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秀山土家族苗族自治县产科生孩子哪家医院最好的重庆市妇保医院生孩子好吗When Bradley Wiggins goes for gold tomorrow afternoon in the men#39;s cycling time trial the Tour de France champion could be forgiven for checking the crowd nervously for the face of the prime minister, who is starting to get a reputation as a bit of a jinx.如果环法自行车赛冠军布拉德利#8226;威金斯在争夺男子公路自行车个人计时赛的赛场上,紧张地环顾人群,看首相卡梅伦有没有来观战,那我们一定要原谅他,因为卡梅伦首相已开始被誉为奥运会扫帚星。So far both Wiggins#39; cycling colleague Mark Cavendish and Olympic poster boy Tom Daley have been denied medals by what has been dubbed the ;Curse of Cameron;.截至目前,威金斯的队友马克#8226;卡文迪什和奥运明星汤姆#8226;戴利也因为“卡梅伦诅咒”没能摘得奖牌。The prime minister was present at the trackside when Cavendish failed to win Team GB#39;s first Gold of the Games as expected.卡梅伦观看了卡文迪什的比赛,但卡文迪什没能如众人希望的那样为英国队摘得本届奥运会的第一枚金牌。And he was in the stands when Daley and his partner Peter Waterfield came an agonising fourth in the synchronized diving.戴利和搭档彼得#8226;沃特菲尔德在双人跳水比赛中屈居第四,当时卡梅伦也在一旁观战。The curse is not restricted to the Olympics. A few weeks ago Cameron was at Wimbledon to see Andy Murray let slip a lead against Roger Federer in the tennis.“卡梅伦诅咒”不仅限于奥运赛场。几周前,卡梅伦在温布尔登球场观战时,安迪-穆雷输掉和对阵罗杰-费德勒的比赛。Fortunately for Britain#39;s male gymnasts however the prime minister stayed away from the North Greenwich Arena last night where they won the country#39;s first medal in the event for 100 years.英国男子体操队很幸运。卡梅伦没有前往北格林威治体育场观战,因此他们拿下了一百年来英国队在该项目的首枚奖牌。Although suspicions were raised that Cameron had peeked his head round the door after the team#39;s medal was downgraded from silver to bronze.但有人怀疑,在英国队的银牌被降为铜牌后,卡梅伦在门口偷瞄了几眼。Nerves may also be frayed in the Team GB beach volleyball camp, as the event is taking place in Horse Guards Parade next door to Cameron#39;s Downing Street home.英国沙滩排球队也许也紧张起来了,因为沙滩排球赛在皇家骑兵卫队阅兵场举行,临近卡梅伦在唐宁街的官邸。Yesterday, when asked, No.10 admitted that Cameron probably ;had a peek; at the event.昨天,英国政府在追问下承认卡梅伦可能会去“悄悄看一下”比赛。The British hopefuls must be crossing their fingers that the curtains are drawn during their matches.这些英国的种子选手就祈祷比赛时卡梅伦被隔在窗帘外面吧。 /201208/193269重庆妇科囊肿手术多少钱 Most of us are approaching the end of the year with reflections on the past 12 months, along with resolutions and hopes for the future.2012到了年尾,对于我们每一个人来说,是时候对过去一年作下反思,定好新一年的目标和希望。In years past, we may have chalked that future up to genetics and a dose of good luck. But research now suggests we have much more of a hand in our destiny than previously believed. In fact, a number of straight-forward nutrition, fitness, sleep and other health tips can help assure you maximize the life in your years.过去的很多年,我们会说健康的未来看的是基因和运气,但研究表明命运其实在我们自己手中。实际上,很多简单明了的营养、健身、睡眠或其他健康贴士就能帮助你长寿。Here are six of those things that we learned in 2012.这是我们在2012年学会的6个健康生活方式。1. An advanced age is no excuse to give up on healthy habits!1. 年纪大可不是拒绝养成健康习惯的借口哦!A 2012 study showed that exercise, eating right and avoiding harmful habits like smoking helped people 5.4 years longer than their less healthy-intentioned peers.2012年的一项研究显示,锻炼、健康饮食以及避免有害的生活比如抽烟,坚持健康生活的人比他们的同龄人寿命平均长5.4年。2. Exercise Really Works2. 锻炼真的有好处There#39;s nothing new about the fact that exercise helps us live longer. But a recent study did take a closer look at just how powerful regular activity really is: The physically active benefit from several years added to their lives. The study found that for every additional hour of exercise (like jogging or swimming) that a black woman gets, she can gain 11 hours of lifespan.锻炼能让我们长寿,这已经不是什么新鲜话题了。但最近一项研究更加深入地探讨定期的健身到底有多大的魔力:几年的积极健身会增加寿命。研究发现,黑人女士每增加一小时的锻炼(比如慢跑或游泳),生命会延长11个小时。3. Laugh More3. 多笑As part of an ongoing study on genes and aging, researchers found this year that certain personality traits seem to be associated with a longer life, including the propensity to laugh -- a lot!在一项正在进行的研究基因和年龄老化部分中,研究者在2012年发现,长寿也会受到人的性格特征的影响,其中就包括经常大笑。4. Look At The Bright Side4. 处事乐观In the same study on aging, optimism was also linked to living longer. The 243 subjects over the age of 95 ;were outgoing, optimistic and easygoing. They considered laughter an important part of life and had a large social network. They expressed emotions openly rather than bottling them up,; study researcher Dr. Nir Barzilai, M.D., director of Einstein#39;s Institute for Aging Research, said in a statement.同一个关于年龄老化的研究显示,乐观的人会活得更长。243个95岁以上的调查者:“他们个性外向,积极,平易近人,他们把笑声看成是生命很重要的部分,他们有着庞大的社会交际圈,他们会更开放的表达情感而不是将情感隐藏起来。” 爱因斯坦研究会年龄调查负责人Nir Barzilai 士在发言中表示。5. Supplements Can Help5. 维生素也能帮大忙Adults in their 60s and 70s were 9 percent less likely to die over a three-year period when they took vitamin D supplements with calcium, compared to the elderly who went without either supplement.和那些不用任何维生素的老年人相比,六七十岁的成年人若有三年用维他命D补钙的经历,则会减少9%的死亡率。A number of other foods and nutrients have also been linked to a longer lifespan, including omega-3s and certain antioxidants.还有很多其他的食物和营养素都和长寿有关,包括脂肪酸和某些抗氧化剂。6. We Know What To Do -- But We Rarely Do It All6. 我们知道该做什么,但很少真正这么做The most important behaviors for a long and healthy life aren#39;t secrets -- they#39;re things like not smoking, exercising, maintaining a healthy weight and keeping blood pressure and cholesterol levels in check. In fact, you may even be tired of hearing about them. But just a little more than 1 percent of American adults actually abide by these guidelines, according to a 2012 study. People who do meet all the criteria? Well, they enjoy a 51 percent decreased risk of death from any cause.最重要的长寿健康生活习惯并不是秘密——就比如不要抽烟,多运动,保持健康的体重和血压以及胆固醇水平。实际上你有可能都对这些听烦了。但根据2012年的调查,只有超过1%的美国人能真正遵守这些。坚持做这些的人能有什么好处呢?可以减少51%各种原因的死亡。 /201212/217549渝中大渡口区四维彩超医院

重庆医院好不好重庆人流手术好的妇科医院 Millennials and Women Don#39;t Negotiate Salary: Here#39;s Why That#39;s Important谈薪水的必要性A lot of folks still don#39;t negotiate their salaries, and this is what tends to make the headlines. However, in order to better understand this issue, we have to examine why some people choose not to negotiate more often than others. Here#39;s what we know.有很多人找工作时不谈薪水问题,这是我们关注这一现象的原因。单位了进一步了解这个现象,我们必须先搞明白为什么有些特殊人群比普通人更不爱谈薪水。下面使我们调查总结的几点:1. Women don#39;t negotiate as much as men, and this is one factor in the gender wage gap.1.女性和男性一样都不谈薪水,这也是性别收入差距的一个组成因素。The gender wage gap is the result of many different issues. PayScale has found that women do tend to choose jobs/fields that pay less than others, and they#39;re slightly less likely to negotiate salary. 性别收入差距有很多不同原因导致。Payscale发现女性更倾向于选择收入不高的行业或者工作,而且更不爱谈入职薪水。2. There isn#39;t enough awareness of the cause of the problem. 2.人们对此问题关注甚少。The big differences are actually found when women are asked why they shy away from the negotiation table. Their answers differ from their male counterparts quite widely, even when their negotiation habits don#39;t.女性对回答为什么不好意思谈薪水的问题的回答跟男性相差较大,虽然她们和男性都可能会有不谈薪水的习惯。3. Millennials also don#39;t negotiate their salaries as often as others.3.千禧一族也不爱谈入职薪水。Millennials, are less likely to negotiate salary than other generations, at least when it comes to solidifying their first professional position. Sixty percent of millennials don#39;t negotiate salary when receiving their first job offers. 千禧一族与其他年代的人相比,在找一份工作时,就相对来说更不爱谈入职薪水。60%的千禧一代在收到第一份入职通知书时都不会开口谈薪水。4. Groups that tend to shy away from negotiations often do so, in part, because of concerns about the consequences.4.在打算谈薪之前会害怕所带来的后果。Compared with men, women are more uncomfortable with negotiations. Women say that their uneasiness with this process is the reason they didn#39;t negotiate 31 percent of the time, whereas men only reference the same reasoning 23 percent of the time.和男性相比,女性在谈判方面更容易不自在。女性表示她们31%的可能会因为谈判过程中的不自在而放弃,而男性仅有23%的机会。5. Society doesn#39;t respond the same to women and younger people who negotiate.社会舆论对谈薪资的女性和年轻人的反馈Why should professional women with the same qualifications and experience as men feel a similar hesitation to ask for more? Because the world reacts negatively to it when they do.为什么与男性有同样能力和经验的女性在谈提薪之前会有类似的犹豫?因为社会对他们有负面的反馈。Perhaps building awareness, and greater sensitivity to the problem, is a good step toward making a change.也许加强人们对此问题的关注和面感度,是有所改变的第一步。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201508/389709重庆哪里可以做引产

重庆第八医院引产需要多少钱In the mid to late 1970s, when Western fast food chains like McDonald#39;s and KFC were just gaining traction in the Hong Kong market, I recall lively debates about their future potential in China. The China market was still in its pre-opening and reform stage.上世纪70年代中后期,麦当劳(McDonald#39;s)、肯德基(KFC)等西式快餐连锁店刚刚在香港站稳脚跟,当时对于它们在中国市场发展前景的讨论我至今记忆犹新。那时候,中国还处于改革开放的前夜。Even in relatively international Hong Kong, McDonalds and KFC experienced some speed bumps in the early stages of market entry, and many ;experts; remained very skeptical about their long-term growth potential in Greater China.尽管香港的国际化程度比较高,但麦当劳、肯德基在进入市场初期还是一波三折,发展缓慢。很多;专家;也对它们在大中华区的长期发展潜力表示怀疑。The discussion in those days about the future of western fast food on the Chinese mainland was framed by a small number of optimists on one side, and a large number of skeptics on the other.那些日子,关于洋快餐在中国大陆发展的讨论还是以怀疑为主,仅有少数人持乐观的态度。The naysayers focused on the obvious challenges: Chinese consumers don#39;t like western fast food, can#39;t eat dairy products like the cheese in cheeseburgers, can#39;t afford the prices, and the big question of whether the government would even allow western fast food operators into China.否定派关注的显著困难包括:中国消费者不喜欢洋快餐、不吃奶制品(比如吉士汉堡中的奶酪)、承受不起价格,而最大的问题就是政府会不会批准洋快餐进入中国经营。In the ideological atmosphere of the day, western fast food was perceived not only as a business, but as a powerful and potentially polluting cultural influence, akin to Hollywood. That#39;s not to mention the obvious public health issues.在当时的意识形态下,洋快餐不仅被视为商业活动,更被认为是好莱坞式的精神污染。显而易见的公众健康问题就更不用说了。It#39;s useful to recall the time just 30-odd years ago when such attitudes prevailed, because the growth of western fast food in China since then has been nothing short of spectacular.回忆一下三十多年前还盛行的这种态度很有好处,因为此后洋快餐在中国的发展只能用;壮观;二字形容。Moral of the story? One thing which is very difficult to predict is the future.这个故事告诉我们什么道理呢?世事难料!As of the end of 2011, McDonald#39;s had 1,464 stores on the Chinese mainland, with a stated plan to open another 250 this year. This compares with their 3,298 stores in Japan, which suggests significant upside for further expansion in China.截至到2011年底,麦当劳在中国大陆共有1,464家店面,已宣布年内即将开业的店面还有250家。但是与日本3,298家麦当劳相比,未来还有很大的拓展空间。Illinois-based McDonald#39;s had global revenues US billion last year. Any way you cut it, that#39;s a lot of burgers and fries.麦当劳总部设在美国的伊利诺伊州,去年全球总收入为270亿美元。这个数字无论怎么分解,都意味着数不尽的汉堡和薯条。Still, wings are beating burgers in the war for the hearts and minds of Chinese consumers.但是,在争夺中国消费者的青睐上,最终还是鸡翅打败了汉堡。Kentucky-based Yum brands is the big kahuna of fast food in China, with the KFC, Pizza Hut, and Little Sheep hotpot chain under its umbrella.位于肯塔基州的百盛餐饮集团(Yum)才是中国快餐业的老大,旗下品牌包括肯德基、必胜客(Pizza Hut),甚至连小肥羊(Little Sheep)火锅连锁店也被它收入了帐下。It#39;s useful to think about things which many experts today are predicting could never and will never happen.想想这些很多专家依然预言不可能、也永远不会发生的事情,会对我们大有好处。Entrepreneurs with an innovative idea, plus the resources and passion to execute it, can often win big by betting against the so-called leading experts of the day.具有创新思维,有资源、有热情去把想法付诸实施的企业家不妨反其道而行之,挑战这些所谓的顶级专家,往往能从中获得丰厚的回报。 /201203/173510 重庆早孕检查重庆哪家医院人流恢复快



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