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  • At first, the answer seemed simple.起初看起来显而易见Everyone was eating too much and exercising too little.那就是人们吃得太多 动得太少But this simple statement could not explain但简单的并不能解释why some people were gaining weight but others were not.为什么有人体重增加 而有人却没有The search was on to understand why.此调查就是试图找出其中原因Some believed that the answers were all in the mind.一些人认为已了然于胸I think this is actually a disease,我觉得这其实属于疾病的范畴and I think what is behind若深度剖析it is really a psychological disturbance.这还是种心理疾病Suleika had a modest overweight problem,苏莱卡有轻微的超重问题cured by a course of psychotherapy.通过参加心理治疗 解决了她的问题Looking back, she clearly sees回首往事 她能很清楚地明白the psychological problems behind her fatness.在她肥胖背后存在的心理问题It was a defence against the responsibilities of my own femininity.这是对我自己女性特质的一种抵抗If I could be fat, I would be inaccessible to young men,如果我变胖了 年轻男孩子就不愿意接近我I would avoid the responsibility of making relationships with young men.我就可以回避和年轻男孩交往的义务Eating can be a comfort to the unhappy and bored.吃东西可以缓解不开心和无聊的情绪Fatness may be a way of avoiding problems.肥胖可能是逃避问题的一种方式Somebody shy may become too fat to go out.有些害羞的人可能变得太胖以至于不能外出Obesity can be a way of avoiding sexual problems肥胖可能是逃避不和谐性生活的一种方式 and people may get fat because other people人们成为胖子 可能是由于其他人need them to be inactive and hence dependent.希望他们懒惰并由此产生依赖性While this kind of explanation suited the shrinks,这种解释对心理医生适用it couldnt be true for everyone.但不可能对每个人都合适If it wasnt neurosis,如果不是神经症 then where should research focus now?那么研究应该专注在哪里呢201306/244539
  • UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Its time for ;The Shoutout;. “大声喊出来”的时间到了!Whats the third country to send the person into space? If you think you know it then shout it out! 第三个把人送上太空的是哪个国家?如果你认为你知道,那么大声喊出来吧!Was it Russia, China, France or the ed Kingdom? Youve got three seconds, go!是俄罗斯、中国、法国还是英国?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!In 2003, China joined the U.S and Russia as the only countries that put a person in space. Thats your answer and thats your shoutout.2003年,中国同美国和俄罗斯一样,成为世界上仅有的能把人送上太空的国家。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: A decade later, China is hoping that breaking of that same (inaudible) group with another space milestone. 10年后,中国想要用另一太空里程碑来进入航天技术的最前沿。So far, only the U.S. and former Soviet Union have launched spacecraft that have landed on the Moon. 至今,只有美国和前苏联的太空器在月球上着陆过。This week, a Chinese rocket took off in the same direction, and by later this month, the lunar landing list could lengthen the three.本周,一枚中国的火箭也朝着同样的方向进发了,到这月底,在月球着陆的名单会加长到三个国家。 /201312/267107
  • Frances First Lady Hospitalized After Affair RumorsValerie Trierweiler reportedly in shock after seeing tabloid photos of her husband and a famous actress.Sex scandal rocking France this morning with the countrys first lady has been hospitalized ,said to be in shocked after tabloids published photos exposing the prisedent scretafiar with the famous actress. He is now lashing out of press, A R with all the details and in this kind ofvery complicated love way. yes, but its French,right,the French should do? and the French all usualy consider more liberal when that comes to this type of issues. But this is actually sending shockwaves through out the country.This moring French prisedent F is preparing to addressing allegations,he has been caring on affair with this woman, 41 year old actress J, rumors of trace began swilling after the Frech magzine Closer published theses pictures of a man , they say is H wearing a helmet and riding a motor scooter coming and going to met G in this Pairs apartment, not far from the home he is sharing with first lady T whose spokeman said suffer a big emotional shock after seeing this story. Frence says the news hit her like a high speed train, she has been hospitalized for depression and extrem fatige. People traditionally have sympathize with T,she does not have charming personality in public, but I think now they are begining to see her as a woman scorn.while T acts as the first lady,she and H have never been married. The prisedent has not denied the affair, but has said he greatly deplored the invasion of his privacy , and he is even threatening legal action.according to a new French poll, 77 precent French voters thoutht the president should remain private, and 8 in 10 say their opinion of him had not change. But this was before T hospitalisation was made public.when you look at the polls that say 80 percent of people belive this one change thier opinion of him,that is not a good nows, he has only got a 28 percent of approval rate to begin with.G has not commented on the alleged affair, but her lawyer has reportlly obtained a legally junction agasit magzine for publishing these pictures.Now,a lose friend of T says she does now want to slam the door on her partner 7 years she is prepare to forgive as long as he comes please with his intentions ,maybe will hear those later this morning 10.30 eastern time,he has a press confrence .they got to get a number for this state dinner here at the white house in Februry. That might be best. They might want to get on that.He basically gets together with his current live in girl friend when he was living his previous live in girl fridend.so she was the mistress before. who is his wife for president of France.so she a kind knew what she was getting into,I guess so. /201401/274226
  • 听故事拓展了想象力;讲故事则让我们跨越文化的高墙,拥抱各种不同的经历,感受他人的感受。艾丽芙·夏法克以这个简单的想法为基础,来说明小说能超越身份政治。201307/246606
  • 在这个另类演讲中,记者Andrew Mwenda引领大家去重新看待“非洲问题”-抛开传统媒体对于贫困、内战、绝望等的报道,去看在这片大陆上创造财富、幸福的各种机遇。201308/251283
  • 奥迪S6 2013超级碗广告,给你勇气。2012年中,“屌丝逆袭”的故事我们着实看了不少,无论是炒作还是恶搞,这些“励志故事”往往都能引起我们这些资深屌丝的极大反响与共鸣,奥迪似乎也看到了这一点,他们将一台绝对“高帅富”的S6与一位其貌不扬、气场不强的男孩结合在了一起,以奥迪S6的霸气为男孩增添逆袭的勇气。然而现在不妨让我们跳出来再重新审视这则广告,奥迪似乎也将自己比作这个男孩,面对各路强手的挑战,奥迪绝不退缩,鼓起勇气将“逆袭”进行到底。以下是英文文本:Mom: Look at you – so dashing – come on. Lots of people go by themselves.Sister: No they don’t!Dad:Hey, son have fun tonight.Dude: HEY!!(black-eye)Bravery. It’s what defines us.201404/291669
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