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Just as the human face has evolved considerably since stone age times so it is expected to keep changing in the future.正如人脸自从石器时代以来已经发生相当大的进化,我们可以预见在未来我们的脸庞也将发生不断的变化。Today the human brain is three times the size of our primate ancestors. As our brains grew so did our heads get bigger, our skulls expanded and our features became flatter.如今,人类大脑是我们的祖先灵长类动物大小的三倍。随着我们大脑的进化,我们的头变大了,我们的颅骨扩张了,我们的面部特征变平了。Now with the advent of wearable technology, such as Google Glass, how will our heads and faces evolve in 20,000 years, 60,000 years and even 100,000 years from now?如今随着可穿戴传感技术(比如谷歌眼镜)的出现,在两万年后、六万年后甚至十万年后,我们的大脑将变成什么样子?This was the question posed by artist and researcher Nickolay Lamm from MyVoucherCodes.co.uk when he quizzed Dr Alan Kwan, who holds a PhD in computational genomics from Washington University in St Louis.这是MyVoucherCodes网的艺术家和研究员尼克欧蕾-拉姆向艾伦-坤士时提出的问题,艾伦-坤士在圣路易斯华盛顿大学获得了计算基因组学的士学位。Based on their discussions Lamm has created a stunning series of images which display one possible evolution for the human race over the next 100,000 years.根据他们的讨论结果,拉姆创建了一系列令人惊叹的图像,展示了在十万年后人们将进化成什么样子。Dr Kwan believes that key to our future evolution will be man ‘wresting control’ of the human form from natural evolution and adapting human biology to suit our needs.坤士认为,我们未来的进化关键在于人们为了满足需要,在形成自然进化和适应人体生物学拥有“控制权”。As genetic engineering becomes the norm, ‘the fate of the human face will be increasingly determined by human tastes’ writes Dr Kwan, while foreheads will continue to expand as our brains continue to grow larger.随着基因工程学的规范化,“人脸面对的命运将逐渐由人类的品味决定”,坤士写道,而人们的前额会由于大脑不断变大而不断扩大。As man achieves total mastery over human morphological genetics, the human face will become heavily biased towards features that humans find fundamentally appealing: strong, regal lines, straight nose, intense eyes, and placement of facial features that adhere to the golden ratio and left/right perfect symmetry.由于人们能够完全掌握人类遗传形态基因,人脸也将朝人们普遍认为具有吸引力的特征方向发展:强壮、高贵的线条、笔直的鼻子、炯炯有神的眼睛,还有让左右两边完全对称的黄金分割比率。Dr Kwan believes eyes will grow #39;unnervingly large#39; as the human race colonizes the solar system and people start living in the dimmer environments of colonies further away from the sun.坤士认为,眼睛将变得“大得可怕”,由于人类将移居到太阳系,而人们开始生活在远离太阳更阴暗的环境中。Eyes will also develop in other ways - that would seem startling from our viewpoint today - with new features including eye-shine enhance low-light vision and even a sideways blink from re-constituted plica semilunaris to help protect our eyes from cosmic rays.眼睛还会以其他方式进化——从我们今天的观点来看会觉得很吓人——新特征包括:变得更亮,弱光下的视力会更好,半月皱襞构造也发生变化,能使我们从侧面眨眼,以保护眼睛免受宇宙射线伤害。Skin will also become more pigmented to help alleviate the damage by harmful UV radiation outside of the earth’s protective ozone.皮肤颜色将变得更深,来帮助减轻由于臭氧层破坏下地球紫外线的辐射造成的危害。Dr Kwan also predicts that people will have thicker eyelids and a more pronounced superciliary arch (the smooth, frontal bone of the skull under the brow), to deal with the effects of low gravity.坤士同样预测,人们将有更厚的眼皮和更明显的眉骨(眉毛下光滑的额骨),来解决低重力的影响。There will be other functional necessities: larger nostrils for easier breathing in off-planet environments, denser hair to contain heat loss from a larger head, reports Forbes.福布斯网站报道称,人类同样会有其他功能性的需要:大鼻子有助于在外太空环境下的呼吸;因为头部较大,还要密集的头发来控制热量流失。As well as practical developments to suit changing environments there will also be more cosmetic developments. Parents will choose precisely the genetic makeup of their offspring - selecting the color of their eyes, hair etc.除了为了适应变化的环境的一些实用性进化外,同样有一些美观的进化。父母可以精确地为后代选择外观——为他们选择眼睛的颜色、头发等等。Dr Kwan predicts a trend towards humans wishing to look as natural as possible even as there are greater numbers of technological advancements under the skin.坤士还预测另一个朝着人类愿望发展的趋势是,人们的皮肤看起来很自然,因为皮肤下已经植入了很多先进的科技设备。 /201408/317221Before moving to the New York City area, I lived in London for seven years. During that period, I traveled more than two dozen times to France, a place where five- or six-week vacations are the norm and many people retire comfortably at 60 or younger. I made many wonderful French friends and was more than a little awed at the way they aged so gracefully.在搬到纽约地区之前,我在伦敦住了七年。在那期间,我到过法国二十多次。在法国,大多数人每年会度个五六周的假,许多人60岁甚至60岁不到就退休享受生活。我交过许多超棒的法国朋友,非常惊叹他们优雅变老的方式。Are they perfect? Of course not. But certainly I admired how so many of them stayed trim while enjoying coq au vin, baguettes, andouillettes, eclairs and fondue while Americans struggled with their weight while gorging on diet soda and Lean Cuisines. I also admired the way they purchased clothes selectively, carried themselves confidently and devoured life every chance they got.法国人完美无缺吗?当然不是。但是,我很钦佩他们。享受着鸡尾酒、法国面包、手指饼干、芝士火锅等美食,他们中许多人依然保持苗条身材。而美国人虽努力减肥,却暴饮无糖饮料、暴食精益美食。法国人充满自信、精心挑选衣、尽情享受人生,对此我也很佩。After speaking with a few of these friends, I#39;ve come up with a list of six things the French can teach us about aging well. Do you agree? Let us know in comments. And if there are things the Americans can teach THEM about aging, we#39;d like to hear about that as well.与几个朋友交谈之后,关于法国人如何优雅变老,我列了个单子,大概有六点。您同意与否,可在栏里表达观点。如果有抗衰老的好方法,我们也想听一听。1) That women of all ages can be the sensual love interests -- and not just the matronly grandmothers -- in popular movies.1)在流行电影中,任何年龄层的女人都可以是性感达人,而不仅仅是风韵犹存的老奶奶。Just consider Catherine Deneuve, 69, or Isabelle Huppert, 60, or Juliette Binoche, 49. These and other older French actresses such as Nathalie Baye, 65, and Sandrine Bonnaire, 46, continue to nab meaty roles. In an American movie industry dominated more by the teeny-bopper set, it#39;s hard to even name an older sex symbol other than, perhaps, Raquel Welch who#39;s still, at 72, pretty darn sexy.想想69岁的凯瑟琳·德纳芙(Catherine Deneuve)、60岁的伊莎贝尔·于佩尔(Isabelle Huppert)、49岁的朱丽叶·比诺什(Juliette Binoche),还有其他仍担任主演的法国老演员,如65岁的娜塔莉·贝叶(Nathalie Baye)、46岁的桑德琳·邦内尔(Sandrine Bonnaire)。然而,美国的电影行业几乎是年轻男女明星的天下。也许,除了72岁但仍性感十足的拉奎尔·韦尔奇(Raquel Welch),很难再举出个知名性感老演员了。2) That less is best when it comes to makeup -- but that doesn#39;t mean you should skimp on skincare.2)化妆原则之一:少即是多——但这并不意味着节省护肤品。Studies show that French women spend more on facial skincare products than their neighbors in Italy, Spain, Germany or the UK. Overall, nearly two-thirds of French women -- or 62 percent -- use anti-wrinkle products. (In France, a girl will begin applying anti-aging creams as early as age 15.) It#39;s a different story when it comes to makeup. Wearing too much, according to French women, makes you look old.研究表明,比起意大利、西班牙、德国和英国女性,法国女性在面部护肤产品上花更多的钱。总体而言,近2/3、也就是62%的法国女性使用抗皱产品。(在法国,女孩15岁就开始使用抗衰老面霜。)化妆就是另外一回事了。法国女性表示化浓妆会让人显老。3) That sex should continue to be important.3)性生活依然重要。Studies show that 90 percent of French women over the age of 50 remain sexually active compared with only 60 percent of American women. But research points to a great interest in sex among those over 50 -- so why not keep it going?研究表明,50岁以上法国女性中,90%性活跃。与之相比,美国女性则只有60%。但该研究还指出一个有趣的话题,50岁以上的人群为何不将性生活继续下去呢?4) That having just a handful of clothing items that fit perfectly is a lot better than having a whole closet full of items that aren#39;t all that great.4)比起满柜不合适的衣,几件适合自己的就足矣。American women have a habit of splurging for unnecessary items whereas French women make a habit of purchasing maybe 10 indispensable clothing items each year. French designer Anne Fontaine, known for her white shirts, once told Forbes magazine that ;besides a beautiful blouse, every woman should have a great pair of jeans, black pants, a perfect skirt, a perfect little black dress and a jacket for each season.;美国女性会胡乱花钱买些不必要的东西,而法国女性每年也许会购买10件必须的衣。因其白衬衫而著名的法国设计师安妮·芳婷(Anne Fontaine)曾告诉《福布斯》杂志:“除了漂亮衬衫,每个女人还应拥有超棒牛仔裤、黑色长裤、漂亮裙子、完美黑色小礼和四季皆宜的夹克衫。”5) That walking#39;s the best exercise.5)步行是最好的锻炼方式。French women often look askance at American women who talk about going to the gym. Instead of furiously working out in zumba classes, French women tend to incorporate walking into their daily routines. They take the long way home when walking the dog; they climb stairs instead of taking the elevator. They also reject the notion ;no pain, no gain, ; choosing instead a more sustained -- albeit more moderate -- exercise plan.法国女性往往对谈论去健身房的美国女性表示怀疑。法国女性没有选择在尊巴舞课上拼命锻炼,而是倾向于将步行融入日常活动。她们遛时选择远路回家,爬楼梯而不乘坐电梯。她们也反对“没痛苦,没收获”,而选择另一种比较温和、但更持久的锻炼计划。6) That what you eat -- and how much you eat -- are of vital importance.6)你吃了什么、吃了多少,这至关重要。If you#39;ve ever dined out with French friends, you#39;ll notice that they eat smaller portions of more dishes -- instead of larger portions of fewer dishes. They eat more vegetables, drink more water and think more about the good things they want to eat rather than fret all the time about the bad stuff. When it comes to drinking, they tend to avoid hard liquor, opting for a glass or two of wine with their meal.如果你与法国朋友在外面吃过饭,你会发现他们会吃很多道菜,但每道菜只吃一点点——而不是狂吃几道菜。他们多吃蔬菜、多喝水,更多考虑的是想吃健康食物,而不是一直担心吃到垃圾食物。说到喝酒,他们往往不喝烈酒,而是在进餐时来一两杯葡萄酒。 /201408/321020

A new bar in Beijing billing itself as the world#39;s first dedicated to baijiu hopes to change people#39;s minds about China#39;s fiery national drink.北京有一家新开的酒吧号称是全世界首个以白酒为主打的酒吧,这家酒吧希望改变人们对于这种火辣的中国饮品的印象。#39;A lot of people have had bad experiences at banquets#39; where they might be coerced into drinking shot after shot of the colorless liquor distilled from sorghum and rice, says American William Isler, one of Capital Spirits#39; owners. #39;They throw up and say, #39;Never again.#39;#39;首都酒坊(Capital Spirits)的所有者之一美国人艾斯勒(William Isler)表示,很多人都有这样的不愉快经历:在宴会上被逼左一杯右一杯地饮下这种由高粱和大米蒸馏的无色液体。艾斯勒说,一些人喝过之后一边吐一边表示决不再碰白酒。Capital Spirits has the vibe of a speakeasy, with muted lighting, plenty of antique wood and a stainless-steel still in the corner churning out distilled beer and wine. There#39;s no sign on the door, although a ledge outside is set up with small wooden chairs, low tables and candles.首都酒坊带有一种酒吧的气氛。这里灯光幽微,布置多采用古 的木材,在拐角处一个不锈钢的蒸馏器中正在源源不断地生产啤酒和红酒。酒坊的门上没有标志,但外面的平台上放置着小小的木椅、矮桌以及蜡烛。Tentative drinkers can sample flights of more than two dozen varieties of baijiu. Like a flight of wine, the thimble-sized samples go from the lightest, rice-based baijius to one with a #39;sauce#39; fragrance, a smell some compare to paint thinner. One highlight is a snake-infused baijiu from Guangdong, a drink that may serve as more of a bragging point than an actual best-seller. For the less adventurous, the bar also offers several baijiu-based cocktails, including a baijiu sour and a Crab Island Iced Tea, as well as craft liquor and beer. The bar will eventually sell wine too.品酒者可以尝试几十种白酒,样品和顶针差不多大小,从浓度最低的、以大米为原料的白酒到酱香型白酒(有人认为其气味和涂料稀释剂类似)都可以尝到。其中的一个亮点是一种来自广东的浸泡过蛇的白酒,这种白酒更多地是作为一种噱头,而并不是说这种酒最畅销。对于那些不那么喜欢挑战的品酒者,首都酒坊也准备了一些白酒勾兑的鸡尾酒,其中包括酸味白酒、蟹岛冰茶、工艺白酒和啤酒。这家酒吧也出售红酒。On a recent night at the bar, patron Henry Proudlove, a Beijing-based animation designer who grew up in England, admits he wasn#39;t walking down the street and suddenly feeling in the mood for baijiu. But #39;it#39;s nice to have other options,#39; he says as he drinks a beer and samples the occasional flight of baijiu.近日的一个晚上,从小在英国长大、现居北京的动画师普劳洛夫(Henry Proudlove)在酒吧里说,他并非沿着街道散步、突然心血来潮想喝一杯白酒才进来的;有其他选择总是好的。他当时一边啤酒,一边偶尔尝上一口白酒。The bar#39;s owners say they were inspired by a talk and baijiu-tasting earlier this year by Derek Sandhaus, author of #39;Baijiu: The Essential Guide to Chinese Spirits.酒吧的几位主人说,他们是今年早些时候跟桑德豪斯(Derek Sandhaus)谈话、品尝白酒时获得的开店灵感。桑德豪斯是《白酒:中国烈酒必备指南》(Baijiu: The Essential Guide to Chinese Spirits)一书的作者。#39;I thought, maybe there#39;s an interest in presenting baijiu in a Western-style bar environment where you have baijiu by the glass, not by the bottle,#39; says Mr. Isler.艾斯勒说:“我觉得,或许在西方风格的酒吧里提供白酒是件挺有意思的事,在这里,你用玻璃杯品尝白酒,而不是对着酒瓶子喝。”Mr. Sandhaus, for his part, says he couldn#39;t be more proud. It#39;s #39;akin to what a more upstanding citizen would feel upon the birth of their first child,#39; he said by email.桑德豪斯在邮件中说,他对此非常自豪,这种感觉就好像是第一个孩子出生时的那种喜悦。The space, which fits about 30 people, features exposed brick, wood-beam ceilings and low lighting.首都酒坊店里可以坐大约30人,室内可以看到裸露出来的砖块,顶部有木质房梁,灯吊得很低。Architect Anna Pipilis, who helped design the bar, says an interior wall was removed and she scoured local stores for old wood and low tables to create more traditional Chinese-style seating. #39;I wanted to do something representing Beijing a little bit,#39; she says. She insisted on the lower tables because #39;you see so many people outside doing things with friends, and they#39;re always sitting low.#39;帮助设计这家酒吧的建筑师皮皮利斯(Anna Pipilis)称,酒吧的内墙被拆除了,她从当地的商店里搜到了旧木头和矮凳,以打造更传统的中国式座位。她说,她希望酒吧能带点北京味。她坚持用矮桌子,她说,看外面这么多人和朋友们在一起时总是坐得很低。Jim Boyce, who blogs about food and drink in Beijing, says he#39;s surprised no one has come up with the concept before. The bar, he says, #39;will be good for those who live here and want to go beyond the full-on ganbei experience, and for those visiting and interested in trying Chinese spirits.#39;写北京食物和饮料方面的客的主伊斯(Jim Boyce)表示,他感到惊讶的是,为什么之前就没人想到过要开一间以白酒为主打的酒吧。他说,对于那些在此居住并想有除干杯之外的其他体验,以及那些到此访问并有兴趣尝尝中国白酒的人而言,这家酒吧非常有帮助。Russian architect Valerie Pestereva, visiting the bar recently for her second time, says the bar#39;s owners have helped her find an appreciation for the potent grain alcohol. #39;The last time I came here, it definitely changed my opinion about baijiu. Each time, they told the story and everything suddenly gained a value.#39;俄罗斯建筑师Valerie Pestereva近来第二次造访了这家酒吧。她说,酒吧的主人让她学会了如何品尝酒劲十足的白酒。她还说,第二次来这家酒吧时,她对白酒的看法完全改变了,每次来的时候,酒吧的主人都会讲述白酒的故事,一切都突然有了价值。#39;People come in saying they don#39;t want baijiu,#39; says Simon Dang, one of the bar#39;s co-founders. #39;And they leave loving it.#39;该酒吧的联合创始人之一Simon Dang表示,客人们来的时候都说不要白酒,但走的时候已经爱上白酒了。 /201408/321609

They say opposites attract - and an amorous tabby cat and a horse go a way to prove the theory.人们都说“异类相吸”——这只多情的斑纹猫和这匹马的故事恰恰明了这一理论。The two animals, who live on a farm in Belgium, were filmed sharing an intimate moment of affection together.这对动物生活在比利时的一个农场上,人们将它们充满爱意的亲密瞬间拍摄成了一小段视频。The friendly feline is seen sat on the wall of a stable enclosure rubbing up against the horse, who peers over the barrier.在视频中,猫咪坐在马厩的围墙上,友好的磨蹭着从马厩里探出脑袋的小马。Both seem happy and relaxed in each other#39;s company.The tabby is heard purring and swirling its tail around, as it gives the horse some loving.两只动物相互依偎,都显得非常幸福而且惬意。猫咪在向小马示爱的时候,人们可以听到它在打呼噜,看到它转着自己的尾巴。Many have deemed the clip #39;cute#39; and #39;adorable#39;.许多人都认为这一小段视频非常“可爱”,“萌;意十足。 /201407/315428Christmas is marked on the 25 December (7 January for Orthodox Christians).12月25日是圣诞节(东正教的圣诞节是1月7日)。圣诞节的故事:耶稣的诞生The Holy Family, Mary and Joseph with the baby Jesus.圣母玛利亚、约瑟夫、婴儿耶稣Christmas is a Christian holy day that marks the birth of Jesus, the son of God.圣诞节是基督教的一个神圣节日。因为他标志着耶稣,上帝之子的诞生。Jesus#39; birth, known as the nativity, is described in the New Testament of the Bible.圣经新约记载了耶稣的出生,即耶稣诞生。The Gospels of Matthew and Luke give different accounts. It is from them that the nativity story is pieced together.马太福音和路加福音对耶稣诞生分别作了记载,基于这两者的记载,我们才有了流传到现在的耶稣诞生故事。 /201312/269907LOS, NIGERIA — People avoid shaking hands here these days. The government is urging us not to. This is a serious matter in a country where a casual “hello” is downright rude and everyday greetings involve elaborate rituals based upon age, rank and even the state of the weather and the day of the week. Until about a month ago, it was by no means unusual for two friends, male as well as female, to remain hand-in-hand long after the protocol of the greeting was complete. Now not so. The Ebola scare has introduced a new awkwardness in social relations.尼日利亚拉各斯——这里的人现在都会避免握手。政府正在呼吁我们不要握手。这是一个很严重的问题,因为在尼日利亚,随口说声“你好”绝对是种粗鲁之举,这里的日常问候是一种复杂的礼仪,根据年龄、等级、乃至天气状况如何和当天是星期几而变化。直到大约一个月前,两个朋友,无论男女,在问候礼仪完成后很久仍然手握着手的情况绝不少见。但现在不同了。埃拉疫情造成的恐慌,已经给社会关系制造了一个新的尴尬。I first heard about the government’s call to avoid shaking hands from a priest at Mass three Sundays ago. It was not long after the Ebola virus had landed at the Lagos airport on July 20 in the person of Patrick Sawyer, a Liberian national and naturalized American citizen who had fled the Liberian capital Monrovia in hope of better treatment in Nigeria. He died five days later, by which time others had been infected, whereupon the Lagos state government, in collaboration with federal authorities, was quick to promulgate the message: Avoid physical contact, wash your hands frequently, and leave it to professionals to handle the dead.我第一次听到政府避免握手的号召,是三周前的周日弥撒上由一位牧师传达的。当时埃拉病毒抵达尼日利亚还没有多久:利比里亚裔美国公民帕特里克·索耶(Patrick Sawyer)感染后,逃离了利比里亚首都蒙罗维亚,希望在尼日利亚获得更好的治疗,他于7月20日抵达拉各斯机场。五天以后,他过世了,但那个时候其他人已经被他感染,于是拉各斯州政府与联邦当局合作,很快就发布了预防埃拉的消息:避免身体接触,经常洗手,亡者留给专业人士来处理。While the country’s myriad radio stations broadcast the warnings, the authorities also asked churches and mosques to sp the word. (Most Nigerians are profoundly religious, and even many nonbelievers attend services, compelled as often as not by neighborly tradition rather than pietistic pressure.)尼日利亚众多电台播放了这些警告,当局还要求教堂和清真寺传达这个消息。(大多数尼日利亚人都笃信宗教,甚至还有很多非信徒参加礼拜,这通常是街坊传统使然,而非虔诚信仰的压力。)Working from the airline passenger list and hospital patient information, the authorities were quickly able to develop a comprehensive list of those who came into contact with Mr. Sawyer, and sent medical workers to locate those who might have been exposed to the virus. Some 200 people were put under observation until the 21-day incubation period had passed.当局根据航空公司的乘客名单和医院的病人信息,很快就列出了一份完整清单,内含所有与索耶接触过的人。而且当局还派出医疗人员,寻找那些可能已经接触到病毒的人。大约有200人接受观察,直到21天的潜伏期完全结束。The authorities wanted to avoid the panic and mayhem that occurred in Liberia, and I have to say (though I usually find very little to praise in any government in Nigeria) that the speed and efficiency with which the Lagos State authorities reacted was exemplary. It seems as if the virus has been contained in this city of 20 million people. Agence France-Presse reported this week that 320 people suspected of exposure to the virus have been certified clear and released, and that another 41 remained under surveillance.埃拉在利比里亚引发了恐慌和混乱,尼日利亚当局希望避免重蹈它的覆辙,我不得不说(虽然我平时很少对尼日利亚的各级政府予以赞扬),拉各斯州当局的反应速度和效率堪称典范。在这个2000万人口的城市,病毒看起来已被控制住。据法新社(Agence France-Presse)报道,本周有320个可能接触过埃拉病毒的人,已被实未受感染,并且解除了隔离,另有41人仍然有待观察。But the situation here and elsewhere is still uncertain. Despite all the precautions, one of the nurses who had treated Mr. Sawyer managed to escape a poorly guarded isolation ward and travel to the southern city of Enugu. Her name was never released, and it is not known why a professional nurse would suddenly take flight. In any case, the Enugu state government was quick to act. All of the 20 or so people she is known to have come into close contact with during her daylong trip from Lagos were located and placed under surveillance. Though the nurse, who apparently did not know she was infected, has since been reported to have died, there have been no reports — so far — that any of the people she came in contact with have been infected.但这里和其他地方的局势依然不明朗。尽管采取了各种预防措施,接触过索耶的一名护士还是逃出了守卫松懈的隔离病房,前往南部城市埃努古。我们一直不知道她的名字,也不知道为什么一个职业护士会突然逃走。但无论如何,埃努古州政府迅速采取行动。这名护士离开拉各斯后,在一整天的行程中曾密切接触过约20人,现在这些人都被找到,并处在监控之下。这名护士似乎不知道自己已经感染病毒,虽然报道称她已经去世,但迄今还没有听说她接触过的任何人感染了埃拉病毒。People in Port Harcourt, the oil capital in the south, have not been so lucky. Another suspected carrier also escaped from a Lagos isolation ward. Unlike the nurse, he allegedly knew he was infected. The doctor he consulted died of Ebola on Aug. 22, according to the World Health Organization. The doctor’s wife, who was flown to Lagos for treatment with her three-month-old baby, is also said to have died, according to local media reports. The infant’s fate is unknown. The authorities say the man who infected them may be tried on manslaughter charges. W.H.O. officials said this week that there were three confirmed cases of Ebola infection in the city, and that some 200 people remain under surveillance there.南部石油之都哈科特港的人们就没有这么幸运了。另一名可能携带埃拉病毒的病人也从拉各斯的隔离病房逃离,与那名护士不同,据说他知道自己感染了病毒。据世界卫生组织(World Health Organization)透露,他咨询过的医生因为感染埃拉病毒于8月22日死亡。当地媒体报道称,这名医生的妻子为了给三个月大的婴儿治病飞到了拉各斯,据称,她已经死亡。这名婴儿的命运目前还不得而知。当局称,导致他们感染病毒的男子可能会遭到审讯,罪名是过失杀人。WHO官员本周表示,该市确认了三例感染埃拉病毒的病例,大约有200人仍然处在监控下。The tendency to panic in the face of a deadly virus with no known cure is of course understandable, especially given the stories that have been coming out of Monrovia and elsewhere in West Africa. Foreigners from suspect countries are regarded warily. Just recently, the Lagos police, acting on a tip from fearful neighbors, raided a hotel and arrested 39 people, 35 of them from the Democratic Republic of Congo. The others were from Senegal, or Sierra Leone, depending upon what newspapers you .当然,面对这种无法治疗的致命病毒,出现恐慌倾向是可以理解的,特别是考虑到蒙罗维亚及西非其他地方传来的报道。来自可能存在风险的国家的外国人受到密切关注。就在最近,拉各斯警方根据担忧的邻居提供的情报,采取行动,突击搜查了一家酒店,逮捕了39人,其中有35人来自刚果民主共和国。剩下的来自塞内加尔或塞拉利昂,各报的报道存在不同。There have also been the inevitable quack cures, as well as traditional herbal remedies from folk doctors. In one bizarre case, claims that drinking and bathing in salt water would prevent infection flooded the Internet. A surprising number of people apparently believed it. Two are reported to have died from drinking salt water, and another 20 have been hospitalized.庸医胡乱治病、民间医生使用传统草药治疗的情况不可避免地出现了。还有个匪夷所思的事情是,喝盐水和用盐水洗澡可以防止感染病毒的说法在网上广为流传。看来相信这种说法的人意想不到地多。据称,有两人因为喝盐水而死亡,还有20人入院就医。Yet it is remarkable how calm most people have remained. Not that they aren’t taking precautions. The other day, for instance, a bank security guard offered me some of the hand disinfectant that most people seem to carry about these days, as did the owner of a local cafe I frequent.但值得注意的是,大多数人能够保持冷静。这并不是说他们不采取预防措施。例如,有一天,一名保安给了我一些手消毒液,一家我经常光顾的当地咖啡馆的老板也给了我一些,目前大多数人似乎都带着这种消毒液。There is little doubt that quick action by the authorities has generated a broad sense of civic responsibility that is rare in Nigeria. Even the federal government, otherwise so mired in corruption that it is helpless in the face of our home-grown Islamist insurgency, appears to have taken an atypically responsible approach. Despite the perennial distrust that most Nigerians have toward any government statement, the fact that the virus has so far been relatively contained has given this nation of skeptics hope that our leaders can govern, once they put their minds to it.毫无疑问,当局的快速行动促使广大民众产生责任感,这在尼日利亚非常罕见。尽管联邦政府陷入腐败泥潭,对国内的伊斯兰主义叛乱束手无策,但这个政府似乎一反常态,承担责任,应对问题。尽管大多数尼日利亚人一直不相信政府的声明,但病毒到目前为止已经相对得到控制的事实,给这个充满疑虑的国家带来希望——如果我们的领导人愿意用心治理,他们就能治理好国家。Nevertheless, fear remains that Ebola may yet spiral out of control. Another death was reported here this week, this one at the Lagos University teaching hospital. It is said, though not confirmed, that the health workers who attended to the victim were not wearing the recommended protective equipment.尽管如此,人们仍然担心埃拉疫情可能会失控。本周这里又出现了一例死亡病例,这次是在拉各斯大学(University of Lagos)的教学医院。据称,照料这名死者的医护人员没有穿戴相关部门推荐的防护装备,但该消息没有得到实。This does not inspire confidence. Though ed Nations officials have praised the way Nigeria has handled the threat so far, the nation’s health minister warns that “a few” more cases are likely. In the meantime, most of us are crossing our fingers, rubbing our hands with disinfectant, and carrying on as best we can. Meanwhile, newspaper cartoonists are having a field day dreaming up alternatives to the handshake.这对信心的建立是不利的。虽然联合国(ed Nations)官员对尼日利亚迄今为止应对威胁的方式提出表扬,但该国卫生部长警告称,可能还会出现“一些”病例。在此期间,我们当中的大多数人都会祈祷,用消毒液搓手,尽可能继续这么做。与此同时,报纸漫画家正忙着构思代替握手的问候方式。 /201409/327452

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