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上海交通大学医学院附属同仁医院看结肠炎好不好上海上海治疗肛周疾病多少钱5 签订合同3句英文任你选Shall we sign the contract now?我们现在签约好吗?If everything is satisfactory, we can sign the contract.如果事事都令人满意,我们可以正式签约了。Well send the contract to your hotel for signature tomorrow morning.明早我们将把合同送到您下榻的饭店让您签字。半个句型要记牢sign the contract (签订合同)Tip:签合同是用动词sign,而不是write和draw。 /201604/434115九院看外痔多少钱 Pentagon Report Finds No Direct Saddam-al-Qaida Connection美称萨达姆与基地组织无直接关联The U.S. Defense Department has released a study of 600,000 documents from Saddam Hussein's archives concluding that while he supported many terrorist groups he did not have a "direct connection" with al-Qaida. But the department's spokesman says that is not a new conclusion.  美国国防部对60万份萨达姆档案文件进行研究之后发表的报告得出结论说,尽管萨达姆曾持许多恐怖集团,但是他和基地恐怖组织没有直接关联。国防部发言人说,这并非新结论。According to the executive summary of the Iraqi Perspectives Project report, Saddam Hussein was concerned that terrorist groups, particularly those with an Islamic viewpoint, could threaten his regime. But the report says he cooperated with them anyway because they attacked his enemy, the ed States. 根据“伊拉克透视项目”报告作出的摘要,萨达姆曾担心恐怖集团、尤其是具有伊斯兰教观点的恐怖集团可能危及他的统治地位。但是有关报告说,他仍然与恐怖集团协作,因为他们打击他的敌人:美国。It says under Saddam, Iraq's involvement in terrorism focused on his enemies both inside and outside Iraq, but also extended to support for the families of Palestinian terrorists and a program to develop and build car bombs and to train people on how to use them. The report says, "State sponsorship of terrorism became such a routine tool of state power that Iraq developed elaborate bureaucratic processes to monitor progress and accountability in the recruiting, training and resourcing of terrorists." 报告说,在萨达姆统治下,伊拉克所参与的恐怖活动的重点是对付他在国内外的敌人,但是伊拉克的参与也扩展到持巴勒斯坦恐怖分子的家属、发展并制作汽车炸弹项目以及训练如何使用汽车炸弹。这份报告说,国家对恐怖主义的持在伊拉克成为国家权力的一种惯用工具,以至伊拉克设立了完善的官方程序来监督招募、训练及资助恐怖分子工作的进展和可靠程度。Pentagon Press Secretary Geoff Morrell says the report shows "a Nazi-esque cataloging of Saddam's ties with terror." 五角大楼的新闻秘书莫雷尔说,这份报告显示萨达姆与恐怖主义的关系属于纳粹法西斯模式。Still, according to the report, researchers have not found any "direct connection" between Saddam and al-Qaida, which carried out the September 11 attacks in 2001 and several other significant attacks on U.S. targets. Pentagon Spokesman Bryan Whitman says U.S. military researchers have reached the same 'no-connection' conclusion in at least two previous analyses of the captured documents. 200803/30658Alexis Glick: It's been nearly 8 years since the world mourned the loss of one of the most famous women in the world, Princess Diana was a fixture on the front pages of newspapers and magazines, from the moment she stepped into the arms of the Prince of Wales. Countless books, interviews in television specials have claimed to shed light on who she was. Now comes a new book from a woman who says her friendship with the princess helped her to write the most honest and intimate portrait yet, it's called Diana, The Last Word, Simone Simmons was Diana's energy healer and friend, her co-author is Ingrid Seward, an expert on the royal family and a writer for the Majesty magazine. Good morning to both of you.Both: Good morning.Alexis Glick: Well, first of all, let me send my condolences to the 2 of you for coming in just from London after what we have experienced over the past couple of days, I'm sure it's been difficult.Simone Simmons: A nightmare.Alexis Glick: At home? I am sure. Simone Simmons: Yeah.Alexis Glick: Let's talk a little bit in the beginning here about how your relationship developed with Diana because that many wonder sort of how you guys got to know each other?Simone Simmons: Right. Diana was introduced to me for healing initially, and then after a while, the friendship became a friendship I suppose to patient- therapist relationship, We became close friends, ...Alexis Glick: And you say you knew her...Simone Simmons: ...and I taught Diana how to heal.Alexis Glick: And you say you knew her for 4 years before she died, ...Simone Simmons: Yeah.Alexis Glick: ...while there're certain claims that in the last year before she did die that you guys were not as close,Simone Simmons: I've not got letters and things from her from 97 before she died.Alexis Glick: One of the things that people talk about in the book is your first chapter. It is the chapter that everybody, every critic's writing about, everybody's talking about, and then is that you claim that she had a relationship with JFK Junior and that in fact they actually had an intimate night together at the Carolel hotel.Simone Simmons: Yes.Alexis Glick: Tell us about that.Simone Simmons: We were sitting down on her couch one day just talking, and talking about women, and we started talking about Grace Kelly(Hollywood actress.She starred in Rear Window,one of Alfred Hitchcock's masterpieces. Later she married the King of Monaco), then we started talking about Jacky A, and then while we talking about Jacky A, Diana said to me in this very sheepish voice, 'I've got something to tell you', and she blurted it out, I uttered 'Are you joking?' and she said 'No.' and I was quite stunned, but it happens. I didn't go into details, I didn't ask her any questions, she was going to tell me.Ingred Seward: You should have definitely asked her some questions.(yes, I should) I would've done.Simone Simmons: Yes, I am sure, I know you would have done, you are a journalist. (I know, that's it)Alexis Glick: As you know, Simone, you know her butler, her secretary, I mean many people who are the very best friends with Diana. Claimed of thisSimone Simmons:as her membered staffAlexis Glick: claimed that... Simone Simmons: Yes.200707/15186静安区治疗大便困难医院

宝山区治疗脱肛多少钱Pope Benedict Apologizes for Clergy Abuse in Australia教皇就澳神职人员性侵犯丑闻道歉  Pope Benedict has apologized for sexual abuse in the Catholic Church in Australia and has insisted that those responsible should be brought to justice. The pope told a mass in Sydney Saturday sexual abuse by clergy had brought shame to the Catholic Church. Pope Benedict is in Sydney for World Youth Day. 罗马天主教皇本笃十六世就涉及澳大利亚天主教神职人员的性侵犯丑闻做出道歉,并坚决表示,那些负有责任的人应该被绳之以法。教皇本笃星期六在悉尼对前来参加弥撒的人说,一些教士的性侵犯行为让整个天主教会都感到耻辱。教皇目前正在澳大利亚参加世界青年日的庆祝活动。Pope Benedict told a mass in Sydney the behavior of pedophile priests was "evil" and a grave betrayal of trust that had brought great shame on the Catholic Church. 罗马天主教皇本笃十六世在悉尼对前来参加弥撒的人们说,有恋童癖的神职人员的行为是“邪恶的”,违背了教徒们的信任,给天主教会带来了无上的耻辱。He said the perpetrators should be brought to justice. 他说,那些犯了罪的人,应该被绳之以法。"I am deeply sorry for the pain and suffering the victims have endured and I assure them that as their pastor I too share in their suffering. These misdeeds, which constitute so grave a betrayal of trust, deserve unequivocal condemnation," he said. 他说:“对受害者们所遭受的痛苦,我感到非常抱歉,作为他们的牧师,他们的痛苦也是我的痛苦。那些错误行为严重违背了教徒们的信任,理应受到严厉的谴责和制裁。”The papal apology was widely anticipated and echoes the contrition the pope expressed on a visit to the ed States earlier this year. 教皇的这番道歉可以说是预料之中的。今年早些时候,本笃十六世到美国访问期间,也做出了类似的表述。Support groups for victims in Australia have said that Pope Benedict's apology was not sufficient. 然而,在澳大利亚受害者团体看来,教皇的道歉远远不够。They have called for the church to end what they describe as a continuing cover-up of the scale of the problem.  他们说,教廷一直在竭力掩盖问题的严重性,应该立即终止这么做。They have also demanded "appropriate" levels of financial compensation. 并给受害者及其家属适度的赔偿。Anthony Foster, whose daughter committed suicide after being raped by a Catholic priest who also attacked her sister, says the pope's words do not go far enough. 安东尼.福斯特的一个女儿在被一个天主教士强奸之后自杀了,他的另外一个女儿也遭到了这名教士的侵犯。福斯特说,教皇的道歉并不是那么彻底。"I'll accept an apology if the pope will wholeheartedly embrace the notion of begging forgiveness from victims, and supporting them in every way possible and putting the full resources of the Church behind that support so they can have a reasonable life. They will never recover fully from what has happened to them," said Foster. 他说:“假如教皇真正是全心全意地恳请那些受害者的原谅,而且尽一切可能、动用教廷的全部资源来帮助这些受害者,让他们能够恢复基本正常生活的话,那么,我可以接受道歉。要知道,那些受害者永远也不会完全从过去那些遭遇当中彻底恢复过来。”There have been 107 convictions of pedophile clergy in Australia, but campaigners have insisted that there could be thousands of victims, as only a few cases ever go to court. 在澳大利亚,至少有107名澳大利亚天主教神职人员被判定犯有性侵犯罪。但是,有关的活动人士说,事实上,遭到侵犯的人可能有数千名,因为这类案例,实际上只有极少数诉之于法庭。Sexual abuse by Catholic priests has overshadowed the pope's visit to World Youth Day in Sydney, with senior church officials reopening a 25-year-old case of indecent assault in Australia only days before the pontiff arrived. 教皇这次澳大利亚世界青年日之行,被一些天主教士所犯下的性侵犯行为蒙上了一层阴影。就在他抵达之前几天,教廷的一些高级官员决定对发生在澳大利亚的一件历时25年之久的案子进行重新审理。World Youth Day festivities have continued in Australia's biggest city, with tens of thousands of pilgrims marching across the Sydney harbor bridge on their way to an all-night vigil at a race course before a giant, open-air papal mass on Sunday. 目前,庆祝活动在悉尼继续著,成千上万的朝圣者们徒步走过悉尼海港大桥,前去参加烛光之夜的庆祝活动。星期天,教皇本笃十六世将主持一个规模庞大的露天弥撒。World Youth Day is a global celebration that is meant to inspire a new generation of Catholics. 世界青年日在世界各地都展开了庆祝活动,目的是希望年青的一代能够加入天主教。200807/44421上海肛瘘术后治疗医院要多少钱 国家地理:Martin Luther King 马丁·路德·金He began his career as a Baptist preacher but went on to lead a sweeping grassroots effort to end racial discrimination, known as the Civil Rights Movement. Along the way, Martin Luther King Junior made history and emerged as one of the most influential leaders of the 20th century.Before the Civil Rights Movement began, segregation policies known as Jim Crow laws kept African-Americans in a separate and generally inferior world from whites. African-Americans went to separate public schools, ate in separate restaurants, and even had to use separate public restrooms. They had to sit in the back of buses, and give up their seats to any white people standing.But in 1954, Jim Crow suffered a stunning defeat. The Supreme Court declared that separate schools for blacks and whites were inherently unequal in a case called Brown versus board of education. The following year, in Montgomery, Alabama, a tailor's assistant, named Rosa Parks, refuse to give up her bus seat for a white passenger. Parks was arrested, but Martin Luther King organized a full-fledged boycott of the Montgomery city bus system. 13 months later, the buses integrated.The Montgomery boycott inspired more efforts to end segregation. In 1963, King and other civil rights leaders organized the March on Washington. More than 200,000 people came to the nation's capital to demand equality for blacks and urge Congress to pass pending civil rights laws. Standing at the base of the Lincoln Memorial, King spoke the words "I have a dream today", describing his hope for a future in which all men would be brothers.The Civil Rights Movement was changing the nation. In 1964, Congress passed the Civil Rights Act, which made racial discrimination in public places illegal. The same year, King was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.On April 4th, 1968, Martin Luther King was assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee. But the movement he helped to lead lived on, inspiring other groups such as Hispanics, women and the disabled to fight for equal treatment under the law, and completing King's legacy of greater social justice for all Americans.Wordsgrassroots : The grassroots of an organization or movement are the ordinary people who form the main part of it, rather than its leaders. 基层的,一般民众的;来自民间的Hispanic: A Hispanic person is a citizen of the ed States of America who originally came from Latin America, or whose family originally came from Latin America.200708/17063宝山区治疗肛门损伤医院

上海哪个医院肛肠科看的好 Hong Kong is one of the world's leading markets for jewelry.  香港是世界主要珠宝市场之一。In Hall Seven of Hong Kong's Convention and Exhibition Center, table after table is stacked with strings of pearls, looking more like a rummage sale than a display of luxury and elegance. Most of the pearls are from one country: China. 香港会展中心7号展厅内珍珠连排摆放,看似清仓拍卖而不象是奢华品展示。大部分珍珠都来自中国。Didier Brodbeck, a French pearl expert, says Chinese fresh water pearls now account for about 95 percent of the world's total pearl production. 布罗德贝克是法国珍珠出口商人。他说,中国淡水珍珠现在占据世界珍珠生产总量的大约95%。"The boom is very recent, maybe 10 years ago, but the pearls are getting better and better, bigger and bigger, and more attractive, you know," said Brodbeck. "In the early days, they were not very good quality pearls. They are still very, very cheap, because the production is so big." 布罗德贝克说:“珍珠生产暴涨是不久之前的事情,可能就是10年前,但是珍珠现在变得越来越好、越来越大、越来越有吸引力。他们在早期的时候质量并不是很好。他们现在依然非常廉价,因为产量是如此巨大。”While mass cultivation has caused the price of pearls to drop dramatically in the past few years, South Sea pearls from countries such as Polynesia and Australia remain expensive. This is because they are more rare, because they develop naturally in oysters in the sea. 尽管大规模养殖导致珍珠价格过去几年中巨幅下降,但是来自波利尼西亚和澳大利亚的南海珍珠的价格继续居高不下,因为它们在海水牡蛎中自然生成。Brodbeck says Hong Kong has become the center of the pearl business in the past decade, after taking over from the previous pearl capital, Kobe, Japan. But Brodbeck says Hong Kong may lose its position to a newly created city in mainland China. Pearl City, in Zhuji, on the Yangtze River is set to open later this year. It aims at becoming the world's leading center for the cultivation and trade of pearls. 布罗德贝克说,香港过去10年中取代珍珠之都的日本神户,成为珍珠商业中心。但是他说,中国大陆一个新建的城市可能会取代香港的地位。长江流域的诸暨珍珠城计划今年晚些时候开张,目的是成为世界上最主要的珍珠养殖与交易中心。"They want to take the business away from Kobe and Hong Kong and have a world pearl market open every day of the week, all year round, so people can buy any kind of pearls, and they want the Chinese, the Japanese, Polynesians - everybody to come who has interest in dealing with pearls," he said. "And, when the project will be done they expect to have like 4500 firms established there that will be open seven days a week." 布罗德贝克说:“他们希望从神户和香港手中把生意抢走,并且一年四季每天都有一个世界珍珠市场在那里开张。这样人们可以购买任何珍珠。他们也希望中国人、日本人、波利尼西亚人,每位希望珍珠交易的人都前往珍珠城。项目完成之后,他们预计会有大约4千5公司在那里立足,每周7天营业。”Hong Kong's International Jewelry Show is the world's third largest fair of its kind. More than 2300 exhibitors participated in the latest fair, setting a record. 香港国际珠宝展览会是世界上第三大珠宝展,参展商超过2千3,创下新的记录。Hong Kong is the world's fourth-largest exporter of precious jewelry. The city is also the world's biggest exporter of imitation jewelry and a leading producer of gold items. 香港是世界上第四大稀有珠宝的出口地,也是世界上仿造珠宝最大的出口地和黄金产品的主要生产地。Many producers have been affected by rising gold prices. The price surged more than 30 percent in the past year, reaching a historic high of almost ,000 an ounce this month.  很多制造商都受到黄金价格上涨的影响。黄金价格去年飙升超过30%,本月几乎达到一盎司售价1千美元的历史新高。This Hong Kong producer of gold jewelry, who mainly sells to the ed States, says his profit has shrunk because now customers buy cheaper items. 一位主要向美国出口的香港黄金珠宝制造商说,现在顾客都购买廉价商品,让他的利润缩水。"Looking at Valentine's Day sales' turnover, for example, was the units haven't really gone down in America - the sales value has definitely gone down," he said. "Also, the buyers ask for a lot more silver products which we don't specialize in, and silver and gold." 他说:“比如说,看看情人节的销售额,就可以发现商品数量在美国并没有下降,而是销售额下降。而且买家对银质产品的需求增加,而我们并不是银质产品的行家。”Some parts of the world have remained relatively unaffected by higher gold prices. Simon Yau, with the World Gold Council, says in China, demand remains high. 世界上有些地区相比之下没有受到黄金价格升高的影响。"For example the last year, in 2007, the gold demand in China is aly (up) over something 20 percent," Yau noted. "Also in the first two months of this year - that means January and February - demand is still growing up comparing to last year. It is about 20-something percent growth compared to last year. We believe that retail and the consumer demand is still there. They have money." 世界黄金委员会的邱西蒙说,中国对黄金的需求量依然很高。邱西蒙说:“比如说,中国对黄金的需求去年2007年已经增加了大约20%。今年的头两个月,也就是1月和2月,对黄金的需求与去年同期相比依然上涨了大约20%。我们相信黄金零售和消费需求依然存在。他们有钱。”China became the world's second biggest gold buyer, last year, overtaking the ed States. The world's biggest buyer remains India, where gifts of gold jewelry play an important part in weddings and other celebrations. 中国去年超越美国成为世界第二大黄金购买国,仅次于印度。印度黄金珠宝礼物在婚礼和其它庆祝活动中扮演主要角色。In both India and China, there is a growing interest in diamonds, as a symbol of newly acquired wealth. This employee of an Israeli diamond firm says that as sales in the ed States have fallen, because of the economic downturn there. Her company increasingly focuses on India and China. 印度和中国都对钻石的兴趣不减,而钻石是暴富的象征。以色列钻石公司一位雇员说,钻石在美国的销售因为经济下滑而减少了。她的公司越来越将注意力集中到印度和中国。"At one time, it was just China was buying for production and exporting. Now, they are buying for their own consumption," she said. "And, the same with India. India used to buy and export - just for manufacturing and then export it and now the Indian population, 10 percent of the Indian population is very, very wealthy and that 10 percent people have now become very interested in diamonds and the money they have is phenomenal." 她说:“中国一度只为生产和出口而购买钻石,现在却是为自身消费而购买钻石。印度也是这样。印度过去为加工然后出口而购买钻石,现在印度10%的人口非常富有,这10%的人现在对钻石非常感兴趣,而且他们有很多的钱。”It is India's fashionable youth who are driving diamond sales. They see diamonds as more trendy than traditional gold. With a large population of educated young adults entering the job market in India, traders at the Hong Kong fair expect to see a strong market there for years.  驱动钻石销售的是印度时尚的年轻一族。在他们的眼中,钻石要比传统黄金更为时尚。随着受过教育的年轻一代进入印度就业市场,香港展览会里的商人们预计会看到印度钻石市场的未来无限商机。200803/30507闵行区治疗腹泻多少钱上海肛泰医院治疗肛乳头肥大价格



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