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The US has been reviewing a growing number of foreign investments for national security reasons in recent years, with investments from China the leading targets for review, according to new data released by the US Treasury on last Friday.根据美国财政部上周五公布的新数据,最近几年美国以国家安全理由审核的外国投资案件数量一直在增加,来自中国的投资成了审查的头号目标。The disclosure contained in the annual report to Congress of the Committee on Foreign Investment in the US comes amid a number of new mergers and acquisitions out of China being submitted for review. Those include the mooted bn takeover of Switzerland’s Syngenta by ChemChina, one of that country’s largest state-owned conglomerates, and a bid announced this week for the Chicago Stock Exchange, which has aly drawn calls from Congress for a review.这一信息披露在美国外国投资委员会(Committee on Foreign Investment in the US, CFIUS)提交给美国国会的年度报告中。就在它公布之际,多笔来自中国的新并购交易正提交审核。其中包括中国最大国有集团之一中国化工(ChemChina)对瑞士先正达(Syngenta) 420亿美元的拟议收购,以及不久前公布的对芝加哥股票交易所(Chicago Stock Exchange)的拟议收购——该交易已引起了国会要求审查的呼吁。According to the report released last Friday, CFIUS received 147 notices from companies voluntarily seeking national security reviews in 2014. That number was up from 97 in 2013 and the most seen since 2008, when a record 155 notices were filed.根据这份上周五公布的报告,2014年,CFIUS接到了147份来自企业的通知,主动要求接受国家安全审查。这一数字高于2013年的97份,也是2008年以来最多的一次。2008年,企业向CFIUS提交了创纪录的155份审查通知。Less than half of those notices — 52 — were deemed worthy of a subsequent investigation on national security grounds. Just one of these transactions was rejected, while a dozen applications for review were withdrawn voluntarily by companies.而在这147份通知中,被视为有必要开展国家安全调查的只有52起,还不到总数的一半。这些交易只有一起被否决,还有12份审核申请则被企业主动撤回。CFIUS releases data on its reviews with a lag of more than a year. It also does not release publicly details of the transactions it reviewed, or the concerns that were raised, although those are contained in a classified version of its report to Congress.CFIUS公布的关于其审核情况的数据滞后了一年多。该机构也没有公开发布其审核的交易的具体情况或这些交易引起了哪些关切——尽管这些信息都包含在其提交给国会的保密版本报告中。China was the leading source of investments reviewed by CFIUS in 2014, with investors filing 24 notices, just ahead of the 21 filed by investors from the UK.2014年,CFIUS审核的投资项目的第一大来源是中国。来自中国的投资者提交了24份通知,略高于英国投资者提交的21份。A senior treasury official said that CFIUS treated investments from China no differently than it did any others. But investments from China have long drawn more political scrutiny than others in Washington. Beijing has repeatedly expressed concerns that Chinese companies are unfairly singled out.一名美国财政部高官表示,CFIUS对待中国投资的态度,与对待其他国家毫无区别。不过,长期以来在华盛顿,来自中国的投资在政治上始终受到更严格的审视。中国政府曾多次表示,中国企业受到了不公平的区别对待。In a letter sent to the Treasury this week, 45 Republican members of Congress asked for CFIUS to conduct a “full and rigorous” review of a proposed bid by a group of Chinese investors for the Chicago Stock Exchange. The deal, if approved, would for the first time give a Chinese company control over part of the US’s equity trading infrastructure, they said.在本周写给美国财政部的一封信中,45名国会共和党成员要求CFIUS对多个中国投资者联合向芝加哥股票交易所发出的收购要约开展“彻底而严格的”审核。他们表示,该交易一旦获批,将首次赋予中国企业对美国部分股权交易基础设施的控制权。“Should you determine [that the Chongqing Casin Enterprise Group] maintains a close relationship with the Chinese government — and therefore the Chinese military — we would urge CFIUS to deny this transaction,” the members of Congress wrote.这些国会成员写道:“如果你方确认(重庆财信企业集团)与中国政府(从而与中国军方)关系密切,我们强烈建议CFIUS否决该交易。”Chris Brewster, a CFIUS specialist at Stroock amp; Stroock amp; Lavan, a Washington law firm, said the committee’s annual report showed that the US still remained open to foreign investment. But he warned that it also indicated the bth of deals examined by the committee was growing to include things such as real estate.华盛顿律师事务所Stroock amp; Stroock amp; Lavan的CFIUS专家克里斯布鲁斯特(Chris Brewster)表示,该委员会的年度报告显示,美国对外国投资依然开放。不过他警告说,该报告还表明,该委员会所审查交易的范围不断扩大,已包括房地产在内的领域。;Deals are getting approved all the time and the US remains one of the best markets in the world for foreign investment. But CFIUS reviews are also getting more aggressive,” he said.他说:“各种并购交易一直在获得批准,美国依然是全球外国投资的最好目的市场之一。不过,CFIUS的审核也在变得更加激进。” /201602/427733。

  • Mentally ill patients and those with criminal records, such as those charged with violent acts, actions that endanger public security, serious violation of laws, and traffic offences, are forbidden to register as online car-hailing drivers, according to a new standard jointly issued by car-hailing platform Didi Chuxing and the Share Economy Committee of the Internet Society of China.叫车平台滴滴出行与中国互联网协会分享经济工作委员会日前联合发布的一项新标准明确,精神病患者以及被指控存在暴力行为、危害公众安全行为、严重违法、交通违法等犯罪记录的人员禁止注册为网约车驾驶人员。Various online car-hailing apps are providing more solution for transport. However, due to lack of supervision of drivers, some illegal cases have happened in the car-hailing industry.多家网上叫车应用为交通运输提供了更多的解决方案。不过,由于缺乏对司机的监管,叫车行业发生了一些违法案件。On the evening of May 2, a 24-year-old female teacher in Shenzhen hitched a ride back to school via a mobile car-hailing app. The driver took her to a remote place, and then robbed and killed her.在5月2日夜晚,深圳一名24岁的女性教师通过手机叫车app,做顺风车返回学校。该车司机却将其拉到一个偏远的地方,实施抢劫并杀害了她。Sources from the app#39;s company said the suspect was registered with real ID card, driving license and vehicle license but used falsified license plate on the day he carried out the crime.来自该手机应用的研发公司的消息人士表示,这名嫌疑犯已经通过真实身份、驾驶和车辆许可注册,但是在实施犯罪当天使用的是伪造车牌。The new standard is related to the background check system for hiring car-hailing drivers. The investigations will check the records and canvass opinions of well-known experts and scholars as well as relevant ministries.新标准与雇佣网约车驾驶人员的背景审查体系有关。背景调查将审查犯罪记录并征求知名专家学者以及相关部门的意见。Sources from Didi said the company will strictly follow the standard. When someone registers on the app and applies to be a driver, Didi will immediately check with public security organs.来自滴滴的消息人士称,该公司将严格遵循此标准。当有人在该应用程序上进行注册并申请成为一名司机时,滴滴将会立即与公安机关进行核对。Workers will check the national illegal crime information system, the information system for escaped criminals, the database for drug crime suspects, the public security traffic management platform, and the mental patients information system. People whose names are in these systems will be prevented from becoming drivers on the Didi platform.工作人员将会核查全国违法犯罪信息系统、全国在逃人员信息系统、毒品犯罪嫌疑人数据库、公安交通管理平台和精神病患者信息系统。名字在这些系统中出现的人,将会禁止在滴滴平台上成为司机。 /201607/455795。
  • Pop-up clothes dyeing centers are a new phenomenon in the Thai capital as black apparel becomes too expensive for many following the death of King Bhumibol Adulyadej.泰国国王普密蓬.阿杜德去世后,黑色衣对很多人来说变得过于昂贵,于是突然出现的染衣中心成了泰国首都的一个新现象。The Thai government has declared national mourning for Bhumibol, who died Thursday, and some clothing sellers have been quick to hike prices for black garments. Others have run out of stock.普密蓬13日去世后,泰国政府宣布举国为其哀悼,有些装卖家已迅速给黑色衣涨价。其他商家的库存已经销售一空。Vats of black dye were boiling nonstop Monday at a free dying station set up in downtown Bangkok by a tractor importing company.17日,在一家牵引机进口公司在曼谷市中心设立的免费扎染站点里,成桶的黑色燃料不停地被烧煮。Volunteers rushed to write down names and contact information from a stream of visitors bringing in colored clothes.志愿者们忙着写下接二连三带来色衣的来访者的名字和联系方式。;Some people don#39;t have black clothes or don#39;t have enough to wear,; said Kanokporn Tantranont, a Krung Thai Tractor employee helping out at the center. ;If you go out to buy more clothes, the prices are so high,; he said.Kanokporn Tantranont是一名在扎染中心帮忙的泰京牵引机公司员工,他说:“有些人没有黑色衣或黑衣不够穿。如果你出去买更多的衣,价格实在太高了。”His employer says the dyeing station will stay open until the end of the month and people can also donate old clothes to be dyed black.他的老板表示,这个扎染中心将一直开到这个月底,人们也可以捐赠旧衣来染黑。Bhumibol#39;s death after a reign of 70 years has triggered an intense outpouring of grief in Thailand, where the monarchy is revered. And some people have taken to criticizing others who don#39;t strictly conform to the mourning dress code, which allows black or black with white.普密蓬在位70年后逝世,他在泰国受人爱戴,他的死在该国引发了倾泻而出的悲伤。哀悼期的着装规范只允许黑色或者黑色和白色,有人已经开始批评没有严格遵守规范的人。Department stores have dressed up their mannequins in all-black attire, and anything flashing red, green, pink or the like has been moved or hidden.百货商店为人体模型穿上了全黑装,任何鲜红、绿色、粉色或此类颜色的衣都被脱下或者藏起来了。But for some, restocking their closet is not an option.但是,对有些人来说,为他们的衣橱重新添置衣不是一种选择。Waiting for his newly dyed black clothes, Kamol Samutsal, a 43-year-old office worker, said some dye shops in Bangkok have been profiteering as well.43岁的Kamol Samutsal是一名白领,他正在等待自己新染黑的衣。他表示,在曼谷有些扎染商店也牟取暴利。;It has become as expensive as buying new clothes,; said Kamol. ;I think it#39;s good that they provide a free service to the public here.;Kamol说:“染衣变得和买新衣一样贵。我认为他们为这里的公众提供免费的务是好事情。”Deputy Prime Minister Wissanu Krea-ngam said people shouldn#39;t be criticized for not wearing black or white because feelings of grief come from the heart, not what clothes are worn.泰国副总理威沙努表示,人们不应因没有穿黑衣或白衣而遭受指责,因为悲伤是由心而生的,而不是穿了什么衣。Government workers are required to wear black mourning attire for one year. State events are also under a 30-day moratorium, and all public offices and schools will fly flags at half-staff for 30 days.政府工作人员需要穿一年的黑色哀悼装。国事活动暂停30天,且所有政府机关和学校将降半旗30天。 /201610/473121。
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