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2017年10月24日 00:54:39 | 作者:周大全 | 来源:新华社
Kyoto, Japan - Forover a thousand years, Kyoto has thrived as thecultural and imperial capital of Japan. Now a popular touristdestination, it is also the hometown of Japan#39;s mysterious geishas.日本,东京——一千多年来,东京已经成为了日本帝国繁荣的文化之都。如今,作为受欢迎的旅游目的地,这里还是日本神秘的艺妓们的故乡。The word‘geisha#39; means a skilled artisthighly trained in music, dance, and art of conversation. They were not paid tosell bodies; instead, geishas were considered beauty-obsessed elite.“艺妓”指的是一位在音乐、舞蹈和交际艺术方面接受过高度训练的具备技艺的艺术者。她们并不出卖自己的身体;相反,艺妓是人们眼中美得让人着迷的精英人士。The geisha culture rose to its peak in the1750s and gradually disappeared before the Second World War. Now there are only300 of them left in Kyotoentertaining at heavily expensive restaurants.艺妓文化于18世纪50年代达到巅峰,在二战爆发前逐渐消失。现在,东京只有300名艺妓在昂贵的餐厅中招待宾客。For average visitors even spotting one ofthose beautiful geishas is extremely difficult. But there are relatively newservices that have become especially popular in recent years: geisha makeover.对于普通的游客来说,连碰见一位这样的艺妓都是件极其困难的事情。但与此相关的新兴务业在近年来变得尤其受欢迎:艺妓妆容。Professional makeup artists and attendantstransform visitors into a geisha complete with white foundation, wig andtraditional kimono. The two full hours of applying makeup could be a bit toomuch to endure but the end result is well worth it.专业的化妆师和务员给游客打上白色粉底、戴上假发并让他们穿上传统的和,将他们妆扮成艺妓的模样。长达两个小时的化妆时间需要费点耐心,但最终的效果让等待有所值。Prices range from 0 to 00 withoptional services at an additional charge; for example, going out to thestreets or taking rickshaw rides.务价格从100美元到2000美元不等,并附带收取附加费的可选务;例如,逛街或乘坐黄包车。 /201409/329906SEPTEMBER MARKS the end of summer#39;s last stand as heat and humidity give way to cooler skies, balmy breezes and autumn#39;s palette of vibrant reds and golds. Make the most of the season with fall getaways that are equally rich in color and culture.9月标志着夏天最后一刻的终结,酷热和潮湿终于让道于凉爽的苍穹、和煦的微风以及秋季调色板上活力四射的红色与金色。。把握住秋天的出游时光。在这个季节,不论是赏景之行,还是文化之旅,两者都将同样丰富多。Art Attack艺术之旅SWITZERLAND // Art Basel may be long over, but this Swiss city#39;s cultural scene hums well into fall thanks to its museums. The Kunstmuseum houses Europe#39;s oldest public art collection, while the Museum für Gegenwartskunst specializes in works from 1960 onward. Best of all is the Renzo Piano-designed Beyeler Foundation, whose Maurizio Cattelan exhibition makes way next month for Thomas Schutte#39;s bronze busts.瑞士 // 巴塞尔艺术览会(Art Basel)可能已落幕许久,但由于巴塞尔坐拥众多物馆,这座瑞士城市的文化景观得以很好地延展至秋季。巴塞尔美术馆(Kunstmuseum)陈列着欧洲最古老的大众艺术收藏品,而当代艺术馆(Museum fur Gegenwartskunst)则专门展出1960年以后的作品。在诸多物馆中最出色的一家是由伦佐·皮亚诺(Renzo Piano)操刀设计的贝耶勒基金会物馆(Beyeler Foundation),现在这里正在展出毛里齐奥·卡泰兰(Maurizio Cattelan)的作品,而下个月则将进行托马斯·舒特(Thomas Schutte)的青铜半身雕像展。ITALY // November marks the end of the 55th Venice Art Biennale--which means there#39;s still plenty of time to enjoy La Serenissima at its culture-rich best. Park yourself at the newly opened Aman Canal Grande, a restored and rare palazzo monumentale near the Rialto Bridge (amanresorts.com). Also close are the Biennale#39;s best bets: from Ai Weiwei in the German Pavilion to a Ravel-inspired installation by Anri Sala in the French Pavilion.意大利 //第五十五届双年展(Venice Art Biennale)将于11月落下帷幕,这意味着你仍有许多时间可以在其文化最丰盛的双年展上欣赏水城(La Serenissima) 。将你自己置身于新开业的安缦度假村(Aman Canal Grande)内。该度假村坐落在里阿尔托桥(Rialto Bridge)附近,由一处罕见的宫殿翻修建成。靠近该度假村的还有双年展最棒的部分展出:从德国馆的艾未未到法国馆的安利·萨拉(Anri Sala),后者的录影装置作品是从拉威尔(Ravel)的音乐中汲取灵感制成的。FRANCE // This year has been Marseille#39;s moment to shine. In 2013#39;s European Capital of Culture, a new InterContinental Hotel now overlooks the historic port, where you can find the new MuCEM and Regards de Provence museums. Marseille#39;s food scene has also been updated. Try pan-Mediterranean comfort classics at Café Populaire (110 Rue Paradis; +33 4 91 02 53 96) or Philippe Moreno#39;s fish-focused restaurant at the MuCEM.法国 // 今年是马赛(Marseille)的闪光时刻。在此“2013欧洲文化之都”(2013#39;s European Capital of Culture),一家全新的洲际酒店(Intercontinental Hotel)现今正俯瞰着这个历史悠久的港口。在马赛,你能寻访到欧洲及地中海文化物馆(MUCEM)和普罗旺斯物馆(Regards de Provence)。这里的美食城也已更新换代。去Populaire咖啡厅(地址:110 Rue Paradis; 电话:+33 4 91 02 53 96)试一试泛地中海的经典菜式,或者去欧洲及地中海文化物馆菲利普·莫雷诺(Philippe Moreno)专注做鱼的餐厅尝一尝。Fall Foliage秋之落叶FRANCE // The vineyards of Limoux in the Languedoc may be best known for their sparkling wines, but they also offer one of Southern Europe#39;s most indulgent opportunities to enjoy autumnal colors. Here, as workers harvest Mauzac and Chardonnay grapes, the vine leaves transform into endless fields of orange and gold. Taste Limoux bubbly directly at its source at J. Laurens, which produces some of the area#39;s top vintages. jlaurens.fr法国 // 朗格多克(Languedoc)利穆(Limoux)葡萄园区最著名的或许是他们的起泡酒,但他们还提供南欧观赏秋景的绝佳机会之一。置身此地,在工作人员采摘莫扎克(Mauzac)和霞多丽(Chardonnay)葡萄的时节,这里的葡萄藤蔓就会变成无边无际的橙色和金色。你可直接在原产地J.劳伦斯(J. Laurens)品一品起泡酒,这里出产这一片区的部分顶级佳酿。(网址:jlaurens.fr )GERMANY // Fall colors arrive in Bavaria just in time for Oktoberfest (Sept. 21-Oct. 6). Take a break from all that lager with a visit to nearby Neuschwanstein Castle, the fairytale-like hilltop palace built by King Ludwig II in 1892 ( neuschwanstein.de ). Two hours from Munich, the castle is tucked deep in forests whose leaves seem ablaze with color. Horses and buggies can ferry you to the site, but the low-impact trail provides the most flora-filled fun.德国 // 在巴伐利亚州,秋色翩然而至,又正好赶上慕尼黑啤酒节(9月21日至10月6日)。从啤酒节中抽空游览附近的新天鹅堡(Neuschwanstein Castle),它是一座耸立于山顶、童话般的宫殿,由国王路德维希二世(King Ludwig II) 于1892年建成(网址:neuschwanstein.de)。从慕尼黑出发前往此处需两小时车程。新天鹅堡藏在森林深处,这里的树叶看起来色鲜明闪亮。马车能将你载至目的地,但这段行进省力的小径却植被茂密,提供许多生趣。NEW YORK // The Catskills may only be 90 minutes from Manhattan, but this semi-mountainous region is alive with color in the fall. Revel amid the changing leaves in the tiny town of Phoenicia, where a quartet of entrepreneurial Brooklynites recently debuted The Graham amp; Co., a hotel with 20 rustic rooms, an al fresco pool and ultra-informed staffers with full foliage knowledge. thegrahamandco.com纽约 // 凯茨奇尔(Catskills)离曼哈顿(Manhattan)可能只有90分钟车程,但这片半山区在秋季却因色而生机盎然。在腓尼基(Phoenicia)小镇,狂欢在叶色变幻中上演。在这里,四位活动主办者布鲁克林人最近在Graham amp;Co.酒店登台演出。这家酒店拥有20间乡村风格的房间,一座露天泳池以及诸多消息超灵通、植物知识渊的员工。(网址:thegrahamandco.com) /201310/260653Chen Yuhang doesn’t know why, but every year when Spring Festival arrives, the 25-year-old civil servant feels a natural impulse to go home. Not to the one he rents in Beijing, but the old apartment back in Jiangxi province. It’s not an easy ride.不知为何,每年一到春节,25岁的公务员陈宇航(音译)就禁不住想回家——那个江西老宅,而不是这个他在北京租来的家。虽然回家的路途并不轻松。“It’s like a seasonal spike of emotions. You go through all that toil of taking three trains to get home because you just know you have to go back, no matter what,” said Chen.“就好像是一次季节性情感爆发一样。纵使需要乘坐三次火车,你也无论如何都要回去,”陈宇航说。It’s a feeling Chen shares with most people in China at this time of year.每年的这个时候,很多中国人都有着和陈宇航一样的感受。What makes home so unique in the Chinese value system, and how its definition is changing according to social values, serves as a key to understanding the character of China as a nation.那么,到底是什么让“家”在中国人的价值体系里如此无可取代?“家”的定义又是怎样随着社会价值观发生改变的?这是了解中华民族品质的关键。Family with social functions家庭的社会职能Ye Tao, a researcher specializing in folklore at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, says the deep roots of family culture come not only from the warmth of being with relatives, but also because the family, as a unit, has long been regarded as an important part of the social mechanism.中国社会科学院民俗学专家叶涛(音译)说,家文化之所以根深蒂固,不仅仅是因为举家欢聚的温情,更源自于一直以来,家作为一个整体被视为社会体系的一个重要组成部分。“As Confucius said: ‘cultivate the self, regulate the family, govern the state, then lead the world to peace’,” explains Ye. “The family has been an integral part of the social order since the very beginning of China’s cultural development and extends its impact to the present day.”叶涛解释道:“孔子云:‘修身齐家治国平天下’,中国文化发展从始至今,家一直是社会秩序不可分割的一部分。”That’s why China’s long history of a communal and collective lifestyle is so fundamental in shaping people’s attitudes toward home: it is not only a place to live, but also a social responsibility.这就是为何在塑造中国人家庭观念方面,这种历史悠久的集体社会生活方式会如此重要。家不仅只是一处居所,更是一份社会责任。Challenged norm受到挑战的传统With the growing mobility of the population, young people are leaving home to pursue better education and career opportunities. This trend is challenging family-based traditions.随着人口流动性的与日俱增,年轻人走出家门去追求更好的教育和工作机会。这个趋势正在挑战中国以家庭为基础的传统。Shi Jiepeng, a researcher at the Institute of Chinese History at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, explains that with horizontal kinships becoming weaker, the urge to reunite with close, or vertical, family members — siblings, parents and grandparents — is becoming stronger.中国社科院中国历史研究所研究员史杰鹏(音译)表示,随着旁系亲属关系日渐淡薄,和直系家庭成员——兄弟、父母、祖父母团圆的欲望也就变得越来越强烈。“The family planning policy has forged strong emotional bonds in smaller families,” said Shi. “It is an inevitable process of society.”“计划生育政策使得小家庭成员间的情感纽带更加坚固,”史杰鹏说,“这是社会发展不可避免的一个过程。”Finding escape心灵港湾In defining the function of homes for Chinese people, especially the young, Ye Tao says that finding an escape from the rushing tempo of their daily lives serves as the primary incentive for people to go back home today. “Young people are under mounting pressure from all sides,” said Ye. “Home is a shelter where they can return to a simple lifestyle, although only for a brief period of time.”说到家对中国人,尤其是年轻人所起到的作用,叶涛表示,现如今,想要逃离飞快的生活节奏、寻找一处心灵港湾是人们想要回家的主要原因。“年轻人面临着方方面面、与日俱增的压力,”叶涛说,“家可以让他们返璞归真,回归简单生活,尽管这样的生活很短暂。”“The warmth of home is the best chicken soup for the soul,” added Shi Jipeng.史杰鹏补充道:“家的温暖才是最好的心灵鸡汤。” /201402/274812

There have been a lot of articles written on healthy eating, weight loss and healthy living, e.g. “How to Loose Weight in 5 days ” etc., but I don’t want to bore you with that today.很多文章都是关于健康饮食、减肥、健康的生活方式。例如,“怎样能在5天内减肥”等等。Your weight control is not just about how many pounds you weighed before and after your diet. It’s much more complex。减肥不只是节食后你瘦了多少。事实上它比那更为复杂We don’t want just to lose weight but also stay happy (not cranky and starved), improve our health and live longer. Is that right?我们想要的不只是可以减肥,还想要保持心情愉悦(不会反弹、不用忍饥挨饿),同时还能改善健康问题,能够长寿,对吗?Here are 5 killer strategies to lose weight that work like a charm if you follow them exactly as described.如果你按以下这五种方法减肥,你一定会变的很苗条。Make a Rock-Solid Plan制定一个坚如磐石的计划Create a weight loss goal, set the stakes and assign a family member or a friend to keep you accountable.制定一个减肥计划,为了监督自己坚持完成目标,你可以在朋友或是家人那里设立一个赌注。If you fail to do it, you give them a certain amount of money. Let’s say to a 0. Or they pay a specific charity of your choice with it.如果自己没有做到,就给一定金额的钱,比如订到50美元到100美元之间,或者根据你的意思将那部分钱捐给慈善机构。The thing about us is that we will do something about our problem only when we absolutely have to, when something big is at stake. So, this trick works like a charm.在某些事情上加上赌注,当那些事变成我们不得不做时,我们就会去做这些事。所以,这种下赌注似乎有一定的魔力。Set up a goal for a day, week, month and stick with it or your wallet will lose quite a few bucks.定下每天的、每周的、每月的目标,坚持下去,否则你的钱包就会慢慢地一点点的瘪下去。Keep Track of Your Calories by Writing Down Everything You Eat记下你每天吃过的东西,记下你摄入的卡路里This trick does really help to shed quite a few pounds. You will think twice before eating something, if you have to log it and count calories. There are also smartphonehealthy appsand weight-loss tracking websites that make looking up calories easy. They are quite great because they offer healthy recipes, planners and support groups.这个方法可以帮你把找出分散摄入的热量。这样你在吃东西前都会再三考虑,作好记录,计算你所摄入的卡路里。智能手机上也有一些关于健康的应用和记录减肥的网站也能便捷的查询食物所含的卡路里。他们所提供的健康食谱,预备好的菜单以及推荐的食物搭配也挺不错的。If you are too busy, not very disciplined and totally hate counting calories for everything you eat, you can just order pre-made healthy amp; chef-made weekly meal plans with limited calories fromDiet-to-Gothat are fairly inexpensive.如果你很忙,不能坚持,而且很不喜欢计算食物的卡路里,你可以订一份事先制定好的每周要使用的食谱,这种食谱预先就限定了减肥时应摄入的卡路里,价格也是相当便宜的。Gulp Water Before Each Meal饭前喝水Very easy to do, but the benefit of it is greatly underestimated. If you drink two 8-once glasses of water before each meal, you won#39;t overeat, lose more weight and keep it off for at least a year according to research of American Chemical Society.一件非常容易做到的事情,但是它产生的效果也是不可预料的。如果在饭前喝下八杯水,你也就不会吃太多。据美国化学研究会研究显示,想要减肥,保持体形,那样至少得一年才可以。In addition to the above, drinking more water may discourage you from guzzling soda and other calorie-laden beverages that many of us are so addicted to. Drinking more water is a low-risk way to lose excess weight.另外,多喝水也可以防止你暴饮暴食我们平时喜欢喝的苏打水以及其他卡路里高的饮料。多喝水也可以降低超重的可能性。Keep Moving运动Inactivity and laziness are death. Sedentary people do not only gain tons of weight and can#39;t keep it off, they are also at increased risk of developing heart disease and Type 2 diabetes which affects their lifestyle and longevity.不运动,懒惰减肥的大忌。长期坐着的人不止会增重,不利于减肥外,还会增加患心脏病和2型糖尿病的几率,这两类疾病会影响他们的生活方式及寿命。久坐Go for a walk. Take the stairs. Help somebody. Stretch. Whatever you do - do not just sit there!步行,爬楼梯,帮助别人,做伸展运动,不论你做的是什么都可以-不要一直坐在那里。Post a Picture of Yourself on Facebook将照片放到网上If you need some more motivation and want to make sure you stick with your weight loss goal, post your ;Before; picture on Facebook and promise to all your friends to come back in a month (or two) with the ;After; picture where you look fabulous, healthy and 20 (or whatever your goal is) pounds lighter. Science shows this really works!如果你想要别人来激励你,想要坚持你的减肥大计,把你“之前的”照片用做头像,许诺一个月后会放上“之后的”惊人的、健康的、减掉20磅后的照片,。研究表明这样会很有效。All these strategies are brain-dead simple and even a caveman can follow them. But we are much better than cavemen. And smarter. And more dedicated to our goals.所有的这些方法都相当简单的,甚至原始人都可以做到,更何况我们比原始人好很多,也聪明很多,还更专注目标。 /201309/256584

Starting weeks before Christmas, Robert Ravens had to ration sales of teddy bears to people visiting his lavender farm in this remote corner of Australia to one per customer. Demand was so fierce that as soon as each furry purple Bobbie Bear shell was stuffed with a mixture of lavender and wheat, it was rushed straight to the gift store. 从 诞节前好几个星期开始,由于来自己这个位于澳大利亚偏远角落的薰衣草农场购买泰迪熊的人太多,罗伯特·拉文斯 (Robert Ravens)不得不实行每人只能购买一只的限制。由于需求太过旺盛, 被塞上薰衣草和小麦的混合物后,毛茸茸的紫色比熊(Bobbie Bear)就直接被送到了礼品店。Mr. Ravens had aly stopped shipping overseas and interstate. He had stopped taking Internet orders. His small staff at Bridestowe Lavender Estate couldn#39;t keep up with demand coming almost solely from one place: China. 拉文斯已经停止了向海外和州外供货,也不再从网上接收订单,因为他在Bridestowe Lavender Estate薰衣草庄园的小团队无法维护如此大量的需求。这些需求几乎来自一个地方:中国。#39;We#39;re not aiming to dominate the world of fluffy bears. Our business is fine lavender,#39; said Mr. Ravens. #39;But somehow we#39;ve tapped the cultural psyche of 30-year-old Chinese ladies.#39; 拉文斯说:“我们没打算控制绒毛熊的世界。我们的主营业务是优质的薰衣草,但却莫名其妙地触碰到了30多岁中国女性心灵深处的需求。”The rush on Bobbie Bears is what happens when suddenly insatiable Chinese demand meets limited supply. Mr. Ravens said the farm -- where a spacious gift shop overlooks trim rows of lavender, an hour#39;s drive through quiet farmland from the closest airport -- has seen #39;near riot#39; conditions since the rationing began. The annual number of visitors has nearly tripled in six years to 60,000 in 2013. 当中国人突如其来的强烈需求遭遇有限的供应,就会出现类似比熊需求旺盛这样的情况。拉文斯说,自限购开始后,农场就出现了“近乎暴乱”的情形。从最近的机场到这片宁静的农场有一小时车程,从宽敞的礼品店可俯瞰一排排修剪整齐的薰衣草。2013年,全年游客人数较六年前增长了近两倍,达到6万人。Wealthy Chinese have bid up the price of investment assets in recent years from property in Vancouver to French Bordeaux and modern art. As prosperity in China sps, Chinese are doing the same with consumer goods. 近几年,从温哥华房产到法国波尔多红酒,再到现代艺术品,富有的中国人已经抬高了全球各地资产投资的价格。随着中国繁荣势头的扩散,消费商品也遭遇了同样的情形。Voracious demand from Chinese tourists for luxury goods to give as gifts or to sell at a markup back home often threatens to clear the shelves of major brands in France. Gucci stores in Paris sometimes limit the number of bags customers can buy per passport to ensure supply. 薰衣草小熊中国游客对奢侈品的旺盛需求常常会导致法国各大品牌的货架被一扫而空,他们把这些奢侈品带回中国送人或涨价转手。巴黎的古驰(Gucci)商店有时会限制每本护照可购买手袋的数量,以确保供应。Karicare, a brand of milk powder made from New Zealand goats#39; milk that sells in Australia and New Zealand, has quadrupled production to 20,000 tons over the last three years to meet demand from Chinese consumers, some of whom are reselling online in China. Even that might not be enough. 在澳大利亚和新西兰有售的新西兰羊奶奶粉品牌Karicare在过去三年内将产量增加了三倍,至2万吨,以满足中国消费者的需求,他们中的一些人会买来后在中国网上转售。但即便如此,产量还是供不应求。The company, a unit of Group Danone, says on its website that due to #39;unprecedented demand#39; it cannot find enough high quality goats milk. 隶属达能集团(Group Danone)的Karicare在公司网站上宣布,由于“前所未有的旺盛需求”,公司无法找到足够的高品质羊奶。The craze for Bobbie the teddy bear has come with all the attendant effects of a China boom. 比熊热就是伴随中国繁荣带来的影响而出现的。Bridestowe sells Bobbie for about .50 or about 300 yuan, up from about five years ago, after raising the price five times. In China, online retailers currently sell them for about 400 yuan, up from 300 only a few months ago. But, Mr. Ravens said, many are knockoffs; his authorized distributor estimates 100,000 fakes have been sold online. Three online retailers reached in China all said they were selling authentic Bobbie Bears. 比熊五年前的定价是23美元左右,后来Bridestowe庄园陆续涨价五次,目前价格约为48.5美元,相当于人民币300元左右。在中国,网上零售商目前要价约400元,而几个月前才300元。但拉文斯说,很多都是冒牌货;他的授权经销商估计网上售出的假货共有10万个。记者在中国联系的三家网上零售商均表示自己出售的是正品比熊。The price of lavender in Australia is also rising, selling for to per kilogram, up from less than a year ago, according to Jean Sargeant, president of the Australian Lavender Growers Association. 澳大利亚薰衣草种植者协会(Australian Lavender Growers Association)会长让·萨金特(Jean Sargeant)表示,澳大利亚薰衣草的价格也在上涨,每公斤售价在55到90美元之间,一年前还不到40美元。#39;I#39;ve had three lots of Chinese here over the picking season,#39; said Ms. Sargeant. #39;One guy said #39;I#39;ll buy the entire crop.#39; #39; 萨金特说:“采摘季的时候这里有相当于三块薰衣草田面积的中国人。有一个人说‘ 我全都包了’。”Bobbie Bears have tapped into Chinese consumers#39; desire for peace of mind after recurring food and product safety scandals at home. 中国接连发生食品及产品安全丑闻后,比熊抓住了中国消费者寻求内心平静的渴望。#39;Anything natural from somewhere with blue skies and clean air and water is dreamy for Chinese consumers,#39; said Chen Huan, a 28-year-old who works for a public-relations firm in Shanghai. She bought four bears -- three as gifts -- from a friend. 供职于上海一家公关公司、现年28岁的Chen Huan说:“从蓝天到干 的空气和水,任何自然的东西对中国消费者来说都是梦寐以求的。”她从朋友那里买了四个比熊,其中三个是礼物。The outside of the bear itself is made in southern China. What consumers want is stuffing: lavender grown in Tasmania, without pesticides or herbicides, and locally-grown wheat, which warms up when microwaved so that the bear also works as a heat pack. 比熊外皮是在中国南方地区制造的。消费者想要的是里面的填充物:塔斯马尼亚(Tasmania)种植的薰衣草,没有杀虫剂和除草剂,还有当地种植的小麦,微波加热后会变暖,所以小熊还能当保暖袋用。Mr. Ravens, who used to be chief executive of a chemicals company, and his wife Jennifer bought the 92-year-old farm in 2007 as a retirement project. They started making teddy bears as a way to use the shed-loads of dried lavender that came with the farm. Soon they developed the idea of selling the bears to market the farm for tourism. Seeing the bear was popular among Chinese tourists to the farm, they got a store near Chinatown in Sydney to stock them. Two years ago they started marketing them in Hong Kong with the help of a celebrity chef from there. 拉文斯曾经是一家化学药品公司的首席执行长,他和妻子詹妮弗(Jennifer)于2007年买下了这座有92年历史的农场,作为他们退休后的项目。他们最初做泰迪熊是为了把农场剩下的大量干薰衣草用掉。不久他们有了通过卖泰迪熊推广农场旅游的想法。看到这些熊很受来到农场的中国游客的欢迎后,他们在悉尼中国城附近盘下一家店来存货。两年前,他们开始在香港通过那里的一位名人主厨推广泰迪熊。Demand in mainland China took off in July. A 26-year-old Chinese celebrity famous for dating a Hong Kong television personality -- and whose ex-boyfriend is a distributor of Bobbie in China -- posted a photo of herself with the bear on social media. #39;The ideal bedtime companion for a cold Shanghai night,#39; Zhang Xinyu told her 8.7 million followers on Weibo, a microblogging site. 中国内地的需求是从去年7月开始高涨的。盛传与香港某电视名人交往的26岁中国明星张馨予──前男友是比熊在中国的经销商之一──在社交媒体上发了一张与比熊的照片。她在微上对870万粉丝说,在上海这么寒冷的夜晚,它是陪我睡觉的理想伴侣Bridestowe stuffed 30,000 bears last year -- up from 3,500 in 2011 and 7,500 in 2012 -- and expects to double production this year, using a full ton of lavender for stuffing, rather than for aromatic oils, its traditional use. Bridestowe去年生产了3万只泰迪熊,而2011年和2012年分别为3,500个和7,500只。今年产量还将翻番,他们准备用一整吨薰衣草来填充泰迪熊,而不是按照传统,将其制作成精油。Nancy Li, a tour guide from the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen, led a group of middle-aged Chinese men around Tasmania in late January. She said that she intended to buy 60 bears for family and friends from Bridestowe, but decided not to visit when she heard she could only buy one. 深圳导游Nancy Li今年1月带领一个中国中年男性的旅游团去塔斯马尼亚附近旅游。她说她原打算到Bridestowe买60个熊送亲戚朋友,但听说只能买一个后就决定不去了。Mr. Ravens said people regularly try to get around the bear-buying restriction. Some people hire students to enter and leave the Bridestowe farm multiple times a day, repeatedly buying an admission ticket of about that entitles them to the right to buy a bear, he said. Some tour guides will buy the admission tickets but then not hand them over to the group, instead hoarding the bears for themselves, he said. 拉文斯说,人们常常会试图绕过限购规定。他说,有人雇佣学生一天进出农场好几次,重复购买约14美元的门票,因为有门票才能买熊。他说,有些导游会买门票,但不会把票给旅游团,而是自己囤货。While at the farm, a middle-aged Chinese academic approached this reporter to try to buy an additional bear. 在农场时,有一名中年中国学者接近记者,想再买一只熊。Mr. Ravens said people often get angry when they learn they can only buy one bear. #39;The staff are always on edge. Tempers get frayed,#39; he said. #39;Our staff don#39;t cope so well#39; with the animosity. 拉文斯说,在听说只能买一只熊的时候人们通常会很生气。他说:“员工总是处于紧张的状态,脾气变得很不好。我们的员工对人们愤怒的情绪应付得不好。”With this year#39;s lavender crop now in, Mr. Ravens has resumed selling the bears wholesale again to some stores. He is also fighting back against the counterfeiters, with each Bobbie coming with an identification tag that buyers can verify on line. 由于今年的薰衣草种植又流行起来,拉文斯又开始把熊批发给部分商店。同时他也在努力打击假货,每个比熊都会有识别标签,消费者可以在网上验。As far as Mr. Ravens is concerned, one sniff is enough to determine authenticity. #39;The Bridestowe lavender is a global classic. It#39;s unmatched. It#39;s rich and deep,#39; he said. #39;You can tell a fake from the smell.#39; 拉文斯表示,其实闻一闻就能辨真假。他说:“Bridestowe的薰衣草是畅销全球的经典,它是无与伦比的,香味浓郁深沉,从气味就能闻出是不是假货。” /201404/289870

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