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重庆新桥医院做不孕不育的费用石柱土家族自治县妇科检查哪家医院最好的Scientists in Britain close to cracking chicken-egg puzzleWhat came first, the chicken or the egg? Scientists in Britain think it was probably the chicken, after using new computer technology to try and crack the age-old riddle.Researchers at the Universities of Sheffield and Warwick, in northern and central England, say the secret lies in the eggshell -- specifically the vital role played by a chicken protein in forming it.Scientists aly knew that the protein, ovocledidin-17 (OC-17), plays a part in eggshell formation, but the new technology allowed the team to demonstrate exactly how the protein makes it happen.In a computer simulation, the OC-17 protein acted as a catalyst to kickstart the formation of crystals that make up an eggshell by clamping itself on to calcium carbonate particles.The OC-17 protein then dropped off when the crystal nucleus was large enough to grow on its own, freeing up the protein to start the process again.Eggshells are created when this happens many times over within a short period of time."Understanding how chickens make eggshells is fascinating in itself but can also give clues towards designing new materials and processes," said Professor John Harding from Sheffield University, one of the authors of the research."Nature has found innovative solutions that work for all kinds of problems in materials science and technology -- we can learn a lot from them," he added.Vocabulary:play a part in: 与……有关,对……有影响kickstart: to help a process or project start more quickly(促使……开始,使尽快启动)背单词 — 装英语词汇201007/109124重庆爱德华综合医院男科大夫 CarrefourOff its trolleyEurope’s biggest retailer looks even shakier as its Brazilian deal falls apart Jul 14th 2011 | PARIS | from the print edition Europe’s biggest retailer looks even shakier as its Brazilian deal falls apart 当巴西交易落空时,欧洲的连锁巨人显得更加不堪一击SHAREHOLDERS of Carrefour, a French retailer, must feel as bewildered as shoppers lost in one of its giant stores. In the past two years the company has suggested several new strategies to lift its sagging share price, such as selling emerging-market businesses or spinning off its property, only to abandon them. Profit warnings have come thick and fast. 法国零售商福的股东们,目前必定和那些在他们的大型超市中迷失方向的顾客一样感到迷茫。在过去的两年中,福尝试过多种新策略,试图提升不断下滑的股票价格,例如出售新兴市场业务或剥离部分资产,以求摆脱多余的业务。不过公司的盈利警告依然来得严重而迅速。The latest surprise was a plan to merge Carrefour’s Brazilian business with Companhia Brasileira de Distribuiccedil;atilde;o (CBD), a local competitor. This week the deal evaporated after a furious protest from Casino, a rival French retailer which aly holds a stake in CBD. 最近的令人震惊消息是福计划将公司位于巴西的业务与当地的一个竞争者巴西百货(Companhia Brasileira de Distribuiccedil;atilde;o (CBD))进行合并。由于巴西百货股份的持有者,福的法国竞争者Casino的强烈反对,该笔交易于本周宣告失败。More surprises may be in store. Carrefour has two powerful shareholders: Bernard Arnault, the boss of LVMH, a luxury-goods group, and Colony Capital, a property-investment firm. The two jointly own 14% of Carrefour’s shares and 20% of its voting rights, mostly through a vehicle called Blue Capital. They are desperate to rescue their investment, made in 2007 when Carrefour’s share price was more than twice as high as it is today. 更多令人震惊的消息来自于公司内部。福有两大股东:奢侈品集团LVMH的老板伯纳德#8226;阿尔诺(Bernard Arnault)和房地产投资公司柯罗尼资产集团(Colony Capital)。二者共持有福14%的股份,并控制该公司14%的投票权,这两大股东主要通过蓝色资本(Blue Capital)操持对福的股权。目前他们迫切希望挽回2007年做出的投资,当年福的股票价格是现在的两倍多。Blue Capital’s original plan, drawing on Colony’s expertise, was to make a one-off profit by having Carrefour sell all or part of its property portfolio. The retailer would then wrap up the cash in plastic bags and hand it to shareholders with a smile. 根据柯罗尼资产集团的专业意见,蓝色资本原本计划让福出售全部或部分的资产组合,以实现一次性的利润。他们期望福言听计从地将所得利润乖乖地交给各个股东。201107/145949Bush Holds Final Cabinet Meeting布什召开最后一次内阁会议  U.S. President George Bush says he is leaving office with a record of accomplishment, and says he is going back to Texas with his head held high. Mr. Bush spoke during a farewell meeting with his Cabinet. 美国总统布什在和他的内阁成员举行告别会议时说,他是在很有成就的情况下离任的,并说他将以高昂的姿态返回德州。Applause was heard from the Cabinet meeting room at the White House as the session came to an end. 当会议即将结束时,内阁会议厅传来了掌声。When reporters walked in a minute or so later, the president was offering his thanks to all those who have served during his eight years in office.  当记者过了大约一分钟之后走入会议室时,布什总统正在向在他八年任期内务过的阁员们一一致谢。"This administration has had a good and solid record and I am very proud of it. I tell people that I leave town with a great sense of accomplishment and my head held high," Mr. Bush said. 他说:“这个政府有很好且很坚实的记录,我对此感到非常骄傲。我告诉人们,我带着成就感和骄傲的感情离开这个城市。”He spoke of progress in areas from education to the environment. But he said the biggest achievement of his administration has been keeping America safe. 他从教育谈到环保等议题。不过他说,他任内最大的成就,就是保卫美国的安全。"Most of all, we protected this country from harm. And we did so by providing tools for our professionals as well as asking our military to do hard work which they have done time and time again," Mr. Bush said. “最主要的是我们保护这个国家不受伤害。我们提供政府专业人员必要的工具,并要求军方艰苦努力,而他们也一再这么做了。”As he spoke, members of the incoming Obama administration were at the White House for an unprecedented national security drill. 在布什总统讲话的同时,即将就职的奥巴马政府官员在白宫进行前所未有的国家安全演习。Working with officials from the Bush team, they rehearsed how the ed States would handle a hypothetical terrorist attack. 他们同布什团队合作,演习了美国如何应付假想的恐怖袭击。The exercise is part of an ongoing effort to make the transition from one president to the next as seamless as possible. 交接权力的双方目前正在设法使这个过程做到天衣无缝。这次演习就是这些活动的一部分。President Bush's chief of staff, Josh Bolten, says much is at stake. 布什的白宫办公厅主任乔希.尔顿说,许多问题关系重大。"As Republicans and Democrats, we disagree on a lot of policy issues but we agree completely that we want this new team to be as successful as they possibly can be especially in the areas of national and homeland security," Bolten said. “共和党人与民主党人在许多政策问题上意见分歧,不过我们都希望看到这个新团队尽可能地获得成功,尤其是在国家及国土安全的目标上。这是双方完全同意的。”Incoming Obama chief of staff Rahm Emmanuel agrees."There is no higher task to any administration than protecting the American people," Emmanuel said.This is the first change of administration since the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the ed States. And while similar exercises are held throughout the year for government officials, this is the first time teams from the incoming and outgoing administrations have held a joint drill. 这是自美国2001年9月11号遭到恐怖攻击以来首度政权移交。即便政府官员整年都在举行这样的演习,但是卸任和接任的政府举行联合演习还是第一次。01/61046重庆爱德华医院治疗便血多少钱

长寿江津区妇科检查Riots in Britain英国骚乱Anarchy in the UK英国的乱局A bout of violent mindlessness that has shaken Britain’s sense of self—and may be exportable极端的无知动摇了英国的自我意识,并可能祸水外流Aug 13th 2011 | from the print editionSHAME was the first response of many people in Britain to the riots that started in the Tottenham neighbourhood of London on August 6th, skipped across the capital in the following days and nights and sp to Manchester, Birmingham and many other cities. Alongside the shame, there was a jolting bafflement. The law-abiding majority suddenly saw that some of their compatriots were happy to torch cars and buildings, loot shops, and attack firemen and ambulance crews. The confidence trick at the heart of the social order was violently laid bare: it turns out that if sufficient numbers of criminals want to create havoc on the streets, they can. In the absence of internal, moral restraints, external ones can only do so much.许多英国人对该国骚乱的第一反应是羞耻。这场骚乱8月6日始发于伦敦托特纳姆地区,在随后几天里掠过首都蔓延到曼彻斯特、伯明翰和其他一些城市。人们在羞耻之余,还深感困惑。那些守法的大多数突然看到,一些国人竟乐于焚烧汽车和房屋、劫掠商店以及袭击消防员和救护人员。社会秩序深层的骗局昭然若揭:原来,如果意图在街头制造大破坏的罪犯足够多,那么他们就能达到目的。当缺乏内在道德制约的情况下,外在制约的作用仅此而已。The world watched London in fascinated amazement. Other nations tend to regard Britain as enviably orderly and law-abiding, at least compared with many of its more excitable continental neighbours. That peaceable image is only partly justified: contagious rioting has broken out before, typically during the summer, including in the 1980s, when Tottenham and some of the other flashpoint areas this week last erupted. This time, however, the complexion of the trouble is different from those earlier flare-ups. In its sheer mindlessness, it was, in a way, even more depressing.全世界都惊异地看着伦敦。其他国家往往对英国的遵纪守法颇为羡慕,认为英国至少强于它的一些更易冲动的大陆邻邦。而它的这种平和形象只是部分才有正解:四处蔓延的骚乱先前已然爆发过,它们通常发生在夏季,其中就包括1980年代的那场骚乱,那是本周托特纳姆和其他一些“火药桶”地区最近一次骚乱。然而这次困局与早期的那些冲突不同,从其十足的无知一面来看,它在某种程度上更让人忧虑。201108/148945重庆市人民医院输卵管堵塞 U.S. President Barack Obama says he will bring to justice those responsible for the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Meanwhile, the price of BP shares dropped sharply in early trading on Tuesday. The president is promising to change laws and procedures to prevent similar disasters in the future.President Obama said that changes will be made, after a commission he appointed to investigate the oil leak held its first meeting.The president spoke to reporters in the White House Rose Garden after talking with former Florida Governor Bob Graham and former Environmental Protection Agency Administrator William Reilly, who lead the panel."Their job, along with the other members of the commission, will be to thoroughly examine the spill and its causes, so that we never face such a catastrophe again," said President Obama.Oil continues to gush into the Gulf, six weeks after the Deepwater Horizon oil rig that BP leased exploded, killing 11 people. Several attempts to stop the flow of oil have been unsuccessful.The government estimates that between 76 million and 167 million liters of crude have poured into the waters off the state of Louisiana.Mr. Obama said the investigators have his support to follow the facts about the disaster wherever they lead."If the laws on our books are insufficient to prevent such a spill, the laws must change," President Obama added. "If oversight was inadequate to enforce these laws, oversight has to be reformed. If our laws were broken, leading to this death and destruction, my solemn pledge is that we will bring those responsible to justice on behalf of the victims of this catastrophe and the people of the Gulf [of Mexico] region."As the president spoke, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder was heading to the region to meet with state attorneys general to discuss possible criminal prosecutions relating to the disaster.Mr. Obama said he wants his commission to report to him in six months with recommendations on preventing similar spills."We owe all those who have been harmed, as well as future generations, a full and vigorous accounting of the events that led to what has now become the worst oil spill in U.S. history," he said. "Only then can we be assured that deep water drilling can take place safely."The oil company BP is working on two relief wells that are considered to be the best solution to the problem. But they are not expected to be completed until August.BP says its cost of stopping the leak and cleaning up the damage is approaching billion.美国总统奥巴马说,他要让那些对墨西哥湾漏油事件负有责任的人受到法律制裁。与此同时,英国石油公司的股价在星期二的早盘交易中大幅下跌。奥巴马总统承诺将修改法律和程序,以防今后再发生类似的灾难事故。 奥巴马总统表示将会做出改变。此前,他委任的负责调查漏油事件的一个委员会举行了第一次会议。奥巴马总统在白宫玫瑰园对记者发表了讲话。此前,他与委员会负责人、佛罗里达州前州长格雷厄姆和环境保护署前署长赖利举行了会谈。奥巴马说:“他们的工作,以及委员会其他成员的工作将是彻底调查这次漏油事件及其原因,使我们永远不会再遭遇这样一个灾难。”六个星期前,英国石油公司租赁的“深水地平线”石油钻井平台发生爆炸,导致11人死亡。目前石油还在继续流入墨西哥湾。几次试图阻止漏油的努力均告失败。据美国政府估算,共有7600万到1亿6千700万升的原油喷涌到路易斯安那州沿岸的水域。奥巴马说,他持调查人员追寻事故的真相,不管最终将得出什么样的结果。奥巴马说:“如果我们现有的法律不足以防止这样的漏油事故,这样的法律必须进行修改。如果监管机制不足以执行这些法律,这样的监管机制必须进行改革。 如果有人违反我们的法律,导致这样的死亡和灾害事件,我郑重承诺我们要替这次灾难的死难者和墨西哥湾地区的人民,将那些肇事者绳之以法。”在奥巴马总统发表这番讲话的同时,美国司法部长霍尔德正前往这一地区,与州检查长举行会议,讨论与这起灾难相关的可能的刑事诉讼。奥巴马说,他希望他的委员会六个月后向他提出防止类似漏油事故的建议。奥巴马说:“我们应该向那些受到伤害的人和我们的后代交出一份有关这次事故的完整而充分的陈述。这次事故目前已经成为美国有史以来的最严重的漏油事件。只有到那时我们才能确信深海钻油可以安全进行。”英国石油公司正在建造两个减压井,这被认为是解决这一问题的最佳方法。但是这两个减压井预计要到8月才能建造完毕。英国石油公司表示,他们用于阻止漏油和清理漏油损害的费用已经接近10亿美元。。201006/105286重庆爱德华综合医院挂号网

重庆普通妇科检查多少钱Overseas Markets Drop Despite US Presidential Change亏损之忧使海外股市继续下滑 Despite the excitement the inauguration of Barack Obama generated around the world, overseas markets continued their downward slide. 尽管美国总统奥巴马的宣誓就职在全球各地都引起了激动和兴奋,但是海外股市还是继续下滑。Concern over rising bank losses and their effect on the world economy overshadowed the inauguration of U.S. President Barack Obama. 有关亏损日益增多以及它对世界经济带来影响的担忧盖过了美国总统奥巴马就职所带来的乐观情绪。In Tokyo and Hong Kong, both major indices were down two percent. 东京和香港这两大股市都下跌了2%。In Japan, machinery orders for November posted their steepest monthly fall since the government survey began 22 years ago. 在日本,11月份机械用品的订单出现了政府22年前开始进行这项调查以来最大幅度的月度下跌。In Europe, the same gloom persists. 在欧洲,同样低落的情绪还在持续。Germany has revised downward its prediction its economy will shrink by 2.25 percent this year. That would be the worst performance in 60 years. 德国下调了经济增长的预测,预计德国经济今年会收缩2.25%。这将是60年来最糟糕的表现。In Britain, Prime Minister Gordon Brown had to again defend his position of trying to spend his way out of this downturn and of further supporting banks with more taxpayer money in an effort to spur lending. 在英国,布朗首相不得不再次为他持有的通过增加政府开来走出这次经济滑坡以及用更多纳税人的钱进一步为提供帮助以促进借贷的立场进行辩护。"I believe that the indication that President Obama has given in the last few days - that he is going to take the fiscal stimulus action that we have taken and he is going to take action in relation to the banks in the way we have done - shows that the world can work together to deal with this problem. One thing that President Obama did not say in his speech yesterday was, 'fellow Americans, let us do nothing,'" he said.  他说:“我相信,奥巴马总统在过去几天发出的信号,即他将采取我们已经采取的财政刺激措施以及他将以我们已经采取的方式来对采取行动表明,全世界可以共同努力,一道来对付这个问题。奥巴马昨天在他的就职演说中并没有说‘美国同胞,让我们什么事也不要做。’”Speaking in parliament, Mr. Brown said the banking measures were temporary, but absolutely essential right now.  布朗首相在议会发表讲话时表示,他对业所采取的措施是临时性的,但是在目前是绝对必要的。"When markets fail, and banks are unable to do the job for which they are intended, the only agency that can step in is the government. And if the government does not take action, no on else will. And that is the lesson that has been learned in every single country of the world and that is the lesson that President Obama said yesterday is the work that will be pursued in America," said Mr. Brown. 他说:“当市场不起作用,而且不能做它们本来应该做的事情时,唯一能够介入的就是政府。如果政府不采取行动,没有别的人会采取干预行动。这是世界各地每一个国家所吸取的教训,这也是奥巴马总统昨天所说的美国也将要采取的行动。”New British unemployment figures show a worsening job situation with nearly two million people out of work, the highest total since 1997. 最新的失业数据显示,英国的就业状况正在恶化,失业人数达到将近2百万人,是1997年以来最高的。01/61423 China abroad 中国的海外投资Welcome, bienvenue, willkommen欢迎,欢迎,热烈欢迎America needs to worry about the contrast between its attitude to China and Europe’s美国需要考虑下他自己和欧洲对待中国的态度有何不同Jun 30th 2011 | from the print editionIN EUROPE, the red carpet. In America, a red mist. This week’s tour of European capitals by Wen Jiabao, China’s prime minister, underlined the stark transatlantic difference in responses to China’s economic clout. European leaders, caught up in the euro area’s crisis, want China to buy more of their debt; American politicians worry that it owns too much of theirs. For European politicians the value of the yuan is one worry among many; it sometimes feels like Americans can think of little else. In Europe, Chinese firms are broadly welcome; in America, they are often viewed with suspicion.在欧洲,是红地毯,在美国,是蒙蒙的红雾。中国国务院总理温家宝在这周的欧洲首都之行上,凸显了大西洋彼岸的国家对中国经济实力增强的不同反应。欧洲各国的领导人,被欧元区危机弄得焦头烂额,迫切希望中国购买他们的债券,美国的政客则担心中国蚕食他们的利益;对于欧洲的政客,人民币的价值只是他们担心的一个方面,而在美国却盯着此不放;在欧洲,中国的公司受到广泛的欢迎,在美国,他们却经常被视作动机不纯。Europe’s receptiveness to China is born partly of weakness. Delegations from peripheral euro-zone countries have been flying into Beijing to seek buyers of their debt. Fixers working for Chinese companies report a steady stream of inquiries from cash-strapped European firms. But even among Europe’s stronger economies, the political bias is to promote investment from China, not deter it.欧洲对中国的接纳部分是因为欧洲经济的疲软。欧元区的小国代表团已经飞往北京去寻找债券购买人了,为中国公司工作的调停者已经从那些现金流不足的欧洲公司那里整理出一份详细的咨询报告。甚至是那些强大的经济体,政治的偏见都没能够抑制从中国来的投资。201107/143055重庆在哪做宫外孕手术比较好重医大附一院不孕不育专家咨询



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