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Hutchison Whampoa, one of the Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-shing’s flagship companies, has agreed to buy O2, the British cellphone carrier owned by the Spanish telecommunications giant Telefónica, in a deal worth about billion.香港亿万富翁李嘉诚(Li Ka-shing)的旗舰公司之一和记黄埔(Hutchison Whampoa)已经同意收购西班牙电信巨头西班牙电信(Telefónica)所有的英国移动电话运营商O2,此次交易的价值约为150亿美元(约合931亿元人民币)。On Tuesday evening, Telefónica said that it reached a definitive agreement to sell O2 to Hutchison Whampoa, which plans to combine the company with Three, its British cellphone business.周二晚,西班牙电信表示公司已达成最终协议,要把O2出售给和记黄埔。和记黄埔打算把O2与它自己的英国移动电话业务Three进行合并。“Completion of the transaction is subject, among other usual conditions, to the approval of the applicable regulatory authorities and the obtaining of waivers to certain change of control provisions,” Telefónica said in a news release.西班牙电信在新闻稿中称,“交易的完成还取决于相关监管部门的批准,以及获得改变控制条款所需的弃权书等一些常规条件。”The deal comes about two months after the companies first confirmed they were in exclusive talks.在达成交易前的大约两个月,这几家公司首次确认它们在进行排他性谈判。Under the terms of the proposed deal, Hutchison Whampoa would pay 9.25 billion pounds, or about billion, in cash for O2. A further payment of up to #163;1 billion would be made later, depending on the performance of the combined businesses of Three and O2.根据提出的协议的条款,和记黄埔将斥资92.5亿英镑,或约140亿美元,用于收购O2。最高可达10亿英镑的跟进款项将于随后付,这还取决于Three与O2合并后的业务表现。The merger would be the latest in a series of deals that are transforming the telecom landscape across Europe, particularly as cable and telecom companies seek to offer consumers bundled services that combine mobile, broadband, television and landlines.一系列交易正在改变欧洲的电信版图,此次合并是其中最新的一例;尤其值得一提的是,有线电视和电信公司正试图为消费者提供把移动设备、宽带、电视和固定电话结合在一起的捆绑式务。The combination of O2 and Three would create a mobile carrier with about 31 million customers and a much stronger challenger to EE, which the British telecom giant BT recently agreed to buy for #163;12.5 billion.O2和Three的合并将创造一个拥有约3100万名用户的移动运营商,对EE形成更大的挑战。最近,英国电信巨头英国电信集团(BT)同意以125亿英镑收购EE。It would also shrink the number of main mobile providers in Britain to three, including Vodafone.英国主要移动运营商也将因此减少到三家,其中包括沃达丰(Vodafone)。Britain’s competition authorities have previously stated that they would prefer to have at least four mobile carriers, so any deal would most likely face regulatory scrutiny over how it could affect consumers, particularly in the pricing of services.英国的竞争管理部门此前曾表示,他们希望英国至少有四家移动运营商;所以任何交易都很可能会在对消费者的影响,特别是务定价等方面,面临监管部门的审查。The deal also would be the largest international acquisition by a company controlled by Mr. Li, one of Asia’s richest men.这笔交易还将是亚洲首富之一李嘉诚所控制的公司所进行的规模最大的国际收购。 /201503/366711。

Zune (tee hee). Vista (snort). Bing (BWA HA HA). Windows phone (Stop it! I can’t breathe!).Zune播放器(嘻嘻)。Vista操作系统(噗)。Bing必应搜索引擎(哇哈哈哈)。 Windows手机(别闹了!气都喘不过来了!)。Laugh all you want. Most of us do. Microsoft’s investors are laughing harder. Over the past two years, the shares have returned 94 per cent, absolutely crushing the results of (where to start?) Google, Apple, SAP, Oracle, IBM and VMware. Its market value has risen by 0bn.尽情笑吧。我们大多数人都在笑。微软(Microsoft)的投资者笑得更开怀。过去两年,微软股价上涨94%,轻松击败(从哪儿说起呢?)谷歌(Google)、苹果(Apple)、SAP、甲骨文(Oracle)、IBM和VMware的股票表现。其市值增加了1800亿美元。What has happened? In the September quarter call with analysts two years ago, the word “PC” was used 23 times; in the most recent call, 11 times. The word “cloud”, on the other hand, went from 11 instances to 57. This sums it up. The company has gone — at least in the mind of the market — from being tied to a technology in permanent decline to being a company successfully delivering its product over the internet. It makes some sense, then, that the price surge is backed less by an increase in expected earnings than by a butterfly-like change in the valuation. The stock traded at nine times earnings two years ago. Now it goes for 17. The market anticipates sustained growth.发生了什么?两年前9月份这个季度的业绩发布后,在面向分析师举行的电话会议中,“PC”这个词的使用频率是23次;但最近一个季度的电话会议中,使用频率是11次。另一方面,“云”这个词的频率从11次增加到57次。这就说明了问题。该公司(至少在市场的脑海中)不再与一种处于永久衰落的技术挂钩,而已经转型为一家通过互联网成功交付产品的公司。因此,股价上涨有理由在较小程度上依赖于预期盈利增长,在较大程度上受到类似蝴蝶效应的估值变化的推动。两年前,该股市盈率是9倍。现在接近17倍。市场预期持续增长。There is more to it than that, of course. As Bernstein Research notes, it also helps that what looked like a permanent decline in PC sales levelled out, and a new reporting structure highlights how much of the company’s revenue comes from companies rather than consumers. Investors are also enthusiastic about new boss Satya Nadella, who appears serious about both cutting costs and returning more capital to shareholders.当然不仅仅是上述理由。正如伯恩斯坦研究公司(Bernstein Research)指出,一度貌似永久性的PC销售下跌已稳定下来——这也有所帮助,而且新的业报结构强调了微软的营收有多少来自企业,而非消费者。投资者对新的掌门人萨帝亚·纳德拉(Satya Nadella)也很热情,他似乎很注重削减成本和向股东返还更多资本这两方面。Sustaining the rally depends on the balance between the growing bits of Microsoft (the business software unit and the “cloud” bit of the consumer business) and the shrinking bits (consumer licences for Windows and Office). It is hard to see how to predict that — except by simple extrapolation from current trends, which suggests the stock is fairly valued. Microsoft has aly proved it can defy expectations, though.维持涨势取决于在微软不断增长的业务(商用软件业务和消费者“云”业务)和不断萎缩的业务(Windows操作系统和Office软件的消费者许可书)两者间达到适当平衡。很难看出对此该如何预测——除了对当前趋势做简单的外推,这种外推似乎显示微软的股价估值公允。不过,微软已经明自己能够打破市场预期。 /201412/347013。

SAN FRANCISCO — Despite the billions of “likes” bestowed on Facebook posts every month, something has been missing: an option to express a different emotion.旧金山——尽管Facebook的帖子每个月都会收到数十亿个“赞”,但还是缺了点东西:表达不同情感的选项。On Thursday, Facebook announced it will begin testing six new emotional reactions that you can convey with a simple emoji, similar to the thumbs-up “like” icon that the social networking service has made so famous.Facebook在周四宣布将开始测试六个新的表情符号,用户可以通过简单的表情符号表达情绪,与该社交网络务捧红的大拇指符号代表的“赞”类似。The six new emoji depict various expressions, from an open mouth to express surprise to a scowling red face for anger. The other four emotions are love, laughter, sadness and a supportive cheer.这六个新表情符号描述了各种各样的表情,从表示吃惊的张大嘴巴,到表示愤怒的红脸。另外四个符号分别代表爱、大笑、悲伤和持欢呼。The new reaction icons will be available to most Facebook users in Spain and Ireland by the end of this week. Adam Mosseri, who oversees Facebook’s news feed, said the company would evaluate how people in those two countries use the new buttons and refine them, before expanding the rollout to the company’s 1.5 billion users worldwide later this year.至本周末,西班牙及爱尔兰的大部分Facebook用户将可以开始使用这些新表情符号。Facebook负责新闻订阅事宜的亚当·莫塞里(Adam Mosseri)表示,该公司会评估这两个国家的用户使用新按钮的情况,进行改进,然后在今年晚些时候将适用范围扩展至全球15亿用户。“How do people use it? Is this the right set of reactions?” Mr. Mosseri said in an interview.莫塞里接受采访时表示,“人们会怎么使用?这些代表了正确的反应吗?”Mark E. Zuckerberg, Facebook’s co-founder and chief executive, said last month that the company planned to test a way to “dislike” a post. “I do think it’s important to give people more options than just like,” he said at that time.Facebook联合创始人、首席执行官马克·E·扎克伯格(Mark E. Zuckerberg)在上个月表示,该公司计划测试一种表示“不喜欢”一篇帖子的方法。他当时表示,“我觉得给人们提供除了赞之外的更多选择是非常重要的。”While none of the new buttons are labeled that way, the angry and sad faces are designed to be tools for users to express negative emotions in a sympathetic way.虽然新按钮没有这种情绪表达,但愤怒和悲伤的面部表情旨在让用户通过表示同情的方式表达负面情绪。 /201510/403007。