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Hello, Im Charles Goldman, a qualified chiropodist podiatrist. I run The Foot Pad chiropody and physical therapy clinic in Holborn, Central London. Today, Im going to talk to you about various foot problems and their treatment.大家好,我是Charles Goldman,是一名资深脚病医生,在伦敦中部的Holborn经营一家脚病和物理治疗诊所。我来向大家讲述一下脚部的各种问题和治疗方法。In this short film, we are going to discuss cutting toenails. The first point we have to point out is that toenails grow at a different rate to fingernails, therefore, even though you can manicure your fingernails and cut the fingernails round because they grow quickly and they are exposed and do well and they dont cause problems, with the toenails, you have to be aware that you must only cut them straight across. Otherwise, because they grow at a slower rate they could grow into the toe and give you an ingrown toenail, which is far more serious.在这段短片中,我们来讨论一下怎样修剪脚趾甲。我们要指出的第一点是,脚趾甲和手指甲的生长速度不同,因此,尽管你可以修剪你的手指甲,因为它们生长得非常快,而且暴露在外面,也不会造成什么问题。而对于脚趾甲,你必须意识到,你必须不断修剪。否则,由于脚趾甲的生长速度较慢,可能会长入脚趾中,向肉里面生长,这种情况严重的多。The nail grows in a groove called a sulcus at the side of the nail. This is a fleshy channel, which supports the nail. If you cut the nail down the side, it can then grow into the spongy nail groove and cause an ingrown toenail, which is best avoided,so remember to cut your toenails just straight across and file them if necessary if they are a bit rough, but do not cut down the sides, this is critical.脚趾甲在脚趾旁边的胼胝体沟里生长。这是一条血肉的渠道,撑着脚趾甲。如果旁边剪的比较低,脚趾甲会长到海绵脚趾沟里,造成脚趾甲向内生长。这种情况一定要避免。所以,一定要记得平直地修剪脚趾甲,如果表面比较粗糙,可以锉一下,但是不要把旁边剪的太低,这非常关键。A lot of pedicurists do cut down the sides and that causes problems for us chiropodists. So, this is the way we would treat toenails, so remember, cut them across.许多修脚人员把指甲的旁边剪低了,这对我们脚病医生带来了问题。所以,解决这种问题的方法就是,平直地修剪脚趾甲。Thanks for watching How To Cut Toenails.感谢收看“怎样修剪脚趾甲”视频节目。 /201212/215461中共中央总书记、国家主席胡锦涛23日下午在人民大会堂会见了由朝鲜劳动党中央政治局候补委员、中央书记、国际部部长金永日率领的朝鲜劳动党代表团。General Secretary Hu Jintao of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China has met Kim Yong Il, the Korean Workers’ Party Director of International Affairs at the Great Hall of the People on Monday.President Hu once again congratulated DPRK leader Kim Jong Un on becoming First Secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea. Hu says the Chinese government and the CPC remain unswervingly committed to continuously developing the friendly cooperation between the two countries.And, China is willing to expand pragmatic cooperation in various fields, and promote lasting peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula and in Northeast Asia. Kim Yong Il says the DPRK is committed to pushing forward the friendly relationship between the two parties and two nations.201204/179125c+L#_(,VZccAM;03];~^s]GHeYS CZcM*rVYLG29]Sr1D+Cs.1vZtDTLeMassage can be a wonderful way to relax and de-stress your muscles and joints. This provides some useful techniques for carrying out a lower leg and foot massage.、eisqrnMlV;k2%-3)]是放松和缓解你的肌肉和关节的一种奇妙的方式Mf^#w6a%g,P。这个视频将教给你一些有用进行小腿和足部的的技巧Ci1trEA^a,tuAQ#Ge9。wYet08W75[JrzcxwW[x[yJ+*n~dEDn;,-1B8I;I^kkFb3Anab3y1LDP*201205/183164

Today in History: Tuesday, March 19, 2013历史上的今天:2013年3月19日,星期二On March 19, 2003, an American-led coalition went to war against Iraq; the conflict began with the launch of U.S. cruise missiles and precision-guided bombs aimed at Saddam Hussein near Baghdad.2003年3月19日,美国领导的联军对伊拉克开战。冲突起源于美国向巴格达附近发射巡航导弹和精确制导炸弹袭击萨达姆。1860 William Jennings Bryan, secretary of state and three-time Democratic presidential nominee, was born in Salem, Ill.1860年,美国国务卿和三届民主党总统候选人威廉·詹宁斯·布莱恩在伊利诺伊州萨勒姆出生。1891 Earl Warren, the 14th chief justice of the ed States, was born in Los Angeles.1891年,美国第14任大法官厄尔·沃伦在洛杉矶出生。1917 The Supreme Court upheld the eight-hour work day for railroads.1917年,最高法院持铁路部门一天八小时工作制。1918 Congress approved daylight-saving time.1918年,国会同意使用夏时制。1920 The U.S. Senate rejected the Treaty of Versailles for a second time.1920年,美国参议院第二次否决《凡尔赛条约》。1931 Nevada legalized gambling.1931年,内华达州将合法化。1945 Adolf Hitler issued his so-called ;Nero Decree; ordering the destruction of German facilities that could fall into Allied hands.1945年,阿道夫·希特勒发布他所谓的“尼禄法令”,下令摧毁可能落入盟军手中的德国设施。1953 The Academy Awards ceremony was televised for the first time.1953年,奥斯卡颁奖典礼首次通过电视转播。1962 Bob Dylans self-titled debut album was released by Columbia Records.1962年,鲍勃·迪伦的首张同名专辑由哥伦比亚唱片公司发布。1987 Televangelist Jim Bakker resigned as chairman of his PTL ministry organization amid a sex-and-money scandal involving a former church secretary, Jessica Hahn.1987年,电视布道者吉姆·巴克因与前教会秘书杰西卡·哈恩发生性金钱丑闻,自己辞去了他在PTL组织主席一职,。1988 Two British soldiers were shot to death after they were dragged from a car and beaten by mourners attending an Irish Republican Army funeral in Belfast, Northern Ireland.1988年,在北爱尔兰贝尔法斯特爱尔兰共和军葬礼上,悼念者将两名英国士兵从车上拖下了,并将其射杀。2003 Mahmoud Abbas accepted the new position of Palestinian prime minister.2003年,哈茂德·阿巴斯担任巴勒斯坦总理。本节目属 /201303/230941

Trying to look younger isnt just for the ladies. Follow these tips to show the world youre still in your prime.希望看上去更年轻并不是女士的专利。遵循以下建议,向全世界展示你仍然青春洋溢。You Will Need你需要A razor剃须刀Nose and ear hair trimmers鼻毛或耳毛修剪器Hair dye染发剂An exfoliating face wash去角质洗面奶Moisturizer保湿霜Sun block防晒乳A sexual partner性感的同伴Good posture (optional)良好的姿态(可选)Moisturizers that contain sun block (optional)含有防晒乳的保湿霜(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Shave1.修面Shave. Not only did one study find that clean-shaven men look five and a half years younger than guys with beards, but the regular friction of shaving stimulates collagen production, which reduces wrinkles. 经常修面。不仅仅因为有一项研究发现,经常修面的男士看上去比有胡子的男士年轻五岁半,而且修面时的擦会刺激胶原蛋白的生成,减少皱纹。Good posture makes you appear young, healthy, and confident. 良好的姿态让你看上去年轻,健康,充满自信。Step 2 Groom other facial hair2.修饰面部其他毛发Use trimmers to eliminate unruly nose and ear hair. Trim bushy eyebrows but avoid thinning them out too much; thick brows give the appearance of youth.使用修剪器除掉不雅的鼻毛和耳毛。修剪杂乱的眉毛,但是不要修剪的太细。浓密的眉毛让你看上去更年轻。Step 3 Keep you hair short3.短发Keep your hair short, especially if you have a receding hairline. Close-cut hair can appear fuller because it doesnt part and reveal your scalp like longer hair.保持短发,即使你的发线已经开始退了。剪短的头发看上去更丰盈,因为不像长发那样暴露出头皮。Step 4 Get rid of the gray4.除掉白发Get rid of the gray. Your silver mane may be distinguished, but it doesnt make you look any younger. Dye it with an over-the-counter product you can use at home, or man up and head to a salon. 除掉灰白头发。你的银白鬓角或许看上去与众不同,但是却不会让你看上去年轻。在柜台购买染料,自己在家里染发或者去美发沙龙。Step 5 Maintain your skin5.保养皮肤Take care of your skin. Use exfoliating face washes to slough off dead skin, moisturizers to stave off dryness and prevent wrinkles, and sunscreen to protect against UV damage. 保养皮肤。使用去角质洁面产品来去除死皮,使用保湿霜来防止干燥和皱纹,涂抹防晒霜来防止紫外线伤害。Look for moisturizers with SPF to save space in your medicine cabinet and time during your morning routine. 购买有防晒效果的保湿霜,为你的药品箱节约空间,还可以在早上节约时间。Step 6 Get some sleep6.睡眠Get plenty of rest to reduce the appearance of bags under the eyes. Studies show that 7 to 9 hours a night is optimal for a restful, rejuvenating sleep.进行充分的休息,防止眼袋出现。研究表明,每晚7小时至9小时的睡眠对于消除疲劳是最佳的。Step 7 Get busy7.保持忙碌Get busy! One study showed that men who have sex at least three times a week were assumed to be as much as 12 years younger than their actual age. Ahhh youth!勤快一点!一项研究表明,每周进行至少三次性生活的男士比实际年龄年轻12岁。Did you know? Between 2000 and 2005 there was a 233 percent increase in men getting Botox treatments. 你知道吗?2000年至2005年之间,进行Botox除皱抗衰老治疗的男性增加了233%。视频听力栏目译文属。201304/237534

Your summer utility bills may be higher than necessary. Here are some easy ways to save energy when its hot.你的夏季电费账单或许超出了必须。以下简单的方法可以在炎热夏季帮你节能。You Will Need你需要Open A/C vents and doors打开门和空调通风口Direct load program直接荷载项目Laundry line晾衣绳Raw dishes生吃菜肴Microwave微波炉Pool pump timer泳池充水计时器78F A/C setting (optional)空调设置华氏78度(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Unplug your spare fridge1.拔掉闲置冰箱插头Got an old refrigerator you keep in the garage? Unplug it for the summer; an inefficient unit in a hot room can really run up your electric bill.杂物间里有一部老旧的冰箱?夏天拔掉电源插头;闷热的房间里一件无用的设备会增加账单。Step 2 If you have central air-conditioning, dont close the vents to unused rooms thinking youre saving money. 2.如果你配置了中央空调系统,不要认为可以省钱而关闭通往不使用的房间的通风口。Research has found that closing vents reduces efficiency and cooling capacity, costing you more in the long run. And keep interior doors open throughout the house; closed-off rooms increase cool-air leakage to the hot outdoors.研究发现,关闭通风口会降低效率,使冷却效果大打折扣,长久来看会增加你的电费。打开室内的门;密封的房间会导致冷气向炎热的室外泄漏。Set your A/C at 78 degrees Fahrenheit or higher; home cooling costs increase 12 percent for each degree below that.把空调的温度设置在华氏78度或更高;温度每低于这个数字一度,降温费用就会增加12%。Step 3 Participate in a direct load program3.参加直接荷载项目Ask your local utility company if they have a voluntary direct load control program that gives you energy bill credits in exchange for allowing the company to turn off your air conditioner or electric water heater for brief periods during peak demand times. Its an easy way to save energy.向当地供电局咨询他们是否提供志愿直接荷载控制项目,可以让你获得电费积分,而不是允许供电公司在用电高峰期短暂关闭你的空调或热水器。Step 4 Line dry4.晾干衣物Use the hot temperatures to your advantage and line dry most of what you wash. This alone can shave 5 percent off your energy bill.充分利用比较高的温度,晾干大部分衣物。这样可以让你的电费减少5%。Step 5 Microwave your meals5.用微波炉加热食物Maximize summers bounty by eating meals that require little or no cooking. When you do cook, use the microwave if possible; it uses 2/3 less energy than your stove.充分利用夏季的优势,尽量食用不需烹饪或只需简单烹饪的食物。烹饪的时候,如果可能,最好使用微波炉,可以比炉子节约三分之二的电量。Step 6 Cut back on pool systems6.控制泳池流水If you have a swimming pool, save energy by installing a timer so the pump only runs about 6 hours a day during off-peak times -- not round-the-clock. Now grab yourself a cold drink and enjoy the summer!如果你有游泳池,安装一个计时器,这样抽水机在非高峰时间只充水大约6小时,而不是24小时。现在,拿一杯冷饮,享受夏季的清凉吧!Texas produces and consumes more electricity than any other U.S. state, largely due to air-conditioning demand.德克萨斯州的发电和用电量超过美国其他州,很大程度上是由于空调的使用。视频听力栏目译文属。201305/237605

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