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2017年10月18日 12:05:41来源:兰州晨报


  • The Association ofCuisine and Catering Industry (ACCI) of China#39;s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region officially announced on April 16 that Mongolian food will become the ninth major cuisine of China.4月16日,中国内蒙自治区餐饮与饭店行业协会正式宣布:蒙餐成为中国第九大菜系。Located in northern China, Inner Mongolia has a broad and historical food culture.位于中国北方的内蒙古自治区,具有大厚重的饮食文化。Experts believe that Mongolian dishes conform well to the modern culinary emphasis on ecology, health and nutrition, and that they deserve recognition as a major cuisine.专家认为,蒙餐完全符合崇尚绿色、健康、营养的现代餐饮理念,因此完全有资格成为主要菜系。According to Lang Lixing, president of ACCI of Inner Mongolia, the organization has established standards for Mongolian food and local cuisine through years of efforts and in cooperation with the Inner Mongolia Institute of Standardization.据内蒙古自治区餐饮与饭店行业协会会长郎立兴介绍,该协会与内蒙古标准化院历时多年,制定了蒙餐及内蒙古地方菜的标准。Prior to the announcement, the eight major cuisines of China were Shandong, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Sichuan, Zhejiang, Fujian, Hunan and Anhui food.在此声明发布之前,中国的“八大菜系”分别是鲁、苏、粤、川、浙、闽、湘、徽菜。Mongolian cuisine will inevitably promote changes in the catering industry as it becomes the ninth major cuisine. For instance, a chef from Paris currently working in China praised the flavor of Mongolian cuisine, saying he would promote Mongolian food in his own country.如今随着蒙餐成为中国第九大菜系,这将不可避免的推动餐饮业的改变。比如,在中国工作的一名来自法国巴黎的厨师就大力赞赏蒙餐,他表示会将蒙餐的制作技艺在自己的国家发扬光大。The inclusion of Mongolian food as a major Chinese cuisine was supported by experts from the China Cuisine Association and China Hospitality Association.蒙餐一举成为中国第九大菜系,也得到了中国烹饪协会、中国饭店协会相关专家的持。Experts noted that the eight preexisting major cuisines were simply recognized by the public, without any authoritative approval, and the same rule should also be applied to Mongolian cuisine.专家们表示,中国之前形成的八大菜系,只是简单地由大众进行认可,不需要官方钦点,因此蒙餐菜系也应当遵循这样的规定。 /201704/505986
  • Tumor Biology, a Springer journal, retracted 107 articles in a single notice last Thursday.在上周四的一则通知中,斯普林格出版社旗下的期刊《肿瘤生物学》宣布撤销107篇论文。The supposedly peer-reviewed papers did not appropriately go through the peer-review process, the publisher and editor of the paper writes in a terse note accompanying the list of discredited studies.论文出版社以及编辑用简洁的口吻写道,本应经过同行评议的这些论文,并没有正规地完成这一流程。随附的还有疑似论文的名单。;After a thorough investigation we have strong reason to believe that the peer review process was compromised,; they write.他们写道:“在全面调查后,我们有足够的理由相信同行评议是造假的。”The papers are predominantly authored by scientists from China, and were published from 2012 up until last year. The subjects span from the impacts of smoking on cancer, to gene-specific effects on tumors.这些论文的作者主要是来自中国的科学家,发表时间为2012年至去年。论文主题涵盖了抽烟对于癌症的影响、基因特异性对于肿瘤的影响。The site Sixth Tone first reported on the massive retraction. One of Springer#39;s editorial directors told the Chinese media outlet that the studies had been submitted with suggestions from reviewers with real names – but with fabricated email addresses.《第六声》网站首先报道了此次大规模撤稿事件。斯普林格出版社的一名编辑主任向中国的媒体透露,这些论文提交时附有实名评议员的意见,但是电子邮件地址是伪造的。Springer is not the first major publisher to discover widesp peer review problems prompting mass retractions.斯普林格并非是第一家通过发现大范围同行评议问题从而引起大规模撤稿的重要出版社。BioMed Central retracted 43 papers in one action in November 2014, and Hindawi Publishing Corporation announced in 2015 that three editors had ;subverted; the entire editorial process in publishing 32 papers.2014年11月,BioMed Central出版社曾一次性撤销过43篇论文;另外,Hindawi出版社于2015年宣布,三名编辑“破坏了”32篇论文发布的整个编辑过程。 /201704/506577
  • Lisa Vanderpump had cause to rejoice on Wednesday with the news that China would be banning the sale of dog meat at this year#39;s Yulin Festival which is set to begin next month.丽莎对于本周三因中国将禁止在玉林肉节上出售肉的消息而感到高兴。这一节日将于下个月开始。The restaurateur and #39;Real Housewives#39; star has been an outspoken advocate about the practice for almost three years now and Wednesday#39;s victory came after a number of galas and marches and fundraisers hosted by Lisa that were all aimed at bringing attention to the subject.丽莎自己开餐馆,也是真人秀《真实主妇》上的嘉宾,三年来她一直就吃行为发表自己的看法,周三终于迎来了这个好消息,三年来她举办了一系列的晚会,游行和筹款活动,针对的都是这个吃的话题。An emotional Lisa and her husband Ken Todd spoke with DailyMail.com exclusively after the announcement and said that while they were ecstatic with the news out of China there was still much work to do.消息传来后,夫妇两接受了每日邮报的独家专访,她说虽然对这个来自中国的好消息欣喜若狂,但是还有很多事情需要做。The pair also expressed their incredible thanks to Bravo and Evolution Media for allowing Lisa to shine an international spotlight on the issue by featuring it in the most recent season of #39;Real Housewives of Beverley Hills.#39;这对夫妇还感谢了Bravo and Evolution 媒体公司允许自己在最近一季的真人秀节目《真实主妇》中涉及到这个话题以引起国际关注。Lisa admitted that one of her demands before returning last season was that her work with Yulin get a proper showcase on the show.丽莎承认自己参加上一季《真实主妇》的前提条件之一就是自己玉林方面的工作可以在节目上得到展示。 /201705/510223
  • It#39;s something we do nearly every day but you could well be washing your hair wrong.尽管我们几乎每天都要洗头,但是你可能一直都洗错了。Indeed, haircare giants and hairdressers are waxing lyrical about a quirky new hair washing trend - and say it will give you the best locks of your life.事实上,护发用品巨头和理发师们正在推动一个快速洗头趋势--他们称这会给你带来一生中最好的秀发。Micellar washing is the latest buzzword sweeping the beauty industry and involves using a special micellar water shampoo to clean your hair.胶束洗头法是最近风靡美容行业的一个流行词汇,就是用特殊的胶束洗发水来洗头。Inspired by micellar cleansing waters, which French women have long used to cleanse their skin, a plethora of new shampoos are being created using the same technology.由于受到胶束清洁水(法国女性一直用它来清洁皮肤)的启发,大量新型洗发水正在用同种技术生产出来。Experts are singing the praises of micellar shampoos, which are a gentle and mild cleanser for hair.专家们对胶束洗发水大加赞赏,这种洗发水很温和、不会刺激你的头发。Micellar water takes its name from tiny particles of oil called micelles and it#39;s these micelles that attract the dirt to gently remove residue without stripping moisture.胶束水的名字来源于微小的油粒子“胶束”,而正是这些胶束可以吸附污垢、轻轻去除而不会剥夺水分。They are sulphate, silicone and paraben-free and work like a tiny magnet, which effectively picks up impurities, pollution and grease from hair without stripping or weighing it down.胶束含有硫酸盐和硅酮、不含苯,就像小型磁铁一样,可以吸附头发上的污垢、污染和油脂,而不会使其脱落。The mild cleansing technology promises to keep your scalp healthy, causing less chance for irritation and flaking.这种温和的清洁技术可以保你的头皮健康,头皮受到刺激更少、掉落的头皮也大大减少。It also apparently helps to keep coloured hair vibrant and protected and leave hair soft, lightweight and with natural movement.很显然这也有助于保持头发颜色鲜艳,使得头发柔顺轻巧、自然熨帖。 /201704/502095
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