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垫江忠县开县治疗女性疾病多少钱重庆小阴唇肥大整形手术万州哪里做输卵管照影好 1. “If you drive, I’ll pay for the gas.”“如果你开车,我就付油钱。”——“If you drive, I’m going to ‘accidentally’ forget my debit card.“如果你开车,我就会‘碰巧’忘了带卡。”2. “You look great!”“你看起来很棒!”——“You don’t look as good as me.”“你看起来不如我美。”3. “I’m on my way!”“我在路上了!”——“I haven’t left my apartment yet.”“我还没走出公寓门呢。”4.“I’ve been really busy lately.”“我最近真的很忙。”——“I’ve been watching a lot of movies lately.”“我最近看了很多电影。”5. “My phone has been acting weird.”“我的手机最近抽风了。”——“My phone is fine. I’m just not answering your calls.”“我的手机没有问题。我就是不想接你的电话。”6. “I can’t go because I don’t feel well.”“我有点不舒,所以不能出门。”——“I can’t go because I don’t want to.”“我不想出门,所以不能出门。”7. “I’m broke.”“我破产了。”——“I’m saving what little money I have for something stupid.”“为了做一件傻事,我正在一分一厘的攒钱。”8. “I’m on a diet.”“我正在节食。”——“I’m only eating healthy foods in front of the people who have heard me say I’m on a diet.”“我只是在那些听我说过要节食减肥的人面前才吃健康食品。”9. “I think your boyfriend is really cute!”“我觉得你的男朋友非常可爱!”——“I think your boyfriend needs to maybe not wear tank tops. Also, I’d like to stop looking at pictures of his Facebook now.”“我觉得你的男朋友应该别穿这件条纹衫。还有,我不想再看他脸书网上的照片了。”10. “I’m going to the gym this week.”“我这个星期打算去健身。”——“I’m not going to the gym this week.”“我这个星期不打算去健身。”11. “I’m not mad at you.”“我没生你的气。”——“I am mad at you. And If I had something bulky in my hand I’d throw it at your face.”“我对你很生气。如果现在我手里有什么大东西,我会用它砸到你脸上去。”12. “I’m not drinking tonight.”“我今晚不打算喝酒。”——“Okay, I’ll hold a drink because I’ll look stupid if I don’t. I’ll take a few sips because I’m obviously going to get thirsty. When it’s empty I’ll order another one. And so on.”“好吧,如果我不喝就会看起来很傻,所以我还是喝一杯。如果不喝一点的话我一定会口渴的,所以我要喝几口。等这杯喝完了我会再叫一杯……”13. “It was so good to see you!”“见到你真高兴!”——“I’m going to forget about this in half an hour.”“半小时之后我就会把你忘掉。”14. “You can study later.”“你可以等会儿再学习。”——“You can’t. But I wan’t you to make a bad decision with me and blame yourself in the morning. Come hang out, loser!”“你等会儿就不会学习了。但是我不介意你先陪我出去,明天早上再来后悔。起来一起出去逛吧,二货。” /201311/265478万州妇幼保健院无痛人流要多少钱

石柱土家族自治县无痛人流多少钱南岸市 不孕不育 医院 ;Twitter is the bird, the bird is Twitter,; the social networking company#39;s former creative director, Doug Bowman, said in a 2012 announcement about the latest redesign of the Twitter logo. Its slightly goofier predecessor had a tufted head and was sometimes accompanied by the company name; Bowman#39;s new bird was a sleeker update. Resembling a mountain bluebird with a dash of hummingbird thrown in, the Twitter bird has a beak and body that point toward the sky in what Bowman called ;the ultimate representation of freedom, hope and limitless possibility.; Unlike previous iterations since the company#39;s 2006 launch, all of which were named ;Larry the Bird; after the Boston Celtics legend, the current logo is known simply as the Twitter Bird.“Twitter就是这只鸟,这只鸟就是Twitter,”社交网络公司Twitter的前任创意总监道格·鲍曼(Doug Bowman)2012年宣布Twitter标识的最新设计时说。它的上一代略显笨拙,头上有一簇毛,有时附上公司的名称;鲍曼的新小鸟线条更明快。它类似山地蓝知更鸟,带有一点蜂鸟的影子,它的嘴和身子伸向天空,用鲍曼的话说,是“自由、希望和无限可能性的终极体现”。从2006年公司创立时的版本到此前的版本都命名为“大鸟拉里”(Larry the Bird),这个名字来自波士顿凯尔特人队的传奇人物拉里·伯德(Larry Bird)。目前的标识被简单地称为Twitter小鸟。The original Larry, to which the present icon bears little resemblance, was created by Simon Oxley, a British graphic designer who has since produced many mascots for online companies. The blue bird was just one illustration he offered for sale on the iStock website in 2006, where someone at Twitter bought it for about (you can still download a variation of it for the bargain price of ). As early adopters of the platform may recall, Oxley#39;s bird is a slender, serene fellow, adorned only by a stylized eye and perched on a branch that splits off into an elegant Japanese--influenced gathering of curlicues.现在的标识和最初的大鸟拉里几乎没有相似之处,最初版本是英国平面设计师西蒙·奥克斯利(Simon Oxley)创作,他后来为很多网络公司设计了吉祥物。那只蓝鸟只是他2006年在iStock网站上销售的一个插图,Twitter公司的人花了约15美元买下了它(现在你仍可以以11美元的特价下载一个类似的插图)。Twitter的早期用户们可能还记得,奥克斯利的小鸟更纤细、安静,只装饰着一只艺术化的眼睛,栖息在树枝上,那个树枝分裂成一个优雅的日式花饰。When Twitter selected his design, Oxley wasn#39;t even aware of the company#39;s existence. ;I seem to recall a friend sending me an email telling me,; he says now. ;It was fun to witness more and more sightings and see CNN and the B mentioning it with images of my bird alongside the story.; But because companies aren#39;t permitted to use iStock images as official logos, Twitter soon left Oxley#39;s bird behind. Biz Stone, a company founder, came up with the initial design for the first in-house bird logo, fine-tuning it by 2009 with the help of Philip Pascuzzo, a designer. A year later, they created yet another version of the logo — its cartoonish features silhouetted away — which was eventually further streamlined by Bowman into its current form.Twitter选择奥克斯利的设计时,他甚至没听说过这家公司。“我好像记得有个朋友给我发邮件说起这家公司,”他说,“我越来越多地看到自己的图标,CNN和B在提到该公司的创业故事时也会提到我的小鸟图标,这让我挺高兴的。”但是因为公司不准使用iStock上的图标作为正式标识,Twitter很快抛下了奥克斯利的小鸟。公司创始人之一比兹·斯通(Biz Stone)想出了内部小鸟标识的最初设计,2009年在设计师菲利普·帕斯库佐(Philip Pascuzzo)的帮助下对它进行了微调。一年后,他们创作了另一个版本——卡通化的剪影——它最后被鲍曼进一步精简成了现在的样子。As for Oxley, though his bird is no longer in wide circulation, he expresses only pleasure at having been a part of tech-start-up history — and he remains a loyal fan of the species. ;I do like birds, very much,; he says. ;I grew up in the English countryside, surrounded by them. Dawn chorus begins each morning at 4 a.m.; Tweet, tweet.至于奥克斯利,虽然他的小鸟不再广泛流传,但他为自己成为一家科技公司创办史的一部分而感到高兴。他仍是那个物种的忠实粉丝。“我真的很喜欢鸟,”他说,“我在英国乡下长大,周围全是鸟。清晨4点就能听到鸟鸣。”啾啾,啾啾。 /201409/326807重庆哪家医院做人流比较好

重庆看妇科哪里便宜Images of David Beckham clutching a tumbler of Haig Club, a new scotch, will be seen in China next month when Diageo, the world’s largest distiller, launches a new spirit in the fightback against China’s crackdown on luxury.大卫#8226;贝克汉姆(David Beckham)手执一杯翰格#8226;蓝爵(Haig Club)新品苏格兰威士忌的形象下个月将在中国亮相。面对中国对奢侈品的打压,世界最大酿酒公司帝亚吉欧(Diageo)届时将推出这款新酒作为回击。The former footballer is the frontman for the single grain scotch, released in Edinburgh this month, and Diageo hopes the new whisky will help reverse its fortunes in China.这位前足球运动员是本月在爱丁堡发布的这款单一谷物苏格兰威士忌的代言人。帝亚吉欧希望这款新威士忌将帮助扭转其在中国市场的命运。For a start, the new scotch tastes less sour than other whiskys, which Diageo hopes will appeal to what it describes as the sweeter Asian palate.首先,这一新款苏格兰威士忌的口味酸度低于其他威士忌。帝亚吉欧希望这一特色将迎合其所称的亚洲消费者偏甜的口味。Diageo is the world’s largest producer of Scotch, which, with cognac, is the main international spirit consumed in the country. The London-based group, which also makes Smirnoff vodka and Guinness, was a late entrant into China where it is playing catch-up to France’s Pernod Ricard. The latter makes 12 per cent of sales and 15 per cent of profit in China – its biggest market after the US.帝亚吉欧是世界最大的苏格兰威士忌生产商,苏格兰威士忌和干邑白兰地(cognac)是中国消费的两款主要国际烈酒。这家总部位于伦敦的集团也生产(Smirnoff)伏特加和健力士(Guinness)啤酒。该公司进入中国市场较晚,目前正在追赶法国的保乐力加(Pernod Ricard)。保乐力加来自中国市场的销售额和利润占比分别达到12%和15%,中国是该公司紧随美国之后的第二大市场。The country only accounts for 1.5 per cent – 0.7 per cent on the mainland – of Diageo’s total sales last year. But the country’s growing middle class and rising affluence mean that it will become an increasingly important market.中国仅占帝亚吉欧去年总销售额的1.5%,其中内地占0.7%。但中国不断壮大的中产阶层和日益提升的富裕水平都意味着它将成为一个越来越重要的市场。Its late entry has not screened Diageo from the blow to sales of ultra-premium drinks by the Chinese government’s anti-extravagance campaign. Sales of its baijiu premium spirit, Shui Jing Fang, fell 78 per cent in the year to June 30.帝亚吉欧虽然进入较晚,但也未能幸免中国政府反铺张浪费运动对高档酒水销售的打击。在截至今年6月30日的一年中,其高档白酒品牌水井坊的销售额下滑了78%。Like Pernod Ricard, Diageo’s strategy is lower-price versions aimed at private dinners rather than lavish state banquets. At the end of last year it launched Shui Jing Fang Red Fortune, ahead of the Chinese new year at .50 for 500ml, a very different proposition from its offering for gift-giving in New Year 2012 – before the new government came to power – when Forest Green Shui Jing Fang was released in a Swarovski crystal bottle, with a price tag of 5.像保乐力加一样,帝亚吉欧的策略是针对私人饮宴而不是豪华国宴推出较低价产品。去年底它在春节前推出了水井坊鸿运装,500毫升售价63.5美元,这与2012年春节时(新一届政府上台前)推出的用于送礼的水井坊菁翠截然不同,菁翠的酒瓶采用施华洛世奇(Swarovski)水晶打造,每瓶售价625美元。 /201410/336854 大渡口输卵管堵塞手术重庆市第四人民医院首页




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