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重庆市爱德华医院人工流产多少钱重庆爱德华治疗阴道炎多少钱A little success for one of the cubs.有只幼崽获得了小成功。This mother bears experience gives her family a good chance of survival until spring arrives.这位熊妈妈的经验给了她的家庭生存到春天到来很好的机会。They will return again and again as the thaw releases more fish.他们将一次又一次地回到这里,因为解冻会释放更多的鱼。On the warmer plains and valleys that surround the plateau, grazers are on the move.在高原周围温暖的平原和山谷,食草动物都在前进。They left the high country to avoid the worst of the winter and now begin the long journey towards the heart of Yellowstone in time for summer.为了躲避最糟糕的冬天他们离开了家园,而现在则向黄石公园夏天的心脏地带开始长途旅行。These elk are led by experienced adults who have made this trip many times before.这些麋鹿是由经验丰富已经多次走过这趟旅程的成年者们带领。注:听力文本来源于普特201208/197122重庆市产检多少钱 PATH is one of the worlds smallest railways, just 23 kilometers, but it links Northern New Jersey to all 1,300 kilometers of the New York subway system. Each day, the trains make hundreds of trips, carrying almost 200,000 commuters. Like the subway, PATH trains stay in perpetual motion.帕斯是世界上最小的铁路之一,只有23公里,但它把新泽西以北和全部1300多公里的纽约地铁系统联系到了一起。每一天,列车会有数以百计的旅行,承载几乎200000名乘客。就像地铁一样,帕斯列车也在永恒的运动中。I mean some people come from other places and they tell me, ;oh what time do I have to be back from the city?;, ;you know, or what time we shall last;. I said, ;we run 24 hours.;我的意思是有些人来自其他地方但他们告诉我;哦,我得什么时候才能回到城市?;,;你知道,这会持续多久;。我说,;我们跑24小时。;Bob Garcia has been a PATH conductor for 2 decades.鲍勃;加西亚是一名从业20年的调度员。I enjoy being in the crowd with passengers and I think the passengers feel a lot safer, too. You have to remember. Since 9.11, things have changed. We lost our innocence because... Now, any little delays and anything that happens on our system, passengers tend to look up.我喜欢在人群中,而且我认为乘客也会感到很安全。你必须记住。自9.11年以来,事情已经改变。我们失去了我们的纯真,因为;;现在,任何一点延迟和凡发生在我们的系统里的事情,乘客都会抬起头来看。Every day, Garcia pulled into the PATH station beneath the twin towers.每一天,加西亚都会穿梭于双子塔下的帕斯地铁站里。注:听力文本来源于普特201202/172370乐山市人民医院妇产科

垫江忠县开县做流产多少钱重庆爱德华妇科疾病多少钱 Science and technology科学技术Slim pickings重拾苗条Evidence that the problem of obesity starts in the womb有据明肥胖始于子宫IN THE late 1980s David Barker, a British doctor, suggested that what a woman eats when she is pregnant shapes her childs physiology for life.上世纪80年代末,英国医生大卫巴克尔说妇女怀期间饮食会塑造孩子未来的生理机能。He called the idea fetal programming.他称之为胎儿计划。Such programming would allow an individual to make optimum use of available nutrients, on the assumption that his own diet will be similar to his mothers.这一计划让每个人以最佳方式利用营养,他假定自己的饮食和母亲的相似。If it was not similar, though, there could be problems.如果不相似,就有问题了。Dr Barker speculated that fetal programming—in mesalliance with the sp of fatty, sugary foods over recent decades—might explain the epidemic of obesity, heart disease and late-onset diabetes that plagues many rich countries.巴克尔推测胎儿计划与偏远地区普遍的高脂肪,含糖饮食的有关系。这也许就解释了肥胖,心脏病以及折磨很多富裕国家的糖尿病。It is a neat theory, but hard to prove.这是很明确的结论,但却很难明。On October 29th, though, Sir Peter Gluckman, an endocrinologist and evolutionary biologist at the University of Auckland, in New Zealand, presented evidence to support it at a conference organised in Lausanne by Nestlé, a Swiss food company.但在10月29日,新西兰奥克兰大学内分泌和进化生物学学家彼得格拉克曼,在瑞士洛桑雀巢食品公司一个会议上提供了据。Dr Gluckman carried out his study in Jamaica, in collaboration with Terrence Forrester, of the University of the West Indies.格拉克曼士在牙买加进行了试验,并且与西印度大学特伦斯福伦斯特合作。He picked Jamaica because malnutrition is endemic there.他选择牙买加是因为营养不良是那里的地方病。That allows the theory of fetal programming to be tested by finding out whether those who experienced malnutrition in the womb respond differently to food than those who were properly fed.这样一来,胎儿计划就能通过研究母体内营养不良与营养充足是否影响孩子的食物选择来明。Dr Gluckman and Dr Forrester began their study by looking at people who had survived childhood malnutrition.格拉克曼和福伦斯特从研究儿童营养不良的幸存者开始。Symptoms normally manifest themselves in one of two ways, known as marasmus and kwashiorkor.常常表现为一种或两种症状,身体衰弱症和夸希奥科病。Children with marasmus are simply emaciated.衰弱症的孩子只是瘦而已。One significant difference between the two syndromes is that children with marasmus are twice as likely to survive malnutrition as those with kwashiorkor.夸希奥科病的孩子下腹则膨胀得像电视上那些饥荒浮肿的人。Dr Gluckman and Dr Forrester looked at 240 people aged between 25 and 40 who had survived one syndrome or the other as children, and found a systematic difference between them.格拉克曼和福伦斯特士观察了240个患有综合症的25到40岁之间成人和儿童,发现了二者有规律性的差别。The marasmus survivors tended to have had low birthweights.身体衰弱症的患者出生体重偏轻,The kwashiorkor group had normal birthweights. Low birthweight is an indication of a malnourished mother.夸希奥科病的人群出生体重正常。出生体重轻就表示母亲营养不良。Dr Gluckman and Dr Forrester thus hypothesise that the capacity for a marasmus-style response to malnutrition, with its higher survival rate, is programmed into fetuses by maternal malnourishment.两位士据此假设身体虚弱消瘦体质是因为营养不良,消瘦体质存活率很高,计入母亲营养不良所致。Fetuses carried by well-nourished mothers do not, as it were, anticipate the risk of malnutrition, and thus respond to it less well.福伦斯特士研究营养充足的母亲则不像营养不良的母亲那么易导致孩子营养不良,孩子也就不容易得消瘦症了。That suggests fetal programming is a real phenomenon.这些研究明胎儿计划确实存在。But can it help explain obesity, diabetes and so on?但它能否解释肥胖,糖尿病等病症呢?To investigate this, the two researchers then offered their volunteers foods that were either high in protein and low in fat, or low in protein and high in fat—but which, crucially, tasted the same, so that they did not know what they were eating.为了研究这个问题,两位士又给志愿者食用高蛋白低脂肪或者低蛋白高脂肪的食物,关键的是味道一样,志愿者就不知道自己吃的是什么了。They found that those who had survived marasmus ate differently from those who had survived kwashiorkor.他们发现得过消瘦症的人与得过夸希奥科病的人吃的不一样。The bodies of marasmus survivors seemed to demand more protein in their food.前者的食物似乎需要更多蛋白质。When offered a diet low in protein and high in fat, they consumed more of it.如果给他们低蛋白高脂肪的食物,他们就会吃得更多。That kept their protein intake constant, but meant they were eating 500 calories a day more than a normal maintenance diet.以此保蛋白质的摄入量,同时就意味着他们每天比正常人多摄入500卡路里的食物。Kwashiorkor survivors did not overeat in this way.得过夸希奥科病的人就不会这样暴饮暴食。This, then, may be the key that unlocks the puzzle.以上就是解开谜团的关键。Diets of the past would tend to have been lean.过去的饮食太不平衡了如果时间决定一切,Anticipating scarcity by overeating in times of plenty would be no bad thing if times of scarcity were a real risk.短期的饮食过量导致的营养缺乏并不会有严重后果。Bodies that expected food to be plentiful, by contrast, should ration themselves to avoid the consequences of chronic overeating.与此相反,对于想吃大量食物的人,则应该约束自己避开长期性饮食过量。An inability to do that is the price paid for protection from famine by those predisposed to marasmus.做而易患消瘦症的妇女因为穷又买不起蛋白质足的食物,就没法让自己营养充足了。This study thus makes a prediction: as diets become high in sugar and fat in places where malnutrition was once common, those who suffered marasmus as children will become overweight more rapidly than those who suffered kwashiorkor.这项研究预测:在高脂肪高糖类的地区营养不足很常见,那些得消瘦症的人,比如儿童,就会比夸希奥科病患者更快肥胖起来。If that turns out to be the case, it will be evidence that Dr Barker was right. What is not yet clear is whether the children of todays overfed westerners will experience programming in the opposite direction, and have their appetites restricted.如果真实情况就是这样,就明巴克尔教授结论正确。对营养过剩的西方人来说,小孩在母亲肚子里的时候是不是与非洲孩子情况相反,平时是不是注意了饮食限制,目前则尚不清楚。 点击此处下载本期经济学人讲解PDF与音频字幕 /201303/230161梁平城口丰都县做无痛人流多少钱

重庆宫颈糜烂怎么治疗彻底Scoop That Poop我好“无辜”的Actually, dog poop turns out to have a pretty big environmental impact. If you think that two in five households in the U.S. have at least one dog and that about forty percent of Americans dont clean up after their pooches, well, all that poop really adds up. In fact, its what scientists call the Fido hypothesis.便便严重污染环境。如果美国2/5家庭就养一只且当中大约40%的主人不收拾的便便。所有这些便便加起来也就是科学家说的“”假说。(Fido是对通用的称呼)。Hey, my dogs name is Fido.我的就叫Fido。They conjecture that a lot of that waste ends up in waterways. Recent studies, in fact, suggest that dogs are in third or fourth place on the list of contributors to bacteria in water. Talk about gross—fecal matter is full of disease-causing bacteria like E. Coli, salmonella, and giardia.科学家推想,水道阻塞的罪魁祸首就是这些便便。近日有研究表明,造成水里滋生细菌的“元凶”排第三或第四。令人作恶的这些细菌可以致癌,比如:大肠埃希菌、沙门氏菌、鞭毛虫Now that bacteria-tracking methods have gotten better, scientists estimate that in some areas, 20 to 30 percent of the bacteria in a stream comes from dogs.细菌源追踪技术的日臻完善,科学家估计,部分地区20%到30%的细菌是由造成的。Really? That cant be good!真的吗?那可不妙!And the thing is, pollution from dogs is relatively easy to control. All you have to do is scoop when they poop.其实,造成的环境污染相对来说很容易避免,你需要做的只是在将的便便铲干净。 /201210/205271 Dear Annie: My sister and her husband have some habits that really turn me off when I visit. They leave dirty pots and pans on the stove for weeks. They allow used dishes, cups and utensils to pile up in the sink until it is overflowing. They have a dishwasher, but say it doesnt clean the pots very well.亲爱的安妮:上次去家做客,她和夫的一些生活习惯真的让我不敢苟同。他们把脏壶,脏锅扔在炉灶上,几个星期不洗。把用过的盘子,杯子,器皿堆在洗碗池里,直到堆满为止。他们有一个洗碗机,据说用它洗不干净碗。When their kitchen trash can is full, it is pulled out from its spot and placed in the middle of the floor. From there, it becomes a trial of wills to see who will give in and take the trash out.厨房垃圾桶满了,就把它从原地挪到屋子中间。在这里会上演一场意志力的比拼,看谁会屈,把垃圾倒掉。They apparently do not care about the health issues of all their bad habits. It is not like they are pressed for time to get these things done, as both are retired.很明显他们不关心坏习惯给健康带来的问题。因为两人都退休在家,不可能因为赶时间而不做家务。If anything is mentioned to them about the dirty dishes or overflowing garbage, they get angry and defensive. Other than not visiting or eating out every night, what do I do? - Disgusted in California如果当面提到脏盘子,或者堆积的垃圾,他们就会生气,开始为自己辩解。除了不去拜访,或者晚上出去吃饭之外,我还可以怎么做呢? Dear Disgusted: Your sister and her husband seem to be content with their level of cleanliness. Consider staying at a motel, or buy groceries and cook your own meals. If you are close enough to be an overnight guest, you should also pitch in and help by washing a few dishes and emptying the overflowing garbage.你的,夫似乎很满意他们的卫生水平。你可以考虑住汽车旅馆,或者自己买菜做饭。如果你们关系足够亲密,会留宿的话,你应该尽量帮忙洗盘子倒垃圾。201205/183146南川铜梁区生宝宝哪家医院最好的重庆处女膜修复要多少钱



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