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提供洗衣务先生,有要洗的衣吗?A: Do you have any laundry, sir?先生,有要洗的衣吗?B: No, Thank you.没有,谢谢同类问句:Would you like express service?把衣放到洗衣袋好的,请把衣放到洗衣袋内,然后把洗衣袋放到门外A: Id like to ask the laundry service.麻烦你替我把衣拿去洗一下B: Well, just put your stuff in the laundry bag and put it outside your room.好的,请把衣放到洗衣袋内,然后把洗衣袋放到门外同类问句:If you have some laundry, please leave it in the laundry bag.如需洗衣,请把衣放到洗衣袋里 1重庆爱德华治疗脱肛多少钱重庆妇保医院有四维彩超吗Zhou Jiangjiang, general manager of the Yantai branch of the Tongzhou Construction Company in Shandong Province, died in a factory fire while trying to save his 10 employees on July 2, 2012.周江疆是山东省通州建筑公司烟台分公司的总经理,2012日场区内发生一起火灾,周江疆冲入火海救0人,自己却不幸遇难。The fire broke out at around 1:00 a.m. on July 2 in a room on the third floor of the real estate company. Zhou Jiangjiang, the 28 year-old boss of the company, lived nearest to the stairs. He ran out of the smog-shrouded building first, but bravely went back to wake up his employees then sleeping on the floor.火灾发生于凌:00左右房地产公司三楼的一个房间8岁的周江疆离楼梯最近,他第一个跑出烟雾缭绕的大楼,但紧接着又义无反顾地返回去叫醒正在地板上熟睡的员工。The fire, caused by an air-conditioner short circuiting, quickly engulfed the whole third floor where the 10 employees slept. Zhou managed to go back the first time to wake up eight of them despite the choking smog. When he knew there were still two left on the floor, he rushed back again, ignoring his girlfriends dissuasion.火灾是由空调短路引起的,火焰迅速吞没了整个三楼,那里正0名员工正在熟睡。周江疆冒着呛人的烟雾在第一时间叫醒了其中八人,当他得知地板上还有两人时,不顾女友劝阻仍两次冲进火场。All the employees went through the accident unscathed, but Zhou collapsed on the stairs and never fled the fatal disaster. He died after inhaling too much smoke, since there were few burns found on his body, according to local fire fighters.所有经历了这场火灾的员工都毫发无损,但周江疆却倒在楼梯上再也没能逃出火海。据消防人员介绍,周江疆的身上并没有被大火烧伤的痕迹,是因浓烟大量进入呼吸道窒息死亡。Born in 1984 in Nantong, Jiangsu Province, Zhou was the only son of the couple Yang Guoxing and Zhou Yuxiang and took his mothers surname. Graduating from the Suzhou University in 2006, majoring in financial management, Zhou Jiangjang came to Yantai to help his fathers business. He was a successful businessman and future inheritor to the family firms substantial wealth.出生984年的周江疆是杨国兴和周裕香夫妇的独子,随母亲姓周。在苏州大学读完和英国联办的金融管理专业后,周江006年来到烟台,帮父亲料理家族在烟台的产业。他是一位令人羡慕的富商和家族企业的继承人。Zhous father Yang Guoxing, chairman of the board of directors of the company and a real estate tycoon in Nantong, said his son fulfilled his responsibility as the head of the company. The father still had trouble accepting the misfortune, as his son, also a member with the reserve troops, was just promoted to be awarded as lieutenant on June 30 and the conferring ceremony was scheduled to be held on July 5. Zhous comrades-in-arms sent the new uniforms and certificate of the appointment to Zhous father after hearing about the accident.周江疆的父亲杨国星是该建筑公司董事长,也是南通市房地产大亨。这位父亲说,作为公司的负责人说,他的儿子履行了自己的职责。老人难以接受这一巨大的不幸,他说儿子还是预备役部队的一员,60日刚刚被授予中尉军衔,授街仪式原本定于七月五日举行。周江疆生前部队的战友闻迅后立即赶来,将周江疆的授衔书和军装转送交给他的父亲。According to employees of the company, Zhou was an amicable boss who lived and ate together with his staff, and always paid much attention to their difficulties and helped them.员工眼中的“周总”谦和低调,与员工同吃同住打成一片,关心员工的疾苦,帮助他们解决难题。Zhous heroic deed triggered widesp discussion on Internet micro-blogs. Some postings said Zhou was a typical man among ;the rich second generation; - those Chinese born in rich families after the 1980s, who tend to be eligible to inherit money and assets from their parents. The ;rich second generation; is always criticized as being idle, arrogant and even depraved. Zhous case showed that they can be just as responsible.员工眼中的“周总”谦和低调,与员工同吃同住打成一片,关心员工的疾苦,帮助他们解决难题。Some postings said Zhou set a good example for ;the tall-smart-rich; group, another Internet popular word to describe men with fame and fortune. ;Benevolence itself has nothing to do with the rich and the poor. Only because people have too many heartless stories of arrogant management staff, they pay particularly close attention to the identity of the rescuers,; a netizen said.周江疆英雄事迹在互联网微上引发了广泛的讨论。有帖子说,周江疆是典型的“富二代”: 80后,家境富裕,家产继承人。“富二代”通常被批评为懒散、傲慢、甚至堕落,而周江疆的事迹表明,“富二代”同样有责任感。来 /201207/189394重庆医院生孩子

重庆体检中心哪家好重庆做人流价钱The Best Sightseeing Route询问最佳浏览线路Welcome to Youth Travel Agency. Is there anything I can do you?欢迎来到青年旅行社,需要什么帮助吗?Wed like to look around the town. Can you tell me the best sightseeing route to take?我们想在镇上转转,你能告诉我最好的观光线路吗?Why not come here and have a look at the guidebook?为什么不看看旅行手册呢?I tinnk this route is quite intoresting. How long does the tour last?我觉得这很有趣,这趟旅行要多久?Let me see. It a one day tour.我看看,是一日游 170重庆市爱德华医院肛肠科面试英语口语 Lesson: About Your Dependents经典对话:50.Have you got married?你结婚了吗?51.Are you married?你结婚了吗?5.Yes,sir.Im married.是的,先生,我结婚了53.There is no hurry that.I think Ill try to earn enough that.不用忙,我想先干事业再谈结婚5.No,sir,Im still single.没有,先生,我还是单身55.Im planning to get married.我正打算结婚56.Is your wife working?你太太工作吗?57.What does your husband do?你先生做什么?58.What is your husband profession?你先生的职业是什么?59.What kind of business is your husband in?你先生做什么生意?60.She is not working.她没有工作61.She a retired school teacher.她以前做教员,现在退休了6.He works the government.他是公务员63.He is in the import and export business.他做进出口生意6.Do you have any children?你有小孩了吗?65.Do you have a large family?你有很多小孩吗?66.How many dependents do you have?你有多少家眷?情景案例:Dialogue A(I Interviewer主试人 A Applicant应考者)I: Have you got married?A: Yes,sir,Im married.I: Is your wife working?A: Yes,sir.I: Where and what kind of work does your wife do?A: She is a school teacher in Nanjing.I: How many dependents do you have?A: I have a five-year old girl.Dialogue BI: Are you married?A: Yes,sir.Im married.I: When did you get married?A: I got married in 199.I: What your husband profession?A: He is in the import and export business.I: Do you have any children?A: No,we dont have any children.Dialogue CI: Are you single or married?A: Im still single.Nowadays many young people in China are not in a hurry to get married.Theyd rather secure their ca-reers bee they settle down in a family.I: That the kind of man we are looking . 66重庆爱德华综合医院治疗子宫肌瘤多少钱

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