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Ask an American-Independent Bookstores; ever since versus ever after; varied versus various; ability versus skillWords:homogenizeddigitizedanonymousto craveto interact withinstitutionvoracious erindependent bookstoremegatactileto replicatescreenever sinceever aftervariedvariousabilityskill 19

Two days after investigates uncovered hidden facts about Raymond Park Middle School students engaging in sexual activity during shop class, Warren Township School administrators still aren't talking. The report is raising questions nationwide. In fact, nearly a half million viewers heard about the incident from the Dredge Report online. Parents in the district are outraged. It just upsets me because it sounds like they are trying to make excuses. It doesn't matter to me how long it was. You know, 30 seconds, 30 minutes. Such as, it's too long and I wanna know where the teacher was and how this was able to happen. How could it be kept quiet that long and still just kind of, to us, being swept under the rug? Associate school Superintendent Dr. Jeff Swensson confirmed the incident happened almost months ago in an industrial arts lab with the teacher present. He told investigates another child acted as a lookout, disputing an insider's claim that as many as children may have witnessed the act. And more than parents who called the district say they were told the incident only lasted 30 seconds. The, the 30 seconds, it doesn't, yeah, I mean that's, that's not even a consideration. It's the fact that something occurred.Kevin McDowell is the attorney the Indiana Department of Education. He says districts often consult him on serious legal matters, but says this is the first he's heard of the Raymond Park incident. Schools are not required to report such incidents to the state. He won't criticize Warren Township but doesn't agree with the district's approach. I can't imagine any administrator, you know, watch her assault or his assault that wouldn't address a situation like this because it is a serious matter. I really can't answer them. I'm sure they have their reasons why. You know, is that the way I would address it? Well, my first rush reaction is, you know, I would have handled it differently. I just want to be very confident that they're, you know, not witnessing, er, you know, and they're being protected. You know, they're not witnessing things that are harmful to them emotionally, physically, whatever. This doesn't pose any danger to the other students, even if they did see it. And, you know, I wanna I wanna be clear of what you are saying here. All right, so they may have, they may have observed this. And while this is an activity you certainly don't see in the school. You know, and it is certainly something of the, you know, extremely unusual. Er, I don't, you know, I don't know where it posed any immediate danger to those students who saw it. 1

  Cristiano Ronaldo 克里斯帝亚诺#86;罗纳尔多【词汇扫描】charity 慈善tsunami 海啸qualifiers 预选赛比赛contribute 捐献Ronaldo has done charity work, as well as flying out Martunis,an -year-old Indonesian tsunami survivorand his father to attend one of their World Cup qualifiers in June ;covering all their expenses.Subsequently all the players contributed moneyto buy them a house in Indonesia.Cristiano opened fashion shop "CR7"to his hometown Funchal in February, .His elder sisters are the managers of the shop.【逐句对照】Ronaldo has done charity work,as well as flying out Martunis,an -year-old Indonesian tsunami survivorand his father to attend one of their World Cup qualifiers in June ;covering all their expenses.Subsequently all the players contributed moneyto buy them a house in Indonesia.Cristiano opened fashion shop "CR7"to his hometown Funchal in February, .His elder sisters are the managers of the shop.【多学一点】charity 慈善,慈善事业The rich lady left all her money to charities.tsunami 海啸A terrible tsunami followed the earthquake.qualifierqualification 资格赛,选拔赛You have to take part in the qualifier first.contribute 捐助,捐献toHe contributed half of his savings to the poor people.【词汇扫描】funds 基金auction 拍卖gear 装备After the two World Cup qualifiers,Ronaldo flew to Indonesia to visit the areasaffected by the tsunami and to raise funds.He met the Vice President of the Indonesian Republic Jusuf Kallaand the President of East Timor Xanana Gusm?o,and raised ?66,000 (about Andre: Three gallons of water.安德烈:3加仑水Dana: Check.德纳:已核对Andre: A quart of lemon juice.安德烈:一夸脱柠檬汁Dana: Got it.德纳:知道了Andre: A tablespoon of bleach.安德烈:一汤匙漂白剂Dana: Bleach?德纳:漂白剂?Andre: Bleach. A pint of vinegar.安德烈:漂白剂一品脱醋Dana: It’s in there.德纳:这里已记录Andre: A cup of baking soda.安德烈:一杯小苏打Dana: Okay.德纳:好的Andre: A teaspoon of liquid detergent.安德烈:一茶匙洗涤液Dana: Done.德纳:已记下Andre: A pound of bath salts.安德烈:一磅浴盐Dana: A pound?德纳:一磅?Andre: A pound. Three tablespoons of chlorine.安德烈:是的,一磅三汤匙氯Dana: Okay.德纳:好的Andre: An ounce of perfume.安德烈:一盎司的香水Dana: Done. Do you really think this is necessary?德纳:完成你真的觉得这个有必要吗?Andre: Have you smelled your stinky dog?!安德烈:你难道没有闻到你身上臭烘烘的味道吗?!译文属 368,000 USD)by auctioning off his personal sports gear in Jakarta, Indonesia.【逐句对照】After the two World Cup qualifiers,Ronaldo flew to Indonesia to visit the areasaffected by the tsunami and to raise funds.He met the Vice President of the Indonesian Republic Jusuf Kallaand the President of East Timor Xanana Gusm?o,by auctioning off his personal sports gear in Jakarta, Indonesia.and raised ?66,000 (about 女人的感觉力首先来源于女人与生命的贴近女人是生命的养育者,在育生命,哺育生命的过程中,她真实地感受到了生命的萌动,生命的成长以及生命的种种需求当她的生命与一个崭新的生命交融在一起的时候,她的感觉便得到了升华Y: Don, Who do you think is better at remembering details of people’s appearances, women or men?D: Women, hands down, Yael. You women are so judgemental about appearences, you pick on the tiniest details of a person's clothing, or hair, or whatever, details a man would not notice in a million years.Y: I don't know about that. Women are indeed more skilled than men at remembering details of people’s appearances. In fact, when it comes to interpersonal sensitivity, women surpass men in a variety of skills. instance, women are also superior in using nonverbal details to people’s personality characteristics.D: Doesn't it sound like much to boast about if you ask me. Women can have their interpersonal sensitivity.Y: We all rely on such details in our interactions with other people, Don, not just women. Sensitivity to details of appearance enables a person to interact with others more effectively and wisely. Perhaps what is most surprising is that there isn’t much of a gap between how well men and women remember details of appearance. Women are only slightly better at this than men. Want to venture to guess which sex’s appearance both men and women are better at remembering?D: My guess is women, again. Men pretty much dress themselves the same, compared to women.Y: You got it. Men and women both are better at remembering the appearances of women than of men. And psychologists make the same hypothesis that the diversity of women’s fashion makes women’s appearances more distinguishable and thus more memorable than men’s appearances. Looks like you’re more observant of appearances than you think. 1390,000 USD)【多学一点】fund 资金,基金a pension fund 退休基金a relief fund 救济基金auction 拍卖They are going to auction the pictures at the end of the month.gear 装备,设备,用具fishing gear 钓鱼工具hunting gear 打猎用具【故事原文】Ronaldo has done charity work, as well as flying out Martunis,an -year-old Indonesian tsunami survivorand his father to attend one of their World Cup qualifiers in June ;covering all their expenses.Subsequently all the players contributed moneyto buy them a house in Indonesia.Cristiano opened fashion shop "CR7"to his hometown Funchal in February, .His elder sisters are the managers of the shop.After the two World Cup qualifiers,Ronaldo flew to Indonesia to visit the areasaffected by the tsunami and to raise funds.He met the Vice President of the Indonesian Republic Jusuf Kallaand the President of East Timor Xanana Gusm?o,and raised ?66,000 (about ,000 USD)by auctioning off his personal sports gear in Jakarta, Indonesia. 00

  Natalie Ledesma is a registered dietician at the U.C.S.F.She says compounds found in super food, called phyto-chemicals, can reduce the risk of cancer, boost the immune system, even protect the heart.She showed us what everyone should try to eat each week optimal health.On her shopping list, Herbs.;Dark green ones, like rosemary and thyme, and any intensely colored spice, like turmeric or red pepper.;;Both of those have anti-inflammatory properties.;Turmeric may reduce the risk of leukemia, skin and liver cancers. Hot pepper may reduce the risk of colon, stomach and rectal cancers.Also on the list, green veggies, but not just any green veggy,;Brussels sprouts are part of the cruciferous vegetable family that has significantly anti-cancer properties.And that family also has a very favorable effect on hormone metabolisms.;Other cruciferous veggies include cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower. And dont get the tomato!;It is probably the best source of lycopene, which is one of the phyto-chemicals that has shown significant anti-cancer properties, especially with prostate and potentially lung and breast cancer as well. ;As fruit, citrus contains Vitamin C, limonoids and phemols, which inactivate cancer cells and strengthen the immune system.Cantaloupes, mangos and carrots contain cancer-fighting carotenoids.And berries are bursting with flavonoid and ellagic acids, antioxidants that protect against cancer, ulcers and viruses.Natalie recommends organic.;Organic fruits and vegetables have shown not only to have lower pesticide toxicities and lower pesticide levels, but also now have been shown to have higher phyto-chemical content.;Dont get the fatty fish or flaxseed.Both are excellent sources of Omega 3 fatty acids that inhibit the growth of cancer cells and boost the immune system.Olive oil, which may reduce breast, prostate, or colon cancer.And soy. ;Soy has protective effects heart disease as well as osteoporosis potentially.;And finally, onions, garlic and shallots. They may protect the heart fight cancer and help with asthma. 0197。


  Iris:Im thinking of inviting Simone and Jerry over dinner.艾瑞丝:我想邀请西蒙和杰里过来吃晚餐Alex:This isnt another attempt at matchmaking, is it?亚历克斯:这不会是你的另一场相亲晚宴吧?Jerry is a confirmed bachelor and he not looking to marry or become involved in a relationship.杰里可是打算一辈子光棍到底而且他连结婚或谈情说爱的丁点念头都没有Iris:He not a confirmed bachelor.艾瑞丝:他才不想打一辈子光棍呢In this neighborhood with so many single women, he an eligible bachelor.这个有如此多单身女性的社区里他也算个钻石王老五Alex:You mean in this neighborhood full of old spinsters!亚历克斯:你意思是这个社区都是大龄剩女!Stop trying to set him up with one of them.可别给他撮合一个Iris:How do you know he doesnt want a relationship?艾瑞丝:你怎么知道他不希望谈恋爱?Maybe he just shy and needs a little prodding.也许他只是害羞,需要一点刺激Maybe he has a fear of commitment and we can all help him overcome it.也许他害怕承诺,我们可以帮助他克Alex:Maybe he just wants to be left alone by meddling neighbors and ladies on the prowl.亚历克斯:也许他因为管邻居们的闲事及寻觅女士们被剩下There are many benefits to remaining a bachelor.单身有很多好处Iris:You mean living a celibate and empty life?艾瑞丝:你的意思是孤家寡人过活还有空虚的人生?Alex:Youre making too many assumptions.亚历克斯:你做了太多假设You dont know the first thing about his life and whether he happy or not.你对他的生活一无所知并且不知道他是否乐在其中In many ways, a bachelor life is idyllic.在许多方面,单身汉的生活都是诗情画意的Iris:How can you say that?艾瑞丝:你凭什么这样说?Alex:Would any bachelor have to have this conversation with anyone, ever?亚历克斯:你见过哪个单身汉会和别人有这样的谈话吗? 70Joice: Look! Theyre going to do the first drawing! It a DVD player!Tim: Hmm. That must be the DVD player that another one of my friends donated. He owns one of the largest electronics stores in Taipei!Joice: Theyre picking a name...It...Darryl from marketing! Rats!Tim: Dont worry! There are a lot more prizes! I know, because the prizes are all from companies that I work with!Joice: Hmm...Darryl doesnt look like the red underwear type...参考译文:乔伊丝:看!他们要抽第一个奖了!奖品是一台DVD!提 姆:呣这台DVD一定是我另外一个朋友送的他的电器商场是台北最大的!乔伊丝:他们在抽名字了!得主是……行销部的戴洛!可恶!提 姆:别担心!奖品还多的是!我很清楚,因为提供奖品的公司全都跟我有合作!乔伊丝:呣……戴洛看来不像会穿红内裤那一型的啊……重点词汇:DVD player  DVD是digital versatile disc 的缩写marketing (n.)  市场行销,此指「行销部」marketing depatmentdrawing (n.)  抽奖electronics (n.)  电器用品 139590Killed at Ariana Grande Concert in Manchester人在曼彻斯特爱莉安娜·格兰德的音乐会上遇难Moments after pop star Ariana Grande finished her concert in Manchester, England on Monday, a bomb went off just outside the arena. At least people were killed and over 50 were injured in the Manchester Arena attack, which was carried out by a suicide bomber of Libyan descent. Investigators now believe that the bomber was not acting alone, and the UK has raised its terror threat to critical. ISIS has taken responsibility the attack. The UK will hold a moment of silence to remember the victims at :00 am on Thursday.周一,流行歌手爱莉安娜·格兰德在英国曼彻斯特举行完音乐会后,场所外发生了爆炸事件至少人在曼彻斯特体育馆袭击事件中遇害,50多人受伤,此次袭击的凶手是一名利比亚人体炸弹调查人员相信他并不是单独行动,英国已将恐怖威胁升至“危急”ISIS宣称对此次袭击负责周四中午点英国将为受害者举行默哀译文属原创,,不得转载 516

  American Way of Life美国人的生活方式Throughout their history, Americans have been people on the move. The early immigrants had to travel to get to the New World. Once they arrived, they settled along the East Coast. But they werent content to stay there. Explorers and traders journeyed to the unknown western territories. Later, settlers moved west to develop these new areas.纵观整个历史,美国一直是个迁移的民族早期的移民者必须长途跋涉才能抵达新大陆,他们到达后就会沿着东岸定居,但却不满于长居此地,冒险家和商人旅行至未知的西部地区稍后,移民者也向西迁移去开发这些新地区As a result of this westward migration, Americans eventually occupied the whole continent-from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Even today, Americans seem unable to stay put. Research says that the average American moves every five years.由于向西迁移,美国人最后占据了整块新大陆——从大西洋到太平洋即使到今天,美国人似乎仍然无法在一地久居根据研究,美国人平均每五年要搬一次家Besides their habit of changing addresses, Americans are used to traveling. Some people make long-distance commutes to work daily. Their jobs may even require them to take frequent business trips. Most companies provide an annual vacation their employees, and people often use that time to travel.除了搬家的习惯以外,美国人也很习惯旅行有些人每天上下班得做长距离的通勤,工作上甚至经常需要因公旅行大部分的公司每年会提供年假给员工,人们通常会利用这段时间去旅行Some people just visit friends or relatives in distant states. Others go on low-budget weekend excursions and stay in economy motels. Those with more expensive tastes choose luxurious resorts and hotels. Camping out in the great outdoors appeals to adventurous types. Some travel in recreational vehicles (RVs) to camp out in comt, while others ;rough it; by sleeping in tents.有些人去远一点的其他州拜访朋友或亲戚,有些则在周末有个经济的小假期,并住在花费不高的旅馆里品位较昂贵的人选择豪华的度假地点和饭店;绝佳的户外露营则吸引冒险型的人有些人开着旅行车出游,以舒适的方式露营;有些人则睡帐篷尝试野外生活Most Americans prefer to travel within their nation borders. Why? one thing, it cheaper than traveling abroad, and there no language problem. But besides that, the vast American territory offers numerous tourist attractions.大部分美国人比较喜欢在国内旅游,为什么呢?其中一个原因是,国内旅游比国外旅游便宜,也没有语言交流的问题但除此原因以外,占地极广的美国国土提供了许多能吸引游客的地点Nations lovers can enjoy beaches, mountains, canyons, lakes and a wealth of natural wonders. Major cities offer visitors a multitude of urban delights. The convenience of modern freeways, railways and airplanes makes travel in America as easy as pie.爱好大自然的人可以到海滩、山上、峡谷、湖泊和很多大自然奇景地区游览大城市也提供给游客们很多都市形态的现代高速公路、铁路和飞机使得在美国旅行很容易 0安德森bull;库帕美国家喻户晓的金牌新闻节目主持人,从年至今他一直占据了美国CNN黄金时段的电视节目;Anderson Cooper 360deg;;主持.他是CNN当红帅哥主播,本期访谈他讲详尽真实且直言不讳的讲述自己的故事!Yesterday, I think was, Iowa, somebody came up to Newt and said; you were-;昨天,我认为,爱荷华州,有人对纽特说,;你是;;OK.好吧And also (we were going there)我们也将;Yeah, and also it Christmas.是啊,而且已经圣诞节了Is this, are you on cinema now?这是,你看电影了吗?No, this is...没有,这是...No? it just Dave after dark?没有?这只是天黑之后的戴夫吗?Listen, just, It rehearsal.听着,这只是排练OK.好吧And earlier the day, somebody hit and ask you about position on whether regarding the gay, well, Goman said,I think you better support president Obama, now, I thought, those are interesting circumstances a candidate found themselves in. How did he handle each of those of questions?早些天,格曼说有人问关于你是否是同性恋,我认为你最好持奥巴马总统,现在,我想,那些是候选人发现自己的有趣情境他怎么处理上述问题?My understanding is the Goman asked about gay issues, they cant were hearing was from that person,not from Gingrich campaign,last I saw the paper Gingrich was in the campaign was asked about and he didnt respond, so I dont know.我的理解是格曼问及同性恋的问题,他们不能听到我们对于那个人的看法,而不是金里奇的竞选,我最后一次看到报纸金里奇是在竞选中被问及,他没有回应,所以我不知道I dont know, but you know it very well could be and that would be surprising response.我不知道,但是你很清楚将会是很奇怪的反应You know the little clip that I saw was a guy look like a regular citizen of Iowa or anywhere, look like an American, he said, I wanna tell you something, and he said you know you are what I said. And Newt said, something like Iowa was a free country, and need just keep move, and I thought, that too bad, because this would be a good time I didnt gage that guy. I would, and I would say what can I do to help you change your mind? why do think that about me? And let just chat about that...你知道我看到的小片段是看起来像一个普通公民或爱荷华州任何地方的家伙,看起来像一个美国人,他说道,我想告诉你一件事,他说你知道我所说的纽特说道,就像爱荷华是一个自由的州,需要继续向前,而我想,那太糟糕了,因为这将是一个很好的时间我会,我要我想帮助你改变主意你为什么选择我?让我们聊一聊Yeah. I think, yeah, I mean, I get that one way I will handle it, and I think seeing so many people on any given day, I think there just kind of move along, like, I think, they feel like, you know, this is no one situation, Im not getting some, remember the John, the plumber, and that was kind of back and th in president, candidate president Barack Obama, (yeah)the John plumber, Im not sure anyone really comes out that looking too good.是啊我认为是的,我的意思是,我知道我能应付一切,并且我看到这么多人,我认为这只是一种向前,就像,我认为,他们感觉,你知道,以前没有这种情况,我没了,记得约翰,水管工,那是总统的回归,总统候选人巴拉克bull;奥巴马,水管工约翰,我不知道有谁能真正出来,看上去不算太好Well, that , see that my point if you wanna be considered the presider material.Should be.嗯,那是,看,我的观点是如果你想当主席,那就应该去试试Maybe this is an oppoty to come up looking good, I mean, I put up they can like crape everday the stuff.So, um.应该的也许这是一个看起来还不错的机会,我的意思是,我做好自己应该做的就够了听力文本来源于普特英语 6557

  Asa:What can I get you to drink?亚莎:能给你拿点什么喝的吗?Elizabeth:Ill have a glass of water, thanks.伊丽莎白:我要一杯水,谢谢Asa:Are you sure you dont want something else?亚莎:你确定不想来点别的吗?I have soft drinks, orange juice, lemonade, and fruit punch.我这里有软饮料,橙汁,柠檬汁,还有果汁Elizabeth:No, thanks. Im trying to cut back on my sugar intake.伊丽莎白:不,谢谢我正试图减少糖的摄入量Asa:In that case, how about an energy drink, sports drink, or bottled tea?亚莎:如果是那样的话,能量饮料,运动饮料,或瓶装茶如何?Elizabeth:No, really, Im fine with water.伊丽莎白:不,真的,我喝水就好了Asa:Ah, I bet youd like some tea or coffee, right?亚莎:啊,我敢打赌,你想要来些茶或咖啡,对吗?Elizabeth:No, all I want is a glass of water.伊丽莎白:不,我只想要一杯水Asa:Okay, do you want tap water or bottled water, flavored water or carbonated?亚莎:好的,你想要自来水还是瓶装水,调味水还是苏打水?Elizabeth:Do you mean to tell me you have all of those drinks in your refrigerator?伊丽莎白:你的意思是告诉我你冰箱里有所有这些饮料?Asa:It pays to own a beverage company.亚莎:所以拥有一家饮料公司很值得 译文属 68





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