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呼和浩特新城区男科妇科网上预约乌兰察布妇幼保健院妇科挂号A church has become an internet sensation after hundreds of people have flocked to see the face of a chicken within its walls。一座教堂因为外形酷似一张小鸡的“脸”而成为网络热点,引来许多游客蜂拥而至,只为一睹这张萌脸。With its large round windows resembling two eyes and roof tiles appearing as a beak, the so-called #39;chicken church#39; is attracting an expanding fan club online。教堂的圆形窗户就像是两只大眼睛,屋檐的瓦片形状有些像尖嘴,这个教堂被大家戏称为“鸡仔教堂”,吸引了很多网友关注,还为它组成了粉丝团,而且数量还在不断扩大。The congregation at the Church by the Sea in Tampa Bay, Florida, say they regularly see passers-by stopping to get a memento of the unusual-looking building。这座教堂坐落于美国佛罗里达州的坦帕湾,教堂会众表示,经常看到路过的人驻足欣赏这个外型特别的建筑。Its birdlike appearance is completed by the roof that sps out like red wings。教堂的屋顶延伸出去,看上去仿佛红色的翅膀,让这种教堂的整体外观更像一只小鸟。Ths have appeared online dedicated to the building with hundreds of users wanting to find out more about the #39;Chicken Church#39;。在网络上已经出现了前往这座教堂的浏览路线,很多用户都想了解更多关于“鸡仔教堂”的事情。Dee Dee Parker, a long term member of the Church by the Sea said the congregation is delighted that the building makes people happy but did not realise that they had become so popular online。迪迪-帕克是教堂的长期成员,她表示对于这座建筑给人们带来欢乐,当地居民也表示很开心,不过大家都没有意识到这座教堂会在网络上如此受欢迎。She said: #39;It#39;s so funny - we were completely unaware that it had become a hit on the internet. We see lots of people coming to take pictures of the church.#39;她表示:“真的很有趣,我们都完全没有意识到教堂会在网络上火起来,我们经常看到许多人来教堂这边拍照。”The church on Madeira Beach was founded in in 1944 by a group of fishermen. It#39;s light up cross has been used as a nautical landmark for the fisherman to guide them back to land.这座位于马德拉岛海滩的教堂是在1944年由一群渔民建造的。渔民们把教堂的灯火当做航海路标,指引他们回家的路。The church#39;s bird-like features are used as a compass to direct sea workers - its wings represent East and West, while its beak and tail symbolise North and South。教堂的鸟类外形也是海上工人们的指南针:翅膀代表东西方向,喙和尾巴象征着南北方向。 /201303/228898呼和浩特妇科检查项目及费用 呼和浩特武川县男科挂号

呼和浩特市立医院治疗大便出血多少钱钻石代表永恒,但当女孩被抛弃或面临离异,爱情失去光环时,她们该如何对待那些戒指、项链等信物呢?据英国媒体报道,一个专卖“旧爱”首饰,分享分手故事,疗养爱情伤痕的新网站出现,为这些人提供帮助。Diamonds may be forever. But what's a girl to do when she gets dumped or divorced and those rings, necklaces and love gifts lose their emotional sparkle?Help is just a click away on new websites that provide an outlet for selling jewellery from past relationships, sharing break-up stories and helping broken hearts heal."You go through a divorce. What do you do with that ring? Maybe you have a child you can pass it on to. Maybe you don't. It just sits there," said Marie Perry, who with her stepdaughter Megahn Perry runs exboyfriendjewelry.com."We wanted to create a platform in the community where people can get in contact with others with similar needs," Perry said.Three months after its launch with the slogan "You Don't Want It. He Can't Have It Back," the website has 3,000 registered users and more than 600 postings of rings, bracelets and earrings for sale - all with a personal tale attached."Studs from a Dud," writes one woman, selling a pair of cubic zirconia earrings given to her three years ago.Six months later, she says, the boyfriend dumped her over the phone - while she was recovering from brain surgery."Oops," writes another, selling a white gold wedding band."We wanted to keep the tone fun and tongue in cheek. There are some bitter women but most stories are really light-hearted although a few are about people who have been in an abusive situation. But now they are y to move on," said Perry.The idea was born when Megahn Perry, a Los Angeles actress and writer, was looking for a safe, reliable place to sell a wedding set after an amicable divorce and realized others might have boyfriend jewellery languishing in drawers or with attendant memories that make them too painful to wear.Thelocal pawn shop proved an unattractive option, and Ebay felt too anonymous. So she teamed up with her stepmother Marie, researched the market and found a gap in it.New Orleans students, Allison Wasserman and Elizabeth Rothbeind, set up a similar venture, Ex-cessories.com, in April after a teary afternoon sorting out photographs, jewellery and other mementos of an ex-boyfriend.With the motto "Don't Get Mad - Break Even," it offers independent appraisals of jewellery, matches buyers with sellers, and provides a social network.Although aimed at women, the websites welcome men."Some men thought it was going to be another male-bashing site but that's not what we're trying to do," said Perry.But she admits the "He Can't Have It Back" slogan has rankled some who believe jewellery should be returned to the giver."Etiquette says that if the engagement is broken off, you should absolutely give the ring back. But sometimes the man says no, and sometimes it depends on circumstances," she said.As one woman posting a diamond ring for ,500 wrote:"Beautiful ring came with the wrong man. Decided to sell to regain the money that I spent finishing payments on the ring that my ex didn't." Vocabulary:pawn shop:典当行rankle:激怒 /200805/38138乌兰察布治疗阳痿早泄 内蒙古医科大学附属医院治疗宫颈糜烂多少钱

乌兰察布市中心医院人流多少钱 One American couple have found the perfect way to continue celebrating their wedding all over the world.一对美国夫妇已经找到了继续庆祝他们婚姻的完美方式。Jeff and Jennifer Salvage, of Medford, New Jersey, got married on a volcano in Easter Island in the South Pacific five years ago.杰夫和詹妮弗来自美国新泽西州的梅德福,五年前他们在南太平洋复活节岛上火山口结婚。Since then Jeff has photographed Jennifer wearing her white dress in 136 photo shoots in 17 different countries. They estimate the dress has now covered around 135,000 miles.从那时起,杰夫为詹妮弗在17个不同的国家拍了她穿着婚纱的136张照片。他们估计这件婚纱已经走过了135000英里。As the bridal dress had to be flown 7,000 miles and stored in a backpack for that ceremony, Jennifer decided on a hard-wearing design that wouldn#39;t need too much primping to look its best.为了这个蜜月旅行仪式,新娘的婚纱存在一个背包中飞行了7000英里,詹妮弗认为这种耐磨设计不需要费力收拾就可以看起来很不错。But even she didn#39;t know how durable the gown would have to be. After the wedding, Jeff and Jennifer decided to turn their passion for travel and photography into a stunning picture project.不过即使是她,也不知道这件婚纱有多耐用。婚礼后,杰夫和詹妮弗决定将他们对旅行和照片的热爱转变成一组图片集。 /201304/235827内蒙古医科大学第二附属医院治疗不孕不育多少钱呼市内蒙医院上环多少钱




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