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乐山市人民医院妇科挂号重庆市爱德华医院看妇科炎症多少钱Chinese milk producer wins global top prize中国牛奶生产商赢得全球最高奖项Six years after China#39;s tainted milk scandal killed at least six babies and sickened hundreds of thousands of children, China#39;s largest producer of raw milk has been given a top international award.继毒奶事件造成至少6名婴儿死亡,成千上万的孩子患病6年之后,最大的原料奶生产商被授予了一项国际最高奖项。 Article/201406/303171重庆市妇保医院宫腔镜检查 Make a great impression on your boyfriend#39;s friends with our guide to avoiding a common relationship pitfall. Let VideoJug show you how to get along with your boyfriend#39;s friends, strengthening your relationship in the process.根据我们的指引,避免常见的关系陷阱,给男朋友的朋友留下好印象。让VideoJug向你展示如何与男友的朋友相处,让你和恋人之间的关系更加如火如荼。Step 1: The one who flirts with you1.和你调情的人Charismatic, witty, deadly. The flirt will probably be more attractive than your boyfriend and have (industrial strength) charm. WARNING This man is dangerous for your health.有魅力,有智慧,有杀伤力。调情的人可能比你的男朋友更有吸引力,更有魅力。警告:这类男人有害健康。He may also be ‘The Test#39; your boyfriend has set you, to find out whether you#39;re likely to cheat.他还可能是你的男朋友用来考验你的,看一下你是否会背着他做对不起他的事情。Previous girlfriends may have failed here, and fallen for his flattery. If you feel yourself succumbing to his charms, stop, think, and start again.他以前的女友可能就是在这里失足的,拜倒在他的殷勤下。如果你觉得自己受到他的魅力诱惑,赶紧刹车,思考一下,重新开始。Respond pleasantly to his compliments but remember to keep mentioning your boyfriend.对他的赞扬做出愉快的反应,但是记住,一定要向男朋友报告。To remind you both of where you are and who you#39;re with, ask him about his own life. Chances are he#39;s got a girlfriend and an adorable little baby, for whom he seems to have a strong paternal bond.提醒双方你们在哪里,和谁在一起,问一下他和他的生活。很有可能他已经有了女朋友,甚至还有一个人见人爱的小宝宝,有着很自豪的做父亲的感觉。Step 2: The one who intimidates you2.威胁你的人This character may present himself to you in various forms. He could be ‘the intellectual#39; who will want to assess whether you#39;re worthy enough to join his inner circle.这种性格的人或许以各种各样的形式向你展示自己。他或许是所谓的“知识分子”,绞尽脑汁地评估你是否有资格加入他们的圈子。He may believe he#39;s excessively intelligent or frighteningly cool, and wrongly assume that you have nothing interesting to say. Impress him with your knowledge of the Middle East peace process or French New Wave cinema. If you can#39;t find any common ground, try to avoid flirting with him or asking whether he likes your new handbag.他或许相信自己格外有智慧,或者非常酷,错误的假设你的言谈非常无趣。讲述你对中东和平进程或法国新浪潮电影的了解,给他留下深刻印象。如果没有任何共同语言,努力避免和他聊天,或者问他是否喜欢你的新手袋。The one who intimidates you may also be #39;the lad#39;. He#39;s single, and you#39;ve taken his wing-man away from him.威胁你的人或许还是“小伙子”。他仍是单身,而你抢走了他的伙伴。He may well be your toughest challenge. Give him some attention, and feign enthusiasm for his particular areas of interest.他或许也是你面临的最严峻的挑战。给他一点关注,假装对他的特别兴趣表现出热情。But ultimately give him space to have that special male time with your boyfriend.但是最终要给他一些时间,让他和你的男友共聚。Of course if he finds you devastatingly attractive, he might hate you even more.当然,如果他发现你非常有吸引力,他可能会更加恨你。Step 3: The one who isn#39;t male3.女性朋友Hello, who#39;s this, and why is she sucking a lemon? The female of the species really can be more deadly than the male. When there is a close, platonic female friend in the group you need to t extra carefully.你好,这是谁呢?她为什么会不高兴呢?这种女性比男性更加致命。当你男友的朋友圈里有一位亲密的红颜知己的时候,你更要加倍小心。She may be outwardly charming, but she will definitely be sassing you out as a threat. She may not want to share her group of boys with other girls, and you may be jealous of this relationship.她外表上可能很有魅力,但是无疑她也会视你为眼中钉。她可能不想和其他女孩分享男性的朋友圈,你可能会嫉妒他们这种关系。Try not to be too aloof or over-friendly. Be yourself. Your boyfriend is going out with you for a reason, so why shouldn#39;t you get on well with someone else he likes?尝试不要太冷漠,也不要太友好。我行我素。你的男友肯和你约会肯定是有原因的,那么为什么不和他喜欢的其他人和平共处呢?If you both give each other a chance you could end up with a really good friend.如果你们互相都给对方一个机会,说不定你会多一个很好的朋友呢。Step 4: The one with all of them4.拥有以上所有性格的人In combination, meeting your boyfriend#39;s friends may seem like a daunting prospect. But get them on side and they#39;ll be both new friends and useful allies. Just remember a few golden rules… Don#39;t criticise your boyfriend to his friends, as they#39;ll always be his friends first before yours. Equally don#39;t try and take him away from his friends, particularly with over-dramatic emotional dramas, any kind of hissy fit, or inappropriate displays of affection.综合起来,与男朋友的朋友相处是非常令人畏惧的。但是紧紧地抓住他们的心,他们既是新的朋友,也是有用的盟友。不过要记住一些金箴:不要在男友的朋友面前批评他,因为他们早在你之前就是朋友了。同样的,也不要把他从朋友身边抢走,尤其是以戏剧性的方式,暴怒的方式,或者不恰当的情感表达方式。Thanks for watching How To Get Along With Your Boyfriend#39;s Friends.感谢收看“如何与男友的朋友相处”视频节目。视频听力栏目译文属。 Article/201306/242454You may be right, but are you happy? Decide whether winning is more important to you than getting along.你或许是正确的,但是你开心吗?争吵获胜重要还是融洽相处更重要?You Will Need你需要Responsibility责任Respect尊重Kindness善良Steps步骤Step 1 Find out what it was1.找出问题所在Find out what the offense was before apologizing, or risk making things worse by coming off as patronizing. Be willing to act responsibly and make peace.道歉之前找出触怒对方的原因是什么,或者表现傲慢,让情况更加糟糕。要乐意负责,息事宁人。Step 2 Avoid blaming2.避免责备Take responsibility. Avoid qualifying reservations for the apology, which usually begin with ;but; and end with a transfer of blame.负起责任。道歉不要有所保留,道歉之后又说“但是”,随后开始责备对方。Step 3 Express regret3.表示遗憾Express regret with genuine shame and offer to change. Relationships rely upon honorable behavior, and nonverbal cues that imply it#39;s the other person#39;s fault undermine peace.真诚地表示遗憾和愧疚,表示会做出改变。恋情依赖可敬的行为,不用语言来暗示对方的错误非常不利于和平共处。Step 4 Face them4.面对面Face each other when apologizing instead of doing it over the phone, or in an e-mail or text. Show some class and respect their feelings.道歉的时候要面对面,而不是通过电话,电子邮件或短信。表现真诚,尊重他们的感觉。Step 5 Listen to them5.倾听Let the other person speak and hear them out, in case their viewpoint has been completely misunderstood. Assure them that no disagreement can change the security of the relationship.认听对方诉说,以防他们的观点完全被误解。向他们保,任何分歧都不会影响你们的恋情。If you can#39;t bring yourself to admit you#39;re wrong, try to agree to disagree.如果你不能说自己承认自己错了,尝试着接受分歧的存在。Step 6 Soothe the situation6.缓解形势Soothe the situation with an activity to leave the disagreement behind. Buy them flowers or a small trinket as a peace offering, and move on.缓解形势,把分歧抛在脑后。为他们买一束花或小装饰品作为和解,然后继续生活下去。In the 1970 film Love Story, the protagonist concludes with the famous line: ;Love means never having to say you#39;re sorry.;在1970年的影片“爱情故事”中,主要人物以这句经典台词结束:“爱意味着你永远不需要说对不起。”视频听力由。 Article/201310/259707重庆治宫颈糜烂的医院哪家好

重庆子宫肌瘤哪里做的好Gamer: Microsoft U-turn sign of maturity UK Games Editor at IGN.com Keza MacDonald was surprised Microsoft would change its Xbox plans after gamers complained.因玩家反感,微软宣布,旗下次世代游戏主机Xbox One取消多个极具争议的限制政策,如在线验、二手限制等。这让微软重新获得了大量玩家的声援。Will you surprise that Microsoft went into reverse on this? I was hugely surprised persoonally, because despite the enormous backlash from the gamers, Microsoft is not traditionally a company that tends to reverse in quite such a dramatic way as this. And they came from a position of market dominance, and in consoles for Xbox 360, and it#39;s very strange of them to reverse like that.So why did they make it?I think a lot of people said it#39;s because of the gamers, because so many thousands of gamers came out and said, we do not want restrictions on how we will play games. We don#39;t want to be told when we can play them, and we don#39;t connect to the Internet every 24 hours.But they still use it, or will they threaten to boycott?I think that most people will switch to the main rival, Sony, so here#39;s the real thing. It#39;s not so much, in my opinion, gamers that has caused these changes. Sony, who went all light to this years E3 Xbox, which is they expose game experts every year. Sony went all that right for the firm of Microsoft and said, we support youth games. We support gamers. And I think Microsoft will probably look into the preorder numbers ...But how did they get it so wrong? And also at the Window 8 doing. Surely, they test this thing; they have a policy; they must discuss this. Why do you think as they got this so wrong?I think what Microsoft is shooting for is something like Apple#39;s System, which is a beautiful, for a corporate standpoint, a beautiful system where everybody will have to play in a walled garden. And Microsoft is going for digital future, in which there is a great level of control and also benefits that came with that by causing things to be digital only. So if you want to buy games, you brought it from Mircosoft via the Internet.Well, Apple can do it, why couldn#39;t Mircosoft? Was it a case because Microsoft had got the genius out of the bottom and they can#39;t back it again?I think it is partly to do with console gaming culture. Everybody, Hughs, you know, … But how did Microsoft get it so wrong? They must have known the gamers, like you and others, what will be up and out, pushing thunders.You would think so, wouldn#39;t you?Yes.And I think this is the most puzzling thing about this entire reversal. How could Microsoft possibly not have known that this would have this kind of reaction. And it#39;s possible there is an element of bravery that would dominate the head of the Xbox business. Basically said, look, we know we were gonna get bad reaction, but we were gonna do it anyway. And if that#39;s the case, then this is a sign of weakness to reverse on that vision. But I think, I mean, it seems to me that ...You#39;re an expert on all of this. So tell me, in a nutshell, do you see it as a sign of weakness, or a sign of bravery, or a sign of maturity that they#39;ve reversed?I think it#39;s a sign of maturity. I think that it#39;s an adaptation of business strategy, especially in the game, one week after announcing. I think in the long term it#39;s going to pay off very well. It looks ridiculous now for some people, but in the long term, they#39;ve done, I think, the best thing for consumers. /201306/245945重庆哪里妇科最好 People either love or hate their bosses. Learn how to be the best boss you can be.对于老板,总是有人喜欢有人恨。学习如何成为最好的老板。You Will Need你需要Leadership skills领导技能Listening skills倾听技巧Communication skills沟通能力Clear expectations明确的期望Weekly meetings每周例会Humility谦逊Management classes (optional)管理课程(可选)A party (optional)聚会(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Lead by example1.树立榜样Lead the team by example. Exhibit a positive and encouraging attitude.以身作则,树立好的榜样。向他们展现积极向上的态度。Step 2 Teach employees2.教育员工Teach employees the importance of the customer. The customer funds the paychecks, so train employees to get and keep the customer.教会员工客户的重要性。客户为你提供资金,所以训练员工如何保住客户。Step 3 Communicate3.沟通Communicate with your employees and ask for their opinions and suggestions. Give them updates about the company’s plans,purposes, and goals.与员工沟通,咨询他们的观点和建议。及时告知他们公司新的计划,目的和目标。Attend management classes.参加管理课程。Step 4 Give clear details4.给出明确的细节Give the employees your clear, detailed expectations. Let them know exactly what their job entails along with specific timelines.向员工给出明确的,具体的期望。让他们明确知道他们的工作职责和具体的时间规定。Step 5 Schedule meeting5.安排会议Regularly schedule meetings to discuss goals and ambitions. If there is a problem with an employee, handle it as soon as it happens.经常安排会议讨论公司目标和规划。如果任何一位员工出现问题,立即解决。Step 6 Encourage performance6.鼓励优秀表现Encourage performance by letting them know they are appreciated. Praise them in front of their peers.鼓励员工做出更好的表现,让他们知道自己的工作是受到赞赏的。在其他同事面前赞扬表现比较好的员工。Have a party when a big job is completed or a target has been reached.一项大的工程完成,或者比较大的目标达成的时候,举办派对来庆祝。Step 7 Admit when wrong7.承认错误Apologize and admit when you are wrong. Be fair and honest when they make a mistake.当你犯错的时候要道歉并承认错误。员工犯错的时候要公正而诚实。Do not lose your temper in front of your employees.不要在员工面前发脾气。Step 8 Interact8.互动Interact with your employees on a regular basis, give guidance and direction, and take a personal interest in every person.经常与员工互动,为他们提供指引和方向,对每一个人都感兴趣。Did you know? Workers in Northern and Western Europe say their supervisor treats them more as a partner than a boss. Eastern Europeans felt a more hegemonic relationship.你知道吗?北欧和西欧的工作人员表示,他们的主管对待他们像搭档,而不是像老板。东欧人则觉得老板比较霸权。 Article/201402/275886重庆做人流去哪家医院比较好

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