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第名:Freida Pinto(芙蕾达.平托) 芙蕾达平托,这个岁来自印度孟买的女生,拍完《贫民窟的百万富翁后,从一位普通模特成功进入世界电影的荣誉殿堂 355。

张曼玉:“我现在真的不想再随便接戏,如果剧本很烂,我还不如在家煮饭”Maggie Cheung: "I really do not want to casually take play, if the script is very boring, I prefer to stay home cooking." 9018。

It was confirmed on Friday that Cumberbatch will play the WikiLeaks founder in the drama, which is to be directed by Twilight: Breaking Dawn Bill Condon.上周五正式确认缺爷将在该片中扮演“维基解密”的创始人,而导演则是刚刚执导了《暮光:破晓(Twilight: Breaking Dawn)的比尔·康顿(Bill Condon)Variety reports that McAvoy is in talks to play Assange (now mer) right-hand man Daniel Domscheit-Berg, who wrote the book – Inside WikiLeaks: My Time With Julian Assange at the World Most Dangerous Website – upon which the script is partially based.据《综艺杂志报道,麦卡沃伊正就扮演阿桑奇的(前任)得力助手丹尼尔·多姆沙伊特- 伯格(Daniel Domscheit-Berg)一事进行商讨而电影的剧本也有部分基于丹尼尔的《维基解密幕后:我与朱利安·阿桑奇在世界上最危险的网站(Inside WikiLeaks: My Time With Julian Assange at the World Most Dangerous Website)一书mer The West Wing and Fringe writer Josh Singer penned the script, which is also partially adapted from David Leigh and Luke Harding book WikiLeaks: Inside Julian Assange War on Secrecy.前《白宫风云(The West Wing )和《危机边缘(Fringe)编剧乔什·辛格尔( Josh Singer)将执笔该剧剧本,部分改编自大卫·利(David Leigh)和卢克·哈丁(Luke Harding)的《维基解密:朱利安·阿桑奇对机密宣战的背后(WikiLeaks: Inside Julian Assange War on Secrecy)一书RoboCop star Joel Kinnaman was previously rumoured to be in talks the role of Domscheit-Berg, while Jeremy Renner was at one stage interested in playing Assange.The DreamWorks-produced film is expected to go into production next year.之前曾有谣传《机器战警(RoboCop)男星乔尔·金纳曼(Joel Kinnaman)正协商出演多姆沙伊特- 伯格一角,而《谍影重重男星杰里米·雷纳(Jeremy Renner)也曾有意出演阿桑奇这部梦工厂电影预计将在明年开始拍摄 1390。

Many have dreamed of having the power to secretly right wrongs and make the world a fairer place. Mr. Robot’s Elliot Alderson is living that dream.很多人都梦想自己能秘密地伸张正义,让世界变得更加公平《黑客军团中的艾略特攠尔德森正是生活在这样的梦想里Alderson (Rami Malek), is a brilliant, twitchy and socially awkward computer programmer at a cyber security company. But that is only his day job. At night he hacks the s of big companies, looking into their misdeeds and reporting them to the police.奥尔德森(拉米氠雷克饰)是个智商超高,有点神经质,并且对社交一窍不通的码农白天他在一家网络安全公司工作晚上,他变身为一名黑客,入侵大公司的账户,调查它们的罪行,然后报告警方As Alderson sees it, his enemies are the elites who run the finances of the country –“the top 1 percent of the top 1 percent” who are “playing God without permission”.在奥尔德森的眼里,他的敌人就是那些操控国家金融的精英分子,那些富人中的富人,他们未经授权却扮演着上帝的角色But the show is actually named after a supporting player – Mr Robot – the mysterious leader of an underground hacking collective who recruits Alderson to destroy the company he is paid to protect, putting him between a rock and a hard place.不过,这部剧却用一个配角的名字作为片名罗伯特先生(Mr. Robot)是一个神秘的地下黑客组织的首领,他招募了奥尔德森,让奥尔德森摧毁雇佣自己的公司,这也让奥尔德森陷入了困境Hailed by bes as “the best show of the summer and on track to be a modern classic”, Mr.Robot is a mirror of the times. Although it was in production long bee the Sony Pictures Entertainment cyber attack and the iCloud photo hack that exposed personal photos of celebrities, the subject is clearly gaining significance.《黑客军团是一面时代的镜子,该剧被《福布斯杂志誉为“今夏最棒剧集,有望成为当代经典电视剧”虽然该片的制作早在年索尼影业遭遇黑客袭击和苹果icloud明星照片泄露事件之前就已经开始了,但黑客问题正在变得更加重要;Bee, people didn’t quite get when a guy is on a computer how dangerous that can be,” Sam Esmail, the show’s creator and head writer, told Variety, a US entertainment magazine. ;But now that it’s become more in the culture and people are witnessing it and seeing the real damage it can cause, I think they can buy into that a kid at a keyboard can be incredibly dangerous.”“以前,人们并没有意识到一个玩电脑的家伙能有多大的破坏力”,《黑客军团制片人和主要编剧山姆伊斯梅尔,对美国杂志Variety说,“但是现在,这种认识已经渗入了文化,人们目睹了它和它巨大的破坏力,我相信他们现在明白了,一个摆弄键盘的孩子也能变成极度危险的分子”But Esmail is aiming larger underlying themes, hoping that the show digs into more than just the culture of hacking.不过伊斯梅尔的目标是挖掘更深层次的主题,希望该剧能超越黑客文化;There is an anger that I think everyone senses in society with where we’re at, especially since the financial collapse and the income inequality, not just in America, but internationally,” he said. “It’s a conversation people should be having. I think we just want to bring it to the efront.”“我想当每个人都感受到自己在社会中的处境,特别是在金融崩溃和收入不均(不仅是在美国,而是全球性的)时,社会戾气会很重”他说:“这应该是人们未来关注的焦点我想我们只不过把它放在了台前” 393955。