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猫和老鼠(The cat and the mouse) -- :9: 来源: 猫和老鼠(The cat and the mouse)  one day, cat is in the basket. it's very lazy. it is sleeping. now the cat's food is beside the cat. one mouse is very hungry. it is eating the cat's food. the cat's food is so yummy.  the cat wakes up. he is behind the mouse. he wants to catch the mouse. so,he is chasing the mouse. the mouse is afraid. he jumps onto the door. but, the door is high. the cat can't catch the mouse. the mouse is under the chair now. it is running.the cat still can't catch the mouse. the mouse runs fast. it runs into the hole. the hole is small. but, the cat is big. it can't go into the hole. so, the cat is angry and tired. it is crying. it's very sad. but the mouse is very happy!登山(Climbing Mountains) -- :18:36 来源: 登山(Climbing Mountains)  We had a seven-day holiday May Day. So my family and I went to climb Country Mountain.We went there by my father's car. It took about an hour. It was long and dull.  At about nine o’clock, we began to climb the mountain. We enjoyed it and we didn't feel tired at all. We sang and chatted while we were climbing the mountain.  When we got to the top of the mountain, we found ourselves sweating and out of breathe. We sat on the stones in the sunshine to have a rest. There were many pine trees around us.  The grass was getting green; the wind was soft and fresh. Everything was so beautiful that all of us couldn't help shouting to the mountain loudly, “We love nature!”

Elephants 大象 -- :1:3 来源: Elephants 大象  Elephants are the biggest animals on land. They have long noses, and we call the noses trunks. Elephants use their trunks to get food and put the food into their mouths. Elephants have very long and strong teeth. and we call the teeth tusks.  People in some countries teach elephants how to work man. Elephants use their trunks and tusks to pull trees along and lift heavy logs.  Most of the children like elephants, because they think elephants are kind and friendly.大象是陆地上最大的动物象长着长长的鼻子,我们叫它象鼻象用象鼻取得食物,然后放到嘴里象长着又长有坚硬的牙,我们叫它象牙有些国家人们教大象为人干活象用鼻和牙拖树,举起沉重的圆木大多数孩子喜欢大象,因为它们认为大象温和,友好

苍山洱海英文导游词 -- :0:30 来源: 苍山洱海英文导游词  Fellow friends: Hello! Toured the Dali old city, initially has feltthis humanities landscape profoundness; Now we watch the CangshanErhai, understands the Dali's America of scenery.   First, we ride the yacht to go to the Erhai park. The Erhai park othername group mountain park, is l ocated the Hsiakuan city northeast kilometers place groups mountains. North it near ocean waves Wan QingErhai, west and Cangshan SouthEnd setting sun peak relative. WhenNanzhao country, here is king's deer park. In 1976 here newly wardedoff the park, Occupiesdi 1,600 Chinese acres. On the mountain has thezoo and the plant nursery flower-bed, broadly plants the Dali areaeach kind of precious flower different plant, is very good rests placeof the tour.   Now the pleasure boat to the Erhai park near the sea causeway, we cameashore to the ship, this is under the group foot of a hill Binhai tourarea along 70 multistage stone steps AscendsLevel on, we arrive the summit.Everybody looked that, this Curls upwardsAngle upturned eave pavilion is looks thesea building, the eave hangs from above the plaque, submits a writtenstatement: Jade Er silver dark green ", the black bottom goldcharacter, vigorous is classically elegant, it is the Chinese inadmiration of somebody's fame painter Wu Zuoren's writing skill. Looksthe sea building is understands "the jade Er silver dark green"happiest extent, leans against a railing looks out into the distance:East side Erhai vast, boundless, west Cangshan is continuous,luxuriant is gray.   Fellow friends, let us go on board once more, roams through to Erhaiin. But I first must to everybody introduction be actually amCangshan. merly, we in the Dali city, under on the dark green footof a hill road, have not been able to look at carefully the Cangshangrand appearance well. Just like the ancient said "does not know thetruth about the matter, only reason body in this mountain"; Looks thesea building in the Erhai park, the angle of view Inclines, also onlycan see the Cangshan terminal. Now, unceasingly leads the way alongwith the pleasure boat, in our eye Cangshan is not clearer? Somepeople said that, a Hengduan pulse condition great arm, the plateau extended west Yunnan from "the roof of the world" to thesouth, Cangshan was in this world famous sierra a cloud range branch.   Cangshan, also names the Diancang, is green because of its mountaincolor, the mountain apex acquires fame in vain. Cangshan altogetherhas 19 peaks. This 19 peaks from the north to the south order are: Thecloud makes, green, five, the lotus flower, the white clouds, thecrane cloud, three positive, the blue peak, the snowman, should behappy, the Goddess of Mercy, center and, Longquan, the jade   bureau,Malone, the saint should, Buddha go against, Ma Er, the setting sun.In 19 peaks, the Malone peak is highest, elevation , meters. TheCangshan 19 peaks, two peaks clamp a brook, altogether 18 brooks; Eastthe mountain stream flows, pours into Erhai, 18 brooks from north tosouth, the base arrangement is: South the rosy cloud moves, Wan Hua,the positive brook, the awn wells up, the brocade brook, the spiritspring, the white stone, the double mandarin duck, hides the immortal,Mei Xi, the peach brook, center the brook, the emerald, Longxi, clearblue, remnant, Pavilion mouth, is not positive.   The Cangshan scenery by the snow, the cloud, SpringStone is famous. I firstintroduce Cangshan to everybody the snow. After the summer needlessCangshan snow, is Dali "the love affair" four given names scenery. Thesnow white Cangshan snow, all previous dynasties literatiapproves the refined language quite a lot, the folklore also many. Thethe Ming Dynasty writer Li Yuanyang once praised: "Date Li Cangshansnow, Precioustai 19 peaks". 苍山洱海 英文导游词

  人A Sunny Day Party -- :: 来源: 人A Sunny Day PartyA:Rabbit B:Mountain C: Tree D: RiverSummary This story talks about some nature members want to have a party one day. But the party becomes a condem.Prologue:(The voice-over) It’s a beautiful sunny day! A little white rabbit jump out of her hole and run here and there happily. Then the story begins……ACT 1:Rabbit: Hello everybody! I’m the rabbit. I’m looking someone else to have a party because, you know, a sunny day like this is hard to meet these days. I’ve not see it several weeks!River: (Flowing in the desktop now and saying) I’m the river. I’m enjoy myself andyou can feel it from my song:“一条大河,波浪宽,风吹稻花香两岸……”(The rabbit step ward and interrupt him)Rabbit: Hello River! Nice to meet you.River: Nice to meet you too.Rabbit: What are you doing here?River: Just singing,“一条大河……”(Look at Rabbit) and y to go!Rabbit: Wait! Wait!River: Um? Is there anything I can do you?Rabbit: Would you please have a party with me?River: Have a party?(愕然,look at her, then laugh) A river with a little grey rabbit?Rabbit: I’m white, not grey! (angrily) You look!River: Oh! Are you white? (look around) But there’s grey in my eyes!Rabbit: No! you can’t say that!River: Ok, ok! You say there’s a party?Rabbit: (turn to smile) Yeah, I think we can raise a party!River: (laugh) To raise a party need several people. And there can be several!Rabbit: We can invite other guys to join us! There comes from one to two.River: (think) Ok, let’s go!ACT :(Mountain and Tree 上)Mountain: I’m the Mountain, not a hill. So, there are so many trees here with me,(骄傲地) and……Tree: Okay, okay! (转向大家) Morning everyone, I’m the Tree—an old tree a hundred years. (turn the face to Mountain) So, I’m owned by you, er?Mountain: Yeah, yeah….That’s what I want to say….(不好意思地冲Tree笑忽然看见Rabbit和River上来,就告诉Tree:) Oh,look! Who’s coming?All: (to each other) Nice to meet you!Mountain: (to Rabbit) You two come here ……Rabbit: …to raise a party! Can you join us?Mountain: Okay, but….(look at Tree)Tree: Um, ….(look all and think a while) Okay!(smile)….as there’s nothing to do today.Rabbit: (jump)Great, great! (laugh to River)I have told you: Several come from one to two!River: Yeah, I believe it!Rabbit: Then, (to all) why not find a cool place to sit down and, get enough foods and drinks, and we chatting, singing, and dancing?All: It’s easy! (smile)Mountain: I can offer delicious fruits.Tree: I can give you shadow.River: I can make a lake. You can drink or fish if you like!Rabbit: Woo! Impossible! Everything is y!Tree: Okay, we can begin now! Everybody must give us a show including singing, dancing, or just give us an interesting story. (to All) Do you agree?All: Yes!Tree: Then, (to All), Who’s the first?All: You--are the boss!Tree: Um….ok! (to mountain) How about you?Mountain: I have so many things to do such as prepare fruits you….Tree: Then….what about you, River?River: Oh, no! I want to do some fishing but, you know, the fish is few and fewer these days. So, I need some time….Tree: Then….what about you, Rabbit?Rabbit: No! I am the youngest one….you know….Tree: You are all Chinese!(angrily) This is the English class, why not be voluntary?(鼓励)Rabbit: I’d like to be the first!(高兴地)Mountain: Good! Let our pretty grey Rabbit be the first!Rabbit: (生气) How can you say that? Look, I’m white!All: (众笑,互相议论: Is her white? No ! haha….When the Rabbit look at them, they all become quite. Then, )Rabbit: I want to sing a song to you named …………………..All: (All applause.) Great!Mountain: (大惊失色)Oh my god! Wind comes again! He wants to carry my soil!All: Don’t worry! We will protect you!Tree: Actually, man has done too much to the earth! They should consider the consequence bee they do that! (All nod)Tree: Many foolish Chinese people cut their trees—my friends—to make one-off chopsticks and freight to Japan. Japan, you know, have a ests covering ratio of 65% which is 5 times to China. They bade cutting their own est but importing billion pairs of one-off chopsticks every year from China. And there’s 500 thousand of my friends were fell every year because of this!(weeping, 擦眼泪)All: Faint! (众安慰)Don’t cry anymore.Rabbit: Really? How disgusting they are! I hate Japanese! I really hate it!River: I hate those foolish Chinese people!Mountain: The overexploitation is not only to trees. They exploit us too much temporary interests and left garbage everywhere! Mountains become empty.River: Yeah, yeah, as what I said just now, there’s fewer kind of fishes here day by day because of overexploitation too! I haven’t got one piece of fish till now!Rabbit: I’d rather not to eat fish today…..All: (低头沉思状)Tree: And all kinds of factories released noxious gases and detritus into the atmosphere which made us grow hard!River: And dumped toxic wastes into us—the rivers! All my fish were hurt seriously, even die out! (weep, 擦眼泪)All: (众安慰)Don’t cry again.River: And the domestic sewage! They are not treated bee flow to me! And all kinds of pesticides flow to me since they are undegradable.All: (低头沉思状)Rabbit: Yes! The smoke and dust in air made my white cloth become grey day by day! Even black! All my It’s impossible me to become white again! (weep, 擦眼泪)All: (众安慰)It’ll be better some day.Mountain: I heard that many yellow powders were insufflated to the lawn of the Summer Palace when the film The Promise was taken. And it made there years to become a little green! Also, the famous beauty spot Shangre-La’s碧沽天池 was destroyed too! It needs 3 to 5 years to comeback!Rabbit: That’s terrible!River: Underground water has been contaminated as a result if agricultural waste.Rabbit: Green house effects make our earth become wormer and wormer. I can not see ice column in my hometown any more, which I often play in my childhood!Mountain: They cut all my trees (to Tree) except you and the wind often tease me and make me sick.All: What sick do you have?Mountain: Soil erosion!(weep, 擦眼泪) 教育城外语网http:www.edu.cnwylwyjywjbAll: (众安慰)Don’t cry anymore.Tree: Yes, man must do something to us since they want to develop the economic.Rabbit: But man cannot deal with the conflict between economic growth and environmental protection very well.All: Right.Rabbit: We Rabbit are timid by nature and we cannot endure too much noise. But Man’s machine make noise pollution, cause many of my friends died!(愤怒)All: (皆怒)How can they do that!Tree: I think the relationship between human and us should be friendly.River: But they don’t think so!All: (低头沉思状) Mankind believe that they can conquer over the nature, but they never done!River: Okay, let’s take revenge on human, how do you think?Tree: I agree! Since they killed so many friend of me including my brothers and sisters!Rabbit: My parents are all killed by human!Mountain: I’m so sick because of human’s hurt!All: Come on! Let’s call more and more people to fight against human being! 英语 话剧 剧本

  有趣的图片(The fun picture) --5 :: 来源: 有趣的图片(The fun picture)  let me say something about the picture.  there are two tall trees in it. under the tree there is a long chair. and there is an old man ing about swimming. near the old man, there is a boy painting. i think he loves painting very much. next to the painting boy, there are two boys playing football. they are happy. but the football is in the river. near the river, there are three children fishing. they go fishing about twice a week and they always go to the people’s park. they like fishing. in the river, there is clear water and some fish swimming in it. the sky is clear, the sun is shining brightly, the weather is warm.. there are two birds flying in the sky, they are happy. wow, that is a fun picture!  dear friends, can you draw the picture?。

  Future Robot -- :57: 来源: Future RobotHello! I’m a future robot. My name is mini. I have two small eyes, a small nose and a very big mouth. I can and write, and I can speak Chinese and English. I can play football, basketball and badminton quite well. And I can sing and dance very well! But I can’t run and swim. I always cook the breakfast my master. My master is Sally. She is a pretty girl. She plays hopscotch very well.I love my master very much.

  一个繁忙的星期天(a busy sunday) -- :: 来源: 一个繁忙的星期天(a busy sunday)  hi, i'm shao ying. i'm going to have a busy sunday.  in the morning, i'm going to the zoo by bike. i want to see the monkeys. then , i'm going to the bookstore. i'm going to buy a new english book. in the afternoon, i'm going to visit my grandparents with my mom.  it is far, so we are going by bus. in the evening, we are going to watch tv together.  how about you?My Trip to Japan --19 ::1 来源: Japan was fun. It was very cool and windy. We flew kites in the park. I bought a watch there. I wanted to buy more, but I didn't have money. The gardens there were beautiful. I liked them the best. The department stores were too big. I couldn't find Mom. The food was delicious. We ate a lot of fish, and I also liked the vegetables and cake there. I hope I can go to Japan one more time.I want to be a headmaster -- ::57 来源: I want to be a headmasterI want to be a headmaster when I grow up. I think that’s a good job. My school is in the est. It’s very beautiful. I go to work by Benz at eight o’clock in the morning. The teachers in my school are kind and patient. The female teachers in my school are good looking and young. The male teachers are handsome and strong. They are all hardworking so they get good salary. The children in my school have three classes in the morning. In the afternoon, they play and pick up mushrooms or strawberries in the est. They have no homework. They are very happy! At four o’clock in the afternoon, I go home with kinds of mushrooms and fruits in my Benz. They are my dinner.

  关于动物的小学英语作文 -01- :6: 来源: 关于动物的小学英语作文Here is a zoo.Look,the one lying on the grass is a tiger,he's the king King of the Monsters. The eating eating bamboo leaves is a panda,the national treasure.he's fat but very cute.Who are those with long noses?They are elehants.They have huge bodies,but they are not clumsy at all.I like the monkeys best,they are smiling at me on the tree now!这里是动物园看,那个躺在草地上的是老虎,他是万兽之王在吃竹叶的是国宝熊猫,他胖乎乎的,好可爱那些长鼻子的是什么?是大象他们身材硕大,但是一点也不笨拙我最喜欢猴子了,他们正在树上朝我笑呢!Animals in the zoo are very interesting!动物园里的动物真有趣!myself --19 :: 来源: My name is Wu Yuwei .I’m years old. I’m a Chinese girl .I study in Xinqi Primary School. I’m in Class 3,Grade 6. I’m in Row 3. I have many friends in class. example, Che Lei is my best friend . She is years old , too. She is a good girl. We often help each other. There are four people in my family . They are my father, mother, sister and me .My parents are mers . They work hard. My sister is a student . I love them and they love me ,too.

  My Good Friend --19 ::5 来源: My Good Friend Hello!I'm Amy.I have a good friend.Her name is ZhangYun.Her English name is Betty. She is a Chinese girl. She is ten years old.She is in the No.5 Primary school. She is in Class 7,Grade . She is good at English.She likes Chinese ,too.She is kind and very friendly. She likes helping others. She likes singing and playing basketball. This is my good friend.Do you want to know more?

  我已经遇上了意中人-- :6:1 I've met Mr. Right.   ‘Mr. Right’有时也翻译成“如意郎君”‘Mr.’后边通常跟上别人的姓,比如称呼‘John Smith’,就可以说‘Mr. Smith’或‘Mr. John Smith’.‘Right’的意思是“正好的、合适的”,比如可以说,“This is the right size such a fat person like me.”(对我这种胖人来说,这个尺码正合适)说“Mr. Right”时,并不是说那个人姓‘right’,而是用很调侃的口气说出“他就是我的意中人”,即“He is my Mr. Right.”。

  Rabbits’Family -- :55:53 来源: Rabbits’FamilyHello, my friends! My name’s Sandy. Today, I will tell you an interesting story about rabbits. Look at me , now , I’m not Sandy but a mother rabbit. I have a happy family because of my three daughters. They are very clever and lovely. (In the morning , they have good habits . After they get up , )And they have good habits. After they get up in the morning, they wash the face , brush the hair , clean the ears and blow the noses. They like singing and dancing , too . Now , let’s have a share , children , are you y ? (Yes, let’s go.) Action , please! ( sing and dance)

  湖南十大著名风景名胜之洞庭湖 --01 :5:53 来源: 湖南十大著名风景名胜之洞庭湖Hunan is a fantastic part of China that counts many famous scenic spots.湖南是中国一片有着很多名胜古迹的奇妙土地Among these, the best-known include: Dongting Lake, the Yueyang Padoga, Fenhuang Ancient Town and the Wulingyuan Scenic and Historic Interest Area where the gorgeous Zhangjiajie National est Park is located.在这些名胜古迹中,最有名的有:岳阳洞庭湖,凤凰古镇,和武陵源名胜风景区(华丽的张家界国家公园就坐落于此)The following are the top attractions that Hunan Province has on offer. Let's take a closer look.以下是湖南个对外开放的景点让我们细细品味一番吧Top 6: Dongting Lake(洞庭湖)Located in northern Hunan province, Dongting Lake is the second largest fresh water lake in China, which is usually praised as "the Dongting Lake with 00 kilometer span". The lakeside Yueyang Tower is one of the four famous Chinese towers.洞庭湖位于湖南省北部,是中国第二大淡水湖,素有“八百里洞庭”的美称洞庭湖边的岳阳楼是中国四大名塔之一There is an island located right in the lake named Junshan where, or so legend has it, two wives of the ancient Shun Di Emperor, Ehuang and Nuying, died to become goddesses of the Xiangjiang River after searching thousands of miles their husband.洞庭湖中有一岛名君山,相传,古代帝王舜帝的两个妃子娥皇、女英追夫数千里不得后死于山上,成为湘江的女神The vast lake, the famous tower, the mysterious island and the legend, all these have made the lake a popular site throughout the decades.广阔的湖面,著名的岳阳楼,富有神秘色的君山以及君山的传说都使得洞庭湖数十年来都是颇受欢迎的旅游景点Admission: Free入场费:免费 湖南十大著名风景名胜之洞庭湖

  小学生英语作文范文 -- :: 来源: 小学生英语作文My favourite season       My favourite season is summer. I often wear my shorts and T-shirt. Sometimes I wear my jeans. In summer it is often sunny and hot. Sometimes rainy in summer. I usually swim with my father. Sometimes I eat ice-cream at home.     My Chinses Teacher      I have a Chinses Teacher. Her name is Lui Xiaohong. She is from Lanchang. She’s very active and strict. She has two big eyes. She’s very nice.But she is short. She like to smile. I don’t know what season she like. Because I don’t know her very well. Her class is very funny, I like

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