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2017年12月14日 17:51:34 | 作者:人民医生 | 来源:新华社
You probably missed The New York Times photograph that showed a revealing picture of New Yorkers’ rides into work on commuter trains. The photographer stood behind a long series of rows, three seats to a row. In the photo, every window and aisle seat - and not ONE middle seat - is occupied. The train is otherwise crowded; the aisles are jammed with standees - all of them ignoring the available middle seat. Some people are even sitting on the floor.不久前,纽约时报刊登的一张照片,上面展示的是纽约人乘坐通勤火车的图景。摄影师站在一长溜三人座的座位后拍得这张照片。在照片上,每个窗户和靠走道的座位都有人坐,但没有一个人坐中间那个座位!车厢里真的很挤,就连过道上也站满了人,有些人甚至坐在地板上,可人们好像根本没看见三排座中间的那个座位。The accompanying story explores why Americans despise center seats, though not mentioning the unavoidable fact that many of us are, shall we say, rather husky. 和照片配图的文章探究了为什么美国人不喜欢坐中间座位。不过文章没有提到一个无可回避的事实,那就是,我们很多人,嗯,块头儿相当大。It seems that women, in particular, feel uneasy sitting elbow-to-elbow with strangers. And while being jammed into a window seat even farther from the middle aisle can also seem claustrophobic, at least there’s a view. 看来,很多人,特别是女性,对于和陌生人肩并肩坐在一起觉得很不舒。坐在最里面,虽然有点被囚禁的感觉,但至少还能看看窗外的景色。For the poor sap in the middle, there’s a real possibility of being squished between the extremely obese, insufferably chatty, overly perfumed or repulsively unbathed. So, before or after a tiring day, a lot of people would rather stand.而坐在中间,如果被夹在又肥又壮、喋喋不休、香水喷得太多或者不喜欢洗澡的人当中,那就惨了。因此,不管是要开始新的一天,或者在结束了一天的辛劳工作后,很多人情愿站着。201105/134423Olympics boost Chinese economy 奥运带动经济 The spirit of commerce is alive and well in traditionally communist China, as the country gets y for the Olympics.For people in Beijing, China are going gaga over the upcoming Olympics since being awarded of the Games in 2001 the city have undergone a major transformation to prepare itself to host, literally, the planet, this summer, everything from subways to highways and the airports, they've all have been revamped and expanded to host millions of spectators that will descend on Beijing. Joining me now Money magazine, Senior Writer, George Manne, see you were there. Thank you for joining us, today,Thank you for having me Bringing us a little piece of Beijing, what’s interesting, you have talked about a bit of how the city is really educating the public about the Olympic Games, what did you notice?Well. It is the coolest thing that I have ever seen in a subway that you didn't ,don't wanna talk to the police about ,it was they had s , not only do they have TV monitors in the newest subway lines, but while I was there , they were running non-stop educational s about the Olympics ,so if you watch for 5 minutes ,and if you know Chinese which I don’t. You can learn all about how you judge let's say the trampoline competition, what makes a good trampolinist versus, you know, a none-medal-winning trampolinist.They're really trying to get them into it.Oh,yeah, plus, they were showing an endless loop of the sequence of events that showed originally when China was awarded at the Olympics. They had Samaranch, they had the International Olympics Committee announcing Beijing ,and everybody cheering.When I was in Athens they had the Olympics, and they were doing the as similar, as similar thing, but it does not sound like to the same extent .It seems like Beijing is really taking this all out.Yeah, it’s been an excuse for a lot of construction in the city, building new highways, obviously building the main venues also upgrading transportation systems around them ,around the city.Other than changes in infrastructure, what did you notice, the signal that hail the Olympics are coming?Lots of advertising, everywhere you look, there were billboards with Olympic times, also billboards with the five cute little furry little mascots for the Olympics.Right. I’ve seen thoseThose are the Fuwa, the good luck dolls and they represent different Olympic sports, different Olympic ideals, and also different elements, five different, elements (Earth, fire, wind), yes ,and also different animals representatives of China . There is a panda there, too. Of course. What is also interesting is that the government has cut down on call-to-call guerilla advertising by non-Olympic sponsors, they are trying to make an effort that if you see an advertisement that has something to do with sports; it is from an official sponsor who has paid-up.But what about the big sponsors like Nike for example, how are the Chinese government officials controlling their advertising in Beijing?Well , it is pretty uncontrollable , sorry Carol advertisement is everywhere ,that was one of the things that were the most interesting thing to me, going to China for the first time , you think of China as a socialist country ,but is just filled with capitalism and buying and purchasing ,and stuff like that.What are you noticing, you know, finally just from the men and women and pedestrians on the street, what is different do you think possibly about their behavior, are they really really geared up for the game , and some of them // off the construction that they have to deal with to prepare for the Games ?Well, that is an issue in China ,there has been a lot of tearing down of old neighborhoods are to build new buildings, new hotels ,just to develop the city ,and it does not seem as if there is a strong historic preservation movement in China as strong as it is let's say in major cities in the ed States . So that is just rolling along there. I have to ask you about the smog, because if you think the smog in L.A. is bad, you should check out Beijing, right? I mean, it's supposed to be a little less now, because they cut off a lot of their industrial production for the GamesYes every, people that I spoke to said you know unfortunately this is about the worst time of the year that you could have an event in Beijing, it is just seasonally . it is just a bad and more polluted time , what I told people coming back, I live in NY,what I told people coming back,it was a really exciting city, make New York feel like a small town, make NY feel like just a little tiny building that has not that many people ,it also made NY look like it had air like in a country meddle compared to Beijing . So I know they are really fighting to try to fix them up in time for the Games.Yeah we'll see what happens, George, thank you for giving us you first // perspective, I appreciate that.200811/56847Imagine you could find an explanation for anything in the universe from the smallest events possible to the biggest.This is the dream which has captivated the most brilliant scientists and science staff.Now they think they may have found it.The theory is breathtaking and has an extraordinary conclusion that the universe were living is not the only one.设想你能为宇宙中从最小到最大事件这样的每一件事找到一个解释。而这就是最杰出的科学家和很多科学工作者每天都梦寐以求的。现在,他们认为自己可能已经找到了这个解释。这个理论是惊人的而且有着非凡的结论,那就是我们生活的宇宙不是唯一的一个。;There could be an infinite numbers of universes each with a different law of physics.Our universe could be just one bubble floating in an ocean of other bubbles.;可能会有无限量的宇宙,每一个都有不同的物理规律。我们的宇宙可能仅仅是一个漂浮在一片海洋泡沫中的一个而已。;Everything you are about to hear is true,at least in this universe it is.所有你听到的声音都是真实的,至少在这个宇宙中是这个道理。For almost a hundred years,science has been haunted by a dark secret,that there might be mysterious hidden worlds beyond our human senses.Mistakes had long claimed there were such places.They were they said full of ghosts and spirits.The last thing science wanted was to be associated with such superstition.But ever since the 1920s,physicists have been tried to make sense of an uncomfortable discovery.When they tried to pinpoint the exact location of atomic particles like electrons,they found it was utterly impossible.They had no single location.科学一直被一种黑暗的神秘所困扰已经有将近一百年的历史。那就是也许在我们的感官之外存在着隐藏的世界。尽管早已宣称有这样的地方纯属谬论。而这个充满鬼神的地方却一直有人坚信。科学要做的最后一件事就是与这些迷信连接。自从20世纪20年代以来,物理学家们一直在试图弄懂一种异样的发现。他们试图找出像电子一样的原子的确切位置,而他们发现这根本是不可能的。它们没有单一的位置。;When went studies Puppis and ylems,we found the reality is foreign strangers than anybody would have invented in the former infection.Part of views really do have the possibility of in some sense being in more than one place at one time.;;在研究的过程中,我们发现现实是外界陌生人会比一些人在早先感染前就已经发明出来了。部分的观点确实有可能在某种程度上,存在不止一个地方。;The only explanation which anyone could come up with is that the particles dont just exist in our universe.They flee into existence in other universes too,and there are an infinite number of these parallel universes.All of them slightly different.In a fact,theres parallel universe in which Napoleon won the battle of Waterloo.In another,the british empire held on to its American colony.In one you re never born.唯一的解释是任何人都可以想出粒子不只是存在于我们的宇宙中。他们逃到别的宇宙,也有可能存在无穷多个这样的平行宇宙。它们所有都略有不同。事实上,在平行的宇宙中,拿破仑赢得了滑铁卢战役。在另一方面,大英帝国仍然把美国当作殖民地。而你则不会出生。;Essentially anything that can happen,does happen in one of the alternatives,which means thats superimposed on top of the universe that we know of,is alternative universe when Al Gore, as a president,is still alive.;;本质上任何事情都可能发生,以另外一种选择发生,这意味着在我们知道的宇宙的基础上产生了叠加,它是另一个世界。而艾伯特;戈尔作为总统时,他还活着。;Beside it was so uncomfortable that for decades scientists dismissed it.除了有些忐忑不安,几十年来科学家们一直对它不屑一顾。词语解释:1. superimpose v. 叠加2. infinite a. 无限的3. exist v. 存在163715

Senate Panel Votes to Confirm Bernanke for Second Term美参院委员会批准伯南克提名The Senate Banking Committee has voted to approve the nomination of Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke for a second term as head of the U.S. central bank. The move paves the way for a vote by the full Senate in January. But the committee approval came after two hours of contentious debate, and the committee's ranking Republican was among those voting against Bernanke.参议院委员会投票批准了对美联储主席伯南克第二任期的提名。这为一月份参议院全体投票表决铺平了道路。不过该委员会在批准前还是进行了两个小时的激烈争论。该委员会中也有重要共和党议员投票反对伯南克连任。Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has cleared a major hurdle in his bid to win a second four-year term. But Thursday's Senate Banking Committee executive meeting turned out to be a roller-coast ride for Bernanke, who was not present, but was subjected to alternating sessions of praise and stinging criticism.美联储主席伯南克已经在争取第二个四年任期方面清除了一个重要障碍。但是星期四举行的参议院委员会常务会议却变成了伯南克的过山车之旅。他没有出席这个会议,但是会间对他的评价交织着褒扬和尖锐的批评。The top-ranking Republican on the committee, Senator Richard Shelby of Alabama, said he would vote against Bernanke, saying the 2008 financial crisis was years in the making, and that Bernanke bears part of the responsibility because he was a member of the Federal Reserve at that time. 该委员会资深共和党人,来自阿拉巴马州的参议员理查德·谢尔比说,他将投伯南克反对票。谢尔比说,2008年金融危机是经多年酝酿发生的,而伯南克对此负有部分责任,因为他当时是美联储的成员。"I strongly disapprove of some of the past deeds of the Federal Reserve while Ben Bernanke was a member and its chairman, and I lack confidence in what little planning for the future he has articulated," he said.谢尔比说:“我对联储过往的某些作法持强烈反对意见,而伯南克那时是联储成员,也是其主席。我对他就未来所做的不详表述缺乏信心。”Republican Senator Jim Bunning of Kentucky mocked Bernanke's naming on Wednesday by Time Magazine as "Person of the Year". The magazine credited Bernanke with saving the ed States from a second Great Depression. 来自肯塔基州的共和党参议员吉姆·邦宁对时代周刊星期三将伯南克命名为年度人物进行了嘲讽。该杂志称赞伯南克使美国免于陷入第二次大萧条。12/92321

NATO warships have launched an anti-piracy operation off the coast of Somalia by escorting one ship to port with plans for a similar operation on Tuesday. 北约军舰在索马里沿海开展一项反海盗的行动,他们护送了一艘船进港,另一个类似的行动也会在星期二进行。The NATO operation aims to help calm the situation off Somalia's coast, which has witnessed a sharp rise in pirate attacks in recent months. The 26-member alliance has authorized its ships to join an international effort to combat the piracy in the Gulf of Aden area, which is one of the world's busiest shipping regions connecting Europe, Africa and the Middle East.  北约这次行动的目的是要帮助缓解索马里沿海的局势。最近几个月来,那里海盗攻击事件暴增。由26个国家组成的北约已经授权它们的船舰加入国际行列,共同对抗在亚丁湾的海盗活动。亚丁湾连接欧洲、非洲和亚洲,是世界上最繁忙的运输区域之一。At a press conference in Brussels, NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer said the first operation escorting a boat on had gone well.  北约秘书长夏侯雅伯在布鲁塞尔举行的一次记者会上说,护送船只的第一次任务进行得很好。"The present state of play is that one NATO ship just finished escorting a ship that was bringing in supplies for the Burundi battalion for [the AU peacekeeping mission] in Somalia," he said. "If I am well informed, a ship is on its way and will dock on the 28th of October escorting a WFP ship." 他说:“目前的情况是,北约的船舰刚刚护送完一艘船只,这艘船是给在索马里的布隆迪维和部队运送补给品。如果我得到的消息是正确的话,另一艘船正在前往当地的路上,而且会在10月28号停靠码头护送一艘世界粮食计划署的船只。”The second NATO mission Tuesday aims to safeguard aid being brought into Somalia by the U.N. World Food Program. The east-African country has been wracked by warfare and has no functioning government - much less a navy to patrol its shores. 北约星期二要进行的第二次任务是为了保卫联合国世界粮食计划署向索马里输送的救援物资。这个非洲东部的国家受到战火蹂躏,政府已经停止运作,更别说有海军巡逻它的海岸。Pirates have hijacked a number of ships off Somalia's coast this year, asking huge amounts of money in ransom. The most brazen act of piracy took place a month ago when a Ukrainian cargo ship was seized laden with arms. It remains in pirates' hands, despite being surrounded by U.S. forces as negotiations continue over ransom demands and handing over its passengers and cargo. 海盗今年以来已经在索马里沿海绑架了多艘船只,而且要求庞大赎金。最嚣张的海盗行动发生在一个月以前,他们劫持了一艘满载武器的乌克兰货船。这艘船现在仍在海盗手中,但美国军队包围了这艘乌克兰货船,双方还在就赎金以及释放船上乘客和货物进行谈判。Several other countries have announced they would also dispatch ships to the region, including the European Union, in a bid to reduce pirate attacks. 欧洲联盟和其他几个国家也宣布,他们会派遣船舰到该区域,争取减少海盗攻击。200810/54260

On a previous show we discussed how, every 200,000 years or so, the north and south poles switch places. Not that the places themselves move—rather, the entire magnetic field of the earth flips around, resulting in the pole we now call “north” being on the southern tip of the planet, and vice versa. Why does this happen? Although it seems pretty solid, the outer core of our planet is in a molten state. That means it’s partway between what most folks would call liquid and solid. Much of this molten interior is iron and nickel. These are elements that conduct electricity very well. It’s the fluid metals that move about inside earth that generate a magnetic field around our entire planet. Although from close up these metals are bubbling like hot soup, you could also say that in general their motions follow a pretty steady pattern. That’s why the magnetic field on earth is pretty stable.【生词注释】switch v.转换magnetic field 磁场flip vt.快速翻动tip n. 顶端solid adj. 固体的, 坚固的molten adj. 熔化的partway adv. 到某种程度interior n. 内部close up n. 靠近bubble v. 冒泡, 沸腾在先前的节目中我们讨论了每隔20万年,地球的南北极都要互换位置,不仅是地点的移动,而是整个地球的磁场快速翻转,导致我们现在称作“北极”的地方原来在地球的南端,正好与原来磁场相反。这种现象为什么会发生呢?尽管地球的外壳看起来很牢固,实际上它处于融化的状态中,那意味着地壳处于液体和固体间的中间形态。这种溶化物质的大部分组成部分是铁和镍。这些都是极易导电的物质。它们也是在地球内部流动的液体金属,从而形成了整个地球的磁场。尽管从近处看,这些金属就像热汤那样冒泡,你也可以说从整体上来看,他们的运动遵循着一种十分稳定的模式。那也是地球磁场十分稳定的原因。 201111/160149

High-speed rail in China中国高铁Tracking slower追踪高铁减速A showcase line, but throttling back 一条示范航线,但是开始缩水Jun 30th 2011 | SHANGHAI | from the print edition THE heart of China’s national railway policy has been the pursuit of speed. And having built the world’s longest high-speed network from scratch, this week the country proudly launched its showcase project, the 1,318km (820-mile) Beijing-Shanghai line. Running at speeds of over 300km an hour, the sleek electric train cuts the travel time between China’s two most important cities by nearly half, to four hours and 48 minutes.中国国有铁路政策的核心就是追求高速。并且白手起家建起了世界上最长的高速铁路网,这周中国骄傲的宣布,这条起示范作用的的全长1318km(820英里)的京沪高铁开始运行。运行时速达到300km,这辆流线型的电车把中国最重要的两个城市的交通时间缩短了将近一半,降至4小时48分钟。The service is designed as a rival to air travel. Indeed, at Beijing South station, the ultra-modern facility resembles an airport. The other terminus, meanwhile, actually is at Shanghai’s domestic airport. But that means travellers lose the benefit of a downtown arrival, often touted as an advantage of trains. Even on intermediate stops, stations are far from urban centres.这条铁路务是为和航空竞争而设计的。在北京南站,这个超现代化的车站有点像飞机场。同时,另一个终点站实际上是在上海国内机场。这就意味着乘客失去了在市区下车的便利,这常常是用来夸耀的火车的优势。甚至在中间的站点,车站也离着市中心很远。201107/146097

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