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合川输卵管照影的价钱重庆爱德华医院做无痛人流多少钱5_04 Let’s go see a movie. I got a great idea. 我有一个很棒的点子. Let’s go out tonight. 我们今晚出去吧. Let’s go see a movie. 我们去看电影吧. It’s been a long time. 已经好久了. We need to relax. 我们需要放松一下. We need to do something new.我们需要做一些新的事情. What do you say? 你觉得怎么样? How do you feel? 你觉得怎么样? How does a movie sound? 看电影怎么样? /200706/14162黔江免费孕前检查有哪些项目 She makes it look easy now. But…你现在看她感觉很容易,其实...Next year at this time, someone else will be standing here in this very spot and it’s anyone guess who she will be.明年这个时候站在这里讲话的就是别人了,谁知道她会是谁呢?But standing here I can’t help but be reflective and a little sentimental.不过…站在这里,我不禁反思,有点多愁善感。Eight years ago I said it was time to change the tone of our politics.八年前我说,要改变我们政界的风气。In hindsight, I clearly should have been more specific.回想起来,我当时应该更具体一点的。Eight years ago, I was a young man full of idealism and vigor.八年前,我是个年轻小伙,充满理想主义精力无限。And look at me now, I am gray, grizzled and just counting down the days to my death panel.现在你再看看我,老态龙钟,掰手指倒数着天数,等待死亡委员会的到来。Hillary once questioned whether I would be up y for a 3 a. m. phone call.当年希拉里曾问过,我是否准备好凌晨三点接电话。Now, I’m awake anyway because I have to go to the bathroom. I’m up.现在我反正都醒着呢,因为我得起夜上厕所。我起来了In fact somebody recently said to me, ‘Mr. President, you are so yesterday.其实最近有人跟说,总统先生,你太过气了。Justin Trudeau has completely replaced you.贾斯汀特鲁多已经完全取代你了。He is so handsome and he’s so charming. He’s the future.’他又帅气又有魅力,他才是未来!And I said ‘Justin, just give it a rest.’我对那人说,贾斯汀你够了!I resented that. Meanwhile, Michelle has not aged a day.我可烦这事了。与此同时,米歇尔是一点没见老啊。The only way you can date her in photos is by looking at me.想知道她照片是哪年拍的,那你只能看我来判断了。201607/454464For a minute, I felt like my existence as a person had been noticed, and I was worth saving.有那么一会儿,我觉得我的存在被人注意到了,并且我是值得被拯救的。The really sad thing is, in many parts of the world,但让人遗憾的是,在世界的很多地方,were raised to believe that strangers are dangerous by default,我们受到的教育让我们相信,陌生人都是危险的,that we cant trust them, that they might hurt us.我们不能相信他们,因为他们可能会伤害到我们。But most strangers arent dangerous.但是大多数陌生人并不危险。Were uneasy around them because we have no context.我们在他们身边会感到不安,是因为不了解他们的背景。We dont know what their intentions are.我们不知道他们的意图何在。So instead of using our perceptions and making choices, we rely on this category of ;stranger.;所以我们依赖于“陌生人”这个范畴,而不是自己的觉察力和决策力。I have a four-year-old. When I say hello to people on the street, she asks me why.我有一个四岁的小孩。当我在路上与别人打招呼时,她问我为什么要这样做。She says, ;Do we know them?; I say, ;No, theyre our neighbor.;她问:“我们认识他们吗?”我说:“不,他们是邻居。”;Are they our friend?; ;No, its just good to be friendly.;她问:“他们是我们的朋友吗?”我回答:“不,但是我们应该为人友善。”I think twice every time I say that to her,每当我对她这样说的时候,我都会反复思量,because I mean it, but as a woman, particularly,因为我真的是这样认为的,然而作为一名女性,I know that not every stranger on the street has the best intentions.我尤其知道并不是每一个陌生人都有好的企图。It is good to be friendly, and its good to learn when not to be,对别人友善是好的,而学习判断何时不该这样也是对的,but none of that means we have to be afraid.但不管哪一种,都不意味着我们要对他们心怀恐惧。There are two huge benefits to using our senses instead of our fears.依靠感觉而不是恐惧,可以为我们带来两个巨大的好处。201705/510435重庆爱德华综合医院流产多少钱

重庆妇幼保健院多囊卵巢治疗重庆市爱德华医院治疗早孕多少钱 美国习惯用语-第27讲:A red letter dayRed tape红颜色这个字,就是英文里的 red,也经常出现在美国的成语和俗语里,有时是正面的,有时是反面的。例如,我们在中文里说,铺上红地毯来欢迎外国贵宾。在英文里也就是 to roll out the red carpet to honor a visiting head of state,或者也可以说 to give someone the Red carpet treatment。我们来举个例子吧: 例句-1:"When Ann came back from her long vacation, we gave her the red carpet treatment." 这是说:“当安度了一个很长的假期后,我们像贵宾一样欢迎她回来。 可是 red 这个字有时也包含着一种贬意,比如说 in the red。做生意的人最怕 in the red,因为那是指亏本。今天我们要讲两个由 red 这个字组成的习惯用语,一个具有正面的含义,另一个包含着反面的意思。我们先来讲一个表示高兴、快乐的习惯用语 a red letter day。A red letter day 的中文意思就是:大喜日子。对于某个人来说,那是指发生好事的一天。例如,一个母亲说: 例句-2:"It was a real red letter day for me when my son came home from three years in the navy. We rolled out the red carpet to welcome him home." 这位母亲说:“我儿子在海军里役了三年。他回家的那天对我来说真是一个大喜日子。我们真是把他当贵宾一样来欢迎他。” 我们从这句话里也可以看出,to rolled out the red carpet 并不一定要用在高官显贵的身上,对普通人也能这么说。我们再来举个例子说明 a red letter day: 例句-3:"I'm lucky--my birthday is a real red letter day. It's on December 31, New Year's eve and all over the world people are out celebrating it." 这个人说:“我运气真好,我的生日是十二月三十一号,刚好是新年前夕,全世界的人都庆祝那一天。” 下面我们要讲的一个俗语,它的含义我敢肯定人人都讨厌。这就是 red tape。Tape 是带子的意思。Red tape 是指官僚主义,或文牍主义。换句话说,red tape 就是人们在和政府或官方机构打交道时往往会遇到的拖延、混乱等令人烦恼的障碍。那末,这和红带子又有什么关系呢?这是因为在古时候官方的文件一般都用红带子捆起来的,这样红带子就和官僚主义连在一起了。现在我们来举个例子: 例句-4: "With all the red tape I ran into at city hall, it took me three months to get my business license." 这个人说:“我在市政厅遇到了各种官僚主义的麻烦。我化了整整三个月才拿到营业执照。” 下面我们再来举一个有关 red tape 的例子: 例句-5:"You can't believe how much red tape there is in getting a visa. You have to get a birth certificate and other personal papers and fill out a bunch of complicated forms and have an interview. After that you wait and wait." 她说:“你简直不会相信,要拿到一个签会遇到多少官僚主义的麻烦。你先要拿到你的出生和其他有关你个人的件,然后填一大堆复杂的表格,接着还要去面谈。办完这些事以后,你还得一等再等。” 今天我们讲了两个以 red 这个字为主的习惯用语。第一个是 a red letter day,另一个是 red tape。 「美国习惯用语」第二十七讲就到里。欢迎下次再一起来学习美国习惯用语。再见。 /200601/2982重庆三峡中心医院做结扎复通

重庆爱德华医院看乳腺检查多少钱Imagine if I let go of my habit of saving the world behind your back,想像我放弃在你们背后拯救世界的习惯,of deliberating on the future of your work, your food, your schools, in places where you couldnt get past security.想像去放弃对在连安保都无法通过地方,你未来的工作,食物,学校的幻想。We can do this only if we first accept that we have neglected each other.我们只有先承认我们忽视了彼此,才可能做到这一点。If there is hope to summon in this ominous hour, it is this.如果在这不详的时刻有重新振作精神的希望,那就是这个。We have, for too long, chased various shimmering dreams我们已经追寻各种闪亮的梦想太久了,at the cost of attention to the foundational dream of each other,以最基本的对你我之间梦想的注意力为代价,the dream of tending to each other, of unleashing each others wonders, of moving through history together.照顾彼此的梦想,释放彼此疑虑的梦想,共同跨越历史的梦想。We could dare to commit to the dream of each other as the thing that matters before every neon thing.我们应该敢于承认对于彼此的梦想,承认它比其他各色事情更重要。Let us dare. Sincerely yours, a fellow citizen.让我们敢于这么做。敬上,一个公民伙伴。201703/497521 美国习惯用语-第31讲:Green thumbGreen light今天美国两个很有名的年轻电影明星,一个叫Paul Newman,另一个叫Tom Cruise。不久前他们一起拍了一部电影,叫「绿钞票」。这是因为美国钞票的背面都是绿颜色的。绿颜色也是草和树等自然界生物的颜色。除此之外,绿颜色还可以包含其他各种意思。有的时候,它意味着年轻、新鲜、有力、成长。另外一些时候,绿颜色是指不成熟,就像没有熟的苹果那样。我们今天要讲的两个俗语就是跟绿颜色,在英文里就是 green 这个字有关的。第一个是green thumb。大家都知道green 的意思是绿颜色。Thumb 就是大母指。可是green thumb 并不是说某人的大拇指变绿了或染上了绿颜色。Green thumb指的是某人在种花或种菜方面很有才能,或在这方面很有知识和技术。比如说,一位太太在谈到她邻居李太太的时候说: 例句-1: "I wish I had a green thumb like Mrs. Lee -- look at the beautiful roses in her yard." 这位太太说:“我真希望我能像李太太那样会种花,瞧她院子里的玫瑰花多好看呐!” 可是,不会种花和种菜的人看来还不少,下面讲话的这个人看来更糟糕: 例句-2: "I guess I don't have much of a green thumb: every year I plant cabbage, beans and sweet corn in my backyard but all I ever get is a lot of weeds." 这个人说:“我猜想我在种菜方面是没有什么才能。每年,我在后院种菜、种豆和种玉米,可是长出来的大都是草。” 在全世界各地,绿颜色的交通灯就是可以通行的意思。可是,除了交通灯以外,人们也经常在日常生活中用「开绿灯」这个说法来表示某个计划获得批准,可以进行。在中文里,我们也经常这么说的。下面我们要介绍的一个俗语就是 green light。我们已经知道,green就是绿颜色,light就是指灯。Green light就是绿灯。在美国,一个在某公司工作的管理人员可能会对他的秘书说: 例句-3: "My boss liked my idea to open a branch office in Los Angeles and gave me the green light to go ahead." 这位经理说:“我的老板非常持我在洛杉矶开一个分公司的建议。他让我按计划去办。” 下面我们再来举个例子: 例句-4: "The astronauts were in the space shuttle y to go, but somebody saw one of their computers had a problem. It's fixed now, but Houston Control is checking it again before they give the green light to launch." 这句话翻成中文就是:“宇航员都已经进入航天飞机,准备出发。但是,有一个人发现他们的一个电脑有问题。现在虽然已经修好,可是休斯顿控制中心正在再一次进行检查,然后再让他们正式发射。” 我们现在来复习一下今天讲的两个和绿颜色,也就是 green 有关的习惯用语。第一个是:green thumb。Green thumb是指在种花、种菜方面很有才能的人。我们今天讲的第二个习惯用语是:green light。Green light 的意思就是说某个计划,或某件事没有遇到障碍,可以按计划进行。「美国习惯用语」第三十一讲就到里。欢迎下次再一起来学习美国习惯用语。再见。 /200601/2986九龙坡哪里的不孕不育医院重庆治疗中耳炎的医院

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