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A village in south-eastern China is painted orange, as farmers sun their persimmon harvests.中国东南部一个小乡村被染成了金黄色,这是因为当地村民都在晾晒他们丰收的柿子Stunning aerial images have revealed a sea of persimmons on rooftops in Quanzhou city in China southeast.一组令人惊叹的航拍图片显示,中国东南部泉州市的房顶成了一片柿子的海洋Persimmon production is a vital way of life the villagers in Fujian province.对于福建省的农民来说,柿饼加工是他们生活中至关重要的一部分Every year, locals make use of strong sun rays and lay out their fruits to dry bee they sell them at market.每年,当地人会利用强烈的太阳光照,将水果制成果干后拿到市场上去卖Traditional methods of drying the fruit can take much longer - up to 50 days.传统工艺制作果干需要的时间更久一点--可长达50天Dried persimmons are called Shibing in Chinese and are a popular treat.在中国,柿子晒干后被称作柿饼,是一种非常受欢迎的零食Common in China and many countries across East Asia, the fruit is also gaining popularity in the UK. Nothing is wasted. The discarded skins of the persimmons are fed to livestock.柿子这种水果不仅在中国和其他亚洲国家都很常见,在英国也颇受欢迎什么都不会浪费,连削下的柿子皮都可以用来喂牲口 8577。

  • Order Dishes点菜(1)A:Mr. Martin, you must be hungry after having visited the company long time. Do you?马丁先生,参观公司这么长时间您一定饿了吧,是吗?B:Yes, Im very hungry. And you?是的,我饿,你呢?A:Me too. Now let go to the lunch.我也是我们一起去吃午饭吧B:So, what are we going to eat?我们吃点什么?A:Youre the guest, so you can have anything you like. Here the .您是客人,您可以点您喜欢吃的东西这是菜单B:That very kind of you, but I am not able to Chinese, so youll have to help me.非常感谢,但是我不认识汉字,所以您必须得帮助我A:OK then. What would you like to drink?那么好吧您想喝点什么?B:Id like a glass of beer.我想喝杯咖啡A:How about Qingdao beer? It one of the most famous beers in China.青岛啤酒怎么样?它是中国最著名的啤酒之一了B:Oh, I have heard it long bee. Let me have a try.哦,我很久以前就听说过了让我试一试A:What would you like to have?您想吃点什么?B:I like Chinese food.我喜欢中国菜A:What food concretely?具体什么菜呢?B:Im not familiar to the name of the food. Im at your disposal.我对菜的名字不是很熟悉我听从你的安排A:OK. Let me order dishes. Are there any types of food you really dont like?好吧,我来点菜您有什么忌口的吗?B:Well, Im allergic to silkworm, so that definitely out. And Im not too keen on hot peppers or garlic.哦,我对蚕过敏,所以一定不要点我不太爱吃辣椒和大蒜A:Right, and which kinds of meat do you like?好的,那您喜欢吃什么肉?B:Anything is OK, just nothing too exotic!什么都可以,就是别太怪A:So, no chicken feet or silkworms you!那么就不给您点鸡爪和蚕蛹了!B:Ha! No, Id rather not, thank you very much!哈!是的,我宁愿不点,多谢!A:OK, how about we have a roast duck?好吧我们先来个烤鸭怎么样?B:That sounds fine.听起来不错A:And why dont we have some crispy fried pork as well?我们在来点儿锅爆肉吧?B:Why not?为什么不呢?A:Let me see... What else is there? Have you tried a Chinese salad bee?让我瞧瞧……再点些什么呢?您以前吃过中国色拉吗?B:I dont think so. What it like?我想没有,那是什么东西?A:Well, it a cold dish with lots of thin strips of dried tofu, Chinese vermicelli, bean sprouts and pork with a vinegar dressing.噢,那是用干豆腐丝、粉丝、豆芽和猪肉拌上醋做的凉菜B:It sounds interesting. Let have some.听起来很有趣,我们点一个吧A:Good. And would you like anything else?好的您还点儿其他的东西吗?B:No. That enough. In America our lunch is usually fast food. It wont last more than one hour.不,这些足够了在美国我们的午餐一般吃快餐通常不会超过一个小时A:But in China we have a saying ;business is concluded on the table;. But dont worry. Please make yourself comtable.但是在中国我们有一个说法是“生意是在饭桌上谈出来的”但是您别担心,请不要拘束B:Thank you.谢谢 193360。
  • Lesson One第一课Inming Guest of Special Mail通知客人取特殊邮件R:Good morning,Mrs.Clark.接待员:早上好,Clark 太太This is Receptionthe Front Desk.这是前台接待处,We have a registered letter you.有您的一封挂号信,You can pick it up at your convenience.方便时您可以随时来取G:Okay,thanks.Ill be down in a couple of minutes to get it.旅客:好的,谢谢我在两三分钟之后下来取Lesson Two第二课Guest Receives a Package Notice客人接到包裹通知R:We have a package notice from the post office you.接待员:我们有邮局给您的一个邮包包裹通知单G:Oh,great.Ill be right down to get it...Hi.You have a package me?旅客:太好了我马上下去取......您好,有我的邮包吗?R:Not exactly.接待员:实际上不是邮包,We have a parcel notice from the post office you.我们接到了邮局的包裹通知单The post office has a package you.邮局有您的邮包,You should go there to pick it up within three days您必须于三日之内去邮局领取,or you may have to pay a small fine.否则要付一些延期的罚金G:Oh,you mean I have to go to the post office to pick it up?旅客:你的意思是说我必须亲自去邮局取R:Yes,or you can have a clerk from the post office in the basement接待员:是的,或者您可以让底层邮局的务员get it you a thirteen yuan service fee.替您去取,你得交十三元务费G:That okay.I can just go downstairs and get it myself.旅客:那好吧,我可以下楼自己去取R:Oh,Im afraid your package isnt at the post office on B-1;接待员:恐怕您的邮包不在底层的邮局,it at another post office not far from here.而在另外一个不远处的邮局G:Oh,I see.How far is it?旅客:我知道它有多远?R:Just five minutes by bike.接待员:骑车只用五分钟G:All right.It a nice day and I need some exercise.旅客:好的,今天天气很好,我正好需要做些锻炼Can you tell me how to get there?你能告诉我怎么去吗?R:Sure.It not difficult.接待员:当然可以,这很简单Go down the street,您下楼之后,through the market and continue two more blocks until the road ends in a T.穿过市场,走过两个路口,直到一个T字型路口,Turn left and go one block to a very big,open intersection.向左转,就走过一个路口再到达一个大的、宽阔的交叉口The post office is on the corner on the right.邮局就在拐角的右边G:Okay.I think I can get it.旅客:可以,我想我能找到R:By the way,youll need to show your passport and this notice,接待员:顺便说一下,您需要出示护照和这张通知单,and pay a small fee,probably about three yuan.并需付一些费用,大约三元G:Okay.Thanks.旅客:好的,谢谢R:Oh,excuse me,could you please sign here the parcel notice?接待员:劳驾,您能在这里签字明您已领取通知单了吗?Lesson Three第三课Guest is Looking a letter客人查找一封信G:Im expecting an important letter from England.Has it come yet?旅客:我在等一封从英国来的重要信件来了吗?R:Just a moment,please.接待员:请稍等,Let me check...Im sorry,we havent seen it.让我看一下......对不起,我们还没有看到G:Is there any way you can check on it me?旅客:有什么办法帮我查找一下吗?R:How was it sent? Was it sent by Express Mail?接待员:是怎么寄来的?是快件吗?If it was sent by Experess Mail,you can check with the post office on B-1.如果是快件您可以到底层的邮局查一下If it was sent by DHL,you can check with the DHL office on the second floor.如果是国际快递,可以去二楼的国际快递办事处查一下G:Can you check it me?旅客:你能为我查一下吗?R:Im sorry.Im afraid not.接待员:对不起,恐怕不行You must check it yourself.您必须自己去查 30。
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  • A: Yes, I need more amenities.B: By amenities, exactly what do you mean, please?A: You know, the things that are free, like the soap and the shampoo.B: Okay, I got it. You've aly run out of all your amenities?A: No, I still have plenty left, even if I took three baths a day.B: I'm more confused now than bee. How is there a problem?A: I need to take home some souvenirs!B: Okay, finally I understand. You would like souvenirs!A: Yes, souvenirs that I can take home and add to my collection.B: If it's souvenirs you want, sir, just visit our souvenir shop. It has everything.A: Are you kidding? Whoever heard of paying hotel souvenirs?B: No problem at all, sir. Housekeeping will deliver you all the amenities you like in a bit.。
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