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US Nuclear Envoy Says Talks in North Korean Capital 'Substantive'希尔与北韩讨论核实核项目清单  The chief U.S envoy in talks to get North Korea to give up its nuclear weapons says his discussions with officials in Pyongyang covered a lot of ground. He says he has great concern about moves to restart North Korea's main facility for producing material useable in nuclear weapons.北韩核项目问题美国首席谈判代表希尔说,他和北韩官员在平壤举行的会谈涉及许多问题。他说,他十分关注北韩重启主要核设施的行动,该设施可以生产用来制造核武器的材料。U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Christopher Hill returned to South Korea Friday from three days and two nights in North Korea, where he says he discussed the issue of nuclear verification with leaders there.美国助理国务卿希尔星期五结束了对北韩三天两夜的访问,返回韩国。他说,他和北韩领导人讨论了核实核项目清单的问题。North Korea submitted a declaration of its nuclear activities earlier this year as part of a broader six-nation deal aimed at ending its nuclear weapons capabilities altogether. Hill says he spent much of his visit discussing the North's refusal to agree to a set of steps for confirming the accuracy of that document.北韩今年早些时候提交了一份核项目活动清单。这是为全面消除北韩核武器能力而达成的六方会谈协议所规定的内容。但是,北韩拒绝接受准确核实这份清单的一系列步骤。希尔说,他此行的大部分时间用来讨论这个问题。"The discussions in Pyongyang were quite substantive, we went into great detail on things," he said. "They were quite lengthy... needless to say, there's been a lot of problems in the six-party process, so indeed we did quite a substantial review of activities in the last couple months."希尔说:“在平壤进行的讨论颇有实质性,我们很详细地讨论了问题。讨论持续了很长时间。众所周知,六方会谈出现过许多问题,所以我们在过去几个月里进行了很实质性的审查。”In August, President Bush decided not to remove North Korea from a State Department list of nations suspected of sponsoring terrorism. Washington promised that step as a reward for submitting the nuclear declaration, but says keeping that promise will not be possible unless the declaration is verified using internationally accepted methods, possibly including random inspections of nuclear sites.今年8月,美国总统布什决定不把北韩从美国国务院的持恐怖主义国家的名单上除名。美国曾经保把北韩除名,作为对北韩提交核清单的奖励。美国表示,把北韩除名的先决条件是北韩的核清单受到国际认可方式的核实,这些方式可能包括随时检查核设施。North Korea responded by reversing earlier steps it took to disable its primary nuclear facility at Yongbyon. Last week it ejected international inspectors and their surveillance equipment from the site. Pyongyang warned it would resume reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel into material useable for weapons by the end of this week.为此,北韩停止了先前拆除宁边核设施的工作。上个星期,北韩把国际监察人员和他们的监测设备一起赶出了宁边核反应堆。北韩还警告说,将在这个周末之前恢复把燃烧过的燃料重新加工成可以用来生产武器的材料。Hill says he cannot confirm whether that is actually happening. "I don't have any update of what is going on in Yongbyon, obviously the issue in Yongbyon is an issue that has been of great concern to us and obviously that is one of the points that I conveyed," he said. 希尔说,他并不能实北韩是否正在这样做。他说:“我并不知道平壤的最新情况。我们当然非常关注宁边的情况,我也向北韩传达了这种想法。”Hill was unwilling to provide details Friday about what sort of compromise verification measures he may have proposed to North Korea. He says he needs to brief other leaders in the six-nation process before fully disclosing the content of his discussions. After briefing his Japanese counterpart Friday night, Hill is scheduled to travel to Beijing on Saturday, then return to Washington to confer with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.希尔星期五不愿具体透露他可能在核项目活动清单核实措施上向北韩提出了什么妥协办法。他说,在全面公布他和北韩的讨论内容之前,他需要向六方会谈其它国家的领导人汇报情况。希尔定于星期五会晤日本首席谈判代表,在星期六前往北京,然后再回到华盛顿同美国国务卿赖斯商议局势。200810/51633The victims of the Zeebrugge ferry disaster (are) being remembered to the service in Dover. Survivors and relatives of those who died sang hymns and eulogies at the church service. Twenty years ago, 193 people died when the Herald of Free Enterprise turned on its side. The Townsend Thoresen ferry capsized because its bow doors hadn't been closed, allowing water to flood the car deck. John Spots has this.We remember Berry Alan, Ellin Badly, Allen Badly, Richard, Jeffrey Henry, David Harris, Leta Paris, Nichola Pain, Thomas Pitch. The Herald of Free Enterprise left Zeebrugge shortly after 6 in the evening. It was carrying a full load with 459 passengers on board. At 6:28 it began to list, and one minute later, it capsized. The captain of the ferry had crossed the channel some 60,000 times, yet on March 6, 1987, he left the harbor with the bow doors open. The result was catastrophic.I roused by helicopter; we went down in the ship, and it's incredible to see what happened. Er..people are drowning in the ice-cold water. 193 people lost their lives and many of those who made it out of the vessel had suffered greatly.We saw some, well, some terrible injuries that people had got scourged, you know, arms and, er, it was just, just awful.Like many on board, Jackie Wilson had taken advantage of a cheap travel promotion in a newspaper. Yet that night she found herself looking after a boy who'd been separated from his family.We had tried everything to try to find his mother and the rest of his family because he'd got completely split up. And and he stayed overnight. We managed to get him to sleep and the next day, we went down again trying to find his family for him. And then we found his mother, that was, she was in a hospital. And the rest of his family had died.A public enquiry castigated the ferry's owners, part of the PNO Group. Yet no one was convicted by the courts, still the campaign for a new law of corporal manslaughters started here with the Zeebrugge disaster. And 20 years later, a bill is currently under consideration in Parliament. Surprisingly, the Herald's sister ship is still in service. New safety features, however, are plain to see. Progress has been made. Yet, there are those, like the man who coordinated the rescue efforts on that night 20 years ago, who can't forget what happened.Couldn't we save more people? Hardly I don't think so, but you never know, it's still, you know, something which is, you think about that.There is a memorial site now in Dover. Relatives of those who lost their lives come every year to remember that "dark and dful" night, and leave with what little comfort they can find. John Sports reporting.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1.hymn:n. A hymn is a religious song that Christians sing in church. 赞美诗, 圣歌2.eulogy:n. A eulogy is a speech, usually at a funeral, in which a person who has just died is praised. 赞词, 称颂 200805/39576He wears gloves and cleans his tools with alcohol to avoid contaminating the ancient salt samples with modern microorganisms. "The salt round about us was crystallized out 260 million years ago, and 260 million years ago, organisms in this salt lake contributed towards the crystallization. And they became incorporated in the salt. We've taken samples of the salt back to a laboratory, and we carefully dissolve away the mineral part of the material and we feed the sample with nutrients that we know encourage the growth of these special bacteria. And indeed from some of the samples, we were able to hatch out viable bacteria that might be 260 million years old. If ancient bacteria can be revived on earth, this may also be possible on Mars. "Mars, many millions of years ago, had water, lakes, rivers and presumably salt lakes. And perhaps, on Mars, the salt lakes harbored populations of creatures like the ones on earth. So if one is going to look for life on Mars and our earthly experience down here is anything to go by, where better to look for life than salt deposits on Mars. The more examples of life surviving in a dormant state in harsh earthly environments, the better chance of finding it on Mars. Life has a way of hanging on, from the heat of an ancient salt deposit to the freezing cold of Antarctica. A lone scientist stalks the vast plains of the southern continent. Professor E. Imre Friedmann is looking for rocks, rocks that hold some of the hardiest microbes on earth. It's not as cold as Mars here, but almost. In his giant freezer at the Florida State University in Tallahassee, Professor Friedmann keeps over 300 samples of bacteria found in rocks around the world. The bacteria are removed from rock in his laboratory. "and we collected this rock in the Antarctic desert and this is a rock which is colonized by microorganisms. The surface is lifeless, but under the surface, here, microorganisms exist which can be seen in this black zone and the leached white zone. The surface of that rock is also to isolate the microorganisms in this laboratory and grow them. We'll transfer pieces into the sterile medium. One day, we may isolate sleeping Martians in a similar way. "I m putting this enrichment culture here in the light because these microorganisms like plants need sunlight. This is a rock which has been placed here about two months ago. Here are the bacteria that have thrived in some of the toughest cold conditions that...words in this passagecrystallize: If a liquid crystallizes, it turns into crystals.结晶stalk:昂首阔步;大步走leach:to remove a substance from a material, especially from earth, by the process of water moving through the material, or to remove parts of a material using water:滤去sterile:completely clean and free from dirt and bacteria:无细菌的;消毒的200808/46468

As Many as 10,000 Dead in Burma Cyclone热带风暴重创缅甸 Burmese state media say it is now believed that as many as 10,000 people are dead and thousands more missing after Tropical Cyclone Nargis ripped through parts of the country, destroying homes, bringing down power lines and knocking out communications. Earlier figures had put the death toll far lower.  缅甸国家媒体报导说,热带风暴“纳尔吉斯”席卷缅甸部分地区,造成将近4千人死亡,几千人失踪。房屋被毁坏,电线杆被吹倒,通信系统也被中断。早些时候公布的死亡人数远远低于目前的死亡人数。With some telephone lines working again and the airport at the main city, Rangoon, reopened, reports of death and destruction trickled out of Burma Monday, giving a glimpse of the extent of the enormous devastation the cyclone inflicted on the impoverished country. 随着电话线路恢复正常以及缅甸主要城市仰光的机场重新开放,有关死亡和遭受破坏的报导星期一开始逐渐从缅甸传到外界,使人们略微了解这次灾难给缅甸这个贫穷国家造成的巨大损失。Among those arriving in Bangkok Monday, on one of the first flights out of Rangoon, was Sweden's former Minister of Democracy and Integration, Jens Orback, who tells VOA the main city is paralyzed.  发生灾难后第一班航班星期一从仰光飞抵曼谷,其中一位乘客是瑞典前民主统一部部长奥尔巴克。他对美国之音说,整个仰光市处于瘫痪状态。"The electricity went out," he said. "The telephones didn't work. The TV, the radio, the cellular telephones, everything was wiped out. When talking to people, they were very upset in the beginning that nobody from the military, from the police, from the fire forces were out on the street. Only private people were there with machetes, actually trying to get rid of the trees. 他说:“没有电源,电话也不能用。电视、收音机、手机,所有东西都被破坏了。当我跟人们谈话时,他们非常沮丧,因为没有任何军人、警察和消防队伍在街道上。只有一些个人手持弯刀,试图砍掉那些树枝。”"I talked to some civilians on the market and they were a little bit surprised that nobody was doing anything," he added. "Because if there's anything that are very present in Burma otherwise, it's police and military but there were none of them out in the hours after the disaster."Thousands are homeless, and much of the city remains without water or public transportation.  几千人无家可归,仰光大部分地方仍然没有水,也没有公共交通。The few reports coming in from the countryside suggest the devastation is widesp. Burmese state radio said nearly 3,000 people were missing in one town, Bogalay, in the country's Irawaddy River Delta - an area believed to be especially hard-hit.  极少数地来自农村地区的报导说,这次风暴造成的破坏范围很广。缅甸国家广播电台说,缅甸伊落瓦底江三角州地区受灾情况特别严重,该地区的一个镇有将近3千人失踪。In a rare gesture, at a meeting with foreign diplomats and representatives of U.N. agencies and international aid organizations, the military government said it welcomed humanitarian assistance . Analysts say the military leadership has in the past refrained from accepting foreign aid for fear of appearing weak.  缅甸军政府在和外国大使、联合国机构和国际援助组织的代表们举行的一次会议上说,缅甸欢迎人道主义援助。这是缅甸作出的一个不常见的举动。分析人士说,缅甸军政府过去一直拒绝接受外国援助,因为怕被别的国家看作软弱。Burmese officials called for aid including roofing materials, medicine, tents, blankets, and water purifying tablets. Thailand, Burma's neighbor and one of its biggest trading partners, announced it would airlift aid on Tuesday. The disaster comes at a sensitive time for Burma's military junta, which is trying to build credibility in the face of international criticism over its violent crackdown last year on Buddhist monks and other mostly peaceful pro-democracy demonstrators. 这次灾难发生的时候,对缅甸军政府来说是一个敏感的时刻。由于国际社会谴责缅甸军政府去年镇压佛教僧侣和其他倡导民主的示威者,缅甸军政府正在试图树立威信。The generals say they plan to go ahead with a constitutional referendum next Saturday. They say the vote is another step in the process of returning Burma to democracy following more than four decades of military rule. Members of the international community, including the ed States, have called the referendum a sham because the drafting of the document excluded the country's main opposition groups. 缅甸军政府的将军们表示,他们将按计划在星期六举行制宪公投。他们说,制宪公投是缅甸经历了40多年军人统治后在重返民主的进程中迈出的又一个重要步骤。包括美国在内的国际社会称这次公投是虚假的,因为宪法起草过程将缅甸的主要反对党排除在外。Professor Win Min, an expert on Burmese politics at Chiang Mai University in neighboring Thailand, says the government is taking a risk by pushing ahead with the referendum at a time when people are struggling to survive and recover from the disaster."Now, people may see nothing to lose and people may even get angry that the government is not really caring about them, but just caring about the referendum," he said. "The urgent need for the people is not the referendum, but relief."Adding to public frustration are rising prices of basic goods. Reports from Rangoon said the price of gasoline and some basic food products quadrupled since the cyclone hit. The ed Nations said it was sending a disaster assessment team into the country in an effort to mobilize aid. It is not clear how much access the team will have inside Burma. The Burmese authorities normally enforce tight restrictions on the movements of aid organizations in the country.200805/37703

to bum someone out ------ 使……懊恼英文释义To annoy or disappoint someone.例句It bummed me out when I missed my flight to my brothers wedding.错过了前去参加我兄弟婚礼的航班让我很懊恼。 /201611/471238

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