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Scripts:I just wanna begin directly with how you feel about the safety of your products?Thank you ,Heidi. we continue to have the most rigorous standards in the industry and in fact every toy being made right now as it relates to paint as an example.The paint is being tested ,when it's made,each manufacturing plant that uses that paint is retesting it again. And then every batch of toys that's made is being tested before it is released. So we have rigorous testing...How could this happen then, forgive me, but if you have some of the most rigorous testing in the business. How could there being millions and millions of toys recalled?we've changed our procedures because it appears that there is a quantity of lead paint that has been used in toy making.So instead of releasing products and doing regual testing.We are now testing every batch of toys that's made.And we are gonna continue looking for this.Nobody likes to have recalls.But we will continue working very hard on the standards and if we see more issues, we will promptly notify people.You'll probably notify people?No,we will promptly notify people.Oh, pardon me. So there is a quality control then within Mattel itself.You do your own testing within your company of these products?We do our own testing and we have independent certified labs that do testing.All of the labs that do testing for us are certified we use very precise equipment.No system is perfect, but when a mistake is made in a system particularlay by a vender plant.We look for it, when we find it, we notify people.As I, as I look at you answer these questions now, I feel like you feel okay about what has been announced today. And I certainly don't wanna put words in your mouth,but we are talking about a second recall now.9 million this time ,1.5 million products last time , all made in China.I am still very unclear on how you can tell me that you have some of the most rigorous standards when we are looking at massive recalls here.Nobody likes recalls and I apologize for the situation we are all facing.Let me now talk about the magnet issue which is the larger number of toys. The 72 toys that are been recalled. We have become aware that the small high power magnets can pose risks to children if they are ingested. And so we have worked with others in the toy industry ,with the CPSC and with other regulators to create new standards to lock in the magnets into a toy. We are concerned, however, about toys that were made prior to these standards . So we are retroactively going back for 5 years that these magets have been used and we wanna notify consumers that if they have any of those toys ,the magnets can dislodge. We want those toys back.I know that you are a father of four,to see all of these happen, you must be completely outraged that this has happened within your company.I am disappionted ,I am upset ,but I can ensure you viewers that we are doing everything we can about the situation .Every production batch of toys is being tested and will...Notes: CPSC: Consumer Product Safety Commission (美国)消费品安全委员会Put word's in someone's mouth: Tell what someone should say200807/44181。

  • Afghanistan Says International Force Promises to Reduce Civilian Casualties阿富汗称联军承诺减少平民伤亡 Afghanistan's defense minister on Sunday said the Pentagon has pledged to take steps to reduce civilian casualties from aerial attacks against insurgents in the country. A strategic review of the war will also be conducted as Afghanistan gets permission to increase the number of its own troops. 阿富汗国防部长瓦尔达克星期天说,五角大楼已承诺采取步骤,在打击阿富汗反叛分子的空袭中减少平民的伤亡。与此同时,一项对阿富汗战争进行的战略评估也即将进行,而阿富汗将获得许可增加自己的军队。With domestic and international criticism mounting as the civilian death toll rises, Afghanistan's defense minister says the ed States and other international forces have promised to "do their best" to avoid such casualties from aerial bombings.  随著平民死亡人数不断上升而招致国内和国际上的批评增多,阿富汗国防部长说,美国和其他国际部队已经承诺“尽全力”来避免空袭对平民造成的伤亡。Abdul Rahim Wardak spoke to reporters on the grounds of the Defense Ministry about his recent visit to the Pentagon, where he met his U.S. counterpart and other American officials.  瓦尔达克在阿富汗国防部对记者介绍了他最近访问美国五角大楼的情况。他在美国会见了美国国防部长以及其他美国官员。"There has been an understanding to strategically review the conduct of war and other efforts in Afghanistan and also in the region," Wardak said. 他说:“我们都认为要从战略上评估有关战争行动以及在阿富汗和这个地区的其它活动。”Wardak is calling for less emphasis on heavy weaponry, better shared intelligence and greater use of Afghan forces to search for insurgents.  瓦尔达克呼吁不要过分依赖重型武器,而要更好地分享情报和更多地利用阿富汗安全部队搜寻反叛分子。The former Mujahideen commander also announced that the international community has authorized an increase in the size of the Afghan army to 134,000 troops. There are more than 60,000 foreign troops in Afghanistan.  这位前圣战者指挥官还宣布,国际社会已授权把阿富汗军队的规模增加13万4千人。另外,目前还有超过60万外国军队在阿富汗。"There is definitely a need for more boots on the ground based on the present security situation," Wardak said. 他说:“根据目前的安全局势,的确需要更多的地面部队。”The resurgent Taleban, ousted by U.S.-led forces in 2001, are active in large parts of southern Afghanistan.  被以美国为首的联军于2001年推翻的塔利班近来死灰复燃,活跃在阿富汗南部大部分地区。Defense Minister Wardak told reporters that the current war against them cannot be won only by military means.  阿富汗国防部长瓦尔达克对记者说,仅仅通过军事手段不可能取得战争的胜利。The Sunday Times in London es the British commander in Afghanistan as also saying the Taleban cannot be defeated on the battlefield. The newspaper says Brigadier Mark Carleton-Smith, in an interview, told the newspaper that a political settlement is the best way to bring an end to the conflict.  伦敦的星期日泰晤士报援引英国在阿富汗的指挥官的话表示,不可能在战场上打败塔利班。这家报纸说,卡尔顿-史密斯准将在接受采访时称,政治解决是制止冲突的最佳方式。Afghan President Hamid Karzai has asked the king of Saudi Arabia to mediate such talks. But a senior Taleban commander has rejected such negotiations with what he termed Afghanistan's "puppet" government. 阿富汗总统卡尔扎伊曾要求沙特国王斡旋此类会谈。但是,塔利班一名高级指挥官拒绝与他称之为阿富汗的“傀儡”政权进行谈判。200810/51913。
  • US Defense Secretary: Burma's Aid Delays Cost 'Thousands' Of Lives美:缅甸拒外援可能使数万人丧生   U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates says the Burmese military government's rejection of aid soon after the May second cyclone may have cost the lives of 'tens of thousands' of people. The concern expressed by the defense secretary comes amid concern Burma's military is attempting to force local populations out of shelters and back to devastated villages. 美国国防部长盖茨表示,缅甸军政府在五月二号的强热带风暴之后拒绝国际援助的做法,可能导致数万人因此而丧生。就在国防部长盖茨发表上述讲话之际,缅甸军政府正强迫当地居民撤离临时搭起的住宅,回到被风暴洗劫一空的村庄去。Speaking to a regional Asian security and defense seminar in Singapore Saturday, U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates' assessment was blunt. He accused Burma's military government of being "deaf and dumb" to offers of foreign aid. 美国国防部长盖茨星期六在新加坡举行的亚洲安全大会上,对缅甸的局势做出了直截了当的评估。他谴责缅甸军政府对国际社会的援助意愿“充耳不闻。”He said Burma's rejection of international and regional assistance stood in sharp contrast to the response of other nations to similar tragedies, such as the 2004 tsunami in Indonesia and the cyclone that hit Bangladesh in 2007. 盖茨说,缅甸政府拒绝国际社会和地区的援助,和其他国家处理类似灾情的方式和方法形成鲜明对照。他举例说,印度尼西亚在2004年的海啸之后、孟加拉国在2007年的强热带风暴之后所采取的措施,与缅甸截然不同。"With Burma, the situation has been very different - at a cost of tens of thousands of lives," he said. "Many other countries besides the ed States have also felt hindered in their efforts." 盖茨说,“缅甸的情况非常不同,而结果是,成千上万的人丧失了生命。除了美国之外,其他很多国家也都感到他们的救援努力受到了阻挠。”International aid workers say they continue to face bureaucratic delays over access to the regions in the Irrawaddy Delta region that bore the brunt of Cyclone Nargis. 国际救援人员表示,他们继续面对官僚机制的拖延,难以进入灾情最严重的伊洛瓦底江三角洲地区。At least 77,000 people have died with a further 56,000 still reported missing, while over two million people are still in need of food, shelter and medicine. 至少有七万七千人在这次风暴中丧生,另外有五万六千人仍旧下落不明;目前还有200多万人需要食品、住房以及医疗救治。The ed States, Britain and France dispatched naval vessels with emergency aid to the Bay of Bengal but the offers were rejected by the Burmese military. The military had also rejected offers by Asian regional partners to supply military helicopters to assist in the immediate aftermath of the cyclone. 美国、英国和法国分别派遣了海军舰只,携带紧急救援物资前往孟加拉湾,但是这些国家的援助被缅甸军方拒之门外。在强热带风暴刚刚过去之后,对亚洲区域夥伴主动提供协助救灾的军用直升机,缅甸方面也予以拒绝。Regional countries have backed Mr. Gates' concerns over the delays, restrictions on aid and access to populations devastated by the cyclone. 该地区其他一些国家也和盖茨一样,对缅甸政府拖延救援、限制救援、限制接近强热带风暴灾民的做法感到担忧。International aid organizations say less than 30 percent of the more than two million people most seriously affected by the cyclone have received adequate assistance.  国际救援组织说,受强热带风暴打击最严重的两百多万人中只有不到百分之三十的人得到了足够的救援。Australian Ambassador to Thailand, Bill Paterson, in an interview with VOA, said Burma needed to provide "unfettered access" on humanitarian grounds to assist the populations still in desperate need. 澳大利亚驻泰国大使帕特森在接受美国之音采访时说,缅甸需要本着人道主义精神取消对国际救援的各种限制,帮助依然急需救助的灾民。"These people are living in terrible conditions with the risk of disease outbreaks," he said. "They have lost their homes, they have lost their families. It's terribly important we get in there quickly. A lot of them probably have lost their lives since the cyclone because aid has not been able to be distributed." 帕特森说:“这些人生活在恶劣条件下,有突发疾病的危险。他们失去了家园,失去了家庭。我们及时赶到那里很重要。很多人在强热带风暴袭击之后可能因为救援物资无法分配到他们手里而已经死亡。”The ed Nations, along with the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN), reached agreement with Burma's military for access for international aid workers during the lead up to a donor's conference last weekend. 联合国与东盟上周末在捐助国会议召开之前与缅甸军方达成协议,允许国际救援人员进入灾区。But human rights groups Saturday accused the military of evicting victims from emergency shelters currently housing thousands of people in a bid to force them to return to their devastated villages in the Irrawaddy delta region. 但是人权组织星期六指责缅甸军方把成千上万的灾民赶出他们居住的临时避难所,强迫他们返回伊洛瓦底江三角洲地区被风暴摧毁的村庄。 200806/40702。
  • (Baby, you're lonely...)I don't see how these clips have made the point, really, er, Cathryn Michon is a relationship expert for our sister Website iVillage.com. Cathryn, good morning. Good to have you here. Good morning.Again, I feel like I have to point out that I am the emissary er.. the good guys.Yes, in the dictionary under good guys, (You know what I'm saying? Yeah, I'm aware, I'm not good.) you are a man, yes. All right, so why is it that, that so many women are actually attracted to, to the bad guys, the bad boys out there?Well, that's, that's a very good question, because the first kind of Mr. Wrong is Mr. Wrong for everyone. Alright, Er, he...The blankety Mr. Wrong, (the blankety, Scot Peterson wrong, right, you know...) easily identifiable. It's got Peterson.Wrong. You are right.Hey, that guy gets hundreds of love letters (Right) sent to him in prison, OK.So what is that about?That is about being addicted to thrills. You know. I mean, er, there are Websites on the Internet that will hook you up with a convicted prisoner, sort of like Match.com or something, you know.But beyond this Scot Peterson, there is just, there is the idea about certain guys who you know are wrong for you,(Yes) it seem.....yeah, I want that guy. Yeah, and I, and, and I'm sorry to say to the woman who's attracted to that guy you are Ms. Wrong. Ok?Right. Maybe these are women who have a problem with commitment, you ever think about that?That is right. So, they, so instead they go for a guy who's aly committed. You know, I mean that's crazy.All right. You could actually tell, I mean, how, how do women know these from the get-go. How can they, you know, going into any dating? Let's say... this is how I avoid Mr. Wrong altogether.Yeah, well, the, the general kind of Mr. Wrong is,is really the second type, which is, you know, Mr. I-can-fix-him. (right) I can fix him. You can't fix him. OK, I mean if his mummy told him he was the most important person in the world you are not gonna talk him out of that .OK. One, one of the women on iVillage wrote in and said he picked me up for an 8 P.M. date at 1 A.M. (ha-ha.) That's wrong; you just have to follow your instincts. You know.....All right, well, let's go to some of these. 'Cause you've actually broken the standard in pretty methodical way to help women go through it.(yeah)So, first, Mr. Wrong for everybody.Mr.bad, bad wrong. You know it. Let it go. (Yeah,just clearly, clearly wrong.)The next one I-can-fix-him, but this is interesting because this is kind of a challenge but it's also you know,coming into a preconceived idea what you actually want. Yes, see, women will get this resume in their mind. They are like: I want a guy who is six-foot- tall and crazy about bowling. (Right) But the problem with that is then you end up missing the guy who is five-eleven and crazy about you. (Right, right.) So you can't... Mr. Right doesn't necessarily look like how you imagine him.What about... What...you, the next one you talk about is the guy who comes on a little bit too strong. Yes, (And what do you mean here?) and this one is very compelling. Mr. Comes on Strong. Because he never lasts long. You know... I mean he is the greatest boyfriend in the world to all of the 50 women that he dated this year. You know. I mean this is the guy who looks at women the way a cheetah looks at a herd of water buffalo. Do you know? It's just caught them from the herd and takes them one by one.But is it also possible that he's coming on too strong that he, that he wants to commit more quickly than you do?You know not my experience (not exactly example, you're talking about...) not exactly, I mean generally Mr. Comes on Strong is too good to be true. (It’s conquest, It's...) probably too good to be true.All right, So you talk about learning, learning lessons from past mistakes, (yeah) and actually learning them what you should do. (That's right.) too many that we are not doing.Right, because you're going to date Mr. Wrongs. It can not be avoided. So you gotta learn the right lesson, like if you date a chronic gambler who loves kittens, don't be all...I hate guys who love kittens. I mean that is not the lesson. You know get the right lesson, for now you're set.OK, now we,we talk about the idea of not being flexible, not having especially that you're getting olderYeah, yeah, (you don't wanna have the guy on paper that you want) you've got issues we've all come to our bars from the previous segments, so you know, give up the paper...Right, right, well, I'm sorry,do you think I have issues?No, not you. (I have issues.) No, no, everyone but you. No.I don't have issues. No, you know what I mean, I mean personally, I mean everyone we've all got this. OK. I just thought I'm a little offensive this way. Also what you say, you say very lovable a little bit in terms of what you're looking for. Cause you might be surprised. Yeah, here is the thing. If you wanna find Mr. Right, you've gotta look in the right place like bars for example are great places to meet alcoholics. (Right). Right? So if you're meeting guy who over drinks. So Mr. Wrong gets a straight. You know, if you,if you want a church going-guy. Here is the tip, go to a church. (Right)You know, if you want a hunky firefighter, follow the smoke. (You are right.) Where there's smoke, there's firefighter. All right, well, actually is so our sister website, we talk about iVillage.com has a quiz that you can take to see if you are dating Mr. Wrong .Ah, which I think is very funny, including...(very simple)If you plan a birthday celebration for you that doesn't include you. Follow the Mr. RightThat's the tips.That is another red flag.Alright, Cathryn Michon thanks so much, helpful advice. And if you wanna check more on dating Mr. Wrong, you can take an online quiz that we just talked about at iVillage.com200810/52023。
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