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  • ANNOUNCER: Its time for you to shout out. “大声喊出来”的时间到了!Howard Schultz is the CEO of what major company? 霍华德·舒尔茨是哪家大公司的首席执行官?If you think you know it, then shout it out! 如果你认为你知道,那么就大声喊出来吧!Is it Starbucks, Facebook, Wal-Mart or Apple? Youve got three seconds, go!它是星巴克、脸书、沃尔玛还是苹果?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!Schultz is the chief executive officer for Starbucks, which has nearly 18,000 stores worldwide.舒尔茨是星巴克的首席执行官,在全世界有接近一万八千家分店。Thats your answer and thats your ;Shoutout.;那就是你的,那就是你的”大喊“。AZUZ: Howard Schultz has a request for his companys customers. 霍华德·舒尔茨对他公司的顾客提出了要求。Dont bring weapons into our stores. 不要把武器带到我们的店里。Starbucks policy has been to allow gun owners to bring their weapons in if the state law allows it.星巴克的政策是,如果州法律允许带,那么持有者就可以带进入店内。Schultz isnt changing the policy, and he isnt threatening to kick out gun owners or refuse them service, hes just asking they dont bring in their guns. 舒尔茨并没有改变这一政策,他并没有威胁说要赶走持者或拒绝给他们提供务,他只是呼吁大家不要带。Poppy Harlow reports on the reaction to Schultzs request.波佩报道了对舒尔茨提出的要求的反应。 /201309/258389
  • Teddy Shattock, managing director of Aldridge Jewellers on London show us how to choose a wedding ring. The selection of a wedding ring could be one of the most critical decisions of your life; so get it right with VideoJugs assistance.伦敦Aldridge珠宝公司总经理Teddy Shattock向我们展示怎样挑选结婚戒指。结婚戒指的挑选将是你一生中最关键的选择之一。所以,在VideoJug的帮助下正确地选择结婚戒指。Step 1: Determine your ring size1.确定戒指大小Before buying your wedding ring, make sure that you know your ring size. Use a ring sizer that you will find at a jewellers to determine your ring size. You can also watch our film, ;How to work out your ring size; for some helpful tips.You should allow enough time, about eight weeks, before your wedding for the ring to be fitted or altered in any way so it is y for the big day.在购买之前,确定知道自己应该戴多大的戒指。使用珠宝商店的戒指尺寸测量器来确定尺寸。也可以观看我们的视频“怎样测量戒指尺寸”来获得有用的建议。你还应该有足够的时间,大约婚礼前八周的时间,这样就可以认真的挑选或修改,迎接那个重要的日子。Step 2: Match your engagement ring2.与订婚戒指搭配The most helpful starting point when choosing a wedding ring is to remember that it should complement the engagement ring. Choose the same metal for your wedding ring as that of your engagement ring. Traditionally, the wedding ring goes on first. Try them on together to see if the wedding band needs to be specially shaped to fit the engagement ring. It is not essential to wear the wedding ring on the same finger as the engagement ring. You may prefer to move your engagement ring to your right hand once you are married to make space for the wedding ring on the left hand, especially if it is elaborate in style. This allows each ring to stand alone and shine in all their glory.挑选结婚戒指的时候最有帮助的一点就是考虑一下哪一种可以与订婚戒指相得益彰。选择与订婚戒指同样的材质。传统来讲,结婚戒指是最重要的。两个戒指一起试戴,看一下结婚戒指的指环是否需要特别的形状来搭配订婚戒指。结婚戒指不需要和订婚戒指戴在同一个手指上。如果已经结婚了,可以把订婚戒指转移到右手的手指上,左手的手指用来戴结婚戒指,尤其是如果款式比较精巧。这样可以让每一个戒指都散发出自己独特的光辉。Step 3: Which metal?3.哪种材质Wedding rings are usually made from yellow gold, white gold or platinum. They can be 9k, 18k or 22k gold. The higher the karat number, the softer the gold so if you work with your hands, buy a lower karat to avoid scratches. White gold is a popular choice as it can also be worn with silver or platinum jewellery. Platinum is the hardest metal and does not need to be mixed with an alloy so it is safe for allergy sufferers. It is a more expensive choice than gold.结婚戒指通常是由黄金,白金或铂金制成的,可以是9k, 18k或22k金。克拉的数值越高,金子越柔软。所以,如果你需要用双手劳作,购买克拉数值比较低的戒指,以防刮花。白金戒指是比较流行的选择,因为可以和银质饰品或铂金珠宝一起佩戴。铂金是最坚硬的金属,不需要与其他合金混合,因此对于皮肤过敏的人来说比较安全。不过铂金比黄金的价格更高。Step 4: Gem set rings4.点缀宝石Although some cultures only allow plain wedding bands, gem set wedding bands have become very fashionable. These can sometimes overpower the engagement ring when worn on the same finger. If you do decide to buy a diamond set wedding band, you may find it looks best worn alone on your left hand.尽管一些文化只允许朴素的结婚戒指指环,然而点缀一些宝石已经逐渐成为时尚。和订婚戒指戴在同一个手指上的时候,可以超越订婚戒指的光芒。如果你决定购买有钻石的戒指,你会发现单独戴在左手上效果更好。Step 5: Wedding Rings for men5.男士的结婚戒指Although this was not always the case, it is now very common for men to wear wedding rings. The mans ring usually matches the womans and is made from the same metal. It should be a slightly wider band to suit a more masculine hand shape. The most common choice for mens wedding rings are plain bands. If you are not used to wearing a ring, a comfort fit ring is recommended. This is oval in cross section and has rounded edges so allows more flexibility.尽管并不都是如此,现在男士佩戴结婚戒指已经非常普遍。男士结婚戒指通常与女士的搭配,用同样的材质制成。可能指环更宽一点,以符合更加男性化的气质。男士戒指最常见的选择是朴素的指环。如果你不习惯戴戒指,建议选择佩戴比较舒适的。这种戒指在连接处是椭圆形的,边缘比较光滑,因此更加灵活。Step 6: The right choice6.合适的选择Whichever wedding ring you choose, make sure it is one that you are happy to wear for the rest of your life. It can be any design you like as long as it reflects your personality and style. The right wedding ring will be as timeless as your relationship.无论你选择哪一种结婚戒指,一定要是你未来的日子喜欢佩戴的。只要符合你的个性和风格,任何设计都可以。合适的结婚戒指将像你们的婚姻一样经久不衰。Thanks for watching How To Choose A Wedding Ring.感谢收看“怎样选择结婚戒指”视频节目。视频听力栏目译文属。201306/245141
  • Steve: You dont really want to hear about NeXT, do you?Steve: 你大概没兴趣听我聊NeXT吧?Yes, I do.我想听。You do? Okay, well... maybe the best things take so much time, I just tell you what NeXT is today. 好吧。我直接说NeXT目前在做什么吧There hasnt been … clearly the innovation of computer industry is happening in software right now, 很显然,计算机产业创新要靠软件and there hasnt been a revolution in how we create software in a long... (sneeze) Sorry. 但是长久以来,软件开发方式没有本质变化。对不起The innovation in the industry is in software, and there hasnt ever been a real revolution how we created software, certainly nonetheless in 20 years . 软件开发方式20年来一直没有变化As a matter of fact, its getting worse.不但没有变化,反而越来越糟Well, Macintosh was a revolution for the end users to make it easier to use,降低了用户的使用难度,这是一项创举 it was the opposite for the developer, the developer pays the price, 但增加了程序员的工作难度and the software got more complicated to write, 软件开发越来越复杂as it became easier to use for the end user, so software is impetrating everything we do these days, in businesses software is one of the most important pop competitive weapons. 软件正在向各行各业渗透,成为重要的商业竞争武器I mean its the most successful business war was MCI friends and family in the last 10 years, and what was that?MCI与ATamp;T十年来的竞争是就是最好的例,MCI做了什么? It was a brilliant idea it was custom-billing software. 不过是率先采用客户账单软件ATamp;T didnt respond for 18 months yielding millions of dollars for the market share to MCI.18个月内就抢走了ATamp;T数百万美元的市场份额Not because they are stupid, but because they couldnt get the billing software done. ATamp;T并非毫不知情,可就是搞不定客户账单软件So in ways like that, in smaller ways, software is becoming an incredible force in this world, 软件正在释放不可思议的力量to provide new goods and services to people whether its over the Internet or what have you, software is going to be a major enabler in our society.新的软件产品和软件务将改变我们的社会 /201307/248721
  • You know, the Florentines get all the credit. And its important to remember that there was another major city in the 1300s that was also in Tuscany that was another independent republic. And this is the Republic of Siena, with the capital city of Siena. And there was an enormously important and influential painter there whose name was Duccio. And so lets look at one of his most important paintings, The Rucellai Madonna.你知道,佛罗伦斯画派得到所有的功劳。很重要的是要记得还有个在1300年代同样也在托斯卡尼另一个独立共和国的另一个大城市。这是锡耶那共和国,还有锡耶那首都。这里有个名为杜奇欧的极其重要、极具影响力的画家。所以来看看他最重要的画作之一:《端坐宝座的圣母与圣婴及六位天使》。Were looking at a painting of the Madonna holding the Christ Child surrounded by 3 angels on either side and 12 feet high. Its a very large painting.我们正看着圣母抱着圣婴两侧各环绕三个天使、有12英尺高(约3.6公尺)的画作。这是非常巨大的画作。Yeah, its a huge painting. In fact, the Virgin Mary herself is twice the height, if not larger, than a human being. Its an altarpiece thats meant to be seen at a great distance within a huge church.是的,这是很巨大的画作。事实上,圣母玛利亚她自己,如果没比两倍还大的话,最少也有人类的两倍高。这是一幅刻意要在大教堂里隔着远距离观赏的祭坛装饰品。And theres so many decorative patterns here on the throne. In the spaces in between the posts that make up the throne, we see reds and blues. And then weve got more patterning in the drapery behind the throne.在圣座上这里有许多装饰图样。在组成圣座的柱子间的空间,我们看到红色和蓝色。接着我们在圣座后的布帘上得到更多图样。The characteristics that youre referencing are seen by our historians to be the definition of Sienese art of this time—highly decorative, highly patterned, and with a subtlety of color that we dont often see in the Florentine.你提到的特色被我们的历史学家视为当时锡耶那艺术的定义--高度装饰、高度以图样点缀、还有我们在佛罗伦斯画派中不常见到的色微妙之处。First of all, Marys whole body is in this lovely ultramarine blue, which was a very expensive paint. But the angels, you see purples, and greens, and pinks, and blues.首先,圣母的全身着以这个可人的深蓝色,在当时是一种非常昂贵的颜料。但那些天使,你看到紫色、绿色、粉红色、和蓝色。And theyre subtle and prismatic in a way that we dont so much see in the flatter colors of the Florentine style.他们很微妙又光夺目,在某种程度上我们看不到太多在佛罗伦斯画派风格中那些比实物更吸引人的颜色。Its hard to see that Marys sitting in her throne. The throne itself is so flat.很难看出圣母正坐在她的圣座上。那圣座本身如此平坦。Its almost the background against which shes seen. Theres so much details and so much decorative patterning in the throne, especially in the cloth that drapes the throne, that its structure gets lost, because pattern, of course, does emphasize the two-dimensional.那几乎是她被观赏时倚靠着的那背景。在那圣座上有如此多细节、如此多装饰图样,尤其是垂挂在宝座的那布料上,其结构消失了,因为当然那图样确实强调了那平面性。You know, when I look at Sienese art, especially the Rucellai Madonna, I tend to think of an artist who is so in love with the ability to create beauty. That pattern and form tend to trump the overall representation and the emphasis on any kind of naturalism or any physicality.你知道,当我看着锡耶那艺术,特别是《端坐宝座的圣母与圣婴及六位天使》,我很容易会想到一个如此深爱创造美感能力的艺术家。那图样和形式很容易胜过任何种类的自然主义与物质性的整体表现和重要性。For instance, look at the Byzantine-influenced hands of Mary. Look how long those fingers are. Its almost as if the artist has gotten lost in the length of those fingers as they wrap around Christs waist.举例来说,看看那受到拜占庭影响的圣母之手。看看那些手指头有多长。几乎就像那艺术家迷失了那些手指的长度,当它们环抱着圣婴的腰时。Theyre very beautiful, those hands. Im thinking also about the amount of gold here. We see the disappearance of all of that gold through the 1300s into the 1400s. Here, the paintings value is largely in that ultramarine paint that was expensive and in the use of gold. And what happens during the Renaissance is that the artist himself is valued. The artists skill becomes more valued. Not that Duccios skill wasnt valued, but the value was also heavily in the materials that were used, that were often dictated by the patron.它们非常美丽,那些手。我同样也在想这里黄金的份量。我们在1300年代到1400年代间看到所有那种金色消失。在这里,这画作的价值大部分在于那昂贵的深蓝颜料和黄金的用量。在文艺复兴期间发生的是艺术家本身为人所重视。艺术家的技术变得更加为人重视。不是说杜奇欧的技术没被重视,而是那份重视程度极大部分也在于使用的材料、通常由赞助者指定的材料。Now, the ultramarine blue that youre referencing was actually made of the semi-precious stone lapis lazuli. And during the Renaissance, the only mines that were available for lapis were in Afghanistan, still a remote place for us in the 21st century. One can only imagine how exotic and rare and difficult importing from Afghanistan would have been in the 1200s.现在,你提到的深蓝颜料事实上是由次等贵重的宝石青金石所制成的。在文艺复兴期间,唯一能取得青金石的矿山在阿富汗,对二十一世纪的我们来说仍是很遥远的地方。可想而知在1200年代从阿富汗进口会是多么奇特、罕见、和困难。And here we have an enormous quantity of that color being used.这里我们看到很大量的那颜色被使用。This is, in some ways, ostentatious. In some ways, this is a painting that is broadcasting its value, its wealth, its importance. Whats so interesting is this was a commission for the main altar in Santa Maria Novella in Florence, although its by a Sienese artist. And Santa Maria Novella is the main Dominican church, that is, one of the mendicant orders, this order of begging monks that had renounced worldly possessions. So theres this interesting kind of tension.这是,就某方面来说,很豪华的。就某方面来说,这是一幅散播其价值、其财富、其重要性的画作。如此有趣的是这是给予佛罗伦斯新圣母玛利亚教堂主祭台的委托画作,虽然它是由一个锡耶那艺术家绘制的。新圣母玛利亚教堂是最重要的道明会教堂,也就是托钵修道会之一,这个抛弃尘世财物的行乞修道士的教团。所以有这种有趣的冲突。We mentioned that this is called the Rucellai Madonna and thats a later title. This painting was later moved away from the main altar in Santa Maria Novella and into the Rucellai Chapel, that is, the private chapel that was controlled by the Florentine family, the Rucellai.我们提到这幅画称作《端坐宝座的圣母与圣婴及六位天使》,那是稍后的画名。这幅画后来从新圣母玛利亚教堂的主祭台被移走,放到鲁奇拉礼拜堂里,也就是由佛罗伦斯鲁奇拉家族所管理的私人小礼拜堂。201412/347753
  • 使用机械技术,激光测距仪,全球定位系统和智能回馈工具,丹尼斯·洪正在设计一辆盲人驾驶的车。这不是一辆“自动驾驶”的车,他仔细的注明,这车而是一辆盲人能决定速度,车距和路程的车--同时也能独立驾驶的车。201408/319881
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