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谁是我的“梦中”情人?A British man has met and married a 22-year-old woman after, by his own account, dreaming of her phone number and then sending her a text message.David Brown, 24, says he woke up one morning after a night out with friends with a telephone number constantly running through his head. He decided to contact it, sending a message saying "Did I meet you last night?"Random recipient Michelle Kitson was confused and wary at first but decided to reply and the two began exchanging messages. Eventually they met and fell in love."It was really weird but I was absolutely hooked," Kitson told the Daily Mail newspaper. "My mum and dad kept saying 'But he could be an axe murderer', but I knew there was something special about it.""I believe that things happen for a reason. There is no way someone could have said my number in the pub, but he had that number in his head."I know some people will find it hard to believe, but we know the truth."After a long courtship, the oddly matched couple have just returned from their honeymoon in the Indian resort of Goa.A love-struck Brown said: "I've no idea how I ended up with her number in my head -- it's only a few digits different from mine."As for the wedding day, the bride said: "It was fantastic, we couldn't have wished for a better day. 根据一个英国小伙的自述,他先是梦到一个电话号码,然后给这个号码发了一个短信,后来他和这个号码的主人--一个22岁的女孩相识、最后成婚。24岁的大卫·布朗说,一天晚上他和朋友出去玩,第二天早上醒来后脑子里就不停地出现一个电话号码。他决定跟这个号码的主人联系一下,于是就发了一条短信“昨晚我们见过面吗?”意外收到这条短信的米歇尔·凯特森一开始觉得很奇怪,而且很警惕,但最后她还是决定回复一下。于是两人开始互相发短信聊天,最后两人见面、并坠入爱河。凯特森在接受《每日邮报》的采访时说,“这件事确实很奇怪,但我完全陷进去了。我爸妈一直提醒我他会不会是个连环杀人犯,但我知道这件事有些特别。"“我相信任何事情的发生都有原因。那天不可能有人会在酒吧里说我的电话号码,但他竟然梦见了我的号码。”“我知道有的人一定觉得这难以置信,但我们俩知道这到底是怎么回事。”经历了一段爱情长跑后,这对奇特的恋人终成眷属,日前他们刚从印度旅游胜地果阿度蜜月归来。沉醉在甜蜜爱情中的布朗说:“我也不知道脑子里怎么会出现她的号码--那只是一串和我的电话号码不一样的数字。”谈到结婚当天,新娘说:“那一天很美好,我们觉得这是一生中最美好的一天。” /200803/32581Having a cold beer after a hot bath is a nightly ritual for many Japanese, and now the country has found a way to further indulge -- soaking in the suds themselves.In Hakone Kowakien Yunessun, a mountainous hot spring resort just a day trip from Tokyo, a spa park is offering a bathtub, shaped like a beer mug, filled with heated amber water and white foam with the aroma of hops and barley.The resort is also pouring and spraying real beer into the bath and onto the customers three times a day until December 31.The beer bath installation, which began late last month, pays homage to the "beer fights" of professional baseball season winners."We wanted ordinary people to enjoy the fun," the spa said in a statement.The facility says the beer bath moisturises and cleanses the skin.The theme park-style facility, which features various tubs of hot spring water, annually celebrates the release of the Beaujolais Nouveau with a real sommelier pouring the fresh wine into its open-air "wine spa."The Yunessun also offers baths of coffee, tea and Japanese sake. 很多日本人习惯晚上洗个热水澡后喝杯冰镇啤酒。现在,日本人又多了一个畅享啤酒的方式——“啤酒浴”。距离东京仅有一天路程的神奈川县箱根町是一个多山的温泉胜地。这里的一家温泉公园设了一种啤酒杯状的浴缸,浴缸内盛满了散发着啤酒花和大麦清香的热啤酒。工作人员还将啤酒倒进浴缸并向客人身上喷洒,这一务每天提供三次,截止到12月31日。“温泉啤酒浴”务于上个月末推出,其灵感主要来自于职业棒球的赛季冠军们“洒啤酒”庆祝胜利的做法。温泉公园在一份声明中说:“我们想让普通人也体会一下这种乐趣。”据介绍,洗啤酒浴能够清洁并滋润肌肤。该公园提供各式的“主题温泉浴”设施。在一年一度的宝祖利新酒上市庆祝仪式上,一名斟酒员会将新鲜的酒倒进公园的露天“酒温泉”里。箱根町温泉胜地还向游客提供咖啡浴、茶浴及日本米酒浴。 /200803/29225

The job of raising children is a tough one. Children don#39;t come with an instruction manual. And each child is different. So parents sometimes pull their hair out in frustration, not knowing what to do. But in raising children-as in all of life-what we do is influenced by our culture. Naturally then, American parents teach their children basic American values.  养育孩子是件伤脑筋的差事,孩子们并不是生下来就附有说明书的,而每个孩子又都不尽相同,所以有时候父母们真是挫折地扯光了头发,还不知该怎幺办。然而以教养孩子而言,就像生活中所有的事一样,我们的行为都受文化的影响,因此,美国父母很自然地会教导他们的孩子基本的美国价值观。  To Americans, the goal of parents is to help children stand on their own two feet. From infancy, each child may get his or her own room. As children grow, they gain more freedom to make their own choices. Teenagers choose their own forms of entertainment, as well as the friends to share them with. When they reach young adulthood, they choose their own careers and marriage partners. Of course, many young adults still seek their parents#39; advice and approval for the choices they make. But once they ;leave the nest; at around 18 to 21 years old, they want to be on their own, not ;tied to their mother#39;s apron strings.;  对美国人而言,教养的目标在于帮助孩子们自立更生。从婴幼儿期开始,每一个孩子都可能拥有自己的房间;随着孩子的成长,他们有更多机会自己作决定;青少年们选择自己喜欢的方式,以及跟什幺样的朋友一起玩;当他们进入了青年期之后,他们选择自己的事业和结婚伴侣。当然,很多的年轻人在作选择时,还是会寻求父母的忠告和赞同,但是当他们一旦在十八到二十一岁左右「离了巢」之后,就希望能够独立,不再是个离不开妈妈的孩子了。  The relationship between parents and children in America is very informal. American parents try to treat their children as individuals-not as extensions of themselves. They allow them to fulfill their own dreams. Americans praise and encourage their children to give them the confidence to succeed. When children become adults, their relationship with their parents becomes more like a friendship among equals. But contrary to popular belief, most adult Americans don#39;t make their parents pay for room and board when they come to visit. Even as adults, they respect and honor their parents.  在美国,亲子之间的关系不是那么地严肃,美国父母们试着将孩子视为个体,而不是他们自我的延伸,他们允许孩子去实现自己的梦想。美国人会赞美并鼓励孩子以给予他们成功的信心。当孩子长大成人之后,亲子之间的关系会更像地位平等的朋友,可是与大家一向所以为的恰好相反,当父母来访时,大部份的美国成年人并不会要求父母付食宿费,因为就算已经成年,他们还是很敬重父母的。  Most young couples with children struggle with the issue of childcare. Mothers have traditionally stayed home with their children. In recent years, though, a growing trend is to put preschoolers in a day care center so Mom can work. Many Americans have strong feelings about which type of arrangement is best. Some argue that attending a day care center can be a positive experience for children. Others insist that mothers are the best caregivers for children. A number of women are now leaving the work force to become full-time homemakers.  大部份有孩子的年轻夫妻们都为了养育孩子的问题而大伤脑筋。传统上,母亲们会和孩子待在家里,但是近几年来,把孩子放在幼儿园好让妈妈去工作的趋势渐长。对于哪一种安排才是最好的,许多美国人都有自己强烈的主张,有些人认为进幼儿园对孩子而言是很正向的经历,另一群人则坚持母亲是照顾孩子的最佳人选,许多的妇女现在也离开工作市场成为全职的家庭主妇。母来访时,大部份的美国成年人并不会要求父母付食宿费,因为就算已经成年,他们还是很敬重父母的。  Disciplining children is another area that American parents have differing opinions about. Many parents feel that an old-fashioned spanking helps youngsters learn what ;No!; means. Others prefer alternate forms of discipline. For example, ;time outs; have become popular in recent years. Children in ;time out; have to sit in a corner or by a wall. They can get up only when they are y to act nicely. Older children and teenagers who break the rules may be grounded, or not allowed to go out with friends. Some of their privileges at home-like TV or telephone use-may also be taken away for a while. Although discipline isn#39;t fun for parents or children, it#39;s a necessary part of training.  训诫孩子是另一项引起美国父母们争议的议题。许多父母觉得老式的责打能够帮助年幼的孩子明白:父母说「不」就绝对禁止去做,然而某些人则较赞同其它形式的训诫方式。例如:「隔离法」即是近年来颇被接受的方式,被隔离的孩子必须坐在墙角或是墙边,除非他们肯乖一点才可以起来;年纪稍大的孩子或是青少年若是违反规定,则可能受到被迫停止某项权益或是不准和朋友出去的处罚,而他们在家中的某些特权,像是看电视或是打电话,也会被取消一段时间。虽然处罚对于亲子双方都不是什么有趣的事,但是它仍是训诫孩子时必要的一部份。  Being a parent is a tall order. It takes patience, love, wisdom, courage and a good sense of humor to raise children (and not lose your sanity). Some people are just deciding not to have children at all, since they#39;re not sure it#39;s worth it. But raising children means training the next generation and preserving our culture. What could be worth more than that?  担任亲职是必须付出极大代价的,教养孩子需要付出耐心、爱心、智能、勇气以及高度的幽默感(同时不失去你明智的判断力)。有些人根本就决定不生孩子,因为他们不确定这样的付出值不值得,但是养育孩子意味着训练下一代并且保留我们的文化,又有什么会比这更有价值呢? /201303/228234


  Cycling through the City of London to work on a dark morning last week, I was overtaken by a man in a black coat with no helmet, no lights, and listening to music through headphones.不久前的一天早晨,天阴沉沉的。我骑车穿过伦敦金融城去上班的时候,一名穿着黑色外套的男子骑车超过了我。他没有戴头盔,没有开车灯,戴着耳机在听音乐。Idiot, I thought. As he disappeared into the underground parking of a large bank, I wondered: what sort of banker does a man like that make? Either he is boneheaded in his assessment of risk – or he wants to die. Both are unfortunate traits in someone who handles someone else’s money.我心想,这个白痴。看着他消失在一家大型的地下停车场入口处,我不禁产生疑问:像这样的人会是个什么样的家?他要么是个低估风险的笨蛋,要么就是活得不耐烦了。但这两种特质,都不应该出现在一个专门管理他人钱财的人身上。He got me thinking about the things we reveal about ourselves when we are on two wheels, and how useful that data could be to our bosses.他让我思考起这样一个问题:我们骑自行车时会暴露出自身的哪些特点,而这些数据对我们的老板又有多大用处?I’ve always fancied that as a group, cyclists make relatively good employees. All of us are vaguely fit. We have the wherewithal to be reliable and punctual. When the trains stop running as a result of a little wind – as they did in London last Monday – we still get to work on time. We are risk-takers and ever so slightly rebellious, which works quite well – especially in a job like journalism.我总以为,骑车的人是相对不错的员工。我们都算得上健康,也有必要的工具让自己可靠和准时。如果火车因一点风而停运(正如伦敦不久前的情况),我们仍能准时上班。我们愿意冒险,有一点点叛逆——这相当有用,尤其是对记者这个工作而言。Only 10 minutes on a London road shows that we aren’t a group at all. Some of us are fast, some slow. Some wear helmets, some don’t. Some break all the rules, some break none. If employers really want to know what prospective employees are like, they should forget psychometric testing and watch them ride a bike. Some cyclists may protest that they are aggressive in the saddle only to become pussycats at their desks, but I don’t agree: on a bike you are close to death and so become a more intense version of your true self.但仅在伦敦的街道上骑了10分钟,我就发现,我们根本不能被归为同一类人。有些人骑得快,有些人骑得慢。有些人戴头盔,有些人不戴。有些人无视一切交通规则,有些人遵守所有交通规则。如果雇主真的想了解潜在的雇员是个什么样的人,他们就应该忘记心理测量测试,改为观察应聘者怎样骑车。有些骑车者或许会抗议说,正是因为他们骑车时霸气,他们在办公室里才更甘于俯首帖耳。但恕我不能苟同:人们在骑车时离死神很近,因此会更多地展现出真实的自我。After I left the banker who didn’t get risk and proceeded to work, I saw three other cyclists showing traits that should have interested their HR departments. The first had his right trouser leg rolled up to reveal a meaty calf. Such resourcefulness in the absence of a clip impressed me: I’d hire him as a problem solver. The next was a man balancing, stationary on a “fixie” at the lights – no one likes working with a show-off.目送那名家安然无恙地上班去以后,接下来我又看到三名骑车者,他们表现出来的特征应该引起他们公司人力资源部门的兴趣。第一个人把右边裤腿卷了起来,露出了肉乎乎的小腿肚。他在没有别针的情况下展现出来的机智让我印象深刻:我会雇佣他来解决问题。第二个人在红灯时没有下车,而是努力让他那辆单速自行车保持平衡——没人喜欢和爱炫耀的人一起工作。And then there was a woman on a baby-pink Brompton going through a red light just by St Paul’s Cathedral forcing pedestrians to step out of her way. One of them yelled “Asshole” into her oblivious ears.接下来是一名骑着浅粉色Brompton折叠自行车的女子。她在圣保罗大教堂(St Paul’s Cathedral)旁闯红灯,逼得行人纷纷避让。有名行人冲她喊“混蛋”,但她充耳不闻。Clearly, it is the red light that is the richest point for data gathering. This woman comprehensively failed the job test, while other red-light skippers – who do so without inconveniencing anyone – possibly pass. Red lights also sort out leaders from followers. When there is a big group of bikes together at a light, it takes a particular sort of cyclist to break the consensus and ride off, but once he has done that, others follow, leaving just one or two behind. I would hire these red-light refuseniks at once – but only for jobs in audit or compliance.显然,红灯前能收集到最丰富的数据。这名女子的工作测试根本不及格,而其他一些在没有妨碍他人的情况下闯红灯者,还有一点可能通过测试。红灯还能区分出领导者和追随者。当有一大群人停在红灯前时,只有某种类型的骑车者才能打破一致等待的局面、率先闯红灯,但一旦他闯红灯,其他人就会效仿,只留下一两个人待在原地不动。我会立刻聘用这些拒绝闯红灯的人,但仅限于审计或合规工作。The two-wheel test also weeds out those who are not team players. All cyclists view cars, lorries and buses as natural enemies, but the cyclist who is hostile to his own kind, and who squeezes past others on the inside is suitable only for solitary working.自行车测试还能区分出那些没有团队精神的人。所有骑车者都把汽车、卡车和公交车当作天敌,但有些骑车者却敌视其他骑车者,在自行车流中使劲往前挤,这些人只适合单独工作。Not only does cycling show how competitive someone is, it shows how men feel about women being faster than them. On the (increasingly rare) occasions when I overtake a man on a bike, he almost always overtakes me back at once, just to make the point.骑车不仅能显示出一个人有多好强,还能显示出男性在被女性超越时的感受。我超过一名男性骑车者的时候(这种时候越来越少),他几乎总会立刻反超我。It is not just the behaviour on the bike, it is the bike itself. The person with the carbon racer wants to impress. The person on the hybrid just wants to get the job done. The not terribly fit man in Lycra is all talk, no trousers. The person who wears no helmet or reflectors is mad, but so too is the person who has so many lights and mirrors on the bike that there is hardly room for a person on it too.值得注意的不仅是骑车者的行为,还有自行车本身。骑碳钢赛车的人喜欢哗众取宠。骑着多功能自行车的人只想把活儿干完。身材一般、却穿着莱卡(Lycra)紧身运动衣的人,只会夸夸其谈,没有实际行动。不戴头盔或者不装反光镜的人是疯子,而装太多车灯和反光镜、甚至连坐的地方都快没有了的人,也是疯子。To check my theory about the connection between personality and cycling style, I have just conducted a little control test. A er had been offering for a while to take me for a ride on his tandem, and so last week I climbed on the back and was forced to cycle as him – which turned out to be safely, confidently and courteously. I definitely would have hired him. And yet I was terrified: to be on a bike without being me felt all wrong.为了检验我这个“性格与骑车风格息息相关”的理论,我刚刚做了一个小小的受控实验。一名读者一直邀请我同骑他的双人自行车出去兜风,所以上个月底,我就坐在了这辆自行车的后面,被迫迁就他的骑车风格。事实明,我们骑得安全、安心并且谦谦有礼。我当然会雇佣他这样的人。但我还是被吓着了:按照别人的风格骑车感觉完全不对劲。So what does cycling as me show? That I like being in control. That I’m cavalier about some rules and fairly selfish, but try not to be flagrantly obnoxious. I wear a helmet, a nasty fluorescent tabard and high heels – but to prevent any more pairs being destroyed by the pedals I have invented a heel condom made out of an old inner tube. Which shows I can be creative – but only when really desperate.那么我的骑车风格说明了些什么?首先,说明我喜欢掌握控制权。其次,说明我不把某些规则放在心上,自私程度中等,但我努力避免明目张胆地干讨人嫌的事情。我戴头盔,穿显眼的荧光马甲和高跟鞋,但为了防止我的更多双高跟鞋被自行车踏板毁掉,我用内胎皮做了只鞋跟保护套。这说明我有潜力变得富有创意,但这种潜力只有在实在被逼无奈时才会发挥出来。 /201311/264621。

  Officers at Sutton Coldfield Police Station were called out at 7am to help mallard Matilda and her six ducklings who were stranded outside a pub in the West Midlands town.早上7点,萨顿科尔菲尔德警局的警察们接到任务,帮助在西米德兰兹郡小镇的酒吧外处于困境的野鸭马蒂尔达和她的6个鸭宝宝。Two officers were dispatched to the Bottle of Sack pub after the manager became concerned that the family of ducks were risking their lives crossing a busy road to reach a nearby brook.野鸭家族是想走到附近的小溪去,Bottle of Sack 酒吧的经理担心它们穿过忙碌的马路太危险,随即两位警察被派往该酒馆。Caroline Wrenn, who runs the Wetherspoons pub, said the mallard moved into the pub garden five months ago and has aly raised one family of ducklings there without a problem.卡洛琳-莱恩是另一家Wetherspoons 酒吧的老板,她说五个月前,这只野鸭妈妈搬到了这个酒吧园区,并顺利在这儿生出了一窝孩子。But when she watched the latest brood try their luck at crossing the road, she decided it was time to call the police.但是当鸭妈妈看到了最近的小溪并准备试试运气过马路时,卡洛琳觉得是时候报警了。Barmaid Kirsten Jeffs said: #39;Locals really look after her and enjoy watching her waddle around the beer garden.#39;酒吧女务员克里斯汀-杰夫说:“当地人真的很照顾这些鸭子,并且喜欢看她们在园区摇摇晃晃地走来走去。”Matilda is becoming used to have uniformed help when she needs to move her family around.鸭妈妈马蒂尔达已经习惯了在带一家子行动时接受这些穿制的人类的帮助了。In May, rangers from nearby Sutton Park helped her first to reach water safely.五月的时候,萨顿公园附近的骑警就帮过她一次了,协助它们安全到达水边。A park spokesman said :#39;We took them to the nearest running water stream and let them go. It had a happy ending.#39;一位公园里的人说:“我们将它们带到了最近的水源然后就随它们玩去了,这真是一个圆满的结局。” /201309/256177

  Women do really talk more than men, a study has concluded.American researchers found females are the more talkative sex because of a special “language protein” in the brain.The study, compiled by neuroscientists and psychologist from the University of Maryland, concluded that women talked more because they had more of the Foxp2 protein.The research, published in the Journal of Neuroscience, found that higher levels were found among humans that were women but in rats they were males.Their findings come after it was previously claimed that ladies speak about 20,000 words a day – more than 13,000 more than men.;This study is one of the first to report a sex difference in the expression of a language-associated protein in humans or animals,” said Prof Margaret McCarthy, who led the study.“The findings raise the possibility that sex differences in brain and behaviour are more pervasive and established earlier than previously appreciated.”In their study, the researchers attempted to determine what might make male rats more vocal than their female friends.They separated four-day-old rats from their mothers and then counted the number of times they cried out in the “ultrasonic range”, the frequencies higher than humans can hear, over five minutes.While both sexes emitted hundreds of cries, the males called out twice as often, they found. But when the pups were returned to the same cage as their mother, she fussed over her sons first.According to tests compiled on the parts of the brain known to be involved in vocal calls showed the male pups to have up to twice as much Foxp2 protein as the females.The researchers then increased the production in the brains of female pups and reduced it in males.This led to the female rats crying out more often and their mothers showing more interest to them. In contrast, males became less “talkative”.The researchers then tested samples from ten children, aged between three and five, which showed that females had up to a 30 per cent more of the Foxp2 protein than males, in a brain area key to language in humans.“Based on our observations, we postulate higher levels of Foxp2 in girls and higher levels of Foxp2 in male rats is an indication that Foxp2 protein levels are associated with the more communicative sex,” said Prof McCarthy, from the university’s School of Medicine.;Our results implicate Foxp2 as a component of the neurobiological basis of sex differences in vocal communication in mammals.;美国马里兰州大学神经学家和心理学家联合进行的一项研究显示,女性的确比男性话多,其原因是女性大脑中的“语言蛋白”比较多。此前有研究称,女性一天大概说2万个单词,比男性多出1.3万个。而这项研究是首次从语言蛋白含量角度来解释男女语言表达方面的差别。研究人员对出生四天的雌雄实验鼠的观察发现,雄性实验鼠在5分钟内发出的声音是雌性老鼠的两倍,而对其脑部检测结果显示,雄性实验鼠脑中跟语言表达相关的Foxp2蛋白含量是雌性老鼠的两倍。研究人员又对十位年龄在3到5岁的儿童脑部蛋白取样分析后发现,女孩脑中的Foxp2蛋白比男孩多出30%。马里兰州大学医学院教授麦卡锡表示,研究结果表明Foxp2蛋白是哺乳动物口头交流性别差异的神经生物因素之一。 /201302/226855

  I HAVE A CONFESSION to make: For nearly a decade, I kept contraband in my freezer. It was a stash of Sichuan peppercorn, the bright and earthy Asian spice that tingles and numbs the tongue. Harvested from prickly ash shrubs and trees in temperate parts of Asia, Sichuan peppercorns had been banned from the U.S. in 1968 out of fear they might sp citrus canker.我有件事必须坦白:近10年来,我一直在冰箱里藏着违禁品。它就是花椒,一种明亮、朴实的亚洲香料,入口辛麻。花椒生长于亚洲温带地区,是灌木或乔木花椒树的果实。由于担心这种植物会导致柑橘溃疡病蔓延,美国在1968年曾颁布过花椒的进口禁令。The spice is often combined with chilies for a sensation the Chinese call ma la─literally #39;numbing-hot.#39; It was a food buzz that intrigued me because it was like no other. (Despite the name, the reddish-brown pods are not related to black pepper.) The zingy husks are used in China, where the spice is called hua jiao (#39;flower pepper#39;), while Japanese cuisine favors the pod#39;s milder berries, known as sansho. In any form, that lemony tang is unmistakable.花椒常与辣椒一起使用,烹制口味麻辣的菜肴。这种调料在我看来非常独特,引发过我的无限好奇。(虽然中文名字中都有一个“椒”,但这种红褐色的芸香科植物与黑胡椒并无关系。)不论是中国菜中使用的花椒,还是日本料理中使用的柔和些的山椒,其浓烈辛辣的香味都是明白无误的。I got my hands on some in 1996, and since I didn#39;t know when I#39;d get more, I used the peppercorns judiciously─roasting them with salt, say, to make a zesty dip for fried chicken. My favorite way to deploy them was to pound and scatter them into mapo tofu, a Sichuan classic of velvety tofu and ground meat swimming in a silky sauce. When the U.S. lifted the ban on Sichuan peppercorns in 2005, I rejoiced.我在1996年弄到些花椒,当时因为不知道什么时候才能再弄到一些,所以我明智地把它们加盐烘焙,做成了花椒粉,在吃炸鸡时当蘸料享用。当然,我最喜欢的做法还是把它们撒在麻婆豆腐上。麻婆豆腐是一道经典川菜,由嫩豆腐、肉糜和浓汤般稠滑的酱料组成。当美国在2005年取消对花椒的禁令时,我高兴极了。A few years later, while researching my #39;Asian Tofu#39; cookbook, I traveled to Chengdu, the capital of China#39;s Sichuan province. The peppercorns were plentiful at every market I visited, often displayed alongside chilies, their ma la partner. It was a sultry September, and a snack of dan dan noodles seasoned with salty preserved vegetables, perky Sichuan peppercorns and chili oil kept me alert in the intense humidity.数年后,为了研究“亚洲豆腐”菜谱,我前往中国四川省的省会城市成都。在那里,每到一处市场,都可以看到花椒的身影,而且常与做麻辣菜必备的另一种原料──辣椒并排摆放。当时正值闷热的九月,以咸冬菜、丰裕的花椒和辣椒油等为佐料的四川特色小吃担担面,令我无时无刻不意识到空气中的闷热和潮湿。One family I visited used Sichuan peppercorns in most everything they served me. To finish a stir-fry, they sprinkled on a bit of the ground spice just as if it were black or white pepper. The family#39;s version of mapo tofu relied solely on hua jiao for seasoning. For my taste, the result had too much ma and not enough la─an object lesson in the importance of striking the right balance between chilies and peppercorns. One of their kitchen drawers held a jar of ground peppercorns moistened by oil─a brilliant idea, because the oil captured the spice#39;s zing and kept it always at the y. The family used this paste to season all kinds of salads and sauces.在那里,我拜访的一户人家招待我的几乎每道菜里都用了花椒。作为一盘炒菜的最后一道工序,他们像用黑胡椒或者白胡椒一样,把花椒粉撒了上去。这户人家做的麻婆豆腐,佐料全是花椒。我品尝后的感觉是,麻味有余、辣味不足,这个反面案例凸显出正确掌握花椒和辣椒搭配比例的重要性。在他们的一个厨房抽屉里,有一罐油浸花椒粉──这真是个好主意,因为油能够吸收花椒的植物精髓,使之随时可被取用。这户人家会把这种油浸花椒粉做出的酱料当成佐料,搭配在各种凉拌菜和酱汁中。In other encounters, Sichuan peppercorns played a less obvious role. One restaurant served its signature duck with a fragrant chili mixture that contained just a hint of the spice#39;s citrusy brightness and numbing edge. A locally made candy had a suggestion of it too. I was inspired to experiment in countless new ways─all the more so because nowadays, Sichuan peppercorns are ily obtained Stateside, not only in Chinese markets but online, at sources like kalustyans.com. I#39;ve even seen them at Whole Foods. Looking back at my years on the wrong side of the law, it seems almost too easy.其他很多时候,花椒的作用则没有如此明显。我在一家餐厅点了他们的招牌鸭,里面用了多种香辣佐料,花椒的一丝橘香和辛麻隐藏其中,几乎难以察觉。当地产的一种糖果似乎也含有花椒成分。受此鼓舞,我尝试了无数种使用花椒的新方法──尤其是像现在这种好时候,因为现在在美国可以很容易买到花椒了,除了华人市场,还可以在kalustyans.com等网站进行网购。甚至在全食超市(Whole Foods),我都看到过花椒。总之,与以前我不得不私藏花椒的岁月相比,现在简直太方便了。Mapo Tofu (Spicy Tofu With Beef and Sichuan Peppercorn)麻婆豆腐(以花椒、肉糜为佐料的辣豆腐)You can find Chinese chili bean sauce at Asian markets. The label will dou ban jiang or toban djan; the word Pixian signals an excellent version made in Sichuan.中国豆瓣酱可在亚洲市场买到,标签上写着“dou ban jiang”或“toban djan”。带“郫县”(Pixian)标识的,是产自四川的高级豆瓣酱。Total Time: 30 minutes Serves: 4总用时:30分钟 份量:4人份Ingredients原料:16 ounces medium-firm tofu, cut into #189;-inch cubes16盎司(约454克)中等硬度的豆腐,切成0.5英寸(约1.3厘米)见方的小块1 teaspoon Sichuan peppercorn1茶匙花椒3 tablespoons canola oil3汤匙芥花籽油6 ounces ground beef or pork, roughly chopped6盎司(约170克)绞牛肉或绞猪肉,切碎1 teaspoon minced fresh ginger1茶匙生姜,切成碎末1#189; teaspoons chili flakes1 1/2盎司(约43克)茶匙辣椒片1 tablespoon fermented black beans, optional1汤匙黑豆豆鼓,可选2#189; to 3 tablespoons Chinese chili bean sauce2.5-3汤匙豆瓣酱1 generous teaspoon sugar1大茶匙糖2 teaspoons soy sauce2茶匙酱油1 1/3 cups boiling water1 1/3杯开水Salt, to taste盐,适量2 large scallions, cut on the diagonal into 1#189;-inch pieces2棵大葱,按对角线切成1.5英寸(约3.8厘米)的小块1#189; tablespoons cornstarch dissolved in 3 tablespoons water1 1/2汤匙玉米淀粉,加汤匙水拌匀What To Do做法:1. Put tofu in a heatproof bowl. Bring a kettle of water to a rolling boil. Remove water from heat, then pour over tofu to cover. Let sit 15 minutes.1. 把豆腐放入耐高温的碗内。将一壶水烧开后,倒入放豆腐的碗中,浸15分钟。2. Meanwhile, in a large wok or skillet, toast peppercorns over medium heat until fragrant and slightly darkened, 2-3 minutes. Let cool briefly, then pound with a mortar and pestle or grind in a coffee or spice grinder. Set aside. Drain tofu and set near stove.2. 同时,用炒锅或煎锅中火煸炒花椒2-3分钟,至闻到香味、颜色略深。稍加冷却后,放在臼中用杵捣碎或用咖啡豆或香料研磨机磨碎,备用。将豆腐沥干,放在炉灶旁。3. Heat oil in wok or skillet over high heat. Add beef, using a wooden spoon to crumble into small pieces. Stir-fry until cooked through, about 2 minutes. Add ginger, chili flakes, fermented black beans (if using) and chili sauce. Cook, stirring constantly, until beef is a rich reddish-brown color and oil is slightly red, about 2 minutes. Add sugar and soy sauce, stir to combine, then add tofu. Gently stir or shake wok to combine without breaking up tofu.3. 在炒锅或煎锅中倒入食用油,大火加热后,倒入牛肉,用木勺将肉捣开。翻炒约2分钟,至肉熟透。加入生姜、辣椒片、黑豆豆鼓(可选)和豆瓣酱。继续不停翻炒约2分钟,直至牛肉变成黑红色,油略变红。加入糖和酱油,拌匀,再加入豆腐。轻炒,或边炒边抖动炒锅,防止豆腐碎裂。4. Pour in boiling water. Bring to a vigorous simmer, and cook to allow tofu to absorb flavors, about 3 minutes. Season with salt or sugar to taste.4. 倒入开水。炖至汤汁收敛、豆腐入味,约3分钟。视个人口味加入适量的盐或糖。5. Add scallions and stir to combine. Pour enough dissolved cornstarch into wok to thicken sauce. (You may not need to use it all.) Add reserved ground peppercorn, stir once more and transfer to a shallow bowl or divide among four serving dishes. Serve immediately with hot rice.5. 加葱拌匀。倒入适量玉米淀粉糊,使汤汁浓稠。(事先准备的淀粉糊也可能用不完。)加入准备好的花椒,再次拌匀,起锅,将菜倒入一个浅底碗或按四人份分别倒入碟中。配米饭趁热享用。─Adapted from #39;Asian Tofu#39;──选摘自《亚洲豆腐》(Asian Tofu)Chilled Celery and Sichuan Peppercorn Salad凉拌麻辣芹菜Total Time: 30 minutes Serves: 4总用时:30分钟 份量:4人份Ingredients原料:5 ribs celery, cut into thin sticks 3-inches long5根芹菜,切成3英寸(约7.6厘米)长的芹菜丝3-inch length of carrot, cut into thin sticks3英寸(约7.6厘米)长的胡萝卜,亦切成丝#188; teaspoon salt#188; 茶匙盐#188; teaspoon sugar#188; 茶匙糖1 teaspoon sesame oil1茶匙麻油#188; teaspoon Sichuan peppercorn paste (see recipe below)#188; 茶匙花椒酱(详见下文食谱)What To Do做法:1. Place celery and carrots in a heatproof bowl. Pour boiling water over vegetables to cover. Let sit until vegetables soften slightly, 2 minutes. Drain under cold running water. Set aside.1. 将芹菜丝和胡萝卜丝放入一个耐高温的碗内。倒入沸水直至淹没菜丝。浸泡2分钟,待菜丝稍稍软化。用冷水冲凉,沥干备用。2. Wipe bowl dry, then add sugar, sesame oil, peppercorn paste and vegetables. Toss vegetables to coat. Refrigerate at least 20 minutes. Before serving, season with additional salt, sugar or Sichuan peppercorn paste to taste.2. 将碗擦干,加入糖、麻油、花椒酱和菜丝。抖动碗,让酱料覆盖到菜丝表面。放入冰箱冷藏至少20分钟。食用前,视个人口味再加少许盐、糖或花椒酱。Dan Dan Noodles担担面You can find Chinese noodles and ya cai at Asian markets─though spaghetti and dill pickles are fine stand-ins.中国面条和芽菜可在亚洲市场买到,当然,用意大利面和腌黄瓜替代也不错。Total Time: 20 minutes Serves: 4-6 as a starter, 2-3 as a main course总用时:20分钟 份量:4-6人份(前菜),2-3人份(主菜)Ingredients原料:#189; teaspoon Sichuan peppercorn paste (see recipe below)1/2茶匙花椒酱(详见下文食谱)1#189; tablespoons Chinese sesame paste or 4 teaspoons tahini plus 1 teaspoon sesame oil1 #189; 汤匙芝麻糊,或,4茶匙芝麻酱加1茶匙麻油3 tablespoons soy sauce3汤匙酱油1 tablespoon dark soy sauce1汤匙老抽1#189; tablespoons chili oil1 1/2汤匙辣椒油Salt, to taste盐,适量2 teaspoons canola oil2茶匙芥花籽油4 dried chilies, such as árbol, slit lengthwise and seeds removed4个辣椒,例如狭长的阿宝辣椒(arbol),纵向切开、去籽#189; teaspoon Sichuan peppercorns1/2茶匙花椒4 ounces ground beef4盎司(约113克)碎牛肉2 tablespoons ya cai (Sichuan preserved vegetable) or finely chopped dill pickle2汤匙芽菜(一种四川腌菜)或切碎的莳萝泡菜1 pound fresh Chinese noodles or 12 ounces dried Chinese noodles1磅(约454克)新鲜面条或12盎司(约340克)干面条1 scallion, green parts only, thinly sliced1棵葱,只取绿色部分,切成薄片What To Do做法:1. Whisk together peppercorn paste, sesame paste, 1 tablespoon soy sauce, dark soy sauce and chili oil. Season with salt to taste. Divide sauce among serving bowls and set aside.1. 将花椒、芝麻糊、1汤匙酱油、老抽和辣椒油搅拌起来。按个人口味加入适量盐。按用餐人数将搅拌均匀的酱料分别放入碗中,待用。2. Heat oil in a wok or skillet over medium heat. Add chilies and peppercorns and stir-fry until fragrant, 15 seconds. Add meat and ya cai, using a wooden spoon to crumble meat. Add remaining soy sauce and stir-fry until meat is cooked through, about 2 minutes. Set aside.2. 在炒锅或煎锅中倒入食用油,中火加热。加入辣椒和花椒,煸炒爆香,15秒。加入碎牛肉和芽菜,用木勺将肉捣开。加入剩余的酱油,炒至肉熟透,约2分钟。备用。3. Cook noodles as directed on package. Drain under warm running water to remove excess starch. Divide hot noodles among bowls with sauce. Top with meat and scallions. Invite guests to mix before eating.3. 根据包装上的指示煮面条。煮熟后捞起,用温水过一遍,以去除多余的淀粉。把热面条分别盛入之前分配好的酱碗中。在面条顶部撒上葱和炒好的肉末。提醒客人在享用前先搅拌一下,好让面条入味。Chili-Sichuan Peppercorn Mix自制麻辣调料(辣椒加花椒)Use this to dip or garnish poached chicken, fried tofu or steamed vegetables. You can find Sichuan peppercorn and other ingredients at Asian markets or at online sources such as ethnicfoodsco.com.该自制调料既可当蘸料又可作佐料,配白切鸡、炸豆腐、清蒸菜等食用。花椒及其他原料可在亚洲市场或kalustyans.com等网站买到。Total Time: 5 minutes Makes: 1/3 cup总用时:5分钟 份量:1/3杯Ingredients原料:3 tablespoons gochu garu (Korean red pepper powder)3汤匙韩国红辣椒粉1 teaspoon Sichuan peppercorn, toasted and ground1茶匙花椒,煸炒后磨成粉#190; teaspoon toasted white sesame seeds3/4茶匙烤白芝麻#189; teaspoon sea salt1/2茶匙海盐2 tablespoons canola or peanut oil2汤匙芥花籽油或花生油#189; teaspoon sugar1/2茶匙糖What To Do做法:1. In a small bowl, combine Korean red pepper powder, Sichuan peppercorn, sesame seeds and salt. Put the oil in a small saucepan or skillet and heat over medium-high heat until just smoking.1. 将韩国红辣椒粉、花椒、芝麻和盐倒入小碗中混合。将油倒入小平底锅或煎锅,中到大火加热,至略出油烟为止。2. Pour half of the oil over chili powder mixture. Expect foaming action. Give a quick stir with a spoon. Pour on remaining oil, repeat stirring to moisten ingredients. Lastly, stir in sugar.2. 将一半的热油倒入辣椒粉混合物中。混合物会起泡,用勺子快速搅拌。这时再倒入剩余的油,不停搅拌,让原料浸透。最后,拌入糖。3. Let cool a few minutes, taste and adjust the flavor with extra salt or sugar. The mixture is y to use. Or, keep in an airtight container at room temperature for up to 2 days or refrigerate for up to a week.3. 冷却几分钟后,尝下味道,视情况适量加盐或加糖。至此,该调料制作完成,当即便可使用。或者,可将该调料装入密封容器中,常温保存时限为两天,冷藏保存时限为一周。 /201304/232939




  The process of aging is natural and it isn’t something you can stop from happening. As you age, your skin starts to lose its moistness and become more prone to damage. However, there are many natural ways available to slow down the aging process and look young.衰老是一种无法阻止的自然过程。随着年龄的增长,肌肤会渐渐失去光泽,且更易受到损伤。所幸,一些天然的方式可以延缓衰老,让你容光焕发。Drink Plenty of Water 补足水分Human body is made up of 60% water and day-to-day routines deplete this valuable resource which needs to be replenished. Drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water every day – more is obviously better. Having adequate water content in the body will keep your internal organs hydrated as well as in good working condition. Additionally, it can help your digestive system run smoothly and stop bowel irregularity. Last but not least, it’ll help your actual skin look flexible, vibrant and supple by keeping it hydrated and flushing out wastes from the body.人体60%由水分构成,宝贵的水能量撑着日常活动,当其耗尽时就需要进行补充。我们每天至少要保8杯水量---当然多多益善。摄取充足的水分可以保给体内器官提供良好运作的水化环境。此外,消化系统也会因此顺畅运作,并有效制止肠道的不规律反应。最后同样重要的是,保持充足的水分能让你的肌肤焕发活力光,并排出体内废物。Reduce Stress 卸去压力Every person has stress in their life, and if you learn to manage it, then you’ll find your life is a way better. Researches reveal that mental stress speeds up the aging process. When you’re stressed out, you lose the body’s natural balance which in turn causes damage to bodily hormone secretion, cell-repair, and collagen generation. There are many ways for you to reduce the mental stress. You can divert your attention to various things like doing exercises, in order to relieve stress. Yoga, deep breathing and meditation can cut down stress, boost oxygen and blood flow and improve energy level.人人都有不得已的压力,如果你懂得怎样去管理压力,那你会发现生活更美好的一面。研究表明心理压力会加速衰老。因为压力超负时,你身体的自然平衡会受到影响,最终导致损害身体激素分泌,细胞修复和胶原蛋白生成过程。减压的方式有很多种。比如你可以将注意力转移到各种事物上,体育锻炼可以释放压力。瑜伽可以让身体在深呼吸与冥想中得到舒缓,增进氧气,促进血液流动,提高能量水平。Get a Fruit Facial 水果面膜Make your own facial mask with the fruit of your liking. You can smear some papaya mix on your face. The fruit enzyme, called papain, exfoliates dried-out skin and reduces melanin deposition. Or rub a sliced strawberry that’s infused with plenty of beta carotene and vitamin-A to aid in regeneration of collagen. Natural aloe-vera is yet another best homemade anti-aging skin care solution which you can use to get rid of facial lines, wrinkles and slow down aging naturally. This all-natural anti-aging skin care ingredient is of course soothing and healing, and is effective when combined with other remedies as well.用你喜欢的水果来做一个面膜吧。可以涂点木瓜在脸上敷敷。水果面膜含有水果酶,也叫木瓜酶,它能够去掉角质,减少黑色素沉积。或涂切一片草莓,草莓中含有大量有助于胶原蛋白再生的β-胡萝卜素和维生素a。另外一种极佳的自制面膜,天然芦荟。这种抗衰老方式可以助你消除皱纹,自然而然地减缓衰老。这种纯天然抗老护肤产品同样具有舒缓和治疗的功效,如果结合其他有效疗法一起使用,效果显然。Exercise Regularly 规律运动Exercise is apparently an integral step in any skincare regimen. Physical exercise will help maintain muscle-tone and flexibility as you get older and also improve overall health and fitness, help protect against heart problems, and help you stay look and feel younger. Exercise will enhance the blood flow throughout the body which can even help keep your brain fit. A convenient way of getting the required workout is to take up walking. Going for walks is an excellent cardio-vascular activity and is proved to be life-extending.运动锻炼是肌肤护理中不可或缺的一步。随着年龄的增长,体育运动有助于保持肌肉张力和灵活性,同时也能提升整个身体素质,保护心脏远离疾病,让你无论是从精神还是外貌上都处于年轻态。在全身血液流动得益于运动之时,甚至你的大脑也得到了保健。达到定额运动最简便的方式就是散步。这种极佳的心血管运动被实了能够延年益寿。Follow Healthy Diet 健康饮食You should stick to a well-balanced diet plan with the majority of your foods being vegetables and fruit. Stay away from red meat or beef and stick to seafood if possible. Say goodbye to the white b and choose whole grain products. The fruits and vegetables provide your body with vital anti-oxidants that fight free-radicals which are a contributing factor to age-related illness and diseases. Eating healthily will help you look and feel better and provide you with tons of energy in order to do all those stuffs you loved to do.将大量蔬菜水果纳入均衡饮食计划中,并持之以恒。条件允许的话尽量少吃红肉,常吃海鲜。告别白面包,选择全麦食品。蔬果能够给身体提供主要抵抗自由基的抗氧化剂,自由基是引发老年性疾病和其他疾病的关键因素。饮食健康能让你活力焕发,帮你在养精蓄锐后去做任何想做的事情。 /201308/252495


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