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长寿哪里治疗输卵管好渝中大渡口区人流手术哪家医院最好的Scotlands referendum endgame苏格兰公投的收官之战A war of attrition消耗战The peculiar smallness of Scotlands independence debate关于苏格兰独立的辩论似乎太渺小了RESEMBLING nothing so much as a pair of irritable golfers yelling at each other in the clubhouse bar, on August 25th the leaders of Scotlands pro- and anti-independence camps collided in the second of two televised debates. If passions are high as the referendum campaign enters its final leg—with unionists ahead in polls but wary of a late nationalist surge—this reflects the stakes. A “yes” vote on September 18th would terminate Britains 307-year-old political union.除了一对的脾气暴躁的高尔夫球手在俱乐部对骂之外,恐怕再没有任何场景能同八月二十五日的的电视辩论相媲美了。随着公投进入最后关头,民众热情高涨,与联合主义者提前进行投票的同时,又在警惕着后期民族主义的激增—这种状况反应了公投中各利益方的关系。9月18日的苏格兰独立公投或许可能结束英国307年的的政治联盟Filter out the noisy interruptions, though, and both Alex Salmond, Scotlands nationalist premier, and Alistair Darling, the unionist former chancellor of the exchequer, make dry points. Neither lingered on the overall case for or against the union, though Mr Darling banged on about currency whenever he could. For much of the debate they tussled over domestic policy areas like health care and housing benefits. A contest between two starkly different futures for Britain came to resemble one over todays public services.除却令人恼怒的打断,苏格兰民族党领导人亚历克斯·萨尔蒙德和身为联合主义者的前财政大臣阿里斯泰尔·达林都分别直截了当地提出自己主张的要点。无论人民是在大氛围下左右摇摆或者是明确持抑或反对苏格兰独立,达林先生都尽其所能随时宣扬着英联邦的货币政策。而双方在辩论中就许多国内政策问题诸如卫生保健和住房福利打得如火如荼。这使得两种截然不同的英国未来之间的较量逐渐向今日公共政策的改革靠拢。Another recent debate involving lesser figures in Dalkeith, near Edinburgh, suggests why the campaigns are so keen to occupy this ground. The church where it was held contained a cross-section of the electorate: from teenagers to pensioners, some in tracksuits, others in collar and tie. From the altar, an actuarial “no” campaigner brandished charts depicting the risks of independence. They clapped. Then his “yes” opponent lamented “Scotlands plundered oil”. They clapped again. Many cheerily applauded both sides.最近的另一项辩论涉及到在爱丁堡附近的Daikeith中一些并不重要的区域,并且说明公投运动为何如此热衷取得这片区域的持。那里的教区选民跨度颇大—从轻狂少年到耄耋老者,有工薪阶层也有精英人士。在这里,当反对独立的阵营剖析苏格兰独立的种种风险的时候,人们会鼓掌表示赞同;当独立主义者们宣扬着“苏格兰石油被英国掠夺”的时候,人们依旧鼓掌附和以表持。这其中很多人都摇摆不定犹疑不决。The latest Scottish Social Attitudes survey suggests that about one-third of Scots are committed to independence and another third think devolution need go no farther than it has aly. The referendum will be decided by the rest—pragmatists who would prefer greater autonomy without quitting the ed Kingdom altogether. Wise to this, the two sides have tried to convey that this is more-or-less what voting for them would achieve in practice, while seeking to push the other lot off the “devo max” territory. Hence the debates apparent smallness.最新的关于苏格兰社会态度的调查显示,约有三分之一的苏格兰人致力于独立;另外三分之一的苏格兰人认为维持如今的自治水平,不必走得更远 。苏格兰公投将由那些想要得到更大自主权而不是脱离英联邦的实用主义者一锤定音。对于此种状态,明确的做法是,两大阵营都在试图传达着一个讯息—这些实用主义者通过自己的投票或多或少会实现什么,并且同时寻求促使其他人脱离“放权最大”的舒适区域。因此,辩论相比起来就是显而易见的渺小。The three main unionist parties—Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives—have each published proposals for further devolution. The Tory report, published in June, was the most striking: a party that has long stood for political centralisation offered Edinburgh full control of income tax. And the nationalist government has alighted on similar ground from the opposite side. Last November it published a 670-page manifesto insisting that an independent Scotland could share the pound, stay in the EU and remain closely integrated with the rest of Britain. Over the next few weeks campaigners from both camps will assure voters that their particular brand of semi-detachedness holds the solution to their day-to-day gripes.联合主义的三大主要党派—工党、自由民主党和保守党,已经分别就进一步放权发出声明。六月发布的保守党的报告最引人注目---即主张长期保留爱丁堡对所得税的完全控制的政治权力。而苏格兰政府也在相反的方面化解了窘境—在其去年十一月出版的670页的宣言中,独立的苏格兰可以继续享用英镑,留在欧盟并密切保持其与英国其他部分的整合。在接下来的几个星期,两个阵营的活动家们为了确保选民数量,他们向投票者承诺,两大阵营可以在尽其所能来帮助选民解决日常困扰。This is remarkable, and lamentable. A victory for the nationalists would send tremors far beyond Scotland. It would trigger calls for David Cameron, the Conservative prime minister, to resign. It would change the arithmetic, and quite possibly the outcome, of next years general election. It would embolden separatists in Spain, Belgium and elsewhere. The difference between the campaigns pitches to voters may be relatively modest, but that between a “yes” and a “no” is vast.结果显著却又可悲的。民族主义者的胜利所带来的震颤要远远超出苏格兰的范围。这或将触发保守党首相卡梅伦的辞职,并且也会改变立法,甚至让明年的大选变数重重。并且这也将鼓励西班牙、比利时以及其他地方分离分裂主义者。虽然选民与阵营之间的差异是温和的,但是在“是”与“否”之间,差异是巨大的。 /201409/326980綦江治不孕不育哪家医院好 Who created one of the strangest regime in history,magnificent, repressive and terrifying.他创造了历史上最奇特的一个政权,华丽,专制及恐怖。This is the story of Henry the 7th.这是亨利七世的故事。The first Tutor.第一位导师。This is Henry.这就是亨利。It took remains of the funeral refugee which is parade on the London street after his death dressed in his parliament ropes and clutching his open sebster state.在死后他身着议会长袍,手里紧握圣物,遗体葬礼在伦敦街头游行。We can see his fine-boned feature on the distinctive cast in his left eye.我们可以从他独特的左眼中看出骨骼发育良好的特征。This is also a face emaciated and varnished by stress.这也是因为压力造成的一脸憔悴及消沉。Is a face of a man who has never known a moment of peace.从来不知道和平时刻的男人的脸。Henrys journey to fulfill his unlikely destiny brought him to Milft Heavin on Sunday the 7th August 1485.亨利履行自己命运的旅程于1485年8月7日拉开大幕。His small fleet appeared from the south and anchored quietly in near bay.他的小舰队出现在南部后在靠近的港湾悄无声息的抛锚。Henrys ship dropped anchor here and his men came ashore.亨利的船停泊在这里后他的人开始上岸。We can picture them.我们可以想象他们。Hiving munitions on the beach.在海滩上装满弹药整装待发。Carmen and horses coming through the surf.战士们和军穿过海浪而行。 201310/261990重庆爱德华综合医院流产手术多少钱

重庆治疗妇科疾病哪家医院最好的Bageho白芝浩专栏The great game板球中看英-印关系To improve his grasp of Anglo-Indian relations, David Cameron should watch more cricket为改善对英-印关系的把握,戴维·卡梅伦应从板球中汲取教训“IT IS in the matter of patience”, wrote Lord Harris, an early England cricket captain and later ruler of the British empires favourite game, “that I think the Indian will never be equal to the Englishman.” It was interesting to recall this last month as Indias batsmen were trouncing Englands at Lords, the north London home of cricket. And that was not all that would have horrified Harris who, as a 19th-century governor of Bombay (now Mumbai), was widely credited with introducing cricket to India.“这是耐心的问题”,哈里斯勋爵曾经写到:“我认为印度人将永远无法与英国人匹敌。”作为早期的英格兰板球队队长和后来的大英帝国最钟爱的游戏的主导者,哈里斯万万没有想到,就在上个月,印度击球员在伦敦北部的贵族板球场痛击英国,使这一评价成为一个笑话。而这只是使这位19世纪孟买州长、公认的将板球带入印度的第一人震惊的一部分。Nothing illustrates the turnabout in British-Indian relations more starkly than Indias financial and political takeover of what was once an English summer game. When Indias best cricketers played their first Test match—crickets gold-seal, five-day format—at Lords in 1932, around the time Harris delivered his racist verdict, they came as hapless colonial subjects. At home they were the idols of an unlikely national religion. In England, where it took them four decades to win, Indias cricketers were timorous, poorly paid and uncompetitive. Yet in the 1990s Indias growth rate picked up, sparking a sports-media explosion which has transformed the worlds second-most-popular game; over 80% of crickets revenues are now said to be generated in India.没有什么比印度对这一曾属于英国的夏日游戏的金融和政治接管更能充分地表明英属印度关系的转变了。1932年,当印度最杰出的板球运动员们在贵族板球场首次亮相,开展为期五天的对抗赛时,哈里斯颁布了他的种族论,使他们成为了一批倒霉的殖民主体。在印度,他们是一个没有希望的民族宗教的偶像。而在英格兰,在这个他们花费了四十年来获取胜利的国度,这些印度板球运动员唯唯诺诺、入不敷出,毫无竞争力。然而,在上个世纪90年代,印度的经济增长率回升,促使体育传媒迅猛发展,转变了这一全球第二大流行的赛事。如今,已有超过80%的板球收入在印度产生。The Indian team that visited England this summer—to play a five-Test series which ended this week—included some of the worlds richest sportsmen. Its captain, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, earned m last year; hardly any English player made a million. And money buys influence. Holding court at Lords was a ponderous Tamilian, N. Srinivasan, wearing jam-jar glasses and a smear of vermilion to denote his high Hindu caste. The boss of Indias and the worlds governing bodies for cricket, he is the most powerful cricket administrator since Harris. He also owns one of Indias best cricket teams, the Chennai Super Kings, in the worlds fastest-growing sports contest, the Indian Premier League.今年夏季,印度板球队员们本周结束了在英国的五国对抗联赛,他们当中的一部分是全球收入最高的运动员。队长马亨德拉·辛格·东尼去年的收入是3000万美金,而在英国,几乎没有板球选手的收入超过百万。金钱带来了影响力。在贵族板球场主持开场的是呆板的T.N.斯里尼瓦桑,他那果酱罐眼镜和涂片红唇展示着他的高种姓。作为印度和世界板球管辖机构的老板,他是自哈里斯之后最具影响力的板球权威。他还在全球发展最快的体育竞赛---印度板球联赛上拥有着金柰超级国王队,这队伍是印度最好的板球队之一。For David Cameron, a cricket fan, there are lessons here. The Conservative prime minister has made improving British-Indian ties one of his priorities. Cricket, the international arena most disrupted by Indias rise, suggests how he might attempt that.板球迷戴维·卡梅伦应从中汲取经验教训。保守党首相已将改善英国与印度的关系列为首要任务之一。被印度崛起扰乱的板球国际竞技场启示着卡梅伦该如何采取行动。The first lesson is that he is right to try. Countries that share a colonial legacy, including language and culture, should trade together far more prodigiously than Britain and India do. Cricket symbolises their bond; no other countries have so defined themselves by it. For eminent Victorians, cricket displayed their national virtues. It was “English, you know quite English,” wrote Harris. That is why their aspiring Indian subjects—with little help from Harris—embraced it. And a trace of that anglophilia endures among Indias elites. It was suggested by Mr Srinivasans emotional response after his team, the world champions of lower-brow one-day cricket, won at Lords (though they lost the series).第一条经验是,他的尝试是正确的。共享包括语言和文化在内的殖民遗产的国家本该更多地开展贸易,而英国和印度却没有。板球象征着两国的关系纽带,这是其他国家从未如此定义过的。维多利亚时代的名人则认为,板球展示了他们的民族美德,如哈里斯所定义的“英国精神”。因此,在哈里斯的帮助下,那些有抱负的印度人积极地追捧板球。在印度精英中出现了一种长期的亲英趋势,这源自斯里尼瓦桑提获胜后的感言,当时他的队伍在贵族板球场赢得了比赛(尽管他们输掉了联赛),这是一低额一日板球赛的世界冠军队。Yet most Indian cricket fans have perhaps never heard of that venerable English ground. Their enthusiasm is almost for a different game, the glitzy, shorter formats at which India excels. Cricket represents for them a different national story: India as a “cricket-crazy nation”, a youthful, patriotic place, bursting with hope and a desire to consume. This is the India that has got Mr Cameron excited for its economic potential; it will take more than appealing to a common history, in which young Indians are uninterested, to win its love. Taking Englands winsome cricket captain, Alastair Cook, on the prime ministers next trip to Delhi might help.然而,大多数印度板球迷们或许从来没有听说过那古老的英国球场。他们所热衷的几乎是一项完全不同的运动---一项印度人所擅长的洋溢、节奏紧凑的运动。对印度来说,板球则有着不同的含义:印度作为一个“为板球而疯狂的国家”,是一个充满活力、爱国情怀的地方。这里充满希望和消费欲。正是这样的一个国度,使得卡梅伦先生为她的经济潜力而惊艳。为赢得印度的青睐,英国需要更多的措施,而不仅仅是强调共同的历史,因为年轻一代的印度人已经对此毫无兴趣。在首相先生下次访问新德里时,带上英格兰队迷人的板球队长阿拉斯泰尔·库克或许会有所帮助。A more sobering lesson for Mr Cameron concerns the nature of Indian power, which has bruised cricket. Indias growing influence has, in large part, been traumatic and divisive to a game which is unusually based on international competition. The collaborative culture that formerly governed that, albeit tinged with Anglo-Australian self-interest and suzerainty, has broken down. What India wants in cricket, concerning the international programme and sales of media rights, or even the rules of the game and its administration, it increasingly gets.卡梅伦先生更应清醒地关注到印度的权利属性,这已波及到板球领域。印度日益增长的影响力,对于这一不曾基于国际竞争的对于在很大程度上来说,是具有杀伤力的。尽管与英澳利己主义和宗主权有着千丝万缕的联系,昔日占主导地位的写作文化已不复存在。印度想要在板球领域所获得的利益,如:国际计划和媒体播放权的销售,甚至是赛事的管理和规则,都逐渐纳入囊中。That was clear earlier this year, when India demanded more of the international revenues its team is mainly responsible for generating. This was not unreasonable; but the threatening way it negotiated, the craven way England and Australia accommodated it, and the resulting impoverishment of Pakistan, New Zealand and other poorer cricket nations were contemptible. What was once an English game, then an international one mapping the former British empire, is Indias to command. And this is a worrying prospect for cricket, given the match-fixing, infighting and administrative chaos that are other aspects of the game in India. The fact that Mr Srinivasan, even as he negotiated crickets new architecture, was suspended from the Indian cricket board while being investigated over corruption allegations, seemed indicative of this.很明显,今年年初,当印度想要获得更多的国际收入时,她的板球队挑起了大梁。这并不是不合理的,但威胁式的谈判使英国和澳大利亚只得懦弱地容忍,更使巴基斯坦、新西兰等不擅长板球的国家每况愈下。曾专属于英国、在国际上代表着大英帝国的比赛,现已由印度主宰。然而,在印度的板球赛有着不同的一面—假球、勾心斗角、管理混乱,使得板球前景堪忧---尽管曾有意构建印度板球新局面,斯里尼瓦桑已被印度板球委员会停职调查、正面临着贪污腐败的指控足以明。Play hard, play fair严格公正的竞争That suggests two final truths for Mr Cameron. First, to expect no favours; Indias power brokers are ruthless and obdurate in cricket and otherwise. Indeed cricket, because of its wealth and popularity, is another facet of Indian politics. Indias prime minister, Narendra Modi, and finance minister, Arun Jaitley, are among a clutch of Indian politicians leading state cricket associations—which makes the chaos in Indian cricket all the more dismal.卡梅伦首相应认清两点:第一,不要指望得到好处。印度的权威经纪不论是在板球还是在其他方面都是安忍无亲、冷酷无情的。的确,板球因为财富和声望,是印度政治的另一面。印度总理纳伦德拉·莫迪和财长阿伦·杰特利是印度政客领导的板球协会中的要员—这使得印度板球的混乱加剧。The second lesson is not to do as Englands cricket board did and bow to Indian bullying. In world trade and climate negotiations, where India has been unhelpful, and in its recent high-handed treatment of foreign investors, its bad behaviour should be condemned and resisted. Respecting India as a rising power is not the same as pandering to its elites worst compulsions.第二,不要像英国的板球委员会一样向印度的强势低头。在世界贸易和气候变化的谈判中,印度一直毫无帮助。近来,又对外国投资者采取了高压的政策,这些不良行为应当受到谴责和抵制。对印度这一正在崛起的大国的尊重,不能等同于对她的精英中最恶劣的冲动行为的纵容。If Mr Cameron, whose diplomacy tends to veer between finger-wagging and love-bombing, cannot see the difference, Indians can. And in a fading corner of their cultural memory, haunted by self-righteous but upstanding Victorians such as Harris, is perhaps a small feeling that the creators of cricket should hold India to a higher standard. Mr Cameron should honour that.如果卡梅伦首相的对印政策倾向于在坚决抵制和纵容之间摇摆,那将毫无意义,只会让印度获益。由于那些像哈里斯这样---自以为是、却又正直诚恳的维多利亚时代的人失误,板球的创造者不应小瞧印度这一观点,被搁置在了两国文化记忆中布满尘埃的一隅。卡梅伦首相应正视印度的实力。 /201408/324721重庆早早孕试纸多少钱 重庆女性不孕不育大坪医院

重庆有治疗宫颈糜烂的医院吗The burden on students学生的压力Must not try harder不能更努力了The education ministry tries to ban homework教育部尝试禁止家庭作业。Sep 7th 2013 | BEIJING |From the print editionPURGES may be what political junkies are talking about, but for Chinese families the big issue recently has been homework. Children across the country have returned to their classrooms this week just as the education ministry has put forward plans to decrease the amount of homework pupils must do each day.清洗行动可能会用在政治犯身上,但是对中国家庭来说,最近的大事儿是家庭作业。中国的孩子本周回到学校,同时教育部计划减少小学生每天必做作业的量。The ministry’s proposed guidelines, issued on August 22nd, would ban written homework for any child up to the age of 12, and ban exams for children up to the age of nine. It also said that primary schools should organise more extra-curricular activities, such as visits to museums and places of cultural interest, and “cultivate pupils’ hands-on capabilities through handicrafts or farm work”.教育部在8月22日发布了拟定规定,规定禁止向12岁以下的儿童布置任何书面作业,禁止9岁以下儿童参加考试。同时规定中学应该组织更多的课外活动,比如参观物馆,文化景点以及通过手工活动和农业活动培养小学生的动手能力。Amid intense competition for university places and jobs, Chinese schoolchildren spend hours on homework each night. Pressure from an early age is the cause of constant hand-wringing in the press. Yet the very notion of lightening the burden has met opposition from the people who complain most: parents. Last spring Beijing attempted its own homework restrictions, but workloads crept back up as insistent parents worried about their children falling behind.在对大学名额和工作的激烈竞争中,中国学生每晚花费数小时完成家庭作业。少年儿童的压力是各媒体持续劝说政府的原因。然而,减负的观念遭到了对压力抱怨最多的家长的反对。上个春天,北京尝试出台了自己的家庭作业规范,但是由于固执的家长担心自己的孩子会落后,使得作业又回到之前状态。The new proposals have drawn tens of thousands of comments on Weibo, China’s version of Twitter, with older children saying they heard similar ideas of reform when they were at school ten years ago, but nothing changed. On his microblog Wang Xiaodong, co-author of a book called “Unhappy China”, suggested that the ministry stop micro-managing every element of basic education and leave the work to teachers and students. But that idea might lead to more homework, if current patterns hold. The biggest contribution education officials could make, wrote Mr Wang, was “to give themselves a six-month holiday”.新提议在微上收到了数万条,年龄稍大的孩子们说十年前他们在学校的时候也听到过类似的改革,但是没什么变化。《中国不高兴》的一个作者王小东在微上建议教育部停止管理基础教育的细节,将这些工作让给老师和学生。但是如果保持现在这种模式,作业可能会变得更多。王说,教育部干部能做的最大贡献是先给自己放半年假。The real problem is the underlying system. As one microblogger wrote: “If the employment environment remains the same, if the gaokao [entrance exam] is not cancelled, if the top universities still enroll only the students with the highest score, it is impossible to reduce pupils’ burdens”. All those worries are compounded by corruption, inequity and disparity in teacher-training and compensation. Few believe such deep structural problems can be countered simply by a call for less homework.真正的问题是深层制度。一个微用户写道:“如果就业环境还是维持现状,如果高考不取消,如果顶尖大学还是只招收成绩最好的学生,小学生减负是无稽之谈。”这些担忧来自腐败,不公平,教师培训和补助的不均。几乎没人相信这种深层结构问题会通过减少家庭作业得到解决。 重庆妇科哪家好重庆市哪里看乳腺外科效果好



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