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重庆带节育环需要多少钱重庆市第二人民医院做四维彩超检查You forgot didn#39;t you? Don#39;t panic. Here are some quick ideas to get you out of a tight corner when you have failed to remember her birthday, or other red letter day.忘记了某个重要的日子?不要慌张。如果你忘记了她的生日或其它重要的日子,以下这些小妙招可以帮你走出尴尬的境地。Step 1: Steal flowers1.借花献佛Flowers from next door#39;s garden, or the park, or if you#39;re really dastardly- a cemetery. You don#39;t have wrapping paper right? That was deliberate. You remember she has been concerned about the environment recently, so you got her an organic bouquet which uses twisted grasses to hold itself together, didn#39;t you?从邻居的花园,或公园,如果你够卑劣的话,甚至墓地都可以,采摘一些鲜花。没有包装纸?没关系,你是特意这样做的。你想起来,最近她很关心环境问题。所以你送给她一束用草绑在一起的有机环保的鲜花,不是吗?Step 2: Take a day off-for both of you2.两人共同放假Before she wakes, call her boss and throw her a sickie, then do the same for you…. Then take her out for the day to choose her a present. Remember though, this doesn#39;t work if it#39;s Christmas Day- you are aly on holiday.在她醒来之前,打电话给她的老板,替她请一天病假,你自己也是如此。然后带她出去玩,为她选择一份礼物。不过要记住,这一招在圣诞节不管用,因为你们本来就放假。Step 3: Do a song3.高歌一曲If you are musically gifted, then come up with a simple love song all about her- and then perform it over a lovely breakfast in bed. If you aren#39;t musically gifted, don#39;t do this as it will be a horrible experience for her first thing in the morning.如果你比较有音乐天赋,为她选择一首情歌,然后让她在床上享用美味早餐,同时欣赏你的演唱。如果你没有音乐天赋,那就免了吧,不要让你的歌声成为她早上醒来的第一个噩梦。Step 4: Give up a habit she hates4.戒掉她不喜欢的习惯Write her out a promise: to give up smoking, or drinking, or farting in bed, or football or playing with childhood toys- or if you are really in a tight spot- smoking and drinking and farting and football and playing with childhood toys.为她做出书面保:戒烟,戒酒,或在床上放屁,或足球,或玩小孩的玩具——或者所有的坏习惯。Step 5: Do a collage5.拼贴照片De-frame the nicest picture you have, and reuse the frame to make a photo collage of the pair of you, using old photos,cinema tickets, or other flattenable mementos you have lying around your place. Any old stuff will do. Be creative, and don#39;t cut yourself.选出你们最漂亮的照片,用旧照片,电影票或其他能够引起回忆的物品重新制作你们两个人的影集。任何旧物品都可以。要有创意,也不要伤到自己。Step 6: Do a poem6.吟诗You could write out a poem she likes, or make one up, and write it out for her in longhand- remember, that thing we did before typing- and then stick it in the same frame.你可以朗诵她喜欢的一首诗,或者自己作诗也可以,然后手写出来——记住,我们能够电脑打字之前就是这样做的——然后粘贴在同一个镜框中。Step 7: Promise tokens7.承诺券Give her a bunch of handwritten tokens she can cash in. #39;a posh dinner#39;, #39;anywhere you want for the weekend#39;, 5 times breakfast in bed#39; #39;four hours of lovemaking, to be administered in sessions of her choosing#39;. Put together an assortment or promises - but put a best before date on them, you don#39;t want that hanging over you for the rest of your life.给她一些她可以随意使用的手写券。“精美的晚餐”,“在任何地方度过周末”,“在床上享受5次早餐”,“四小时的亲热”,由她来选择。把这些聚集起来,不过最好在约会之前筛选一下,否则你的余生都会被这些承诺萦绕着。Thanks for watching Emergency Gifts For Your Girlfriend感谢收看“怎样即兴为女友准备礼物”视频节目。 Article/201211/206900重庆爱德华综合医院治疗包皮包茎多少钱 Reading labels on your cosmetics and lotions seems to require an advanced degree, so we#39;ve deciphered some of those ingredients for you. After ing this list of nasty stuff that#39;s commonly used to make us feel prettier, we suddenly have an urge to toss out all of our products and go au naturale!考虑到读化妆品或者护肤品上的成分表可能需要一些专业知识,因此我们将在这里帮你揭秘其中的一些成分。在你读完这些令人作呕的化妆品成分后,可能会马上扔掉所有的化妆品或护肤品,然后去购买纯天然的护肤品!1.Expensive Perfume Contains Whale Poop1.名贵香水中含有鲸鱼粪便Well, it#39;s either poop or vomit, depending on which end of the whale it comes out of. More on that in a moment.正确的说应该是粪便或者呕吐物,主要取决于是从鲸鱼的哪个排泄口获取的。这种原料一下子就会排泄出很多。Ambergris is a waxy, yellow, solid substance that is generated in the intestines of Sperm whales to protect them from sharp objects that they sometimes swallow. It#39;s often called the ;gold of the sea.; Just one pound of the stinky stuff can earn its finder up to ,000. Whales either pass the substance along with their feces, or they can occasionally cough it up if there is a blockage. The unique scent of ambergris is often used in expensive perfumes, and it is sometimes eaten. It is considered a delicacy.龙涎香(鲸鱼粪便),是一种阴灰偏黄的固体蜡状物,产生自抹香鲸的肠道,用来保护肠道免受尖锐物体的伤害。经常也被称作“漂浮在海上的黄金”。仅一磅这种听起来臭烘烘的东西,就能换来1万美元。抹香鲸通常会通过粪便排出龙涎香,当体内龙涎香淤积过多时,也会通过咳嗽从口中排出。凭借其独一无二的香味,龙涎香通常会加在名贵香水中。有时候也会成为一道佳肴,供人享用。2.Most Lipstick Contains Crushed Parasitic Beetles2.大多数口红中存在寄生性甲虫碎末Cochineal Beetles (Dactylopius Coccus) are tiny insects that feed on cactus plants in Central and South America. Female cochineal beetles eat the red cactus berries, so when the beetles are crushed, a very powerful red dye is produced.胭脂虫是一种极小的昆虫,以美国中部和南部的仙人掌为食。雌性胭脂虫会食用红色的仙人掌浆果,所以当这种碾碎这些虫子后,就会得到一种非常强力的红色染料。Cochineal dye has been used for centuries, and it is very safe for most people, so it is commonly used in lipstick, ice cream, candy, yogurt, and eye shadow. In fact, Starbucks recently admitted to using cochineal dye in some of their beverages, causing a big problem for their many Vegan fans.几百年以来,人类一直都在使用这种胭脂虫染料,对大多数人来说,这种染料都非常安全,因此通常会用在口红,冰淇淋,糖果,酸奶或者眼影染色中。事实上,星巴克最近承认了在其公司的一些饮品中使用了胭脂虫染色。这一点也给那些既是星巴克迷又是严格素食主义的顾客造成了很大的困扰。3.Fish Scales are in Nail Polish and Mascara3.指甲油和睫毛膏中含有鱼鳞It is a common misconception that mascara contains bat guano, but in reality, mascara contains fish scales. That#39;s... better?人们通常会有一种误解,觉得睫毛膏里会有蝙蝠屎,实际上,鱼鳞才是睫毛膏中会有的成分。听到这一点……有没有好受点呢?According to Snopes, the confusion arose because mascara does contain something called Guanine, which many people confused with guano. Guanine is a crystalline material that produces a shimmering or light-diffusing coloring ingredient in products like mascara and nail polish. It is made not from bat feces, but from ground-up fish scales, and it is commonly used in the formulation of bath products, cleansing products, fragrances, hair conditioners, lipsticks, nail products, shampoos and skin care products.根据美国网站谣言粉碎机,产生这种误解的原因是,睫毛膏中通常含有鸟嘌呤,很多人经常会误看作鸟粪便。鸟嘌呤是一种晶体材料,用在睫毛膏或者指甲油这类产品中,可以产生一种微微发光的或者自然光感的效果。这种材料是从碾碎的鱼鳞中提取的,而不是来自蝙蝠粪便。通常在沐浴去污类产品,洗护类产品,护肤品,口红和指甲油中都有应用。4.Roadkill in Lipstick, Eye Shadow, and Soap4.口红,眼影和肥皂中有路杀动物Tallow is a common ingredient in many products, including eye makeup, lipsticks, makeup bases and foundations, shampoos, shaving soaps, moisturizers and skin care products. It#39;s made from animal carcasses.眼部化妆品,口红,粉底或者其他底妆,洗发膏,剃须皂,保湿乳液,和护肤品中都含有动物脂油。而动物脂油来自于动物的尸体。Tallow is made by rendering animal fat, which means boiling the carcasses to create fatty byproducts. The dead animals used to make tallow come from many different sources, including labs, slaughterhouses, zoos, shelters, and yes, roadkill.动物脂油是由动物脂肪熬练而成,也就是煮沸动物尸体来获得脂肪副产品。有很多渠道能获得动物尸体来提料脂油,比如实验室,屠宰场,动物园,动物栖息地,没错,还有那些动物毙命的公路。5.Bull Semen in Hair Products5.美发产品中含有牛精子Because of its high protein content, bull semen has become a popular ingredient in hair products. Used particularly for dry or damaged hair, the semen is mixed with a plant called Katera and applied to the hair in swanky salons. The process takes about 45 minutes, costs about -120 USD, and has been described as ;Viagra for hair.;牛精子因为其富含的高蛋白,已经成为了美发产品的热门原料。一些时尚前卫的美发沙龙,会将牛精子同一种叫做卡德拉的植物混合在一起,尤其用来修复干枯和受损发质。这种美发护理需要45分钟,价格在90-120美元内,被称作是“头发吃的伟哥”。 /201706/514347重庆市爱德华不孕不育科

重庆市第一人民医院处女膜修复Today in History: Wednesday, December 05, 2012历史上的今天:2012年12月5日,周三On Dec. 5, 1933, national Prohibition came to an end as Utah became the 36th state to ratify the 21st Amendment to the Constitution, repealing the 18th Amendment.1933年12月5日,犹他州成为美国第36个州,批准宪法第二十一修正并废除第18条修正,全国禁酒令终止。1776 The first scholastic fraternity in America, Phi Beta Kappa, was organized at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Va.1776年,美国第一个学术联谊会Phi Beta Kappa组织在弗吉尼亚州威廉和玛丽学院成立。1782 Martin Van Buren, the eighth U.S. president and the first to be born after the country was formed, was born in Kinderhook, N.Y.1782年,美国第八任总统及建国后第一个婴儿马丁·范布伦在纽约肯德胡克出生。1791 Composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart died in Vienna at age 35.1791年,35岁的作曲家莫扎特于维也纳去世。1792 George Washington was re-elected president and John Adams was re-elected vice president.1792年,乔治·华盛顿再次当选美国总统,约翰·亚当斯再次当选副总统。1831 Former President John Quincy Adams took his seat as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives.1831年,美国前总统约翰·昆西·亚当斯入职美国众议院成员。1848 President James K. Polk triggered the Gold Rush of #39;49 by confirming that gold had been discovered in California.1848年,波尔克总统实在加州发现了黄金引发淘金热潮。1901 Movie producer Walt Disney was born in Chicago.1901年,电影制作人华特迪士尼在芝加哥出生。1955 The American Federation of Labor and the Congress of Industrial Organizations merged to form the AFL-CIO.1955年,美国劳工联合会和产业工会组织国会合并成立AFL-CIO。1994 Republicans chose Newt Gingrich to be the first GOP speaker of the House in four decades.1994年,共和党人选择了纽特·金里奇作为共和党众议院四十年里发言人。1996 Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan questioned whether the stock market was overvalued due to investors#39; ;irrational exuberance.;1996年,联邦储备委员会主席艾伦·格林斯潘质疑股市是否由于投资者的“非理性的高涨”而被高估。2006 New York became the first city in the nation to ban artery-clogging trans fats at restaurants.2006年,纽约成为全国第一个禁止餐馆使用引起动脉堵塞的反式脂肪的城市。2008 A judge in Las Vegas sentenced O.J. Simpson to 33 years in prison for an armed robbery at a hotel room.2008年,的一位法官判处O.J.辛普森33年监禁,因其持抢劫一家旅馆房间。 /201212/212516重庆爱德华看男科好吗 Richard Ashforth shows you how to make a perfect ponytail. Richard is the International Creative Director from top hairdressing company, Saco. And here he shows you how to perfect that traditional ponytail haircut.Richard Ashforth 将会向你掩饰如何扎一个漂亮的马尾辫。Richard 来自顶级发型设计公司Sac,她是国际创意指导,他将教你如何扎一个传统的马尾辫。Step 1: Apply salty water 使用盐水Mixing some salt into water.Step 2: Make hair bungee 用发带和2个科尔比圆形钩来制作发卡Using a hair-band and two kirby-grips make the hair bungee.Step 3: Brush hair 梳头Brush hair back through your hand towards a point at the back.Step 4: Tilt head back to avoid sagging 向后仰头来避免下垂When positioning your pony-tail, tilt your head back in order to avoid a loose section underneath.Step 5: Position pony-tail 设计好马尾辫的位置Position pony-tail between crown and oxhibital bone.Step 6: Use hair bungee 使用前面制作好的发卡Wrap pony-tail in hair-bungee and fix using kirby-grip.Step 7: conceal hair bungee 换下皮筋Using a strand of hair, wrap round the bungee to conceal it.Step 8: Smooth finish with hair spray 使用发胶固定散头发Apply hair spray to finish any loose hairs and complete the look. Article/201110/157106西南医院封闭抗体免疫治疗

重庆市爱德华医院妇科咨询This encourages individuals going through the stages of grief to express their feelings as well as seek out help for what they may be going through.这段视频鼓励正在经历不同阶段悲伤的人们表达自己的感受并寻求帮助。We all cope in many different ways, but it is important that we listen to the people around us. Coping with shock, anger,denial, acceptance, will all come to individuals at a different time through the grieving process. The best way of coping with it is talking to a professional.我们都有不同的方法来处理悲伤,但是倾听周围人们的意见非常重要。应对震惊,愤怒,拒绝,接受,在悲伤的过程中都会在不同的时间出现在人们身上。最好的方法就是与专业人士谈话。Talk about the actual emotion that you#39;re experiencing. If you#39;re experiencing anger, discuss your anger with a professional.May that be your local GP, may that be a counsellor, or a therapist, or a professional organization that deals purely with grieving and bereavement.说出你正在经历的真正的情绪。如果你正在经历愤怒,与专家讨论你愤怒的原因。可以是你们当地的普通医生,也可以是咨询师,或者治疗师,或者专门处理悲伤和丧痛的专业组织。Talk to the people around you. Go to your GP and discuss your feelings. Be as open as possible.跟周围的人谈话。跟医生讨论你的感觉。尽量敞开心扉。It is very important that you have the right type of therapy or the right medication if necessary to help you through this grieving process. Some people turn to drink or drugs to help them numb the pain. This is not ideal and can be addictive.如果必要的话,接受正确的治疗来帮助你读过这段悲伤的时期是非常重要的。有些人饮酒或药来麻木自己,这是不可取的方法,而且容易上瘾。So if you start yourself to recognize this, this should be a very important time when you actually embark on a type of therapy that may be suitable for you. Look through the internet and possibly bereavement organizations or contact Harley Therapy direct and we will hopefully be able to help you.如果你能意识到自己正处于悲伤中,你应该立即采用一种适合自己的方法。上网查询或寻找专业组织,希望能够帮到你。Thanks for watching How To Cope With The Stages Of Grief.感谢收看“怎样应对悲伤”视频节目。 /201211/207427 How To Prepare For A Date如何准备约会 Prepare For A Date. Always be prepared, works for the boy scouts and it works for us. Follow Videojug's simple five-step guide to preparing for a date to ensure you get that special someone! Ideal for your first date. Step 1: You will need你需要的 A little timedate outfitStep 2: Preparation做准备In the days before a date take time out to catch up with current events and hot topics. These are great conversation starters and you will be able to impress your date with your knowledge. Try to remember as much as you can about previous conversations together so you can follow up on them, be it a difficult project they were working on, or their best friends hair disaster.Have a couple of funny stories or conversation pieces up your sleeve in case you need them.Step 3: Presentation表现最美的一面 If you look your best, you will project confidence. Set time aside for exercise in the days before the date. Eat well and get plenty of early nights. On the day itself bathe well and ensure you have clean hair and nails. You should smell good, but not overpowering. Avoid heavy perfumes and aftershaves, you date could be allergic.Ladies, go easy on the make-up, aim for a natural but groomed look. If things go well he will eventually see you without make-up - and you will want him to recognize you at that pointHave you outfit planned in advance. This way you won't have any last minute panics when you realize you have a spaghetti stain down you favourite shirt. Make sure you are comfortable in what you are wearing, this will make it easier to relax. Article/201108/151616重庆市第六人民医院做血常规检查重庆三峡中心医院百安分院无痛人流要多少钱



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