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2017年10月23日 05:08:39

At the Merkit(蔑儿乞惕) camp in the mountains of northern Mongolia, Temujin(铁木真) went looking for his wife. "We made the Merkits pay for their deed. We destroyed their families and emptied their breasts."Temujin, the man who was to become Genghis Khan, was barely 20 and he'd aly eliminated one of Mongolia's great tribes.In those early days, Temujin and Jamuqa (扎木合) shared the leadership of the tribe. Yet, even as they celebrated the victory over the Merkits, there was a hidden tension between them. At the root was a fundamental question--- how to measure a man's worth? Both Temujin and Jamuqa were the sons of tribal leaders, Mongolian aristocrats. But only Temujin had experienced a childhood of real adversity and learned from it."Now I cared only for the strength in a man's heart. A warrior does not win a battle by virtue of his birth."Temujin rewarded ability and loyalty alone. One of his most promising warriors was Subedei(速不台), the son of a humble herdsman. But this attitude flew in the face of Mongol tradition. Jamuqa's noble birth led him to believe that high rank should be reserved only for Mongol aristocrats. But now, his blood brother was throwing out the old ways. The gulf between Temujin and Jamuqa widened still further until a prophecy of the Mongol holy man brought their relationship to a crisis."The shaman (萨满) said he had ascended into heaven in a holy trance where the Supreme God told him that he would give to me and to my sons the whole surface of the world."adversity: a state, condition, or instance of serious or continued difficulty or adverse fortuneby virtue of: because of , due to; based onfly in the face of: defy, clearly disobeyshaman: tribal priest or priestess who uses supernatural forces to heal illness or predict the future200809/49397呼和浩特市首大生殖专科医院治疗直肠炎多少钱呼和浩特男人龟头炎治疗医院intimation ———— 暗示(名词)英文释义 (noun) Any sign, feeling, or evidence that certain meanings can be inferred as an insight into the future.例句 The comments and behavior of my sisters boyfriend were an intimation that someday soon he would marry her.我的男友的言行暗示着他很快要娶我了。 /201606/446445呼和浩特人流手术哪好

呼和浩特治疗男性不育大概多少钱呼和浩特治疗性病哪里正规Now as co-host of the A's "The View", Star Jones has made quite a reputation for herself. Tonight she tells 20/20 about how she found God and lost weight. A's Lynn Sherr joins us with the preview. Ur, Lynn, were you interested in, in what you heard from her?Well, I was interested, and guess what, Laura, lots of folks out there were interested, a lot of people've called me said they really can't wait to see this interview. Ur, Star does get people's attention. And, I must tell you, um, it really all began, of course, with her mom,who back in North Carolina, christened the little girl, Starlet, little wonder she grew into that name.I just wanna to be the diva. I did, I admitted I wanted to be the diva.Even as a kid, Star Jones knew how to irritate her peers.I was popular, well-known but annoying.As a co-host of "The View", she's become the woman many fans love to hate.Now I am a lawyer, and what this means is that there were 50 planes, and now there are 100 planes, and that's almost twice as mini-planes. I know....In her new book, Shine, she says that at 43 she's connected with God, found love and lost weight. She had to lose weight.Let me be blunt. How fat were you ?300 pounds.And how tall are you?5'5. Yeah, go ahead to say it, you were fat. I went from full-figured to fat, to obese, to morbidly obese. I was killing myself.Wow, she looks amazing now.She does, um, she looks great now, those beautiful eyes and um,she is sticking to it. Um,she is an interesting woman, the problem is that if you really wanna know how Star Jones lost all that weight, you are not gonna find out by ing her book, she wasn't saying in the book and she doesn't tell us, yeah.That's interesting. Well, 'cause Lynn, I am sorry,what I meant to say was not are you interested in, of course you are interested in, and we all are interested in what she has to say. Were you surprised by anything that she said?Well,I was not surpriesd that she would not tell me exactly how she lost the weight. You know, there have been rumors. We have no idea if it is true,that she had the gastric bypass surgery, the same one Al Roker and Carnie Wilson had, that they have publicly credited it with losing so much weight themselves. Um, Star says that she dosen't want to be the poster child for anyone who wants to lose weight to use this as a certain method of doing it. So she won't , so that didn't surprise me.Interesting.Um,we also talked about that other burning issue on so many people's mind. You know there've been some questions about her relationship with her husband. Ur, there've been rumors in the Gossip collums and she says all those rumors are silly. She and Al have a great relationship and everything is just peachy.Well, it should be very interesting to see. Looking forward to it , Lynn, and you can all catch Lynn's complete interview on 20/20 tonight at 10, 9 central time. Thank you so much, Lynn, for being with us,we do appreciate it. 200808/46465US Lawmakers Assess Iraq Violence美国参议员伊拉克暴力活动  On a day of new insurgent attacks in Iraq, with at least 40 people killed, members of the U.S. Senate spoke out on the war on American television. They offered differing assessments of the situation on the ground. 在伊拉克,激进分子发动的新一轮袭击在一天内造成至少40人死亡。美国参议院的成员们在美国的电视节目中就伊拉克战争发表他们的观点。他们对伊拉克的地面局势做出了不同的评估。News of more bloodshed in northern Iraq and Baghdad reached the ed States as key Senators appeared on the television interview programs that fill the American airwaves on Sunday morning. 有关伊拉克北部和巴格达发生更多暴力活动的消息传到美国,与此同时,美国的主要参议员们出现在星期天早上的美国电视访谈节目中。Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, just back from a congressional fact-finding mission, said he saw signs of progress in Iraq. 刚刚从国会“真相调查”任务中回来的南卡罗来纳州共和党参议员格雷厄姆说,他在伊拉克看到了进展的迹象。Graham told the CBS broadcast Face the Nation that the war in Iraq "has turned a corner." 格雷厄姆在美国哥伦比亚广播公司的《面向全国》电视节目中说,伊拉克战争“已经开始好转”。"Sectarian violence is down by 90 percent," he said. "Our casualties are way down. We have a long way to go, but I believe the surge has worked on all fronts." 格雷厄姆说:“教派间的暴力活动减少了90%。伤亡人数大为减少。我们还有很长的路要走,不过我相信,增兵计划在各方面都发挥了作用。”Graham, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, was part of a delegation that included Senator John McCain of Arizona, the likely Republican Party presidential nominee. 格雷厄姆是参议院军事委员会的成员。他是访问伊拉克的一个代表团的成员,已经稳获共和党总统候选人提名的亚利桑那州参议员麦凯恩也是这个代表团的成员。Another member of the Armed Services panel - Senator Jack Reed, a Democrat from Rhode Island - returned from a recent tour of Iraq with a different assessment.  参议院军事委员会小组的另外一个成员、罗德岛民主党参议员里德,最近也从伊拉克访问回来,不过他带回了不同的评估意见。Reed also appeared on Face the Nation. 里德也参加了电视节目《面向全国》。"Well, the problem with Iraq is that every time you turn the corner, there is another corner," he said.  他说:“伊拉克的问题是,每当局势出现好转,另一个危险又出现了。”He said political progress has been slow, arguing that the central government is not functioning effectively. Reed said the Iraqis are not feeling enough pressure to make the tough political decisions that are desperately needed. 里德说,伊拉克的政治进程缓慢,伊拉克中央政府没有进行有效的运作。他说,伊拉克人没有感到让他们做出艰难的政治决策的充分压力,而这些政治决策是伊拉克迫切需要的。”"And one of the reasons is I think they feel they have as much time as they need because our forces are there," Reed said.  他说,“我认为,原因之一是他们感觉自己有充足的时间,因为我们的军队驻守在那里。”Reed said the ed States needs a thorough, thoughtful and deliberate path out of Iraq. 里德说,美国需要采取一种全面仔细且深思熟虑的途径撤出伊拉克。A short time later, Iraq's national security advisor warned against a rush to pull out troops. Nawaffak al-Rubaie told CNN's Late Edition that withdrawals must be based on conditions on the ground."It depends on the development and the growth and the equipment and capabilities of the Iraqi security forces, and the preparedness of the Iraqi security forces," he said. In a few weeks, the two top Americans in Iraq will travel to Washington to deliver their recommendations on troop levels. General David Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan Crocker will report directly to Congress in public session, and will confer with President Bush in private.  美国驻伊拉克的两名高级官员将于几星期后抵达华盛顿,传达他们有关驻伊拉克军队数量的建议。彼得雷乌斯将军和克罗克大使将直接向国会报告情况,他们还将私下与布什总统商讨。200803/31893呼和浩特最好的男科医院是哪个Okay, so, some of the gripes are major and some of the gripes are minor, but Katherine Crowley and Kathi Elster have written a book called "Working With You Is Killing Me: Freeing Yourself from Emotional Traps at Work", and the management consultants say:"looking at this book would teach you how to deal with the aggravating people who make you d going into the office." They join us now. Good to have you with us.Good morning.I say "Good morning" with some trepidation. Don't (inaudible) But, it, it's always er.. risky to try to summarize a book to the authors of that book. But, as, as I what you say, you say "Quit complaining",(Right),"Do something". But, and this is the part that surprised me, the best thing to do is to change yourself because you are not gonna change the other person.That's right, Charlie. What we found in working with many, (a) thousands of people over the last 20 years is that we all know it's futile to try and change another person. So, the best thing you can do is begin by changing your internal reaction and then we give you very concrete tools for how to change your experience.What, what's this business about unhooking yourself?Right, well, we give you this process. It's actually four steps and the first two steps are to cool down your system. Because as we all know when we get upset, when someone, those co-workers really annoy you, you immediately get upset. So the first two steps are to deep breathing or doing some sort of physical exercise if you can run out of the building and walk around the block.Yeah you say you spend a lot time talking people off the ledge(exactly),which is essentially calming them down .It's cooling their system down.Okay, but once you've done that and that seems very intuitive, then what do we do?Well, the next two steps would be taking action.Yes, to unhook verbally as what we say, so you find something to move the situation forward and you take the high road not accusatory but a win-win kind of communication, and then you look for a business tool whether it's documentation of some kind or sending out an e-mail or referring to a job description.Okay, but it seems, isn't it a little defeatist to say you have to change yourself? Er, the, the... really it's 'me' that has to change as supposed to the other person?Well, have you ever changed anybody?I've tried many times; it's not really possible. So if you...No, you can't, you can't affect a personality transplant in other people, I agree with that. You can't change somebody. But if you can change your reaction to them you'll have a much better love-work life.Yeah but they are still gonna be annoying, aren't they?That's right. That they are not gonna change and part of the book we explain to you how to depersonalize and detach and stop taking it personally.Alright, you spend a lot of time telling me about types of workers, co-workers and types of bosses.(Right)So,give me the, the most common annoying type of co-worker.The most common annoying type of co-workers, actually what the viewers were talking about, er, they are called "boundary-busters". So, whether it's someone who invades your space, makes too much noise, eats up your time, chews your ear off. Those are boundary-busters.And how do I deal with them?Most of the time you do have to confront the boundary-buster. But what we suggest is again cool your system down(Correct! ) ,make sure, you know, make sure you take the high road and when you do confront and communicate with them, you say in a way that they actually say:Oh,okay, I hear you, rather than yelling at him. What we tend to do is" You are so loud" instead of saying:" you know what, it really bothers me, I can't concentrate when your, when your voice goes up, so can you please calm it down? " So it's a way, it's a communication style and we give many examples in "Working With You Is Killing Me".Okay, and, and what's the worst kind of co-worker? May not be the most common but the worst.Well, what we call the worst kind, what we've decided among ourselves is the "saboteur" and this is because this person will speak very sweetly to you. And in the meantime, stab your back, one way or another, behind, behind you.Right, and what I do about that?Well, you have to be your own, wage your own PR campaign. As soon as you detect that somebody is talking negatively about you. And usually somebody will warn you or you can sense that your relationships with other people are deteriorating. You, you need to just make sure that you're at every meeting and you know when this person is speaking to someone else that you can get in and find out what they are saying. And wage your own PR campaign get people to speak better of you, at ultimately they get caught.Right. The key with the saboteur is you have to detect it. So if someone says to you something like watch out for Susie Q, She's known for doing that kind of thing, you really wanna listen.If they tell you she is a snake, she is probably a snake.(She perhaps...Exactly)And most common problem with the boss?Er, you know, personally I think it's the exploder, although a second too, would be the avoider. You know, the boss that...Exploders are the one who yell(s) at you, the avoiders are the one who doesn't address the problem.Exactly. They are afraid of confrontation and they are both equally awful. Nobody wants to get yelled at, and no one wants a boss that doesn't have your back. If you go to them for a raise but that would be a confrontation for them to get you a raise, they're just not gonna do it.So...When does it get to the point that either you have to quit or the annoying person has to quit?That's a really good question. And what we say in "Working With You Is Killing Me" is that, you actually have to figure out your tolerance level and you also need to determine what are your fatal attractions. For some people an exploder as Cathy mentioned is tolerable, they can...if they use our technique and learn to manage up, they can deal with it; for others that is just not acceptable and the toxins from working with someone like that literally wear away at their health.You know, when you really ask people in "Working With You Is Killing Me" is to, to learn to assess yourself and what your tolerable level is ,what you can really tolerate.All right , all right , thanks to both of you, appreciate it. 200809/48375回民区妇幼保健人民中医院妇科大夫

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