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  • Ladies and gentlemen, theres so much news for us to talk about tonight.女士们先生们,今天的节目里我们会讲到很多新闻事件。I mean, there is so much news. The Syrian refugee crisis is escalating.是的,最近发生了很多大事。叙利亚难民危机正在升级Theres been another Ebola outbreak, and North Korea has restarted its nuclear program.新一轮的埃拉病毒爆发,朝鲜重启核试验But you wouldnt know this if you lived in Los Angeles但是如果你居住在洛杉矶的话,这里有条新闻是你所不知道的,because the local news devoted itself to covering the biggest story of all and that is that it rained this morning.当地媒体今天报道了一条重大新闻,洛杉矶今天早上下雨了The rain has been coming down shall we say fast and furious.这场雨来得又大又猛This rain has not let up. Amber, I agree with you with maybe some records have been broken.到现在还没有要放晴的迹象。安柏,我同意你的看法,这么大的降雨量应该已经打破历史记录了I didnt expect this much rain. I get here, the rain is coming, and this is pretty heavy.我没想到降雨量会有这么大。我到这儿才发现下雨了,而且越下越大Yeah, today was quite the day for us Los Angelees. Angelandians. Angelinos.嗯,今天真是我们洛杉丽人的大日子,也是洛杉第安人的大日子。也是洛杉吉诺人的I dont know what we are. I dont know what we are. No matter what we are, one thing is clear, people were freaking out.我都不知道我们是哪里人了。但不管我们是哪里人,有一点是可以肯定的,人们都吓坏了I mean right now Syrian refugees are wondering: will I die on my way to freedom?叙利亚难民可能在担心:我会不会死在通往自由的道路上And the people of Los Angeles are wondering: will I get a little wet on my way to Pinkberry?而洛杉矶人则在担心:我会不会在去帕芭厘的路上弄湿了衣Even the weather man was panicking. I dont know what to do.甚至天气预报员都开始担心起来。我不知道怎么办才好I usually just say its sunny and point to a sun with sunglasses. But I cant say its coming.我以前只要戴着墨镜指着太阳说明天是个晴天就行了,但是没想到今天下雨了。What do I say? What do I say? I dont know what to say!我该说些什么?我该说些什么?现在怎么办?Now, I dont want to trivialize the situation because some people have been afflicted.我不能说这事儿没什么大不了的,因为现实中真的有人正为此而担忧There was a harrowing story today that three actors were forced to have brunch inside the restaurant.今天发生了一件极其悲惨的事件,三位演员不得不在酒店内用完了早午饭I mean, for four hours of rain, things did get pretty serious though.雨已经下了三个小时,事态开始变得严重起来Lets take a look at this headline which we found this morning.我们一起来看看今天早上的头条新闻Residents evacuated as rain floods building—evacuated?居民纷纷撤离洪水泛滥地区——撤离?Are we sure thats what happened? Yeah, pretty bleak scenes out here, John.你确定真相是这样吗?是的,约翰,我们可以看到外面已经一片荒凉景象People are piling into their cars, leaving their homes with nothing but a coffee mug, a briefcase and an everything bagel.人们钻进车里,啥也不带就逃出家门,只带上一只马克杯,一个公文包和一块面包圈Yeah, I think those were just people going to work.我猜这些人应该只是去上班吧Like Im from England, right? And if we had what L.A. had today, everyone would be saying to one another, ooh, should we have a barbeque? Barbeque? I mean...我可是来自于把下雨当做家常便饭的英国好吗?如果洛杉矶这么大的雨是下在英国的话,大家都只会跟朋友说,哎,我们出去烧烤怎么样?You guys are the weather equivalent of a lightweight.你们这里的雨就是雨中最小的那一级California is like the guy at the party that has one beer and then trashes the place.加利福尼亚州就像是个在聚会上只喝了一杯啤酒就在现场吐得一塌糊涂的人I mean, seriously, look what were dealing with.看看现在的情况吧What a terrible morning it is to be on the road.今天路上的状况真是太糟糕了We lived through much of it without that rain coming down. Things looking better right now.没见过这么大的雨,现在已经好了很多了I mean, thats it. Ive created more drops of water just from watching Marley and Me on D.V.D.也不过如此而已。我看《马利和我》时哭出来的眼泪都比这下的雨多If you dont get that joke, I wont spoil the ending, but Marley dies.如果你没听懂的话说明你没看过这个电影,我就不透露结局了,但马利最后死了Can we see that road again? Can we see that road again? Look at that.我们能再给那条路一个镜头吗?再给那条路一个镜头吗?来看看My aunt gets more wet ing the new Fifty Shades of Grey novel.我阿姨看《五十度灰》的时候,当时的水都比这降水多Not like that! No, youre disgust—Not like that.不是你们想的那样。不是,你们思想好脏——不是那样的She lives in Seattle and she s outdoors.她住在西雅图,而且她那天是在屋外看的Whats wrong with you people? Thats my aunt.你们天天都在想些什么啊?那可是我阿姨Do you know what, forget it. Im not even going to go into the story about my grandmas sweet sweet cherry pie.好了,别管这事了。我也不会告诉你们我奶奶甜美的樱桃派的故事Because you will just...Youll into it differently. Ive had enough. Forget it. Lets move on.因为你们肯定会……你们肯定会误解我的意思。我受够了。别说这事儿了我们继续201706/513945。
  • A 7-year-old boys parents left him in the woods as a punishment. And now, they cant find him. 一名七岁男孩的父母为了惩罚孩子将其留在深林,现在他们找不到孩子了。Yamato Tanooka and his family went to a mountain range in northern Japan on Saturday. His parents told police they left him in the woods to punish him for throwing rocks at cars and people.周六,田野冈大和与家人来到日本北部的山脉。他的父母告诉警方,他们将孩子留在森林以惩罚他向汽车和行人扔石头。Tanookas parents originally told police their son went missing while picking wild vegetables with the family. Later, they admitted they made the boy get out of the car at the bottom of the mountain, according to NHK World. 田野冈大和的父母起初告诉警方,他们的儿子是在与家人一起摘野菜时走失的。据NHK国际台报道,随后他们承认在山脚下是他们让男孩下车的。More than 100 people have been searching for the boy since Saturday afternoon and have had no luck finding him. 自周六下午以来,已有100多人一直在寻找这个男孩,但没有找到。Its well documented that bears live in the area. In 2010, two people were mauled to death by bears on the island where the boy went missing, The Telegraph reported. 有据可查熊生活在该地区。电讯报报道,2010年在男孩失踪的岛上两人被熊重创致死。And in 2013, a man was attacked by a bear on a different mountain range on the island. He defended himself using pruning shears. 2013年,一人在岛上的不同山脉被熊袭击。他用修枝剪保护自己。译文属。201606/447062。
  • 栏目简介:Your personal information is at risk when booking a cab through third-party apps. To better protect privacy, apps have started to offer encrypted services, but that doesnt solve everything. Wu Yina has more.201703/496733。
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