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重庆市妇幼保健院做不孕不育的费用重庆药流的最佳时期特殊的家长会(A special parents’ meeting) -- :33:31 来源: 特殊的家长会(A special parents’ meeting)  Last Saturday, we had a special parents’ meeting in our classroom. It was different from previous ones.  At 8:00, the meeting began, there were two directors---Weng Xiaoyu and Yan Zhiqiang. Firstly, we listened to the student’s voice in their mind: many of them expressed their thanks and deep love to the parents;  Some of them said they would try their best to be the “ good children”, but they hoped their parents would understand them and not to be too strict with them;  Some of them hoped that their parents would leave some time them to deal with……Then we listened to the parents’ voice.  At last, we showed ourselves, we permed a lot of programs, like singing, dancing, telling English stories etc.  The meeting built a bridge between our students and parents. It made us understand our parents more!重庆省妇幼保健院复通输卵管 秋季 Fall --19 :19:5 来源: Fallisthethirdseasonofayear .Therearethreemonthsinfall :July ,Augustandseptember .Theweatherinfalliscool ,Sometimesit’swindy .Icanwearmyjackets and jeans .Ioftenflykitesandgohikingwithmygoodfriends.Andtherearemanyfruitsinfall ,Justlike :apples ,bananas ,oranges…AndtheMid AutuainFestivalisinfall , too .SoIlikefallverymuch .有关北京奥运前后变化的英语话剧 --01 ::59 来源: 有关北京奥运前后变化的英语话剧人 物:小贩(p) 英国男孩(b)John 中国女孩(g)ning ning 朋友(f)PART1旁白:A day in ,an English boy and his friend come to China,it is raining,they want to buy an umbrella,in a market,he sees a peddler.P:look look,see,see,you say how much is how much,F:What does he mean?B:I don’t know,let’s ask him,hi,what did you say?P:wh…what?你好,是要买伞吗?我这儿有许多伞,红的,绿的,还有卡通的呢.你喜欢哪一种?B:oh,the umbrellas are very beautiful!Iwould like a cartoon umbrella.P:请问你在说什么?wh,,,what?F:we want an umbrella.P:嗯?(抓头)你是要萝卜呀!sorry,我这儿没有,萝卜是在前面那条街卖的(指着说there,there,)F:I think,he doesn’t speak English,he speaks some eign language,but not Chinese.B:I think so,let’s go away.P:你们到别处买吧,我实在听不懂你们在说什么(两位客人离开)P:唉,为什么我不会英语呢,白白丢失一桩生意.PART旁白:The boy is writing an e-mail to her Chinese friend,a girl called ningning.G:hello,John,how are you?B:I’m fine thank you.I went to China several months ago,but when I wanted to buy an umbrella,the peddler can’t understand me.G:oh,maybe he can’t speak English.but ,the Olympic games will hold in Beijing this year,many people are learning to speak English.one policeman in Beijing can speak nine eign languages.B:Really?Chinese people are so great! 有关北京奥运前后变化的英语话剧重庆药流得多少钱

重庆阴道炎需要多少钱关于混血王子的梦想 My Dream About Half-blood Prince -- :: 来源: Every little girl will have her dream about prince. I always dream of a half-blood prince comes to me, just like the snow white and Cinderella in the fairy tale. I hope there will be a prince wearing white clothes to ask me to live happy life with him. And in the following days, I really have a happy life. Why I want a half-blood prince not just prince? I think half-blood prince would be more handsome. Hehe.每个小女孩都会做关于王子的梦想我总是梦想会有一个混血王子来到我的身边,就像童话故事里的白雪公主和灰姑娘一样我希望有一个穿白色衣的王子来让我跟他一起幸福的生活在接下来的日子里,我真的拥有了幸福的生活我为什么想要一个混血王子不仅仅是王子呢?因为我觉得混血王子会更帅气呵呵重庆子宫肌溜医院那个好 Respect Others 尊重别人 --19 :01:7 来源: Respect Others 尊重别人  Most of the students are the only children in their families. They can get ill that they want to. Some of them are so selfish that they think only about themselves.  When I was a child, my parents told me to respect others. I think we should respect our parents, teachers and classmates. In this way, we can become happy and welcome. One day, when we grow up, we should repay our parents their unselfish love.  大部分学生都是家里的独生子他们可以得到想要的所有东西其中有些人变得很自私,他们只想到他们自己  当我小的时候,父母告诉我要尊重别人我认为,我们应该尊重父母、老师和同学这样,我们才能过得愉快,才能受到别人的欢迎有一天,当我们长大了,我们要回报父母无私的爱重庆第八医院在哪

重庆市中医院输卵管吻合术The Stars 星星 -- 3::59 来源: The Stars 星星  Have you ever wondered about the stars? In some ways, stars are like people. They are born, then grow old, and at last they die.  A star is born from dust and gas. Slowly the dust and gas make a ball. The ball gets very hot. Then it stars to give off light.  The young star grows into a giant. Many years go by. The older star begin to get small again. At last its light goes out. The star's life is over.    你曾经对星星感到奇怪吗?从某种程度上,星星就像人一样它们出生,然后变老,最后死亡  星星来源于尘埃和气体慢慢地尘埃和气体形成一个球体这个球体变得很热,然后它开始发光  小星星将变成大星星岁月荏苒,衰老的星星又开始变小最后,它的光耗尽了,星星的生命结束了 广州 Guangzhou -- :: 来源: Guangzhou is the third big city in China. It is a beautiful city with green trees and grass, and it is named as the flower city. It's central city of our country and it's the capital of Guangdong Province. Guangzhou is a big city with a population of more than .7 millions. Almost half of them are non-native population. They go to Guangzhou to find a job,because Guangzhou has many companies andfactories. Guangzhou is also an international city. Many eign companies locate here and many eigners visit here. The th Asian Games were held in Guangzhou. It was the second time that the Asian Games were held in China.广州是中国的第三大城市广州是座美丽的城市,种有很多绿树和草,被人们称作”花城“它是我国的中心城市也是广东的省会城市广州是一座拥有超过1.7亿人口的大城市几乎一半的人不是当地居民他们去广州找工作,因为广州有很多公司和工厂广州也是一座国际化大都市,很多外资企业设在广州,也有很多外国人到广州旅游第十六届亚运会在广州举行,这是第二次在广州举行亚运会重庆做人工流产大概多少钱重庆爱德华看男科好吗




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