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莎车县日式法式美甲美睫培训学校排行榜毕节市美甲纹绣学习自学教程培训Black English第二节 黑人英语The black couple aly had eight children, and Lula May was pregnantwith her ninth. Finally she convinced her husband to get a vasectomy.一对黑人夫妇已有八个小孩,而鲁拉·梅又怀了第九个小孩,最后她说了她先生去做男性绝育手术On the morning of the operation, she was surprised to see her husbandputting on a tuxedo and getting into a limousine the short ride to thehospital.手术的早晨,她惊讶地看见她老公穿着礼,乘坐一辆礼车到不远的医院去;Say, honey, what all this about?; asked Lula May.;亲爱的,这是怎么一回事啊?鲁拉·梅问道;;Baby, if you gonna be important, you gotta look important.;宝贝,如果你想当名大人物的话,就要让人一看就知道你很重要!; 396吉首市美甲速成班美甲培训学校排行榜 简介:《结婚大作战是一场因为女人抢风头而引起的闹剧,挺折腾也挺荒谬,但剧情进行到婚礼开始前的一刻,两人隔着礼堂的走廊相视微笑,那一刻她们终于清楚知道什么才是真正重要的婚姻或许是你自己的,婚礼或许是重要的形式主义,但生命中永恒的维系是一生都断不了很好听很安静的一首插曲,来自Priscilla Ahn的DreamDream by Priscilla AhnI was a little girl alone in my little world who dreamed of a little home me.I played pretend between the trees, and fed my houseguests bark and leaves, and laughed in my pretty bed of green.I had a dreamThat I could fly from the highest swing.I had a dream.Long walks in the dark through woods grown behind the park, I asked God who I'm supposed to be.The stars smiled down on me, God answered in silent reverie. I said a prayer and fell asleep.I had a dreamThat I could fly from the highest tree.I had a dream.Now I'm old and feeling grey. I don't know what's left to say about this life I'm willing to leave.I lived it full and I lived it well, there's many tales I've lived to tell.I'm y now, I'm y now, I'm y now to fly from the highest wing.I had a dream 6756南丰县美甲精英全科培训班图片

石家庄学习美甲美睫工具用品自学视频呼玛县美甲工具用品材料网上自学视频教程 达川市美甲化妆造型美容培训

龙文区专业美甲培训教学美甲教程视频时尚Xiaohua: Hello, and welcome to Round Table’s Word of the Week.本周我们来讨论一个非常实用但是又比较三俗的话题,怎么说去上厕所,尤其是上大号?John: Right, so the question here that we are trying to address is not necessarily about going to the bathroom, but we are going to be looking at how to say I need to poop. Now the thing is there are many different ways in English, usually slang, but you have to remember, usually, most of the slang is not going to be what we call polite company. A lot of things are considered to be quite vulgar and usually younger men tend to use many of these phrases. That’s a bit of disclaimer first of all, because you don’t necessarily just want to be going around using these words in front of the people especially you don’t know very well, but at the same time they are interesting bits of culture.Xiaohua: 这个声明还是蛮必要的很多关于上大号的说法,其实都是在英语中属于俚语的说法大家听就听了,千万不要在比较正式的场合随便用出来John: Exactly, so first I want to take a look at one of the most simple, is going number . In English, we say going pee is number 1 and going poop is number .Xiaohua: This actually has a direct Chinese translation. We say the same thing, 上一号,上二号John: Oh, really? But you can also say that you have to drop a deuce. And deuce, I am not quite sure where that word comes from, but it also means number . So drop a deuce would be the same thing is saying I need to go number .Xiaohua: drop a deuce也可以是二号,上大号的意思John: Right. And then, of course, there is a take a dump, right? So drop a deuce, take a dump and drop the kids off at the pool, so we can say in English there is a lot of dropping kind of imagery there.Xiaohua: 这个动词听上去不是很雅观,但是我有一个问题: drop the kids off at the pool is that means you are going or your kids are going?John: No, so the point is that the toilet bowl is the pool and the poop or the turds are the kids.Xiaohua: It’s the kid. Oh, my god!John: Sometimes people say drop the Cosby kids off at the pool. Bill Cosby and his TV show. He had, I think, four or five kids in that show and they are all black. And usually poop is brown, so Cosby kids.Xiaohua: OK, a little bit politically incorrect.John: Slightly politically incorrect. But I don’t think anyone would have a big deal with it. Looking at some more interesting ones I wasn’t familiar with bee we prepared the show. Download a brown-load.Xiaohua: Download a brown-load. I don’t know how to translate that. Anything brown doesn’t bold very well me.John: Yeah, exactly. So here is the interesting one, so this is one of the phrases from one of these Austin Powers movies. One of the characters, he says I’ve got a turtle head poking out. But more commonly, people say I’m prairie-doggin. So a prairie-dog is a type of rodent that lives on the American plains in the mid-west. And it’s a type of rodent that it digs holes, pops its head out a little bit and then retreats back down if it senses danger.Xiaohua: prairie dog就是草原鼠John: So I’m prairie doggin. It just means you really, really have to go, like it’s almost impossible to actually keep it under control you might say. Here is a really funny one, again very, very cultural. I have to take the Browns to the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is the championship of American football of the NFL. Now the Cleverland Browns are a notoriously bad team, so it’s funny obviously because they call the Browns and poop is brown, but also because the Browns never go to the Super Bowl.Xiaohua: Oh, I see. Taking the Browns to the Super Bowl可不是带克利夫兰布朗队去超级碗比赛,而是上大号的意思John: Exactly. And last but not least, this one is actually one of my favorites, because it’s just so amazingly descriptive. I have to pinch a loaf.Xiaohua: Pinch a loaf, I’ve actually heard of that as well. Is it really a vulgar way of saying it? Can somebody use it without causing trouble?John: Like what I have said bee, this isn’t about necessarily vulgar or using bad words or anything like that, but you wouldn’t use these phrases in polite company, like if you just met someone, more than likely, using these words and phrases will not score you any points if you will. It won’t score you any browny points. Instead people might think that maybe you are a little bit rude or perhaps you don’t understand what to say in the right context. In general, the best rule to follow is that if you want to tell someone that you need to use the bathroom, just say you need to use the bathroom. You don’t need to tell them that you need to go poop or you need to pee, just say I need to go use the bathroom.Xiaohua: That’s right. And that’s probably the safest and best way of describing the situation.John: Exactly. But then again if you are hanging out with someone like me and you really have to poop, or you can just say John, I get to go take a dump.Xiaohua: Ok. And that’s all Word of the Week of Round Table. 368 英语学习笔记:freak n. 怪人;疯子drive me crazy 真是要疯了drive me banana 我要疯了She stood you up.她放你鸽子了吧He is a no-show.他喜欢放鸽子I am going to freak out if you dont show up!你再不出现,我就疯了!You had better hurry.你最好快点Ill catch you in the gym.体育场见There are so many freaks there. They are freaky.这里很多疯子,她们都疯疯癫癫的更多实用有趣节目 搜索微微信:早安英文泽普县美甲培训内容学美甲到哪红星区美甲培训内容学美甲到哪



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