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2018年01月19日 03:28:44 | 作者:谷歌头条 | 来源:新华社
春节见闻 The Spring Festival Traditions -- :7:19 来源: It’sNew Year again. In this holiday, sharing is the hottest activity. People sharetheir lives and discuss hot topic in social lives. Besides, there are manytraditions during the Spring Holiday. example, in the north, people willeat dumplings in the New Year’s Day while in the south people will make Zongzi.Firecrackers and fireworks are essential during the New Year. Now, people livea much better life than bee, so people want to have a lively and grandfestival. Some are likely to travel while some stay at home and take part invarious activities to enrich their holiday.春节又到了在节日期间,分享成了最受欢迎的活动人们分享自己的生活,讨论社会生活热点话题此外,春节也有许多的传统例如,北方人会在春节第一天吃饺子,南方人则会包粽子鞭炮和烟花是必不可少的现在,人们的生活比过去有了很大改变,所以人们希望把春节过得热闹而隆重有的人选择外出旅游,有的人则是留在家里参加各种活动,丰富自己的节日生活 我喜欢的节日(my favorite festival) --1 :00:9 来源: 我喜欢的节日(my favorite festival)  my favorite festival is chinese new year.on chinese new year,i am going to buy new clothes、eat a big dinner.i am going to clean the house.  then,i am going to visit family and friends,i can get lots lucky money!it is going to havelotsof fun!What is family ? --19 ::5 来源: What is family ? Everybody has his own family. What is family ? I don’t think everyone really knows. There are six letters in the word “ FAMILY ”. I think “ F ” means “father”, “A” means “and”, “ M ” means “mother” , “ I ” means“ I”, “ L” means “ love” and “ Y ” means “you”. So “ FAMILY ” is the short m of “ Father and mother , I love you.” Don’t you think so ? Father and mother love us , and we love father and mother . That’s a happy family.The fun picture --19 ::5 来源: The fun picture Let me say something about the picture. There are two tall trees in it. Under the tree there is a long chair. And there is an old man ing about swimming. Near the old man, there is a boy painting. I think he loves painting very much. Next to the painting boy, there are two boys playing football. They are happy. But the football is in the river. Near the river, there are three children fishing. They go fishing about twice a week and they always go to the People’s Park. They like fishing. In the river, there is clear water and some fish swimming in it. The sky is clear, the sun is shining brightly, the weather is warm.. There are two birds flying in the sky, they are happy. Wow, that is a fun picture! Dear friends, can you draw the picture?

广州 Guangzhou -- :: 来源: Guangzhou is the third big city in China. It is a beautiful city with green trees and grass, and it is named as the flower city. It's central city of our country and it's the capital of Guangdong Province. Guangzhou is a big city with a population of more than .7 millions. Almost half of them are non-native population. They go to Guangzhou to find a job,because Guangzhou has many companies andfactories. Guangzhou is also an international city. Many eign companies locate here and many eigners visit here. The th Asian Games were held in Guangzhou. It was the second time that the Asian Games were held in China.广州是中国的第三大城市广州是座美丽的城市,种有很多绿树和草,被人们称作”花城“它是我国的中心城市也是广东的省会城市广州是一座拥有超过1.7亿人口的大城市几乎一半的人不是当地居民他们去广州找工作,因为广州有很多公司和工厂广州也是一座国际化大都市,很多外资企业设在广州,也有很多外国人到广州旅游第十六届亚运会在广州举行,这是第二次在广州举行亚运会

Asking a Friend to Go an Outing 邀友郊游 -- 19:: 来源: Asking a Friend to Go an Outing 邀友郊游May th, Dear Jack,  I came to see you this morning, but you were out. So I have to leave this note to you.  This Sunday is fine. So some of my friends and I have decided to go an outing. We'll meet at the school gate at 8:30 a.m.. Then we'll go climbing and play some games. We'll have a picnic, too. In the afternoon we'll go boating in the river nearby. If possible, we'll go to pick some wild fruits. I'm sure we'll take some photos, too. Will you join us? We'll be very happy if you can go. Call me up bee 5 p.p., please.Yours,Wang Gang杰克,你好:  今天上午我来找你,可是你出去了,所以我给你留个便条  这个星期天天气将是晴朗的我和几位朋友决定组织一次郊游我们将在早晨8:30在学校门口集合,然后我们将去爬山和做游戏我们还将进行一次野餐下午我们将在附近的河里划船如果可能的话,我们还可以采一些水果我相信我们还会照几张相你能参加吗?如果你能去,我们将会很高兴请在下午5点以前给我打电话你的,王刚年5月日

“圣地”大昭寺英文导游词 -- :: 来源: “圣地”大昭寺英文导游词大昭寺是每天世界各地艰苦跋涉不远万里而来朝圣的朝圣者的圣地大昭寺位于拉萨老城区中心,由松赞干布和他的两位外族妻子所建Jokhang Temple is the spiritual center of . Everyday pilgrims from every corner of trek a long distance to the temple. Some of them even progress prostrate by body length to the threshold of the temple. Pilgrims fuel myriad of flickering butter lamps with yak butter, or honor their deities with white scarves (Kha-btags or Hada) while murmuring sacred mantras to show their pieties to the Buddha.   It lies at the center of the old Lhasa. Built in 67 by Songtsen Gampo and his two eign wives, it has a history of more than 1,300. It was said that Nepal Princess Tritsun decided to build a temple to house the Jowo Sakyamuni aged brought by Chinese Princess Wencheng. Princess Wencheng reckoned according to Chinese astrology that the temple should be built on the pool where the Jokhang now locates. She contended that the pool was a witch’s heart, so the temple should be built on the pool to get rid of evils. The pool still exists under the temple. Then goats were used as the main pack animals, as is the reason the city is called Lhasa. The construction took months. However it was originally small and had been expanded to today’s scale in later dynasties. When the Fifth Dalai Lama took reign, large-scale reconstruction and renovation had been done. The temple is a combination of Han, an and Nepalese architectural techniques. Visitors will see sphinx and other weird and sacred sculptures.   The temple keeps many invaluable cultural relics. The most famous and valuable one is the Jowo Sakyamuni aged , which is circumambulated by thousands of pilgrims day and night. On his sides, there are altars of Songtsen Gampo and his two wives who introduced Buddhism into . The murals in the main hall are also worth seeing, depicting the procession of Princess Wencheng arriving in and the building of the Jokhang Temple while other murals tell Jataka stories. Two thangkas imaging Yamantaka and Chakrasamvara from the Ming dynasty (68-) still remain in perfect condition. The gold bumpa (a vase) upon which the reincarnations of Dalai Lama and Panchen Lama are decided, musical instruments brought into by Wencheng and other important stuffs are also kept here.  Every year, the Great Prayer Festival will be held in the Temple. The rites of Dalai Lamas and Panchen Lamas’ initiation into lamahood are also held in the monastery. 英文导游词

美丽的西沙群岛,中国南方的明珠 -- ::6 来源: Recently the National Tourism Administration said that the Xisha Islands would be open to ordinary tourists,peoplecould visit the Yongxingisland,thebiggest island of the Xisha Islands.But what is notable is that there are no cell phone signals and internet bars.近日,国家旅游局透露,西沙群岛旅游即将对普通游客开放,人们能够登西沙最大岛永兴岛旅游不过值得注意的是,西沙群岛没有手机信号,没有网吧Located 330 kilometers southeast of South China's Hainan Province and, the Xisha Islands are one of four big island groups in the South China Sea, together with the Dongsha, Nansha and Zhongsha islands. 西沙群岛位于中国海南省以南330公里处,和东沙,南沙,中沙并称为中国南海最大的四大岛屿The bright pearl of the south China,the beautiful Xisha islands美丽的西沙群岛 中国南方的明珠 美丽的西沙群岛 中国南方的明珠

上周末 Last Weekend --19 :19:9 来源: Last WeekendI had a happy weekend last week.On Saturday morning, I watched TV and helped my mother wash clothes. In the afternoon, I cleaned three bedrooms in my house-- mine, my parents’ and my brother’s.On Sunday, I played football in the park. Then I went to my grandparents’ house. Grandpa played the piano! The whole family was so happy. Later, we wanted to swim. But it was too cold.This was last weekend.

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