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劳动节(May Day) -- :6:37 来源: 劳动节(May Day)  May first is a Sunday. And it is the Labor’s Day. My mother said to me :“Open your eyes!And look out of the window. What a fine day! Let’s go to park,” So my mother, my classmate and I went to the park.  We took some foods in my schoolbag. On the way to the park. I saw the blue sky with snow-white clouds. I saw pear trees and some apple trees and so on.  Below the trees, there are several kinds of flowers. It’s colorful, blue, red, yellow, pink, purple, orange and white. I saw some balloons and butterflies in the sky. I ate popcorn, cornflakes, banana and lollipop. they were wonderful.  In the afternoon, we went to the zoo. I visited the birds, mice, cats, dogs, budgies, hamsters, rabbits and so on.  May Day is my favorite day!万岁-- :5:   洋话连篇口语课堂上,老师对大家说:"……当我们经过奋斗,大学录取通知书送到我们手上时,我们拿着通知书会高呼什么呢?当然,我们高呼'Hurray'"一位学员莫名其妙地问:"'Hurry'--快点,快点做什么呀?"老师与学员众笑  老师对该学员说:"'Hurray'与'Hurry'的发音差不多,当听到别人兴高采烈地这样大喊'Hurray'时,你可不要误认为是说'快点',人家是在高呼'万岁'呢当然,高兴到了极点时,我们还可以拖着长音说'Huuuuurrrrray!'"

Summer Camp -- ::5 来源: Summer Camp  On Saturday, we went camping, with our teachers. First we pitched the tent. Then our older brothers and older sisters played game with us.  At noon, we all had a delicious lunch followed by a barbecue dinner. At night, we had bonfire and sang and danced. We didn’t sleep until : at night.  But some of the boys were so noisy we couldn't fall alseep. I only slept three hours. The next morning, everybody woke up very early.  After exercising in the morning, we all went to see the small pigs. On the way there, we saw a lot of geese.  At :00, we went back to eat ice cream. It was so cold. Then, we all played games together. We ate lunch at :00. In the afternoon, we played musical instruments and sang.  After that, camp was over. We had a lot of fun at the summer camp. I am looking ward o going to another summer camp soon.

旅游英语口语情景对话:入住宾馆(part ) --01 1:19:5 来源: A: Hi, I'm John Sandals, and I have a reservation.B: Would you show me your ID, sir, please?A: Here you go.B: Thank you very much. Now, sir, do you have a credit card?A: Certainly! Would you like my American Express card?B: Regrettably, Mr. Sandals, we accept only MasterCard or VISA.A: I thought American Express was accepted everywhere. Never mind. Here's my VISA.B: Thanks. You're in room 5, a big, nonsmoking room, with a queen bed. Is that okay, sir?A: Yes, that's just fine.B: I'm happy to hear that. Here is your key. Just dial 0 if you need anything.旅游英语口语,旅游英语专业,旅游英语对话,旅游英语词汇,旅游英语作文,旅游英语专业介绍 旅游 英语口语 情景

  五年级英语作文:My teacher --1 :00:5 来源:  Mi Qin is my favorite teacher. She teaches us Chinese. She is lovely lady in her thirty-two years old. Her warm smile and black long hair are her symbols. My clamates like her very much, because she is always kind to us. In my view, she is a wise teacher. She tells us many stories to us. It seems she knows everything. Besides, she writes good s. She tells us if we want to write good s, we should books as much as we can. She always cares much about us. I think this is important a good teacher.

  我最喜欢的老师 My Favorite Teacher -- ::53 来源: Miss Qin is myfavorite teacher. She teaches us Chinese. She is lovely lady in her thirty-two yearsold. Her warm smile and black long hair are her symbols. My classmates like hervery much, because she is always kind to us. In my view, she is a wise teacher.She tells us many stories to us. It seems she knows everything. Besides, shewrites good s. She tells us if we want to write good s, we should books as much as we can. She always cares much about us. I think this is important a good teacher.秦老师是我最喜欢的老师她教我们的语文,今年3岁,是个可爱的女士她温暖的笑容和黑黑的长发是她的标志我的同学都很喜欢她,因为她对我们总是很和蔼在我看来,她是一个充满智慧的老师她给我们讲很多的故事,感觉她什么都知道此外,她的文章写得很好她告诉我们,如果我们想好写好文章就应该尽可能的多读书她总是很关心我们我认为这对一个老师是很重要的。

  第三十届洛阳牡丹节月5日开幕 -- :58: 来源: 第三十届洛阳牡丹节将于月5日到5月5日举行前往洛阳各个牡丹公园观看的游客将可以欣赏到5万多种牡丹花,就像其他中国名花展一样届时将会举行各种活动如牡丹摄影赛等The 30th Luoyang Peony Culture Festival will take place from April 5th to May 5th. Visitors to Luoyang’s various peony parks can enjoy the sight of over 5,000 peony flowers, as well as an exhibition of China’s other famous flowers. A number of activities, such as a peony photo competition, will also take place.various peony parks are as follows1) Wancheng Park (王城公园) Considered the main venue admiring peonies, this park is divided into six scenic areas. Nine different coloured peonies are planted here, as well as 838 different varieties, bringing the total number of flowers her to over 50,000.Add: North section of ZhongzhouZhonglu, Luoyang地址:洛阳市中州中路北侧,洛阳物馆西的东周王城遗址上Tel: 79 6393 855Opening hours: 5:30-1:30; flowers in bloom from April 1 to May th. The best time to view them is in mid AprilTickets:0 RMB (early stage); 50 RMB mid-stage; 5 RMB late stageGetting there: take bus no. 9, , 1, , 19, 0, 50, 59, 1, 1 or 1 to Wancheng Park) Luoyang National Peony Park (洛阳国家牡丹园)Sp over 700 mu, this park features over 600 varieties of Chinese peonies totalling over 50,000 individual plants, as well as over0 varieties of eign varieties totalling 50,000 individual plants.Add: 00 metres west of the WanchengDadao and 3 National Highway intersection, Luoyang 地址: 洛阳市王城大道与3国道交叉口西00米Price: 0 RMB early stage; 55 blooming stage; 0 RMB late stageOpening hours: April 6-th, 6:30-19:00; peonies are in full bloom April -ndGetting there: from Luoyang Train Station take the no.51 bus to National Peony Park stop3) Shenzhou Peony Park (神州牡丹园)Situated opposite the White Horse Temple 5 km outside the city, Shenzhou Peony Park occupies 600 mu and features over 800 varieties of peonies and a total of 30,000 individual plants. It also boasts over 300 varieties of Chinese herbaceous peonies.Add: Baimasi Town, Luolong District, Luoyang地址: 洛阳市洛龙区白马寺镇Tel: 79 6378 37Opening hours: April 5 - May 5, 5:30-1:30; peonies will be in full blossom in mid AprilPrice: 0 RMB early stage, 55 RMB mid-stage, 0 RMB late stageGetting there: take bus no. 56 or 58 to Shenzhou Peony Park (White Horse Temple) stop) China National Flower Park (中国国花园)This park stretches 500 metres east to west and is the largest park specialised in peonies in all of China. The park is divided into six scenic districts and features over 00 varieties of peonies and 500,000 individual plants.Add: Longmen Dadao, Luolong District, Luoyang地址: 洛阳市洛龙区龙门大道号Opening hours: April -5th, 5:30-1:30; peonies are in full bloom from April -thPrice: 0 RMB early stage, 55 RMB mid-stage, 30 RMB late stageGetting there: take bus no.53, 55, 69 or 81 to Luoyang Qiaonan stop 第三十 洛阳 牡丹

  多人 -- 1:19:19 来源: With the sudden death of a rich man Buoso in Florence, a great amount of family inheritance was left unsettled. And it was rumored that the inheritance would all go to the archive of the monastery. Having learned about it, the avaricious folks to Buoso schemed to make alteration to the will their benefit. At the point of the topsy-turvy, Gianni Schicchi, a beloved friend to the dead, paid his unexpected visit. And they plotted like a team with Gianni Schicchi pretending to be the deceased Buoso n order to change the terms of the will. In which, Gianni Schicchi left the most desired and valuable mule, house and the mill to himself as well as facilitates the marriage of the loving couple of Lauretta and Rinuccio.As the bunch of vulture-like kinsmen to Buoso and Gianni Schicchi who took liberty changing the terms of will themselves, they were finally doomed to where they ought to be, the Abyss.......Buoso: Oh! Zita! I can't I can't... All: Buoso! Buoso!Zita: Oh! Brother, your death is such a loss, I cannot help ceasing my grief. Betto: Poor brother-in-law. Geraldo: I will cry days and days. Nella: days? Months! Ciesca: months? Years Zita: the rest of my life. Get out of here! Nella, Ciesa: Bauso, we'll mourn your death all our lives. Simone: (Rush into the house.) There were rumors. "If Buoso dies, all the tune will go to the monks." Zita: If the will is in the hands of a notary, perhaps it's a disaster us. But if it has been left in this room, it's a disaster the monks.My darling, let's put our hopes in the will. Ciesca: But no one knows where the will is! Zita: Oh! Sister, you have ~our hands and brains, don't you? So find it yourself. (Everyone is searching the will) Zita: People say I'm a miser, I don't care what they say to me! They say I'm a scrooge, money -grubber, I don't care what they take of me. Once you have money, everyone will surrender themselves to me. So , no matter what you call me, miser, scrooge, or money grubber, I don't care. Rinuccio: Here's the lost will. Quiet! Sisters, tell me if you have money, will you Give me consent to marry sweet Lauretta, G.S's daughter. All: Yes, we'll talk about it. Rinuccio: Oh! I could marry her on the coming May. Zita: If all goes well as we hope, marry whomever you like, ever the devil's daughter. Rinuccio: Money is meaningless without Lauretta; you all take the property, I just want you to agree to our marriage. (Turn to the boy) Run to G.S, and tell him to come here with Lauretta. Zita: (Read the will)"To my dear Zita, Simone, Nella, Ciesca and Rinuccio..." Simone: Oh! Enjoy them, my noble Buoso! All: If only he's left me this house, mills and the mule... Zita: Quietness would be required at this solemn moment! "Of my heritage, I leave everything to a monastery." Simone: It was true! Zita: My happiness is stolen by the will. Geraldo: Buoso is indeed a noble man. Nella: I would appreciate you if you shut your mouth. Simone: Can we do some change to the will? All: Simone! Simone: Just make a little difference to save our pockets. Zita: Oh! Hell will wait you, Simone, but we still need money even we are not in the heaven. Ciesca: But how? Zita: Simone, since you are a politician, So you're sure to know the trick to make money. Simone: Politician! I'm a statesman. Hold your wicked tongue. Zita! Rinuccio: Only one person can advise us. All: Who? Rinuchio: Gianni Schicchi. Zita: I don't want to hear another word about G.S. and his daughter. Little Boy: He is coming here. All: Who? Little Boy: Gianni Schicchi. Zita: Who sent him. Rinuccio: I did because I hope... Zita: A man who comes to Florence from the country! And marry into a family of upstarts! I don't want him here. Rinuccio: You are mistaken. He's clever, he knows all the tricks. Even though he is a jester, but who can be more foxy-tongued. than him? G.S.: I hear someone praising me. Oh! Zita, I haven't seen you a long time. You are still like what you are, a miser! Ha! Buoso must surely be better! He's dead. Look at them? They acts better than a jester! Noble man always dies young. I understand the pain of such a loss you. Geraldo: I can't see the loss. Nella: The loss is really enormous. You idiot! Oh! Geraldo: Nella! GS.: Geraldo always makes his wife mad! What should I say now, Never mind. In this world, if you lose one thing you find another. You've lost Buoso, but there's the inheritance.Betto, Ciesca: Certainly the monks! You are disinherited! Zita: Yes, and that's why I'm telling you and your daughter to be off I won't give my little brother to a girl without a dowry. Rinuccio: But I love her. Zita: what! Since Father and Mother died, I take care of you alone. The only wish to me is to see you wedded to a lady from the noble house. But you old fox and your daughter ruin my fantasia. G.S.: Enough! You old witch! a dowry, you would sacrifice my daughter and your little brother , You, stingy, gasping, mean! Lauretta: Rinuccio, love pains me. why you swore to love me. Rinuccio: You know me; I won't marry money. I swore to be true. G.S.: Dry your eyes, Lauretta. Have a little pride! Let's get our of here. Lauretta: No, Papa! Rinuccio: Clever Gianni chichi , please look at the will. Try to save us, I know you can find a solution. G.S.: these greedy people? Never! Lauretta: My dear father. I love Rinuccio. I really mean it. If I can't marry him. I wish I could die. Father, have a pity. G.S.: Give me the will (Take a look.) Nothing to be done. Lauretta: Farewell, sweet hope. We'll not be married in May. G.S.: who knows that Buoso is dead? All: Nobody. G.S.: Bravo! All: why? G.S.: Can't you see? All: No!We Should Follow Traffic Rules 我们应该遵守交通规则 -- :9:9 来源: We Should Follow Traffic Rules 我们应该遵守交通规则  In order to keep the road orderly and people safe, everyone should follow traffic rules.  The walkers should look carefully both left and right when they are crossing the roads. When people are driving, they should wear a seat belt. Drivers are not allowed to drive after drinking. They must stop when the lights are red. Many people take buses. They should wait in line, and follow the rule "First get off, then get on".  If everyone follows the traffic rules, there will be fewer traffic accidents.  为了保持交通秩序和人们的安全,人人都应该遵守交通规则  行人在穿马路时,应该人真的看看左右当人们开车时要系上安全带,酒后不能开车,见到红灯必须停下来许多人乘公共汽车,他们应该排队,并遵守“先下后上”的原则  如果人人都能遵守交通规则,交通事故就会少多了吴桥杂技大世界英文导游词 -- :19:01 来源: 吴桥杂技大世界英文导游词中国杂技是中国人最喜欢的一门艺术,起源于人们的日常生活和工作河北吴桥县是我国杂技发祥地之一,被国内外杂技界公认为中国杂技之乡In my opinion, the tour to Wuqiao Acrobatics World should focus on the experiences and feelings more than the academic knowledges. The tourists who intend to visit this theme park want to satisfy the curiosity about the Chinese acrobatics, they prefer watching and participating rather than listening. So if I was the guide escort a tour group to Wuqiao Acrobatics World, I will not prepare a long commentary to disturb my tourists in the scenic spot. Most of the interpretation should be delivered on the couch and outside the park. What the guide need doing inside the park is only explaining something the tour members are not familiar with or feel puzzled.The commentary has 3 parts:*Part one :Introduction about Chinese acrobatics.Chinese acrobatics is the Chinese people's favourite art, which is originated in people’s daily life and work. Has absorbed from singing, dancing and other various perming ms, the Chinese acrobatics has got a great development. With about 500 years history, Chinese acrobatics still shines as one of the brightest stars in Chinese culture. It has won the title of “the kingdom of Acrobatics” in the world. The Chinese acrobatics group have traveled to many countries and regions throughout the world and won fans everywhere.*Part two: introduction about wuqiao acrobatics and Wuqiao Acrobatics World1) Why wuqiao is famous?wuqiao county is well known by Chinese people and eigners as the birthplace of the famous Chinese acrobatics, which with a long acrobatics history and perfect perming arts. It is said that the local people there are all able to perm acrobatics more or less; no matter he is 99 years old or just learning to walk. So acrobatics has become a very important part of the local people’s daily life.) The uniqueness of the Wuqiao Acrobatics World?Wuqiao Acrobatics World is built in 199, as the only acrobatics theme park in the world, it also became the largest perming arts appreciating park in china.Almost all the unbelievable permances can be seen in this park. example, a mouse can be trained to wive or perm on the tightrope.When we talking about Tianqiao of Beijing, we must mention “The Eight Eccentrics of Tianqiao,” and they were the creator of bottom culture of the imbalanced society. They had made greatly contributions to our national k art and its development. In wuqiao acrobatics we also can see the scenes of the past Tianqiao, which are attractive and wonderful.*Part three: What we should learn from acrobatics?(When the group has finished the visiting in the park)Acrobatics is beneficial the commy and education. The actors interpret the beauty of the art with the limits of life, make successes more encouraged and losers never discouraged. So the tour to appreciate acrobatics also has a role of education, enlightens people by the meaning of life, makes them enjoy life and never gave up. 吴桥 杂技 大世界

  一年级英语作文:My Teachers House --1 01:1:31 来源: My English teacher has a big house.It has a living room, a big dining room, two bedrooms, a study, two bathrooms and a big kitchen.In the living room, there is a big picture, four brown sofas, white fa and blue walls. The TV set is big. There is a big Chinese knot on the wall. There are lanter below the lights. I like them.This is my English teacherrsquo house.拉萨大旅游景点英文介绍:布达拉宫 -- :58:01 来源: 拉萨大旅游景点英文介绍:布达拉宫Tibet, aka the "Roof of the World," is the highest region on the planet, with an average elevation of more than ,000 meters. Located on a plateau north of the Himalayas, it is a mysterious, exotic place to many outsiders. Since the beginning of the th century, the massive, tranquil land with its majestic scenery and mysterious religious culture has exerted an overwhelming attraction on travelers.Tibet's capital city Lhasa is labeled one of the most dreamed-about cities in the world. An ancient city dating back 1,300 years, Lhasa is home to the magnificent Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple Monastery and Norbulingka (Garden of Treasures), all listed as world heritage sites. May to July is the best time to visit Lhasa, as itrains at night but is still sunny in the daytime.The following are the top attractions in Lhasa, China. 1. The Potala Palace The Potala Palace is considered to be a model of Tibetan architecture. Located on the Red Hill in Lhasa, it covers more than 360,000 square meters and has storeys. It was first constructed in 61, by Tibetan King Songtsen Gampo, in order to welcome his bride, Princess Wencheng of the Tang Dynasty. This structure was later burned to the ground during a war and rebuilt in the th century by the Fifth Dalai Lama. Over the past three centuries, the palace has gradually become a place where the Dalai Lama lives and works and a place preserving the remains of previous Dalai Lamas.Admission: 0 yuan (US.5) (May 1-Oct 31); 0 yuan (US$.) (Nov 1-Apr 30) 旅游景点 布达拉宫

  关于旅游的 --19 :19:36 来源: China is very beautiful. It has the Guilin scenery and the GREat Wall. In Guilin, has the blue color the sky, the white cloud, but also has the strange mountain: In the GREat Wall, you can feel what calls GREatly. Welcome to China to travel, because here was too beauti

  疯狂英语口语对话详解7篇第7课:这不需要-- :7:36 That's not necessary. 除了用No之外另一句较婉转拒绝别人的常用句子是:”That’s not necessary.”(这不需要)当你想拒绝一些不太需要的商业务,可以说:”That’s not necessary.”表示你不需要,假如别人坚持替你做,而你也无所谓的话可说:”That’s not necessary but if you do, it would be nice.”(这并不是必须的,但如你真的要做,也是不错) 除了That’s not necessary. 外,也可用Please don’t bother. (不要打扰)或You don’t have to. You don’t need to. That’s no need. 都是不需要的意思 对话 A: I'll give you a call after I arrive in San Francisco. B: That's not necessary. Long distance charges are expensive. Just send me an email. A: I'm afraid I won’t have my PC set up that soon. B: Come on, you can find internet bars and cafes all over San Francisco. A: That’s true. 甲:我到达旧金山后会给你电话 乙:这不必了,长途电话费很贵,给我电子邮件便可 甲:恐怕我来不及安装好计算机 乙:拜托,旧金山到处都可找到网络咖啡店 甲:对 叫人家不必做一件事,除了说:It is not necessary ( you) to do that,你当然还可以用名词need字:There is no need ( you) to do that用need做动词则怎样说呢? Need做动词,用法比较特别首先,它可以和普通动词一样有字尾变化,例如: You need. He needs to do that.(你他必须这样做)、You don’t . He doesn’t need to do that. (你他不必这样做)、Do you Does he need to do that?(你他要这样做吗?) 但在否定或疑问句里,need字有时会做辅助动词(auxiliary verb)用,和must、should等差不多,例如You He need not do that. (You don’t. He doesn’t need to do that.)、Need you he do that? (Do you Does he need to do that?) 这两句虽然是说现在的事,但need和he连用也不必加s说过去,You did not need to do that. 是说‘你不必那样做’,做了没有未见说明,need是主要动词;You need not have done that. 也是说‘你不必那样做’,但你做了,need是辅助动词 还有一个字是必须谈谈的:necessarily这是个副词(adverb),和形容词(adjective) necessary 同源而形似,但意思不同,解作‘必然’,常用于否定句,not necessarily即‘未必’,例如:(1) “He’ll lose.” “Not necessarily.” ( ‘他会输’ ‘未必’) () Learned people do not necessarily prosper.(有学问未必就会发)。

  五一小长假免签旅游景点推荐 --30 18:59: 来源: 五一小长假免签旅游景点推荐Many people will be traveling abroad over the coming May Day holiday. Here are some scenic spots which allow visa-free visits to Chinese tourists.五一小长假会有很多人出国旅游这里是一些中国游客免签的旅游景点1.Paradise Beach in Mauritius 毛里求斯天堂海滩度假胜地 Paradise Beach in Mauritius, with stunning displays of bougainvillea. .The Mondop in Saraburi The Mondop in Saraburi province, Thailand houses footprints of the Lord Buddha. 3.济州岛hello Kitty主题公园 Hello Kitty theme park is a major attraction of Jeju Island, South Korea. .Guam关岛 Kayaks and sailboats grace the waters of Guam, a US territory in the western Pacific Ocean. 5.Saint Basil's Cathedral in Red Square 红场圣巴西尔大教堂 Saint Basil's Cathedral in Red Square, Moscow, is one of the best known tourist attractions in Russia. 6.The ancient pyramids of Egypt 古埃及金字塔 The ancient pyramids of Egypt offer a spectacular look at history intrepid tourists. 7.Republic of Seychelles塞舌尔 A woman relaxes in a pool in the Republic of Seychelles, a 5-island country spanning an archipelago in the Indian Ocean. 8.The Kathmandu Valley in Nepal尼泊尔加德满都谷地 The Kathmandu Valley in Nepal, lies at the crossroads of ancient civilizations and has seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites. 9. Leamaneh Castle The ruins of Leamaneh Castle in Ireland include the tower house and the four walls of the adjoining manor house. The unmaintained property is located on privately owned land in County Clare and the area is used farming. 五一小长假 旅游景点

  我的房间 My Room --19 :19:5 来源: My RoomI have my own room. It is big and nice. There is a bed, a desk and a shelf. The doll is on the bad. The lamp is on the desk. The books are on the shelf. The trash bin is behind the door. The clothes are in the closet. There is a air-conditioner over the closet. Look! There are many pictures on the wall. I love my room very much.

  Climbing Mountains -- :55:1 来源: Climbing MountainsWe had a seven-day holiday May Day. So my family and I went to climb Country Mountain.We went there by my father's car. It took about an hour. It was long and dull.At about nine o’clock, we began to climb the mountain. We enjoyed it and we didn't feel tired at all. We sang and chatted while we were climbing the mountain. When we got to the top of the mountain, we found ourselves sweating and out of breathe. We sat on the stones in the sunshine to have a rest. There were many pine trees around us. The grass was getting green; the wind was soft and fresh. Everything was so beautiful that all of us couldn't help shouting to the mountain loudly, “We love nature!”

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