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重庆人流多少钱重庆市爱德华医院药流多少钱栏目简介:An exhibition at Shanghai Himalayas Museum kick starts this years Croisements Festival, which will feature 21 events over the next two months. Our reporter Huang Yue checks it out...201701/488456合川检查输卵管堵塞 【新闻精讲】In any case, the allure of cheap loans is so great that households in Sweden and beyond will find ways around the restrictions that remain in place.无论如何,由于低息贷款诱惑太大,瑞典内外将不断想方法去规避监管。Allure魅力例:Its a game that has really lost its allure.这是一场已经真正失去其魅力的比赛。In place适当This grouping, as mentioned above, has everything to do with the branching strategy currently in place.正如前面所提到的,这个分组需要在适当的位置处理当前的分策略。When the Slovakian government put limits on housing loans, banks boosted other forms of lending to bridge the gap.斯洛伐克政府限制房屋贷款时,通过推广其他形式贷款以弥合差距。housing loans住房贷款例句:Movement on the issue of housing loans is crucial for the recovery but it alone will not be enough.住房贷款问题取得进展对于复苏至关重要,但只有这一点是不够的。Boost促进例:Lower interest rates can boost the economy by reducing borrowing costs for consumers and businesses.低利率可以通过为消费者和商家降低借贷成本来促进经济发展。In Sweden, so-called “blanco-loans”, more expensive unsecured loans, can be used for that purpose.在瑞典则出于这种目的采用了被称作“白色贷款”的高成本高风险贷款。All told, credit is still growing and asset prices climbing, despite regulators efforts.总的来看,虽然监管机构做出了许多努力,但贷款仍然在增加,资产价格仍然在攀升。all told总之All told, by the time I took office the cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan approached a trillion dollars. 跟读在我就任总统之际,我们都被告知,伊拉克和阿富汗战争的开销接近一万亿美元。A better solution might be to eliminate the tax codes various incentives for home ownership.更好的解决方案也许是消除税法中各种刺激买房的因素。Eliminate1. 根除例: Recent measures have not eliminated discrimination in employment.最近的举措还未能根除就业歧视2. 淘汰例: I was eliminated from the 400 metres in the semi-finals.我在400米半决赛中被淘汰了。Incentive 鼓励例:There is little or no incentive to adopt such measures.几乎或根本没有鼓励来采取这样的措施。Property taxes were abolished in Sweden in 2008; up to 30% of mortgage interest can be deducted from personal tax bills and a rebate of up to 50% can be claimed on home extensions and repairs.2008年,瑞典废除了财产税;高达30%的贷款利息可以从个人所得税中扣除,住宅扩建和维修则可获得最高50%的折扣。Abolish废除例:An Illinois House committee voted Thursday to abolish the death penalty.伊利诺伊州议院的一个委员会在星期四投票废除了死刑。Deduct扣除例:The company deducted this payment from his compensation.公司从他的补偿金中扣除了这笔款项。The Riksbank thinks that abolishing mortgage-interest relief alone could cut aggregate debt as a share of income by more than 50 percentage points over the next 50 years.瑞典央行认为,在今后的50年中,单单废除抵押贷款利息减免就可以将收入份额中的累积债务减少50%以上。Alone1. 独自的例:There is nothing so fearful as to be alone in a combat situation.没有比独自一人处于战斗环境中更可怕的事了。2. 惟一的例:Am I alone in recognizing that these two statistics have quite different implications?惟独我看出这两个统计有完全不同含意吗?Reducing the maximum LTV ratio to 80% would only trim debt-to-income ratios by five percentage points; the FIs repayment scheme would cut them by 12.将最大价值贷款比减至80%仅能减少5个百分点的债务收入比率;瑞典金融监管局偿还计划则预计将其削减掉12个百分点。Trim1. 修剪例:My friend trims my hair every eight weeks.我朋友每隔8周就为我修剪一次头发。2. 整洁美观的例:The neighbors gardens were trim and neat.邻居们的花园既整洁又美观。The tax code is in the hands of politicians, as are the planning and rent-control regimes that impede the construction of new homes.政治家掌控着税法,以及阻碍新房屋建设的规划权和租金管制权。in the hands of由…掌握;在…掌握中The choice between the two lies in the hands of US voters. 在这两人中间做出选择的权利在美国选民手中。Impede阻碍例:Debris and fallen rock are impeding the progress of the rescue workers.瓦砾和落下的岩石正阻碍着救援人员的进程。An independent commission last year recommended urgent reforms to all three, but has been ignored.去年,一家独立委员会向三方建议立即对这三项进行改革,但遭到无视。Recommend1. 建议例:The judge recommended that he serve 20 years in prison.法官建议判他入狱刑20年。2. 推荐例:I just spent a holiday there and would recommend it to anyone.我刚在那儿度过一个假期,愿意向任何人推荐那里。Urgent紧急的; 迫切的例:There is an urgent need for food and water.有着对食品和水的迫切需要。Politicians at least seem to be warming to the idea of cutting mortgage-interest relief, partly because they are looking for money to pay for the influx of refugees.政治家们至少对削减房贷利息补助这一想法感兴趣,部分原因是他们需要资金来供给涌入的难民。looking for 寻找He turned out all his pockets looking for the ticket. 他把所有口袋都翻出来,寻找那张票look upon / on 认为,看待:用某种方式看待:looked on them as incompetents.认为他们不胜任Look out 小心,当心;注意:If you dont look out, you may fall on the ice. 如果不小心的话,你会在冰上摔倒的。Look to期望:He looked to hear from her.他期望收到她的信But for the most part, measures to slow the property boom seem politically unpalatable.但对大多数人来说,减缓资产泡沫的措施似乎在政治上难以接受。“People feel rich today thanks to these crazy prices,” says one member of parliament.“多亏了高涨的物价,人们如今才感觉更为富有,”一名国会议员说。“Nobody wants to be the one who breaks the spell.”“没人希望带头打破美梦。”for the most part 在极大程度上;多半The students are, for the most part, from the villages. 这些学生一大半来自农村。thanks to 幸亏,因为To be sure, war, violence and poverty are still with us and we as mankind are probably more aware of these problems worldwide than ever before thanks to advances in technology and communication.毫无疑问,战争、暴力以及贫穷仍然伴随着我们,并且,作为人类,由于技术与通信的进步,我们可能比以往任何时候都更深切地意识到了这些问题。Politicians and regulators also know that any measure that obliges Swedes to spend more of their income on deposits or mortgage payments would be a drag on consumption, and thus a blow to an aly fragile economy.政治家和监管层也知道,任何迫使瑞典人民在储蓄或房屋按揭上花费更多收入的措施将拖累消费,让脆弱的经济雪上加霜。Oblige1. 迫使例:The storm got worse and worse. Finally, I was obliged to abandon the car and continue on foot.暴风雨越来越猛烈。最终,我被迫弃车徒步前行。2. 帮助例:Mr. Oakley has always been y to oblige journalists with information.奥克利先生一直乐于提供信息帮助记者们。Fragile 脆弱的The fragile economies of several southern African nations could be irreparably damaged.几个南部非洲国家脆弱的经济可能会无可挽救地被摧垮。“Ideally, Id like to have something in my toolkit with which I could influence the housing market and nothing else,” says Henrik Braconier of the FI.监管会成员亨里克#8226;布拉克里尔说,“理想状态下,我希望自己找到一种工具,只影响房地产市场,而不影响其他方面。”;But up to now,; he adds, ;I have not found it.”他补充说,“然而至今我还没有找到它。”Toolkit 工具箱To start the wizard, boot the machine with the toolkit. 跟读要启动该向导,使用工具包引导机器即可。up to now 至今例句:Up to now the post of president has been largely ceremonial.到目前为止,总统一职在很大程度上只是礼仪性的。201703/495638南岸 输卵管堵塞医院

重庆治疗妇科炎症需要多少钱重庆医科大学附属第一医院妇科检查怎么样 Over half of the worlds vulture species are listed as endangered or critically endangered.世界上超过一半的秃鹰被列为濒危或极度濒危物种。Its probably not a surprise, but humans are the main culprit behind the deaths of these large birds.这可能并不奇怪,但人类是这些大型鸟类死亡的主要原因。A bovine painkilling drug that stuck around in cows after they died would kill vultures that ate it.牛死后止痛药残留在体内,这会杀死食用它们的秃鹫。In Asia, that painkiller nearly wiped out three species of vulture in just 15 years.在亚洲,短短的15年里这种止痛药几乎灭绝了三种秃鹫。In Africa, poachers kill the birds to hide kill sites. But herders trying to protect livestock also accidentally poison vultures while trying to kill predators.在非洲,偷猎者杀死鸟类隐藏猎杀点。但牧民试图保护家畜也意外毒死秃鹫。Believe it or not, vultures disappearing could actually have an affect on human health.信不信,秃鹫的消失可能对人类健康造成影响。Vultures are carrion feeders,in other words, they eat dead things. Which sounds gross, but its actually incredibly important. 秃鹫是腐食动物,换句话说它们吃死的东西。这听起来很恶心,但实际上这是非常重要的。Uneaten livestock carcasses can be a breeding ground for disease. Vultures eat the dead animal and prevent the sp of disease.牲畜的尸体会滋生疾病。秃鹫吃动物的尸体,防止疾病的传播。Conservation groups are trying to save this animal, but it will be challenging,vultures have a mortality rate of 90 percent in their first year of life.保护组织正在试图挽救这种动物,但这是具有挑战性的,秃鹫首年的死亡率达到百分之90。译文属。201610/473028重庆市第二人民医院取环要多少钱

重庆医科大学附属口腔医院查激素六项多少钱 And for just what exactly had Becket laid down some would say thrown away his life?而对于贝克特被杀害的原因 有人表示 算了吧 他这种人Some fantastic notion, aly out of date,that the church could lay down the law to the state?自认为教会凌驾于法律之上 这种天真的想法早就过时了All our modern instincts seem to say, Oh, come on!Look at Henry and you find reality.我们现在回头看也许会说 得了吧 看看亨利 他带来的才是现实the guardian of the common law, the engineer of government,;the smasher of anarchy.;And youd be quite wrong.《普通法》的守护者 国家的引路人 ;混乱的终结者; 那你可就大错特错Becket, headstrong, infuriating, over the top,theatrical Becket, made a huge difference.贝克特顽冥不化 令人愤怒 夸大其词 但正是他 带来了戏剧性的巨大改变His view of the church lasted.The Angevin Empire did not.他对教会的主张延续了下去 比安茹王朝更长命百岁The actual murderers got off pretty lightly,hiding out in Yorkshire, excommunicated,told to go on crusade.真正的凶手们只受到从轻发落 犯人被逐出教会 躲藏在约克郡 之后受令参加了十字军东征But the real judgement, Henry reserved for himself and the verdict was guilty as charged.但亨利将真正的审判留给了自己 并被判为有罪In 1174, he made a pilgrimage to Canterbury,where Beckets blood was said to work miracles.1174年 他前往坎特伯雷朝圣 在那儿 传说贝克特的鲜血能行奇迹Over the last miles, Henry walked barefoot in a hair shirt,as Becket had done four years earlier.距离教堂最后几英里时 亨利穿着刚毛衬衣光脚步行 就像四年前的贝克特那样At the tomb, he confessed his sins and was whipped by the monks.在贝克特的墓前 他供认了他的罪行 并接受了教士的鞭打However tough his punishment, though,the blood would never wash away.尽管他遭受了严厉的处罚 但依然无法洗刷他的血债Henry, the hero of the common law, will always be remembered as the biggest of Englands crowned criminals.The murderer in the cathedral.亨利二世 《普通法》的典范 将会永远被刻上英格兰最大国王罪犯的烙印 大教堂里的刽子手 /201609/468151免费孕前检查项目重庆爱德华医院治疗子宫肌瘤多少钱



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