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Americans Honor Their War Dead美国退伍军人华盛顿纪念阵亡将士  Americans are marking the Memorial Day holiday weekend - a time set aside to honor the nation's war dead. In Washington, this is also a time for the roar of motorcycle engines - as one group of veterans remembers not just the dead, but the missing. 美国人民本周末纪念阵亡将士纪念日,缅怀战争中阵亡的美国军人。在华盛顿,这个周末也是托车引擎发出震耳欲聋的声音的时候,其中有一个退伍军人组织不仅纪念阵亡将士,也缅怀那些至今仍然失踪的军人。They call it rolling thunder - the din created when thousands of high-powered motorcycles fill the streets of Washington for an annual act of remembrance. 为纪念每年一度的阵亡将士纪念日,数千辆大马力的托车在首都华盛顿街上行驶,这些托车手把托车那震耳欲聋的声音叫做“滚雷”。The drivers are military veterans - many from the Vietnam War era - accompanied by family and friends. 这些托车手是退伍军人,其中很多人是越战时期的老兵,他们在家属和朋友的陪伴下参加纪念活动。They converge on Washington every year on Memorial Day weekend to honor their fallen colleagues and to call attention to those still listed as missing in action. 每逢阵亡将士纪念日,他们都汇集在首都华盛顿,缅怀阵亡的战友,并提醒人们不要忘记那些仍被列为失踪的军人。Leaders of the Rolling Thunder event began this year's observance at the White House, where they got an official send-off from President Bush. 滚雷的领导人在白宫拉开今年纪念活动的序幕,布什总统为他们举行了正式的欢送仪式。"You've done a lot for the country," said President Bush. "The troops appreciate you. The veterans appreciate you. And your president appreciates you." 布什说:“你们为国家做出很大贡献,我们的军队感谢你们。退伍军人感谢你们。你们的总统感谢你们。”Mr. Bush will make a formal Memorial Day address Monday at Arlington National Cemetery, just across the Potomac River from Washington. 布什星期一将在华盛顿波多马克河对面的阿灵顿国家公墓发表正式的阵亡将士纪念日讲话。Smaller scale events are expected in cities and towns across the country on Memorial Day - a holiday that is also seen by many as the start of the summer season in the ed States. 在阵亡将士纪念日这一天,预计全美国各地城镇会举行各种不同的小规模纪念活动。很多美国人也认为阵亡将士纪念日这一天是夏季的开始。America's military leaders say they hope the real meaning of Memorial Day will not be lost this year. Major General Mark Hertling, the commander of multi-national forces in northern Iraq, says at a time when political and economic matters dominate the headlines, Americans run the risk of forgetting the men and women now serving far from home."I hope everybody just takes a few minutes on this Memorial Day to just thank a soldier - or more importantly, thank a family member of a soldier, because they are sacrificing just as much," said General Hertling.Hertling appeared on CNN's Late Edition program. 200805/40189

Former Kosovo Prime Minister Acquitted of War Crimes战争罪法庭宣判前科索沃总理无罪  Kosovo's former Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj has been acquitted of all charges by judges at the Yugoslav War Crimes Tribunal in The Hague. He and two former Commanders of the Kosovo Liberation Army had been charged with murdering, raping, torturing and persecuting Serbs and their perceived collaborators in 1998.  设在海牙的南斯拉夫战争罪法庭的法官判定对科索沃前总理哈拉迪纳伊的所有指控不成立。哈拉迪纳伊和他的两名科索沃解放军前指挥官被指控在1998年犯有谋杀、强奸、折磨和迫害塞族人以及被认为与这些塞族人合作的人。Clapping and cheers erupted from a packed public gallery as Judge Alphonse Orie the verdict for Kosovo's former Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj. 当奥列法官宣读对科索沃前总理哈拉迪纳伊的判决书时,坐满了人的公众席上响起了掌声和欢呼声。"The chamber finds you Mr. Haradinaj not guilty and therefore acquits you of all counts," he said. "Could I have quiet please? Acquits you of all counts against you in the indictment."  奥列说:“本法庭认定哈拉迪纳伊先生你无罪。因此,本法庭判定对你的所有指控无效。请安静。指控书对你的所有指控无效。”Judges said they found it difficult "to conclude whether a crime was committed or whether the KLA was involved" based on the prosecution's evidence, which they called "insufficient," "vague, inconclusive, or nonexistent" on almost all of the 37 counts. That includes the 30 bodies found in a canal that prosecutors allege were victims of the KLA, but which judges ruled were inconclusive.  法官们说,他们认为,根据检方提出的据,很难“断定是否犯罪属实,科索沃解放军是否参与其中”。法官们认为,对几乎所有37项罪名提出的据都“不足”、“模糊、难下断言或不成立”。这些据包括在一条运河里发现的30具尸体。检方说,他们是科索沃解放军受害人,但是法官们判定据不足。Also charged were KLA commanders Lahi Brahimaj and Idriz Balaj. Prosecutors said the accused were part of a joint criminal enterprise to gain control of parts of Kosovo by getting rid of Serbs, Romas and any of their collaborators - real or perceived.  同时被起诉的是科索沃解放军指挥官卜拉欣马和巴拉伊。检方说,被告人参与一个联合犯罪行动,企图通过铲除塞族人、吉普塞人以及与他们合作的人来控制科索沃的部分地区,不论这些人是真的与塞族人进行了合作,还是只被认为是这样。Only Brahimaj was convicted of torture and cruel treatment against two victims. He was sentenced to six years in prison.  只有卜拉欣马被判犯有折磨和残害两名受害人的罪行,他被判处6年监禁。Balaj was acquitted, but ordered returned to Kosovo to complete a 15-year prison sentence handed down in 2002 in a separate case. Judge Orie pointed out that getting evidence in this case was an uphill battle for prosecutors. 奥列法官指出,这个案件的取是检方的一个难关。"The chamber gained the strong impression that the trial was being held in an atmosphere where witnesses felt unsafe," he said. 奥列说:“本法庭强烈感觉到,审判进行时的氛围让人感到不安全。”About one-third of the 100 prosecution witnesses received protective measures and another one-fifth of them had to be subpoenaed to testify. Two of them have been arrested and are being held in contempt of court for refusing to testify.  在100名检方人中,大约有三分之一的人受到保护,另外有五分之一的人受到传唤才出庭作,其中两名人因为藐视法庭拒绝作而遭到逮捕和监禁。A spokeswoman says prosecutors are "quite" disappointed by the verdict, which they will study before deciding whether to appeal. She says prosecutors were not able to present all the evidence they wanted in the case in which defense lawyers did not call any witnesses. 一名女发言人说,检方对判决书“非常”失望,他们将对判决书进行研究,然后再决定是否上诉。她说,在被告的辩护律师不传唤任何人的案件中,检方无法举出他们所需的所有据。Many Serbs are also likely to be unhappy with the verdict. Aleksandar Petrovic grew up in Belgrade, but now lives in Amsterdam."I think this is the logical outcome of pro-western court, which is made to demonize Serbs, not Albanians," said Petrovic. "And this is a pure example of it. I did not expect anything else but that."When Ramush Haradinaj turned himself into this court three years ago, he was prime minister of a province struggling for independence from Serbia. He will go home later this week to a newly independent nation, where analysts predict he will be considered more of a hero now than he was before he left. 200804/33400

South Korean Lawmakers Delay US Trade Deal in Beef Scare美牛肉在韩惹争议 殃及自贸协议   South Korean lawmakers from mainly liberal parties say they will block ratification of a major free-trade deal with the ed States amid a panic about American beef imports. The political stalemate ends hopes for a speedy implementation of the pact. 就在美国进口牛肉在韩国引发争议之际,韩国自由派政党的议员们说,他们将阻止国会批准美韩自由贸易协议。韩国国会在这个问题上的僵持局面使美韩自贸协议没有希望快速过关。South Korean President Lee Myung-bak met Tuesday with Sohn Hak-kyu, the leader of the country's main opposition party. They failed to break a log jam about voting a major American trade deal into law. 韩国总统李明星期二会见了主要反对党领袖孙鹤圭。两人没有就韩国国会投票批准美韩贸易协议取得共识。Sohn told Mr. Lee his ed New Democratic Party will not back the deal unless the terms for resuming U.S. beef imports were renegotiated separately. He also urged the president to apologize for an ongoing public controversy about American beef. 孙鹤圭对李明总统表示,如果不能就韩国恢复进口美国牛肉的有关条款单独谈判的话,他领导的新民主联合党就不会持两国的贸易协议。孙鹤圭同时呼吁李明总统针对美国牛肉引发的争议作出公开道歉。The Korea-U.S. Free Trade Agreement reached last year could add tens of billions of dollars to the two countries' commerce, in everything from drugs to automobiles. However, UNDP floor leader Kim Hyo-seuk said Tuesday the free trade deal is essentially "on hold" for the parliament session ending later this week. 去年达成的美韩自由贸易协议可以把两国贸易额提升上百亿美元,其涵盖的范围从药品到汽车无所不包。但是新民主联合党发言人金孝硕星期二说,这项自由贸易协议在即将于本星期晚些时候结束的本届国会里实际上处于“搁置”状态。 Kim says, given public sentiment, it is very difficult to even discuss the free trade deal. He says there must be re-negotiating or the topic cannot be discussed. 他说,考虑到公众情绪,目前就连讨论这项协议都很困难。他说,如果不能重新谈判的话,这个问题就无从谈起。Seoul banned the import of American beef in 2003, after a single U.S. animal was found to have the brain disease commonly known as "mad cow disease." Medical experts say it is hypothetically possible, though extremely unlikely, for people to contract a human variant of the disease by consuming tainted meat. 2003年,在美国发现了一头牛患有疯牛病之后,韩国宣布禁止进口美国牛肉。医学专家说,尽管理论上讲人类可以通过食用染病牛肉传染上变异的疯牛病,但实际上这种可能性微乎其微。American officials say no human cases of mad cow disease have ever resulted from consuming U.S. beef and that no infected cow has ever been known to enter the food supply.  美国官员说,尚未有人因为食用美国牛肉而患上疯牛病;而且目前也没有发现染病牛肉进入市场。In April, President Lee fulfilled a promise by his predecessor to agree on resuming U.S. beef imports, once a ed Nations body agreed it was safe. The move was seen as crucial to winning the American Congress's support for the broader trade agreement.  今年四月,在联合国人员宣布美国牛肉安全之后,李明总统履行了其前任的诺言,宣布恢复进口美国牛肉。舆论认为,此举对于换取美国国会持更为广泛的贸易协议至关重要。Thousands of South Koreans, mainly students, have been gathering frequently in downtown Seoul for candlelight vigils against importing U.S. beef. They accuse President Lee of compromising of South Korean sovereignty and public safety. The emotional protests have been fueled, in part, by Internet rumors, questionable South Korean news reports and grassroots sympathy with economically threatened South Korean cattle farmers. 以学生为主的成千上万名韩国人在首尔市中心频繁聚集,举行反对进口美国牛肉的烛光集会。他们指责李明总统在国家主权和公众安全问题上作出妥协。网络传闻、缺乏实的韩国新闻报导、以及民间对本国畜牧业者的同情更加煽动了抗议者的情绪。UNDP floor leader Kim says the protesters should not be seen as anti-American. He says they just want to prevent mad cow disease, also known by its initials BSE. 新民主联合党发言人金孝硕说,这些抗议者并非反美。他说,抗议者只是希望防止疯牛病。"What the Korean people oppose is not the U.S. but BSE-risk beef. The Korean people are not anti-U.S., but anti-BSE," Kim said. 他说,韩国人民反对的不是美国,而是疯牛病。South Korean conservatives won a parliament majority in elections, early this year, and are expected to support both the U.S. trade deal and the resumption of American beef imports in the next legislative session. However, lawmakers say getting the topic to a vote could take months, because of upcoming summer vacations. 韩国保守派今年早些时候在国会选举中胜出。预计,保守派将在下届国会中持美韩自贸协议和恢复进口美国牛肉。但是,议员们说,由于夏季休会即将来临,因此相关议题付诸投票可能要在几个月以后。 200805/39591

There are confidential documents in this office – non-staff are not allowed to see them.办公室里都是机密文件,非公司员工不能看。Now, now Denise. Why dont you drink up that nice tea?现在,丹尼斯,你为什么不把这杯美味的茶喝完?I have an idea! Did you ever email the presentation to anyone?我有一个主意!你给别人用邮件发过这个幻灯片演示吗?Golly gosh, you did Denise!天啊,你做过,丹尼斯!You emailed it to me to proof-. Itll be in my inbox somewhere.你发给我校对过。它可能还在我的收件箱里。Good thinking Anna!好主意,安娜!I was just about to make that suggest myself.我正要提这个建议呢。Problem solved. Thank you Anna! Pleasure.问题解决了,谢谢你,安娜!谢谢。Well done Anna!干的好,安娜!Right, now please leave us Denise. Anna and I will continue our interview.好的,丹尼斯,请回避一下。安娜和我要继续面试了。Would you like a biscuit Anna?安娜,你想来块饼干吗?Thank you. Oh, whats that?谢谢,那是什么?Oh golly gosh, the USB stick!天啊,是U盘!It was mixed in with the plate of biscuits that Denise brought in. Its wet.它跟丹尼斯拿来的饼干托盘混在一起了。都湿了。Yes, I think maybe I stirred my tea with it at one point. Oh well. Now, where were we...?是的,我想也许不知什么时候我把茶洒里面了。我们说到哪了?My goodness, its 11 oclock! I have a meeting right now!上帝,都11点了!我现在有一个会!Im afraid Im going to have to go. But Ive made my mind up about you anyway.恐怕我现在得赶紧走了。但是关于你,我已经做好决定了。I suppose youd like to know if youve got the job? Yes please!我猜你想知道自己是否得到了这份工作?是的,谢谢! /201612/479869

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