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Photoshopping wedding photos can lead to hilarious results, and this post is one of them. Someone uploaded a photo of a Beluga whale ;attending; a wedding ceremony and reddit#39;s troll army is at it again.用PS处理结婚照可能会变得十分滑稽,这个帖子就是一个例子。某人上传了一只白鲸“参加”婚礼的照片,而社交新闻网站Reddit上的“水军”又把目标对准了它。Apparently, newlywed couples nowadays quite frequently go to Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut to get some photos in front of these huge creatures. However this particular one caught the internet#39;s attention because the whale looks really invested in the ceremony. From transforming the Beluga into the best man, to making the whale in charge of the ceremony - the trolls found quite a few reasons why he is attending.显然,新婚夫妇们如今经常会去康涅狄格州的神秘水族馆,在这些巨大生物前拍一些照片。然而,这张特别的照片吸引了网友们的注意,因为这只鲸看上去真的像在参加婚礼。从转变白鲸为伴郎,到由白鲸主持婚礼,这些恶搞的帖子找到了不少白鲸会参加婚礼的原因。 /201703/495373

  1. You haven’t found the right workout1.你还没找到合适的锻炼Barre. Crossfit. Yoga. Running. Pilates.扶手杠。体能训练。瑜伽。跑步。普拉提。There are more workout options than ever these days, and it can be pretty overwhelming choosing one. How do you know which one’s right for you? What if you shell out for a membership at a yoga studio and then find that you hate it? It’s easy to feel like you’re doing something wrong when your BFF has found her fitness love and you’re still confused.现在比以前的运动形式选择要多多了,但是要选择一种还是很有压力的。你如何知道哪种运动形式适合你呢?如果你花钱在瑜伽馆买了一张会员卡,然后发现自己讨厌瑜伽,该怎么办呢?当你发现你最好的朋友已经找到了她最喜欢的健身运动,而且还很困惑的时候,你会很容易感觉自己做错了事情。If you haven’t found the right workout for you, then, of course, you’ll hate working out. Anyone would. Spend some time trying different classes and don’t stress about it. You can try Class Pass and you won’t have to empty your entire bank account. Eventually, you’ll find your perfect fit. It just might not happen overnight.如果你还没找到适合你的运动,那么当然你会讨厌锻炼。任何人都会的。花时间尝试不同的健身课程,而且你不会感觉压力很大。你可以尝试自由类课程,这样你就不会花光你账户里面所有的钱了。最后,你会找到适合你的最好的健身方式。只不过这不会一晚上就能找到。2. Walking counts2.走路也算是一种运动Studies show that walking is actually an amazing form of exercise, which should be music to your exercise-hating ears. Experts generally agree that walking for half an hour every day will do the most good health-wise. You’ll be fit, and as an added bonus, you won’t suffer from insomnia.研究发现走路实际上是一种很惊人的锻炼形式,就像是音乐对于讨厌运动的耳朵一样。专家普遍认为每天散步半个小时会对你的健康大有好处。你会很健康,而且额外的福利就是,你就不会遭受失眠困扰了。The best way to get some steps in? Walk to and from work. Walk at lunch. Go for an after-dinner stroll around your neighborhood. You can even get up an hour earlier and go for a nice walk before your a.m. commute.最好的开始方式?走路去上班和下班。走路去吃饭。晚饭过后,在社区周围散步。你甚至可以早起床一个小时,在你早晨通勤之前好好散散步。3. Rest is important3.休息很重要We’re starting to see a shift in our modern society. While we used to say that hustle was literally everything and sleep was for the dead, we’re starting to realize that rest and relaxation are equally great.我们在现代社会看到了倒班制度。虽然我们以前经常说忙碌简直就是一切,睡觉时死人才需要的,然而现在我们开始发现休息和放松也同样很重要。 /201702/493425



  ;Funny;, a made-in-China emoji, inclusively used on Tieba, the largest Chinese communication platform provided by the search engine giant Baidu, seems to have recently moved beyond just China.“滑稽”是中国发布的表情,起初是搜索引擎巨头百度所开发的中国最大社交平台百度贴吧的专用表情,但现在世界上很多人都在使用了。Now, it is more than an emoji, but a cultural derivation.现在“滑稽”不仅是一个普通的表情,更是一个文化派生现象。A series of ;funny; emoji-based bolsters have attracted the attention of Japanese customers through Amazon Japan, an online shopping center.在日本亚马逊网上商城,一系列的“滑稽”表情抱枕得到了日本消费者的关注及喜爱。Even if one bolster costs about 1,750 yen (.73), more than three times the price in China, it doesn#39;t dampen their desires to buy it即使一个抱枕售价约为1750日元 (16.73美元),为中国售价的三倍之多,也不能削弱日本消费者们购买此抱枕的热情。One Japanese customer Miki said: ;They are just so cute and I bought three bolsters at one time for my family. And every time I see them, my mood just brightens suddenly.;一位叫做Miki的日本顾客表示:“滑稽表情真是太可爱了,我为我的家人一下子就买了三个抱枕。我只要一看到它们,心情就会突然变好。”Compared with Japanese people#39;s impressions of the ;funny; emoji, Chinese netizens prefer to use the emoji to tease one another on social media.与日本网友对滑稽“表情”的印象相比,中国的网友更倾向于在使用社交媒体时用滑稽表情取笑别人。One commonly seen comment on the emoji in Zhihu, the Chinese version of Quora, is: ;We strongly require Tieba to stop the usage of the emoji. Because every time other people send me the emoji, I feel very uncomfortable and consider myself as a fool.;正如知乎(中国版Quora)中对滑稽表情的一个所说的:“我们强烈建议百度贴吧取消使用滑稽表情,因为每当别人发给我这个表情时,我都觉得非常地不舒,并且会觉得自己被别人当成了笨蛋”。As a matter of fact, the ;funny; emoji is the updated version of the ;drool; emoji.事实上,“滑稽”表情的旧版被称为“斜眼笑”表情。Compared with the original, ;funny; has a slightly opened mouth, a dull red flush and two eyebrows. And all these characteristics render users a sense of satire, according to one insider.据一名业内人士透露,与原版本相比,“滑稽”表情有弧度上扬的嘴角端庄大气,微微泛红的脸颊让人温暖,两条上挑的眉毛可爱非常。这些特征加上斜视的眼睛,产生有趣的表情,使得使用者将其作为嘲笑别人的表情。If you think the emotion is the only cause for the ;funny; emoji to go viral online, then you are wrong.如果你认为滑稽表情走红网络仅仅是因为此表情很“有趣”,那你就大错特错了。In the last several years, the ;funny; emoji has undergone many transformations and gradually engulfed the internet.在过去的几年,“滑稽”表情经历了许多改变,逐渐风靡网络。For example, the emoji is the first one on Tieba to have multi-color variations in red, orange, green, blue, bluish green and purple.比如,“滑稽”表情是第一个在贴吧中发布多种颜色的,有红色、橙色、绿色、蓝色、青绿色以及紫色。When users utilize the shortcut key to send them together, its exaggerated effect is amplified.使用者可以使用快捷键将它们一起发送,这时情感表达的效果就会增强。This is not the first time the Chinese emoji takes the world stage.中国发布的表情得到世界网友的关注,这次并不是第一次。Earlier this year, one emoji from the Chinese basketball celebrity Yao Ming has been sp through the Middle East region.今年年初,以中国篮球明星姚明为模版的表情在中东地区广泛传播。In Luxor, a city in southern Egypt, Yao#39;s smiling emoji has emerged frequently in local traffic signs to remind people the road ahead is one-way.在埃及南部的城市卢克索,姚明的笑脸表情频繁出现在当地的交通标志上,用以提醒人们前方的道路为单向道。And you may be surprised to find that many locals do not know Yao Ming but are familiar with his emoji and nickname ;Chinese Funny Face;.令人吃惊的是,许多当地人并不认识姚明,但他们却熟悉他的表情,并将其称为“中国的有趣笑脸”。What#39;s more, the emoji has been picked up by the Egyptian English-language daily newspaper Egyptian Gazette as the title picture for its humorous column Serious but Funny.而且,此表情被埃及英语日报《埃及新闻报》收录,作为其幽默专栏“严肃但也有趣”的标题图片。As a newly emerging online language, emojis have risen to become an integral part of people#39;s daily life. Emojis are able to help people express their views in a more vivid and precise fashion.作为新兴的网络语言,表情已经成为网友日常生活的一部分,因为表情能帮助网友更生动准确地传达出他们的想法。Also, it can help foreigners learn about Chinese culture and learn the language.此外,表情还可以帮助外国人了解中国文化及学习语言。 /201611/477326Because they are extremely tricky to make and many of their ingredients can be expensive and/or difficult to source.因为它们很难制作,很多原料都很贵或者不易获取。Macaron shells are made by folding almond flour (or some other nut flour) and confectioners sugar into a meringue (sugar and egg whites). Sounds easy enough, but it has to be done just right. The ratio of sugar-to-almond flour-to-egg has to be very precise — you have to weigh your ingredients to the gram; you can#39;t do it by volume. I suppose you could but it could easily mess up your batch.马卡龙的壳是一层杏仁面粉(或其他一些坚果面粉,糖和调和蛋白制成。听起来简单极了,但是要做到恰到好处很不容易。糖、杏仁面粉、鸡蛋的比例都必须非常精确。需要将原料按克称量;另外,你不能按体积来计算。我觉得其实你可以按体积来算,但是这样很可能会搞砸的。Assuming you#39;ve even measured the ingredients properly, you need to fold it correctly. Under-mix and they#39;ll be stiff. Over-mix and they#39;ll be goo. You have to pipe the shells to be uniform in size, rest them so they can lose their peaks and watch them like a hawk for as long as they#39;re in the oven. If anything anywhere in the process goes wrong, the entire batch can be lost. And macarons are as much about looks and style as taste; a cookie that tastes good but is burnt, missing its foot or cracked will not cut it.即使你恰当地称量了材料,你还必须正确地把它们卷起来。不充分混合他们会变硬。过度混合它们又会太软。你必须把这些壳都卷成统一的尺寸,把它们放在一边,让它们变得柔软,从放进烤箱的开始一定要一直看着它们。如果步骤中的任何一处出了差错,整个一批就全部白费了。一个小曲奇味道很好但是烤焦了、少了一个角或者破了是不会有什么影响的。但是马卡龙的外形、样式和口味一样,都很重要;The fillings don#39;t have to be that difficult. I#39;ve used buttercream, ganache and candied fruit, among others. It#39;s the shells that pose the difficulty, and unless you want a plain shell, you#39;ll need to invest in good-quality vanilla, edible flowers, cocoa, flavor compounds, spices and dye. Most of that ain#39;t cheap, and neither is almond flour, unless you buy it in bulk.內馅没有那么难做。我用了奶油乳酪、巧克力酱和果脯等等。其实是壳使得制作难度提升,而且如果你不想让壳平平的,你就需要买很好的香草酱、可食用的花瓣、可可粉、混合调味剂、香辛料和染料。它们大都价格不菲,扁桃仁面粉也是,即使你批发,还是很贵。In summation, the comparatively high cost of macarons is a function of their difficulty to make; the time it takes to make them; and the cost of their ingredients, many of which are highly specialized. Most people are also unwilling or unable to make them at home (they are not cupcakes and there is no boxed mix for them), so they#39;re willing to pay more to get them from a bakery.总的来说,马卡龙的高成本来源于它的制作难度、制作时间和原料价格,这其中的大部分都需要很专业才行。大部分人也不愿意在家制作它们(它们不是杯子蛋糕,也没有混合好、方便制作的原料包),所以人们愿意花更多的钱去面包店买马卡龙。 /201705/507939




  What perks do you look for in a workplace? Perhaps a gym, maybe ping-pong tables, or how about free fruit?你会为怎样的工作环境加分?带健身房,带乒乓球台,还是提供免费的水果?A subsidised canteen is often popular too, but only if the food is actually good.公司提供补贴的食堂也不错,只要给的食物足够好吃。But what if your office actually had a secret kitchen serving up high-quality food to the executives?但假如你的公司里有个秘密的食堂,专门为高管们准备美味的菜肴,那会怎样呢?For that is exactly what happens at financial services company Morgan Stanley.这的的确确发生在根斯坦利金融务公司里。Acclaimed chef JJ Johnson used to run the executive kitchen in Morgan Stanley’s New York office on Broadway, and has revealed to Eater just what it was like.名厨JJ#8226;约翰逊曾经在根斯坦利位于百老汇的办公室里运营过务高管的餐厅,他向Eater网站透露了关于这个餐厅的信息。With a that changed daily and 15 people working in the kitchen, he says it was just like running a high-end restaurant.他说,那就像是运营一个真正的高档餐厅,菜单每天都更新,厨房里有多达15名人手。Unlike many work canteens which serve up basic dishes like lasagne, burgers and fish and chips, the food at Morgan Stanley’s secret restaurant is of the utmost quality - Iberico pork, foie gras and truffles regularly feature on the .一般的员工食堂提供的都是基本的千层面,汉堡或者炸鱼加薯条,而根斯坦利的秘密餐厅则是提供尽可能高质的食物——伊比利亚黑猪肉,鹅肝酱以及松露等经常会有。The restaurant also does ‘nose to tail eating’ - cooking every part of an animal - and serves 30 to 50 people every day.这个餐厅也会做“全宴”——将动物的每个部分都做成菜——并每天供应给30到50人。Although budgets were inevitably higher than a standard canteen, there were still budgets: “You needed to make sure, yeah you got 50 parties this week, but you can’t spend more than this amount of money ‘cause that’s all that’s budgeted for,” Johnson said.虽然预算肯定比一般的食堂高得多,但也不是无止境的:“你必须要确保,即使一周会有50次宴会,你也绝对不能超额,因为预算就给这么多,”约翰逊说道。“You have to be able to make that work.”“你必须要想办法做到。”Johnson didn’t reveal how much the meals in the restaurant cost, but he did mention that the diners never left tips.约翰逊并没有透露餐厅的一顿饭到底花多少钱,但他提到过用餐的人从来不给小费。After leaving Morgan Stanley, Johnson went on to win an episode of American reality competition TV series Rocco’s Dinner Party which led him to co-create New York restaurant The Cecil, which recently merged into the acclaimed restaurant and jazz club Minton’s.在离开根斯坦利之后,约翰逊在一集美国竞赛真人秀——罗科的晚宴中得胜,接着与其他人合办了一件餐厅The Cecil。这家餐厅最近被并入了广受好评的爵士餐吧Mintons。Let’s hope New York’s financial executives aren’t being deprived of their truffles in his absence.希望纽约的金融高管们能在他离开后还吃得到松露吧。译文属 /201703/500205


  When her soon-to-be humans came over to adopt her sister, kitten Zoe charmed them into adopting her as well. She had a little trick up her chest: a big black heart-marking.小猫咪佐伊是在其被领养的时候吸引了她的主人,从而被一起领养了的。她的胸口有一个大大的黑色爱心花纹。Remarkably, no one had noticed this anatomically correct heart patch before then. Her humans fell in love with Zoe on the spot, and the two tuxedo sisters remained united. As Zoe grew, so did her heart and her fur.值得注意的是,在此之前并没有人注意到过这个与爱心结构相同的小图案。她的主人立刻就爱上了她,这两只小猫也继续着形影不离的日子。佐伊日渐长大,她胸口上的爱心图案也随之变大。Zoe and her sister Izzy have their own Instagram account, where they currently have nearly 75.000 followers. At first, most attention went to Zoe and her adorable heart-marking. But recently, the sisters have become equally popular as Izzy has amassed quite the fanbase of her own due to her irresistible and expressive face.现在佐伊和她的伊奇已经有了属于她俩的ins账号,而且已经有了将近7万5000个粉丝。一开始大家关注最多的是佐伊和她可爱的爱心花纹。不过最近由于伊奇那令人难以抗拒的表情丰富的脸蛋而积累起来的粉丝基础让这对花的受欢迎程度已经旗鼓相当。The British Shorthair mixes are similarly adorable but have different personalities. Izzy is fearless and adventurous, while Zoe is more cautious, yet extremely curious. Both kitties are very affectionate, towards their humans and each other. Just look at these pictures, and see if they can conquer your heart as well.这两只英国短毛混血猫虽然外表同样可爱但是性格却不尽相同。伊奇胆子大、爱冒险,而佐伊则小心翼翼、充满好奇。这两只小猫都非常惹人喜爱,不仅是主人爱护她们,她俩彼此之间也是关爱有加。看看这些照片吧,你的心是否也被融化了呢? /201701/487082

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