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重庆爱德华男科预约重庆市第八人民医院宫腔镜手术费用冲刺练习及范文(3) -- :: 来源: Protecting the Intangible Cultural Heritages  1.保护非物质文化遗产很重要  .非物质文化遗产指的是……  3.为保护非物质文化遗产我们应该……    Protecting the Intangible Cultural Heritages  Like tangible cultural heritages such as the Great Wall and the bidden City, intangible cultural heritages like Peking Opera and Confucius-commemorating rituals are equally crucial. We should make our utmost efts to preserve intangible heritages because, without their physical m of existence, they are in greater risk of extinction.  According to UNESCO’s Convention the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage (), all ms of social customs and habits, folklore, perming arts, rituals, oral traditions, festivals, traditional crafts and various knowledge and practices about nature and universe can be classified as intangible cultural heritages. As a country consisting of a great diversity of ethnic groups and with time-honored history and civilization, China abounds in intangible cultural heritages. Cultural heritages connect modern people with the historical past, allowing them to acquire a cultural and historical identity. Without cultural heritages, we would be rendered absolutely rootless and we would find it hard to cope with challenges at present and in the future.  However, the modernization process poses mounting threats to intangible heritages. Many people have a blind faith in the latest electronic devices. It is also pathetic to see elderly people in possession of such legacies pass away without transmitting them to the younger generation. Faced with those challenges, we should both preserve and renovate our ancestral heritages so that we can help contribute to the cultural diversity of the world and return to our spiritual homeland in this age of impersonal science and technology.大渡口输卵管不孕 欢迎学习《读句子轻松学英语四级语法【第60节】60.I had no idea that it closes so early on weekends.四级词汇讲解:I have no idea是“我不知道”的意思,与I dont know含义相同I have no idea的后面可以像本句一样接从句,也可以什么都不接,用于回答别人的问话英语四级考点归纳:英语中有一些表达偏向于用名词而不用动词如:如果要说“我的舞跳得不好”,口语里很少用I dont dance well.而是说Im not good at dancing.或I am not a good dancer.又如“我歌唱得不太好”,就可以说I am not a good singer.学习更多《读句子轻松学英语四级语法英语能力>英语作文>初一英语作文 暑假英语日记每日一篇:广州一日游 -- :5:3 来源: 暑假英语日记每日一篇:广州一日游Today, my parents and i went to Guangzhou. It's a wonderful travel.今天,我和我的爸爸妈妈到广州去了,这真是一次美妙的旅行Guangzhou, also known as the Flower City, are many flowers along the both sides of streets. It’s very beautiful. Besides, thecity is clean ,snacks are yummy. There are many skyscrapers in Guangzhou, especially in the downtown. We visited many tourist attractions. They are all worth visiting. 广州,又名花城,在街道两旁有许多美丽的鲜花另外,这个城市干净,小吃也很很好吃广州有许多高楼大厦,特别是市中心那里我们去了很多景点,都很好玩,值得一去万州治不孕不育症

九龙坡南岸区人流手术多少钱名师总结:新新题探究之单词题集锦(二) -- ::33 来源:qnr 我们对单词题机经的学习, immediate的目的是为了对付考试,但同时我们也提高了英语的实力. 在我们脑海中本来孤立存在的一些单词,通过同义词近义词甚至更广泛意义上的替换词联系在了一起,让英语单词赋予了英语的意义,赋予了英语的关联, 让呆板的单词立体了起来, 让"死"单词活了起来. 当我们再看到这些单词的时候,我们的反映就不只是它的汉语意思,而是英语的,从而真真地提高了我们阅读的能力. 我们GRE或TOEFL写作的时候,不经常感到词汇贫乏嘛? 如果我们对这些有一个更好的把握, 那么下笔时就不会只有"simple and naive"的单词, 高档词汇就会顺着笔尖滚滚而来, 挥洒自如.那让我们就开始吧 ---------单词题大集锦(JJ)之二 peculiarstrangepenetrateenterperiodically from time to timeperceptible noticeableappreciable prevailing dominantpropertycharacteristicquality品质,性质revival 复兴,复活 restoration 恢复scented 有香味的 fragrantsegment=portionslightsmallstem滋生arisestimulatecausesubstantial significant considerable essentialsurpassed超越的 superiorvigorousenergeticwhilealthough(while有三个意思:when, whereas, although)Appreciable 可感知的,值得重视的 Noticeable 值得注意的,显而易见的Antiseptic消过毒的,杀菌的 CleanAbort中止, 中断QuitAbandonedLeft (原形leave有“遗弃”的意思)AbsorbTake in 吸收AbundantPlentifulBroadlyExtensivelyBulkGreat quantityBattleStruggleBlossom开花,兴旺FlourishCargoShipmentChaoticDisorganizedComprisingmingCoveredIncludedConsumeEat upCompletelyTotallyComplicatedComplexConverted intoChanged intoCardinal主要的;北美红雀FundamentalConserveSaveDeviseCreateDissuadeDiscourageDiscardedThrew upDispensable not necessaryEnableAllowExpendUseEstimationEvaluationExtendedStretchedEmergenceAppearanceEnrichEnhanceEnsue跟着发生ResultEnsureGuaranteeEnlist征募,谋取ObtainEradicate根除Remove completelyExplicitlyClearFluctuationVariationFunctionUtilityFundMoneyGroundlessUnfounded 没有理由的Havoc严重破坏destructIncorporateMergeInherent固有的Character ofInsufficientInadequateLeisureFree timeLargelyMostlyLucrativeProfitableLaunch启动,发起;发射InitiateLinkedConnectedMerelySimplyMisleadingInaccurateManifestRevealNoteRecordOmit NeglectPerilousDangerousPrecededCame beePeaktime of the greatest periodProtrude Stick out 伸出Patch 斑点;碎片SpotPrecisionAccuracyPerilDangerPronounced 显著的,明确的Definite 明确的Rate坚定等级,估价Classify 分类,分等RivalCompeteReadilyEasilyRender致使, 造成; 给予,呈递MakeRefuseGarbageResidentInhabitantRigorousHarshReinceStrengthenScant缺乏的,不足的MinimalShort strideShort stepsSpan跨度,跨越的时间PeriodSignificantlyConsiderablySurmise猜测GuessStaunch坚定的StrongScope范围ExtentSubstantial实质的; 丰富的EssentialSinkDrop to the bottomSerene平静的CalmSurmiseAssumptionSuitedAppropriatedSwiftlyQuicklySole uniqueShrink contractToil 苦干WorkTerrain TractTechniqueMethodTransmationChangeThereeConsequentlyUnim ConsistentVitalEssential$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ineffectivewithout result,liberal宽大的,慷慨的,自由主义的extensiveComponentconstituent 组分, 要素Typicalordinaryfeast 宴会—eating,vehicle方法,车辆—methodnearly---almost  surplus---extraunimlyconsistentlyradically根本地completelylucrative有利的profitableflourishing prosperedproximity to close toleisurely从容不迫地 slowlyinnovativeneweradicate根除 completely movedexaggerate overstatedagile 敏捷的 move and act quicklydelicate daintyinfirm--weaktheree consequentlyshrink contract 收缩vital essentialeradicate removed completelyphenomenal异常的非凡的;现象的显著的extraordinarybecome extinct die outinitiallyoriginallyconspicuous显著的 notableperpetual永久的 constant不变的,持续的reputation = fameobscure 模糊的= not clearmisunderstanding = wrong ideaconsecutive连续的successivesuspectdoubtimmensegreatpigmentation染色coloringcollide with run into项目,物品 itemsornament装饰 decorateMaximum the greatest sizerevenues 税收 incomedemise死亡extinctCertainspecified 指定的myriad 无数的innumerable 词汇 名师 单词 集锦 新重庆市第三人民医院妇产科 .中文水平高合川不孕不孕医院那家好

大渡口市不育不孕专业医院通过 例句 分析 英译汉 英语四级写作热点预测:善意的诺言 --18 3:33: 来源: 热点演练19   Directions : this part , you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic White Lie . You should write at least 0 words , and base your composition on the outline given below in CHinese :   1.有时候人们会出于善意而对别人说谎,这种诺言被称为“善意的诺言”   .但有人认为只要说谎就是不对   3.你对此的看法是……   参考范文   框架搭建:通过审题可知这是一篇对比分析类作文,其基本的段落安排如下:第一段概述什么是善意的诺言,引出人们对它的争议;第二段针对善意的诺言提出两种不同的观点并分别说明理由;第三段谈谈“我”对善意的诺言的看法并说明理由   White Lie   Sometimes , people have to tell a lie to someone else in order to protect him or avoid hurting his feeling . That is called " white lie " . But since it is a lie , it has always been a controversial topic .   Many people believe that a white lie is a kind of protection both the lie teller and the lie receiver . In their opinions , if the truth might be a great hurt to thers , they should cover it . However , still others hold the opposite view . They argue that telling a lie to somebody , in fact , invades his right to know the truth . Besides , they insist that if one is inmed of the truth . one can make proper decision according to his own will .   Weighing up these two arguments , I prefer the latter one . Nobody can guarantee that covering the truth to one person is best to him . Anyone should be admitted to make his own decistion . But it is worth noting that the truth should be conveyed in a humane way if it might hurt others .巫溪黔江区武隆县治疗内分泌哪家医院最好的重庆子宫肌瘤哪个医院治的好



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