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;Cinderella,I#39;m going to rescue you by turning that pumpkin into a coach--a success coach!;灰姑娘,我将用把这个南瓜变成一个教练的办法来解救你。 /201507/385900

3.The ed States Entered World War II After Pearl Harbor3.美国因为珍珠港事件参加二战While it is true that the ed States did not officially declare war on the Japanese—and by extension all of the Axis powers—until the bombing of Pearl Harbor, it had aly been far from a neutral nation, and US actions essentially forced a Pearl Harbor scenario to play out. The Japanese were reliant on the ed States for most of their oil, but they had gone to war against China, an ally of the ed States.珍珠港事件爆发前,美国并未向日本正式宣战,也没对轴心国宣战。珍珠港事件爆发,迫使美国不再中立,它的行动皆因珍珠港事件而起。日本原本依赖美国提供给其大部分石油,但又去攻击中国——美国的同盟国。President Franklin Delano Roosevelt ordered a freeze of Japanese assets because he was starting to worry about the possibility of war. Japanese traders would have to get licenses to export oil, a move that was meant to hurt them but not cause enough friction for war. Unfortunately, the man President Roosevelt put in charge of licensing decided that no one should be granted any licenses at all. He believed that the Japanese wouldn#39;t dare attack the ed States and wanted to cut off their resources. This led to the attack; the Japanese government knew that with the loss in resources, they had to move fast to gain new fuel sources, and they also had to cripple US naval capabilities.富兰克林·德拉诺·罗斯福总统(Franklin Delano Roosevelt)因担忧战争可能爆发,下令冻结日本资产。日本贸易商在取得许可后,方能输出石油——这一举措,在某种程度上有损日本利益,但不至于引起战争。不幸的是,罗斯福总统又决定限制件,使得没人能得到许可。他自信地认为,日本不敢袭击美国,又想停止对他们的资源供应。这便是事件的导火索。日本政府清楚自己失去了资源,明白自己必须加紧步伐去得到新能源,且势必要让美国海军吃吃苦头!There were also the many moves to fight the Axis powers behind the scenes, before they had even become the Axis powers formally. Roosevelt worked first to remove the Neutrality Act so that he could sell weapons to Allies, then he worked to pass the Lend-Lease Act, which allowed the US to lend or give arms to countries who would agree to pay for their use at a later date.事实上,当时并未正式确定轴心国,美国却已有反抗轴心国的众多举措。罗斯福总统首先放弃中立,这为他向同盟国出售武器大开方便之门,之后又使租借法案通过,允许美国向其他国家借出或给予军事持,前提是这些国家必须承诺将来要付酬劳。There was also a controversial deal worked out by Roosevelt over the heads of Congress to give the British 50 old destroyers in exchange for some naval bases. These actions caused the Axis powers to state in their formal declaration that they would protect each other from attacks by the Americans—clearly our interference was aly on their radar. While it was hard to convince the American public to go to war again after its demoralizing participation in World War I, the US was aly fighting a shadow war against the Axis powers for years before Pearl Harbor.且罗斯福总统也做出了一个颇有争议的举措,他无视国会为英国提供50艘驱逐舰以换取西半球8个基地。这些举动使得轴心国发布正式声明,宣称必须互相保护,以免受美国攻击——很明显我们的干扰他们一清二楚。尽管很难劝一战过后士气低落的美国民众再次参战,美国对轴心国的战争,早在珍珠港事件之前便已展开,只是无形罢了。2.The Scottish Wore Kilts While Fighting The English2.苏格兰士兵着短裙对战英格兰The movie Braveheart has entrenched in our minds the idea of the medieval Scottish fighting the British while wearing colorful tartan kilts. In fact, most people likely believed this before the release of the popular film, as it has long been a popular way to denote Scottish heritage or lineage in cinema and other media—just have the men wear tartan kilts. While historians have known for a while that the tartan kilt thing wasn#39;t very accurate (along with many other inaccuracies in Braveheart), in recent years they have done more to explain the misconception.电影《勇敢的心》使得中世纪苏格兰人穿着颜色各异的格子呢短裙对战英格兰的形象,在大众心中根深蒂固。事实上,男人着裙装,是影视及其他媒体描述苏格兰风情特色的流行做法,可能大多数人在这部电影放映之前,就已经对此有所耳闻了。历史学家考得知,苏格兰士兵着格子呢短裙参加战斗,并非完全符合史实(《勇敢的心》中也有其他许多对苏格兰民俗的错误演绎)。近几年来,他们为消除人们对苏格兰文化的误解做了很多努力。One historian in particular, Fergus Cannan (who claims to be related to Robert the Bruce himself), spent years going through old records and came to the conclusion that the uniform worn by the medieval Scottish warriors was different than imagined. They wore tunics, which might be vaguely reminiscent of kilts but are an entirely different item of clothing. These tunics were not tartan, but dyed bright yellow, often with the use of urine. For better protection, a sleeveless vest made of leather would be worn over the top, and they usually also wore a leather belt around the waist. According to some records, the style was known as the “yellow war shirt” and was still remembered and respected hundreds of years after its popular use.尤其是历史学家费格斯·坎南(Fergus Cannan)(他自称与罗伯特和布鲁斯有亲缘关系),他花费了几年时间查找古籍资料并得出结论:中世纪苏格兰士兵所着战袍与大众所想并不一致。士兵所着束腰外衣,可能会让人联想起短裙,但两者款式却完全不同。制作这些束腰外衣的原材料并非格子呢,通常是用尿液染成嫩黄色的布料。士兵们在最外层会套件皮革制成的无袖背心,以作防护之用,此外,他们还系着皮质腰带。一些资料将这种装束风格称为黄色战袍,几百年后的今天仍备受推崇。1.The Bombing Of Hiroshima And Nagasaki Was Unprecedented1.广岛和长崎的原子弹爆炸绝无仅有The bombing of the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki near the end of World War II was the first time nuclear bombs were dropped on civilian populations with the intent to annihilate. The question of whether these atomic bombs should have been used at all has been debated in academic and political circles ever since. Some proponents argue that such massive destruction is never justified, no matter what the aim is. Other people argue that if nothing had been done to frighten the Japanese into surrender, they would have fought to the last man; the body count on both sides would have been unthinkable. It#39;s hard to say what is morally right in this case, but bombing civilians certainly isn#39;t a choice most people would ever want to have to make.第二次世界大战末期,日本广岛(Hiroshima)和长崎(Nagasaki)的原子弹爆炸,是史上第一次以彻底摧毁为目的的核爆炸。此后,关于究竟该如何使用这些原子弹,学术界和政坛都进行了激烈辩论。一些持者认为无论什么原因,发生在哪里,如此严重的破坏都是不合理的。而其他人坚信,当时如果没有做点儿什么来吓吓日本人,迫使他们乖乖投降的话,他们会战斗到最后一个人,这么一来,战争双方的伤亡人数将多到无法想象。道德层面上来讲,我们很难说清怎样才是对的,但轰炸平民明显不是大多数人所喜闻乐见的。What isn#39;t often acknowledged is that both the Allies and the Axis powers were doing it far before the bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Now, most people would say that bombing civilians is wrong in most or all cases and that the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was an unprecedented level of destruction in an extreme case to try to force the Japanese to surrender. However, not only had the ed States been bombing civilians before those events, but some of its previous bombing runs were even more destructive than the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.大多数人不知道的是,早在广岛和长崎遭原子弹轰炸前,同盟国(Allies)和轴心国(the Axis)就开始研发原子弹了。现在大多数人会觉得,在大多数情况下,或者说不管在什么情况下,轰炸平民都是不对的,而广岛和长崎原子弹爆炸虽然造成了前所未有的的破坏,但却是在极端情况下为了迫使日本投降才做的决定。然而,美国在之前的战争中就曾向无辜百姓投弹轰炸,而且,有些爆炸所造成的破坏要远远大于广岛和长崎。Before the ed States bombed those two cities, it firebombed Tokyo not once, but twice with B-29 bombers. While it may not have been a single bomb, the destruction was horrendous. Roughly 100,000 people were killed in the first raid and 125,000 more in the second, and about 220 square kilometers (85 mi2) of city was effectively destroyed over the course of both raids. In comparison, the amount of land destroyed was about a quarter of that at Hiroshima, and the number of people killed was roughly 80,000. Nagasaki was a smaller city, so the bombing caused 45,000 casualties and an even smaller amount of destroyed city and land. This is not to say that what happened at Hiroshima and Nagasaki was not horrendous, but it was not the first time a bombing raid had caused such absurd destruction. Whether or not the use of the atomic bomb was warranted, the ed States was aly destroying scores of people and leveling cities without it.美国轰炸这两个城市之前就曾两次用B-29炸弹炮轰东京,投下的炮弹可能不止一个,造成的破坏令人触目惊心。第一次轰炸造成10万人死亡,第二次更甚,又造成12.5万人死亡,两次轰炸共计将220平方公里左右(85平方英里)的城区夷为平地。相比之下,广岛原子弹破坏面积是这两次袭击破坏面积的四分之一,爆炸当天罹难人数约为8万。长崎毕竟是个小城市,爆炸致使4.5万人死亡,相比东京要少,摧毁的城区和土地就更少了。这并不是说长崎和广岛的遭遇不令人心痛,而是说那并非第一次摧毁性的原子弹爆炸惨剧。不管原子弹的使用有没有得到授权许可,美国都确确实实杀害了大批无辜百姓,摧毁了大片城区土地。审校:瑶瑶Yvonne 校对:丸子 编辑:Freya然 /201507/387295

Dutch designer Jeffrey Heiligers#39; latest clothing line – #39;Posture#39; – targets people who spend most of their time hunched over a computer. By preventing the wearer from slouching, the clothes help people improve their posture in the long run. The concept is simple – every time you slouch, the shirt will tighten uncomfortably around the back, forcing you to sit upright again!荷兰设计师杰弗里·海里格斯最近推出的装系列——“姿势”——针对那些整天在电脑前弯腰驼背的人群。这种衬衫通过阻止人们驼背来帮助改善长期坐姿。它的原理很简单——每次你驼背的时候,衬衫背部就会很紧,让你很不舒,不得不直起腰来。“I engineered a tailor-made remedy that corrects poor posture, nowadays very common amongst the digital generation, not by constraining the muscles, but by training them,” Heiligers told Dezeen magazine. “Posture offers a solution integrated in the clothes you wear. By repositioning the seams in such a way that they start to feel uncomfortable when hunching, it stimulates you to sit up straight.”“现在的数字一代,很多人都习惯弯腰驼背,我设计了一个量身定做的治疗方式,来纠正错误的坐姿,不是通过约束肌肉,而是训练肌肉。”海里格斯告诉《设计》(Dezeen)杂志,“姿势系列装将解决驼背的办法融入到你的衣中。通过重新定位衣接缝,在你驼背的时候,这些衣就会让你感到不适,刺激你端正坐姿。”Heiligers revealed that a physiotherapist was involved in the designing process. They began by identifying the various sitting and standing positions that cause neck, shoulder, and back pain. Heiligers then cut the fabric across the back, in order to make the clothes tighten slightly when the wearer slumps forward. The discomfort will remind the wearer to adjust their posture, and their muscles will eventually get trained to sit and stand the right way.海里格斯透露,这款衬衣的设计过程还有理疗师的参与。他们确定了对颈,肩,背造成伤痛的一些站姿和坐姿。然后海里格斯把背部的衣料剪开重新缝接,穿衣的人驼背时衬衫就会稍微收紧。背部的不适感会提醒人调整姿势,最后他们的肌肉会得到训练,矫正姿势。The Posture range includes cotton shirts, felted cardigans, and knitted wool jumpers that are all constructed differently to normal garments. Heiligers pointed out that the clothes are special because the more they are used, the less they are needed. He chose to use only a minimum palette of colors – white, grey, navy – because he wanted to create an everyday collection.姿势系列装包括纯棉衬衫,毡制开衫和针织羊毛套衫,它们的结构都和普通款不同。海里格斯指出,这些装的特别之处在于,穿着次数越多,就越不需要穿。他只使用白,灰,深蓝等少数几种颜色,因为他想让该系列适合日常百搭。“I would like the fashion industry to be inspired by the blueprint I created and them to buy/adopt it to prevent upper back problems in the future,” Heiligers said.海里格斯说,“我希望我设计的这些衣,能够给时装行业一些启示,未来更多地将这个设计用在时装中来防止背部问题。” /201505/376749

Whether you kick back with a glass of wine, immerse yourself in a novel or strike up a conversation with the person seated next to you on a plane can be determined by which nationality is listed on your passport, a survey has claimed。一项调查表明,护照上的国籍信息决定旅客乘机时是小酌一杯,还是沉浸在自己的世界里阅读小说,或是与邻座乘客攀谈。 According to the results of an international passenger investigation, Australians are the biggest boozers on board with 36 per cent choosing to down the hatch, compared to 35 per cent of Americans and 33 per cent of Brits。一项国际乘客调查结果显示,澳大利亚人是机上的大酒鬼,有36%的澳大利亚乘客选择在飞机上干一杯。相比较,有35%的美国乘客和33%的英国乘客喜欢坐飞机时喝酒。The Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX) spoke to around 1,500 people, ages 18 and older, who have travelled by plane at least once during the last three months and were living in the ed States, ed Kingdom, Germany, Japan, China, Singapore, Australia or Brazil。航空乘客体验协会(APEX)采访了约1500名18岁或以上的乘客,他们最近三个月内至少乘过一次飞机,从美国、英国、德国、日本、中国、新加坡、澳大利亚或巴西启程。The results found Chinese travellers are most likely to nod off once the seatbelt sign switches off. They are also the first to reach for their credit card for some in-flight shopping and the biggest fans of gaming。调查结果发现,一旦“系紧安全带”指示灯熄灭,中国人是最有可能小憩打盹的旅客。他们还是第一个掏出信用卡在机上购物的旅客,也是最爱玩游戏的旅客。Americans on the other hand like to use their time in the air more productively – when not drinking - opting to work while flying at 35,000 feet。而美国人则倾向于充分利用乘机时间创造更多成果——如果不喝酒的话,他们选择在3万5千尺高空做自己的工作。Meanwhile, Brits and Germans are the best at making chit chat with random strangers – spending 50 per cent more time than any other nationalities schmoozing。同时,英国人和德国人最善于跟随机遇到的陌生人聊天,他们花在闲谈上的时间比其他国家的旅客高50%。Contrastingly, Brazilians conduct their conversations online via email, messaging apps or social media。相反,巴西人通过电子邮件、消息应用程序或社交网络进行聊天对话。Despite plane food having a bad reputation, seven out of 10 respondents said they were happy to chow down on the selection of in-flight snacks and meals。尽管飞机餐口碑不佳,但仍有70%的乘客说他们愿意食用飞机餐。In-flight magazines were also popular with four out of five passengers claiming to them。飞机上的杂志也深得乘客喜爱,有80%的乘客说会阅览这些杂志。The international flyers, who travelled on eight major airlines, did however express their desire for better in-flight entertainment and 36 per cent wanted improved connectivity。乘坐八大航空公司国际航班的乘客们表达了对更好机上的期望,他们中有36%的乘客希望改善连接。‘The industry has greatly improved the comfort, ambience, connectivity and entertainment onboard aircraft, and this data underscores that passengers are embracing those improvements,’ said Russell Lemieux, APEX executive director。APEX董事罗素·雷米尔说:“行业已经对机上舒适度、环境、连接和做出了很大的改善,数据显示,乘客们对这些改善喜闻乐见。”‘At the same time, passengers are demanding more from their air travel experiences which will drive more innovations touching all aspects of the journey,’ he added。他还说道:“同时,乘客们对于航空旅行体验提出了越来越多期待和要求,这也推动了更多的行业创新,涉及旅程的方方面面”。 /201507/386119

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