retailers that rely on emailed promotions, Google Inc. is adding insult to injury. 对一些依赖电子邮件促销的零售商来说,谷歌(Google Inc.)正在他们的伤口上撒盐。 When the search giant overhauled its free email service three months ago, it set up algorithms to automatically siphon the flow of airfare offers and spa deals away from users#39; main inboxes and into an easily bypassed #39;Promotions#39; folder. 三个月前这家搜索引擎巨头对其免费电子邮件务进行改革时,该公司建立了一个功能,可以自动将提供优惠机票和水疗务的邮件从用户主要收件夹中挑出来,然后放到一个很容易被忽略的“推广”文件夹中。 But there is another wrinkle: For Gmail users that do visit those Promotions folders, the first items they see will often be ads sold by Google. 但还有另外的波折:那些会点开“推广”文件夹的用户看到的通常会是由谷歌销售的广告。 The ads are different from those that aly appear inside users#39; opened messages. Instead, they look like emails sitting in an inbox but are shaded yellow and feature informational #39;i#39; icons explaining their purpose. Marketers still complain that the ads threaten to draw attention away from the coupons and pitch emails they want their targets to first. 这些广告不同于已经在用户打开的信息中出现的那些。相反,它们看上去像是收件箱里的电子邮件,但以黄色阴影标出,并有“i”的小图标解释其用途。营销人员仍在抱怨,这些广告有可能构成威胁,让用户不再关注他们希望目标客户首先阅读的优惠和推销邮件。 #39;People are not very amused by those,#39; said Tom Monaghan, product manager for the email service at marketing service HubSpot Inc. 营销务公司HubSpot Inc.的电子邮件务产品经理莫内根(Tom Monaghan)说,人们不太喜欢这些东西。 Google shows no more than two inbox ads per user, spokeswoman Andrea Freund said. Some users#39; inboxes showed no ads after Google tightened its #39;quality thresholds#39; for targeting the messages. 谷歌发言人弗罗因德(Andrea Freund)说,谷歌向每名用户展示的收件箱广告不超过两则。在谷歌收紧信息定位的“质量门槛”之后,一些用户的收件箱没有显示广告。 #39;Our goal was to put them someplace that was more relevant, and we thought that was the promotions tab,#39; she said. #39;When you#39;re looking at promotions, you#39;re looking for deals,#39; she added. #39;We do try to clearly label them as ads.#39; 她说:我们的目标是将这些广告放在更为相关的地方,我们认为“推广”文件夹就是这样一个合适的地方。当你将目光放在推广上的时候,也就是在寻找交易。我们确实试图清楚地将它们标记为广告。 If past software updates are any indication, Google will likely t carefully as it introduces the new inbox ads, according to Ben Chestnut, chief executive of email marketing service MailChimp. Too many ads could alienate users, he said. 电子邮件营销务MailChimp的首席执行长切斯特纳特(Ben Chestnut)说,参考以前的软件更新情况来看,谷歌推出新的收件箱广告时可能会小心行事。他说,广告太多可能让用户反感。 The ads are compounding the concern over the changes to Gmail, which has more than 425 million active users and a significant chunk of the world#39;s free email accounts, according to market researcher comScore. Though Gmail users can#39;t see the changes when accessing their messages on iPhones, Google#39;s Web mail application is widely used on desktops. Ms. Freund said more than half of all users have the updated Gmail layout, which the company has been gradually rolling out since May. 这些广告加剧了对于Gmail变化的担忧。据市场研究机构comScore的数据,Gmail拥有逾4.25亿活跃用户,在世界免费电子邮件账户中也占据了极大份额。虽然Gmail用户通过iPhone访问邮件时看不到这些变化,但谷歌的网页版邮件应用在台式电脑上应用十分普遍。弗罗因德说,一半以上的用户升级了Gmail的版式,谷歌自5月以来一直在逐步推出这种布局设计。 Prolific emailers like Delta Air Lines Inc., Gap Inc., Gilt Groupe Inc. and Groupon Inc. have sent step-by-step instructions to their mailing lists on how to move messages out of the Promotions tab and back to Gmail#39;s #39;Primary#39; folder. 像达美航空公司(Delta Air Lines Inc.)、Gap Inc.、Gilt Groupe Inc.和Groupon Inc.等发送较多电子邮件的企业向其邮寄对象发送了如何将信息从“推广”文件夹移回“主要”文件夹的详细指导。 Marketers fear the new system could sp and put an unwanted kink in a tried-and-true method of driving sales, not to mention business models that rely on emailed coupons. 市场营销人员担心这个新系统可能对一个已经检验明可靠的营销方式产生和扩散一种不利的影响,更不用说依靠电子邮件优惠券的商业模式了。 Google redesigned its service to help users manage email overload, Ms. Freund said. Users can reroute emails they want to land in their regular inbox with a simple drag-and-drop, or by going back to the old layout altogether. 弗罗因德说,谷歌重新设计其电子邮件务,旨在帮助用户管理过多的邮件。用户只要通过简单的拖拽或者完全回到原先的设计模式就可以让一些他们希望看到的邮件出现在他们常用的收件夹中。 The shift appears to have made a noticeable but small impact on the rate at which recipients open marketers#39; pitches. MailChimp last month found the percentage of emails that were opened by its 3 million customers fell by about 1 percentage point for Gmail, to between 12% and 13%. 这一改变似乎对收件者打开营销人员发送的电子邮件的比例产生了值得注意、但尚且较小的影响。MailChimp上个月发现,其300万个客户打开的Gmail邮件数量占其发送的Gmail邮件数量的比例下降了1个百分点,至12%-13%。 Analysis from HubSpot showed the percentage of Gmail users who opened clients#39; emails slid slightly over the summer, though activity spiked during the weekends. Open rates have declined at the same slow rate since April, suggesting user engagement is suffering from too many emails rather than Gmail. HubSpot的分析显示,夏季期间,打开其客户电子邮件的Gmail用户比例略微下降,但周末期间则增加。4月份以来这个比例一直在以这样缓慢的速度下降,说明这种情况是邮件太多导致的,而不是Gmail调整导致的。 #39;There#39;s a little bit of Chicken Little happening right now over this,#39; Mr. Monaghan said. 莫内根说,目前发生的情况有点像电影《四眼天鸡》(Chicken Little)的情节,掉个果子就以为天要塌下来了。 /201308/252946长寿江津区输卵管再通术哪家医院最好的重庆宫颈糜烂手术得多少钱



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