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I beg your pardon有两个意思,一个是“对不起”,一个是“请再说一遍”当翻译成“对不起”的时候,读作降调;当翻译成“再说一遍时”,读作声调。I beg your pardon,I didnt hear what you said.请再说一遍,我没听见你刚刚说的。I beg your pardon,I didnt mean it.对不起,我不是故意的。A:I beg your pardon,please slow down.再说一遍,请说慢一点。B:Ok,listen,I dont like the way you work.好的,听着,我不喜欢你工作的方式。背景音乐:Soulchef-write this down.更多英语资讯欢迎关注微信公众号:SmethilyFM /201604/436121

经典句型:Because of fog in London,flights have been diverted to Manchester. 由于伦敦下大雾,所有航班都已转飞曼彻斯特。A:Maybe we cant arrive in London this morning.甲:今天上午大概不能到达伦敦了。B:What happened?乙:为什么?A:Because of fog in London,flights have been diverted to Manchester.甲:由于伦敦下大雾,所有航班都已转飞曼彻斯特。经典句型:Liverpool is the hometown of Beatles. 利物浦是甲壳虫乐队的故乡。A:I think it is worth visiting Liverpool.甲:我想去利物浦参观是很值得的。B:I know nothing about this city.乙:我对这个城市一无所知。A:Liverpool is the hometown of Beatles.甲:利物浦是甲壳虫乐队的故乡。句型讲解:利物浦是闻名世界,令无数乐迷倾倒的甲壳虫乐队的故乡。 /201504/370990

Katia: Im doubting, Im doubting if the whole Facebook and Twitter, if thats actually good. It seems like generations now are spending so much time in computers and virtually but not really doing outside activities so I wonder if there should be a change and perhaps not allow it so easily or be or have more restrictions on it.卡蒂亚:我对脸谱网和推特是否值得肯定持怀疑态度。看起来这一代人在电脑和虚拟世界上花费的时间太多了,他们没有时间去户外活动,所以我在想是不是应该做出改变,也许不应该让人们这么容易地接触电脑,或是加以限制。Alex: That would have to be something with children, right? Like if children or younger generations are spending more time on Facebook or on social media online than spending time with their real friends outside playing or doing stuff in the park or going to special classes or something. I dont know. I dont have brothers or children or anyone that I could talk about but I dont know. What do you think?亚历克斯:你指的是儿童,对吧?如果孩子们或年年轻一代在脸谱网或其他社交媒体上花费太多时间,他们就没有时间和朋友们去外面玩,没时间去公园玩,或是没时间上一些特殊课程。我不太清楚。我没有兄弟也没有孩子,没有可以谈这个问题的人。你怎么看?Katia: I would be worried if I had children and they were into all these social media things that its hard to keep up even for me and even for us. I feel that, you know, some people that we dont know might be spying on us; were just open.卡蒂亚:我担心的是,我有孩子以后他们会对社交媒体着迷,而我们很难跟上了解他们的最新情况。一些我们不认识的人可能正在监视我们;因为我们的信息都是公开的。Alex: Yeah, thats another case. Thats another thing like its very easy for somebody to find out about you and what you do or who your friends are. That specifically, thats a difficult topic in a country like Mexico or some Latin American places where it could be that, criminality is higher and you know you dont want to disclose information to other people, even non specifically a country but in a place.亚历克斯:对,这是另一个问题了。其他人很容易找到你,了解你在做什么,还有你的朋友都有谁。对于墨西哥和一些拉美国家来说,这是一个难点,这些国家的犯罪率很高,不特指某些国家的话,你也并不想向其他人泄露信息。Katia: That is true. I would really, I dont know, it seems like my doubts are increasing about social media and what its actually doing to us and what it will do to our generations so I really wonder how much or how should we handle it? I really dont know. Also phone texting, its been used so much that we dont talk on the phone any more or we dont even talk person to person. We just text message.卡蒂亚:没错。看起来我对社交媒体的怀疑正在不断增加,社交媒体对我们以及我们这一代人有什么影响?我想知道我们应该如何应对这一问题?我不知道。另外,现在大家基本都用手机短信交流,我们不再打电话,甚至不再和别人交谈,而只是发短信交流。Alex: Thats right, thats right. Ive noticed that especially in younger generations. They are so into texting. They text so fast. I cannot do that. Like to me its way easier just to grab the phone and call someone, get the thing done, thats it. But texting takes so long but there are so many people into it especially younger kids.亚历克斯:没错,的确是这样。我注意到尤其是年轻一代,他们非常喜欢发短信。而且他们发短信的速度非常快。我就做不到。对我来说,打电话解决事情更简单。而发短信会耗费更多时间,可是非常多的人喜欢发短信,尤其是孩子们。Katia: Yeah, so I wonder what it actually does to our communication skills. I am sure they have to change.卡蒂亚:对,我想知道这对我们的沟通技巧有何影响。我确定必须要做出改变。Alex: Well it evolves differently.亚历克斯:嗯,要发展变化。Katia: Yeah.卡蒂亚:对。 译文属 /201609/464040

本期内容:A good medicine tastes bitter.良药苦口。我们先来学习一个新单词 medicine M-E-D-I-C-I-N-E medicine 药,药物再来学习动词taste的用法,taste加上形容词表示尝起来怎样:taste good 尝起来不错taste bad 尝起来糟糕taste bitter 尝起来苦关注微信公众号@ 口语侠(ID: xia2015) 查看更多英语资讯!好玩有趣有料,有外教,有英语大咖! /201612/481379

18. Checking Out 18.结帐退房A: Im y to check out.A:我准备退房。B: Give me your room key, and tell me your room number, please?B:您的房间钥匙给我,告诉我你的房间号码,好吗?A: Heres the key. I was in room 250.A:这是钥匙。我在250房间。B: Let me print out a copy of all your charges for your review.B:让我为你打印一份你所有的费用留作你检查用。A: This looks right.A:这看起来是正确的。B: Excellent! Will you be paying with the credit card you used when you checked in?B:太好了!你会使用你进来时候的信用卡付吗?A: Yeah, just charge the total to that.A:是的,用它付费用总额。B: I just need your signature and youre all set.B:我只是需要你的签名就全部完成了。A: Thanks so much. I had a wonderful stay.A:多谢。我有一个美好的停留。B: I hope you will stay with us again in the future.B:我希望你在未来将会再次和我们一起。A: I stay here all the time when Im in town on business.A:当我在城里出差时我会一直住在这里。B: In that case, well see you soon. B:在这种情况下,我们会很快见到你。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201603/433768

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