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Business商业报道Casinos in Asia 2亚洲Place your bets买定离手Casinos are popping up all over Asia. Their biggest risk is political亚洲遍地开花。政治成关键因素。Vegas comes to Manila来到马尼拉KABUKICHO, Japans biggest fleshpot, swarms over a crowded one-kilometre block of Tokyo.距离东京1000米的歌舞伎町区是日本最大的场所,其中混杂着各种俗丽酒吧院和破旧的酒店。It is a gaudy patchwork of clubs, massage parlours and seedy hotels, a short walk from what is probably the worlds busiest train station.距离这里几步之远的或许是世界上最繁忙的火车站。Hoodlums from Yakuza crime gangs tout illicit thrills from a well-thumbed of sex, drugs and gambling.来自流氓团体的暴徒们进行着不正当的色情交易聚众吸食毒品。Takeshi Iwaya, a politician, wants to pull gambling out of the seedy company it keeps in Kabukicho and put it into giant family-friendly casinos.政客Takeshi Iwaya希望将从歌舞伎町破旧的公司中转移到巨型家庭之中。He is lobbying for Japan to lift its ban on casinos.他希望通过游说让日本解除对的禁令,A share of Macaus eye-watering gambling revenues is the goal.从而瓜分那令人眼红的收益。Singapore, home to a couple of new upmarket casino resorts, is the model.新加坡这个新兴的度假村形式就是他的范本。Three years ago, the island state allowed Marina Bay Sands, run by Sheldon Adelsons Sands empire, and Resorts World Sentosa, run by Malaysias Genting group, to open.三年前这个岛国允许由谢尔登?埃德森年代金沙帝国经营的金沙和由马来西亚云顶集团经营的综合城开业。They earned 5.9 billion last year, nearly as much as all of the casinos on the Las Vegas strip.去年盈利59亿美元与所有盈利相近。Before it can reach such lofty heights, however, Japan must legalise casinos.对日本而言,要获得如此巨额盈利的前提是是合法化。It has been debating doing so for years, but supporters say they have finally lined up all the ducks.就这一问题各方争论多年,持者称他们最终会规范这个行业。A cross-party group of 140 politicians supports the move, including the prime minister, Shinzo Abe, says Mr Iwaya.他称由包括安倍晋三在内的140位政客组成的跨党派小组持这一想法。Liberalising gambling would fit well with Mr Abes radical reforms to boost Japans sluggish growth.开放业符合安倍晋三的激进改革思路,能推动日本经济复苏。Japans police have dropped their long-standing opposition, and parliament is expected to debate a legalisation bill soon.对此,日本警察的态度似乎稍有缓和,反对意见有所下降。The time is right, says Mr Iwaya.同时国会也希望尽快讨论法案合法化。Iwaya 称:现在是最好的时机Legalisation still has its opponents.但仍有反对者阻止该项法案合法化。Keiko Itokazu, another parliamentarian, worries that the Yakuza gangs have a record of muscling in on legal businesses, from property to banking.一个国会议员Keiko Itokazu担心黑手党会借此干涉合法商业活动,包括所有权及。Mr Iwaya responds that there are aly lots of illegal casinos in Japan; bringing the business out into the open can only make things better.对此Iwaya回应到日本目前已有大量非法,将公开化更有利于管理。Liberalisers also argue that casinos will boost Japans earnings from foreign tourists and, more important, rapidly deliver a tax windfall to the heavily indebted government.持者同时指出经营能够促进外国游客在日本的消费,更重要的是能够通过暴利税缓解政府负债情况。A Japanese business magazine, Toyo Keizai, has argued that Japan is being left behind as neighbouring countries rush to build lucrative gambling resorts, combining casinos with luxury hotels, shops and cultural attractions.鉴于邻国加快建设获利丰富的度假村,与相连的奢华酒店,商店以及由此带来的文化影响,日本的一本商业杂志,东阳经济写到:日本正在落后。Indeed it is: countries across the Asia-Pacific region have abandoned their hostility to gambling and are welcoming the big global casino groups.的确,亚太地区国家已经消除了对事业的敌意并积极引进全球组织。In July it emerged that Stanley Hos son Lawrence, also a casino mogul, had reached a deal to open a casino near Vladivostok in Russias far east.7月份, Stanley Ho之子,巨头Lawrence达成协议将在俄罗斯远东靠近海参崴的地方开设。Vietnam is looking to boost foreign tourism by expanding its casinos, and proponents of gambling are making headway in Sri Lanka and Taiwan.越南也希望通过开设发展旅游业,同时斯里兰卡和台湾的持者也取得了进展。In July Australian lawmakers approved a proposal by James Packer, a billionaire businessman, to open a second casino in Sydney.7月,澳大利亚的立法者通过了一项由James Packer这位亿万富文提交的关于在悉尼开始第二家的提案。His firm, Melco Crown Entertainment, runs casinos in Macau with the younger Mr Ho.他的公司,新濠亚有限公司和小Ho先生在共同经营一家。They are also partners in a casino now being built in the Philippines.他们也共同投资了菲律宾正在建设的一家。Mr Packer has said he is also keen to move into Japan as soon as it liberalises.他表示如果日本开放业,他很有兴趣前去投资。He will face competition closer to home: Tony Fung, a Hong Kong tycoon, plans to build a gambling resort in Queensland.最近在他老家澳大利亚附近他也面临着挑战—Tony Fung,一个香港巨富打算在昆士兰建造一个度假村。A thriller in Manila马尼拉的巨变The Philippine capital is famous for many things—floods and traffic jams for a start—but not for striking architecture.最开始菲律宾首都以洪水和交通拥挤而不是夺人眼球的建筑闻名。Now, however, on a large plot of reclaimed land overlooking Manila Bay, it is getting four big and impressive casino buildings at once.然而,现在站在一大片填海土地上眺望马尼拉湾时,首先映入眼帘的便是4个巨大且令人印象深刻的。The first of Manilas new gambling venues, the Solaire Resort amp; Casino, has opened.马尼拉第一家新兴场馆,the Solaire Resort amp; Casino已经开业。It is a sleek plate-glass affair with a suitably flashy interior created by Paul Steelman, a casino designer from Las Vegas.它由来自的设计师Paul Steelman设计,它有着光滑的玻璃已经舒适华丽的内饰。Operated by the Philippine-owned Bloomberry Resorts and Hotels, Solaire will cost over 1 billion to finish.将耗资10亿美元建设完成Solaire会由菲律宾国营的Bloomberry度假村酒店经营。This was the minimum investment required to win one of the four licences on offer.这是获得四个许可之一的最低投资要求。The other three Manila projects are joint ventures with overseas operators.另外三个马尼拉的项目都是有海外运营商的合资项目。The Belle Grande, to be operated by Melco, is due to open next year.由新濠国际运营的大百丽计划于明年开业。Another, Manila Bay Resorts, is backed by Kazuo Okada, a Japanese billionaire.另外依靠于日本富豪冈田和生的马尼拉湾度假村由于遇到了各种法律上的麻烦可能会推迟开业。It has run into various legal troubles that may delay it, including allegations of bribery and using front companies to own land on its behalf.这些麻烦包括受贿指控以及利用前公司扩占土地等问题。Mr Okadas company says it plans legal action against employees it accuses of making illegal payments contrary to company rules,冈田先生的公司称他们将会运用法律手段与指控其不顾公司规定获取非法收益的员工经行斗争。and that it is co-operating with the authorities to ensure it obeys the law regarding its land ownership.同时它也会与政府展开合作,确保其严格遵守法律获取土地。The fourth project, Resorts World Bayshore, is backed by Genting, a gambling giant with global ambitions.海滨名胜世界作为第四个项目由云顶集团投资。Genting kick-started Manilas casino craze when it opened Resorts World Manila opposite the capitals main airport in .该集团是有着全球野心的巨型企业。年首都机场对面马尼拉云顶世界的开业掀起了马尼拉狂潮。Older casinos had acquired a dubious reputation as smoke-filled dens for solitary gamblers.之前的作为为孤独的赌徒提供烟雾弥漫的窝点已获得了一定地位。RWM demonstrated that a casino complex could appeal to the whole family by incorporating shows, cinemas and posh shops.马尼拉云顶世界则展示了作为一家复合型,它应该为整个家庭提供务,包括综合表演,电影院以及奢侈品店。The formula satisfies both God and mammon;这种经营方式满足了上帝也赚到了钱;it appeased critics of gambling, such as the Philippines influential Catholic church, and made lots of money.它既平息了对来自菲律宾具有影响力的天主教堂对的批判也赚到了钱。RWMs takings were 355m in its first year.第一年RWM就赚到了355,000,000美元。The government hopes the new casinos will boost tourism across the country, with punters moving on to beach resorts to spend their winnings, or cry over their losses into their pia coladas.政府希望这些会带动当地旅游业的发展,让赢家将所赢金钱消费到沙滩度假村,让输家借酒浇愁。Solaire sees a healthy market both from local punters on modest budgets—with bets of as little as 300 pesos—and from VIP tables where the minimum is at least 25,000 pesos.对于仅将7美元作为赌注预算的船夫与那些至少会花25,000pesos的贵宾而言,Solaire都是一个理想的场所。Solaire expects about half of these high-rollers to come from mainland China and another third or so to hail from Japan and South Korea.Solaire表示这些狂赌者有一半以上都来自中国大陆,另外还有三成左右来自日本及韩国。It will send a private jet to pick up the real big spenders, those who think nothing of splashing out 10m over the course of a junket.会派私人飞机接待那些在游览中随便用上1千万美金的真正大款。Solaires owner is Enrique Razon junior, whose family made its money in shipping.其拥有者是小Enrique Razon,他的家族以航海为生。The only cloud on his horizon is geopolitical: the Philippines increasingly acrimonious confrontations with China and Taiwan over disputed territories and waters in the South China Sea.他的眼中只有地理学:在中国南海上的,菲律宾加强了其与中国关于领土领海问题的激烈对抗。 Razon承认道。This does worry us, Mr Razon concedes. When the Chinese government tells people not to go to the Philippines, they dont go.当中国政府告诉人们不要去菲律宾,大家就真的不去了,这让我们很担心。All of the countries in the region have a similar love-hate relationship with China, in which diplomatic spats can all too easily flare up.本区域内的所有国家都与中国有着爱憎关系,这样外交矛盾轻易就会爆发。That is why, as China generates ever larger numbers of well-off consumers with a passion for gambling and a desire to travel, the main concern for the regions many new casino projects is not competition from each other; it is politics.现在中国比以往拥有更多的热爱旅行,热衷的富人。这就是为什么这一地区内项目更关注的是政治而不是同行中的竞争力。 /201309/258012Books and Arts; Book Review; Fundamental physics; Big bang;文艺;书评;基础物理学;宇宙大爆炸;Popular physics has enjoyed a new-found regard. Now comes a brave attempt to inject mathematics into an otherwise fashionable subject科普物理再次得到新的关注。如今,学者大胆的尝试将数学引入另外一个流行学科;The Quantum Universe: Everything That Can Happen Does Happen. By Brian Cox and Jeff Forshaw.量子宇宙:一切可能发生的的确发生。布莱恩·考克斯和杰夫·福肖著。Previously the preserve of dusty, tweed-jacketed academics, physics has enjoyed a surprising popular renaissance over the past few years. In America Michio Kaku, a string theorist, has penned several successful books and wowed television and radio audiences with his presentations on esoteric subjects such as the existence of wormholes and the possibility of alien life. In Britain Brian Cox, a former pop star whose music helped propel Tony Blair to power, has become the front man for physics, which recently regained its status as a popular subject in British classrooms, an effect many attribute to Mr Coxs astonishing appeal.从前的学者保持着蓬头垢面、身着花呢夹克的形象。在过去几年里,物理学迎来了惊人的全面复兴。在美国,弦论学家米奇霍·卡库创作出数本反响不错的书。他对诸如虫洞及外星生命存在的可能性等小众课题的介绍赢得了电视观众和电台听众的赞赏。在英国,其作品曾帮助托尼·布莱尔登上大宝的前流行歌星布莱恩·考克斯,现在成了物理学的领军人物。近来物理学在英国学生中再次获得了受欢迎的科目的地位。产生这样的效果很大程度上归功于考克斯先生惊人的感召力。Mr Cox, a particle physicist, is well-known as the presenter of two B television series that have attracted millions of viewers (a third series will be aired next year) and as a bestselling author and public speaker. His latest book, “The Quantum Universe”, which he co-wrote with Jeff Forshaw of the University of Manchester, breaks the rules of popular science-writing that were established over two decades ago by Stephen Hawking, who launched the modern genre with his famous book, “A Brief History of Time”.粒子物理学家考克斯先生,因推荐了两部吸引了数百万观众的B电视剧而知名(第三部将于明年开播)。他同样是畅销书作者兼公开演讲家。他的新书《量子宇宙》,是由他和曼彻斯特大学的杰夫·福索合著的。该书打破了20年前由史蒂芬·霍金创立的科普写作规范。霍金以其著作《时间简史》开创了这一现代写作流派。Mr Hawkings literary success was ascribed to his eschewing equations. One of his editors warned him that sales of the book would be halved by every equation he included; Mr Hawking inserted just one, Emc2, and, even then, the volume acquired a sorry reputation for being bought but not . By contrast, Mr Cox, whose previous book with Mr Forshaw investigated “Why does Emc2?” (), has bravely sloshed a generous slug of mathematics throughout his texts.霍金在文学上的成功归因于他避开了方程式。一位编辑曾警告他,每个写进书中的方程式都会让销量减半。霍金就插了一个:EMc2。即使那样,让人感到遗憾的是,该书是靠购买量而非阅读量赢得声誉。相比之下,在上一本旨在探寻“为什么是EMc2”()的书中,考克斯与福索就已经大胆地通篇砍掉冗长的数学公式。The difficulties in explaining physics without using maths are longstanding. Einstein mused, “The eternal mystery of the world is its comprehensibility,” and “the fact that it is comprehensible is a miracle.” Yet the language in which the world is described is that of maths, a relatively sound grasp of which is needed to comprehend the difficulties that physicists are trying to resolve as well as the possible solutions. Mr Cox has secured a large fan base with his boyish good looks, his happy turns of phrase and his knack for presenting complex ideas using simple analogies. He also admirably shies away from dumbing down. “The Quantum Universe” is not a dry undergraduate text book, but nor is it a particularly easy .不用数学解释物理知识所造成的困难由来已久。爱因斯坦语重心长地说过:“世间永恒的神秘在于它的可了解性。”“可以了解这一事实本身就是一个奇迹。”然而,用于描述世界的语言就是数学。在理解物理学家试图解决的困难及可能的解决方案时,数学是一个相对合理的必要的抓手。凭借其大男孩般的优质外表、习语的运用、简单类比解释复杂概念的窍门,考克斯拥有了一大帮粉丝。他同时成功避免过度简化。《量子宇宙》非一本干巴巴的大学教材,但也不是特别容易读懂。The subject matter is hard. Quantum mechanics, which describes in subatomic detail a shadowy world in which cats can be simultaneously alive and dead, is notoriously difficult to grasp. Its experiments yield bizarre results that can be explained only by embracing the maths that describe them, and its theories make outrageous predictions (such as the existence of antimatter) that have nevertheless later been verified. Messrs Cox and Forshaw say they have included the maths “mainly because it allows us to really explain why things are the way they are. Without it, we should have to resort to the physicist-guru mentality whereby we pluck profundities out of thin air, and neither author would be comfortable with guru status.”有关物质的课题是艰涩的。众所周知,用于详细描述原子内部这个猫亦生亦死的虚无世界的量子力学很难领会。要解释实验产生的奇异结果,只能运用描述这些结果的数学。虽然量子力学理论对诸如反物质的存在所做出的预测是匪夷所思的,但这些预测后来得到了实。考克斯和福索称他们之所以在书中加入数学主要是因为数学让我们真正去解释为什么事物是以这样一种方式存在。没了数学,我们不得不依靠物理大师般的心智,由是,我们凭空捏造出奥义,而任何一个作者都不会对这样的大师头衔心安理得。That stance might comfort the authors, but to many ers they will nonetheless seem to pluck equations out of thin air. Yet their decision to include some of the hard stuff leaves open the possibility that some ers might actually engage in the slog that leads to higher pleasures. For non-sloggers alternative routes are offered: Messrs Cox and Forshaw use clockfaces to illustrate how particles interact with one another, a drawing of how guitar strings twang and a photograph of a vibrating drum. A diagram, rather than an equation, is used to explain one promising theory of how matter acquires mass, a question that experiments on the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, the European particle-physics laboratory near Geneva, will hopefully soon answer.这样的立场也许会使作者感觉不错,但对很多读者来说,他们似乎还是想凭空弄出方程式。作者决定加入一些生涩的东西,这样就给一些苦心钻研并从中获得更多快感的读者留下了余地。他们还为一般读者提供了另一条途径:考克斯和福索以表盘为例说明粒子是如何相互作用的,一副有关吉他琴弦如何发出声音的图画,一张振动的鼓的照片。他们用图表,而非公式去解释物质是如何获得质量这一前沿理论。在邻近日内瓦的粒子物理实验室,即欧洲核子研究委员会的巨型强子对撞机上进行的实验产生的这个问题有望很快得出。The authors have wisely chosen to leaven their tome with amusing tales of dysfunctional characters among scholars who developed quantum mechanics in the 1920s and beyond, as well as with accounts of the philosophical struggles with which they grappled and the occasional earthy aside. Where the subject matter is a trifle dull, Messrs Cox and Forshaw acknowledge it: of Heinrich Kayser, who a century ago completed a six-volume reference book documenting the spectral lines generated by every known element, they observe, “He must have been great fun at dinner parties.” And they make some sweeping generalisations about their colleagues who pore over equations, “Physicists are very lazy, and they would not go to all this trouble unless it saved time in the long run.”为了加强这个大部头的影响力,两位作者明智地选择了一些有趣的段子:在20世纪20年代以及更早时候发展量子力学的学者的怪癖;他们设法解决的哲学问题;间或出现的通俗旁白。有关物质的课题是枯燥的,考克斯和福索承认:海因里希·凯瑟在一个世纪前完成了6部用以明光谱是由每个已知元素产生的参考著作,据他们观察,“他肯定在晚宴上很开心。”他们也对专注方程式的同事进行了高度概括:“物理学家非常懒惰,除非从长远看这节约时间,他们不会招惹这些麻烦”。Whether or not ers of “The Quantum Universe” will follow all the maths, the authors love for their subject shines through the book. “There is no better demonstration of the power of the scientific method than quantum theory,” they write. That may be so, but physicists all over the world, Messrs Cox and Forshaw included, are longing for the next breakthrough that will supersede the claim. Hopes are pinned on experiments currently under way at CERN that may force physicists to rethink their understanding of the universe, and inspire Messrs Cox and Forshaw to write their next book—equations and all.不论《量子宇宙》的读者是否会关注所有与之相关的数学知识,作者对专业的热爱贯穿整部作品。他们写道:“没有比量子理论更能展现科学方法的力量。”也许吧。但包括考克斯和福索在内的所有物理学家都渴望有新的突破去取代这一论断。大家寄希望于目前在欧洲核子研究委员会进行的实验,该实验也许会迫使物理学家重新思考他们对宇宙的理解,并激励考克斯和福索写下一本书——方程式及所有其它的。 /201305/239314Hybrid foods混合食物Matches made in heaven—and hell美味佳肴,还是黑暗料理?What do you get if you cross a waffle with a doughnut? Its no joke如果你将华夫饼干与甜甜圈混合会得到什么?这不是开玩笑。NOT all marriages are happy, but Alex Hernandez thinks that the union of a waffle and a doughnut will be. The owner of Waffles Cafe in Chicago starting selling what he calls “wonuts” in April. They are deep-fried waffles, topped with icing and multicoloured sprinkles. Daily sales went from 24 to 600 within two days. Buzzfeed, a website, called the new snack “proof that a benevolent Food God exists”.并不是所有的婚姻都是幸福的,但是亚历克斯·赫尔南德斯认为华夫饼和甜甜圈的组合会很幸福。芝加哥的华夫咖啡馆店主于四月开始售卖他叫做“wonuts”的甜品。它们是油炸的华夫饼,表面加上糖衣和五颜六色的巧克力屑。日销售量在两天之内从24猛增至600。网站Buzzfeed把这种新型小甜品叫做“仁慈食神存在的据”。Hybrid dishes are fashionable. The wonut follows the cronut, a croissant-donut combination that was invented in New York last year and is now being fried and munched in Taiwan, South Korea, Brazil, Britain—and even France, where youd think diners would be fussier.混合菜肴很流行。Wonut是在牛角甜甜圈——纽约于去年发明的一款牛角面包与甜甜圈的搭配组合之后推出的一款新甜品,如今已风靡台湾、南韩、巴西和英国,甚至连对饮食很挑剔的法国都钟情于它。Many countries indulge in culinary mixing, but Americans, who love both novelty and food, are especially keen on it. Burger Kings CroissanWich is a croissant-sandwich mix. Taco Bells quesarito is a beef burrito wrapped in a quesadilla. Jamp;Ds Foods produces Baconnaise, bacon-flavoured mayonnaise that is, oddly, vegetarian and kosher-certified. Carls Jr is testing a bisnut, a cross between a biscuit (in the American sense of the word) and a doughnut. Not everyone is impressed. “Leave it to fast food to think of new and exciting ways to make you have to buy two seats on an airplane. A breakfast-dessert hybrid. Youre barely awake and youre aly getting all your calories for the day,” grumbles Jeff Sorensen of Uproxx, an online magazine.许多国家都喜欢混合烹饪,而美国人这种既喜欢新奇又喜欢食物的人对此尤其钟爱。汉堡王的CroissanWich是羊角面包和三明治的混合。塔可钟的quesarito是外面裹有油炸玉米粉饼的牛肉卷饼。Jamp;D的食品产业生产Baconnaise——培根风味的蛋黄酱,但有趣的是,犹太教和素食主义者都适用。卡乐星正在测试一款bisnut—小饼干和甜甜圈的组合。并不是每个人都会被打动。“在快餐上使用这个点子,想出新的有趣的方法来让你不得不在一架飞机上买两个位子。早餐混合甜点,你还在打着瞌睡,就已经摄入了一天所需的卡路里,” 一家在线杂志Uproxx的杰夫·索伦森抱怨说。Such innovation has a long history. Blacks who migrated north after the Civil War served African-spiced fried chicken with European waffles. In the 1910s, Americans drenched German frankfurters with Mexican chili to make chili dogs. More recently, New Yorkers drew on the collective genius of generations of Jewish and Italian cooks to produce: the pizza bagel.这种创新历史悠久。内战之后迁移到北方的黑人把欧洲华夫饼和非洲五香炸鸡混合在了一起。在20世纪10年代,美国人把德国法兰克福香肠浸透了墨西哥红辣椒,做成了辣椒热。最近,纽约人民利用世代传下来的犹太和意大利的烹饪智慧制造出了:披萨百吉饼。Because America is a nation of immigrants, it has many traditions to mine. But because many cooks try to please everyone, ethnic recipes have often been tweaked so as not to offend unfamiliar palates. “You take something thats different, and you make it similar,” says Roger Horowitz of the Hagley Museum and Library in Wilmington, Delaware. That has often involved adding sugar and fat, which everyone likes. The wonut illustrates another grand old American tradition, too: the layering of mountains of different types of food in a single dish, which goes back at least to the invention of the ice-cream sundae 120 years ago.因为美国是一个移民国家,因此它拥有许多个人习俗。但是因为大部分食物都是要取悦所有人,民族食谱经常会被改造以满足不同的人的口味。“你拿来与不同的东西,然后把它变成你熟悉的东西,”特拉华州海格利物馆和威明顿图书馆的罗格·霍洛威茨说。这通常包括加入糖和油脂,这是大部分人都喜爱的。Wonut也说明了另一种极为重要的美国古老习俗:在一道菜中包含了层层叠叠的不同食物,这至少可以追溯到120年前圣代冰淇淋的发明。Good ideas sp fast, so hybrid hits are soon copied. Crumbs Bake Shop, an ailing and pricey New York-based chain of cupcake shops, was one of several to introduce variations of the cronut. Alas its “crumbnut” failed to save the business, and Crumbs closed its doors on July 7th. As for Mr Hernandez, he is looking to open wonut shops in Chicago, Los Angeles and Phoenix. But he knows that the wonut will not be novel for long, so he is aly working on his next creation: a waffle pizza, which perhaps he should call the “piffle”.好点子传播的很快,因此混合食品的创意很快就有人山寨了。Crumbs Bake Shop是一家总部在纽约的杯形蛋糕连锁店,价格昂贵而且正面临着困难。它是引入多品种牛角甜甜圈的几家店之一,但可悲的是它的crumbnut未能挽回日渐下滑的生意,并于7月7日关门了。对于赫尔南德斯来说,他准备在芝加哥、洛杉矶和凤凰城开wonut商店。但是他知道wonut不会新奇很长时间,因此他正在致力于下一个创新:华夫饼披萨,他可能会把这种食品叫做“priffle”。 /201407/311746

Americas big banks reported earnings for the second quarter. The headline figures looked buoyant, partly because of lower operational and litigation costs. Net income at JPMorgan Chase rose by 31% to .5 billion; Bank of Americas profit was up by 63% to billion; and Citigroups quarterly profit of .2 billion was its best since 2007. Goldman Sachs saw income double to .9 billion. But with the outlook for growth subdued in the banking industry, margins down and more costly regulations coming in, investors were unimpressed.美国的各大发布了第二季度的营收。数据显示营收有所上涨,部分原因是运营和诉讼费用的减少。根大通公司的净收入增长了31%,达到65亿美元;美国的利润增加了63%之多,达到了40亿美元;花旗的季度利润达到了42亿美元,是自从2007年至今的最好业绩。高盛的收入翻番,达到了19亿美元。但是随着对业未来增长前景的看衰,利润减少以及管理费用的增加,投资者并没有为之所动。Americas Federal Energy Regulatory Commission fined Barclays 3m for allegedly manipulating electricity prices in four states in the American West to benefit the banks derivatives positions. Barclays is fighting the claim and will take the matter to court. JPMorgan Chase was said to be in talks to settle with the FERC in a similar case.美国联邦能源管理委员会给巴克莱开出了4亿5300万美元的罚单,原因是后者据称为了使其衍生产品卖得更好,在美国西部的四个州操纵电价。巴克莱予以反击,并将在法庭上解决此事。根大通也卷入类似风波。;Fabulous Fab;神奇的法布The trial got under way in Manhattan of Fabrice Tourre, a former banker at Goldman Sachs, on civil charges of securities fraud. Mr Tourre allegedly did not tell investors that a hedge fund had helped him select the assets in a portfolio of mortgage bonds, which it then bet against. The investors lost billion.在曼哈顿对于前高盛家法布里·托雷尔的审讯正在进行中,其涉嫌进行券欺诈。据称,托雷尔先生未告知其产品投资者一家做空这些抵押贷款的对冲基金参与了产品的设计。导致投资者蒙受10亿美元的损失。A judge allowed a billion lawsuit, brought by the Justice Department and claiming that Standard amp; Poors intentionally misled investors, to proceed. The government alleges that Samp;P produced inflated ratings between 2004 and 2007 to please its clients in the financial industry.一位法官接受了一起涉案金额50亿的案件,原告是司法部,指控标准普尔蓄意误导投资者。该案件正在接受审理。政府控诉标准普尔在2004年到2007年期间为了取悦其金融业的客户,在评级中作假。A Chinese executive at GlaxoSmithKline appeared on state television giving details of what the government alleges to be graft at the drugmakers operations in the country. Four executives are accused of paying bribes to medical staff to entice them to sell GSKs products. GSK said its Chinese staff are expected to abide by the law and it had ;zero tolerance; for bribery.葛兰素史克公司的一位中国主管出现在中国国家电视台解释中国政府所说的运营中行贿的细节。四个主管被指控贿赂医药人员怂恿其销售葛兰素史克的产品。葛兰素史克表示其中国员工应该遵守法律,并且其对贿赂持零容忍态度。How Lou can you go?楼能走多远?Chinas economy slowed again, growing by 7.5% in the second quarter. The finance minister, Lou Jiwei, caused a stir when he reportedly said he expected GDP for the year to rise by 7%, which is below the governments 7.5% target (Mr Lous figure was rewritten by the state press to reflect the party line). With industrial production also slowing, some economists wonder whether it is time for them, too, to rewrite their forecasts.中国经济再次放缓,第二季度增幅仅为7.5%。财政部长楼继伟在其报告中表示他预期今年GDP的增长为7%,低于政府7.5%的目标,这引起了不小的震动。(为了跟党的方针相呼应,楼的数据被重新更正)。随着工业生产的放缓,一些经济学家开始思考:对他们来说,是不是也应该重新预测经济走势了?Googles effort to end an antitrust inquiry into its search business in Europe appeared to be in trouble when Joaquín Almunia, the EUs competition chief, declared that it had so far not done enough ;to overcome our concerns;. In April Google submitted several remedies to the EU to address complaints that it promotes its own services over those of its rivals in search results.谷歌试图结束欧洲对其搜索业务的反信任调查的努力再次陷入麻烦,欧盟竞争委员会主席Joaquín Almunia称谷歌到目前为止尚未做出足够措施来解除我们的担忧。四月,谷歌向欧盟递交了几项改进措施,并投诉其只是在竞争对手的搜索结果上推广其自身务。Yahoos earnings were mixed. The internet companys net income grew by half compared with the same quarter last year, to 1m, but revenue was down, as was the price it charges per ad. Investors expressed confidence, however, in Marissa Mayers strategy (she took over as chief executive a year ago), pushing the share price to a five-year high.雅虎公司的营收账目混乱不堪。与去年同一季度相比,这家互联网公司的净收入增长了50%,达到3.31亿美元,然而收益却由于每广告的收费下降而下降了。但是,投资者们都对玛丽莎·梅耶尔(于一年前接任雅虎首席执行官)的战略计划信心十足,雅虎股票已被推高至五年来的最高值。From dreams to nightmares从梦到梦魇Investigators looking at the cause of a fire on a parked Boeing Dreamliner at Heathrow airport found no initial evidence that the jets batteries were the source. Several charred components have come under scrutiny, including the planes emergency transmitter. All Dreamliners were grounded worldwide for three months earlier this year because of overheating batteries.对停在英国希斯罗机场的波音梦幻客机的起火原因,调查员表示,目前初步发现没有据表明电池是飞机起火的原因。包括飞机应急发射器在内的几个被烧焦的部件已经受到了严格的审查。今年早些时候,所有的梦幻客机由于电池组过热在全球范围内停飞三个月。In Argentina a joint venture was announced between Chevron and YPF, the state-run energy company, to develop the Vaca Muerta shale formation, one of the biggest outside North America. Vaca Muerta was discovered in 2010 when YPF was majority-owned by Spains Repsol. The venture with Chevron is YPFs first big deal since it was expropriated by the Argentine government last year.在阿根廷,由雪弗兰公司和一家阿根廷国营企业YPF组成的合资企业,宣称将开发瓦卡姆尔塔这个除北美外最大的页岩潜油层。瓦卡姆尔塔在2010年被发现,当时YPF的大部分股份由西班牙雷普索尔石油公司持有。这次与雪佛龙组成的合资公司是YPF自去年被阿根廷政府国有化以来首次大规模的交易。Bernie Ecclestone, the chief executive of the Formula One Group, was charged by a German court in a case over an alleged m bribe to a banker who was involved in the sale of the car-racing championship to CVC Capital in 2005. Mr Ecclestone has acknowledged the payment but insists he was being blackmailed and rejects the charge.一级方程式赛车的首席执行官伯尼·埃克莱斯顿因向一位家行贿4400万美元被德国一家法庭起诉。这位家曾在2005年参与私募股权基金公司对赛车锦标赛的收购案。埃克莱斯顿先生承认付了费用,然而坚持声称他遭到勒索并对控告表示抗议。Rossignol, a French ski-maker, was bought by Altor, a Swedish private-equity firm. The global ski market has gone downhill from its peak in the 1980s partly because more people are renting skis rather than buying them. The Nordic firm hopes to make Rossignol more profitable by expanding into outdoor wear, a strategy it tried with Helly Hansen, a Norwegian sports-apparel firm that had struggled before Altor bought it in 2006.法国滑雪板制造商金鸡被瑞典一家私营公司Altor收购。全球滑雪板市场在20世纪80年代经历高峰期,此后不断走下坡路。部分原因是越来越多的人选择租用滑雪板而不是自己购买。这家北欧公司试图通过拓展户外装备业务让金鸡盈利增加,其曾在挪威运动饰公司哈里汉森实施过这项战略,哈里汉森于2006年被Altor公司收购。201307/249858

Asia亚洲中国Pakistans armed forces巴基斯坦的军事力量Out of the driving seat失去驾驶权的司机The prime minister wants to put the army in its place巴基斯坦的总统想要把军队置于此地。IT IS said that the army chief is the most powerful man in Pakistan.据称军队总司令是巴基斯坦权利最大的人。Even so, the prime minister, Nawaz Sharif, made a point of keeping the new head waiting for as long as possible.至于说, 侯赛因总统提出想见这位总司令都要加入其等待长队的行列。Breaking with the convention that gives the new chief a month or two to prepare, Mr Sharif named a successor just two days before the outgoing chief, General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, a former spymaster turned double-term army chief, was due to retire.被中断的大会告诉新总统,给他两个月去准备,在前任军方总司令离职后,侯赛因总统任命了继承人。前总司令卡亚尼曾任一位担任两个军队的司令,前任间谍领头。他面临退休而不得不离开岗位。Lieutenant General Raheel Sharif will now control not only a vast army and the worlds fastest-growing nuclear arsenal, but a business empire ranging from cornflakes to luxury housing.拉赫利·谢里夫不将会主宰多方位的军队,还会掌权逐渐扩张的核能军火库。So why the delay?为什么推迟了如此久才定音?The prime minister is not always decisive, and bear in mind that the last time he picked an army chief, Pervez Musharraf in 1998, his appointee ousted him in a coup a year later.总统也不是神,永远能够很快地做出有效的决定。在1988年,在经过慎重考虑之后,侯赛因总统任命佩尔韦兹·穆沙拉夫作为军方总司令,而他的上司,那个指定他的人,在过后的几年将他罢职。Others, however, suspect an attempt by Mr Sharif to assert civilian authority over an army that needs to be put in its place.有些人怀疑谢里夫想要维持文官权利高于军队,所以不得不做到这步。The army sees itself as both embodiment and guarantor of the nation.军队认为他们是既国家的捍卫者又是国家的化身。Yet it has long been at the root of Pakistans deepest problems.尽管这长时间以来一直是巴基斯坦最根本的问题。By meddling in elections and mounting coups, it has weakened the political classes, whose consequent ineptitude and corruption gives it cause to meddle again.通过一系列的干预竞选和愈加剧烈的政变,政治阶级已经被削弱。而紧接着的便是无能和不称职公仆和不断的贿赂,这又导致了再一次政治干预。It has a history of disastrous military adventures.在历史上记载着一次军队灾难性的经历。And it has made common cause with militant Islamists who it hoped would further its interests abroad—keeping India on edge to the south and sowing confusion in Afghanistan to the north in hopes of preventing anti-Pakistan forces growing there.而原因是同样的—穆斯林军人想要对外扩张,取得更多利益—把印度置于南方的边际,在阿富汗的北面散布迷惑信息,以防止反巴基斯坦势力上涨。The country is now paying a terrible price for its sponsorship of foreign terror.目前,巴基斯坦在国际反恐活动中提供了高得离谱的资助,It has spawned dozens of local extremist groups attacking Pakistan itself.这却导致多数的巴基斯坦本地极端分子集团攻击本国人。Since 2001 nearly 50,000 Pakistanis have died in terror-related violence.自2001年起,已经有五十万巴基斯坦人民由于恐怖分子引发的相关犯罪事件而死亡。For a long time the generals refused to see the Islamists for the threat they are.很长一段时间来,高层们一直不承认穆斯林分子对他们来说是一个威胁的存在。Officers from the armys spy wing, Inter-Services Intelligence, were probably involved in funding and planning deadly attacks in Mumbai in 2008 carried out by Lashkar-e-Taiba.2008年,一群出自情报局的军方间谍在孟买被虔诚军袭击致死。General Kayani may have been as bad as the rest.当时的总司令卡亚尼可能已经看出其他穆斯林分子也将跟虔诚军一样顽劣。While he was rising to the top, the Afghan Taliban regrouped, the Mumbai attacks were planned, and Osama bin Laden settled in a garrison town.于是当他的权利处于上位时,阿富汗塔利班的军队被重新部署,孟买袭击在当时也开始进行策划。当时本拉登被安置在驻防区的小镇里。Yet along the way the soldier-spy grew into the pragmatist committed to getting the army out of the driving seat and nurturing Pakistans return to democracy.然而,伪装成士兵的间谍务实地保,要将军队撵出独裁,主导之位,要使巴基斯坦重回民主之路。He and Mr Sharif seem to have got on, while the Americans respected him.此人和总司令已有交手,而美国人表现出更尊重他。Crucially, says Asad Munir, a retired ISI brigadier, he began to understand the nature of the existential threat posed by militant Islam.重要的是,前情报局参谋长穆尼尔说,他已经明白,目前存在的威胁本质就是穆斯林军人。Military force is required to take it on, particularly in North Waziristan, a tribal area which an alphabet soup of al-Qaeda affiliates have made their base.军方势力要求要掌握在手,特别是部落地区北瓦齐里斯坦,是一碗基于附属基地组织的字母汤General Sharifs appointment was a surprise.总司令谢里夫的任命是很令人惊讶的。But the good news is that he shares General Kayanis thinking on domestic militancy.但是值得一喜的是,他前前总司令卡亚尼交流了关于国内军事力量的想法。In charge of army training, he was closely involved in efforts to retool an army trained for set-piece battles with India for counter-insurgency in the countrys wild tribal west.他想要接近于重组一训练有素的军队,为巴基斯坦西面广阔的部落地带与印度的反动起义战争定下筹码。Like General Kayani, he knows first-hand the futility of peace accords that militant groups soon renege on.前总司令卡亚尼知道,无战争代价的和平定将带来无效的回应——对方军队一定很快就会食言。The problem is that the prime minister has yet to produce a national counter-terrorism strategy and says peace talks must be tried first.而问题就是,侯赛因总统已经将国内反恐怖主义战略定案,同时宣称,必须先保和平。It is a cause with minimal chance of success, but one hotly promoted by much of the political establishment.尽管这只是一个非常难以成功的方案,但是政治大量完善与建成被激烈地推崇。Many more innocent lives may have to be lost before the politicians find the nerve for a military solution.在政治家发想要运用军事能够解决问题之前,可能很多无辜的生命都将面临着牺牲。Elsewhere irritation with civilian government is aly flowering among junior officers. But there is no mood to take over.公民政府的无理取闹已经在老一辈的官员里传开,可是没有人有此闲情雅致去掌权。Mr Musharrafs eight years in power were a disaster.穆沙拉夫八年执政便是场灾难军方不可挑战的高高权威已经引起了广播的大肆宣传。The armys once-unchallenged authority has leeched away to a set of rambunctiousbroadcast media, an activist supreme court and civilian politicians who this year successfully transferred power from one elected government to another—a first for Pakistan. Good governance is the best way for civilian rulers to keep the army off their backs.一位最高法院激进的官员第在巴基斯坦在一个政府的倒戈,另一个政权的崛起之下,成功转移了自己的实力。 对于秩序制定者来说,一个好的政府应该把军队控制之下而非之上。Still, the army can always play a spoiling game, especially when it comes to relations with India.依然地,军队一直在玩扫兴的游戏,特别是在与印度的关系上。It makes no secret of despising Mr Sharifs enthusiasm for a rapid normalisation of relations, and opposes a crucial free-trade deal.这是正大光明地鄙视谢里夫热忱于对社会秩序的塑造,反对自由贸易的重要则曾。And even as Mr Sharif dreams of visa-less travel across the Indo-Pakistani border, after years of relative calm the ceasefire line in contested Kashmir has become hot again.就当谢里夫梦想穿越巴基斯坦-印度边际不需要签时,缓和多年熄战线现在又热了起来。The officers probably deserve some of the blame for that.以这方面而言,责备,是政府应得的。 201401/271239

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